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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 20, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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in the quad box. and happy to check in with you, mike, for a look at our forecast. >> how about the milestone, 120 days working from home today. how about that. let's take a look at what is going on. hope you had great weekends. 37-mile-per-hour wind in fairfield, so we have a little gusty conditions trying to drive highway 80, 6 of 880 and 78 can't see the top of the salesforce tower. there has been a little drizzle out there in the higher elevations. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s through 7:00. we'll be near 60 this afternoon, mainly cloudy at the coast. clouds still around the bay at noon, 75 to 82, that sounds pretty comfortable for middle of july at 4:00. and 69 to 72 at 7:00.
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san mateo's economy could take another hit this week. right now the county is not on the state's watch list, but that could change in a matter of days. the economy is one of the areas we're looking in to as we try to build a better bay area during this pandemic. in san mateo county, they have had hair salons and nail salon, they have been able to go to the gym, but we don't know how long that will last. julian glover is live >> good morning, reggie. really the last thing that the business owners wanted to hear. as you mentioned, san mateo county was the only county here not on the state's watch list but it looks that that is about to change. by tomorrow, that is what county leaders are saying at this point. if this were to happen, that means churches, hair salons, gyms, barker shops, tattoo parlor, they would all have to close until those numbers are able to go back down. business owners sharing their
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frustration this morning. >> i think that we're lucky, but i don't think that we'd be able to stay that long. also with this last week, we have a lot of people from out of county. >> and our numbers are trending in the wrong direction, make no mistake about it. we suspect that it will be tuesday of this week. >> the supervisor says thathosp the main concerns. and also fewer people are wearing masks. and he mentioned that some of the san quentin patients are beginning to come to a hospital in daly city so adding to the higher numbers. and as you heard from that business owner, she said that she was beginning to get a lot of clients from other counties. so perhaps that too was adding to the rising numbers there in san mateo county. julian glover, abc 7 news. in the south bay, three pop-up testing sites will open up again in santa clara county
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tomorrow. and all three are open tuesday through friday. the santa clara county public health department says that the goal is to increase the overall number of tests especially in hard hit communities. at the live desk, new data from early tests on the new coronavirus vaccine in britain is expected to be unveiled this morning. pressure is growing on the company astrazeneca to produce positive results from the early tests. the pharmaceutical company is working with the university of oxford researchers and will sell the shot at a cost during the pandemic. moderna is also producing a vaccine that has shown promising results in early testing. "good morning america" will have more on the details and the push for an effective advantage be
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ev vaccine coming unat 7:00. california's hairstylists and barbers may soon be able to do their work outside. the state agency that oversees barbers recently tweeted that it will soon share guidelines on how services can be performed. one stylist in san diego is not waiting for the green lights. the single mom is already serving clients outdoors. >> if you want to put me in jail, get my license, do it if you think that is right. but i'm risking it, yes. >> california's long standing law requires barbers and stylists to work indoors. businesses in chinatown are getting a boost on the weekends. grant avenue was closed off to vehicles so people have more room to walk around. this also allowed some restaurants to offer outdoor dining. for some, it is the first time that they could seat customers since march. and businesses have noticed a difference. >> we've had very little foot traffic for months.
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and yesterday there were more people. and i noticed it in the shop all day long. i had more walk-ins coming off the street, we had better sales yesterday than we've been having. >> grant avenue will be closed down every weekend through september. and even with precautions, any activity represents some level of risk. and right now on our website, you can find the what is your risk quiz. from haircuts to dinner parties, experts are helping you figure out the safest way to go about your life. you can find about it at portland ro protests are fr center and what president trump is saying. and kanye's campaign free style, his speech in south carolina. but first, happening right now, an air quality advisory is in effect in the bay area because of smoke that is drifting up from the central
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valley. the mineral fire and other vegetation fires are causing some smoky skies. the mineral fire has burned more than 20,000 acres since it started. and officials are saying if you can, make sure you stay inside with your windows and doors closed. mike, i know that is something that you are looking at. >> yeah, we'll look at where the smoke is going and how much longer it will hang around and the fire forecast for august. short term, we'll show you that there is no summer in this
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let's head down to the south bay where it is cloudy this
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morning. temperatures from 57 in morgan hill, 59 in milpitas. you can see temperatures in the mid to upper 50s in just about all other neighborhoods, brentwood oig around 60 to 62. and check out the smoky sunrise from mt. tam this morning. smoke is not good, but it sure makes for colorful sunrises. looking heat and sunshine for your exercise. and the small craft advisory from about 2:00 to 9:00 north of the bay bridge through the delta. look at the lack of sunshine in san francisco today and temperatures in the 50s through 8:00, low to mid 60s rest of the afternoon and early evening hours. we're in the 60s through at least noon in the east bay. we'll shed the clouds for a couple hours, that will help push us to 70, but down to 62 by the evening hours. and the peninsula, we're in the 60s through 10:00. full-on sunshine from noon through about 6:00 and low to mid 70s and partly cloudy 66 if you are heading out at 8:00.
