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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 12, 2020 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. >> some in alameda county pushing back going forward, restaurant owners want clear guidelines how they should proceed. good morning, everyone. it's sunday, july 12th. i'm liz kreutz. thanks for joining us. we have more to get to how the
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bay area counties are doing with reopening. first a look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you, liz. the temperatures spiked degree inland and once again today triple-digit heat arrives in the inland valleys. fog-free conditions and temperatures around 60 degrees in hayward. 55 in berkeley and 57 in fremont. no fog out there. 50 in novato. 51 pacifica. through 10:00 we're in the low 80s by the delta. 77 in livermore. warmup today and as we get through the afternoon an afternoon sizzler inland, temperatures approaching 100 degrees. we'll see numbers at about 6:00 still at 70 degrees in san francisco, patchy fog will be arriving late tonight, setting up a cooling trend to start the work week. more on that coming up. liz? >> lisa, thank you. more concerning numbers this morning with the surge of coronavirus cases in california,
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more than 8,000 new cases are being reported in the state. the number of deaths also is trending upward, rising up by 94. hospitalizations set a new record yesterday topping 6,300. the bay area also set a record with its number of hospitalizations with 567. also of concern is the positivity rate over the past two weeks. it does continue to rise. the sudden spike in cases has led to more dialing back of reopening plans in the bay area. in alameda county confusion after restaurants were abruptly told to stop outdoor dining because the county didn't have a variance. lauren martinez tells us some cities are pauushing back. >> reporter: this weekend, cities in alameda county shut et a pressts and replaced grass. official order, but a press release late friday night is really very inconsistent and
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very unfair to the businesses that had really made a significant investment. >> reporter: that press release the alameda county public health tent issued stated "we learned the state issued updated guidance, dated july 9th, prohibiting outdoor dining in non-variance counties, including alameda county." some city leaders are saying that is not a legal order, and are proceeding with the street closures to allow outdoor dining. >> we had planned to close first street. we're not going to change those plans because those plans as i understand it are still consistent with the legal orders that are in place. >> reporter: like livermore, the city of hayward said they're going through with the street closure event as planned, and will support local restaurants who choose to participate. three city councilmembers even visited restaurants to give their personal su te cner plttaanbar, ety as he d
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this was the first time owner michael leblanc opened his patio for outdoor dining since the pandemic. >> i didn't know whether i was going to open up today until maybe 30, 40 minutes beforehand. >> reporter: he said the county's press release absolutely caused confusion. he spent a lot of money preparing for this. >> we bought food, we bought extra food, i kind of changed the menu up a little bit. i'm hoping that the city, state, county, they all get together, based on what happened this weekend, and we have some clear guidelines as we go into next week. >> reporter: the state's guidance prohibits outdoor dining in non-variance counties, which includes alameda county. the county said they're obtaining variance from the state, and it's on the agenda for tuesday's board of supervisors meeting. in livermore, lauren martinez, abc 7 news. >> elsewhere in ala memeda coun many owners were caught off guard where local leaders
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converted two traffic lanes on park street into outdoor dining and shopping zones.ef many here furious. >> they didn't have the foresight to apply for a variance? i'm sorry, i'm sorry, that's incompetence. >> reporter: that owner is so upset he's think being moving his business out of alame do county. restaurants were given the green light to do outdoor dining less than a month ago. contra costa county an alarming surge in covid-19 cases. the county reported 143 new coronavirus cases yesterday. 77 people are hospitalized, which is well above the average of 60. the positivity rate is among the highest in the bay area right nowt the rising numbers have resulted in the county health department taking action. indoor religious services are being banned once again and for those who decide to go out and eat, they'll have new rules to live by for the foreseeable future. here is abc 7 news reporter luz
