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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 13, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," cases skyrocket. >> he thought the disease was a hoax. >> florida reporting the biggest single day jump in the u.s. yet. the new warning about parties as the virus claims the lives of young people and why the head of the country's schools says students don't have to worry. breaking overnight, gone too soon. kelly preston, dead at 57 after a two-year battle with cancer. the heartfelt messages pouring in. what john travolta had to say about his wife's final days. ship explosion. the blaze aboard a navy boat that sent nearly two dozen people to the hospital. the devastating damage on deck as officials warn the fire could burn for days. plus, renaming the redskins. the new report said the racist
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moniker could be changed as soon as today. living to tell the tale. >> literally thought i might be dead. >> one man's close call with an angry bear. and proposal trouble. the romantic proposal that didn't go as planned. >> oh, my god. good monday morning, everyone. we begin with the staggering surge in coronavirus cases across the country. >> the u.s. is once again reporting more than 60,000 new infections in a single day. with 15,000 people testing positive in florida alone, the highest one-day total for any state since the start of the pandemic. >> but in new york city, there were no coronavirus-related deaths to report on sunday for the first time in march when the virus ravaged the area. >> after months of resistance president trump finally wore a face mask in public for the first time as he paid a trip to wounded troops at walter reed medical center.
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this morning, cases are skyrocketing in florida. >> we definitely had a sharp increase in the number of people going to the hospital. >> reporter: the sunshine state reporting 15,000 new cases sunday, the highest single day jump in the u.s. ever. florida is among seven states setting daily death toll records. walt disney world, owned by our parent company disney, re-opening over the weekend, nearly four months after the park was closed. epcot and disney's hollywood studios are set to open wednesday. one family in miami saying a brother and sister both in their 20s died within days of each other. >> he just -- he went into cardiac arrest, and he slipped away. i hear her kidneys are failing. >> reporter: in michigan this july 4th lake party where hundreds partied shoulder to ve. in mississippi some hospitals are now forced to send covid-19 patients out of state after running out of room, and in arizona the mayor of phoenix is
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warning morgues are filling up. in texas -- >> we have to acknowledge the fact that the numbers are continuing to rise. >> reporter: houston's mayor proposing a two-week shutdown as icu beds dwindle to fewer than 100 in the entire city and the army is now sending 600 medical personnel to help in the hard-hit state. >> he thought the disease was a hoax. >> reporter: it comes as doctors are warning that people who attended those so-called covid parties intentionally getting infected paying the ultimate price. >> he thought he was young and invincible and wouldn't get infected by the disease. >> reporter: a 30-year-old in san antonio died after flouting safety measures and despite evidence that it is affecting young people more, new calls to send kids back to school are mounting from parents -- >> in their minds they have to reason to do school. >> reporter: and officials. educator betsy devos echoed president trump's threat to defund schools if they don't re-open. >> they need to be learning and moving ahead.
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>> reporter: devos suggesting schools don't have to follow the safety measures laid out by the cdc. >> the cdc guidelines are just that, meant to be flexible. >> reporter: but now many families, students and teachers are questioning the safety of the move. >> i think to put kids and teachers back into that environment is terrifying. >> reporter: one school says a longtime teacher died and two others are sick after they worked this a classroom together all sitting six feet apart. south carolina reporting its first cases of children with multisyndrome virus. next the breaking news involving actress kelly preston who died after a two-year battle with breast cancer. the 57-year-old had a long career in television and film with the movie "jerry maguire" among her credits married to john travolta for 28 years and they had three children including a son who died in 2009. travolta announced preston's death on instagram. he said, quote, she
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fought a courageous fight with the love and support of so many. kelly's love and life will always be remembered. i will be taking some time to be there for my children who have lot of their mother so forgive me in advance if you don't hear from us for a while. more breaking news in from southern california where a warship is a battleground for fire crews in california. it suffered heavy damage in yesterday morning's blast and doesn't look like the battle against the flames will be over soon. abc's megan tevrizian is in san diego. >> reporter: this morning, a navy ship still moldering nearly 24 hours after an explosion rocked the military vessel at the navy's biggest base on the west coast. >> a fire was reported in the lower vehicle storage area on board "bonhomme richard." >> reporter: the explosion on board "bonhomme richard" injured 18 sailors at navy base san diego. 160 sailors were on board at the time of the explosion. >> actually fire, there's nothing toxic in there. it's just black smoke, and we're doing the firefighter agent and