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we'll take a look at the 7 day forecast coming up next. hello, everyone. we do have a high wind advisory for the benicia bridge. and we'll check in now a live camera outside and see the conditions in oakland, this is our 880 at the coliseum camera. for reference, the headlights are making their way south. a clear ride in both directions and no major blocking areas around the area at the moment. albany to the maze, about five minutes. fremont to san jose, 14 minutes. and highway 101 to cupertino, about 10 minutes. only slowdown i'm seeing is out of tracy. and there is a new push to keep cal train running. leaders want vet voters tooo decide on a ballot issue.
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cal train depends on fares for about 70% of its budget, but ridership as we know has been way down because of the pandemic. some san francisco supervisors said that they have bigger priorities than the sales tax. kanye west is apparently still in the presidential election. he campaigned in south carolina ad had an emotional pro-life speech. today is south carolina's deadline to file signatures as an independent candidate. during the rally last night, he said that marijuana should be free and he promised $1 million for everyone who has a baby. he also broke into tees talki tg about wanting his wife to have an abortion. >> i almost killed my
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no more. >> he clarified that he thinks that abortion should be legal but that there should be more support for those who need the support. his team is planning to announce more campaign events including one in new york. just made, we get you to the very latest on the protests in portland and what president trump is saying about the deployment of federal agents. plus no masks at one northern california restaurant. we'll show you where an owner is asking customers to take them off when they come in. and as we head to break, a live
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activists marnlgtsi s march francisco calling to city leaders to disbachnd the police department. a group called the every 28 foundation organized this. the union representing san francisco police officers responded to calls for disbanding the department by saying, quote, reckless proposals such as disbanding police departments will be a dream come true for gang members and criminals. at the live desk, the mayor of portland, oregon is demanding federal agents leave his city. specialized team from the department of homeland security and other federal agencies have flooded the streets after protests for several weeks now. portland mayor wheell portla portland mayor wheeler says he did not have for the government's help to contain what has been happen fogging seven weeks there.
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agents have been detaining protesters and over the weekend president trump defended calling in federal help. >> if you look at what has gone on in port lachbd, those ain poe take a stand in portland, right now you would be a problem. they were going to lose portland. >> no question in my min that there is a very cynical ploy on the part of the trump white house, targeting not only portland, but other democratically controlled cities. >> mayor wheeler says that he believe this is is a politically motivated move to support president trump's own base. and oregon's attorney general is suing a number of federal agencies saying that they are detaining people without probable cause and violating their civil lrights. in seattle an abolish i.c.e. rally turned violence when they began vandalizing and looting downtown businesses.
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they also turned their tensiattn to a tv news crew. and in san francisco, a possible end to mandatory jail time for nonviolent drug offend ders. this is part of senator scott weaner's new criminal justice reform platform. he gives judges an alternative to jail for those convicted of drug possession. they say there is urgent need to reduce prison population. and aids walk had to do things differently this year, but they were able to bring together some really big names to raise money for this critical cause. ♪ things rarely go as planned ld >> love seeing that. so the same covid-19 fears that forced big name entertainers to give up touring means that they wer available to help take on
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another deadly virus. bette midler and gore i can't he is gloria he is receive gone joined from their homes. and because of you, aids walk san francisco and aids walk new yorkhe is receive gone joined from their homes. and because of you, aids walk san francisco and aids walk new york have raised well over $2 million. >> dan ashley hosted the local portion of the fund raiser and we're a long time sponsor. nice to see. >> gloria and xwchbette. i'm here for her and the lashes. she was cute. >> she is cute. >> amazing how empty the park was compared to how it is on a normal aids walk when there is so much energy and activity out there. but glad we could do it virtually.
