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tv   Nightline  ABC  July 15, 2020 12:06am-12:34am PDT

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this is "nightline." tonight, courtroom showdown. jeffrey epstein's alleged partner in crime, ghislaine reti andly fwa she has never sh remorse for her heinous crimes. >> what authorities found when they broke down the door of her new hampshire mansion. plus, the cultural change in america, tearing down racism from the kitchen to kickoff, and "dear white people." >> i'm black. in this society, that is what i. uncomfortable, both on and off the screen.
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>> "nightline" starts right now with juju chang. >> good evening, thanks for joining us. tonight, one brave accuser publicly accusing ghislaine maxwell in court today. the highly-educated, aristocratic british woman who once socialized with presidents and princes, now a jail in brooklyn, accused of feeding young girls to a monster. >> we may never know how many girls were victimized by ghislaine maxwell, but those of us who were want her to answer for her crimes. >> an indictment against power and privilege. annie farmer finally getting her day in court against the woman she says lured her into the hands of a predator. >> i first med jeffrey epstein when i was 16 years old. even when i think about it now i get a sick feeling in my stomach. >> she says she met her through her sister maria who was hired to collect art for the financier.
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she says ghislaine maxwell and he sexually assaulted them at their ranch. >> she touches me around my chest. this was such a scary situation for me. so i just needed to, like, likel to manage that and to go on as if everything's normal. >> now, nearly 25 years later, at 41, farmer spoke via teleconference at ghislaine maxwell's first court appearance, calling her a sexual predator who groomed and abused my, adding she lied under oath and tormented her survivors. >> this was a very emotional moment. she was confronting the woman who had abused her years ago. a woman who had recruited her, drawn her in and then betrayed her. >> david boyce represents several jeffrey epstein
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accusers, including farmer, who unveiled her identity today. people process trauma differently. can you give us a sense of how ghislaine maxwell and epstein's action impacted your clients' lives? >> remember that these girls were abused twice. once sexually years ago. and then a second time when epstein and maxwell and all of their enablers began these vicious attacks on their credibility. >> ghislaine maxwell, the ex-girlfriend, alleged conspirator. >> she appeared in a dark-colored top and kept her demeanor calm. >> the 58-year-old disgraced british socialite, once a fixture in milieu appearing
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from the jail. the judge rejecting her request for a $5 million bond, prosecutors saying she appears to have access to considerable wealth and skilled at living in hiding. other details allege from the prosecution that maxwell purchased that new hampshire million dollar estate using an llc, touring it under "janet marshall." that she had over 15 bank accounts and is now married. >> the fact that maxwell was married, perhaps during some of the time period related to these allegations, may give us information about another witness. because in this prosecution, investigators are going to be looking for anyone who has information about theis crimina enterprise. >> maxwell will remain behind bars until her trial scheduled for a year from now. detained across the river from
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where epstein infamously killed himself last year while awaiting his open charges. >> she is in solitary confinement. we know cloth sheets and clothing have been taken away, and she's been given paper items. >> maxwell stands accused of enticing three teenaged victims between 1994 and 1997, prosecutors alleging she assisted and contributed to jeffrey epstein's abuse of minor girls by helping recruit, groom and ultimately abuse victims. maxwell vigorously denies the charges and intends to fight them. >> she's facing up to 35 years years old, that's the remainder of her life, eenal. itillenteresting to see if she will try to enter any plea deal. >> she had been arrested just under two weeks ago in new ling ithis fbi showed up at the
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156-acre property, they ordered her to come to the door, to open the door, and fbi agents said, instead she ended up retreating into an interior room of the house. so the agents had to barge their way in. and that's where they found ghislaine maxwell in an interior room. >> inside the home, agents say they found a cell phone wrapped in tinfoil on top of a desk, a sas spld t avd thec be even her lawyers had received threatening messages, so red th guards. >> ghiai maxwell first met epstein in the early '90s. >> it was almost a perfect match. she had all the social connections that he desired. and he had millions of dollars in wealth. >> epstein and maxwell
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socialized with the international jet set, including power players like bill clinton and donald trump. both say they knew nothing of his of actions and distanced themselves. but it was his relationship with prince andrew. maxwell, an old friend introduced them. prince andrew speaking with the bbc. >> he had the most extraordinary ability to bring extraordinary people together. >> prince andrew stayed with epstein in new york, west palm beach and in the caribbean. he also flew on his private jet. but behind the glamour, sinister allegations. >> i had just been abused by a member of the royal family. so, when you talk about these chains, you know, yeah, i wasn't chained to a sink, but these powerful people were my chains. >> in an interview with the bbc
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panorama in december of last year, virginia roberts says they direct her to have sex with prince andrew when she was 17. maxwell denies all allegation that she facilitated in sex trafficking. >> this is a story of being trafficked. this is a story of abuse. and this is a story of your guys' royalty. >> prince andrew has denied all her claims. he maintains he has no recollection of her and never had sex with her. >> i can absolutely categorically tell you it never happened. >> buckingham palace says the duke regrets his ill-judged association with jeffrey epstein and deeply sympathizes with those who want some sort of
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closure. she spoke with "60 minutes" australia. >> how do you think prince andrew is feeling right now? >> oh, prince andrew should be panicking at the moment. because ghislaine doesn't really care about anyone else but ghislaine. >> there are those who say ghislaine might have other dirt on other powerful men. thoughts on that? >> no question about it. maxwell knows where a lot of the bodies are buried. if i was somebody who had participated in their sex trafficking, i would not be sleeping easily tonight. >> what does justice look like? >> i think that they want to see her go to trial. on the other hand, arrest and conviction that would come step, and i think they also recognize that jeffrey epstein and maxwell did not act lot of that need to be brought to
