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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 15, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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students. that is the higher priority than the actual academics. and it is the highest priority for our staff who are in the trenches with the students. >> berryessa also considering a phased in approach. gnaw haven and an leandro announcing that they will begin with 100% virtual instruction. as one superintendent put it, the only certainty right now is uncertainty. districts acknowledged last night that additional guidance for school reopening could be coming from the state and local county levels within the next week or two and they likely could have to shift again. they are ready for anything at this point. julian glover, abc 7 news. and more bay area school districts are embracing distance learning as the state tries to stop this surge that we're seeing in covid cases.
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some parents are relieved but others exasperated. here is leslie brinkley. >> reporter: it may be a struggle logistically and financially for many families, but the school district with 31,000 students just made a tough call for fall. >> the board gave very clear direction that they would like to see the district go to 100% distance learning in the fall. >> reporter: last week, west contra costa unified with 28,000 students opted to kick off the year with only remote learning. >> there are more than 3,000 people at our town hall last friday night who came out to hear about the framework. and from our initial feedback, more than 50% are okay with the framework. obviously it is not the best situations for anyone. >> reporter: berkeley, oakland and los angeles are all opening with distance learning only. >> health and safety of the children come first. and the teachers and
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administrators. it is changing day by day and it seems to be getting worse, so i think we need to take that into consideration. >> reporter: this middle schoolteacher says it is a tough situation. >> the reality i should say of expecting a student to stay 6 feet apart, to wear a mask, to wear their hand, that is nonsensical. i'm anxious to be with the kids and work with them one-on-one, but i don't want to get sick either. >> reporter: some school officials say it is up to the community to make schools safer. >> wear masks, wash their hands and commit to social distancing, we wouldn't be in this situation. >> reporter: i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. alameda county is asking for permission to continue outdoor dining. on friday, new state guide lines limited restaurants to just takeout and delivery. they say they didn't have the power to advance reopening beyond that. but officials in livermore and oakland refused to enforce the shutdown order.
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>> the people's leaves are at stake. but where the frustration is with the businesses. their livelihoods are at stake. so this is why we allowed -- or why the stays has allowed outdoor dining. >> alameda county supervisors are asking sacramento for a variance that would let health officials keep outdoor business open and that includes the oakland zoo which officials say would have to close if it doesn't reopen soon. and question knwe know the changes are confusing, so we tried to make it easy. we have an interactive map, it tells you which businesses are open and which ones are closed. you can find it on napa county cracking down on covid violators. anyone breaking health laws now faces citations and fines. people who hold gatherings or walk outside without a face covering risk fines of 25 to 500
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bucks. businesses could pay up to a,000 for failing to enforce mask and social distancing rules. a surge in coronavirus cases in the county has put it back on the state's watch list. in marin county, business owners say they are often the ones taking the responsibility for enforcing the state's mask rule. whether it is putting up signs or simply just saying something to a customer without a covering, they have to police the order. >> usually it is pretty innocent, a quick remark is the most for people. >> i believe that people should be accountable for themselves. i'm tired of government always being accountable for us. >> some business owners say they have been progressive in dealing with coronavirus from the very beginning. at the live desk, the head of the cdc is now saying that the pandemic could be controlled within one to two months if everyone wore face masks.
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dr. redfield believes that wearing face coverings combined with hand washing and social distancing are, quote, the most effective weapon we have against the coronavirus. dr. redfield stressed the measures during a chat with the journal of the american medical association. this comes at jama reports that face coverings really does work. in one situation, masks prevented the spread of infection from two hairstylists to their clients in missouri. >> thank you. and cal skifornia is changi its testing policies. people with symptoms, in high risk categories or those who know that they have been exposed will get priority. >> ensuring that our guidelines not only say who needs to be tested but give some guidance to labs on which specimens to process first. >> these new rules actually move away from the newsome
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administration's plans for anyone to be tested. the doctor says that the state is averaging about 100,000 tests every day, but the turnaround time for results is slowing down because of the national spike in coronavirus cases. coming up next, preventing potentially deadly wrong way collisions. california could have a solution. and a community center living up to the true meaning of its name, how it is helping to build a better bay area. can't wait to share that story. but fix it is 4:36 # and look who we have? >> he won't leave me alone. he's been all over me for the last hour. >> he is happy that you are home. >> i think so. i think he's happy someone is petting him. so this is oreo in case somebody doesn't know and he is my intern for the summer. let's take a look at what is going on -- yeah, go get me some coffee. yeah, do that. all right. let's take a look at temperatures. and we're going to the east bay
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neighborhoods where we have mainly upper 50s through the tri-valley. 60 in concord, 61 in brentwood and we're seeing increasing clouds this morning. the marine layer is a little deeper than it was yesterday. some 60s around san carlos, hayward, oakland, everyone else in the mid to upper 50s. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where it is about 58 degrees. a little breezy this afternoon, but it will be for a shorter duration than it was yesterday which was shorter than the day before. and you will need a jacket this morning, but not one later on. we have about a six hour window for those winds this afternoon. let's talk about our 3450ik crow del microclimates. we'll start to see some breaks in the cloud cover at 10. mid to upper 60s this afternoon. and as far as the east bay goes, increasing sunshine around 10:00 and 66. we'll hang out in the mid-70s for a couple hours this afternoon. down to 66 by 8:00. and for the pa 234e7bs la, we'll see increasing sunshine and 68 at 10:00.
