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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  July 18, 2020 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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history has dragged us down to this moment. history remind us that on march 7, 1965 we love america so dearly. we were ready to die for her. >> must never ever give up. we must be brave, bold, and courageo entire life congressman john lewis bought through blood, through diplomacy to reach the vision that all americans are created equal. the towering icon of human rights has passed away. good morning everyone. saturday july 18th. i'm liz krois, and more on john
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lewis, as well as the latest updates on the fight against coronavirus. first a quick look at the weekend forecast. here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning everyone. still dealing with some gray sky but inland we're clear and today the wide range of temperatures. we can see the fog over the bay but it is sunny and our east bay and the south bay and as we look at the north bay from mouth tam, definitely scattering out the cloud deck. 58 downtown. 64 in oakland. 65 in san jose where it is sunny. and from the hills camera. compressed marine layer. low 60s in nevada with the sun and sunny in concord at 65. through the morning with more sun, more warmth, especially inland. by 4:00 about 089 inland. 80 at the bay. cool at the coast still and talk about your sunday coming up. congressman john lewis
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fought bravely for the civil rights movement and so much more. we look back at the life of the civil rights >> reporter: jorn robert lewis didn't simple fight for it he shaped >> reporter: a sharecropper son boin in troy, alabama, 1940 back when segregation was law. jim crowe the enforcer. the montgomery bus boycottre aed soon it would be his life work and it nearly killed him. as a student lewis graduated from lunch counter sit-ins and bus boycotts to freedom writer as would become his habit.
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where john lewis put his heart his head followed. shedding blood and standing up when others couldn't or wouldn't. that became lewis's calling card. we must cry. we all must cry together that we want our freedom and we want it now. >> when 1963 at the age of 23, alongside martin luther king jr. he was dubbed one of the big six of the civil rights movement who helped plan the historic march on washington. >> let us not forget that we are involved in a serious social revolution. high bridge in sel. 600 peaceful protesters crossed into history. it would known as bloody sunday. violence unleashed by alabama state troopers.
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lewis struck in the head, suffered a fractured skull. >> i was the first one to catch the blow. >> john lewis was elected to congress in november 1986. he served as u.s. representative of georgia's fifth congressional district where he continued to get what he called "good trouble". >> i got arrested many times in the sixties. since i've been in congress another five times -- >> reporter: in recent years outspoken critic of president trump. skipping the inauguration first state of the union address and took part in wide protests against the president's zero tolerance imgauges policy. >> we are getting in good trouble. set peoplfr. >> i will go to th bteorders. a. >> lewis often reminded people to use love other hate, courage over fear. >> it doesn't matter whether we are black or white, latino, asian american or native american.
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it doesn't matter whether we are straight or gay. we are one people. we are one family. we all live in the same house. >> byron pitts, abc news new york. and this morning tributes to the indomitable john lewis pouring in from around the world. . >> i can't begin to tell you the loss he represents in this country because he could heal both sides by his presence. and he had a humility greater than he was. he had this humility. that few members of congress have. and i just loved him with all my heart. >> former san francisco mayor willie brown had also been close friends with lewis from activist
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work in the sixties. brown says young people could carry on the legacy by continuing the type of activism seen after the death of george floyd. >> when the demonstrators took to the streets in america, if not all over the world. it brought a smile to john lewis' face. because for the first time all of the things that he stood for was beginning to make sense to every body in the world. >> lewis would visit san francisco many times over the years often to support local charities. and senator kamala harris release ad statement on his passing. we are grateful that john lewis never lost sight how great our country can be. he carried the baton of progress and justice tot to the end. it falls on us to pick it up and march on. house speaker nancy plosi also reese re lease ad statement. says america mourns the loss of one of the greatest heros in american history. congressman lewis the conscious
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of the congress. he was a titan of the civil rights movement who transform our nation. and from president barack obama. called lewis one of his heros. says in quote, america is a constant work in progress what gives each new generation purpose is to take up the unfinished work of the last and carry it further. to challenge an unjust status quo and imagine a better world. john lewis not only assumed that responsibility but made it his life's work and we've also heard from former presidents bush, clinton and carter. president trump has not yet acknowledged lewis' passing. and we sent this alert on our abc7 news app when we first learned of his passing and will continue to update our app all weekend as more tributes to lewis come in. you can find that all there. all right. let's talk about the race against coronavirus. it is the critical decision now that countless parents, teachers and students spent monther wondering the future of schools this fall and that is one offer our key focuses in building a
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better bay area. governor newsom saying now covid-19 has given the that state no choice but to start the school year virtually. >> safety is foundational. and safety will ultimately make the determination of how we go about educating our kids. >> both public and "pregame live" schools will only be able to open for inperson class when -- off the state watch list 14 consecutive here in the bay area, every county with the exception of san mteo is on the list. san francisco was added yesterday. as far as what's needed to get children back into the classroom? >> the one thing we have the power to do to get our kids back into school is, look at this list again. wear a >> children grades three and up must wear fames.
