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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 20, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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mistake about it. >> trying to contain the spread of covid-19, the major change that could be coming in the only bay area county not currently on the state's watch list. good morning, everybody. it is monday, monday, monday, july 20th. good morning, reggie. >> good morning, kumasi. nice to see you. and good to see mike nicco this morning. how adoes it look? >> it is looking cloudy and a little breezy. gusts up to. miles per ho 37 miu in delta. and that will keep us cooler than average today. it is about 56 on the embarcadero near pier 15. how about 56 to 60 thanks to the cloud cover out there. we're near 60 for the rest of the day at the coast, 69 to 75 with some clouds hanging around the bay and definitely along the coast. 76 to 81, where is the heat? where is summer? not in this forecast.
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and very comfortable evening on the way. barely in the 70s by 7:00. we'll see how long it lasts coming up. san mateo county's economy could take another hit this week. right now the county is not on the state's watch list, but that could change. and the economy of course is one of the areas that we're focusing on in our effort to build a better bay area especially during this pandemic. so for weeks, hair salons, nail salons and gyms have been open in san mateo county. julian glover is live with the new worry that business owners face. >> good morning. this is the last thing that those business owners wanted it hear. for the last few days, they were among just a couple counties here in the bay area not on the state's watch list because we're hearing now that that could soon change. county leaders believe that it could happen as soon as tuesday, tomorrow. so if that were to happen,
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churches, hairsalons, gyms, tattoo parlors, they would all have to close. business owners sharing their frustration. >> i think that we're lucky, but i don't think that we'd be able to stay that long. also with this last week, we have a lot of people from out of town too. >> our numbers are trending in the wrong direction. make no mistake about it. we suspect that it will be tuesday of this week. >> and the super vivisor said t hospitalizations are a main concern. and fewer people are becoming complacent and some san quentin patients are coming to dailiy y city's hospitals and that could be adding to the number. julian glover, abc 7 news. in the south bay, three pop-up testing sites will open
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up again in santa clara county. two are in san jose at the county of santa clara service center auditorium and san jose high school and one in gilroy at the south county annex. all three will be open starting tomorrow tuesday and then going through friday. the santa clara county public health department says the goal is to increase the overall number of tests em specially in hard hit communities. at the live desk, new data from early tests on the new coronavirus vaccine in britain is expected to be unveiled this morning. pressure is growing on the company astrazeneca to produce positive results from the early tests. the pharmaceutical company is working with the university of oxford researchers. moderna is also producing a vaccine that has shown promising results in early testing. "good morning america" will have more details on the bush for pu effective vaccine coming up at
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7:00. and this morning a sobering new record as the nation passes 140,000 covid-19 deaths. while the virus rages on, another debate is heating up between the president and his own party over a new aid package before the unemployment funding expires. katrina mitchell is in new york with the details. >> reporter: this morning president trump playing defense. >> i heard we have one of the lowest maybe the lowest mortality rate anywhere in the world. >> reporter: that claim false. data from johns hopkins university showing the u.s. with a higher mortality rate than russia and about tied with brazil. as daily u.s. cases approach 70,000, the president on fox news continuing his assertion that coronavirus will eventual disappear. >> our young people that would heal in a day, they have the snifr sniffles and we put it down as a test. >> the mayor of los angeles saying another shutdown is
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looming. >> reporter: and in texas, officials are bringing in refrigerated mobile morgues. >> there will be deaths awe hav to plan ahead with that. >> reporter: in florida, 12,400 new cases on sunday. and despite the surge, abc news confirming the president is balking at the idea of approving a senate republican plan for $25 billion in new funding for virus testing and tracing as well as grants for the cdc and nih. a white house official saying that trump is fully committed to, quote, a robust aid package that addresses real needs. that funding could stand in the way for a plan for a new coronavirus package. without any agreement, more than 25 million american s could los $600 a week in federal unemployment benefits that started in march. katrina mitchell, abc news, new york. hairstylists and barbers may soon be able to work outside.