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pena. >> reporter: covid-19 cases have spiked in contra costa county. the latest data shows over 8% of people tested for covid-19 in the last seven days came back positive with the virus. in hopes to slow the spread, this county has implemented two new changes. number one, effective sunday, at 11:59 p.m., all indoor religious gatherings will be banned. >> we were probably less than 10% capacity and huge space. everybody was spread out, no singing. everything along with the guidelines. disappointing to see services won't be continuing. >> reporter: contra costa county health officials did not give specifics on when services will be able to resume indoors. outdoor services are still permitted. >> they put a ton of work into meticulously following every single one of the guidelines the county laid out and in a lot of cases gone above and beyond what the county was asking for. >> reporter: number two, outdoor dining settings staff and
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customers must wear face coverings at all times except when eating for drinking. >> already today we've gone around and told people five times in less than half an hour. >> reporter: bourbon highway restaurant signs remind customers of the guidelines but as more changes happening restaurant owners tell us it's getting harder to keep up. >> when i wake up first thing i do is check the contra costa county health website and look for any changes, because we're not being notified. >> reporter: this restaurant owner says they've gone above and beyond >> we have tables six feet apart. >> reporter: making it easier for customers to dine and avoid confrontation with those who don't want to follow the rules. >> the boxes of disposable face masks we hand out to anyone that comes out forgetting their mask. we try and limit the possibility of anyone harming the health or putting anyone at risk. >> reporter: in walnut creek, luz pena, abc 7 news.
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>> an alameda county community food bank partnered with amazon to deliver food to 400 households who can't get their groceries. they are providing more than 1 million pounds of food per week and the food bank has been serving double the demand since the pandemicstte three more covid-19 testing centers up in santa clara county. the sites are free. you don't need to have an appointment, have symptoms insurance or doctors note to be tested. each location can conduct 500 tests a day and all three will be open tuesday through friday. here are the sites, independent high school in the county center of center auditorium in san jose and south county annex in gilroy. also in santa clara county, more businesses can reopen starting tomorrow, that includes gyms, hair, and nair salons, hotel and outdoor pools. the businesses can only reopen after completing the online
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forming acknowledging they understand social distancing poll i sense other safety policies. indoor barning, saw in asaw in s and indoor gatherings are not allowed. the san francisco zoo will open for the first time since march. it will look different when it opens on monday. reservations will be required and can be made two weeks in advance. guests must wear face coverings, sanitation station also be found throughout the park, imdoor exhibits, playground and ride attractions will be closed. members will be allowed to return on monday, and the general public can return wednesday. the list what have is opening and what isn't seems to be changing almost daily in the bay area. it truly is. so we are tracking each county by county and you can see the list for yourself, what is open, what is not. go to new details about the bay area tech ceo caught on camera going off on a racist
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>> you asian [ bleep ]. >> get out. >> you are not allowed here. you don't talk to our guests like that. get out now. >> that man mic the lofthaus stepped down from his company, solid eight a cording to "the "san francisco chronicle."" in a statement he told "the chronicle" i can confirm that i have stepped down from solid8, terminating all business relationships with immediate effect. i will make it my duty to ensure my personal actions do not continue to have a detrimental impact on those people close toast me." closeed ahead of what could be duelling protests between black life matters supporters and white supremacist groups. the four downtown streets affected by the closures in effect all day ahead of a planned 4:00 march from contra costa county superior court to waterfront park. businesses spent yesterday boarding up storefronts as a
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precaution. last weekend two residents defaced a black lives matter mural and police called a hate crime. they were arrested and someone spray painted "white lives matter" on a road. hate-filled flyers were distributed in the downtown area and activists expect thousands to show up today. lisa, we talked about it yesterday but then i went home. it was really hot. it's pretty hot out there this weekend. >> i like it when that happens, oh, i was right. i said that. 5:58 the official sunrise from our sutro tower camera. 55 degrees right now. if you liked yesterday downtown san francisco, you'll like today. numbers back in the low 70s. that sea breeze coming into play. elsewhere, yes, we are sizzling for your sunday. my accuweather seven-day forecast is coming up. >> you're always right, lisa. thanks. also ahead a step f govnoren mail-in billion lots to all california voters.
