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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 21, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, july 21st. >> put that chair out and cut this hair, please. >> seriously. >> i am just shocked there is no shampoo and conditioning. >> listen, i text my barber yesterday and i said, where? let me know. >> and. >> he was like, make the appointment, we will figure it out. that's where it stands. i'll let you know when i figure it out. i am excited about this, but i hope all their concerns are addressed. >> yeah. >> yeah, me, too. i'd love to have my hair cut outside. i love when the wind blows through your hair after getting it cut and it tefeels so refreshing. the wind is blowing out there. we have the sea breeze out there, once again. i was faster earlier this morning and 21 in fairfield and up to 35 just about an hour ago
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and you can see the blanket of clouds over top of us and the drizzle that is out there along the coast and our higher elevations. now, my accuweather 12-hour planner from 7:00 to 7:00 pretty much the same this morning. mid to upper 50s and along the coast barely make it to 60 today and get rid of low clouds and have high clouds this afternoon for our bay and inland neighborhoods. 68 to 76 at noon and 74 to 81 with those refreshing breezes and 68 to 71 for your evening stroll. all right. we'll talk more about how long this lasts coming up. let's get to reggie for the news. >> thanks, mike. a fire that tore through a building in oakland early this morning has been contained. this started before 3:00 a.m. on a building on martin luther king jr. way and 29th street. the roof collapsed forcing fire crews to move into a defensive mode and stay outside. we don't know right now about any injuries, but our camera did see a few people outside in their pajamas holding some cats. we'll keep monitoring this throughout the morning and bring you updates as they come in.
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now to the very latest in the fight against coronavirus here in the bay area. leaders in san mateo county are bracing for potential restrictions as early as today. right now, it's the only county in the bay area that is not on the state's watch list. three pop-up testing sites opened today in santa clara county. two of them in san jose and another in gilroy and because of high demand at a drive-thru testing site in hayward officials are moving it to sky west golf course. it will be open in two weeks and you will need to make an appointment. you can now get your hair and nails done outside as we are just mentioning the governor gave the green light for some personal care services to resume, if they are outdoors. this is, of course, a changing workplace for so many of us right now and one area we are focusing on in our mission to build a better bay area. amy hollyfield live in walnut creek with all the adjustments these salons have to now make. amy. >> hi, reggie. some salon owners are cheering and others aren't so sure about
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this and how this is going to work. governor gavin newsom has cleared the way for salons to start offering some services outdoors like hair cuts and manicures. now, they can have a tent to block the son, but only one side can be closed. there must be some air flow. some salon owners say they don't have outdoor space. others are concerned about weather, cold and windy right now in san francisco and hot in other places. >> just stand in one space for two hours under that heat, i just know. it doesn't seem like it would be good. >> not everything is alolowed. they can't offer chemical services like coloring and tattoos and piercings are allowed and those require a controlled hygienic environment. first appointment at 10:00 this morning and they are very
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excited and they have a parking lot out back which is private property where they will be allowed to offer hair cuts and set up some chairs here on the sidewalk out here next to the restaurant with outdoor dining but this requires approval from the city. lots of different agencies that they're all having to deal with hoops to jump through. but they're all willing to try something, anything to try to stay in business. live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you, amy. marin county adopting new civil penalties to enforce county health orders related to covid-19. the board of supervisors will meet to discuss this emergency ordinance and allow the framework that will allow county personnel to help law enforcement address safety violations. business violations is going to be the main focus here, but enforcement areas could be expanded based on public health risk. the meeting starts at 9:00. a glimmer of hope during the coronavirus pandemic as more than one vaccine shows promising
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results in early trials. a new study finding an experimenting oxford vaccine appears to be safe. works by activating the immune system to respond to the virus. the u.s. government has invested $1.2 billion in the oxford vaccine developed by astrazeneca and 300 million doses have been ordered. >> by the end of 2020, we will have one, two or maybe three vaccines that have been proven safe and effective. >> i know a lot of people are urgently waiting on that because coronavirus cases are rising in at least 40 states and more than 140,000 people have died in the u.s. and the virus has killed 12 residents and sickened 130 people at an east bay nursing home, this according to new figures released by the state. manor care health services tice valley located on tice valley boulevard in walnut creek. according to the state, the outbreak began june 13th when the first resident tested positive for covid-19 and then