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i want to show you this picture from mt. tam. the sun is breaking free of the smoke right now. and a break from summer heat, the first accuweather highlight. and then we have cloudy nights with isolated drizzle out there just like this morning. so if you have been sleeping well with the windows open, we have more of those for you. slight warming this weekend and i mean slight. here is a look at the fog forecast. and notice by the time we get to noon, still plenty of cloud cover between the san mateo bridge and richmond-san rafael bridge and along the coast. that does shrink a little bit, but not the coast. by 7:00, it is already starting to fill in the bay once on again. in the south bay, from clouds to sunshine, 77 in sunnyvale to about 85 in gill roroyroyroy cloudy along the coast all day, low to mid-60s there. a little more sunshine on the bay side. 63 in downtown san francisco.
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through the mort bay valnorth bs and some sunshine. as you move into the east bay valleys, a tuchb some sunshine. and tonight some clouds and we'll be in the 50s. tomorrow about the same. wednesday is the best day for widespread drizzle in the morning and then a slightly cooler afternoon. thursday and friday will be a lot like today and tomorrow and you can see maybe a degree or two saturday and sunday especially inland where temperatures will try to get back to average while the rest of us still a little cooler than we should be. enjoy it. we'll turn now to ginger zee with a live look at what is happening on gma this morning. >> nice to be with everybody.
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coming up, we'll start with on the brink. hospital beds filling up again, and now people are having trouble finding tests in some places. and new study on kids, finding that older children could spread it as much as adults. we'll talk to a leading public health expert live. and also an exclusive, alex trebek with t.j., the good days ansd t and the bad and his plans for returning to jeopardy and why he changed his mind and did write a memoir. and plus a lot of parents are getting desperate and creative. so now they are turning to so-called pandemic pods, bringing back the return to one room schoolhouses if you will. we'll talk about what that means and what it potentially could do for you. and then the trending study on sunscreen and chemicals, what you need to know before you head out this morning all from patricia heaton.
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yeah, she'll join us too. she actually answers which family, like sitcom family, she would have wanted to quarantine with. so good stuff coming up. >> okay, so now of course i have to ask both of you, we'll start with ginger, do you have a pick? >> see, she made a good play for the goldbergs and i guess i could see that because you'd be well taken care of, it might be very entertaining. >> good. i like it. kumasi, what do you say? >> i don't think that i have a pick. >> you don't? >> don't judge me. you go. >> i should clarify, it was from the shows that she was in. >> oh, that she was in. oh, i can't do that. abo but i think that i would go way back to family ties. alex p. keykeyton, in a whole
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situation. >> if you say that, skreechl saved by tbell, i have a lot of ideas. >> ginger, to be honest, sometimes i think that you are living with screech's family from saved by the bell. >> that may be true. >> no shade, but sometimes it is like that. ginger, always a pleasure seeing you. we'll talk to you later. >> we saw the earthquake grace in bold was offering a grant program. i signed up and i was actually
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selected it leaves the house in tack. you now know that in the next earthquake your house will be standing and we also got a discount on our earthquake insurance. if there is an earthquake. our house has a better chance of surviving in.
