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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 13, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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glad everyone can be with us this morning. mike nicco is standing by with a look at our weather today. hey, mike. >> hi, everybody. we'll start by looking at live doppler 7 and you will see cloud cover along the peninsula coast and some will try to slip into the north bay through the morning hours. from pier 15 looking to the west, you can see the marine layer of clouds out there. the weekend is over and so is the most dangerous heat. mid to upper 50s through 7:00, we'll stay in the upper 50s to low zik along the coast today with more sunshine along the north bay coach. 73 to 81 by noon. 78 to 88, where are the 100s? does anybody care? 70 to 72, a gorgeous evening on the way. let's get more news with reggie. abc's 7 effort to build a better bay area is focused on
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key areas including the economy and sonoma county is now having to reverse some of the progress it made in reopening. amy hollyfield is live for us in sonoma this morning. >> reporter: the sign behind me is now outdated, it says dine in and patio open, they now need to put an x on the dine-in part because starting today, that is not allowed. these are the businesses that now must shut down again, restaurants, wineries, tasting rooms, they cannot serve people inside anymore. movie theaters, bars, all of them being ordered to shut down again. this order is brand new, it just went into effect at midnight. wineries and businesses along the russian river say this will be devastatingurg the usually busy summer months. county officials hope these new restrictions will motivate residents to do what they can to flatten the curve. >> a lot of folks are not wearing face shal maial masks.
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so the message needs to go out there about complying, protect our community, be respectful of others. wear your facial coverings. >> reporter: the number of cases of the virus per 100,000 residents in this county is six times higher now than it was in june. these closures will be in place for the rest of the month. as of right now, they are set to expire on august 2. live in sonoma, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. this is the opposite story in santa clara county where more businesses can reopen starting today. they include gyms, hair and nai, pools. businesses have to complete a form acknowledging that they understand social distancing policies and other safety measures. indoor dining, bar, salons and theaters will stay closed though. and indoor gatherings with nonhousehold members will be
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banned. starting today new rules go into effect in contra costa county. indoor worship services are no longer allowed and people have to wear masks during outdoor dining or social bubble gatherings. ad two more inmates have died of covid-19 in san quentin prison. more than 1400 have been infected along with 205 staff members. and in alameda county, hair salon workers will be protesting today, they are demanding that they be allowed to reopen. stylists say that they have the highest standards of is an station and that it is unfair to keep them station and that it is unfair to keep them closed. three more covid-19 testing centers will reopen tomorrow and you do not need an appointment. you also don't have to have insurance or a doctor's note. each location can conduct 500
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tests a day, they will be open tuesday through friday. the sites include independence high school and the county's service center auditorium in san jose. and also the south county annex in gilroy. ucsf researchers have a coronavirus warning for young adults who smoke. results of a new study found that smoking makes them more vulnerable to developing severe cases of covid-19 and then possibly dying of it. the study looked at 8,000 young are people between the ages of 18 and 29. smokers were 100% vulnerable to severe cases of the virus. >> we found that 20% of our sample had been engaging in cigarette or ecigarette use in the last 30 days, which is considered current use. and that overall, that was the largest factor that would involve vulnerability for young adults. >> listen to this, smoking was even a bigger factor than
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asthma, obesity and immune disorders in developing covid-19. the researchers are encouraging young people to stop smoking to reduce their risk immediately. a crowd of hundreds of protesters marched through downtown martinez over recent racist incidents in the city. and those demonstrators did encounter a small group of counterprotestors. dan noyes was right in the middle of it. >> i was raised to protect myself, i have to make sure that i get home safe and that i don't bother anyone, i stay on my side of the neighborhood, don't ask questions. and that is not somethinghat want to raise my kids to have to do. so by me being here, it makes sure that my kids will never have to be here. >> she painted over the sign right here, that was a direct disrespect, a message that black lives did not matter. >> martinez is not a racist town. am i right?
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>> no one has the right to put their hands on anyone. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> say her name. >> brionna taylor. >> we're not against what you are doing, but we won't allow them whatever they call themselves to blow our place apart. >> we pray that you open up the hearts of these cold racist people out here in this world. please open up their hearts. show them that we're not evil. we're not evil. >> we haven't heard of any arrests during that protest. the washington redskins are drooping the dropping their controversial name. for years people have argue that had it has been insensitive to native americans.