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the state agency recently tweeted that it will share guidelines on how services can be performed. one stylist isn't waiting for that green light. the single mom is already serving clients outside. >> if you want to put me in jail, do it if you think that is right and that is fair. but i'm risking it, yes. >> california's long standing law requires barbers and stylists to work indoors. businesses in san francisco's chinatown are getting a boost on the weekends. abc 7 news was on grant avenue sunday. as you see, it is closed off to vehicles so people have more room to walk around. this also allows some restaurants to offer outdoor dining. for some, it was the first time they could see customers since march. other businesses have also thighthig noticed a difference. >> we've had very little foot traffic for months. and yesterday there were more people. i noticed it in the shop all day long. i had more walk-ins coming off the street looking at the shop.
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we had better sales yesterday than we've been having. >> so go give them a boost by visiting them, they will be closed down every weekend through september. even with precautions, any activity represents some level of risk. right now on our website, you can find the what's your risk quiz from haircuts to dinner parties, experts are helping figure out the safest way to go about your life. you can find it at an air quality advisory is in effect because of smoke drifting up from the central valley. the mineral fire in fresno county and other vegetation fires in the area are causing smoky and hazy skies. the mineral fire has burned more than 26,000 acres since it started about a week ago. officials say if you can, stay inside with your windows and doors closed until the smoke levels subside. yeah, the worst air quality will be in the san joaquin valley. we've been tracking that since
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last week. and what you will see is that is supposed to end at 10:00, but i've been looking at the smoke forecast and it is supposed to spill into the san joaquin valley even more so tomorrow. so this may be extended. let's talk temperatures, in the east bay we have pretty much mid to upper 50s across the board under mostly cloudy conditions. low 60s in antioch and also around san jose, los gatos, up the east bay shore, mid to upper 50s for the peninsula, the coast, san francisco and the north bay. here is a look at san jose where it is cloudy and about 62 degrees. lacking heat if you will be exercising and also lacking sunshine at the coast. and there is a small craft advisory. bridges will be a little gusty and ferry rides will be a little choppy. here is a look at san francisco, mid-60s this afternoon with not a lot of sunshine away from the
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bay. and 59 by 8:00. east bay, barely 70 for a couple hours this afternoon. 62 at 8:00. and for the peninsula, mid to upper 70s with more sunshine, and then 67 at 8:00. is take a lo a look at how long the cool weather will be around coming up. and good morning, everyone. we will start off with a live look showing u 101 in san rafael. this is usually pretty quiet and as you see, it still is this morning. the early commute is looking good, we had some slow traffic along the antioch bridge due to a stalled car. it looks like that is now moving fine. so tracy to dublin, about minutes. antioch to concord, 13 minutes. and san rafael, 15 minute ride. coming up next, the 7 things
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to know this morning. and giving kids a chance to socialize and learn together even if they aren't in physical school. the idea of pandemic pods. and one-on-one with alex trebek, he is talking about his new book, his health and why he cannot wait to get back to hosting. and we'll take a look
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here are the 7 things to know this morning. number one, indoor malls in san francisco are closed to the public starting today after the city put them on the watch list. nonessential offices will be closed too. number two, the only bay area county not on the watch list could be back on that list this week. san mateo county businesses say they are bracing for another round of closures because of surging infection rates. number three, today top republicans in congress are expected to meet with president trump to discuss the next coronavirus relief package.
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the proposal weposal would set trillion to help boost the economy. number four, baseball is back in the bay tonight, the as will host the giants in the first of two bay bridge series exhibition games. this will mark the first professional bay area sporting event since everything shut down in march. maybe i should do a forecast for your cut jutouts. below average temperatures for most of us today. even up to six degrees cooler in places like redwood city where you should be 82. onli only 76, enjoy the lack of heat. and number six, it looks like the early commute is off to a my start. just minor crashes that have come in this morning, but no major slowdowns. this is walnut creek and things are moving. and number seven, starting tonight part of highway 101 in san francisco will be closed approaching alameda boulevard, this is for a construction
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project. the traffic will be diverted on to 280. at the live desk, the mayor of portland, oregon is demanding federal agents leave his city. specialized teams have flooded the streets after weeks of protests in the city. portland mayor ted wheeler calls their presence a, quote, threat to american democracy and he did not even ask for the federal government's help to contain what has been happening for several weeks. seven weeks exactly of unrest in response to the police custody death of george floyd in minneapolis. agents have been making arrests and detaining protesters. over the weekend president trump defended calling in federal help. >> you know, if you look at what has gone on in portland, those are anarchists and we've taken a tough stand. if we didn't take a stand in portland, we've arrested many of
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these leaders, if we didn't take that stand, you would have a problem. they were going to lose portland. >> no question that this is a sin kalg employ on t c cynical ploy. they are targeting other democratically controlled cities. >> mayor wheerl believes this is a politically motivated move to support trump's own base. oregon's attorney general is suing a number of federal agencies saying they are detaining people without probable cause. and now in seattle an abolished i.c.e. rally turned violent when a group ofdalizingd downtown businesses. you are watching here as they were turning their attention to a tv news crew demanding the photographer turn off the camera and they were using an umbrella to block the lens. dozens of activists are marching in san francisco calling on city
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leaders to disband the police department. this peaceful march started at a high school and the group called the every 28 foundation organized the protest. the union representing san francisco police officers responded to calls to disbanding the department by saying that reckless proposals such as this would be a dream come gang members and krinlcriminals president trump is pushing back on efforts to rename military bases. one of those is ft. bragg. >> go to that community, a great state. love that state. go to the community, say how do you like the idea of renaming ft. bragg? and then what are we going to name it? are you going to name it after the reverend al sharpton?
