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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 13, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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them. >> reporter: folks finally ready to get that hair done. and keep in mind, this is a big reversal in the county where just a week ago some outdoor bars were forced to close back being down after the county gave those businesses the okay to open up without approval by the state. while more businesses are definitely allowed to reopen today, it is still to be seen how many actually will. the salon other than you heard from, she said the space is ready but the employees not so much.than you heard from, she said the space is ready but the employees not so much. so again, some may not be ready given the quick turnaround of notice there. i'm julian glover, abc 7 news. the state is ordering new restrictions for sonoma county, it is now on the state's watch list after a and so now restaurant, wineries,
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tasting rooms cannot reopen. the order will remain in effect through at least august 2. in alameda county, the board of supervisors will vote on whether to ask for permission t. they have been added to the monitoring list after an uptick in cases. counties on this list are required to close indoor activities for three weeks. most like dine-in restaurants and movie theaters are already closed in alameda county. a state variance would allow lower risk activities like outdoor dining and zoo operations even with the monitoring restrictions in place. two more inmates have died brings the total to nine. nearly 1500 prisoners have been infected at san quentin snd that and that is the most of any statheta announced that
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they would release up to 8,000 early to try to stop this outbreak. happening today, we are expecting another update from governor newsom on the state's response to the pandemic. last week the governor talked about how the state is preparing for the possibility of devastating wildfires amid covid-19. he said if people need to be evacuated, they may be taken to hotels or even college dorms. we'll bring you his news conference live at noon here on abc 7 and streaming on the abc 7 news app as well as on at least a dozen states are reporting a record number of new coronavirus cases over the weekend. and among them, florida, with the highest one day total of any state since the outbreak began. jobina is tracking this for us. >> yes, it topped 10,000 saturday and sunday. and the mayor of houston is proposing a two week shutdown as there are less than 100 icu beds
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in the entire city, the army is penel t help. hadhele day jump in the u.s. >> we had a sharp increase in the number of people going to the hospital, number of people in icu and the number of people on ventilators. >> with growing calls for schools to reopen in the fall, education officials in new york will start outlining what will need to be done to bring kids back to class. this all comes as president trump wore a mask for the first time in public during the pandemic on saturday visiting the walter reed medical center there. he says that he wore it because he thought that it was, quote, a great thing in a hospital. issues of race and social justice are something we are particularly focused on here at abc 7. hundreds of people gathered at
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martinez for protests and there were concerns of potential clashes with counterprotester, but this demonstrations remained peaceful. and lauren martinez was there and spoke with the organizer. >> reporter: a few hundred sglon straig demonstrators gathered in martinez, the city stcity's fir "black lives matter" event. >> the police chief says that it was a lose/lose for martinez and i'd say it was a win. >> reporter: and streatorae dem remained peaceful. it was sparked after two martinez residents tried to paint over the city's approvaled mural and a few days later "white lives matter" was painted on a street just blocks away. >> i saw the defacing of the mural and i figured it was the best way to come out and use my truth, so i came out here. >> reporter: and jason ellis brought his horse to promote a sense of peace. >> horses are so healing and
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right now in addition to protesting injustice, this world and this country does need a lot of healing. >> reporter: at the end of the march, people gathered at waterfront park. >> we definitely have a lot of work to do in this town, but the first step was getting everybody's attention. >> reporter: nearby there appeared to be a presence of condition tension, but organizers feel that didn't stop them from doing what they needed to do. >> i think that this was a much needed event in martinez. we've had a peaceful march and protest and we got our message across and i think that we accomplished what we came here to do. >> reporter: lauren martinez, abc 7 news. a martinez woman believes bumper stickers and posters supporting "black lives matter" prompted a man to slash her tires. she works on main street and she was shocked to see this and find all four tires on her vehicle had been punctured.
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the surveillance footage shows a man seemingly taking a photo of her vehicle and circling back to puncture all four of her tires. she believes her car was targeted because of the card board signs that she uses in protests. they were displayed in her car. >> hatred, racism, we don't have any room for that. we're a close knit community, we love one another, we take care of one another. >> and she is grateful for her community which raised almost $1,000 online to help replace her tires. a naval ship docked off san diego erupts in flames and a fire that could be burning for days. coming up next, the chance scheduling event that may have kept hundreds of sailor s safe. and a puppy was snatched. the offer its new owner is making. and in the meantime, it is 4:36, i know it is sad, isn't
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it? >> that is not how you get your pet. that is not its forever home. let's hope that turns around quickly. let's try to put a smile on that and you can see temperatures are cooling nicely in the east bay valley. 62 in livermore, 61 in walnut creek. so we have milder temperatures in the hot spots. brentwood 68. but check out the other neighborhoods, we're in the mid-50s to low 60s so far this morning. these temperatures are actually just a little bit warmer than yesterday. that always happens, we always seem to be mild in the morning and in the afternoon temperatures will pull back significantly today. getting ahead of myself. let's talk about the commute planner. it will be breezy through the delta, whether on the roads or the ferry. and it will be cool in san francisco, but hot if you are heading back out into the suburbs. especially the east bay. so we have upper 50s through
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10:00 in san francisco, a lot of cloud cover. and then the clouds will start to thin this hours, but the breezes do pick up during the achbfternoon. in the east bay, sunshine and 77, that is our warm spot. and the last stop is the peninsula, we'll see increasing sunshine, stay in the 60s through 10:00. we'll be near 80 for several hours this afternoon. down to a very comfortable 67. beal take we'll take a look at our hotter temperatures coming up. first good morning, jobina, how was your weekend? >> my weekend was nice and inside. thank you. i did enjoy some of that east bay heat as well on a walk. good morning, everyone. happy monday to you. i do have one crash that i'm following in fairfield, it is on eastbound 80 just a little past red top road, two cars were
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involved and an ambulance has been called. one lane is blocked right now. so just a head's up to you if that is a part of your commute. also now taking a live look in oakland showing you our 880 at the coliseum camera there, smooth traffic pretty much everywhere else. and the backup of course is beginning as people make their way out of tracy.