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jobina fortson is at the live desk. >> thank you. yes, good morning, the washington redskins is one of the nfl's oldest franchises and as you mentioned, these complaints have gone on for years and years. so according to reports, owner dan snyder is set to retire the name as there was renewed skr scrutiny to the team's name. prominent sponsors asked them to change their name. more than a dozen native american leadersle wrote to roger goodell demanding change. >> the fact that even today as i say this this despicable name has 2409 yet changed is a the team launched a review of the ny since the review, the nfl has also asked businesses who show the redskins nickname to take it down. it is unclear what the new name
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will be, when it will be unveiled. and all the details surrounding it, so we'll be waiting to see. as for the atlanta braves, they say they will not be changing their name but they will be reviewing the tomahawk chop that pumps up fans and players. the team says that the team honors, respects and values the native american community. the braves are working with a native advisory group to review the chop. and there are several other sports teams out there, a lot of people talk about the florida state seminoles and their actions. we'll see what happens. see if this domino keeps falling. let's take a look at the weather. mid to upper 50s through most of the east bay. 60 in oakland with the greatest amount of cloud cover over your neighborhoods. and mid to upper 50s in most other neighborhoods. 61 in san carlos. some low to upper 60s in the east bay valleys.
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so here is a look at the golden gate bridge, look at those winds already 20 miles per hour. hold on to the steering wheel this morning. and that small craft advisory means the winds will get even faster as we head through the morning and afternoon hours. and so not as hot if you are exercising and a comfortable evening if you put off the yard work over the weekend. i tried my best. south bay, here is a look at 63 at 8:00 to a sunny 79 at noon, some low to mid-80s this afternoon with about 70 very comfortable at 8:00. for the north bay, beer in the 60s through 10:00 with sunshine. and then we'll hang out in the low to mid-80s as the southerly bridge will keep you from being as hot as yesterday. about 68 at 8:00. and the heat will still linger in our east bay valleys while this area shows mid to upper 50s -- or 80s i should say during the afternoon. highway 4 will be in the 90s during the afternoon hours. i'll show you the 7 day forecast coming up next.
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so everyone, we started off around 4:30 with a few incidents on our roads, and those have cleared up. so a nice ride into wok rk this morning. and so this is showing you the san mateo bridge here. traffic is beginning to pick up toward the peninsula, but even there, you can see it is not too busy, but definitely more compared to people making their w way east. and tracy to dublin will be about 34 minutes. and antioch to concord, 13 minutes. and san rafael to san francisco, a 15 minute ride. education secretary betsy devos says there is no good reason to keep kids from returning to their classrooms in the fall. >> many of them will be so far behind, difficult to catch up. and we know that this is a matter of their health in a
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multitude of factors or multitude of dimensions. we know their emotional and mental well-being and particularly for kids from low income and vulnerable populations, this is devastating to be out of school and not learning for months on end. >> devos says there is nothing in the data to suggest that kids being in school is dangerous. she says the trump administration is looking at, quote, all the options for pulling funding from schools that don't provide in-person learning. the american association of pediatrics recommends students return to class. but a doctor at johns hopkins says the virus can still be dangerous to kids. has a lot of information about reopening schools including input from doctors and the pros and cons of students wearing face coverings. first ladies melania trump shared video of herself wearing a mask during a visit to a washington, d.c. women's center. she tweeted video of the visit and of her wearing a face covering.
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the first ladies did not mention the pandemic in her tweet. president trump wore a mask during a visit to wounded veterans at walter reed on saturday. this is the first time he's worn a mask in public. coming up next, the 7 things you need to know as you start your day. also seven moms have endured the unthinkable, and they are joining forces. the change they are using to have their powerful forces bring about. and family and friends refuse to make the death of a man at the hands of police just another statistic.
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lear ahere rts 7 things to . in sonoma county, some businesses have to shut down again today. they are ordering new restrictions in sonoma county. it is now on the watch list after a surge of new cases. andlameda county ishe sta's. wes.ty leaders willctiv
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tomorrow to askhe state for a variance to open more businesses. and starting today, backer shobacker -- barber shop, nail salons and tattoo parlors can open in santa clara county. they will have to follow strict guidelines. and number four, san francisco mayor breed and governor newsom will both give pandemic updates today. the mayor at 11:00, the governor at noon. we'll stream them both. and check out number 5, look at this turn about, temperatures 5 to 14 degrees cooler 2457b yesterday. >> and we'll take a live look at the walnut creek camera there. so far the commute is moving smoothly. and look at that, nice and clear traffic. >> number seven, the san francisco zoo reopens to the public today. you will need a reservation.
