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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 23, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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francisco every day. city officials are worried that if the curve doesn't start to flatten, the city could face the situation like we saw in new york city by next month or early fall. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. in the east bay, hundreds of people lined up at a new covid-19 testing site that opened in alameda. it is at the marina village research part. the test is free and this one says that it gets people their results in 15 minutes. 380 people had appointments and there were 400 walk-ins. >> they started lining up at 4:00 a.m., they have their lawn chairs and some people had sleeping bags and blankets and snacks. >> city health urgent care is partnering to offer this testing. it is open seven days a week through at least september 22. and on our website, we have all the resources that you might
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need and that includes links to testing sites. just head to help. beingacross the nine counti there have been more than 43,000 cases of coronavirus. and that includes recovered patients and the current number of infected patients at san quentin prison. in california, there have been more than 413,000 cases. the state has now surpassed new york for the most cases in the country, but california has a higher population and has had far fewer deaths. according to johns hopkins data, the u.s. has seen more than 3.9 million cases. happening today, senate republicans are expected to present their new stimulus bill, and this comes as millions of americans are facing losing $600 in federal unemployment benefits at the end of the month gentlemen b, jobina is tracking these developments. >> with millions of americans
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unemployed, congress is divided over whether to continue to give them an extra boost and there are more concerns as well. mitch mcconnell is said to be proposing another $1200 stimulus check and there is $105 billion for schools included in the republican's trillion dollar plan. but there is also concern from gop members about spending. >> i'm going to introduce a bill in the next few days that is a starting place that enjoys fairly significant support among purchase senator purcha republican senators, probably not everyone. >> the sooner we can see their bill the sooner we can understand our differences or similarities. >> and then start to negotiate. >> some republicans want to reduce the unemployment benefits to $400 per month, but democrats are pushing to keep the $600 a
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month. democrats are also staying unified on their own trillion dollar proposal that the house passed in may. back to you. one more county has been added to the state's watch list, butte county north of sacramento is now on the list, and it joins more than 90% of the state. 35 of 58 countries are now on the watch list. and you can check our interactive map at, the whole state is on there, you can see not only how long each region has been on the list but why the state is keeping an eye on the spread of coronavirus there. in oakland, officials are moving forward with a plan that could eventually cut the police department's bubbdget by $150,0. tuesday the equity caucus approved a plan that would create a task force to identify ways to redreblgts money from the police department into oakland's black community. they also rejected a proposal that would have made additional cuts to opd ahead of the
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community-led process. vice mayor larry reed said this our citizens want informed decision making that plows resu produces results, not knee jerk policy making. the final vote for adopting this proposal is set for july 28. in not only portland, but other -- >> now more developing news. mayor ted wheeler was among those teargassed by federal otests last night.y he says it is the first time he's been tear gassed in a rally. he'll be okay. wheeler has demanded the trump administration remove the federal troops from his city. earlier in the evening wheeler was the target of some protesters who taunted him for his support of police using tear gas. a video of federal agents beating a "black lives matter" demonstrator in port land has been getting quite a bit of attention. christopher david is a military
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veteran and he joined kristen sze on yesterday's episode of getting answers. >> i wanted to ask the federal officers why they were vie light lating their oath to the constitution, i just wanted to ask them a question. so i decided to go down there and put on all my navy gear as a way of trying to identify myself as a veteran. and i was hoping on the other side there would be veterans as well and maybe it would give them pause long enough that we could actually have a conversation. but that was a complete mistake. they didn't care. >> david says his hand was broken in the beating, but he is not deterred. he says he thousand wants to create the wall of vets at the protest site. chicago mayor lightfoot appears to be changing her mind a little bit about president trump's plan to send federal agents to the city to curb violent crime. mayor lightfoot initially opposed this plan, but became open to the idea a
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ersation with the u.s. attorney for illinois. earlier this week the president threatened to send agents to chicago and other cities like oakland to confront protests, an offer that mayor schaaf, the oakland police department and governor newsom have all declined. new developments this morning, the former minneapolis police officer charged with killing george floyd is now facing a new legal challenge. felony tax evasion. derek chauvin and his wife are now facing nine felony income tax charges. both failed to fire income taxes for many years and underreported income in the years that they did file a reason. chauvin was a police officer until she was charged where second degree murder in the death of floyd. kelly filed for divorce after floyd's death. pg&e is expected in court, they are suing the san ramon valley fire protection district
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over an ordinance that bans it from performing non-emergency electric work when fire danger is high. a judge will hear the arguments today. pg&e will argue that the fire district doesn't have the authority the to enforce the rule because the power lies with the public utilitieses commission. coming up, the push for more tourists in the north bay, how sa santa rosa is hoping to give businesses a boost. fwloo a and a new attraction is coming soon to the bay area. ultimate to i see water and boots. >> bring it on. >> right? >> yes. some fresh air activities. let's get outside, absolutely. some nice weather coming our way. let's take a look at your temperatures. we'll start in san francisco where it is not nearly as drizzly as there was yesterday.