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74 at noon. near 80 for a couple hours this afternoon. and down to 70 at about 8:00 this evening. let's get more details on your commute. i chuckled when oreo hopped off your map because i was listening to a story yesterday that dogs are loving the shelter in place and cats don't care. so it looked like or yeo dor y e care. sorry to break it to you. good morning, everyone. we'll look at our traffic here and this is emeryville, everything is pretty clear. so it has been a nice ride for our early commuters. definitely a good amount of cars on the roads. and we'll have a story later this week about how traffic has increased around the bay area as people begin to return to work even with the roll backs that just started. and our drive times here, tracy to dublin, 28 minutes. so green across the board.
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green is good. antioch to concord, 13 minutes. and san rafael to san francisco, a 15 minute ride.
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that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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watching the seabreeze this morning, you can see the flags are unfurled. about 56 degrees, so a bit of a chill in the air. mid to upper 50s through and 24 translating into a slight bump up this afternoon. there is a slight chance ever thunderstorms over tahoe today, and with the lightning, that means that the fire danger will increase. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is expected to spend the next few days in the hospital being treated for a possible infection. she was admitted early yesterday after experiencing fever and chills. justice ginsburg underwent a
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procedure to clean out a stint. doctors treated her for an infection back in may. she is 87 years old. the trump administration has reversed course on a controversial policy affecting more than a million international college students. it would have stripped them of visas if their school offered only online learning because of the pandemic. international students here in the bay area are relieved. >> it was a burden. i feel overwhelmed about everything that i have to deal with. >> and to just have that interrupted all of a sudden, and not just us, a lot of people, it would up root their lives, you know. >> well, several colleges filed suit to stop this policy including stanford, usf, saint mayor's and santa clara university. part of building a better bay area is our commitment. a camp for kids is turning in to a real force.
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they have several marches including a current golden state warrior. here is a closer look at that community center. >> reporter: when thousands of people marched to lake merritt, most of the attention was focused on klay thompson and steph curry joining the crowd, but it was organized by another warrior, juan anderson. and it was a proud moment for regina jackson. >> one of those impeaparenting moments where you are like wow, they get it. >> reporter: jameill brown was another of the march organizers. >> they told me they were like having a sense of like community and a sense of family, like you know, making your community your family. >> reporter: marches are nothing new to kids who come to the center. every year it holds a march against violence during its
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summer camp. >> marching teaches them about anything. it is very important to be seen. so part of that is learning to advocate for yourself. >> reporter: the center's mission was tested with the stay-at-home order after being closed for months, it finally reopened two weeks ago for its summer program. besides learning about career, arts and wellness, the kids are also getting another important lesson. >> we'll be making african masks that resemble us. >> reporter: and this is part of a lesson on african history. >> you learn the true meaning of your skin color, it builds your confidence. >> love to see that. and the east oakland youth development center is serving a lot fewer kids at its summer da camp because of covid-19 and they are still trying to reimagine their programs. and hundreds of highway miles will soon be upgraded with
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new safe guards to protect against wrong way drivers. they include reflectoring that will shine red when you approach them. and also new signs will light up to alert wrong way drivers. new cameras will alert authorities when a driver has entered and on ramp in the wrong direction. >> those monitoring systems would take a picture of the driver when they enter the exit ramp in the wrong direction and then send that picture and an alert to caltrans and chp. >> well, that will summon the highway patrol to stop those drivers before they cause a head-on collision. firefighters are reminding homeowners about the importance of creating defensible spaces as protection against wildfires. crews with marin parks cleared brush near homes in san rafael
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yesterday. they focused on the area in the sleepy hollow preserve. neighbors say it hasn't been cleared in years and it is a relief to finally see it happen. >> i've lived here for 40 years and they have never done this. that is all open space and we don't have -- we have no right to take anything down. >> cal fire says having an evacuation plan is also very important. more than 40,000 acres have already burned so far this year in california and unfortunately, mike, we know this is really just the beginning of it. so we have to be thinking about all of these things. >> yeah, that is tough. one of the reasons you live there is for that lush vegetation, but then again, it becomes fuel for those fires. so she didn't seem very happy and i can understand, but you got to do what you got to do soetimes. let's take a look at what is going on. so far no heightened fire danger in this forecast other than temperatures climbing a little higher, but nothing extreme and no winds that we really need to