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recent protests over racial tensions in america reviving a campaign, scrutinizing offensive household names with a fight to change the labels from kitchen brands to football teams heating up. here's deborah roberts. >> what are you? >> dear white people, when you ask somebody who looks ethnically different, what are you, the answer is usually a person about the slap the [ bleep ] out of you. >> reporter: if you're not black, you might never have been asked this question, but for so many, it's a painful scene. >> people take one look and assume that i'm poor or uneducated or wretched. so yeah, i tone it down. what's so wrong with that? >> everything. >> reporter: for three seasons, justin simeon has been exploring
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issues of racial injustice in white america. "dear white people" is often punctuated with moments of humor but rooted in the realities of tcism. >> reporter: with america now facing a cultural reckoning, calls for anti-racism and representation are at the forefront causing tidal waves. americans are beginning to look inward, as consumer from aunt gentlemjemima to uncl. >> this can be news that those are offensive images. >> reporter: the washington football fagreeing to change it controversial name and logo. >> native people have been calling for this moment for decades now. so it feels really great, but i'm also just really cautious
12:24 am
about what's going to happen next. >> reporter: amanda blackhorse is navajo and a lead plaintiff in the case against professional football. she spoke with linsey davis. >> with the washington team and the "r" word. there's no reason why it should be the name of a football team. >> a lot of folks are apologizing for the past but not recognizing the present ways in which they are perpetuating systemic racism. >> reporter: actor, educator and producer, cox has been working to reshape what it looks like in the present image. >> those of us who create tv and film and make sure that everyone gets to see themselves. >> reporter: as calls for systemic change ring through the entertainment industry, recently, lady antebellum changing their name to lady a,
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but now in contention with anita white who's been performing under that moniker for years. ♪ baby, i'm lovin' life >> i have built this name for decades. before they were born. i'm an independent artist. we grind every day to do what we do. and black folks, indigenous people of color, of this land, we grind even omime have is our. the reason why it's important is for those not just for me, this is more important for those who come behind my. >> reporter: change is often slow. after 24 seasons on air, abc's "the bachelor" finally announcing its first black bachelor, matt james. he'll headline the show in 2021. >> we can't have change until we put that first foot forward, and the first foot forward for "the
12:26 am
bachelor" is having a black lead. >> the show has nothing to do with race. it's about getting married. black people get married. indigenous people get married. people with disabilities get married. why is it that that show has always prethe oy cat are including diversity writers in their contracts, something they have championed. >> the inclusion rider is saying we want there to be a representative number of people hired and cast in crew positions. >> reporter: which makes shows like "dear white people" a trail blazing force. it's being touted as a show whites should turn to for education in this moment. >> we wanted to always be here, for people to watch the show, laugh, you know, because it is a comedy. it's very validating to hear that it's on lists. it's also frustrating, because this is what it took? >> reporter: "nightline" first sat down with the cast of "dear
12:27 am
white people" in 2018 to discuss police brutality on and off screen. >> something justin said to me before we even started filming this show is that p s somebody's life. >> reporter: following the death of george floyd and black lives matter protests, the show has seen a more than 300% increase in viewership on netflix. >> i can't celebrate from the rooftops. i didn't hear about that from my network but from an outside company, blind spot. >> reporter: simeon's quick to remind that disparities in the industry run deep and blind spots must constantly televisio and networks coming out with black lives matter statements, resource lists, ways in which they're donating money. that's a wonderful way to make a public statement, but, in private, what about our budgets? why don't we get the same
12:28 am
budgets an our white counter parts get? why do we not get the same awards push, the same advertising? >> reporter: cox saying meaningful change comes with a profound change in how the industry operates at all levels. >> let's cut that cycle of continuing to have to apologize for the past and be really awaresiision we make. we are either going to perpetuate systemic racism or help dismantle it. >> our thanks to deborah. up next, the president's niece, why she's telling her uncle to resign. motorcycle riders love the open road. and geico loves helping riders get to where they're going, so to help even more, geico is giving new and current customers a fifteen percent credit on their motorcycle policies with the geico giveback. and because we're committed for the long haul, the credit lasts your full policy term.
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and finally tonight, a bid to block the publication of a book by president trump's niece failed. now her account is about to be released. but first, mary trump sat down with abc's george stephanopoulos. >> boil it down. what's the single most important thing you think the country needs to know about your uncle? >> he's utterly incapable of leading this country.
12:35 am
and it's dangerous to allow him to do so. >> based on what you see now? or what you saw then? >> based on what i've seen my entire adult life. >> be sure to tune in tomorrow on "good morning, america" and later on "nightline" for much more on the exclusive interview. that's it for tonight, we'll see you tomorrow at the same time, thanks for staying up with us, goodnight, america. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's jimmy kimmel live with guest host, whitney cummings. tonight, eric andre, and music from rema. and now, whitney cummings. >> whitney: welcome to "jimmy kimmel live." i'm whitney cummings, your guest host for tonight. i'm here because for a woman to host a network talk show, a man has to go on vacation.
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kidding, i'm here because jimmy didn't want to get covid. i'm fine, just so you know. health wise. i did take a couple covid tests. and as a lady, i gotta say, it's nice to take a test for something that could destroy my life and not have to pee on it. thanks, science. anyway, i feel like the reason they picked me to do this is because i'm the only comedian who hasn't been canceled which is so weird. i probably should have been. a long time ago. i've said crazy things, but they're all on comedy central, so no one can find them. if you want to cancel me, i think you actually have to buy a vcr on craigslist. godspeed. i feel like if you guys did tune in to see jimmy and were surprised to see someone like me hosting instead, it's probably like when guys are on a plane and see a female pilot walk on board. at first, they're like "look at her go. okay, yeah. we have a female pilot. how neat." then aso


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