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cases grew exponentially. a representative for manor care said many were asymptomatic and many recovered. the outbreak at the jail are growing. 106 inmates at the santa rita jail in oakland. at least one inmate was hospitalized but has since recovered. there have been no deaths so far. 44 staff and contractors have been infected since the outbreak started. on the peninsula, san mateo county jury trials are on hold for the next month after a court employee tested positive. the presiding superior court judge said a jury was exposed to that person and also cited the significant increase in cases in the county. the county just resumed trials last month and now on hold until august 17th. now an abc7 news live update. >> at the live desk, a visiting
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stanford researcher is due in court today. she is facing visa fraud charges. according to "mercury news" she concealed her job as a member of the chinese military. her visa was for work exchange programs. in her application back in 2018 she said she served in the chinese military in the past and was currently employed at a beijing hospital. but an fbi investigation found that she was an active member of the military and the hospital story was a cover. she faces up to ten years in jail and a $250,000 fine. kumasi. >> all right, thank you, jobina. another night of federal officers patrolling the streets of portland. but new video shows the better way that protesters chose to respond. plus, what should we be doing with the vacant store fronts in san francisco. hear an idea from one county supervisor during the covid-19 shutdown. if you're looking for summer heat, we'll keep looking throughout the accuweather
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seven-day forecast. there is a hint of it this this is about the next 10 years. but this is something you can do today. you can make a difference today by filling out the 2020 census. the census impacts hospitals, schools, and public transportation. the 2020 census counts everyone, whether you rent, own, or live at home, including roommates. taking the census is quick and easy. it's only 10 questions. shape your future. start here at you guys have a good day.
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you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> quick time check at 6:10 this morning. let's look at some numbers and start in the east bay and neighborhood temperatures there from 56 in castro valley and berkeley and 61 in oakland and hayward and union city and lots of mid 50s to 60 with cloud cover just about everywhere this morning. sticky clouds along the coast and we have that small craft advisory out on the bay north of the bay bridge, again. for the peninsula in the 60s through 10:00 and low to mid 70s noon to 6:00 and back into the mid 60s by 8:00 with a mixture of sun and clouds.
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same thing in the east bay valleys but the low clouds will give way to high clouds and the 60s will give way to low 80s for a couple hours this afternoon. a wonderful 67 this evening. and by 10:00, we're at 67 in the south bay and from about 11:00 on, i'll say noon on we'll be in the mid to upper 70s with high clouds and sunshine. let's get over to jobina and talk about the morning commute. hi, jobina. >> hi, mike. thank you. welcome, everyone. high wind advisories we have coming in from the chp on the graphic. you can see on your screen the benicia bridge and the altamont pass, as well. we do not have one for the bay bridge but while we're on that topic, bring you over to a live look showing you the toll plaza and metering lights came on at 6:08 and that was just a couple minutes ago and the backup is beginning to form there but so far things are moving smoothly across the bridge. empty store fronts could soon house displaced arts organizations or even provide
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covid-19 social services, that according to the examiner. the legislation from hillary roanen was introduced before the pandemic hit the city. aims to convert former store fronts into art studios or creative spacers and backers have now added in possible virus testing and social services as potential tenants. now, san francisco's planning commission needs to approve this temporary rezoning before that becomes a reality. just ahead, the brand-new abc news poll on the black lives matter movement. jobina is back with a look at what kind of impact it is having so far. plus, dining at disney world reimagined. wat the most magical p
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abc7 news. all news all morning. ♪ we shall overcome ♪ we shall overcome some day
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>> this was really such a powerful moment in portland, oregon, where city and state officials continue to demand the removal of federal agents. they've been harassing protesters in the last week. more than 1,000 people came together last night as they sang "we shall over come." demonstrators marching every night for police brutality for nearly two months now. dozens of moms also took part. you can see here they blocked police from protesters by forming a human barrier. now an abc7 news live desk update. a new poll shows that more than half of americans support the black lives matter movement. according to a new abc news/"washington post" poll 63% support the movement and a record 69% say black people and other minorities are denied equal treatment in the criminal justice system. this doesn't translate into majority preference on policy.