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actually, it opens to the public on wednesday. you have to be a member if you want to go today. and you also have to wear a face mask. family and friends are keeping up the pressure on vallejo police in an effort to see justice for a man shot and killed by officers. they held a socially distanced block party over the weekend to remember 22-year-old sean monterrosa. there was music, food, literature readings. monterrosa was a san francisco resident and he was shot and killed by police responding to reports of looting at a walgreen's in vallejo on june 2. police say that they later found a hammer on mona on gun. and the family of a convicted killer who is set to be excited today is making an 11th hour appeal to the what we're lg is thatdaniel lis
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federal prisoner to be executed in 17 years. the bureau of prisons says that staffer tested positive for coronavirus at the prison where the execution is scheduled. lee's family says that they are worried about being exposed while witnessing his death. an appeals court ruled that the execution can go forward at least for now. the family has until this afternoon to stop it. senator lindsey graham granted democrats request to call robert mueller to testify before the senate judiciary committee. the former special counsel penned an op-ed in the washington both saturday breaking a year long silence. he pushed back against president trump's decision to commute the sentence of roger mueller defended the investigation into russia interference into the 16 election. two women have been
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in a scenic area. and you can see the rocks painted red. park police say that they will work with the community to identify and locate these two young 22-year-old women. and there is a coyote that approached two people over the weekend, it happened around 7:45 yesterday morning in the area of rhymer drive. the animal approached one person and then ran toward a bicyclist. neither was bitten or injured thankfully. and a second encounter happened thursday night. but this time the coyote bit a small child on the leg. moraga police are asking people to give them a call if they see the animal. i know we like to sxroek about th joke about this, but they are biting children. >> yeah, they have gone a little too far. >> yeah, bring it back a step.
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>> yeah, just walk and say look at you taking over and then go. >> i was going to say if you've seen them lately near the station. >> oh, thank goodness, no. do you remember that time we saw that one on the video and sometimes the coyotes are in the front. reggie told me to run, but -- >> wow, do not take my animal advice from now on. welcome to monday. let's take a look at the accuweather highlights. it will be mainly sunny especially away from the coast. tn last night or this uds morning if you will. average pattern not as hot for the entire week and into the weekend. the weather is on the move. we have an area of low pressure well to the north, but the low
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is winning out and it is pushing the high away from us. now, still holding on in a few places. still 90 around morgan hill, but for the most part mid to upper 80s in the south bay today. and look at the peninsula, 72 at millbrae and theupper 70s to lo 80s for most other neighborhoods. check out the low 60s along the coast until you get to daly city, 64. downtown san francisco, down from 71 yesterday to 64 because of the breezes today. mid-60s along the north bay coast because you will see a little more sunshine. sausalito, 67. and 83 in san rafael. you have to go up to calistoga to get into upper 90s. 71 at richmond, near 80 at fremont. mid to upper 80s through the tri-valley and some low 90s from concord out highway 4 until brentwood at about 93. may be the last day for 90s in
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brentwood also. as far as tonight, you can see the clouds cover and temperatures back in the 50s. let's take a look at the accuweather 7 day forecast, and the pattern holds pretty 12edst tomorrow. about 2 to 4 degrees of cooling thursday and then pretty much steady through the weekend. no wild swings coming at you this week. enjoy it. in "first look," we're hearing from an incredible group of black moms coming together to share heartbreaking stories of losing their children to violence too soon. they are making a collective call for justice and reform. here is deborah roberts. >> reporter: in "first look," a powerful conference with seven mothers who have endured the unthinkable. sabrina, what do you say to someone like tameka palmer who is in this horrible painful club that you are a part of?