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>> ft. bragg in mend see know county is also named for the confederate general.see know county is also named for the confederate general. in "first look," some parents who are worried about sending their kids back to school are banding together. they are creating so-called smaller pandemic pods. here is erielle reshef. >> reporter: in "first look," they are being called pandemic pods. gathering small groups of students and paying for a private teacher. the co-creator of the facebook a glu group -- >> how can we solve these problems together, share ideas, connect with other people. >> reporter: and as covid-19 cases surge in portions of the country and schools grapple as to how and when to open safely -- >> our goal is to help impeaches and care givers and teachers figure out something that will work. >> reporter: but what about free
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options? coming up at 7:00 a.m., r simmons weighs in live with strategies that won't cost a center. i'm erielle reshef, abc news, new york. and the coronavirus forced aids walk to go virtual for the first time in its 34 year history. but activists were still able to team up with their counter parts in new york for a fundraiser. here is eric thom >> first time that they have been united. railroads vanessa williams wasn't the only big star taking part. >> people like bette midler gloria he estefan are joining m their homes. ♪ things rarely go as planned >> reporter: the same covid-19 fear that is forced these big name entertainers to give up
5:19 am
touring made them available. here in san francisco be, dan ashley hosted the local portion and introduced us to local aids activists who are trying hard to overcome the factors that contribute to the spread of h ichlts v. >> historic discrimination that has led to health disparity, mental health, substance use, homelessness and poverty. >> reporter: the crowds of 20,000 walkers may have been an september, but one thing has not changed. the generosity of people on both coasts. >> and because of you, aids walk san francisco and aids walk new york have already raised well over 2 milli$2 million. >> that is wonderful. >> i can't take looking at gloria estefan who seriously looks like she is still 32 years old. >> a why wnd heard house on the? she looks like i'll sit here and
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be beautiful in this beautiful home. >> look what a 23450is snice su does to your skin. >> yeah, and just enough humidity. >> yeah, i was watching the weather through her windows, didn't look like the best day. let's look at the roof camera. we'll say where is the heat this week when i look at the 7 day forecast. and some of you may not even care. and i understand. a break from summer heat almost all week, and cloudy nights with isolated drizzle. and slight warming this weekend. let's take a look at the fog forecast. notice parts of the bay not even clearing out by noon. north of the is an made day's bridge are up to the
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richmond-san rafael bridge, still plenty of cloud cover there. and along coast, we never completely get rid of the cloud cover. so let's see its effect on the temperatures. from 77 in sunnyvale, 84 in morgan hill. up the peninsula, we drop into the upper 60s, even cooler along the coast, only about 61 to 63 degrees. same thing 63 in downtown san francisco even with just a little more sunshine. 68 in sausalito, low 60s along the coast. and mid-70s to upper 70s through most of the north bay valleys from calistoga northward. low to mid-80s in the inland valleys. you can see the blanket of gray is keeping us in the 50s, great sleeping weather once again. so wednesday will be one of our cooler days with a better chance of drizzle in the morning. temperatures pretty steady through friday and then just a degree or two warmer saturday and sunday.