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55% opposed defunding police compared to 40% in favor. however, the poll does find a significant shift in the public attitudes on racial discrimination. reggie. >> interesting. thank you, jobina. the missouri couple caught on video pointing loaded guns at a group of protesters are facing charges. mark and patricia face unlawful use of a weapon charge and also face fourth degree assault. the couple's attorney called the charges, quote, disheartening and said that no crime was committed. last month the couple stood outside their mansion while about 500 people marched along a private street towards the home of the st. louis mayor. new video from the ap i-team firing rubber bullets at the protesters. this is part of a federal civil rights lawsuit filed over the weekend against the sjpd.
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seven plaintiffs are suing the department. the lawsuit says officer yuen who was placed on leave has not been trained on its use for more than five years. the manufacturer requires certification every two years. >> so, it's really concerning that officers are out there equipped with deadly weapons and they had received no training. it's unacceptable. >> the san jose police chief eddy garcia declined to be interviewed but shortly after the protest and uproar, he banned the use of the rubber bullets against protesters and promised other reforms. a san francisco jury's verdict has been upheld in the case of weed killer roundup. the jury found in 2018 it caused cancer in school grounds keeper johnson. there was evidence to support that montsaso
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disregard for public safety. $78 million to $21 million. it cited state law that does not allow damages for reduced life expectancy. no more churros, ice cream or mickey shaped pretzels while you're walking down main street. they still have the snacks, you just can't eat them while you're walking and they're saying it is because too many people are not wearing masks and too close to other people. guests have to stay in one place to eat and maintain proper distance from others from now on. disney world reopened ten days ago after a four-month closure. everyone is required to wear masks and get their temperature taken before entering the park. disney is the parent company of abc7. no need to feel guilty snacking on the chips and candy today because it is national junk food day. junk food made its way into american lives in the late 1800s. people were eating out more, they traveled more so companies were primed to make more junk
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food. a san mateo-based company says that california workers favorite junk food is cheeto's, but as we found out, that is not kumasi's favorite junk food. she likes those fritos. >> fritos and salt and vinegar chips. >> do you eat the fritos pla s ? >> i don't like all the variations. but salt and vinegar on top and then fritos. >> i have known some people to put mustard. >> how about doritos. >> you can keep those. >> all right. >> they'll make more. you can eat all you want. >> don't you like doritos, mike? >> i do like doritos. they take me way back. that was one of the few things we had as far as junk food growing up was like the taco seasoned doritos. when those came back i was like childhood all over again. >> do those cut the top of your
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mouth, too? >> not as bad as captain crunch. they can if you haven't had in a while and your mouth is not primed for it. >> i'm done with you guys. you all analyzing. >> all right. so, we'll move on to weather now and talk about what is going on outside. hi, everybody. let us know what your favorite jupg food is. we have a little twitter thing going on right now, if you will. sfo cloudy and about 56 degrees right now. have been some reports of drizzle near the coast and our higher elevations and that will continue even more so tomorrow and look for more sunshine and calmer conditions and temperatures warming back to average. it will take the weekend because this area of low pressure will sit out over the ocean just to our west another day or so. and look what it does. it keeps the fog banked up against the coast and some of that does slip through, even during the afternoon hours. so, not completely clearing out the entire coast and look at that by 7:00, it's moving back. let's talk about temperatures.
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we have low to mid 70s for most of the south bay. the usual warm spots los gatos and gilroy and only 70 in santa cruz. 70 to 75 for the rest of the peninsula. a lot of upper 50s to near 60 along both coasts peninsula and north bay. low to mid 60s and only 62 in downtown and 65 in south san francisco and sausalito 66 mid to up per 70s. richmond, berkeley, oakland. 70 to 74 for the rest of the bay. widespread cloudiness tonight and 50s, once again. my accuweather seven-day forecast. heavier drizzle tomorrow morning means a cooler afternoon. faster breezes friday bring us our coolest day and warming trend starting saturday. have a great day. back to you guys. >> thanks, mike. ready to check in now with ginger zee and live with a look at what is happening on "good morning america" starting at 7:00. hey, ginger. >> good morning, reggie.
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hi, kumasi. i do like cheetos but i like fritos, too. i like all the junk food. here on "gma" not talking about junk food necessarily but coronavirus cases and hospitalizations climbing, especially in some of the southern states. now teachers and some parents are suing florida to stop reopening schools. and then there's some new hope with those encouraging results from the vaccine trials that we'll discuss. also this morning our abc news exclusive. little bit more from alex trebek and t.j. bringing the show back during the pandemic, that has got to be different. his future and who he would like to see if someone succeeded him. brad walmack sharing his secrets and regrets from his first season and what the women he left without a rose are saying. that's all the women, in case you are wondering. a rookie who made himself a name outside of the court.