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[upb♪ i fell asleep ♪ tobut when i woke up. ♪i put everything in perspective. ♪ (boy) hi, do you want to share my sandwich? (vo) good feeds our connections. good feeds us all. hormel natural choice lunch meats. embarcader embarcadero. it's 56 degrees in san francisco. we'll check with the warmup in a minute. a fire that has been burning east of gilroy full containment. the cruz fire burned 5,500 acres and 96% contained. it started one week ago in dry brush. sky 7 took the video monday. flames spread rapidly forcing evacuations. one structure was lost in the fire and all evacuation orders have since been lifted and a round of road closures ordered by firefighters have also been
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>ansets around lake merritt this weekend, part of an effort to try to cut down on crowding. several streets have either been closed entirely or had lanes closed off. also parking is being restricted and on some streets not allowed at all. closures resume at 7:30 this morning and 11:00 tonight. several weekends the lake is crowded including last weekend for the fourth of july. republicans in california have dropped lawsuits over governor newsom's executive order to send mail-in balance loots to every voter in the state for the november election. the governor signed that order just about one month ago now and according to "the "san francisco chronicle"" three lawsuits have been dropped or tossed out of court. announced the expansion in may in response to the covid-19 pandemic. they took specific issue with newsom's plan to mail every registered voter a ballot, some of whom may be inactive. covid-19 brought millions of americans extra time to file
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their income tax returns. the irs delayed the usual april 15th deadline to this coming wednesday, july 15th. and if you need more time to complete your income tax returns, you must file for an extension by wednesday. so far the irs is about 139 million taxpayers have submitted their returns. the agency expects another 150 million individuals to do so. and in the north bay, the "san jose press democrat" reviewed numbers from government paycheck protection programs to help small businesses businesse non-profits and other companies received a total of nearly $600 million, ranging from wineries to the safari west zoo to even the company that owns "the press imated 64,000 jobs were saved in sonoma county through those loans. the bay area's only lithuanian restaurant is closing at the end of the month and not because of the coronavirus, but to allow the owner to make a political run. abc 7 news was alamay do,
5:17 am
mama papa lithuania has been on park street for years. the owner is running for a parliament seat in lithuania and says he wouldn't trust anyone else with the restaur you can g weekend, speaking of food, in the north bay. kettle corn, corn dogs, funnel cakes and more are available in a drive-through experience. it's designed to give people a taste of the marin county fair which was canceled because of the pandemic. it is proving to be popular. long lines of people waiting at the veterans memorial auditorium parking lot there in san rafael. the new concept could help save them from financial disaster. >> we start off in february, we got one fair in. we went on to the rest of the season which everything's been canceled out. we've lost about oh, 30 fairs so far. >> the fair food drive-through runs from 11: p.m. today and next weekend starting on friday. happening today, some
5:18 am
service changes start for golden gate transit. service on commute routes to and from san francisco will be cut in half. service will rise in what they call basic routes wherership ha recent weeks. ferry service in san francisco will continue to be limited and on weekdays only. golden gate transit ridership fell in march and remains off by 75%. let's get a check again of the weather with lisa argen. hey, lisa. >> hey, liz, it was hot enough for you yesterday? >> it was. >> it certainly warmed up. the sea breeze kicked up in the afternoon. if you were close enough to the bay or coast to feel that, it felt good. triple digits in the inland valleys, and that will happen again today before we get more widespread cooling throughout the afternoon on your monday. here is a look at live doppler 7. a few patches of fog offshore, not picking up on that here but it will continue to form throughout the late afternoon. so temperature also warm again quickly and then it's the cool gym down later on tonight
5:19 am
