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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 12, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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building a better bay area, for a safe and secure future, this is abc news.
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right away, take a look. a black lives matter protest is under way in martin. sky 7 overhead as we speak. now, the city is tense after several racist incidents in recent weeks and police have been warning about the possibility of violent counterprotesters tonight. good evening and thank you so much for joining us. i'm dion lim. >> i'm eric thomas. issues of race and social justice are something we're especially focused on here at abc 7 as part of ow efforts to build a better bay area. the protest started an hour ago and they plan to end up near the waterfront near the superior court building. cornell barnard is there live right now. cornell, how has it been so far? >> so far so good, eric. that group is braving extreme heat out here in martinez. they are on the move through the
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streets of downtown marching towards the waterfront. the black lives matter march started about 45 minutes ago. several hundred people showed up and it quickly grew to several thousand. within a couple minutes there was a clash with a counterdemonstrator. watch this. >> that's what we're here for today. we need you to stay -- excuse me? >> moments after the demonstration began a clash with a counterdplorns. >> the plea is to not cause trouble, to be peaceful. >> martinez mayor rob schroeder making that appeal ahead of a black lives matter march. >> i hope we have a peaceful protest. >> the march was sparked by recent acts which thrust martinez in the spotlight. two martinez weekends were caught last weekend painting over a black lives matter mural on court street. both now facing hate crime charges. then someone spray-painted white
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lives matter on the road. hate fliers were distributed downtown. >> you know racism is out there, but these last few months have -- it's really surfaced like i didn't expect. i didn't know that was that much hatred against our community. >> a large police presence from across contra costa county arrived in martinez. the police chief informing the community on facebook he received information counterprotesters may try to disrupt the march. >> everyone has the right to vocalize their opinion, but they don't have a right to incite violence. >> most of downtown is a sea of plywood. with the help of friends, this woman sending good vibes with this mural. >> we didn't want to help feed into that fear and didn't want it to be this scary thing. so we wanted to say something really positive and really supportive and very cheerful.
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>> we do have a correction on that crowd count of several hundred people, not necessarily thousands. a lot of people thought thousands of people would show up here. it started here at the black lives matter mural here on court street across the street from the old courthouse. it is now on the way toward the waterfront. my colleague says so far it's been peaceful. the counterprotester was shut down by the crowd. cornell barnard, abc news. >> here's another look from sky 7 at the crowds of several hundred you heard cornell talking about. we'll keep you posted on the protests if things widow. we're also streaming live on and our social media accounts. an, heo y weera fire that raced up a martinez hillside this afternoon. firefighters responded just
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after 1:00. flames burned toward a homeless encampment nearby. at one point some of the hopele homeless ran into the fire to save belongings. the fire was brought under control and the homeowner told firefighters he was trying to create defensible space. a socially distanced block party for the man fatally shot by vallejo police last night. 22-year-old sean mont row is a was held in the bernal heights neighborhood near holly park. there was music, food, and literature readings. he was a san francisco resident and was shot and killed by police responding to reports of looting at a vallejo walgreens on the night of june 2nd. police later found a hammer on him but no gun. the bay area tech ceo caught on camera going off on a racist tirade at a carmel valley restaurant is no longer employed. >> you piece of [ bleep ]. >> oh, my god. >> get out of here.
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get out. you are not allowed here. i already put my [ bleep ]. >> do not talk to my guests like that. >> pretty uncomfortable video to watch. michael loft house seen in this viral video has stepped down from his position as ceo of tech company solid 8. that is according to the "san francisco chronicle." in a statement, loft house told "the chronicle" quote i have confirmed i have stepped down from solid 8, terminating all business relationships with immediate effect. i will make it my duty to ensure my personal actions do not continue to have a detrimental impact on those people closest to me. when it comes to issues of equality, justice, and race, we're here to help you find your alley and ta ally and take action. one person is dead after a house fire in san francisco's presidio heights neighborhood today. firefighters were called to a three-story home on sacramento at spruce street just after
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11:00 this morning and they found fire in the back of the home. two people were rescued. unfortunately one of those two died from their injuries while the other victim will be okay. fire investigators are trying to pin point the cause. now to the latest on the pandemic. alameda county has just been added to the state's koechbtd monitoring list after an uptick in cases in recent weeks. they are required to close indoor activities for three weeks. in alameda county, most indoor activities are already closed like dine-in restaurants and movie theaters. county supervisors will vote tuesday on whether to seek a state variance which would allow lower-risk activities like outdoor dining and zoo operations with the monitoring restrictions in place. coronavirus updates from other bay area counties today. two more inmates have died of coronavirus at san quentin prison, bringing the total of deaths there to nine. more than 1,400 inmates have been infected along with 205 staff members. starting tomorrow, new rules
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going into effect in contra costa county. indoor worship services are no longer allowed and people must wear masks during outdoor dining or social bubble gatherings. sonoma county today made new restrictions official after being putting on the state's watch list. bars, winery, restaurants, and various entertainment venues have o close indoor services. santa clara county is moving forward. hair salons will be able to reopen tomorrow. disturbing new records are being set across the country. the death toll from coronavirus has now surpassed 134,000 in the u.s., 7,000 of them right here in california. the state's health department says there have been more than 320,000 confirmed cases. abc news reporter zohreen shah with the number of cases. >> as the number of coronavirus cases tops 3.2 million, a wave of upsetting records are being set. 17 states with record high number of cases.