6:23 am
what life is like for players now down in orlando. you'll see it coming up here on "gma." >> ginger, i heard orlando and talk about snacks. what is your favorite disney snack? >> oh, gosh. do i do like, i mean, like if i want a real meal, i'm going turkey thigh or the big, big thigh. that sound very greedy of me. but that's what i'm going to do. >> i'm going to go for the disneyland churro every time. kumasi, do you like popcorn, do you like a pretzel >> i don't like pretzels. i like something sweet. >> you're going to join me with that churro, too. >> especially after i saw you make one, friend. who nees to go to disney. >> are you dipping that churro, reggie or is that a churro on its own? >> i will eat it on its own.
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i almost burned down my kitchen. >> yes, please. i mean, it wasn't pretty. yeah. none of us are eating that. >> it was fun, though. ginger, we'll see you later. thank you very much. coming up next, the new covid-19 changes that are taking place in the nfl. what the players just it's about the next 10 years. but this is something you can do today. you can make a difference today. by completing the 2020 census. the census impacts hospitals.
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schools. public transportation. and most importantly, our representation in government. it gives us an opportunity to be heard. it's easy. it's only 10 questions. so do you part. go to and complete the census today. what are you waiting for? what will be the first thing you do as soon as you're able? at ikea, we wondered that too... we found that people didn't say catching a new movie, or going on a trip. it was to simply be with loved ones. having that first hug. sharing that first meal together. and showing off the good news. we know you can't wait to welcome people back into your home, and neither can we. let's get ready for what's next. ikea.
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nfl rookies report to training camp today as the league and players have come to an agreement about coronavirus testing protocol. so, players are going to be tested daily for the first two weeks of training camps. after the first two weeks if the positive test rate is below 5%, then it is scaled back to every other day. if it's not below 5% it goes back to every day until it falls below the number, again. training camp for most players begins in one week. a pennsylvania company says it has a solution to help fans get back into sports stadiums. a drone.
6:27 am
aeras said it can sanitize a stadium in three hours. it is autonomous and relies on electrostatic technology and spraying disinfectant as it goes. the developers say it can even get to hard to reach spots like underneath seats. >> no room for error. you know, like human error could be an issue where someone might miss something. this drone doesn't miss anything. >> the company needs approval from the federal aviation administration before it can actually start spraying disinfectant. that could be an issue. they already have a partner lined up with a disinfectant that has been approved by the centers for disease control. of course, kumasi. a whole other issue and that is having the people in the stadium and being close together during the game. but disinfectant, okay. >> they're covered. next at 6:30 -- >> for several days now san mateo county the only county here in the bay area not on the
6:28 am
state of california coronavirus watchlist. that could change today. i'm julian glover with the details coming up. plus, pray overnight. what ibut we also know that, when it comes to money you want to... not spend any. that's why 7-eleven has 7 cups free with 7rewards. you get the drip coffee you want. for the no money you want. coffee. no money. 7 times. is that what you want? oh, we know. because we are 7-eleven. and we might know you better than you know yourself. 7-eleven. always open. but what if you could startdo better than that?