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enjoy. alex trebek's memoir is coming out today. and in it he talks about his ongoing battle with stage four pancreatic cancer. c.j. holmes has been speaking with him and here he is talking about what life has been like off the air. >> do you need this show to get back into production? >> it sure as hell would be nice to get back to work. i miss it. it has been part of my life a very important part of my life for 36 years. >> for a preview of his memoir and to see more of the interview, tune into "good morning america" at 7:00. the daughter of prince than drew is sharing photos of her private wedding friday. they chose a private event after coronavirus of course disrupted their plans.
5:23 am
she borrowed a vintage wedding dress from the queen and wore her wedding tiara. queen elizabeth the bride's grandmother was in attendance. pretty. well, a >> nice. >> i was reading how they tailored the queen's dress for her. so that is really special to wear your grandmother's dress. a flreebie today, but you have to be a specific age to get the deal. and also expanded testing, the new health order that is expected to make it easier to find out if you have coronavirus. and as we fight coronavirus, california is mandating face masks to stop the spread and that is why abc 7 wants to remind to you wear a mask for yourself, for your loved one
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as promised, we'll take a look at the fire forecast for august. and of course it is not very good considering the winter we had and the lack of rain.
5:26 am
and it is mainly the northern half of the state that will be in the highest risk of above average likelihood for wildfires. and that does include most of the bay area. of course it will only get worse as we get into september and october. and we'll take a look at those later on during the week. a restaurant is asking customers not to wear masks. apple br apple bistro says no no no and of course this has generated a lot of comments. if the owner does not comply, the county could suspend its license to serve food. supporters say you can't wear a mask and eat anyway. the owner has refused to comment. in san antonio, customersuss
5:27 am
can walk through a mist before going into a restaurant. 9 chlorine based 34i6k 99.7% of germs. happening today, free brurgbrur burgers, amy's drive-thru is celebrating its fifth anniversary. and it is giving away free veggie burgers today, but you have to be five years old. there are only two locations, one in reasonohner park and ther inside sfo. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including nfl players making it known what they think about rushing rus returning to the game. and the popular vacation spot getting ready to ban all commercial flights from the u.s. >> reporter: a new round of closures is coming to san
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new shutdowns in san francisco, the closures happening today now that the county is on the state's watch list. financial help for people struggling during the pandemic, the steps in a new relief package. and the first professional bay area sporting event since things shut down in march. what we can expect to see in the bay bridge series which starts tonight. >> good morning, it is monday, july 20th. >> of course you are never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. here is march. >> dress your card board cutouts for temperatures in the 60s for those games. you can see cloud cover just about everywhere. here is a look from the
5:31 am
exploratorium camera. and you see the top of the sales force oig tower not easy to see and there is some isolated areas of drizzle especially in the higher elevations. so we have 60s from half moon bay at 61, san francisco 68. low to mid-70s for the rest of the bay. upper 70s to mid-80s in the south bay. mid to upper 70s in the north bay and low to mid-80s in the east bay. definitely looking heat today and for most of the seven day forecast. i'll show you that coming up. let's get back kumasi for the news of the day. abc 7 news is focused on five areas to build a better bay area. the changing work place, education, race and social justice, health and the economy. the recent surge in coronavirus cases we know is taking a toll on the economy, but new shutdowns are going into effect today in san francisco. amy hollyfield is live in the city with what is now closed.