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daily temperature checks and periodic coronavirus test. and abc7 news reporter lauren martinez spoke with bay area school superintendents to get their reaction to. many said they are happy to just finally have some clear guidelines. >> great. we have some clarity, and we have some structure so that we know exactly what the conditions need to be to reopen school. >> districts and counties on the covid watch list will only be able to do distance learning in the fall. and superintendents feel it is about time they have direction. >> i totally wish it had come much sooner. but i know that people at all levels have been working so hard. >> reporter: students in marin county made a video to show they want to follow health guidelines and get back in the classroom. >> take the mask off by the strings and try not to touch your face while doing it. >> they ae like i want to come back to school we're going to do whatever we can. so it is great. >> reporter: dawn austin superintendent for palo alto unified school district says the
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governor's new guidelines offer a degree of certainty. >> overall like most of my colleagues grateful there is at least a metric too toy tight to now. >> reporter: in order to resume class instruction, the county must be off the watch list for 14 consecutive kays. >> we're not real excited about being tied to the outreaches of the county that may have nothing do with palo alto. but at least it is something measurable and we all know the anchor point now. >> reporter: superintendent for the livermore valley school district. >> there is some disappointment for students and staff that we won't actually be able to begin in person instruction. >> reporter: several bay area districts are also creating a plan for afterdistance learning. >> the hybrid model will be subsequent and we to go full force with distance learning but we made sure the with planning teams there lab a seamless
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transition. >> it will be incumbent on communities to do their part and lead trend downward so we can get kids back into school. in the news room. >> lauren martinez abz 7 news and a message from -- as the city winds on the watch list the first time. >> we have to get this under control right now. we don't have months. we barely have weeks. >> since mid june number of cases t positivity rate and hospitalizations have more than tripled, indoor malls and non h paused any further reopening. >> know that we are not out of woods. know that we are seeing a spike. and know that you, only you can make the difference. so please, wear your mask. wash your hands. socially distance and do everything you can to be a part of the solution. >> a health order will be issued monday requiring private health providers to offer same day
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testing. and to keep track of what is open and closed in each county go to we are continually updating this interactive map so with one click you can find the answer. all right lisa. a check of the weather now. going to be warm in the inland areas. >> right. we're looking for some drier air to move in. highs todd in the upper 60s. couple degrees wormer but still the typical july pattern with low clouds and fog this morning wringing back to the coast, the rest of the bay area, the forecast is next. also the state attorney general is getting involved in a caf the deadly police shooting in vallejo. why he says he's now investigating. and an original rosy the riveter on the front lines in world war ii is now on the front lines of the covid-19
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investigating the possible destruction of key evidence in a case. killed in june. police say he was kneeling and raised his hand to reveal what a detective thought was a gun. it turned out to be a hammer. city of vallejo says the wind sheefld of the police vehicle
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involved in the shooting with uds destroyed. in response police chief said in part i'm deeply disappointed with the turn of events that let to the wind shield not being preserved. it is our hope that the state attorney general's office can provide clarity in the investigation. house speaker nancy pelosi is also asking the fbi to investigate. and this morning leaders at the jail are rushing to put added protocols in case after cases soord. the alameda county sheriffs office reported six active cases on wednesday. 40 new cases reported thursday and an additional 55 on friday. only one case has been serious enough to force a hospitalization. and original rosy o the front lines oor buding bombe f boe the frontnav. david wright has her story. >> i'm 94 years old and well and healthy thank god.