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building a better bay yare f area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. >> if you shut the county down, then you have to shut everything down. now at 6:30, a drastic decision expected in one bay area county today. the move that could set small businesses right back to square one. >> i don't need law enforcement in oakland. i need testing. i need personal protective equipment. >> oakland pushes back on president trump. the very latest on that threat to send in federal officers. why these a's and giants
6:31 am
warm up games are historic in more ways than one. and what amazon is doing during the pandemic that is sending his fortune through the roof. good morning. tuesday, july 21st. we are not rich, but perhaps we can be rich in good weather today. hi, mike. >> $3,000 a share, yeah. amazon stock prices pretty up there. let's take a look at what's going on. yes, we have some terrific weather if you like to be outside and not worry about the heat. one thing you do need to worry about visibility pretty low around petaluma and san martin and down to a mile. something we're keeping an eye on for your morning commute. everybody else, we do have a lot of low clouds out there as you can see from our exploratorium camera as the stout sea breeze continues to pump those clouds and drizzle into our morning commute. here's a look at this afternoon where the low clouds will move back to the coast and a few will
6:32 am
still spill through parts of the bay. we'll have 60s not only half moon bay, san francisco, oakland and also richmond. low to mid 70s around the bay. some upper 70s in the south bay and north bay and low to mid 80s in the east bay. let's get back to reggie. new overnight, it was a busy night for fire crews in oakley. they responded to three fires in eight hours. this was the latest one at a home on dutch slew road. you can see the boats and cars destroyed. a man at the scene said he started it but did it by accident. he said he was putting gas in his generators when it spilled and sparked a fire. san mateo county is the only bay area county that is still not on the state's watch list but that could soon change. county leaders are planning to announce restrictions later today to stop the spread of coronavirus and build a better bay area. the county's case rate of 110.4 cases per 100,000 people as of friday exceeds the state's benchmark of 100 per 1,000
6:33 am
residents. the average rate of cases is 124 per 100,000. julian glover has more on what that information could mean. >> goodern morning, cumaukumas. we're at the end of the diving board. currently the situation the county finds itself in and see if it will be added to the california coronavirus watch list at some point today. this is the news they were fearing since about last friday and for several days san mateo the only county in the bay area not on that watch list. but county leaders, again, believe that could change again as the numbers continue to tick up. business owners caught in the middle. they have been taking advantage of what could be their last day's open for the foreseeable future. >> the landscape of san mateo county is small businesses and we have to do our part. >> if we do get shut down the
6:34 am
best option to go outdoors. >> if san mateo county joins the rest of the bay area and does get added to the state's watch list, churches, hair salons, nail salons, gyms, barbershops and tattoo parlors will all have to close down or potentially move those operations outside until those numbers go back down. again, if we hear anything from the state today that san mateo county is going to be added to the state's watch list you can expect a push alert on the abc7 news app. julian glover, abc7 news. where does your county stand on the state watch list. you can check out the entire state with the interactive feature at you can see if it has been added to the watch list and tell you not only how long each region has been on the list, but why the state is keeping an eye on the spread of coronavirus there. in the south bay, three pop-up testing sites will open today in santa clara county. two of them are in san jose at
6:35 am
the county at sa ay service cen auditorium and a testing site in gilroy at the south county annex. oakland mayor libby schaaf is saying no thanks to president trump's plan to send federal agents to respond to protests to cities nationwide. >> oakland is a mess. we're not going to let this happen in our country. we're going to have more federal law enforcement. that i can tell you. in portland, they've done a fantastic job. they've been there three days. >> the comments come after federal law enforcement sent to portland, oregon, because of weeks of protest in that city. the move has angered portland officials with the oregon state attorney general filing suit to remove the agents. speaking on "midday live" mayor schaaf said no to the president's offer but asked for federal help to do something else. >> i don't need law enforcement in oakland. i need testing. i need personal protective equipment. we need direct income support
6:36 am
for people who are out of work. >> governor newsom says california will also decline a federal response to protests. the oakland police department says demonstrations have been largely peaceful and the agency would not ask for federal help. now to a caught on camera moment that is getting a lot of attention online. but is it for the right reasons? this morning, we are learning more about what really happened. carlton is the man in the silver mercedes and he says the people in the other car were tailgating him. at the stop sign the couple got out and approached him and got into an argument. despite hearing the woman accuse him of not being able to afford his car, the comments on social media don't accurately depict what happened. >> i'll make one thing clear, she never said the n word. she never said anything racial. a slur or anything to me just think before you really act and especially in this day, you
6:37 am