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here is some sign of changes. look at this picture from the marine layer is back. and let's see the newest numbers. you can see mid to upper 50s through about 7:00. 58 at the coast, to 60 by 4:00. 73 to 78, that pretty nice around the bay. 81 inland to 88 at 4:00. there is a few 90s out there, but definitely no 100s left. those are all still down in the high desert. up to 120 today. looking around the state, 94 in sacramento, but still 100 in chico, 114 in palm springs. i'll have your 7 day forecast coming up next. kumasi, i was sad to see this on my phone this morning. >> i know. just terrible. actress kelly preston has died from breast cancer, she was just 57 years old. her husband john travolta shared the news last night. preston had been undergoing cancer treatment for two years
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and kept her fight private. they had been married for 18 years. they had three kids together, one died in an accident back in 2009. preston's film credits include twins and jerry maguire. now to developing news in southern california where a warship is now a battleground for fire crews. and it suffered heavy damage after an explosion. megan tevrizian has the details. >> reporter: this morning the navy ship is still smoldering nearly 24 hours after an explosion on the military investigational. >> a fire reported in the lower vehicle storage area. >> reporter: and the explosion injuring at least 21 people including 18 sailors at naval base san diego. 160 sailors were on board at the time of the explosion. >> there is nothing toxic in there, it is just black smoke
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and because we're doing the firefighting agent, you are starting to see more whiter smoke which is a good sign that the fire is being maintained. >> reporter: the flames sending a huge plume of dark smoke visible around san diego. sailors aboard the navy ship in fire gear rushing to battle the fire. tugboats spraying water from afar. three teams ofers twnavy tea are back on tship, b board for 15 minutes at a time and then rotate out because it is too shot. this morning the navy saying the extent of the damage is huge, adding the fire will likely burn for days. here is a good look, it has been burning for hours and you can smell the smoke and see it from smiles away, up to five miles from where we are right now at naval base san diego. and with the ship loaded with
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fuel, the concern that nearby military vessels could be in danger for more potential did explosix explosions. they are now moving neighboring ships. this morning the cause of the explosion is still unknown. the ship was undergoing routine maintenance when it happened. its last deployment was in 2018. megan tevrizian, abc news, san diego. the last time the warship was in san francisco was during fleet week in 2018. you can see it here during the parade of ships. it was docked at pier 30 to 32. it was open for public tours. for the first time, a black woman will become a u.s. navy tactical pilot. lieutenant madeline swaggle will earn her wings this month after completing pilot training. she will likely fly the super about hornet, the joints fighter
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or the growler. the virginia native is a 2017 graduate of the u.s. navy academy. congrats lagulation congratulations. and there is a plea for the return of a 10 weeken old puppy. the white terrier mix was in an agency's car when a thief came by and smashed the windows open. the criminal stole a pet carrier with the puppy named jay inside. the pup was on its way to a new rescue home. jay's new owner offering $1,000 for the puppy's safe return. a spokesperson for the animal rescue agency says that jay needs to be checked out by a vet. so hopefully jay will get back home soon. ansd today the san francisco zoo will reopen to the general public on wednesday, today and tomorrow it will be reserved for zoo members only. reservations are required.
