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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 23, 2020 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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now at 5:00, the effort to give a quality education from a distance. how online learning will be supported in the upcoming school year. and the mayor of portland marching side by side with protesters overnight, he explains why it is important to stand with the people. good morning, everybody. it is thursday, july 23. good morning, reggie. >> good morning, european union could y could you mass is i. let's check in with mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. thanks for joining us. you can see that it is pretty cloudy out there once again, but the air mass not nearly as juicy asyesterday. but what is consistent, the temperatures. mid-50s to around 60 at 7:00. we'll manage arouhang around 60
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coast today. breezy by noon for the bay and inland neighborhoods where we'll hang out 70 to 77. 77 to 84s as we head to 4:00. and a comfortable evening on the way. there is a rush going on right now throughout the bay area to get students the items they need to go back to school. tony thurma will be talking about will digital divide later this afternoon. there is some good news, you can actually do something to help out if you have some electronics laying around the house you don't use. julian glover has more on that. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, the digital divide, the difference between those students who have a computer and stable internet connection at home and those who don't, such a critical issue with a majority of those k through 12 schools opting for distance learning for the start of the school year. we'll be hearing from the state's superintendent of schools tony thurman on what the state will be doing about it and we'll talk about what you can do
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about it in a second. but i want to talk about what is going on in oakland. it was a major divide in the spring, and some progress has been made in getting laptops to families in need, but more needs to be done. the district just announcing 25,000 chrome books are on the way for students who don't have a computer at hole. the group oakland undivided raising more than $12 million to make it happen. laptops, hot spots will be provided startinging in ea in e august. in the south bay, there iss is drive-thru for people to drop off the used laptops and chrome books that will be refurbished for students trying to learn currently without the proper too manies. that is from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. [']at the berryessa branch of the library. and they will accepting small monetary donations to help them fund the refurbishment of those laptops. and of course we'll be hearing
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from the state superintendent of schools today at 1:00 p.m. look for that on julian glover, abc 7 news. a new poll finds that only one in ten americans think that schools should open without restrictions in the fall. the poll was conducted by the associated press and orc energy for public affairs. most believe that mask requirements and other safety measures are necessary to restart teaching in person. three in ten said that teaching kids in classrooms shouldn't happen at all. this morning covid-19 records are being shattered across the country. more 125states are reporting a tidal wave of infections. here is andrew dymburt with the latest. >> reporter: the actual numbers are believed to be much higher, but even so hospitalizations and cases are on the rise here in the u.s. this morning the united states is closing in on 4 million
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confirmed cases of covid-19. death are up 12% from last week, nine states hitting historic high in hospitalizations. at least 31 states ramping up restrictions to slow the spread. more implementing mask mandates. >> with this mask mandates, i think that it is very possible for us to not have the darker days behind us, but for us to start moving forward. >> reporter: there has been no nationwide order from president trump to wear face coverings, although trump admitting that it probably helps. >> i believe that you should wear it even if there is a 1% it helps. >> reporter: meanwhile top infectious disease expert dr. fauci says the worst could still be yet to come. >> i don't see this disappearing. we are accept not at tcertainly of the game. >> reporter: on the economic front, critical life lines are running out, more than 25 million americans stand to lose a $600 unemployment benefit as
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early as this weekend unless congress acts. and this morning cause for concern at the white house, two cafeterias were shut down after a worker tested positive. they are located in two different buildings next to the white house. andrew d andreandrew dymburt a washgt> at the live desk, w h a foinon r agentst hhour, that he is trying to remove from his city. that was just a part of the intense night that he had. wheeler joined the demonstration calling the federal deployment unconstitutional. before that, he addressed protesters, many of whom booed him for his early support of local police using tear gas. >> i think it is important for me as the mayor and police commissioner to be out here where people are demonstrating. hear their concerns not only about the federal government, but also about our local
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government. >> local business leaders also gave wheeler an earful for not reigning in the protests weeks ago before the federal government sent in agents. weeks of unrest have decimated shops and restaurants already hurting. about 1,000 protesters joined the demonstration and this is the 60th continuous night of protests since the death of george floyd. happening today, a congressional panel will vote on restricting one of the biggest powers held by presidents, the right to grant pardons. house democrats are pushing the bill to discourage presidents from granting pardons to family and friends. another proposed bill would ban presidential pardoning themselves. this is unlikely to become law though. happening today, a private funeral will be held in atlanta for civil rights pioneer c.t.