don't know who's taping. >> carlton says that he was in the wrong for responding aggressively and does not want the woman to suffer any consequences. the egiants and the a's go head to head and this time the game is going to be played in san francisco at oracle park. by the way, the giants beat the a's in oakland. the first time we saw pro sports return to the bay area since the pandemic began and jobina fortson with a powerful moment before the game trending online. jobina. >> thank you, reggie. good morning. during the national anthem, several giants players as well as gabe kapler took a knee. follows recent protests after the death of george floyd and the push for social justice. after the game, kapler explained why he joined the players in kneeling. >> i wanted to use my platform to demonstrate my dissatisfaction with the way we've handled racism in our
6:38 am
country. i wanted to demonstrate my dissatisfaction with our clear, systemic racism in our country. and i wanted them to know that they got to make their own decisions and we would respect and support those decisions. >> kneeling for the anthem started in 2016 by former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. to call attention to these issues, the giants won last night 6-2. kumasi? >> thank you. the coliseum looked a bit different at last night's game. you can see the cardboard cutouts there replacing fans in the stands. we even saw some oversized teddy bears behind home plate. but this is really one of the biggest highlights. alyssa nakken of the giants made history when she took over as
6:39 am
the first base coach in the late innings. the first woman to hold a full-time coaching position at the major league level and we say congratulations. and maybe you go girl. that's what i say. yes. >> yeah, at some point in time we're going to have to stop talking about all these firsts. but nice to see them happening while we're here to see it. but, yeah, let's hope it's not the last. it won't be. let's talk about what is going on weather wise. hi, everybody. let's start in our inland east bay neighborhood. our neighborhood numbers there. a lot of mid to upper 50s with more cloud cover as you head into the tri-valley and then out around say antioch and brentwood where it is about 60 right now. even some 60 to 61 degree temperatures along the east bay shore and mountain view and into the south bay. let's see what to expect with your commute today. about 56. cloudy. and a little mist and drizzle hanging in the air for the morning commute, especially in our higher elevations and near
6:40 am
the coast and then those breezes out there right now and even faster over a broader area from north of the bay bridge through the delta as we head into the evening commute. all right, for the north bay. 59 at 8:00. try to break out a little sunshine and 63 at 10:00 and mid to upper 70s from about 1:00 to 6:00. back into the 60s by 8:00. we won't escape the 60s but for maybe an hour or two along the east bay with a mixture of sun and clouds today and mid to upper 60s and san francisco 50s through 10:00. a lot of cloud cover and mid 60s for a couple of hours this afternoon and then down to 60 degrees by 8:00. all right, we'll take a look at the warm weekend on the way, at least compared to temperatures right now. how about more on that commute. hi, jobina. >> hi, mike. thank you. good morning, everyone. as you head out the door right now if you need to go to work, i want to let people know riding around oakland or into oakland, the fire that we've been covering all morning long is still an issue and impacting our local streets in the area.
6:41 am
you see that purple line there on your screen. for martin luther king jr. way, it is closed betwee 29th and 34th streets as crews work there in that area. this will impact people coming out of 980 on to the 18th street off ramp there. move over and bring drive times in for the rest of the bay area. walnut creek to dublic a 13-minute ride. santa rosa to san francisco 48 minutes and highway 1 to los gatos. live look showing you an overall picture of the bay bridge and slow as you make your way into san francisco. you can see it's actually moving a little bit slower right now. metering lights came on at 6:08 and also a new crash reported between a big rig and a car and this is on eastbound 80 right at the fourth street off ramp and you may see as it you approach the area. injuries have been reported. reggie and kumasi. >> thank you. the big shift to bikes during the stay-at-home era. what google just now added on your phone to take advantage of that trend.
6:42 am
right now we're taking a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. new this morning up 225 points. another update on what the markets are doing next. >> when i heard we could reopen i cried. i was so excited. the only thing that could stop us is rain. >> could your next hair cut be out on the streets? we have a live report on the bay
6:43 am
6:44 am
you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is abc7 mornings. >> this is a live look from sfo this morning. you can see the clouds are really low and wouldn't be surprised if there was a little drizzle as we look off towards the west. let's talk about your planner today. mid to upper 50s. pretty much where we were yesterday but during the afternoon hours 60s at the coast and 81 inland and refreshing breeze and temperatures maybe a degree or two cooler than yesterday. those thunderstorms up in the sierra. look at that. causing a high fire danger.
6:45 am
red flag warning from 1:00 this afternoon to 9:00. 83 in tahoe and 88 in yosemite and even the cool sea breeze making it to sacramento. 88 today. reggie. how about a hair cut or a pedicure outside enjoying the weather. governor newsom says all barbering and cosmetology services can start back up again and does come with a few exceptions. means the workplace will be a lot different for these barbershops and salon employees. just one area we're focusing on in our mission to build a better bay area. amy hollyfield live in walnut creek. hi, amy. >> hi, yeah, they're going to be out here in the elements doing hair cuts outside, reggie. so ironic when you think about all the work they've done inside to be ready to give hair cuts. they have plexiglass in the front and shower curtains in between the chairs to try to make it safe. all is meaningless because they have to take the operation outside.