through the overnight hours. right now it is 54 in san mateo. 57 in belmont, and l numb-60s s live at about1,00 , numbers the s so the the surface, a look at mt. tam, sun not quite up yet and looking to be a beautiful start to your sunday. sizzling hot again inland today. morning patchy fog for you tomorrow and that will bring in a cooler afternoon, and looking at that summer spread for the rest of the week. so as we start out along the coast, it's all about the temperatures here in the city throughout the summertime. 60s half moon bay, low 70s in the city. beautiful there, upper 70s to near 80 in oakland. how about 98 in walnut creek, and you head inland, yes, it is sizzling here but as soon as tomorrow the delta breeze will be cooling off our inland valleys. a look at that fog forming later on during the day, by the later afternoon hours, so you're not going to see it. you'll feel that breezen peninsula, and then as you get
5:20 am
into your monday, waking up to some patchy fog, even aless kro the b across the bay in oakland, an early riser pulls back, sets up along the san mateo coast and the typical sea , 20 miles an hour for your monday afternoon. if you're headed to the beach it will be nice, 35, 37-degree spread with us with the cool 60s from ocean beach to half moon bay. 80 in santa cruz, and that sea breeze kicking one water temperature just in the 50s, so pretty nice day at the shoreline. a look at the rest of the temperatures around the bay, you notice that 103 in fairfield, 102 in antioch. livermore at 100. low 90s in san jose so average highs upper 60s san francisco. low 80s in the south bay, as well as the north bay, but we'll be in the mid-90santa rosa. shou 71 i to 80 i richmond a upper 80s on the peninsula here. so pretty warm day. yesterday you hit about 93 in
5:21 am
redwood city and today with the sea breeze kicking up, certainly going to be warm to start out the day but by the afternoon, we'll be coming down, feel better with the sea breeze intact along the peninsula and parts of marin county and across the bay. as we look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, 60s coast, mid 80s around the bay, 102 inland and look at the change for your monday. we're looking at the heat relief, all across the bay and as we settle into the rest of the week, looking at a more typical pattern with that summer spread, and that typical forecast for the rest of the week, which is the low clouds, the fog and that 30 to 35-degree spread. aids walk seven days away. the virtual walk kicks off sunday, july 19th at 10:00. it will air here on abc 7, the star-studded event will feature bette midler, gloria estefan and more. proceeds benefits for prc and 20
5:22 am
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aren't the only measures taken. will reeve got drl reopening in orlando while the state of florida surges with virus cases. disney is calling it a cautious and phased approach. the crowds smaller as attendance was capped, lines to get in socially distanced, masks required. >> it's not a lot of guests here today because they are controlling attendance. you have to have a park reservation. >> reporter: some questioning the park opening while the state is seeing an increase in cases. in this county, 476 cases in the last day, 12% testing positive. >> it's an unavoidable reality covid cases are surging in this part of florida especially. is it safe to be opening disney world right now? >> well, this is our new world. this is the world we now live in. we feel like now in this new normal we're in is the right time to open. >> reporter: disney implementing safety measures, temperature checks at entrances, moretizing around the grounds.
5:26 am
>> grab some hand sanitizer. >> reporter: and fewer people aloud on rides.safaris, guest enter through the partitions and barriers between each row. characters greeted guests from a distance and discouraged gatherings with pop-up parades. >> we felt incredibly safe. >> reporter: disney executives have been preparing for this day since the shutdown. the chair saying they did not consider postponing the opening. a nervous parent says i'm afraid to bring my family to walt disney world. how do you respond? >> everyone's got to make their own decisions. everybody will feel comfortable at different times. >> reporter: walt disney world is providing education about masks and social distancing rules before they arrive and will have employees stationed around the park to remind them of those rules. they say a successful reopening is a shared responsibility. will reeve, abc news, orlando.
5:27 am
>> covid-19 posed many changes to the way we go about our lives and perform routine tasks. a bright light shined on a teenager who innovated to protect people from the vir us. >> an official declaration designating july 11th, 2020 as your day. [ cheers and applause ] >> loved ones cheered 13-year-old maison tompkins received an award in south san francisco, canepa's office provided this video. the teen developed a device called safe touch pro hand well help from family and friends. >> thank you to my mother and father for believing me and guiding me on the right path. thank you to my friends and family for supporting me on my w a13-yr-ol helping m rs comeisnd talk so gives you hope in the future.