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you're starting to see more whiter smoke which is a good sign the fire is being maintained. >> there's heavy smoke showing from a large military vessel under construction. >> reporter: the flames sending a huge plume of dark smoke visible around san diego. sailors aboard the navy ship in fire gear rushing to battle the fire, tugboats surrounding the amphibious assault ship spraying water from afar. three teams of federal firefighters and two navy teams have been back on the ship, but they can only stay on board for 15 minutes at a time then rotate out because it is too hot. this morning the navy telling abc news the extent of the damage to the ship is, quote, huge, adding the fire will likely burn for days. here's a good look at the "bonhomme richard." it's been burning for hours. you can smell the smoke and see it for miles away. this plume of smoke can be seen up to five miles from where we are right now at naval base san diego. with the ship loaded with fuel the concern that nearby military vessels could be in danger for
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more potential explosions. the navy now moving neighboring ships, the "uss fitzgerald" and the "uss russell." this morning the cause of the explosion is still unknown. the ship was undergoing routine maintenance when it happened. its last deployment was in 2018. megan tevrizian, abc news, san diego. >> megan, thank you. next the investigation under way in portland, oregon after a protester was shot with a projectile apparently fired by federal officers. 26-year-old donavan la bella appeared to be peacefully holding up a speaker during a protest at a federal courthouse when he was struck in the head. his mother said he suffered skull fractures and had to undergo surgery. a police department in allentown, pennsylvania, is defending its officers following a violent arrest. video shows an officer putting his knee on a suspect's neck. the arrest sparked protest over the weekend with demonstrators saying they were stunned when the officer appeared to use
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a restraining move similar to the one that killed george floyd. i new statement from the police says the man was, quote, noncompliant. the local black lives matter movement is rejecting the statement. >> really there's two things in there, the knee to the neck or head that shouldn't have happened and also, two, there is an accountability portion where officers seeing excessive use of force are required to step in and that did not take place. >> the suspect was treated at the hospital and released and the incident is under investigation, and a protest planned for this evening in allentown. time now for a look at your weather for this monday morning. showers and thunderstorms are possible for most of the country today. some of those storms could be in t sth and west in the heig be the e take a look at the map and all that red. phoenix will hit 112 today. the high in dallas, 103. memphis and atlanta will top out at 91. miami at 92.
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new orleans at 94. denver will reach 96. the high in minneapolis, 86. chicago, 84. coming up, the nfl team retiring its controversial name. also ahead, tragedy hits elvis presley's family. what we're learning about the passing of his grandson. and where an exhibit dedicated to john wayne is now being removed after past comments surfaced from the late
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bikes are set up on a sort of treadmill to give the feeling of riding the hills of france. now to the breaking news in the nfl, the league's washington, d.c. franchise is expected to change its name as early as today. the team has resisted calls to change its nickname, which many say is insensitive to native americans. here's abc's ines de la cuetara. >> reporter: this morning, washington's football team on the verge of retiring its name. >> touchdown, redskins. >> reporter: multiple reports saying the redskins will reveal a new nickname as early as today. >> i heard that the nfl is starting to take steps to tell everybody who has washington's nickname on its platform to start scrubbing it, start taking it off, which means something is coming. >> reporter: the franchise has been called the redskins since 1933 before it moved from boston to washington in 1937. the name, a hotly contested debate for decades. washington owner daniel snyder telling "usa today" in 2013 that
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we will never change the name of the team adding, as a lifelong redskins fan and i think that the redskins fans understand the great tradition and what it's all about and what it means. the recent focus on race relations bringing new scrutiny to the team's name. >> the fact that even today as i say this, this despicable name has not yet changed is a national outrage and disgrace. >> reporter: earlier this month reports that the team is ditching the native american imagery from its logo after fedex threatened to pull its stadium right sponsor and amazon, nike, walmart, target discontinuing the sale of the team's merchandise. snyder then announcing a thorough review of the team's name. the new name of the team is still unknown. fans are sharing their favorites on social media including warriors and red wolves, kenneth and mona. >> ines, thank you. and john wayne's bigoted comments about native americans and others has gotten a trip boot taken down by
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his alma mater. the actor made the racist comments 50 years ago and usc students began protesting last fall, and officials have decided to take the exhibit down. coming up, a man describes how he survived a bear attack. also ahead, the latest for the search of the "glee" actress naya rivera as they turn their focus to cabins along the lake. naya rivera as they turn their focus to cabins along the lake. life is full of make or break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect bones from fracture with 1 shot every 6 months. do not take prolia® if you have low blood calcium, are pregnant, are allergic to it, or take xgeva®. serious allergic reactions like low blood pressure, trouble breathing, throat tightness, face, lip or tongue swelling, rash, itching or hives have happened. tell your doctor about dental problems, as severe jaw bone problems may happen. or new or unusual pain in your hip, groin, or thigh, as unusual thigh bone fractures have occurred.