5:32 am
>> reporter: look at there's relatively new signs that now must come down. the westfield mall here on market street will pay the price for the increase in coronavirus cases and it will have to close. it will not be open anymore. indoor malls and nonessential offices must now close. many business owners are saying they aren't sure that they can survive this. we talked to the owner of a perfume store that had just reopened in the westfield mall and now he will close again. >> over 47% of our chamber business members have he had that they either lost 100% of sales or shut down permanently. >> reporter: yeah, the san francisco chamber of commerce did that dismal survey with a lot of bad news for business owners. the city's health officer attributes the increase of cases of the virus to people gathering with others from different
5:33 am
households, especially young people. no word on how long the new shutdown will be in place. in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. san francisco city officials are issuing a new health order in an effort to expand testing. it requires health care providers to offer same day testing for people who have symptoms or people who have been in close contact with an infected person. they will also be required to test shasymptomatic workers who are first responders or in the health care industry. today top republicans in congress are expected to meet with the president to discuss the next coronavirus relief package. mitch mcconnell is set to roll out the $1 trillion package in just a few days. jobina fortson has more on that. >> yes, thank you. the republican proposal as you mentioned would set aside $1 trillion to boost the economy and that would include another $1200 stimulus check for many
5:34 am
families. about $25 million for testing and tracing could hold up the entire thing. president trump is opposed to additional funding for testing. a white house official says the president is fully committed to, quote, a row but aid package that addresses real needs and, quote, also in question this morning is $600 a week unemployment boost. that is set to run out this week. many people across the country have been receiving that and republicans are considering an extension here, looking at around $200 to $400 a week instead. governor newsom is expected to give an update on the covid-19 response at noon today. we'll carry it live on air and stream it on our website and as well as the abc 7 news app. last week the governor said counties on the watch list will not be allowed to reopen schools this fall. and that learning will continue online. oakland's community food market is closed now for at least the next 72 hours because they have
5:35 am
to deep clean it. and this is because an employee tested positive for coronavirus there. managers say other employees have been exposed to the virus possibly, so the market will review its safety policy and consult with the alameda county health department. an army vet and corrections officer in san quentin is in an icu battling covid-19. according to state data, san quentin has 925 inmates with confirmed cases. and more than 1,000 have are already recovered. 234 employees have also tested positive. sergeant polonco is on life support after becoming infected with the virus. he was admitted to the hospital july 3. shortly after that, both his daughter and wife were diagnosed with covid-19. both are symptomatic be and they are in quarantine. his son is deployed in south korea. he joined the army inspireded by
5:36 am
his father. >> my job is to protect and search my country. and my country is being defeated by something that i can't protect my own family c. and my country is being defeated by something that i can't protect my own family from. >> friends, family and just we would wishers have come through in a big way for this family raising $57,000 in a gofundme campaign to help them cover medical expenses. happening today, hundreds of health care workers in the north bay will walk off the job for a five day strike. workers at santa rosa memorial hospital are protesting against proposed increasing to employee health care costs, reductions in paid time off and the lack of ppe. the hospital says some services are being rescheduled, but the emergency department will be fully staffed while workers strike. coming up, the push for racial equity in san francisco
5:37 am
and other u.s. cities. their demands. and the cast of a movie partly based right here in the bay area comes together for a good cause today. t parent trap reunion 22 years later. oh, wow. 20 years, mike. time goes by fast, i guess. >> seems like just yesterday lindsey will he than way lohan coming actress. i didn't hve to change but like one temperature compared to when i updated these last time friday. they are almost exactly the same. cloudy conditions, about 53 in ocean beach to 57 in the marina. and you look around a lot of mid to upper 50s. tracy, union city, palg low o a temperatures around 60 to 62 there. let's talk about your commute weather wise. north of the bay bridge through the delta, the same southwesterly breeze that will be blowing across the bridges
5:38 am
and creating choppy ferry rides. and we're in the 60s in the north bay through about 10:00. and then we'll start to shake the clouds and hit the upper 70s for a couple hours this afternoon. 66 with sunshine at 8:00. here is a look at the south bay where we'll have cloud cover through 8:00 and then sunshine about and about 67 at 10:00. we'll hit the upper 70s for a couple hours this afternoon. down to 68 and sunshine at 8:00. and then for the east bay valleys, we're in the 60s through 10:00, 75 at noon, low 80s during the afternoon hours. and 68 at 8:00. enjoy the break from needing the air conditioner saving yourself a little bit of money. and it was great that you mentioned the breezy conditions because at 5:10, the chp did issue a high wind advisory for the about a kneebenicia bridge.
5:39 am
and we'll check in on the south bay right now, a live look in san jose showing 101, pretty clear traffic down there this morning. you can see it is beginning to pick up for people headed northbound. across the bay area, no major crashes or blocking issues. our drive times, we have san francisco to sfo, 9 minutes. highway 238 to the maze, 13 minutes. and highway 85 to the san jose airport, a 12 minute ride.