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>> reporter: she was just 17 when pearl harbor was bombed. >> built b-17s and boings at seattle in world war ii and in the korean war i worked zwl o. >> reporter: one of hundreds of american woman who became heros on the home front taking jobs on assembly lines while brothers and sons went off to war. rosy the riveter, immortalized in poster, and song. ♪ she's still working today. >> i just worked the rivets now i'm working with the sewing machine. >> right. >> reporter: making face masks these days. more than 300 so far. >> that's a nice one. >> this is my favoribandanna, helpful to rosie for keeping her hair out of o machinery. now it has an entirely new purpose in the age of covid-19. >> it seems to me that wearing
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little face masks is not a big sacrifice. but that's just my opinion. >> reporter: the message still the same. >> i think that you are going to have to make a new poster with one of these. >> right. i got that. >> reporter: we can do it, if we all do our part. >> we can do it. >> reporter: david wright, nbc news new york. >> a check of the weather with lisa argen. how amazing is that? >> good for them. yeah. so much history. fantastic. all right. you go. good morning everyone. we're looking at a loop here of our visible imaginary that shows the low cloud deck from early this morning. light about 6:00 or just before that. you can tell the low cloud deck is fully enentrenched. northern california to the central coast. beginning to pull back out from the bay here where cloudy skies
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in oakland and hayward but as soon as that sun gets higher and warmer we'll evaporate the fog. but we have high pressure building in just enough that we're going to see some warmer air, some drier air in the upper elevations reducing our relative humidity just i valleys maybe four crease degre so. e north o us and will once tion gwen allow our low deck of clouds to respond to get a more robust marine layer, cooling us off for the week ahead. a roof camera. a little breeze out there. 67 in mountain view. cool spot, pacifica, 57. 59 in the city. 64 in oakland. 62 here in santa cruz with winds just about 10 miles an hour. and highs in the low 067s. so kind of a nice beach day out there. 64 in nevada with upper 60s by the delta. a lighter south wind here. but you have had some sun in the north bay. santa rosa just beginning to brighten up and at the airport.
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sea breeze up to 10, 12 miles an hour later on today and a sunny afternoon on the way so with the fog and compressed marine layer we had a little bit of drizzle along the coast. still have some but that too will evaporate. looking for a warmer day inland. hazy still in parts of south bay and the coast as that upper elevation smoke, couple thousand feet above allowing for a bit of haze but then that mixes out and we'll look for koerl weather with the trough into next week. so here is it plan for the fog. you can see a pullback by 4:00. sun along the coast. breezy though. and pushes back inland, looking if the gray sky and temperatures dropping back into the 50s for all of us and a sunny sunday, almost as warm inland on the way. air quality moderate for the coast and central bay, as well as the santa clara valley. wild fire smoke still allowing for a bit of haze but then tomorrow things improving more
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so for better air quality. another look at the smoke layer, you can see moving up with the south winds to the north and east. and then that drifts away throughout the afternoon hours. concentrating well to the south of us into the sacramento, the san joaquin valley and about the same deal for tomorrow. 72 in richmond, 83 for you today as you are a little closer vallejo. 81 in fremont. san jose. 90s from livermore to antioch. pleasantry warm afternoon inland with the summer heat. the heat old holding on for your sunday and typical spread for monday but cooler the rest of the week. aids walk san francisco is just one day away. the virtual walk kicks off tomorrow morning at 10:00. and it will air right here on abc7. aides walk live at home. star studied event, proceeds benefit prc and twenty other bay
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area organizations. still time to register and raise funds. visit aids or call 415-615-walk. >> such an important event. hope you can joining for that tomorrow. still ahead, how the warriors are stepping up to help an well many people have such a misunderstanding as to how a reverse mortgage works. people think that the bank takes your home, but that is not true. that's absolutely 100% wrong. the home is ours. we can sell it if we want to at any time. i like the flexibility of not having a payment, but i can make the payment if i want to. you're responsible for keeping up your property taxes and you're responsible for paying your insurance on the property. for us, it was a security blanket. the value of our house, was to fund our long-term health care. for years, reverse mortgage funding has been helping customers like these use the equity from their homes to finance their lives. they know the importance of having financial security.
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make an appointment so they can tell you how it works. it's a good thing. access your equity. stay in your home. have peace of mind.