5:28 am
>> the creation ayou loss to you safely open doors and push buttons on frequently touched surfaces nearly touchless when it comes to your fingers coming into contact with germs. sper smart. we could all use that. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," a first today for president trump. he was seen in public wearing a mask. but this comes as the average number of deaths in the u.s. nearly doubles. plus the search for actress
5:29 am
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. >> it was bad. i hurt from head to toe. i was choking and coughing and barely able to breathe. >> taking nausea pills every day. i haven't gotten over that. something that's continual. >> when it comes to covid-19, there are still so many unknowns. more people recover, survivors
5:31 am
are noticing lingerng symptoms. this as president trump wears a mask for the first time in public, as cases continue to rise across the country. good morning, everyone. we have much more in the race against coronavirus in a moment but as always, let's start this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here is lisa argen. >> liz, good morning to you. hi, everyone. starting out pretty nice here in san francisco and across the bay area. just a few patches of fog, but temperatures have cooled off in the lower elevations to the 50s and 60s. a live look from our sutro tower camera. 535 in the city. 59 in oakland. mid-50s in mountain view and san jose is at 61. mt. tam gorgeous this morning, with 50 up in santa rosa. upper 40s petaluma with low 60s concord and livermore. it's a quick warmup today with numbers climbing into the low 80s around the bay and mid-90s by noontime. in the afternoon we're talking a few triple digits as we get closer towards 3:00 around livermore and concord, about 80 today as you head towards the bay, but temperatures will be in
5:32 am
the 60s at the coast with that sea breeze up to 20 miles an hour, and we'll talk about further cooling as we start the work week in just a few minutes. liz? >> lisa, thank you. as coronavirus cases continue to surge across the country, governors are issuing mandates for citizens to wear masks in public, as president trump wore one in public for the first time visiting wounded soldiers. abc news reporter karina mitchell has more. >> reporter: president trump visiting covid first responders and wounded soldiers at walter reed military national medical center saturday wearing a mask, something he had not yet done publicly, coming amid disturbing new numbers from across the country. the seven-day average of fat fatalities nearly doubles in the last month. louisiana's governor issuing a statewide mask mandate and rolling back reopening plans. >> it's become clear to me especially after the numbers that we saw yesterday that our current restrictions are not enough. >> reporter: in texas state
5:33 am
officials reported a record, more than 10,000 confirmed cases, the highest since the pandemic began. governor greg abbott says he's willing to consider further restrictions to stop the spread. a 30-year-old san antonio man died after attending a so-called covid-19 party, a trend where young people intentionally gather with someone who is infected. >> he thought he was young, he was invincible and wouldn't get affected. >> reporter: karina mitchell, abc news, new york. some covid-19 survivors say they are feeling symptoms even after recovering, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, being lethargic, some of the post-disease symptoms survivors are reporting. health officials are puzzled as they look at what long-term effect it may have on survivors. >> taking nausea pills every day. i haven't gottenr at. something that's continuing. people 10, 20mes a day about t
5:34 am
hearing wildly deferring symptoms. >> reporter: dr. tim martin. >> doctors are urging people to keep in active communication with their health provider to help them understand and possibly find a treatment for the virus even after recovery. in los angeles, the hardest hit county in california people are waiting get into the parking lot at dodger stadium. you can see the lines there, isn't to see the baseball team but to get tested for coronavirus. the site can handle thousands of people daily and is the largest in the city. while the test something free, people do need to make an appointment. l.a. county reported 2,900 new cases just yesterday. coming up on "this week" assistant secretary for health and white house coronavirus task force member brett heret 00br sech rivera. her mother and brother visited