6:46 am
governor gavin newsom announced salons can offer some services like hair cuts and manicures that outdoors only. some are not so sure about this. they're worried about uncomfortable weather conditions and some salon owners say they don't have outdoor space and others are very excited and want to try to make this work. >> when i heard we could reopen i cried. just balled. couldn't stop crying. i was so excited. i felt such a relief. we were closed for such a long time. >> now, for safety reasons, chemical hair services like relaxing and coloring will not be allowed outside. no shampooing. they're not going to allow tattooing and piercing. so, it's going to be basic hair cuts. you can't get a cut, color and shampoo. all these restrictions and rules came from the state and they have a parking lot out back and also set up chairs out here on the sidewalk. that requires approval from the city.
6:47 am
so, they're going to try to get that done. lots of hoops for all of them to jump through to get all of this secured. but many say they'll do anything in order to try to stay in business. reporting live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> amy, thank you. roughly 4 million californians receiving unemployment benefits this is an important week. in just a few days aid from the federal government that gives them an additional $600 in jobless benefits is coming to an end. congress has not yet acted on extending the benefit. more states closing up again because of surgin coronavirus infections including california. those opposed to an extension say the extra money entices many from not going back to work. a university of chicago study found 70% of unemployed workers make more in jobless payments than their lost earning. >> that is a concern but should keep the overall environment in mind in which this is playin out. important because many of them come from sectors that are still
6:48 am
hurting because the virus has not been defeated. >> the california policy lab find that half of those currently receiving benefits in the state would be living below the poverty line if it wasn't for that additional $600 in federal aid underscoring the importance of that money. now to your morning money report. the new surge on online shopping is making amazon founder jeff bezos more well paid. already the richest person on the earth and yesterday, yesterday he added $13 billion to his fortune, which is the largest single day increase for an individual ever. amazon stock soared nearly $235 a share yesterday after several upgrades. bezos has now seen his wealth soar from 74 to $189 billion during the pandemic. now we're taking a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets under way this morning. you can see we're up right now about 280 points.
6:49 am
new at 6:00, several hotel chains will now require guests to wear facie ivcoverings in puc spaces. the hotel and lodging association will release industry-wide guidelines and include masks and social distancing along with contactless reservations and check ins and payment. they include marriott, hilton and hyatt. google maps rolling out a new feature the latest bike rental docks and how many are available. more people are choosing to bike since the pandemic started. it is tracked a nearly 70% increase in people looking for biking directions to get from point a to point b since february. that's interesting. >> have you biked, friend? >> i haven't. i know you have. >> i have. have you, mike? >> i do not own one. >> you can rent one.
6:50 am
that's what i do. >> yeah. i'm still walking for now. still jogging. >> no bike riding happening here. >> no, no. we're talking about if this goes on for another month or two, i'm going to buy an elliptical or rowing machine and find some room in the garage or back patio or something because i have to do something. >> can someone buy me a peleton. >> or that. or that mirror thing. those are all cool. really neat. so. we're begging. that's sad. let's take a look at what goes on outside in san jose. 60 degrees under cloudy conditions. low then high clouds today. and cooler than average temperatures and rinse and repeat maybe without the high clouds the next couple of days. our best chance of drizzle tonight through tomorrow morning. we'll be calmer and not as breezy this weekend and brighter. so that's going to help temperatures warm back to average. this area of low pressure is developing off the coast and really deepened and moistened
6:51 am
the marine layer not only today but also tomorrow. look at the fog forecast. can't completely get rid of the clouds in the bay today and you'll be lucky to see much if any sunshine along the coast. temperatures our warmest los gatos and gilroy low to mid 80s and everybody else 75 to sun sunnyvale and 70 to 75 most of the peninsula and farther north you've got 68 in millbrae and upper 50s to near 60 along the coast whether it's the peninsula or the north bay. 62, that's it today in downtown san francisco and mid to upper 70s most of the north bay and cloverdale and 87 to 95 up in ukiah. mid to upper 60s for richmond and as you head inland low to mid 80s. back in the 50s again tonight with that extra cloud cover and drizzle and making tomorrow a little bit cooler. coolest friday when the winds are fastest and back to average this weekend. >> thank you, mike.