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welcome back to south bay. one san jose community recently threw a surprised baby shower for their beloved postal worker. the gesture has now gone virow . neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night can stop the u.s. pesp. and you can ad pandemic and pregnancy to the list. residents of one neighborhood offer ad surprise fit for the pandemic. >> thigh put out balloons or
9:25 am
streamers. >> reporter: even small gifts, at a distance of course to respect the privacy of the usps we aren't sharing her identity although posts have gone viral. >> we didn't do it with the intention of sending a messages. just wanted to make her day a bit brighter. >> reporter: neighbors understanding what's going on today has got to make it tough for workers on the front line. >> it is an exhausting job walking around here carrying the mail and it is not easy for her. >> she took the extra effort and made it out to everybody's house every day when all of us were even scared to come out of our house at times. >> reporter: their neighborhood postal worker has become such a familiar face and the growing friendship is a welcome sight while sheltering in place. >> especially these days that we can't really like see each other in person, i think they are like having the atmosphere and the vibe in the neighborhood. that was also very joyful for us. >> reporter: on friday, pink bows and paper things made along
9:26 am
the workers route, bright spots during the ongoing pandemic. >> what he did was so small. it obviously brought so much joy and not even to her. it feels like j hearing the story. >> reporter: in san jose, abc7 news. and first to now a lot of of people helping to keep his home. >> feel like a dream come true. >> lloyd kenmore has lived in what's become known as "the warriors house" for >> it's incredible. but it also is a reminder that a lot of people are in the situation every day. like, people who don't have their houses painted like warriors and they need just as
9:27 am
m don't get fed. if i'd been quiet they would have took my house and they would have tour the dub nation house down. and it's a hand mark. >> reporter: the warriors set up an option on ebay. you can bid on a package that includes lunch with stooefk and autographed jerseys and shoes. still to come the u.s. reaches a grim milestone in coronavirus cases all while an unpublished report for the white house says many states should roll back reopening. also how one woman heching the
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♪ ♪ we've always put safety first. ♪ ♪ and we always will. ♪ ♪ for people. ♪ ♪ for the future. ♪ ♪ and there has never been a summer when it's mattered more. wherever you go, summer safely. get zero percent apr financing for up to five years on select models and exclusive lease offers.
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building a better bay area. this is abc7 news. >> we're in trouble and ignoring signs and hiding scientific input from the white house to the american people is not a way to move us forward. >> unpublished report prepared for the white house recommends multiple states roll back
9:30 am
reopening. this as u.s. reports more than 77,000 new cases in one day for the second time. good morning everyone. more on the race against coronavirus but if you are just joining us a another quick look at weather with lisa argen. >> it is brightening up out there in spots but as we look at our exploratorium camera, certainly gray here. and we'll be looking at sun and temperatures couple degrees warmer with the on shore floe later today. high about 68. 64 in oakland. 65 in san jose. you can see the haze here from our san jose camera we we do have sunshine. 59 santa rosa with temperatures low 60s napa, mid 60s inland valley. air quality has been moderate for the coast and central bay as well as the santa clara valley. tat continues today but we're look at a fog retreating to the coast and temperatures warm up inland. few nineties and then it comes back into play and we'll talk about your sunday in a few
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minutes. liz? >> thank you, lisa. to your voice, your vote. the presumptive democratic nominee joe biden citing intelligence briefings is warning that russia and china are actively trying to meddle in the 2020 general electin. he didn't go into much detail when makes the comments. multiple agencies of course found russia meddled in the 2016 election and this just days after reports of russia trying to spy on u.s. covid-19 vaccine research. now the tremendous life of john lewis, dead this morning at 80 years old, is hard to put into words. the bravery and legacy of the congressman from georgia marked by so many achievements for human rights. absz news reporter rachel scott has a look at some of the memories from some of o his colleagues. >> reporter: from the freedom rileds in the jim crowe south to sit-ins on capitol hill. and his final public appearance last month, fittingly at black lives matter plasmza plasm
9:32 am
here in washington he was known as the conscience of congress, a democratic force. >> where is the heart of this body? where is our soul? where is our moral leadership? where is our courage? >> reporter: this morning remembered as one of the greatest heroes in american history from his colleagues on both sides of the aisle. house speaker nancy pelosi calling lewis a titan of the civil rights movement whose bravery transformed our nation. senate majority leader writing you did not need to agree on many policy details to be awed business hi life. admired by his neighbors or appreciate his generous and respectful and friendly bearing. lewis would leave bipartisan delegations to selma. democrats and republicans standing shoulder to shoulder marching across the edmond pettus bridge. the civil rights icon awarded
9:33 am
the presidential medal of freedom in february 2011. the country's high education civilian honor. >> when parents teach their children what is meant by courage, the story of john lewis will come to mind. an american who knew that change could not wait for some other person or some other time. whose life is less than in the fierce urgency of now. >> reporter: in march members of congress through lewis a surprise birthday party. he turned 80 years old. ♪ happy birth -- >> reporter: qualm clark writing the pride of our lives is calling you a friend. here in the nation's capitol almost sixty years congressman lewis marchand on washington saying america cannot rest until everyone is treated equal. will i president obama saying he loved his country so much that he risked his own life and blood so that it might live up to its promise. and also seeing brand new reaction this morning from former president george w. bush.