5:35 am
the lake where she disappeared and officials believed she drowned. here is kaylee hartung. >> reporter: this powerful moment, rivera's family visiting the scene, her grief-stricken brother dropping to her knees. naya's brother consoling her. >> goal to bring closure. they're devastated. >> reporter: a sonar system being used to search the lake where they believe she drowned. crews scanned bottom of the lake with difficult conditions in low visibility even in the dark. >> this is the situation that are difficult. we don't know if she'll be fun five minutes from now or five days from now. >> reporter: the search for the 33-year-old actess began four days ago, the last moment caught on this surveillance video leaving the dock on a pontoon boat with her son. three hours later, the boat was found adrift in the middle of the lake. >> emergency is we have a missing person. the mom is nowhere to be found. >> reporter: the 3 4-year-old on
5:36 am
board sleeping alone. the lake was a canyon dammed and flooded 20 years ago. it's littered with debrises and trees complicating a difficult search. in southern california federal agents and investigators say thelas gutted motion of motn mission san gabriel early yesterday morning. firefighters saw smoke rising from the 245-year-old landmark while they approached the scene. moments later they faced potentially deadly conditions. >> it's like going into an oven. the heat obviously is very low to the ground and it's a very tenuous situation. we had pieces of the structure starting to fall on top of the firefighters. >> it's so sad. it's like tragic for this city. it's our jewel. >> officials say crews had been renovating the mr
5:37 am
campaign aide roger stone believes his criminal conviction will get overturned after the president commuted his sentencen 40-month federen. a jury found stone guilty of lying to congress when he testified about accusations that president trump's 2016 campaign included with rush why a. stone looks forward to clearing his name. >> i'm confident that i can win on appeal. i believe i will expose an enormous amount of corruption in my trial on appeal. >> former special prosecutor robert mueller defending his team's decision to press charge. mueller wrote stone "remains a convicted felon and rightly so." still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," many college students are half way through their summer internships. how they and the companies they are working for are progressing during this pandemic. and here is a live look from
5:38 am
our golden gate bridge camera there, sun about to come up this morning. no traffic, typical for a sunday morning, right, a little breeze there, flag blowing in the wind. 55 degrees in san fran it's a beautiful thing. superfast internet with an xfinity flex 4k streaming device included?
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[upb♪ i fell asleep ♪ tobut when i woke up. ♪i put everything in perspective. ♪ (boy) hi, do you want to share my sandwich? (vo) good feeds our connections. good feeds us all. hormel natural choice lunch meats. all right, here is a live look at the city from our exploratorium camera. a clear-looking morning there. you can see the ferry building. we'll check in with lisa on how hot it's going to get today in stminute. happening today, the pet foundation is aiming to empty the shelters with
5:41 am
adoption fees. over 6,000 pets have been adopted at their shelter across the u.s. pets available for adoption for $25 and there are multiple sponsored shelters across the bay area. here say list of them, they include oakland and hayward animal services, tony la russa's animal rescue foundation and several more. lisa, that's something nice to do. pet adoptions have been on the rise since the pandemic started. everyone looking for a furry little friend to keep them company through the quarantine. >> absolutely. and today is going to be a hot day, if you're headed out there for a dog walk, you may want to get that done early. a hike by the afternoon temperatures are already going to be well into the 80s and 90s across the bay. looks nice, mt. tam in the '550. patchy fog at the coast, not for another 24 hours we see the return to the marine layer. full look at the accuweather seven-day forecast next. also next, we are less than two weeks away from opening day.