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let's take a look at the air quality. still haved adviso the advisory. and i want to show you the forecast for august. you can see the key down there in the middle, red, not good. in a means that we have an above average likelihood of wildfires
6:26 am
during august and especially the northern part of the bay area. gen . and a restaurant is asking customers to not wear facial coverings. apple bistro just off highway 50, a sign in front says no oxygen deprivation masks. it has generated dozens of neglect perspective of responat. and if they get a warning, they could suspend its liar sencense seven food. but some people say that you can't wear a mask and eat anyway.rve food. but some people say that you can't wear a mask and eat anyway. the owner has not commented. happening today, you can get a free burger, but there is a catch. amy's drive-thru is celebrating its fifth birthday. it is a fast food vegetarian restaurant and it is giving away free burgers, but only to fellow
6:27 am
five-year-olds. there are only two locations, one in rohner park and the other at sfo. this could be like a way to get kids to think about maybe different types ofburgers. and coming up next -- all right a new round of shutdowns today in san francisco as some businesses will pay the price for the increase in covid-19 cases. that story coming up. you hope whoever is in there, that they have a good officer that treats them well and fair. and he is that guy. he is that leader. >> covid-19 showing few signs of and this morning one of the guards is fighting for his life. hear how his family describes what he is going through. and financial help on the way for those struggling during the pandemi
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a few people are saying that they won't be able to sustain take and we're thinking the same thing. and san francisco's step back. businesses already pushed to the brink and now being told to close back up today as another bay area county looms of warning shutdowns in the days ahead. and staying home from work, in a national day of action. what would that look like in the bay area? plus -- >> we're excited that opening day is coming.
6:31 am
a good morning on this monday, july 20th sglch . >> hi, mike. >> let's take about what is going on weather wide. hopefully you had a great weekend. we had a little bit of fog out there. drizzle is falling at the higher elevations outside of fair field. that is up at about 1900 feet.
6:32 am
you see the fog and low clouds from mount tam. here is a look at our temperatures and that is not summerlike anywhere. low to mid-60s half moon bay, san francisco, 68 in san mateo, 70 to 75 around the bay. mid to upper 70s in the north bay low to mid-80s in the east bay. and we'll have the 7 day forecast coming up. and abc 7 is focused on five areas. the changing workplace, education, race, social justice, health and the economy. a rise in covid-19 cases and hospitalizations is forcing san francisco to hit the brakes in its reopening process. today all nonessential offices and indoor malls have to close and some of these businesses just opened up over the weekend. but here is the reason why city leaders say they have no choice.
6:33 am
we put together a graph that shows you the rolling average of new daily cases and it shot up in the bay area since mid june. the decision of course still a major blow to these businesses. and amy hollyfield is live in the city with more on that. >> reporter: tough to see these signs. they were full of hope, come on in, and now those signs will have to come down. this shopping mall here on market shop will pay the price for the increase in coronavirus cases. it will have to close down in-door malls and nonessential offices. because san francisco made the state's watch list. many business owners are now saying they are not sur that they can survive this. we talked to the owner of a perfume store that had just reopened in the westfield mall and now he will close again. >> it is just going to hurt business. pretty sad actually.
6:34 am
but this pandemic, we cannot do anything. you just have to stay home, you know. >> reporter: 47% of business members say that they havelelos or have are shut down. and they contribute the increase in cases to large gatherings. and they say we need to social distancing and wear masks. no word on how the new round of shutdowns will last. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. and san francisco city officials are issuing a new health order today, an he was to expand testing. it requires health care providers to offer same day testing for people with symptoms or people who have been in close contact with an infected person.
6:35 am
they will also test asymptomatic workers in the health care industry. and today top republicans are expected to meet with president trump to discuss the next coronavirus relief package. jobina fortson has what this could mean. >> as you mentioned, this republican roam would set aside about $1 trillion to boost the economy and that would include an additional $1200 stimulus check to help many families across the country. $25 million for coronavirus testing and tracing could hold the whole thing up. president trump is opposed to additional funding for testing. a white house official says the president is fully committed to a robust aid package. and also in question is $600 a week unemployment boost that people are receiving right now.