9:34 am
he's saying in part, join our fellow americans. -- throughout his career as the civil rights leader and public servant he worked to make our country a more perfect union. so now every living president has responded to his death. although we have not yet heard from president trump. now lotus go to the coronavirus crisisjohns hopkins researchers say --. 40% increase in cases in less than three weeks. abcewrrevo alt wi the. >rert coming off another new record day of covid-19 cases hospital officials are telling americans in blunt terms, if you want to stop the spread, off the wear a mask. >> you have a choice. you can wear a mask or you can
9:35 am
have a tube in your mouth. >> 28 state, puerto rico and washington, d.c. have now issued mask mandates and dr. anthony fauci says he hopes to see more of them. >> i would urge the leaders t local political and other leaders in states and cities and towns to be as forceful as possible in getting your citizenry to wear masks. >> reporter: but the president making it clear he will not issue a national mask mandate. >> and i don't agree with the statement that if everybody wear a mask everything disappears. and as you know mask cause problems too. with that being said retails including and dot he jn of national chains requiring face conversation but more drastic measures may be necessary. unpublished document prepared for the white house coronavirus taveras this week and obtained by the center for public integrity says 18 states in a
9:36 am
red zone for covid cases, recommending those states scale back reopenings. florida has logged three and straight days with more than 10,000 new cases. testing sites like the miami dades hard rock stadium with massive lines. as other locations say they have had to close because they don't have enough supply. in osceola county the sheriffs office is searching for so called covid parties by helicopter and sending deputies in to break them up. on the front lines military medics are deploying, hoping to deal with the deluge of patients in places like texas which just reported its fourth straight dray of record deaths. today marx morks our fourth month on trch d h a day off since mid march. she first helped in new york city. she's now on the ground in houston. and the lister family in houston knows that all too well. all five of them contracting the virus. >> always wonder would i hear
9:37 am
people say i'm tired, i'm ready to just go to heaven. i'm ready -- you know, i could never emphasize with that until covid hit my body. >> i prayed that it would -- my whole family would be relieved from the pain. because it was so bad. >> reporter: luckily 19-year-old davion was asymptomatic. and by himself, he nursed his parents and brothers back to health. >> i was seeing the rest of my family go through main. and i just want to do everything i could to help them out. >> reporter: and while more than a dozen states are reinstituting some of their restriction, on monday here in new york city they will move forward into phase four. allowing more outdoor activities, but indoor activities, like restaurant dining will remain restricted. trevor alt, abc news new york. >> and masks are aecsity right now but they do pose problems for some the deaf and hard of hearing communities are running into issues with people wearing masks like having difficulty reading lips.
9:38 am
one woman started making see through masks to help break that barrier. >> i sew and cook and make jam and i don't know. apparently i was destined for another. >> i started making regular masks from day one because i had fabric at home. it has felt good to do something, to use my home skills. just to do something. >> i'm hard of hearing. i've really struggled to understand people through the masks. >> i got asked by someone in the community, she's hard of hearing but serves the deaf community if i could make a clear windowed mask. and i actually wasn't aware of them. i was like oh sure. let me do some poking around. i sewed one for myself and i really liked it and i couldn't walk down the street without someone asking where i got it and if i could make one for them. it all went from there. >> i've had a number of families who just reached out to say thank you so much, our whole
9:39 am
family has really been struggling. >> even if you are not hard of hard of hearing, i'm sure you have experienced just saying, sorry, what? what i've come to appreciate is how much you miss in the communication when you can only see someones eyes. it restores a little bit of humanity for all of us perhaps. it really does restore a little bit of humanity. so important. and you can watch more stories like this on the network. >> still ahead on abc7 mornings meet some volunteers helping feed neighbors in need and building a better bay area in the process and here is a live look from our east bay hills camera. you can see all that fog there. some pretty cool clouds though. but no surprise a little bit foggy. wore going to check with lisa and
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
happening day. one san francisco neighborhood is going to try to set a guiness world record for the longest hopscotch course. this day long together on several blocks next to the painted ladies from 10:00 to 4:00 the they are asking neighbors to create a four mile socially distanced hopscotch course. find more information where to pick up chalk on the website. that should be pretty cool. crossing fingers they can do it. >> cool and breezy in spots right now cloudy in santa cruz, high of about 72 and the winds shouldn't with too bad down here. maybe about 10, 12 miles an hour. not quite a beach day at home but we will get a little sun at our coast. we'll talk about the cool breeze there is and the warmer numbers inland next. >> thanks lisa. all next the voice giants, john
9:43 am
miller stops by the "with well as to how a have reverse mortgage works. people think that the bank takes your home, but that is not true. that's absolutely 100% wrong. the home is ours. we can sell it if we want to at any time. i like the flexibility of not having a payment, but i can make the payment if i want to. you're responsible for keeping up your property taxes and you're responsible for paying your insurance on the property.