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temperature about 52 in ocean beach to about 53 to 54 for most of the neighborhoods there under a cloudy sky. you can see mid to upper 50s everywhere. union city 61. let's take a look at your commute, well, it was on emeryville earlier and now the bay bridge toll plaza. temperature about 57 there. so the commute planner, a little drier this morning, choppy out on the water especially north of the bay bridge, that has not changed. and comfy to warm if you are taking mass transit from san francisco back out into other neighborhoods this afternoon. in the east bay valleys, we have 60s through 10:00 with sunshine by 10:00. mid-80s this afternoon. and then down to 71 degrees during the evening hours. for the peninsula, increasing sunshine and 66 by 10:00, mid to upper 70s this afternoon. 67 by 8:00. and then for the south bay, increasing sunshine, 67 by 10:00, we'll hang out in the low to mid-80s this afternoon and very nice 70 as we head through the evening hours.
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and here is a look at the morning commute. good morning, everyone. so we did have a few crashes this morning actually. fairly minor for the most part and none are blocking any freeways at the moment, so we'll just check in on a live look showing you the oakland camera, 880 at the coliseum view. a lot of people already out this morning. we've been seeing that commute pick up and continue to do that. also an overall look at the map here so you can see what i was talking about with a few crashes. but nothing is blocking. it is green across the board. just beginning to see the tracy commute pick up, but still not very slow there. and our drive times reflect that as well. tracy to dublin, about 28 minutes. antioch to concord, 13 minutes. and san rafael to san francisco, 16 minutes.
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also this morning, san francisco is testing out car-free streets to boost business. the city approved closing a poal starting today through sunday. it will be closed between 16th and 17th streets and 18th and 19th
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after using xiidra, wait 15 minutes before reinserting contacts. got any room in your eye? talk to an eye doctor about twice-daily xiidra. i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye. let's take a look at what is going on outside. we'll start with our roof camera
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where you can see still a pretty good breeze across san francisco. but not as much mist and drizzle hanging in the air. temperatures in the mid-50s to around 60 at 7:00. sunny and breezy already at noon. the afternoon seabreeze will kick in a little sooner today. near 60 at the coast. you can see a little warmer this afternoon. and back into the 70s by 7:00. we still have a chance of storms across the sierra, but no high fire danger according to the weather service, there is no red flag warning. 77 in tahoe, about monter monterey. the numbers show the toll that the pandemic is taking on flipino americans. amanda delicaicate till cass ti
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the story. >> reporter: and they are dying at an alarming rate, so we wanted to check in with bay area front liners. >> it is different just because it is a new virus that we're dealing with every day, we're learning from it. we're always at risk and it is something you think about that we can al catch it. >> reporter: the l.a. times cited underlying health issues and multigenerational households as factors. >> a lot of us have diabetes. and so it is thinking about that i could possibly transmit covid-19 to my family members. >> reporter: and filipino americans account for at least 35% of the covid-19 deaths in the asianthe state's public hea department doesn't report ethnicity. >> so we can't get the picture of what the impacts are. >> reporter: the "times" found a
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fiflt of registn fifth of registered nurses in the state are filipino. a reflection of the culture. >> i think a lot of the filipinos get into this registered nurse profession because they have an extreme amount of compassion towards people. >> reporter: a survey of close to 1,000 filipino americans showed in a while so many are in the health profession, many others aren't sure how to prioritize their own health. >> you'd think that because we are in that discipline, in that labor force, right, that folks would know how you to get tested, where to get tested. but a lot of the people within our sample, 30 prls % of them, indicate they didn't know where the nearest testing location is. >> county leaders plan to organize an effort to get this information out to its islander population.