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vivian. the 95-year-old passed away last week of natural causes. reverend vivian was a friend and confident of martin luther king jr. and he was awarded the presidential medal ever of freedom by barack obama in 2013. yesterday a horse drawn carriage took vivian's casket from the georgian capitol for king's tomb in atlanta for a memorial service. let's take a look at some neighborhood temperatures this morning. we'll start with cloudy conditions in the south bay where our spread is about 57 to 62 degrees. and we've got about 54 to 61 elsewhere, newark at about 61. let's take a look at the exploratorium camera, you can see the cloud cover not nearly as low hanging or as juicy as yesterday. a seasonal day if you will be out exercising today. maybe you have a pool or you have one of those designated
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hours at a pool to swim some laps, there will be strong sunshine. so make sure you have a sunscreen on and small craft advisory north of the bay bridge through the delta, fourth day in the row for that. for the north bay, we'll break free of the clouds much faster. temperatures near 80 during the afternoon. east bay, we'll also break free by about 10:00. and we'll be in the low to mid 70s this afternoon. down to 63 by 8:00. and san francisco, we're in the 50s and pretty cloudy through 8:00, and then a mixture of more sun than clouds this afternoon and highs hitting the mid to upper 60s. we did have slightly warmer weather coming at you after a big dip tomorrow. we'll show that you roller coaster coming up in the accuweather 7 day forecast. coaster coming up in the accuweather 7 day forecast. and let's start off with a live look in the south bay
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showing you our 280 camera in san jose. everything down there is moving pretty smoothly. no problems there. and also around the bay area here, going to check in on the drive times for you. walnut creek to dublin, 13 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco, 47 minutes. and highway 1 to los gatos, 23 mnutes. some experts are warning about a ticking time bomb in the south bay, an estimated 43,000 households in east san jose could be facing eviction. many tenants have lost jobs and they still have to find a way to buy food. the eviction moratorium expires at the end of next month. >> tenants will not be able to pay the tens of thousands of dollars in back rent that they will be facing in the six months
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to a year that the county ordinance requires. >> congress could help, but it is not clear when or if they will agree on a oouf supplemental benefits. in the meantime south bay nonprofits are raising money to help renters. and you can join michael finney and the 7 on your side team at 5:15 tonight for a special town hall called cry for help. we'll hear the frustrations of bay area folks trying to get unemployment benefits and discuss possible solutions with two assembly members and an hr manager. that is on our facebook page, youtube channel and coming up next, the 7 things you need to know as you start your day. plus the bay area county that is now allowing people to use reusable bags in stores. a practice banned when the pandemic first hit. and this hiker sharing his survival story, how he survived
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the ultimate entertainment experience. like live sports. they're back with the best way to watch. and more streaming apps all in one place. more classics. more premiers. plus, more to easily find using just your voice. hello, more. where have you been all my life? awes if you are just joining us, here are the 7 things to know. number one, more coronavirus testing is coming to san francisco. mayor london breed says 1400
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more tests will be done at multiple sites. and number two, you can donate used laptops and chrome books for students. it runs f to 6:00 at the berryessa branch library. and senate republicans are expected to introduce their $1 trillion stimulus poday. mitch mcconnell is said to be proposing another $1200 stimulus check. number four, there is a fast testing sight in officials promise test results in 15 minutes. and small steps forward in most of our neighborhoods as temperatures will be a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. and number six, we'relive l bridge this morning. pretty smooth traffic for the most part. it is busy out there though. i've been watching a couple crashes, and you can see it is already slowing down as people make their way toward the