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for us, it was a security blanket. the value of our house, was to fund our long-term health care. for years, reverse mortgage funding has been helping customers like these use the equity from their homes to finance their lives. they know the importance of having financial security. make an appointment so they can tell you how it works. it's a good thing. access your equity. stay in your home. have peace of mind.
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welcome back. the sports the giants and a's are just two days away from preparing in two practice games. here is chris alvarez with more in this morning's sports. >> well the a's welcome the angels friday july 24th for the regular season opener. and welcoming jesus lazardo back to camp. the 22-year-old missed all of the summer camp so far in quarantine in south florida. he was surprise he tested positive because he debate have any symptoms. now he says he's just happy to be back. >> it was amazing. probably the best day of 2020 by far. i was going crazy, looked up in a room. being able to get back out here.
9:46 am
back around the guys it have it was a lot fun. >> the sound of the game is music to everybody's ears everywhere. the giants and -- how to figure the sounds and music implement in the stadium when play begins next week. >> i'm laughing because i never thought i wld ever be asked questions about crowd noise. you want to be a manager, answer questions about crowd noise pumped into your statement. i never expected that. >> the pod cast available everywhere on our streaming platforms and he talked about broadcasting with no fans in the stands. here is what he had to say. >> i was such a fan they bought a table top baseball game called strat omatic. ever hear that? it still kpaiss. i thought it was more fun to play strat omatic if i broadcast the games while i was playing it. and i would do the crowd noises
9:47 am
and public address announcement. it was pretty bizarre if you walked in on me. swing and there is a base hit. you know, i did the public -- right fielder, number 9, roger maris, maris. you know, i did the org org orgg duh-da duh-da ♪ it was a pretty bizarre scene. and now i thought wow all these years later i may end going full circle. i'll have do the crowd myself. and i'llbe on the mic and go base hit to left field. >> a must listen. time now for abc7 --. you send the video. -- calls the action. >> little tessa is learning how to play golf but it is not that
9:48 am
easy. oops well there goes the flag. hit the ball. this 2-year-old is quickly figuring out that golf can be a really frustrating sport. and hey, no laughing. this is impossible. tessa keeps swinging determined to make contact. or not. hey tessa. we just called your play on abc7. >> that's a look at sports. let's send it back to you. >> little tessa is done with it. she's over it but she did a great job. lisa that's pretty cute. >> yeah. just chucking that club. she had enough ofall right welly for golf out there. is and we're going to get plenty of sunshine. although a ma rebound layer t peel back to the coast. a live look outside from the roof time to peel bac coast. a live look outside from the roof camera. maybe just a few degrees of
9:49 am
warming but overall the warmest weather out of the next seven days today and tomorrow. closer look at this morning. 50s on the coast. 60s around the bay. low 70s inland with the coastal clouds. by noontime we're approaching 90 in spots. well east say of the livermore valley. upper 70s around hayward and check out the coast. still cool in the 60s, the fog comes back into play. so with it just below 2000 feet it is certainly making its influence felt with the temperatures on the cool side at the shoreline but warmer air, a north wind, in the upper levels of the atmosphere allowing for a bit of warming. also a little bit of haze out there. here is is a loop of the past few hours of our visible picture showing you that the fog is yes, retreating and going to pull back to the coast. but look all the way down to the central coast and looking at high pressure building in just enough to bring us that slightly warmer air for today and tomorrow. inland. but then it is this system as it
9:50 am