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15 with record-high hospitalizations, and seven with record number of deaths. >> it feels as though we are headed for a disaster. >> today florida reporting 15,300 new cases, a record one-day total for any state. auditoriums and conference rooms at this south florida hospital now being used to treat patients. >> we just have taken literally every inch of the facility and converted it into patient care area. >> 42 hospitals across the state without available icu beds. in arizona, 89% of hospital icus are full. phoenix's mayor telling cbs the state is struggling to meet the demand for testing. >> we are seeing positivity rates above 20%. we are setting records of the type you don't want to set. >> doctors report 90% of covid samples in arizona have a mutation. researchers believe it makes the virus more infectious. >> in this particular mutation, it allows it to affect human cells easier. >> analysis shows the drug
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remdesivir increases the chance of survival by 62%. the doctors have a limited supply. >> even though the supply of remdesivir is ramping up, we need to keep a lid with the number of new infections. >> he says we can expect the number of deaths to rise and that the country is in a much better place with tests, ppe, and treatments. >> this is not out of control, but it requires a lot of effort. you really got to stop the bars. you got to decrease restaurant capacity and physically distance. we have to have people wearing a mask in public. >> president trump wearing a mask in public for the first time saturday evening as he met with wounded service members and health care workers at walter reed military medical center. the president has been urged to set an example by wearing a mask from some in his own party and came under criticism from democrats. the biden campaign saying he was ignoring the advice of medical
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experts. zohreen sha, abc news, los angeles. coming up on abc7 news at 5:00 a naval ship docked off san diego is continuing to smoke out of an explosion and fire this morning. the chance scheduling event that may have kept hundreds of sailors safe. san jose is getting a new fire station. how soil is forcing one fire house to move. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. it is a hot day for a lot of us out there on this sunday afternoon. but tomorrow, cooler weather
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developing news here from naval base san diego where 17 sailors and four civilians suffered nonlife-threatening injuries after an explosion and fire aboard a ship. the fire broke out around 11:00 this morning and thick plumes of smoke billowed up from the assault ship. the vessel undergoing maintenance, so fewer soldiers were on board than normal. the ship last paid a visit to san francisco bay during 2018's fleet week. a fire station in san jose is moving due to soil erosion. the city is relocating fire station number 8 from 17th and east santa clara street a few blocks west to 13th street. currently the station is right next to coyote creek and city officials say erosion doesn't pose an immediate threat, but they are worried about the fire station's long-term structural integrity. there is no date yet on when construction of the new fire station will begin.
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. as part of our efforts to build a better bay area, we're focused on local businesses reopening. now that includes the san francisco zoo. tomorrow and tuesday are members-only days. the zoo reopens to the general public on wednesday. reservations will be required and there are other safety measures in place. guests must wear face coverings. sanitation stations will be throughout the park. playground and ride attractions wille os omorrow. visitors can explore the 160-room mansion on a new touchless self-guided tour.
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you must still weamask, follow the one-way tour path, and there will be sanitizing stations throughout the property. groups must be of the same household and capacity will be reduced. you can also take online. >> drew said it was going to be hot and he was right. >> you know what? at least today is the hottest day we have in the forecast. tomorrow we will find cooler weather moving in and our hottest spots will drop about 10 to 15 degrees for their afternoon highs today. so hang in there. refreshing air is coming. live doppler 7 showing you a cloud-free scan. we are seeing baby blue skies from our east bay hills camera right now. we're just soaked in sunshine no matter where you live in the bay area. numbers right now, it is pretty hot away from the coast, 99 currently in concord. but it's 104 in brentwood.