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peninsula. number seven, a new way to watch movies is coming to san francisco. floating cinema will allow you to watch movies in socially distanced boats. it comes to town the first week of september. public health officials are scrambling to speed up the rate of coronavirus testing. people across the country routinely wait hours for an exam if they can even get one. but a new extensive review of our testing sites shows that sites including communities of color in major many cities face higher demand. dan noyes has this exclusive report. >> reporter: the review of testing saitos beingites acrossy shows people of color especially black and hispanic people are more likely to experience longer wait times and understaffed testing centers. we estimated the potential demand by looking at the number of site and the number of people
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living nearest them. in los angeles for example, test sites serving mostly black neighborhoods were 26% busier than those serving white neighborhoods and those serving majority hispanic neighborhoods were 9% busier. in the bay area, our analysis found testing sites in mostly has panic neighborhoods were about 20% than white neighborhoods. professor of epidemiology at uc berkeley -- >> this country has a long history of disparities in health, access to health care, with poorer people and communities of color having less access. >> reporter: and he says one factor driving longer wait times in hispanic neighborhoods is that they are experiencing higher rates of infection and are presumably eager to get testing. but two cities buck that national trend we found. in san francisco, and oakland, testing locations near mostly black census blocks were an estimated 21% less busy on
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average than testing sites near mostly white neighborhoods. in the city's mostly hispanic neighborhoods, testing centers were about 4% less busy. the department of public health emailed a statement that reads the ruts of your survey don't square with our perception of the situation or what we're hearing from the community. i'm afraid it is premature to declare victory. i also spoke with mayor libby schaaf about how oakland has addressed the issue. was this a surprise to you that it did turn out so well? >> it was encouraging. and i want to say that we have worked with so many phenomenal it based partners. >> reporter: the mayor says the city opened the first walk-up testing site, did not always require online appointment, made phone lines available in different languages, intentionally located testing sites where they would reach people of color. >> we established a covid-19 racial disparities task force
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immediately. we did not wait for the data to show those racial disparities because we knew about t pre-existing disparities and the risk factors. >> reporter: for asian neighborhoods being a cross san francisco, our analysis found almost no difference in testing access compared to white neighborhoods. i'm posting a complete rundown of our data from across the country at including the statement from the department of health. dan noyes, abc 7 news. a plea to safer hair salons in the east bay. stylists gathered to send a message to state officials. this week the governor allowed salons to reopen for their cuts only outdoors. xt to restaurants who are the>>e dining outside, so i have these visions of hair flying into people's food. >> it is a good intent, but it
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is so empty because there are so many logistics that have to be applied. >> this is to survive, this is not a fun hobby we're doing, this is our livelihood. >> all we're doing is trying to keep our clients safe and we can do that best indoors in our salons. >> the group wants to start a discussion with state officials about how they can safely serve customers indoors. marin county will once again allow reusable bags to be used at stores, but shoppers have to leave the bags in carts and they have to do the bagging. like many other bay area counties, marin banned reusable grocery bags during the onset of the pandemic, but recent studies found very little risk of those bags being sources of coronavirus transmission as long as the shopper is the only one touching the bag. plans for san francisco's blue grass festival expected to
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be announced this saturday. there will be a virtual event and they will be talking about what is in store for fans this october. that block had a lot of things, friends. i did not think about cutting my hair cut and the hair flying in somebody's plate. if the salon is close to a restaurant. because i would like to do both of those things outside, but -- >> that is one of the biggest beefs with my hair, when i get it cut, it sticks to everything, so i can't imagine how gross that would be. partition? curtains? something? in-intend unintend theed consequences. it is a dryer morning out there.