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the geico giveback. active and bold courageous or dull emotions that flow it all starts in your gut naughty with pride probiotics inside xciting yummy zing from a to z, your gut is where it all begins start with activia with billions of probiotics back now with the passing of elvis presley's grandson. 27-year-old benjamin keough was the son of lisa marie presley. and tmz is reporting that he died from an apparent suicide in calabasas, california. keough drew attention because of his uncanny resemblance to his grandfather. his mother is said to be inconsolable but trying to stay strong for her other three children. the national suicide prevention lifeline can be reached at 1-800-273-talk or visit a second search of cabins near a southern california lake
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hasn't turned up any signs of actress naya rivera. the former "glee" actress has been missing since last wednesday when she and her 4-year-old son were boating. the boy was found asleep in the boat with an adult jacket nearby. he said his mother hadn't come up out of the water. rivera was 33. a man who survived a frightening encounter with a huge bear in the middle of the night said he thought he'd be killed. dave chernosky was sleeping at a friend's house when he was awakened by noises and went to the kitchen only to find himself face-to-face with a black bear and he says he tried to open the garage door to let it out, but that's when the bear got scared and went on the attack. >> i turned around the hallway and looked him straight in the face and he just went, bam, and hit me with his paw one time. >> chernosky has serious wounds to his head, face and back but managed to call 911. wildlife officials the beut down. rus an the issue of when or even whether to send kids back to the
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classrooms. it's quickly turning into a political hot potato across the country as cases of the coronavirus infection continue to rise. i spoke earlier with dr. anne rimoin of ucla. dr. anne rimoin, thank you for joining us this morning. in some parts of this country, the coronavirus is spreading out of control. florida just set a single day record high in cases. 15,000 people in one day. in your opinion how do we get control of the situation? >> we have to really double down on our efforts right now. we need to be closing bars, we need to be closing restaurants. we need to be going as far back into the early phases of lockdown as we possibly can to be able to get our arms around this. you know, the fact of the matte be able to open schools in the fall is we can drive down community transmission and what we are doing right now is not enough. we need real stringent measures to be able to get this community
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transmission way down. >> and there's new reporting about covid-19 and the heart. people who have recovered from the virus even from mild cases of the virus are now being diagnosed with long-term heart issues. how big of a concern is this? >> this is a very big concern. you know, the bottom line is there are long -- there is potential for long-standing injury from this virus. you know, there's potential for cardiovascular injury, potential for neurologic injury, for pulmonary injury. we are just really beginning to understand these kinds of sequela. you know, i've spent many years working on many different viruses including ebola, zika and we have learned there are effects from these viruses that last for a very long time, and so it is not surprising that we would see something similar in this scenario. >> the president and his administration are pushing for students to return to school for the fall. what is your expert opinion on that? >> it's not just about returning the children.