5:40 am
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that could help you live longer. including options that are chemo-free. because we're committed to bringing new hope into lung cancer care. let's open up the weather window on the roof camera. good monday morning. it is 56 degrees there. you will see the breezes are up a little bit. not all the flags are unfurled right now. temperatures in the mid to upper
5:42 am
50s. around 60 this afternoon at the coast where the clouds will be most stubborn. 69 to 75 at noon with still some clouds around the bay. 76 to 81 at 4:00. where is the heat? back in the 60s and 70s by 7:00. the worst air quality continues to be in the san joaquin valley. there is an advisory and we'll talk more about that coming up. 89 sacramento and mitt to upper 80s in the sierra with thunderstorms possible.d to upp 80s in the sierra with thunderstorms possible. s fbi is asking for the public's help to find a gunman who attacked a federal judge's home. investigators say someone dressed as a fedex driver arrived at the home in new jersey of judge esther salas. her son daniel, a freshman in college, opened the door and was immediately shot and killed. the judge's husband who is a
5:43 am
criminal defense attorney was then shot several times. he is in critical condition. judge salas was in the basement and wauz was unharmed. her neighbors are stunned. >> when my grandson would come to visit from california, he spent a lot of time with daniel. i'd take them to new york. and when they came to california, they took my grandson out. so the kids remained friends. >> the motive this morning is still unknown. investigators are looking into whether the shooting may be connected to her husband's work as a criminal defense attorney. judge salas was the first latina to serve on the federal bench in new jersey. today hundreds of union members and activists in san francisco will rally against racial injustice to build a better bay area. they want to support black lives and invest in public services that help minority groups. protesters will meet today at noon socially distanced. and this is part of a nationwide
5:44 am
call for quit tid. there are planned protests today in more than two dozen cities. a new "black lives matter" street mural is at the gardens. it reading all black trans, year, nonbinary, women, disabled andism prisoned lives matter. fbruarys of the tgi justice project and year art center are calling for solidarity. members also planted fresh flowers. today georgia democrats will meet to discuss who will replace late congressman john lewis on the november ballot. lewis died friday after battling pancreatic cancer. his family spoke publicly for the first time yesterday. >> while we grieve the loss of this legend, we're blessed to know that he touched so many people on globe. he fought to the end. he was a fighter with a tenacious spirit, but he was also gracious and kind hearted.
5:45 am
>> this morning there are about a half million signatures on a petition to rename the edmund pettus bridge in selma to the john lewis bridge. in 1965, a state trooper beat lewis on the bridge during a a protes protest. we're getting a new look at be i don't know say's new visual album set to premiere on disney plus starting next friday. ♪ it is called black is king. it is based on music from her 2019 album the lion king the gift. it reimagines lessons of the movie for today's black youth. it was filmed in various locations including new york, l.a., south africa, west africa, london and belgium. disney is the parent company of abc 7. the '90s version of the
5:46 am
parent trap turns 22 today and for the first time since the release of that film, the cast is reuniting virtually for charity. lindsay lohan, dennis quaid will join other cast members to share their favorite moments. and some scenes were filmed here in the bay area. the reunion will help raise money for the world center kitchen nonprofit. >> do you feel old, friend? >> i feel old all the time now. but, yes. i assume you were talking to me. mike? >> it is obvious me, i'm older than both of you. thanks for not pointing out the obvious. i've never seen that movie all the way through. >> i haven't seen it either. >> now we have a reason.
5:47 am
>> i have. and lindsey was so good in that movie. >> really? >> right. >> she really was. >> maybe i'll watch it. let's watch this, this is the bay bridge toll plaza. i'm showing you it because you can't see the east bay hills. and so places got drizzle. so it is possible as you are commuting this morning that you may need the windshield wipers depending on where you are going through. so we get a break from the summer heat just about the entire 7 day forecast with gray clouds blanketing us with very comfortable sleeping weather at night. and just a slight warming this weekend. we'll try to get back to average for those who miss summer because it is not in this forecast. look at this by noon, we're still seeing plenty of clouds along the coast. the coastal valleys and still punching through the golden gate bridge and down to the san mateo
5:48 am
bridge, responsible to have cloud cover. look how quickly it comes back at 7:00. so in the south bay, we have 77 to 79 through most of the south bay. and then places like los gatos, morgan hill, possibly low to mid-80s. upper 60s millbrae, san mateo. low to mid-70s for the rest of the peninsula. 60 to 63 along the peninsula coast. and look how gray it will be. 63 this downtown to 67 at south san francisco, sausalito, 68. cloverdale northward, upper 80s to mid-90s. 69 in berkeley, even else every0 to 75. and inland, about 80 to 86 degrees. and check out the temperatures tonight, even in the 50s with cloud cover. and the accuweather 7 day forecast, pretty steady thursday and friday away from the coast saturday and sunday.
