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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 12, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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(vo) good feeds our connections. good feeds us all. hormel natural choice lunch meats. kel inside a car, several businesses, gyms, salons and hotels are gearing up to reopen on monday. as health care experts are keeping a close eye on covid-19 cases in that county. >> after a rather hot weekend for many of us in the bay area, cooler weather is about to move in. we'll have the detn the accuweather forecast. abc7 news at 11:00 starts now. >> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> good evening, and thanks so much for joining us. i'm dion lim. >> and i'm eric thomas. hundreds of people gathered today in martinez for a protest over recent racist incidents in the city. there were concerns of potential classes with counter protesters, but this demonstration remained peaceful. it started at the black lives matter mural outside the courthouse and ended with a
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rally at the waterfront. abc7 news reporter lauren martinez was there and spoke to the organizer. >> reporter: a few hundred demonstrators gathered and marched through downtown martinez, the city's first black lives matter event. >> the chief of police met with me this morning and said that either way today was a lose/lose for martinez, and i'd say this is a win. >> reporter: a win that demonstrators remained peaceful even though downtown businesses boarded up in anticipation it would take a turn. this protest was sparked after two martinez residents tried to paint over the approved ra and a few dayser oneet jt bcky. d facing of the mural and i figured it was the best way to come out and speak my voice and use my truth. so i came out here. >> reporter: jason ellis of concord brought his horse zevon to promote a sense of peace. >> horses are so healing. right now in addition to protesting injustice, this world
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and especially this country does need a lot of healing. >> at the end of the march, people gathered at waterfront park. >> we definitely have a lot of work to do in this town. but the first step was getting everybody's attention. >> reporter: nearby, there appeared to be a presence of contention, but organizers feel that didn't stop them from doing what they needed to do. >> i think that this was a much-needed event in martinez. we've had a peaceful march and protest, and we've got our message across, and i think that we accomplished what we came here to do. >> reporter: in martinez, lauren martinez, abc7 news. >> brazen video captured the moment a man is seen slashing the tires of a martinez woman's car for what she believes is her politically charged bumper stickers and posters supporting the black lives matter movement. she works along main street and was shocked to find all four tires had bun punctured.
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luigi's deli provided surveillance footage that shows a man around 9:00 in the morning taking a photo of her vehicle and circling back to puncture all four of her tires. she believes the car was targeted because the cardboard signs she uses in protest were prominently displayed in her car. >> racism, homophobia, we don't have room for that. we're a close knit community. we love one another, we take care of one another. >> chinchilla is grateful for her community which raised almost $1,000 online to help her replace her tires. a socially distanced block party was held today by a group seeking justice for the san francisco man fatally shot by vallejo police last month. that party to remember 22-year-old sean montarosa was held in the park. there was food and literature readings. he was shot and killed by police
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after reports of looting at a virginia lay hoe walgreens june 2nd. they say they later found a hammer but no gun. when it comes to issues of equality, justice and race, we're here to help you find your ally and take action. we have links to help you navigate this difficult time on action. >> the state is ordering new restrictions for sonoma county. it's now on the state's watch list after a surge of new coronavirus cases. starting at 12:01 tonight or rather this morning, these businesses will not be allowed to operate indoors. that includes restaurants, wineries, and tasting rooms as well as distilleries, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, zoos, museums and card rooms. bars, clubs, breweries and brew pubs must close whether they operate indoors or outdoors, and the order will remain in effect through at least august 2nd. alameda county is also on the state's covid-19 watch list after an uptick in cases in recent weeks. unlike sonoma county, most indoor activiies are already