6:36 am
last week the governor said that counties on the watch list could not reopen their schools this fall. and the oakland food pantry will be closed for the next 72 hours for a deep cleaning. and this is because an employee tested positive for coronavirus there. managers say other employees may have been exposed to the virus and the market will review its safety policy and consult with the alameda county health department. and we want to clear up the confusion of what is open and closed. so to keep track of it all, just go to and we're continually updating this
6:37 am
interactive map so that with one click you can find answers. an army veteran and corrections officer at san quentin is in the icu battling covid-19 and is on a ventilator. so many people now infected because of this breakout. according to state data, san quentin has 925 inmates with confirmed cases. but already 1,000 have recovered. and 234 employees have also tested positive. this is corrections sergeant gilbert polonco. he is on life support after becoming infected. he was admitted to the hospital july 3 shortly after that, both his daughter and wife were diagnosed with covid-19. both are zichl oig asymptomatic are quarantined. and his son is in south korea with the army. >> my job is to protect and serve my country and my country is being defeated by something i
6:38 am
can't protect my own family from. and that really affects me. >> friends, family and well wishers have come through in a big way for the family raising $57,000 in a gofundme campaign to help them cover medical expenses. happening today, hundreds of health care workers in the north bay will walk off their job. workers at the saint rosa memorial hospital are protesting several issues including proposed increases to employee health care costs, reductions in paid time off, and the lack of ppe during the pandemic. the hospital says that some services are being rescheduled, but the emergency department will be fully staffed while workers strike. today hundreds of union members and activists will rally aainst racial injustice to build a better bay area. protesters will gather in a socially distanced way at noon today automatic side outside of city hall. and this is all part of a
6:39 am
national day of action. so far other walkouts are planned at oakland's highland hospital and is an drooe lee sa month hospital. and today the giants and as are playing the first of two exhibition games. tonight's bay bridge series kicks off at 6:40, the as are hosting at the coliseum. it is the first professional bay area sporting event since things shut down in march. the giants will then host at oracle park tomorrow night. the regular season gets starts later this week. >> it is important that we do get to play a couple games against another team that will feel like a real game as opposed to what we've been doing because our guys are starting to tire a little bit of this format. >> we're pretty excited that opening day is coming, that we have a real exhibition series to look forward to.
6:40 am
>> and espn reports that major league baseball and players are talking about how to incorporate social justice elements into the sport this year. and it may be a logo placed on uniforms or a group message the players can share. i know mike is ready for baseball to return. >> yes, i have a feeling that it will be on every tv in the house because my son will be watching it too. he's excited for it. let's talk about what is going on. got your cardboard cutout sent in? let's take a look at the temperatures. 60 in places like san bruno, 61 in redwood city and menlo park. there are cloudy conditions and even some drizzle in the higher elevations. temperatures 345i7b s mainly in mid-50s. it is a pretty full bay bridge toll plaza. nrth of the bay bridge threw t through the delta, we have a
6:41 am
small craft advisory again. and here is a look at the north bay, full-on sunshine by noon and that helps us push into the low even upper 70s for a couple hours back to the low 70s from noon to 6:00. and 65 with sunshine during the evening hours. south bay, we should be pretty sunny by 10:00 and 68. mid to upper 70s from noon through about 6:00 with sunshine. a little bit of haze out there from the mineral fire. and east bay valleys, in the 60s with finally getting sunshine around 10:00. 75 at noon. low 80s some of the warmer temperatures. 68 by the time we head into the evening hours. so enjoy that. we'll take a look at how long the below average temperatures will last coming up. 6:21 so there is a bit of a
6:42 am
backup. and there is a high wind advisory for the benicia bridge. and there will be a lowdown once you make it through the lights and on to the bay bridge. highway 4 to the maze, about 17 minutes. westbound on the bay bridge, 18 minute ride. just to getting across the bridge. and san francisco to sfo, that is about a nine minute ride. aside from that, we don't have major blocking issues on our roads this morning. a new trending study this morning on summer sunscreen and the chemicals inside the bottle. what you need to know to stay safe the next time you apply. and let's take a look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. we're slightly down this morning. another update on how the markets are doing coming up next. plus kfc's laboratory concoction. we're showing you what the
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welcome back. it is about 6:44 on a monday. let's take a blook frlook from came camera. there is a bit of a breeze out there. temperature in the mid to upper 50s. still clouds around the bay and 69 at noon, but mainly sunny inland and 75. back in the 60s and 70s this evening. air quality warning continues in the san joaquin valley. we have 100 with that poor air quality in fresno. look at the mid to upper 90s around tahoe and yosemite with thunderstorms possible today. and then there was one. one county that hasn't yet been put on the state's watch list, but that could change at any moment. so san mateo county could change in the next couple days because
6:46 am
of the numbers that are rising throughout the bay area. and julian glover is live with what it means to businesses. >> reporter: good morning, i guess we should have assumed it was only a matter of time before san mateo county was added to this list. of course this is the last thing that business owners want to hear and we're hearing from county officials they expect to be added to that watch list for the state of california by as soon as tomorrow, tuesday. so this could really change things up for those business owners. if this were to happen, churches, hair salons, nail salon, gyms, barber shop, tattoo parlors would have to close until the numbers go back down. business objectors hawnebjec ow but the supervise or says that fewer people are wearings masks and that they are become
6:47 am
place answer. and he said that some san quentin patients are coming to a daly city hospital and that is adding to the high numbers. and one business owner said in recent weeks she noticed more and more people coming from different counties to her salon and perhaps that is also adding to the increase in numbers. we'll have to see what happens julian glover, abc 7 news. and the cliff house is temporarily closed. it was preparing to reopen for indoor dining, but that was put on hold after a spike in coronavirus cases earlier this month. yesterday was the last day for takeout. in a letter, they say that they have hang on to their resources so that they can reopen in the future. i completely have lost my ability to do this newscast right now due to technical difficulties.