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there are several other safety measures in place. guests have to wear f sanitatio will be throughout the park. indoor exhibit, playgrounds and ride attractions will stay closed, but at least if you head out there, you can see the animals. >> yeah, bet they will be looking forward to seeing us. >> will they in. >> that is what i like to think. >> i don't know. >> just trying to keep it positive while you're trying to keep it real. let's take a look at what is going on this morning. welcome to monday. it is 4:47. and if you are joining us early, we appreciate that. here is a look at san jose, mostly clear and 61. it will be mainly sunny today, clouds will linger along the coast. breezes will kick up this afternoon, and you will notice the heat breaking especially inland, up to 12 degrees cooler today. cooler tonight with the clouds
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increasing. and pretty average pattern all throughout the week into the weekend, which means that it won't be nearly as hot as it was over the weekend. here is a look at your cloud cover and you can see it filling in parts of the bay and coastal valleys, but quickly back to the coast. and by 5:00, it is starting to make the trip back. and notice how it covers more areas especially the north bay as we head into tomorrow. and that will mean even milder temperatures. so we have mid to upper 80s through most of the south bay today. we go from 72 in millbrae, 84 in r redwood city. 64 in downtown san francisco. north bay coast, mid-60s but low to upper 80s in your valleys. even some 90s from cloverdale north ward. low to upper 70s along the east bay shore from 71 in richmond to about 80 in free monmont. and mid-80s to low 90s in the east bay valleys. tonight cloud cover, you can see that it is more extensive and so
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are the 50s. my accuweather 7 day forecast, about the same tomorrow, maybe a degree or two warmer wednesday and a couple degrees cooler thursday. and then pretty much steady as she goes through the weekend. no wild swings here. google is teasing something special coming today and tesla is cutting the price of its suv. here is tech bites. tesla cuts the price of its new suv. the model y now starts at $50,000, that is $3,000 less than introduced. tesla has not commented on the price cut. google is widely expected to roll out its new google nest speaker today. they released a cryptic tweet saying something special is coming this monday. just a few days ago, a promo shot was released. it is intended to replace the original google home that launched in 2016. and anonymous buyer has help
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super mario set a new high score. a copy sold at auction for $114,000. that is a record bryce forpricea video game. those are your "techbytes." a mystery house is reopening and we'll talk about how its tours will be a lot different. and san jose is getting a new fire station, the dangerous
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been keeping an eye on christina now. and as we talked about last friday, it would fall apart over the weekend and it has. but let's take a look at the forecast. because it will become an area of low pressure and then just a wave of thunderstorms. so nothing they can't handle. and just the typical person will be developing. we'll take a look at the high temperatures coming up next. the bay area tech ceo who engaged in a racist tirade at a carmel valley restaurant is now out of a job. >> you asian [ bleep ]. >> get out of here. get out. >> i already put my -- >> you will you not talk to my guests like that. >> and that waitress gennica
4:54 am
cochran defending this asian american family at lucia earlier this month. the man verbally attacked the family and his name is michael lofthouse. now he stepped down from his position of ceo of solid 8. and in a statement lofthouse told the "san francisco chronicle," i can confirm that i have stepped down from solid 8 terminating all business relationships with immediate effect. i will continue to have a detrimental impact on those people closest to me. on line fund-raisers for gennica cochran have raised about $100,000. and when it comes to dwauli ieq and ace, we are here to help you take action. there are links at action. a fire station in san jose is moving because of soil erosion. the city is relocating fire station number 8 from 17th west
4:55 am
13th street. city officials say erosion doesn't pose an immediate threat, but they are worried about their long term structural integrity. no date yet of when construction of the new fire station is set to start. happenig today in the south bay, the winchester mystery house is reopening. visitors will be able to explore the 160 room mansion on a new touchless self guided tour. you have to wear a mask, follow the one way tour path, and there will be sanitizing stations throughout the property. groups are limited to members of the same household and capacity has been reduced. so if you are interested in exploring the house from home, you can also take an immersive 360 degree tour online. so you have options. >> that is a nice fun diversion from what we're going through right now. let's take a look at the winds. small craft advisory starts at
4:56 am
the golden gate bridge, goes north of the bay bridge through the delta and that is at 9:00 this morning to 1 #:1:0024 even. so an extended time of choppy conditions. let's see what it does to our temperatures. 100s are gone today, 90s are almost completely eradder rad indicated by tomorrow. and the rest of us are in the 60s and 70s. the state reimposes coronavirus restrictions on sonoma county. coming up next, the business being forced to close again. and the end of anxious era an era? n. sports. researchers are trying to figure out what is making some
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but what if you could startdo better than that? the geico giveback. like adapt. discover. deliver. in new ways. to new customers. what if you could come back stronger? faster. better. at comcast business, we want to help you not just bounce back. but bounce forward. and now, we're committed to helping you do just that with a powerful and reliable internet and voice solution at a great price. call or go online today. new now at 5:00, businesses in sonoma that were allowed to reopen not being told that they have to shut down again starting today. good morning, everybody. it is monday, july 13th. good morning, reggie.
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>> good morning. glad everyone can be with us this morning. mike nicco is standing by with a look at our weather today. hey, mike. >> hi, everybody. we'll start by looking at live doppler 7 and you will see cloud cover along the peninsula coast and some will try to slip into the north bay through the morning hours. from pier 15 looking to the west, you can see the marine layer of clouds out there. the weekend is over and so is the most dangerous heat. mid to upper 50s through 7:00, we'll stay in the upper 50s to low zik along the coast today with more sunshine along the north bay coach. 73 to 81 by noon. 78 to 88, where are the 100s? does anybody care? 70 to 72, a gorgeous evening on the way. let's get more news with reggie. abc's 7 eff


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