5:22 am
the moms of brionna taylor, trayvon martin, eric garne unit their tragedy into a movement of change. >> when the cameras are gone, you have to come back from your deep depression, your sadness, your disappointment and not having your child. and one of the things that you have to do, you have to pull with the strength. >> reporter: and you can see much more from these incredible women coming ing up on gma. i'm deborah roberts, abc news, new york. the "new york times" reports that president trump briefly considered selling puerto rico. elaine duke told the times that the president brought up the idea after the island wasvastat disaster like a businessman. he asked ifs u.s. could divest
5:23 am
it. duke says the idea was never seriously considered or discussed beyond that. well, it is back in business at last. for the first time in months, a local farnlger efarmer's markete are changes to keep customers safe. and also a 433 pound gorilla
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. want to take a look at the current temperatures across the three state area. and it is 55 in san francisco, but vegas, still 95 degrees, 97 in phoenix and 90 at palm springs. how would you like to live where the temperatures in the overnight hours are still in the mid-90s? that's it, i'm done. >> got to have a pool, i guess. an unusual test for covid-19 at a zoo in miami. this gorilla landed in the hoopt hospital to get wounds treated. he had a low grade fever, so
5:26 am
doctors also gave him a coronavirus test. they inserted the swab up his nose just like they do with humans. and it turns out that he is negative. and shango, if that face looks familiar, it is because he was born at the san francisco zoo and he lived here until three years ago. costco is changing course and now offering special morning shopping hours for seniors every weekday. the retailer had 34r eer planne to twice a week, about you now they say tt they will keep the five day a week special hours due to the increase in covid-19 cases. and the special hours by the way vary by store, so you have to check on costco's website. 60 and older or those disabled are welcomehop then. and the farmers market back in business since march. it has been operating for 20 years and now they are doing business in the 00er are a er
5:27 am
years and now they are doing business in the 00er are a a o. so that means allowing for social distancing and one person to handle the cash and another person handles the produce. >> we make it so that the customers can't grab any of the unpackaged food themselves, the sven co vendors will help them out. and there are hand sanitizer in the stalls. >> the farmers depend on the market for their regular income. other farmers markets in the bay area are still closed. i'm still bothered by the way they had shango laid out on that table. >> why? he was fine. >> cover him up. be rpefu >> dunk o you think he has sham? >> he sees himself all over tv laid out on the table. >> he walks around naked every day at the zoo just fine. >> you have a point. we're coming back with another 90 minutes of news including the push to defund a bay area county's sheriff's department.
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also the new warning about dangerous hand sanitizers. >> if you are are the owner of a gym, nail salon, today is christmas day for you. for the first time in four months, those businesses are finally allowed to reopen in a la fenow there's more to wlove with xfinity x1,? the ultimate entertainment experience. like live sports. they're back with the best way to watch. and more streaming apps all in one place. more classics. more premiers.. hello, more. where have you been all my life? ask. shop. discover at your local xfinity store today.
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making news right now, they are reopening in one bay area county, but not everybody thinks they are ready. and hundreds of people march in the east bay in assumptionink lives matter" and some come face-to-face with counterprotesters. and a man caught on video slashing a woman's car tires and she says it was because of what she had prominently displayed
5:31 am
inside. good morning on this monday, july 13th. >> and let's check in with mike for a look at our forecast. >> if you hated the heat, i have good news for you. check out the winds. sure enough, look at that, 32 miles per hour at fairfield, 17 at concord, 12 at napa, 16 at sfo. and that is what will break the heat today. in fact you can see the marine layer clouds are more widespread across the golden gate bridge where we have a west wind at 20 miles per hour right now. so you may have to hold on to the steer wheel a little harder. low to mid-70s around the bay. and 90s mainly confined to east bay. no 100s today. abc 7 is committed to building a better bay area. as we deal with the many changes brought about by this pandemic.