6:48 am
sorry, i'll have to throw it back kumasi. >> okay, well, we'll do our morning money report. gm is planning to build a full size electric chevy pickup truck. this is according to a recently released sustainability report from the company. the pickup will have 400 miles of range and that is pretty much all we know about it right now. gm did not say much about this project, the automaker has made a commitment to producing more electric vehicles this decade with electricity powering a majority of its cars by 2030. also -- >> i'm back. >> okay, go. >> i'm back. and you think fortunately since i talked to you last about what is happening at the new york stock exchange, we're thousand down about double what it was. about 102 points in negative territory. happening today, walmart,
6:49 am
sam's club, cvs, walgreen's, kohl's and lowes throughout the country will require a mask for anyone who comes inside. this new rule goes into effect amid the national surge that wire seeing in coronavirus cases. walmart says that 65% of its stores are already located in states where there is some sort of law requiring masks like here in california. new at 6:00, a worrisome study from the u.s. food and drug administration has found that people are absorbing chemicals in sunscreen. high levels of six chemicals were detected in the bloodstreams of people who used the products. the levels exceeded what the fda considers acceptable. but is it unhealthy? a determine toll rmatologist is gma. >> we don't know the effects on human health, right? so these subjects, they applied sunscreen to 75% of their body every two hours and researchers
6:50 am
found concerning levels. >> and the f dwchltda says cont using sun be screen because the sun's harm fall rays are far worse. and this story also new at 6:00, fast food chain kfc says it is partnering with a russian company to, get this, 3d print chicken nuggets using a lab gre grown meat substitute. they say it is the meat of the future. kfc of says it will be made from a plant based material and chicken cells and that it will taste and look much like the chicken that is served in restaurants today. a 3d printer will print this material into nugget form. growing this bio engineered food is supposed to be more sustainable too. >> so i guess my question is, if
6:51 am
it is practice from chicken cells, it is not vegetarian, right? >> i don't think they promised that. did they promise that? >> no, it is just kind of like there is a lot of meat substitute and plant based words thrown in there and then they say like real quick, oh, also chicken cells. >> that's true. i don't think that is my issue. what are they printing? >> that's a good response. >> what are they printing and what does a 3d chicken nugget look like? >> not a single thing i heard in which story that was appetizing to me. sorry. >> i mean, it is sustainable, maybe? >> at what cost?? i'm sure we'll dive deeper into this one coming up. let's take a look at what is going on. welcome to monday. that was an interesting story to start with.