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closed in alameda county. county supervisors will vote tuesday on whether to seek a state variance which would allow lower-risk activities like outdoor dining and zoo operations to open even with the new restrictions in place. it's a different story tonight in the south bay where, instead of closing down, businesses in the bay area's largest county are preparing to reopen for the first time in months. given the recent surge, there's plenty of anxiety and officials are ready to step in to take action. abc7 news reporter luz pena is following the story for us and she joins us live from the newsroom. luz? >> reporter: eric, yes, county officials are cautiously optimistic about this reopening process. there had been a total of 167 covid-19 deaths in this county. they are closely monitoring cases. and if there are any spikes, they're telling them they are ready to roll back. after four months of uncertainty, it's time. >> covid-19 prepared checkmark. >> reporter: kelly bennett founded the studio and salon is one of 8,000 businesses in santa
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clara county that submitted the county wide protocol form on friday required by the health department to reopen. but as monday approaches, her feelings are mixed. >> emotionally we're not ready to open. physically the space is ready. we spent four months getting everything ready. >> reporter: with reopening comes a list of responsibilities to businesses like hair and nail salons, gyms, hotels and parlors must follow. >> visitors down, the number of customers down to one for every 150 feet, they only have one employee for every 250 feet of space. >> reporter: this is the extensive county manual businesses will need to model. >> this used to say k n95 masks. those are a little easier to get. but n95 masks, these are really reserved for hospital workers, so those are really hard to get. >> reporter: santa clara supervisor dave cortese says
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he's optimistic, taking notes from santa clara's approach. >> they are going out there and to enforce. there are law enforcement penalties for violating these orders. >> reporter: so there is a chance that once many of these businesses reopen on monday, that they could be closed by wednesday, thursday if there are spikes in your county? >> sure. if they're cutting corners, somebody is going to get infected. they're going to do contact tracing if they find out there's a cluster there. they're going to have to shut down that facility or maybe shut down the entire sector. >> reporter: the deadline for businesses to submit the protocol form is monday. the county is waiting for july 18, exactly 14 days after the 4th of july where lack of social distancing and small gatherings were reported in that county. of that date, this new reopening process starts monday could be affected. ry w will continue to
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follow, luz. thanks. after four months of being closed, the san francisco zoo will reopen tomorrow. members who book online reservations will be allowed in monday and tuesday while the general public will be welcomed starting wednesday. but only with online reservations. the zoo is now categorized as an outdoor museum, allowing it to reopen under current health guidelines. capacity will be reduced and social distancing enforced and masks are mandatory for all guests two years old and older. a list of what's open and isn't seems to be changing almost daily in the bay area, so we are tracking each county for you so you can see the list for yourself. it's all at >> a homeowner mowing dry weeds in triple digit heat sparked a grass fire that raced up a martinez hillside. they responded to douglas and oak drive at 4:00.
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the flames burned near a homeless encampment. some ran into the fire hoping to save their belongings. homes were threatened before the fire crews brought the fire under control. the homeowner told firefighters he was trying to create defensible space. new at 11:00, a ten week old puppy on his way to a new rescue home was stolen out of a car on treasu treasure island this afternoon. a car thief came by and smashed the window open. jay's new owner is offering a $1,000 reward for his safe return. a spokesperson for the animal rescue agency says jay was showing signs of lethargy and needs to be checked out by a vet. >> well, just ahead, caught on camera and now out of a job. >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> need to leave. >> the c.e.o. of a bay area company steps down after a racist rant is caught on camera.
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>> and as researchers look to see who is most vulnerable when it comes to getting coronavirus, what some bay area scientists discovered when they examined the possible link to smoking. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we are wrapping up a pretty hot weekend for a lot of us. tomorrow, though, cooler, more
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the bay area tech c.e.o.'s racist rant toward an asian american family at a carmel valley restaurant is no longer employed. >> you piece of [ bleep ]. >> oh, my god. >> get out of here. get out. you are not allowed here. >> i already put my [ bleep ]. >> get out now.