5:32 am
and that includes businesses having to change how they operate. happening today, santa clara county is taking the next step in reopening. and julian glover is live with what this would mean for a lot of people. wr >> reporter: yeah, after four months, many of these businesses are finally able to flip on that well can switch. let's tell you what is opening up here. barber shop, nail and hair salon, gyms, tattoo parlor, they are all reopen today. but under strict new guidelines, including limiting how long customers and employees can be inside at one time. sunday we actually caught up with the san jose hair salon preparing to reopen and they were already overwhelmed with customers looking to make appointments. the space is ready but they are still working on training
5:33 am
employees. >> one of the things that businesses have to do is they have to actually submit more detailed protocols about how they will operate. and those have to be accepted by about the health department. that is also something that wasn't really done on a business by business basis before. >> reporter: keep in mind this is a big reversal in sachbnta ca county where some bars were forced to close back down. while this businesses are allowed to reopen, it is still to be seen how many exactly will be reopening their doors. this was a pretty quick turnaround for many of them to submit their proposals and of course train those employees, too. julian glover, abc 7 news. the state is ordering new restrictions for sonoma county. it is now on the state's watch list after a surge of new cases. as of this morning, restaurants,
5:34 am
wine rries and tasting rooms cannot operate indoors. and the order also includes movie theaters, family entertainment centers, zoos, card rooms. bars and clubs have to close whether they operate indoors or outdoors. the order is through august 2. and in alameda county, the board of supervisors will vote on whether to ask for permission to another step in reopening. counties on the list are required to close indoor activities for three weeks. most like dine-in restaurants and movie theaters are already closed in alameda county. a state variance would allow lower risks to open even with monitoring restrictions in place. and we're expecting another update from the governor today on the state's response to the coronavirus. last week the governor talked about how the state is preparing
5:35 am
for the possibility of devastating wildfires while also fighting covid-19. he said if people need to be evacuated, they will be taken to hotels or college dorms. we'll bring you his news conference live at noon here on abc 7 and streaming on our abc 7 news app and at least a dozen states are now reporting a record number of new coronavirus cases over the weekend. among them, and there has been a huge spotlight on this state, florida. the highest one day total of any state any day since the outbreak began. jobina fortson is watching that from the live desk. >> are yyes, florida and texas hospitalizations topped 10,000 both saturday and sunday. so what we're learning, a lot of new information from over the weekend. the mayor of houston is proposing a two week shutdown as there are less than 100 icu beds in the entire city. the army is sending nearly 600
5:36 am
medical personnel to help and florida reported 15,000 new cases just yesterday, that is the highest single day jump in the u.s. >> we definitely had a sharp increase in the number of people going to the hospital. a number of people are in icu and the number of people on ventilators. >> with agreeigrowing calls to in the fall for the schools, they will discuss what needs to be done to get kids back in the classroom. and the president wore a mask for the first time as he was visiting the walter reed medical center. end that it was a great thing in a hospital to wear a mask. issues of race and social justice is something that we are focused on here at abc 7 as part 6 our efforts to build a better bay area. hundreds gathered in martinez for protests over recent racist
5:37 am
decides in t incidents in the city. and this remained mostly peaceful. lauren martinez was there. >> reporter: a few hundred demonstrators gathered in martinez, the city's first "black lives matter" event. >> the police chief says that it was a lose/lose for martinez and i'd say it was a win. >> reporter: and demonstrators remained peaceful. it was sparked after two martinez residents tried to paint over the city's approved mural and a few days later "white lives matter" was painted on a street just blocks away. >> i saw the defacing of the mural and i figured it was the best way to come out and use my truth, so i came out here. >> reporter: and jason ellis brought his horse to promote a sense of peace. >> horses are so healing and right now in addition to
5:38 am
protesting injustice, this world and this country does need a lot of healing. >> reporter: at the end of the march, people gathered at waterfront park. >> we definitely have a lot of work to do in this town, but the first step was getting everybody's attention. >> reporter: nearby there appeared to be a presence of condition tension, but organizers feel that didn't stop them from doing what they needed to do. >> i think that this was a much needed event in martinez. we've had a peaceful march and protest and we got our message across and i think that we accomplished what we came here to do. >> reporter: lauren martinez, abc 7 news. a martinez woman believes bumper stickers and posters supporting "black lives matter" prompted a man to slash her tires. she works on main street and she was shocked to see this and find all four tires on her vehicle had been punctured. the surveillance footage shows a man seemingly taking a photo of
5:39 am
her vehicle and circling back to puncture all four of her tires. she believes her car was targeted because of the cardboard signs that she uses in protests. they were displayed in her car. >> hatred, racism, we don't have any room for that. we're a close knit community, we love one another, we take care of one another. >> and she is grateful for her community which raised almost $1,000 online to help replace her tires. protestors are demanding contra costa county defund the sheriff's office, they want the money to instead bted inhealth e and this is as the sheriff is calling for nearly $3 million increase in his budget. they expect hundreds of people to show up today. they will meet at noon at the walmart in martinez. a naval ship docked off san