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amanda delica castillo, abc 7 n. and one city is trying to attraction more tourists. santa rosa has closed 4th street in downtown for outdoor dining and they are launching a new tourism campaign, it encourages people from across california to get out and making saping santa y your new social distancing destination. >> we want people to know tat this is a safe environment and a wonderful place to come where transmission of risk is very low. >> any kind of effort to keep us afloat, i appreciate. >> if you go, you still need to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. a new study by yelp finds that hundreds of bay area restaurants have closed permanently since march because of the pandemic. the bay area was the third largest metropolitan area for
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business closures trailing only new york city and los angeles. yelp reports that there have been 369 permanent closures in san francisco, oakland and hayward. a new way to watch movies is coming to san francisco and it is on the water. floating cinema allows you to watch movies in socially distanced boats. tickets require the whole boat to be purchased to make sure that groups are seated with oom only their friends and family. the floating cinema will be in town the first week of september. morning show reunion, friend? >> sorry? >> morning team reunion. >> yeah, we're all family. we can get on that boat together. >> they will be like huh-uh, no, this is not what we meant. >> and i'll be like this is
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2020, we're family. come on. get with the times. that does sound like a great idea. i miss you guys. let's take a look at what is going on. we'll start in san jose, 61 under cloudy conditions. it will be warmer today with sunshine during the afternoon hours. and a little bit at the coast also. steady lows, but not as cloudy tonight and clouds to sunshine this weekend with temperatures warmer than today. an area of low pressure over top of us, that is taking us from a west wind to more of a northwesterly wind and that is why we'll see a little more sunshine today and temperatures to 85 d at san jose. fetch offd peninsula, mid-70s to about 80 there. mid 60s along the coast this afternoon. near 70 in downtown and south
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san francisco, sausalito 68. low to mid-60s north bay coach. and how about throw mlow to mid the east bay valleys. richmond at 69, everybody else in the low to mid-70s. fremont at 78. and mid to upper 80s in the inland east bay neighborhoods. we've got low to upper 50s again tonight, but the cloud cover not going to be quite as widespread in the north bay and east bay as it has been the last couple mornings. so the breezes kick up again tomorrow, there is a trough of low pressure that will pass us to the north, that will induce the seabreeze once again. it backs off and temperatures return to the 60s along the coast. upper 80s to mid-90s starting saturday all the way through next week. kumasi. >> thank you, mike. we're learning more about last week's hacking that affected twitter accounts belonging to several high profile celebrities and
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political figures. twitter is now admitting the hacking exposed dms belonging to at least 36 of the 130 people who were targeted. techcrunch also reports that affes. the scam appeared to squwindle least $120,000. now time for your "techbytes." >> in today's "techbytes," samsung's new galaxy z flip includes 5g which is said to be ten times faster than the current 4 g network. the asking price will be just under $15. at&t is apologizing for scaring some customers with phonesit c after st eils d becae ey would no
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longer work once the company shuts down its 3g network, but that is not slated to happen until 2022. and a new study on people who spend about too much time on social media, researchers in michigan looked at students on facebook and snapchat, they found the heaviest users tended to be more cruel. people addicted to social media have certain personalities that enjoy making other people angry or embarrassed. those are your "techbytes." >> don't be mean. well, u.s. airline is expanding its mask requirement, where you will need to wear face coverings in addition to when you are on the plane. and the pep talk dr. fauci
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we know these are challenging times. rest assured, you are not alone. we've all had to adapt. and with summer here, your energy bills might go up with rising temperatures. together, we can save energy and money. try closing your shades during the day... setting your ac to 78° or higher... or cooling off with a fan when you can. united we are always stronger. stay well, california, and keep it golden.
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want to take a look at douglas really quick because now it is a major hurricane with 120-mile-per-hour winds. it is out in the middle of nowhere, but it will head towards hawaii. but look at what is in its path, a lot of dry air. so check out the forecast, it goes from a 3 to a 2 to a 1, and it may hit the big island as a 1 and may rake the rest of the islands as a tropical storm sunday into monday with winds possibly up to 75 and dropping down to 50. so we'll keep an eye on the potential for wind damage and
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torrential rain. as we get closer to sunday, you will start to see some watches and warnings issued, but until then, just know it is on the way. so if you are heading out for a flight, don't forget your masks. united airlines is extending their masks starting tomorrow, now passengers will have to wear them at the ticket counters, gate, baggage areas or you could be banned from the flight. united and all other major u.s. carriers already require passengers to wear masks in-flight. happening today, it is finally opening day, the giants are facing their biggest rival the dodgers in l.a. alys alyssa nakken is the first female assistant coach in major league baseball. new manager gabe kapler added alyssa to her coach and had her coaching first base for the first two exhibition games.
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she is breaking new ground every day. >> knowing that, yeah, you don't know everything, but you don't have to know everything, and that is when i'm a total sponge and i absorb everything that i can and ask a lot of questions. >> we are rooting for you. and you can watch the giants and dodgers on our sister network espn, the first pitch is at 7:08 p.m. dr. fauci will throw out the ceremonial first pitch before tonight's game in washington, d.c. it is between the nationals and the yankees. and dr. fauci says he is actually nervous about it. >> last night i went up with my wife to one of the schools near my neighborhood and it felt like i was throwing a brick. it was like whatever happened to my strength. >> okay, dr. fauci. the defending world series champion nationals will face the
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yankees at 4:00 this afternoon. and you can also watch that on espn. coming up next at 5:00, the civil rights activist being laid to rest today. and a growing problem in the south bay, experts say it is a side effect of people losing their jobs during the pandemic. plus, bridging the gap when nteno help
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now at 5:00, the effort to give a quality education from a distance. how online learning will be supported in the upcoming school year. and the mayor of portland marching side by side with protesters overnight, he explains why it is important to stand with the people. good morning, everybody. it is thursday, july 23. good morning, reggie. >> good morning, european union could y could you mass is i. let's check in with mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. thanks for joining us. you can see that it is pretty cloudy out there once again, but the air mass not nearly as juicy asyesterday. but what is consistent, the temperatures. mid-50s to around 60 at 7:00. we'll manage arouhang around 60 coast today. breezy by noon for the bay and
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inland neighborhoods where w


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