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>> [ bleep ]. >> it is so uncomfortable to watch this. michael lofthaus has since stepped down from his he told the chronicle, i can confirm i have stepped down from solid8 terminating all business relationships with immediate effect. i will make it my duty to ensure my personal actions do not continue to have a detrimental impact on those people closest to me. they have raised $200,000. >> two have been arrested for nature vandalism. east bay regional park police posted this image of the woman at yosemite. it's a scenic area along the creek. the rocks were painted red. they worked with a member of the community to locate and identify the two 23-year-old -- 22-yeaold> t more iat died s entisonriin
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ninear 1500 prisoners have bee infected. the most of any state prison. on friday the state announced it was going to release up to 8,000 inmates early to try to head off the outbreak. >> ucsf researchers have a warning tonight for young adults who smoke. the results of a new study found that smoking makes them more vulnerable to developing severe cases of covid-19 and even death. the study looked at 8,000 young people between the ages of 18 and 29 and those who smoked were found to be 100% vulnerable to severe cases of the virus. >> they found that 20% of our sample had been engaging in cigarette or e-cigarette use in the last 30 days, which is considered current use. and that overall, that was the largest factor that would involve vulnerability for young adults. >> smoking was even -- smoking
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was even a bigger factor than asthma, obesity and immune disorders. the researchers are encouraging young people to stop smoking to reduce their risk of developing a severe case of covid-19. >> time now to look at the weather. drew was saying this would be the hottest day out of the next few. is that still the case, drew? >> yeah, we're going to hold onto that cool coast that we had today, and we're going to find that tomorrow, more refreshing air is going to move in and drop those numbers some 10 to 15 degrees tomorrow, as more typical temperatures take hold of the bay area. live doppler 7 tonight, we do have mainly clear skies overhead. what we're watching along the coast is for the past couple of hours, our marine layer is reestablishing itself. fog is very close to the coast at this hour, and we do expect some patchy fog around the bay shoreline first thing tomorrow morning, just an indication that our cooler weather pattern is coming. right now we're down tocity, t
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58 in the city. 74 in clover dale. 66 in san jose and oakland right now is at 63 degrees. live doppler 7 along with satellite, high pressure over the four corners was responsible for the hot weekend, not only here locally, but across much of the desert southwest. numerous cities like phoenix and palm springs set new records, today exceeding 100 degrees. now we're going to see an area of low pressure move in from british columbia tomorrow and that's going to suppress the heat to our south, bring back the fog it first thing tomorrow morning and bring back some cooler temperatures. overnight tonight, numbers are gradually falling into the low 50s and low 60s. again, with that fog moving back in along the coast line. there will be a couple of areas of our hills in the north bay and east bay that will likely hold in the low 70s. some mild air just kind of hanging on for one more night in spots. here's a 12-hour day planner
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tomorrow. sun is up shortly before 6:00 a.m., we'll have that coastal cloud cover throughout much of the day. a nice on shore breeze will keep tomorrow afternoon's temperatures cooler than today. you can see around the bay we'll mainly be in the upper 70s. yes, our hottest spots will be in the low 90s. that is a significant change from the triple digit heat of today. so a close look at highs on our monday. 89 in gilroy. 85 the high for cupertino. along the peninsula 81 redwood city, 60 the high for pacifica. do you understand san francisco 64 after some morning fog. we'll hit 71 in south san francisco. the north bay, 90 in santa rosa. 81 in sonoma. 82 in vallejo. 67 for sausalito. 73 for oakland. tomorrow 82 fremont. 79 union city. and inland will be in the upper 80s to lower 90s. 91 pittsburg. 86 san ramon, 88 livermore. there's that cooler afternoon tomorrow. and once that more typical july air greets us tomorrow, it's
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going to hang on over the next several days. you can see numbers bouncing around a bit, but no intense heat coming our way like this weekend and numbers pretty close to average even through saturday and sunday next weekend, guys. >> all right, drew, thank you. >> well, just ahead, back in business at last. for the first time in months, a local farmers market is open, but there are lots of changes oh, we love our new home. neighborhood's great. amazing school district. the hoa has been very involved. these shrubs aren't board approved. you need to break down your cardboard. thank you. violation. violation. i see you've met cynthia. at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. and it does help us save a bunch of money. two inches over regulation. thanks, cynthia. for bundling made easy, go to