pulls to the south and east. we'll bring back a taller marine layer and some cooler weather. here a live look at san rafael where we had a few clouds this morning. mostly sunny now obviously. 67 in mountain view. 65 with haze in san jose. upper 50s cool on the coast with the gray sky and east bay hills camera, beautiful view of that compressed marine layer. temperatures upper 50s, santa rosa. mid 60s nevada so you know you have seen the sun longer here and just beginning to break out in santa rosa. 68 by the delta with mid 60s concord and livermore. low 60s to upper 60s right now from the tahoe valley airport, to truckee, and later on today south of 50, look at the chance of more scattered thunderstorms with highs in the syria nevada n in the 80s. warm day there. . the mist and drizzle this morning as the marine layer got more compressed, pushld towards the ground and with a warmer day
9:51 am
today we'll see the haze clear that haze is in the upper levels of the atmosphere and of course the surface sea breeze later on today. cooler weather as we get into the next week. mid 80s today in san jose. 82 in sunnyvale. redwood city in the low 80s as well as palo alto. 68 downtown and the north bay, 82. 87 calistoga. and 77 by 3:00 or leandro. last chance to see the comet ma lean layer or well inland. the accuweather seven day, looking nice tomorrow. a cooling trend for the middle of next week and some sort of recovery. little bit anyway, inlet by tend of the week. liz? >> thank you. we're going to hyal it the work
9:52 am
people are doing to help build a better bay area in their communities during the coronavirus pandemic. something important us to a during this time as we work to bu bah better bay area. thanks to volunteers there are more than just meals given out at a nightly food drive in east p pal. >> reporter: here in east palo alto, like the meals being passed out. people giving back are never in short supply. >> it's become a tough ticket if you want to call it that within the city to actually become a volunteer, either at this location or a regular city location. >> reporter: even during the a pandemic, in just three months 400 volunteers are showing every weekday night that we're all in this together. >> people believe in me enough to elect me to office and it is my goal my duty i feel to make sure they are taken care of.
9:53 am
when i can congresswoman out here and make sure they are being fed it is the least i can y orhosnd helping eher. excited every time i get a chance to come. >> it warms my heart. makes me feel like they understand what we're going through on the ground. what our community is facing when they are in their chambers talking. and so it really feels like we're connected and they are rallying and speaking for us. >> from thands of these volunteers, straight to the car, more than 120,000 meals have gone to bay area families free of charge. each prepared by local businesses who have seen their own struggles due to covid-19. >> the great sinclair restaurant group have been providing the chefs for us. they closed their restaurants but yet they supplied staff to come here and then cookdsf ealsh >>r: group i oy s the individua. that strength is on display in
9:54 am
east palo alto. >> it is super important people feel like people care for them in this difficult time. >> reporter: abc7 news. >> tonight at 7:00, this hour long program goes behind the scenes of foodbacks to discover how they are meeting the growing demands of feeding families and children. learn how to make a difference by tuning in at 7:00 p.m. next looking for something fun to do during this pandemic? how about a scavenger hunt in the south bay. more on how it works and the big prizes that are on the line.
9:55 am
9:56 am
today kicks off a gigantic scavenger hunt in the south bay. $500 gift cards are on the line. the great find hunt and this is how it works. you and your family hop on bicycles and try to safely spot as many as the 18,000 santa clara valley water signs as you can. they look like this and all over the county.
9:57 am
you submit pictures to each sign. the runs through october 15th. should be really fun. i think you need to find at least 25 but more details on the website. lisa, a decent day for a bike ride. >> moderate air quality in the sclair valleanta clara valley. upper 70s around the bay with 90ed inland. almost a repeat performance tomorrow and cooler into next week. >> thanks for joining us here on abc7 morning. i'm liz kreutz, along with lisa argen. abc7 continues at 5:00 p.m. and our one hour special give where you live food drive starts at 7:00. one hour long goes behind the scenes of food banks and how they are meeting the growing needs of feeding families and children. tune in to abc7 at 7:00 tonight.
9:58 am
hope you join for that and have a great day. ♪ ♪ we've always put safety first. ♪ ♪ and we always will. for the future. ♪ ♪ and there has never been a summer when it's mattered more. wherever you go, summer safely.
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