5:42 am
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here is a live look there over the san mateo bridge. you can see people on the road this sunday, hopefully waking up, having some coffee, enjoying what's been some pretty nice weather in parts of the bay area, maybe a little too hot in some of the inland areas, but let's talk sports right now. bragging rights are on the line
5:45 am
in lake tahoe between steph curry and his father del, separated by six points headed into the final round. here's chris alvarez with details in this morning's sports. >> it is one of the most fun golf events of the year, at lake tahoe. of course no fans this year, but they were on some boats in the lake. take to you the scene, here are the boats in a picture perfect setting up in tahoe. steph curry in 11th place with 30 points but has a slim chance at winning. dad del a better chance tied for fourth. two-man race, former buffalo bill kyle williams is now in second with 52 points. mardy fish former tennis player is your leader. ten birdies, five final to end his round, headed into sunday's final round. t.j. tour third round of the workday charity open up and down
5:46 am
day for morikaawa, 13 under, three back of justin thomas, 6 under on the day at 16 under headed into sunday's final round. steph curry enjoying the weekend on the links. pretty good at his day job, which is of course basketball. the warriors are coming off seven straight playoff appearances with five finals ending in the finals. there's a lot of basketball for the dubs corps but not being in the nba bubble this time around could be good for the future. >> it could be a blessing in disguise in terms of the next three, four-year run we want to have. get rested, get healthy. we'll obviously be watching orlando and taking all that in, but come next season, whenever that starts, we'll be ready. just got to, we've had a long seven years, so it's nice to get a little refresh. >> summer camp continues on both sides of the bay, a's and giants working towards opening day and getting in some inner squad practices to get ready for those
5:47 am
real games. the a's open the season july 24th, with enthey host the angels at the coliseum, a four-game set to open the year. oakland is coming off back-to-back 97-win seasons and d appearances andsche there's no time to wast e are going to approach it just kind of, you know, everything matters, and everything's more intensified. every game is kind of like a playoff meaning. we've got to win and produce. >> continue with the routine, with the mindset that we're playing and it's only 60 games, so it's going to be sprint this year and stuff, marathon. it's going to be exciting. >> that's your look at sports. send it back to you. >> let's get a check of the weather with lisa argen. >> liz, good morning to you. hi, everyone. looking at a pretty warm day once again, a quick warmup out there, afternoon sea breeze is going to set up late in the afternoon, so it's going to be quite hot today. a lot like yesterday, but even more so in parts of the bay. a live lk fm our sutrt'r.
5:48 am
ere patches of fog around the kois but otherwise it's really nice start out there. the official sunrise in about ten minutes and as we look at golden gate bridge you'll notice that maybe a finger of fog there, otherwise a light west wind and temperatures will be not only quick to warm up, but we will be looking at numbers throughout the afternoon in the triple digits, so yesterday we did manage 102 in concord, and as we look at the roof camera right now, it's quiet out there. it looks still, and temperatures from the mid-50s san francisco. 59 in oakland, with 55 in mountain view. 61 s. lo50sovernight. on the peninsula yesterday, wow it was into the 90s redwood city. close to that again today, but that sea breeze will be feeling a little bit better later on in the day today. certainly a lot better with that quick warmup on the way. 61 in concord. it is 48 in petaluma. 51 in napa and look outside here
5:49 am
our east bay hills camera, just a little bit of fog, some haze out there. sizzling hot inland, with the patchy fog returning tomorrow morning, setting up that cooler monday afternoon, and summer spread continues throughout the rest of the week. so as we look at the wind profile throughout the day today, you're going to notice it's light through noontime, very little wind and by the afternoon it's just anywhere from about 10 to 15 miles an hour. it's not until after 4:00 we begin to feel the breeze, perhaps through the delta. locally certainly around the bay, but as for highs today in the south bay, check it out, 100 in morgan hill. 99 in gilroy. a little bit warmer today in parts of the south bay with low 90s arriving. 9 in sunnyvale. redwood city almost as warm as yesterday. it's a hot day in menlo park and lost altos. numbers in the city in the low 70s so beautiful here, mid-60s for daly city, and the sunset up in the north bay, 100ical stowia ga and lakeport, 19 in napa and
5:50 am