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we have staff and faculty, many of whom are at an age that puts them at great risk. the plans need to be in place for them. we need to have major infrastructural investment in these schools to be able to make being in schools safe. social distancing is critical. for example, in fairfax county students have 18 inches between them. it's going to take something like three pentagon buildings worth of space to be able to give them enough space to social distance. >> our thanks to dr. rimoin. coming up, back on top, the movie that's number one at the box office decades after its release. also ahead, proposal trouble. the romantic proposal that didn't go quite as planned. >> no. needles. essential for sewing, but maybe not for people with certain inflammatory conditions. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz. the first and only pill of its kind
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♪ time to check "the pulse" on this monday where the force is still strong at the box office. "the empire strikes back" is the number one movie in america 40 years after its first release. it made almost $500,000 over the weekend after playing in 483 locations across the country. most of them drive-in movie theaters. >> it's the latest throwback to soar in popularity since the pandemic began. in previous weeks, "jaws," "jurassic park" and "ghostbusters" were all box office blockbusters. disney's the parent company offence for those movies. now to, a close call to a couple in idaho. >> or so it seemed. a young man found the picture perfect spot to propose to his girlfriend on bended knee in front of a raging waterfall, but just as he was about to pop the question, oops, there goes the >> what happened to it?
4:24 am
>> but guess wt, part of his master plan. >> no. >> he pulled out the real ring and the look of hopelessness immediately left her face. >> he said he just wanted to make it a memorable proposal with a little spice. she should have said no. >> yeah, he plays too much. now to super mario's new high score. >> a copy of super mario bros. sold in an auction for a record $114,000 over the weekend making it the most expensive game ever sold. >> that tops the mark of $100,000 for the unopened super mario set last year. no word on who made this year's purchase. kenneth. >> it was not me. you got to blow too hard in it. they make you work. an alabama teen came up with an idea for a graduation that was all wet. >> and the photo going viral. they show neely ellison wakeboarding where she's wearing a traditional cap and gown and not so traditional bathing suit. >> and how did she get the cap
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oscar's family so i feed him blue. making news at 4:27, they are reopening in one bay area county, but not everyone thinks they are ready. hundreds of people marching in the east bay in support of "black lives matter." a fear of confrontation with counterprotesterses was peaceful. and a man caught on video slashing a woman's car tires, she says it was because of what she had prominently displayed inside. good morning, it is monday, july are 13. happy monday to you. hope you're having a great start to your day and week. checking in with mike nicco for a look at the day ahead. >> good morning, how is your monday starting? >> so far so good, thank you. >> good. let's hope it stays that way, right?
4:28 am
let's talk about what is going on weather-wise. if you are tired of the heat, it starts to break today. let's take a look at your winds, gust s to 35 in fairfield, 13 i napa. so the seabreeze is back. and you can see a littleziness bridge this morning. we'll see more cloudiness the next couple of mornings which will help keep our pattern in a cooler trend. today, yeah, even low to mid-90s around concord, antioch and fairfield, upper 90s in lakeport yucaipa. that is relief from the heat as we had 100s in those areas. 60s along the coast and san francisco. let's get back to the news. abc 7 is committed to building a better bay ar. vihae how they operate. happening today, santa clara county is taking the next step in reopening. julian glover is live with what
4:29 am
this will mean for a lot of people. >> reporter: good morning. good news for a lot of those business owners, right, after months of hurry up and wait, some of the high risk high contact businesses are now finally being allowed to reopen in santa clara county for the first time in four months. bashl barber shop, nail and hair salons, gyms, hotels, tattoo parlors, they are all reopen today but under strict new guidelines including caps on capacity. this limits both how many employees and customers can be inside of the business at a given time. businesses must also have their reopening plan approved by the county health department. sunday we actually caught up with the san jose hair salon preparing to reopen, and it sounds like the customers are certainly ready. >> i think in the first five minutes after the announcement was made that salons would get to open, we had 50 texts just in the first five minutes. people are very excited to see us and we're excited to see
4:30 am
them. >> reporter: folks finally ready to get that hair done. and keep in mind, this is a big reversal in the county where just a week ago some outdoor bars were forced to close back being down after the county gave those businesses the okay to open up without approval by the state. while more businesses are definitely allowed to reopen today, it is still to be seen how many actually will. the salon other than you heard from, she said the space is ready but the employees not so much.than you heard from, she said the space is ready but the employees not so much. so again, some may not be ready given the quick turnaround of notice there. i'm julian glover, abc 7 news. the state is ordering new restrictions for sonoma county, it is now on the state's watch list after a and so now restaurant,


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