5:40 am
diego erupting in flames. and coming up next, the chance scheduling event that may have kept hundreds of sailors safe. and a puppy headed to a rescue home snatched in a car break-in. the offer its new owner is making and the reason the pup's return is so urgent. but first, let's check with mike nicco. >> 5:40 on this monday morning. let's take a look at our temperatures. a little cooler in hayward, san jose. 1 to 2 degrees. but north bay, 4 to 8 degrees warmer. temperatures in the 50s throughout. even some 60s around lake berryessa. the further north you go, the warmer it is. and you can see most of us in the mid to upper 50s through the bay shore and south bay. daly city at about 52. 71 in brentwood. easily the warm spot this morning. let's talk about your commute. you can see the cloud cover is
5:41 am
shredding across tbeing spreading across the bridge. and the waters will be choppy. and let's talk about the microclimates. in the 50s with cloud cover through 10:00 in san francisco. we'll see increasing sunshine noon into the afternoon hours. the breezes will keep us in the mid 60s. now, in the east bay, we'll see increasing sunshine by about 10:00 and 67 degrees. some mid-70s for the afternoon hours with total sunshine. but the breezes will keep us from getting too warm. in fact they will drop us down to 64 at 8:00. and we're in the 60s with increasing sunshine on the peninsula, near 80 this afternoon, but a nice 67 at 8:00. we'll take a look at how long the break from the heat lasts coming up. now let's find out about the traffic. >> good morning, everyone. so i'm following a couple minor crashes right now, i'll take you
5:42 am
to fremont with the graphics here, so you can see an area impacted by multicar crash. but the thing is, it does not look like it is causing too much of a slowdown. this southbound 680 before state route 262, again multiple cars involved. an ambulance has been called out to the scene. all the vehicles are off to the right hand shoulder, but there is debris in at least three of the lanes. so crews are working to get that cleared up and out of the way. also we have some drive times here for you this morning. albany to the maze will be about five minutes. fremont to san jose, 14 minutes. and highway 101 to cupertino, a 10 minute ride. and now a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge this morning. very light as people make their way across headed westbound this morning. and overall things are looking all right. i'll keep you posted if that changes. hi. we're glad you came in. what's on your mind? can you help keep these guys protected online? easy. connect to the xfi gateway.
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check out this camera at pier 15. it is cloudy this morning. mid to upper 50s for the most part through 7:00. 58 to 60 is the noon. a little bit of sunshine across the north bay coast. lesser extent across the peninsula coast. 78 to 88, that will feel nice this afternoon. and all the heat is down in the desert, up to 120 degrees today. you can see the cooling even reaching sacramento today, 95.9. at the live desk, the fda ju just released a new list of toxic hand sanitizers. researchers say they have seen a sharp increase in hand sanitizer
5:46 am
products that say that they contain ethanol but tested positive for methanol that can be toxic when absorbed through the skin and deadly when ingested. some symptoms include nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, blindness, seizures, coma and even death. dr. ashton talked a bit about what to look for when buying hand sanitizers. >> at least 59, most marketed under the name blue men, have been contaminated. so again, people want to look at those hand sanitizers, look for the those are safe. methanol is dangerous. >> and the fda's first recommendation was only to use sanitizers if soap and water was not an option. there will be more coming up on
5:47 am
"good morning america.america.". a warship that caught fire at a naval base in san francisco is heavily damaged but it can be salvaged. at least 21 people including 18 sailors suffered nonlife tl nonlife-threatening injuries after the fire erupted. an explosion was reported on the amphibious assault ship. smoke was seen for miles. it was at its home port undergoing maintenance. the last time the warship was in san francisco bay was during fleet week in 2018. and you can see it there during the parade of ships. it was docked at piers 30 and 32 and open for public tours. actress kelly preston has died from breast cancer, she was 57 years old. her husband john travolta shared the news on his instagram feed last night. preston had been undergoing cancer treatment for two years and kept her fight private. she was married to travolta for
5:48 am
18 years, they have three kids together, be one of them died in an accident in 2009. preston's film credits include the films twins and jerry maguire. a local rescue agency is making a plea for the return of a 10 week old stolen in a car break-in. this is a white terrier mix, it was in an agency's car when a thief came by, smashed the windows open and stole the pet carrier with the puppy named jay inside. the pup was on its way to a new rescue home. and now jay's new owner is offering a 1 240u$1,000 reward d safe return. jay was showing signs of leather gi and needs to be checked out by a vet. >> that is not right. >> shame. >> hopefully jay will turn up
5:49 am
soon. >> yeah, someone gets a conscience. let's talk about the weather. the winds are blowing and you can see the marine layer is increasing. up to about 1,000 feet right now. and it is going to be the reason why we have relief from the heat today. it will be mainly sun any with the clo clouds along the coast. and this will remain throughout the week. mid to upper 80s through most of the south bay. we do have a 90 around los gatos andgan hill. and low to mid-60s along the peninsula coast. we'll have mid to upper 60s through san francisco and sausalito, hid 60s mid-60s in t bay coast. low 70s around richmond and berking e inberkeley.