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worry about other than the usual delta breeze that will develop. sunshine around the bay and the coast today, but minor warming once we do reveal some of that sun. mainly cloudy, similar temperatures tonight and we'll have a lot of sunshine this weekend with above average highs away from the coast. there is a stos is a southerly so the clouds will still shoot through the golden gate through the lunch hour and stubborn during the coastline keeping you cooler than everyone else. pretty close to average in the south bad. 81 to 85. and in the peninsula, we have 80s around redwood city and then the 70s elsewhere. and good 62 to 63 along the pena coast, upper 60s downtown and south san francisco. and then you can see the upper 70s through the north bay, but
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sonoma north where we have 80s and 90s in the same places that question had them yesterday. 72 in richmond, everyone else mid to upper 70s along the east bay72 in richmond, everyone els mid to upper 70s along the east bay shore. and the 7 day forecast, about the same tomorrow, maybe a little more humidity. and then by friday and saturday, our hottest days ahead of us through the weekend and then we lose that heat come monday and tuesday. a baby roller coaster the next couple of days. >> thank you, mike. samsung has set a date for its new phone and a new inexpensive but powerful laptop. >> samsung's next big launch, the company has scheduled an event three weeks from today where it is expected to roll out its new galaxy note 20 phones. rumors say a new smart watch ander buds will be revealed.
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if you are on social media or if you are not, you should be. especially if you love comets. pictures of comet been all over. and now it is an evening event. look just to the right after it sets and you should be able to see it for a few hours. a spectacular sight. >> thank you, mike. and the deadline for san francisco building owners to earthquake retrofit their soft story properties could be extended by another year.
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fran san francisco's board of supervisors want to give owners morse time because more time because of the pandemic. deadline today for thousands of california families to apply for free food benefits for their kids. the state program called pandemic ebt provides up to $365 in emergency food per child. it is open to all kids who are eligible for free or reduced priced school meals. 3.4 million families have already applied, but the state believes that there are another 400,000 children who qualify. you do have to apply online. we put the link on our website we are highlighting the work that people are doing to help build a better bay area in their communities during the coronavirus pandemic. each week night the boys and girls club of the peninsula gives out free meals to people in east palo alto and redwood city. volunteers have placed more than
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120,000 meals into cars. each dinner is prepared by a local business who has seen its own struggles due to covid-19. >> they closed their restaurants but yet they supplied staff to come here and cook for us, upwards of 2,000 meals each and every night. if you have a need and you are hungry, we want to make sure that we are providing a meal for them. so super important that people feel like people dare for them in this extremely difficult time. >> even during a pandemic, it is just three months -- in just three moentnths, they have linep to feed people in need. and look at this, our one hour food drive special give where you live food drive, it will air this saturday at 7:00 p.m. this hour long program goes behind the scenes of food banks to discover how they are meeting the growing demands of feeding families and children. to learn how you can make a
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difference, just tune into abc 7 this saturday at 7:00 p.m. and we know this has been such a big need for people, so i'm excited to see how they are stepping up. >> glad to see we're still able to do these kind of events and sponsor them. and we have the aids walk sunday morning also, so we're doing a lot this weekend even though we can't really get out there and do it. we'll find a way to make it happen. let's take a look at the temperatures. you can see 71 in san francisco as we head into friday. and the lot of 90s in the east bay valley, but 80s and 70s everywhere else. it look like saturday will be one of the warmest days, temperatures above average across the board. 88 in san jose, 95 in antioch. and temperatures may drop a degree or two, but still a little bit above average as we head lithrough sunday. just a typical summer pare patt.
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and the pandemic is forcing a san francisco staple to close. the business that served tourists and locals for more than eight decades. and an experimental covid vaccine offering hope this morning, we're hearing from one of the first volunteers to get it. and reopening and reclosing, the latest on two
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today at 8:00, a vaccine is offering a lot of hope this morning. we'll hear from one of the first volunteers to get it. concern about what will happen when schools are back in session, the one thing the cdc director says will be a main factor in reopening. good morning, everybody. it is wednesday, july 15th. reggie, did you pay your taxes? i don't want you to get audited. >> no, no, we're good. we are good. >> i was late. >> thankfully phil has that under control. >> yes, phil. >> thank god. i waited until the last minute, but i'm good. mike is good. we're all safe. >> we are in the clear. hi, mike. >> hi guys. hopefully everybody else is also. let's talk about what is going on weather-wise. and look at all the cloud cover. it is more widespread as we expected this morning. and temperatures are maybe a


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