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100 in clear lake right now. 90 in fremont. 91 in santa rosa. the sea breeze kept the city comfortable, 67 right now. 75 in oakland. 63 in half moon bay. live doppler 7 along with satellite, the story we're tracking is that high pressure still centered over the four corners pumping in all that heat into the desert southwest right now. but changes are coming in the form of an area of low pressure, which will bring cooler weather out of british columbia. that's going to suppress some of the heat to the south and bring temperatures back to normal for this time of the year. look at the heat right now under that high pressure. phoenix set a record of 116 earlier this afternoon. it's 118 currently in palm springs. 106 the current temperature in fresno. there you go, that little sea breeze on the coast keeping san francisco at 67 degrees. overnight tonight we will see a little bit of fog returning to the coast and patchy fog around
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the bay shoreline, just an indication of cooler weather moving in. the fog will arrive after michb midnight, low 60s over the next 12 hours. tomorrow we'll have that fog close to the coast the entire day on our monday. but tomorrow afternoon, again, is a cooler afternoon compared to today. starting in the south bay, 85, the high for san jose tomorrow. 84 for sunnyvale. 89 for gilroy. along the peninsula, temperatures in the 70s and 80s. 72 for millbrae. 81 for redwood city. 82 for mountain view. downtown san francisco, cooler tomorrow, only 64 degrees. 71 for south san francisco with coastal fog. warm in the north bay, but not nearly as hot. 90 in santa rosa. 81 in sonoma. 67 for sausalito. east bay tomorrow, 73 in oakland, a bit breezy. 79 in union city. 67 in castro valley. we'll drop ten degrees inland from today.
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86 in san ramon. 88 in livermore. the accuweather seven-day forecast, it is a cooler afternoon tomorrow. that sets the stage for pretty steady pattern. the coast remains cool in the 60s. the bay in the 70s and low 80s. eric and dion, no intense heat, we'll stay in the low 90s inland, guys. >> thanks for the forecast. see, look, it's a benefit you're inside, chris. i'm trying to see the brighter side of things. >> yeah, it is nice and cool in here. coming up in sports, a former cal bear works his way to a playoff victory on the pga tour. let's jump in the lake if you're hot. find the lake. the final round of the celebrity
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as sports returning gives us a sense of normalcy, there is one thing missing, the fans of, of course, they are on boats in tahoe, but not allowed on the golf course. go to the final round of the american century champinship. over 62,000 people last year, 251 this year. steph curry four birdies on the front nine, just missing on 11. on 16, a birdie. great touch. everybody thinks it's going to go in. but it's going to slide on by. so you got frustration pushups for steph curry. give me me one, give me two. chipping for eagle, just missing. shot 3 under 69, finishes in fourth. as for the family bet, dad dell scrambles for par on 18 to tie
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steph. so everybody is going to go and jump in that cool lake, including tournament winner mardy fish. curry is making clutch shots? what else is. >> you i've been on the other side of it where he's been in the clubhouse watching me come down, i'm chasing him. so i enjoyed being stress free and just watching. an appropriate finish. >> my caddie gave me a good tip the last two holes and it actually helped me. but i don't want another six footer to tie. >> charles barkley finished the tournament with his only birdie of the week. sir charles guaranteed he wouldn't finish last, but he did finish second-to-last. collin morikawa entered the day three strokes back of jumper thomas. thomas bogeyed the first two holes. tee shot on 4 hits the flagstick. what a shot that was. morikawa with a 6 under 66 today. thomas had a chance to win it
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outright with a par on 18. and this is going to slide on by. it's going to go to a playoff. thomas cannot believe it. on the third playoff hole, morikawa finally will take it. he two-putts for the win, his second pga tour victory. >> and i just wanted a chance coming down the stretch, and, you know, i'm excited right now. i'm so happy. >> good stuff from our cal bear ing with on twinning on thewinne >> next on abc7 news at 5:00, we'll show you how and why
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live pictures from sky 7 over a black lives matter protest in martinez, california, right now. it's a hot day out there and you can see it ^ from sun blasting down. people are trying to get shade, holding signs up. they are marching to the waterfront. we'll bring you the latest. finally tonight, we end with an interesting sight, a gorilla getting a covid-19 test. >> that's shango the gorilla who lives at the zoo miami. he was in the hospital to get some wounds treated after a scuffle with another trying to recall skprebecause he had a lo grade fever. the test was negative. he was born at the san francisco zoo and lived here until 2017.
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>> what a neat fact. glad to see he's doing tonight, breaking news. an explosion aboard a u.s. navy ship. at least 21 hospitalized. the fire, smoke, and explosion, onboard an assault vessel. at least 17 sailors and 4 civilians injured. the ship at the navy station in san diego. military and civilian firefighters responding to the scene. also breaking tonight, at least 12 states reporting a record number of coronavirus cases. florida shattering them all. more than 15,000 in a day. the most in any state at any time in the outbreak so far. parties like this one fueling new cases in michigan. and the long lines for testing, and the long wait for results. the nation's testing czar responding tonight. schools at risk? tonight, parents asking the question, is it safe to go back to school? as the pandemic rages, the cdc


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