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the farmers market at jack london square reopened today the first time since march. it's been at the oakland location for 20 years. now they're doing business in the era of covid-19. that means chalking out areas to allow for social distancing. the vendors also assign one person to handle the cash while another person handles the produce. >> we make it so that customers can't grab any of the unpackaged food themselves. the vendors will help them out with that. the vendors all have hand
11:24 pm
washing or han sanitizer in their stalls. >> the farmers depend on the market for their regular income, so they are thrilled to be back. some farmers markets in the bay area remain closed. >> it's big changes for the sports world as well. let's get a check now with chris alvarez. >> coming up in sports, a former cal bear working overtime on the pga tour for a victory. plus let's jump in the lake. the stars show up for a final round of the celebrity
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>> announcer: now abc7 sports with chris alvarez. >> sports continues to make its comeback. there is one noticeable thing missing, the fans. there were some in tahoe, but
11:28 pm
only on boats. not on the golf course. let's go to the beautiful scene that is lake tahoe. 62,000 people last year, just 251 total this year. curry jumping into contention. four birdies on the front nine. just missing on number 11. oh, so close. on 16, this for birdie. you talk about great touch. everybody thinks this one's going in. and it slides by. so we have frustration push ups for steph. give me one, give me two, give me 30 on 18. chipping for eagle. he's just going to miss it. steph shot a 3 under 69 today. what a run for steph. as for the family bet, dad del scrambles to tie steph so everybody goes in the how is that water in lake tahoe? don't you want to be there? curry is making clutch shots. what else is new? >> i've been on the other side of it where he's been in the clubhouse watching me come down. i'm chasing him. so i enjoyed being in stress
11:29 pm
free just watching. appropriate finish, i would say. >> my caddy gave me a good tip the last two holes to stand a little tall on the putt. it actually helped me. i don't want another 6 footer to tie. >> charles barkley finished the tournament with his only birdie this week. sir charles guaranteed he wouldn't finish last. he didn't. he finished second to last. all right. let's go to the final round of the workday charity open. colin morikawa finished back of leader justin thomas. j.t. bogeyed the first two holes. the tee shot on 4, it hits the flag stick. morikawa, a 6 under 66 today. thomas had a chance to win it outright with a par on 18. slides on by, and we're going to a playoff, and thomas just cannot believe it. and on the third playoff hole, morikawa finally takes it. he two-putts for a win, his second pga tour victory.
11:30 pm
>> i wanted a chance coming down the stretch. he gave it. i'm excited right now. i'm so happy. >> big time for you. >> major league baseball season set to open in less than two weeks. asem a's manager bob melvin says what can and can't be used during games. whatever ends up happening, it's going to be weird. >> definite got a little adrenaline push from people being in the stands. whether at home or away, just having a low buzz in the stadium kind of gets you going. it will be different. we'll have to kind of trick ourselves into treating it the same, but it's what it is. we have to be safe and we have to treat it normal. >> it's just going to be different than anything any of us have ever experienced. so our expectation is to bring the same level of hustle, the same level of intensity, and not let that be dependent on the audience. >> a wild finish in nascar.
11:31 pm
kentucky today, the leaders four wide going into the final lap and it's a rookie, cole custer who takes the lead at the top. the other three bump into each other. kevin harvick's tire starts smoking. that causes the others to let up. he wins the first nascar race in four years. doughnuts round and round. the sports business daily reporting the washington redskins will announce tomorrow the team will retire their nickname. now, early this month the fanchise said it would go through a thorough review of the name in light of recent events involving racial inequality. a time line for a new team name is unclear as it awaits approval, and that is your look at sports. send it on back to you. >> the coronavirus surge has hit a couple of grim milestones this weekend. the alarming record it sets when it comes to cases. >> black lives matter. that's what i said. >> well, we have seen an awful lot of incidents like this one. racially charged confrontations caught on video. so what's behind all of this
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>> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> once again good evening. i'm dion lim. >> and i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines, hundreds of people gathered in martinez for what turned out to be a few days later white lives matter was painted on the street a few blocks away. one man clashed with demonstrators but he was shouted down. starting tomorrow santa clara county will allow several businesses to reopen for the first time in months.