6:52 am
63 on the top of mt. tam. it is cloudy just about everywhere this morning. have reports of drizzle as low as fairfield, but most of it has been in the east bay hills and right along some of the higher elevations and the coast. we get a break from the summer heat all week. just a slight warming trend this weekend. and if you like the cloudy cool nights, they are sticking around. here is a look at the fog. you can see all the way up to parts of san pablo bay, still some clouds hanging around at noon. by 7:00, it is making a resurgence for the overnight hours. and 77 in sunnyvale, 79 at san jose, 85 in gilroy. 67 millbrae to 76 in redwood city. your spread on the peninsula, only 61 to 63. but look how gray it is along the peninsula coast today. barely some sunshine downtown, south san francisco, sausalito. mid to upper 60s there. low 70s north bay coast. mid to upper 70s through most of
6:53 am
the north bay valleys. 69 at berkeley, rest of the east bay shore 70 to 75. tonight, 50s once again. coolest wednesday with the chance of morning drizzle. and slightly warmer this weekend. two upstate new york police officers who were seen pushing a protestor to the ground in june will appear in court today. they each face felony assault charges, punishable by seven years in prison if convicted. video shows them shoving a 75-year-old leading to a fractured skull and brain injury. both were suspended without pay but returned to the city's payroll two weeks ago. today georgian democrats will meet to discuss who are l. replace late congressman john lewis on the november ballot. he died friday after battling
6:54 am
pan kree attic c attic cancer. >> while we grieve the loss, we are blessed to know that he touched so many people on every corner of the globe. he fought until the very end, that was my big brother. he was a fighter with a tenacious spirit, but he was also gray us some and kind hearted. >> and also there is a petition to rename the edmund pettus bridge to the john lewis bridge. in 1965, an alabama state trooper beat lewis on the bridge during a protest march. pettus was a confederate general and kkk leader. alex trebek's memoir comes out tomorrow and it is titled the answer is, reflections on my life. and in it he talks about his ongoing battle with stage four pancreatic cancer and he talked about what life has been like
6:55 am
off the show. >> do you need this show to get back into production? >>it sure as hell would be nice to get back to work. i miss it. it has been a very important part of my life for 36 years. >> for a preview of his memoir, tune into "good morning ameri " america." and so we're getting a new look at beyonce's new visual album set to premiere on disney plus starting next friday. ♪ the album is titled black is king and it is based on music from beyonce's 2019 album the lion king the eremansions les s for today's black youth.
6:56 am
and disney is the parent company of abc 7. i'm excited to see this. >> me too. i thought the gift did not quite get the recognition it deserved, so glad to see that she is going back to it and bringing us along for the ride. >> yeah. some location this monday, friend? >> we got it. lotion nation in full fenkteffe. and maybe rhyth but as californians we'll get through this together. if your income has been reduced or you've lost your job or your health insurance, covered california is here.
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we can help you find the health insurance you need to protect you and your loved ones. and, you may even get financial help to pay for your health insurance. so, if you or someone you know is without coverage, visit to learn more or enroll today.
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here are the 7 things to know. indoor malls are closed to the public starting today. and this is because the city landed on the state's watch list. nonessential offices are also closed. number two, the only bay area county the not on the state's covid-19 watch list could be added to the list this week. san mateo county businesses say that they are bracing for another round of closures because of surging infection rates there. and number three, governor
6:59 am
newsom will update the state's pandemic response today at noon. we'll carry it live right here on abc 7, on our news app and at number four, baseball is back in the bay tonight. the as will host the giants in the first of two bay bridge series exhibition games. and number five, here is a look at what is going on with your roof camera. temperatures in the 50s this morning, at the coast it will be cloudy and we'll be well below average. and numb six, a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on at 6:21. and it is also slow on the bridge when you make it through the lights. and number seven, new mask rules if you are flying with delta. starting today, passengers who cannot wear masks maybe for a medical reason will be subject to a health screening before boarding a flight. the airline says people who do not want to wear masks should reconsider flying all together.
7:00 am
that might be a good piece of advice. >> that i good morning, america. breaking news, vaccine breakthrough? the encouraging new results just released that may offer a double defense against the coronavirus as hospitals across the country near capacity and the nation's current epicenter, florida, icu beds dangerously filling up as covid cases soar. los angeles' mayor saying the city is on the brink of another stay-at-home order. as the battle on reopening schools is heating up. the new study suggesting kids could be just as contagious as adults. one of the nation's leading public health experts joins us live. not backing down. president trump standing by his coronavirus response. >> it's going to disappear and i'll be right.


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