5:49 am
the cliff house is temporarily closed. they were preparing to reopen for indoor dining, but that was put on hold after a spike in coronavirus cases earlier in month. yesterday was the last day for takeout. in a letter posted on facebook, the restaurant says that it is hanging on to its resources so that it can reopen in the future. pg&e is working on a major pipeline replacement project in the north bay. there will be overnight lane closures and detours s tiburon boulevard now through september. crews will work between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. they are replacing old service line which is have been in use since 1929. samsung is teasing what is expected to be a new versio of galaxy fold smartphone. there are clues about a grand unveiling during an august 5
5:50 am
e67b event. observers note that there could be a new galaxy tab, a note 5g ultra and galaxy earbuds. kentucky fried chicken conspiring with a russian company for a new menu item, what the colonel is expected to create in a lab. but first, be the crackdown on u.s. flights heading into the bahamas. plus masks required, the six big chains that are rolling out new rules nationwide today. and abc 7 has launched new streaming apps, so wherever you are, you can get the live newscasts, breaking news, weather and more with the new bay area app on apple tv, android tv, fire tv and rok
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walmart, sam's, and requiring masks. walmart says that 65% of its stores are already in states where there is some law requiring masks like here in california. and also starting today, delta air lines says passengers who can't wear masks for medical reasons are subject to a health screens before get on the flight. the airline says people who don't want to wear masks should reconsider flying all together, but if they have to fly, they will be given a private health screening over the phone and then that will determine whether they can fly without a mask. you won't be flying delta or anyone else to get to the bahamas because it is closing its doors to most visitors from the u.s. starting wednesday. all commercial flights from the u.s. will be banned starting wednesday. commercial flights from canada,
5:54 am
britain and the european union are allowed. but all visit toir toshore ors t they tested negative within the last ten days. and some players took to social media to urge the nfl to listen to experts. the league informed teams that can open on time even though health and safety protocols are still on going. players are scheduled to report by next tuesday. baseball is back in the bay tonight. the giants and as play their first of two bay bridge series exhibition games. the as host tonight at the coliseum and this will mark the first bay area sporting event since things went down in march. the giants will host at oracle park tomorrow night. and these two games serves as a great tuneup before the regular season begins later this week. >> it is important that we do get to play a couple games
5:55 am
against another team that will feel like a real game as opposed to what we've been doing because our guys are starting to tire a little bit of this format. >> we're pretty excited that opening day is coming, and that we have a real exhibition series to look forward to. >> the league and players are talking about how they are incorporate social justice elements into the sport. it could either be a logo placed on un00 forms or something that players can share. i have friends that are giants fans and they showed us their pictures for their card board cutout and i'm like they are going to freeze in their short sleeves. i thought it was funny. something that is not so funny, because of the lack of rain during the rain season, look at this, the fire forecast for august has the north bay and parts of the east bay pegged in above afrk liverage likelihood forest fires erupting during august. and it is usually worse in september and october.
5:56 am
coming up, kanye west on the campaign trail. >> he has a surprise bid to become president. and also topics twisting and turning last night, we have full highlights of the stump speech in california. f south carolina. for a lot of people, it did not go well. and what we could return today about a promising advantage being seen. . and we're hearing from county supervisors that things in san mateo county could roll things back as early as tomorrow. and we'll leave you with a live look outside at the embarcadero.
5:57 am
amazing school district. the hoa has been very involved. these shrubs aren't board approved. you need to break down your cardboard. thank you. violation. violation. i see you've met cynthia. at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. and it does help us save a bunch of money.
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our numbers are trendinging in the wrong direction, make no mistake about it. >> the one bay area county so far able to escape the state's watch list may now have no chance but to be added in the next couple of days. this morning we are digging into the reasons why. good morning, happy monday. it is july 20th. happy to see all of you friends
6:00 am
in the quad box. and happy to check in with you, mike, for a look at our forecast. >> how about the milestone, 120 days working from home today. how about that. let's take a look at what is going on. hope you had great weekends. 37-mile-per-hour wind in fairfield, so we have a little gusty conditions trying to drive highway 80, 6 of 880 and 78 can't see the top of the salesforce tower. there has been a little drizzle out there in the higher elevations. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s through 7:00. we'll be near 60 this afternoon, mainly cloudy at the coast. clouds still around the bay at noon, 75 to 82, that sounds pretty comfortable for middle of july at 4:00. and 69 to 72 at


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