11:36 pm
the list includes hair and nail salons, gyms and tattoo parlors. the businesses, though, will be required to follow social distancing rules. ucsf researchers found smoking makes younger individuals more vulnerable to covid-19. they looked at ages 18 and 29. smoking was a bigger risk factor than asthma, obesity and immune disorders. >> at least a dozen states are reporting a record number of coronavirus cases. florida leads the way with the highest one-day total since the outbreak began. some states are also reporting an explosion in cases linked to people going to parties. abc7 news reporter alex presha has the story. >> reporter: more than 135,000 people have died from the coronavirus in the u.s. to date. and a wave of grim records are being set in several states, like florida, reporting more than 15,000 new cases today. a one-day record for any state.
11:37 pm
in texas, both cases and hospitalizations topping 10,000 on saturday. military medical teams being deployed to houston, the same teams that helped overwhelmed hospitals in the northeast a few months ago. >> they acknowledge the fact the numbers are continuing to rise. >> reporter: arizona is one of seven states setting daily death toll records over the last week. >> once you're driving home, thinking about it, wow, that was a lot of death and dying that we saw. >> reporter: 89% of arizona's icus are at capacity. the state struggling to keep up with demand for testing. thousands waiting weeks for backlogged labs. the nation's czar says the country is testing enough for outbreaks. >> we think we have enough tests to identify where the hot spots are. >> reporter: michigan health officials say this crowded july 4th party has led to several positive tests. west field, new jersey, linking young people to parties and traveling to georgia. louisiana a hot spot a few months ago seeing a resurgence.
11:38 pm
the governor mandating masks and closing bars. >> we have no reason to believe the numbers we've been reporting the last few days are going to get any better over the next couple of weeks. >> reporter: the president wearing a mask for the first time on saturday during a visit to walter reed medical center. his administration insisting kids return to school despite the growing number of covid-19 cases. >> we're going to be putting a 4r09 of pressure on open your schools in the fall. >> reporter: the president calling the current cdc guidelines for opening schools very tough and very impractical things. those guidelines calling for face coverings and desks 6 feet apart. the cdc says without mitigation measures, full-size in-person classes have the highest risk for spread. alex presha, nbc news, washington. >> kids need to go back to school. that's the word from education secretary betsy devos. >> many of them are going to be so far behind, difficult to catch up, and we know that this is a matter of their health in a multitude of factors or
11:39 pm
multitude of dimensions. we know that their emotional well-being, their mental well-being, and particularly for kids from low income and vulnerable populations, this is devastating to be out of school and not learning for months on end. >> devos said today there's nothing in the data to suggest that kids being in school is dangerous. she said the trump administration is looking at, quote, all the options for pulling funding from schools that don't provide in-person learning. the american association of pediatrics recommends students return to class, but a doctor at johns hopkins says the virus can still be dangerous to kids. first lady melania trump shared video of herself wearing a mask during a visit to a washington, d.c. women's center. she tweeted video of the visit and of her wearing a face covering. the first lady did not mention the pandemic in her tweet, but spoke about meeting women and children at the mary elizabeth house. president trump yesterday wore a mask during a visit to wounded veterans at walter reed medical center.