5:50 am
and check out the temperatures tonight, mid-80s to how about some about low 90s inland. we'll fall back into the 50s tonight, hope you enjoy the sleeping weather. look at how steady the temperatures are, low to mid-90s inland, upper tef70s to low 80s around the bay. tesla is cutting the price of its new electric suv. the model y now starts around $50,000. which that is $3,000 less than it was before. the new pricing was first reported over the weekend and it comes as u.s. automakers are trying to attract buyers despite the pandemic. super mario sets a new high score thanks to and anonymous buyer. a copy was sold at auction for a record $114,000. the rare copy of the classic game is unopened and surpassed a
5:51 am
different record set for the same game just 15 months ago. this particular copy featured card board hang tabs and that makes it extra special. >> what? >> those are only attached in packaging during the earliest test marketing stages. collectors are bild. wild. >> i love super mario though. >> i used to play super mario brothers in the arcade with my brother and he was too young to really understand what was going o. and so i would tell him that he was playing second player even though he wasn't. i played every game. >> that is rude. >> i know, really rude. really wrong. new at 6:00, nearly 25 years later, an iconic vehicle is making a comeback today. >> but first, going head to head with a bear. the man who fought off the animal aft
5:52 am
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order now with no contact delivery. this morning we're hearing from a colorado man who survived a bear attack. this is jave who says he didn't think that he would come out of it will live. he is healing from the serious injuries after the face-to-face confrontation. he says that he was at a kids when he heard noises coming from the kitchen in the middle of the night. he was able to get the bear into the garage, but when he tried to open the garage door to let the bear out, he said the noise made the bear freak out and run back in. >> i returned around the hallway and looked him straight in the face and he hit me with his paw one time. i literally thought that i might be dead. >> ouch. the sharp claws left him with nasty cuts to his head, face and back. you can watch this full story on
5:55 am
"good morning america" right after abc 7 mornings. things we'll do to save our family, absolutely. let's take a look at what is going on with the small craft mods e it lasts through -- or comes back tomorrow. so here is what it does to our temperatures. today we drop the most, tomorrow we'll drop a couple more degrees with just 91 hanging on in antioch and clear lake. most of us in the seventh a70s . 60s around san francisco. temperature may rise a degree or two wednesday and then we're back to tuesday's levels by thursday. so we have the aids walk san francisco six days away about it started in 1987 and the next year, 1988, we were a part of it. if you are helping, it will be a virtual
5:56 am
walk. new at 6:00, dr. fauci is set to speak with a local health professional today. how bay area students are actually going to be getting in on this conversation. also the uncertainty over school, we have a rundown of the plans so far when it comes to kids returning to class. >> reporter: and sonoma county is in the news not for what is being allowed to open, but what is now being told to close. i'm amy hollyfield, that story coming up. also this morning, the continued search for naya riveria and how some fans are
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at six, the two bay area county that will see major changes starting today. also a fireside chat with dr. fauci, the local students getting in on the conversation this morning. good morning on this monday, july 13. >> and you are never more than h seven minutes away from the forecast. >> did you have a good weekend? >> it was delightful. how was your? >> mine was hot. i was hiding. i was supposed to do some yard
6:00 am
work. i got up until about noon both days and i was like done, i'm out. i'll put it off until today and tomorrow when it is much nicer out where i live. it was 100 both days at least. let's take a look at what is going on. here is a look at the exploratori exploratorium. can't see the top of the sales force otower there. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s this morning. 71 to 81, you can see the models just updated right there. 77 to 87. where are the 100s, where are the 90s? there are a few and i'll show them to you when we take a look at the microclimate forecast in the 7 day coming up. a bunch of businesses won't be reopening today. there are new restrictions on some businesses. and abc 7 news is focused on both the economy andr bay


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