6:52 am
happening today. four former minneapolis police officers charged in george floyd's death are due in court. they asked the judge to lift a gag order and impose sanctions on the attorney general for violating that order. derek chauvin charged with first degree murder and manslaughter and three other officers are charged with aiding and abetting murder and manslaughter. now an abc7 news live desk update. >> at the live desk. you may be seeing the #pray on social media. rapper kanye west tweeted overnight and some were aimed at his wife kim kardashian west as well as her mother. she claimed the duo wanted him to, quote, be locked up. he writes, quote, i love my wife, my family must live next to me. it's not up to e or nbc any more, end quote. the tweet referenced a comment west made at his first presidential campaign event on
6:53 am
sunday. he claimed he became pro life after conversations with his wife during her first pregnancy. >> for one months and two months and three months we talked about her now having this child. but even if my wife were to divorce me after this speech, she brought north into the world even when i didn't want to. she stood up and she protected that child. >> west is currently at his ranch in wyoming why his wife and children are here in california. he has since deleted all the tweets and says that he is instead focusing on his music. reggie. >> all right, jobina. happening today, alex trebek's memoir, answer is reflections on my life. one big question, who does he think could fill his shoes. >> i joked with the audience and i said betty white. >> good call.
6:54 am
>> because they want somebody younger, somebody funnier. >> she checks all those boxes. >> betty and i have been friends for a long, long time. >> that's a good answer. trebek wrote his memoir while quarantined in his california home. trebek was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer last year. you can see more of that interview right here on abc7. his album "legends never die" die" debuted at at num at num at juice world died of an accidental drug overdose. his album knocked off last week's number one and this is the first time that two of the albums went number one back to back and at the top of the charts. the new season of "american idol" abc will look a little bit
6:55 am
different because of the pandemic and it's going to start with the audition process. >> did you know that you could auditi audition for "american idol" anywhere from home. >> even while playing video games? >> yeah. >> even while playing with my dog. >> yeah. >> even while swimming in the pool? >> sure. >> okay. the bath. do we need the bath? we're going to go with it. this is daly city's francisco martin with fellow season 18 contestant louis knight telling everybody they can audition over video. you can find more details on speaking of self care. >> i am just going to slide here like i had it ready all along and i didn't and here i am and i'm back. >> look, i'll admit. you had a couple reads in a row and that's the only reason why i have this in my hand because i was able to go back and get it.
6:56 am
>> i hav
6:57 am
6:58 am
it's 6:57. if you're just joining us, the seven things you need to know this morning. number one a fire burning in oakland overnight is contained. no reports of injuries but our crew did see several people standing outside the building with their pajamas on. the cause is under investigation. number two. san mateo county businesses are preparing to shut down because of climbing coronavirus cases. the county is expected to land on california's covid-19 watch % list today and that means salons, gyms and other businesses need to close again. number three. the governor has given state approval for some salons to offer services if they are done outdoors. exceptions to the rule and salons will also have to get approval from the cities they reside in. number four. marin county considering adopting new civil penalties to enforce health orders related to covid-19. the board of supervisors meets at 9:00 a.m. to discuss that. number five, a mainly gray
6:59 am
and cool morning out there with temperatures in the 50s. some drizzle in the east bay hills and along the coast is possible also. today 60 at the coast and 74 around the bay and 81 inland. well below average. number six. a sig alert has been issued in san francisco. this will impact people that are headed towards the bay bridge traveling east wn traveling eastbound. a big crash between a big rig and one other car. number seven. disney world is banning eating and drinking while walking. the park says too many people were not wearing their masks so now guests have to stay in one place to eat and maintain social distancing from others. that's part of the fun eating and walking. >> right. >> no, i don't want this to happen. this lady was eating and walking next to me yesterday like she's right, just inches from me, lady. she's on her phone.
7:00 am
so, anyway. no. >> you're just a magnet, reggie. everybody wants good morning, america. coronavirus hospital admissions surging in the south. parents and teachers now suing the governor of florida to try and block schools from reopening next month, while missouri's governor defends his decision to re-open classrooms this fall saying kids who get sick will get over it. in new york, governor cuomo sounding off on large crowds outside bars and restaurants. >> it's stupid. what you're doing. it is stupid. >> the kentucky couple speaking out after being put under house arrest when they refused to isolate after one tested positive for covid. plus, more good news this morning about that potential vaccine breakthrough. president trump's about-face bringing back the coronavirus task force briefings and


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