11:40 pm
>> u.s. navy officials say a warship that caught fire at the naval base in san diego is heavily damaged, but salvageable. 17 sailors and four civilians suffered non-life-threatening injuries after fire erupted aboard the uss bonhomme ri smoke could be seen for miles. the 840-foot vessel was at its home port undergoing maintenance. everyone on board evacuated unharmed. tonight firefighters are still trying to extinguish hot spots. the warship was last seen in san francisco bay during fleet week in 2018. for the first time ever an african-american woman will become a u.s. navy tactical pilot. lieutenant madelein swaggle will make american naval aviation history. she'll earn her wings this month after completing pilot training. stars and stripes says she'll likely fly the fa-18 super hornet, the f-35 joint strike
11:41 pm
fighter, or the ea-18 growler. the virginia native is graduate of the naval academy. >> actress kelly preston died at age 57. john travolta shared the information on his instagram feed. she kept her fight private. she had been married to travolta 18 years. they had two children together. a third child died in 2009. >> hundreds of people filled the streets of martinez today for a protest over recent racist incidents. there were a few tense moments in what was an otherwise peaceful demonstration. see what it was like to be right in the middle of it all. >> aids walk san francisco. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we are tracking cooler weather moving in tomorrow. i'll have the accuweather forecast details ahead. >> now aids walk san francisco is just seven days away. the virtual walk kicks off
11:42 pm
sunday, july 19, 10:00 a.m. aids walk at home will stream online and on air here on abc7. it will feature bette midler, gloria stephane, and more. the proceeds benefit prc and 20 other area hiv/aids organizations. call 415-615-walk.
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we mentioned earlier, there was a protest in martinez today over recent racist those demonstrators did encounter a small group of counter protesters and things abc7 news dan noyes was right in the middle of it. >> i was born and raised to protect myself. i have to make sure i get home safe and that i don't bother anyone, stay on my side of the neighborhood, don't ask questions, and that isn't something i want to raise my
11:46 pm
kids to have to do. so by me being here makes sure my kids will never have to be here. >> she painted over the sign right here. it was a direct disrespect. it was a message that black lives do not matter. >> martinez is not a racist town. this is not a racist town. am i right? you know? >> nobody has to put their hands on anyone. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> no racism. >> no peace. >> i want you to say -- >> we get what you guys are doing. we're not going to sit back and allow these guys to whatever they call themselves to come in and blow our place apart. >> we pray that you open up the hearts of these cold, these cold, these cold racist people out here in this world. please open up their hearts. show them that we are not evil.
11:47 pm
we are not evil. >> we have not heard of any arrests during today's protest. >> it seems cameras are capturing more and more people exhibiting questionable behavior, and the people involved know they're being recorded. so why is that? we asked abc7 news reporter wayne freedman to look into it. >> reporter: it's become an almost daily parade of, well -- >> i don't give a [ bleep ]. >> reporter: let's just be kind and refer to them as extremely bad moments all caught on camera. >> no one wants black lives matter here. that's what i said. >> reporter: have you begun to wonder what's happening here? has the stress of a pandemic made this more widespread? >> i think it's the fact we have cameras everywhere. >> think before you speak. my mom told me that a long time ago. think before you speak. >> reporter: reporter stanley roberts has made a franchise of catching people in the act of behaving badly. and dr. thomas plant at santa clara university has the psychological credentials to
11:48 pm
analyze them. only now -- the the the privacy is long gone. >> so we had to ask, why do people dig themselves in deeper knowing there are cameras recording every move and every word? >> it's really hard for a lot of people, once they get launched, to dial it back, take a deep breath, and say, hold it here. >> they are trying to defend their position, but it gets -- they dig a deeper hole. >> i'm being threatened by a man. please send the cops immediately. >> reporter: especially with the internet where rightly or wrongly we see these people publicly pilloried and vilified. >> asiant is human nature we see some of these videos, we may feel more virtuous ourselves. >> there's no due process any more. it's a mob mentality. >> reporter: all from a few recorded moments that will live online forever. do these displays serve a purpose, especially in fighting racism?