numbers around 09 degrees in san rafael. near east bay nice and mild, the closer you are to berkeley and oakland, with the upper 70s but as you head out towards union city and fremont, mid, upper 80s heading inland, temperatures pretty oppressive with 100 in pittsburg. 101 in concord. pleasanton and san ramon close to the 100-degree mark and looking at those overnight lows, comfortable as they drop off towards the early morning hours, but the early evening hours will be still quite warm, especially in the upper elevations. the accuweather seven-day forecast, 60s at the coast, mid 80s around the bay. 102 inland today. big time cooling for your monday and we're looking at the that typical summer spread that continues with the morning fog, afternoon warmth inland with minor cooling by the end of the week. so pretty quiet week ahead, and not looking at any big wind gusts either, so that's always in our favor this time of year. tegh thanks, lisa. this marks the halfway point
5:51 am
for many college students doing summer internships. while some were canceled, others were redesigned to be virtual, an example of the changing workplace, one of our five areas of focus in building a bet better bay area. david louie gives us a progress report whether visual internships are working out. >> reporter: she's working from home in the east bay and doing a virtual internship as a law clerk. she's clerking for the workers rights program at asian-americans advancing justice asian law caucus in san francisco, a second year law student at new york university in the fall. normally expected to meet with clients in person to prepare cases involving alleged wage theft or other job-related issues. doing it virtually can be more challenge. >> there might be communication issues you might not hear them correctly over the phone or need to repeat certain things a few times but overall i think it's been okay. >> reporter: at the same time, technology allows her to check in with staff attorneys to
5:52 am
provide updates and receive new assignments. servicenow in santa clara interns are working virtually this summer. managers and students took training to make the remote work productive. >> we're teaching them how to use chat, breakout rooms, video, get comfortable with technology. it's how you're going to feel engaged and so that part actually helped elevate their sense of team and their sense of belonging. >> reporter: byron nelson is a servicenow sales intern, entering his senior year as a finance major at the university of west georgia. he was concerned about getting to know others virtually but says the company has addressed that successfully. >> we have different coffee chat meet-ups which is really cool. we've had schedules like zoom, movie nights which was cool as well. so i've been able to make friends, which was something that i didn't really expect going into a virtual environment. >> reporter: it helps no doubt that this summer's interns are digital natives, they grew up connecting with others virtually. david louie, abc 7 news.
5:53 am
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to help you not just bounce back, but bounce forward. call or go online to find out more.
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the winchester mystery house in san jose reopens tomorrow. visitors will be able to explore the mansion on a touchless self-guided tour. there will be sanitizing stations throughout the property. groups are limited to members of the same households and capacity reduced. tickets cost $40 for adults, $20 for children ages 6 to 12. admission includes access to the sarah winchester garden tour. if you're interested in exploringme you can ta 360-degree tour online, that one costs $9. lots to do. all lgs >>ne "abc 7 mornings" at 6:00 a.m., covid-19 cases spike in contra costa county, health officials are requiring new changes for outdoor dining and
5:56 am
churches. update on the tech ceo who went on a racist rant at a valley restaurant. his response here seen in this viral video.
5:57 am
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gcu offers over 175 high quality online programs. find your purpose at grand canyon university. visit building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. >> some cities in alameda county are pushing back and going forward with outdoor dining after the county said they were not allowed toouldd. gooreryone.
6:00 am
it's sunday, july 12th. thanks for joining us. i'm liz kreutz. we have more to get to how the bay area counties are doing with confusion over reopening. first a quick look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you, liz. starting out with clear conditions. a nice morning with some cool temperatures. not going to last long. we have a quick warmup on the way, live doppler 7 no fog. emeryville quiet with 50s in the city. 56 in oakland. mountain view 55 with 60 in san jose and 51 in pacifica. here is our sutro tower camera with the sun coming up, in the low 70s in the city, with right now numbers chilly in the upper 40s from santa rosa to petaluma and 60 in concord. 61 by the delta. it is a quick warmup. el we'll see 80s to 90s by noontime. staying in the 60s at the coast. by 4:00 we expect temperatures over 100 degrees. concord, livermore valley, upper 80s around the bay.


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