11:49 pm
>> this is a way to get out stuff we knew was going on, but we couldn't prove it. >> reporter: so there you have it. if george orwell was still alive, heed probably say he warned us. welcome to the 21st century. with cameras all around, you better be ready for your close up. in the north bay, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> a fire station in san jose is moving due to soil erosion. the city is relocating. fire station number 8 from 17th and east santa clara street, a few blocks west, to 13th street. currently the station is right next to coyote creek. city officials say erosion does not pose an immediate threat, but they're worried about the fire station's long-term structural integrity. no date yet on when construction of the new fire station will begin. >> all right. one last check of the weather, and drew, lots of folks hoping for at least a little bit of a cool down. >> yeah, we're going to find some cooler weather moving in tomorrow. tonight the fog is returning as we speak right along our coast line, and we'll have some patchy
11:50 pm
fog first thing in the morning. numbers tonight, you look at lows, we'll mainly fall in the low 50s to low 60s as your starting temperatures for a monday. now to break down the day tomorrow, we'll keep that fog right along the coast line throughout the day, and that increased marine layer and some on shore winds will bring us a cooler afternoon. you can see the bay going into the upper 70s and our hottest spots inland in the low 90s. that's a much better temperature if you don't like the hot weather compared to the triple-digit heat we had this weekend. highs on monday, 09 in concord, 64 in the city. we'll hit 85 in san jose. 90 in santa rosa and 93 the high in fairfield. the accuweather seven-day forecast, next seven days, you'll find cooler afternoon tomorrow, and we'll stay in that range over the next seven days. a pretty steady pattern of typical july temperatures with morning fog to afternoon sunshine, guys. >> drew, thank you. >> the coronavirus is changing work places as people physically
11:51 pm
distance, and that includes magicians. see how this has led one bay area performer to come up with some new tricks with safety in mind. >> as we all fight the pandemic california is mandating face masks. we want to remind you to wear a mask for
11:52 pm
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11:54 pm
covid-19 cost many people their jobs since mid-march. however, a bay area magician retooled his act and took it from the stage to the computer screen. it's an example of the changing workplace. abc7 news reporter david louie shows us how magic is truly magical, even over zoom. >> reporter: dan tran has been a professional musician 20 years performing on the street and for events at silicon valley's biggest tech firms. then came covid-19. >> i had about $8,000 worth of
11:55 pm
cancellations in about one week. >> reporter: after a week mulling over his future, he decided he would have to reinvent his act for zoom. >> everything that worked in the past doesn't work very well in zoom so i had to reinvent everything. i've probably added 40 or 50 new effects. >> reporter: tran also had a secret weapon, his 12-year-old son james. >> i'm kind of like the asian tiger dad. i forced him to do it and we street performed in union square when he was about 5 years old. he made about $120. >> reporter: at first james looked at magic like a chore. >> chores are boring, oh. then i realized oh, you get to go to parties. you get to eat food. you crash parties for the -- i'm in. >> reporter: dad, the master magician and james the budding apprentice knew they'd feed off reactions from the audience plus interactive illusions. they had to prove to clients their act worked in a virtual space. they failed in the beginning but
11:56 pm
quickly developed a repertoire that worked which tran demonstrated with the time tested pick a card trick. i chose the 7 of clubs. >> i don't think we saw a 7 of clubs, but i did put a card in my pocket. >> reporter: he got even better when i picked a number between 1 >> inside my notes is a list of beverages. can you read out loud what is on number 89, please? >> reporter: virgil's root beer. >> i would love to share a virgil's root beer with you, david. >> reporter: you're quickly drawn into the act as they open two sealed envelopes that documented every choice i made over zoom. >> david will choose the 7 of clubs. >> reporter: how do they do it? that is absolutely amazing. it is, after all, magic repl reimagined. david louie, abc7 news. >> i love seeing the joy on david's face. i have seen dan and james
11:57 pm
perform in person. they are awesome. all right, now, the due toe say they are not making as much money doing these -- as they did doing these in-person shows, but they are playing to larger digital audiences all over the world. they are spreading so much happiness. >> good magic is indistinguishable from magic. that's deep. let me work on that. i'll bring it back to you later. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning. have a great evening.
11:58 pm
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