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we have warmer highs today. they will retreat a little bit as the breeze comes a little faster off the ocean tomorrow. and in an extended period of seasonal temperatures, they start saturday. in the north bay, you will notice the clouds eliminate much faster than they did yesterday. by noon, just about all of us cleared out there. even some sunshine developing along the north bay coast. and as we head into the afternoon hours, you can that it is pretty quiet out there until we get to the evening and then the clouds start making that march back to the east. rebounding highs means 80 to 85 in the south bay, even santa cruz going to be warmer today at 72. head up the peninsula, we drop down into the mid-70s. abou 7n san rafael.oast today t. and low to mid-80s through most of the north bay. cloverdale northward, warmer as
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usual. richmond 69. 78 in fremont. and east bay valley, 84 in san ramon to brentwood oto 89. tonight cloud won't won't s won extensive. tomorrow temperatures below average and then saturday all the way to wednesday, enjoy some really smooth weather. we deserve that. listen to this, a hiker who was stranded for 40 hours in the california wilderness is sharing his story. janai norman has the details. >> reporter: in this morning's "first look," an excruciating journey of survival. >> help! help! >> reporter: that desperate cry for help coming from the 67-year-old man stranded at joshua tree national pack unable to move after a serious fall. >> i landed right on my left
5:22 am
hip, i can't move it for the pain. i can't move myself. >> reporter: robert ringo was just planning on a short walk. he had stwrus t just two liters of water and a cellphone but no cell service. >> it is about 4:30, 4:20 on thursday afternoon. aim up in -- i don't know if you get this or find it. >> reporter: and coming up, the one trick that may have saved this hiker's life. with your "gma first look," i'm janai norman, abc news, new york. >> i'm glad he's okay. an iconic building in san francisco is now the latest establishment that has had to close forviwh health officials can't stay hope sfloop a. and tesla has picked where they will build its next factory.
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and california is 3457b man
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first hurricane of the season has become a major hurricane. we went from category 1 to 3. douglas, 120 mile-per-hour winds. but there is a lot of dry air, so that is great news. it does weaken considerably. but still could be a very strong tropical storm as it hits the islands over the weekend and in to early next week. kumasi. a space race is now on after china launched its first unmanned mission to mars and the u.s. plans to launch another space craft to the red planet later in month. china's probe blasted off earlier today and it will orbit mars before landing a rover on the martian surface. the u.s. spacecraft will last next week. both expect to reach the surface of mars in february. china has spent b dopace program andandedn unmann craft on the moon. tesla will officially locate
5:26 am
its second u.s. car assembly plant in austin, texas. the new factory will build tesla's upcoming cyber truck among other cars. the factory will be bigger than the one in fremont but will only employ 5,000 people compared to 10,000 in fremont. the plans for austin seemed to accelerate after musk became frustrated with alameda's stay-at-home order. and the center for the arts says that it will eliminate 27 staff positions, 44 remaining staff members face pay cuts. the arts arts center relies on s for income and of course those are not happening. they estimate they will lose nearly $7 million in revenue this year. and you can't visit the ferry building at least for now. it is considered a mall, and so it must close. five restaurants in the building will be able to stay open
5:27 am
because they have outdoor entrances. the ferry plaza farmers market will stay in operation. >> i like to go over there. and we're coming back with a full 90 minutes of news. including the latest unemployment numbers from the labor department, they are expected to come out in a few minutes. >> reporter: and more testing for covid-19 is coming to san francisco. that story coming up. and a factory in the east bay working to deacon damage nature ppe, but not everyone thinks this is safe. and at 5:27, we are taking a look at the golden gate bridge.
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now at 5:30, building avite. the new test sites opening up. and the latest stimulus bill makes its way to the senate floor, what congressional republicans are proposing. and today is the start of major league baseball season, the giants set to face the dodgers. and a familiar face throwing the first pitch in washington, d.c. >> welcome to thursday, july 23. >> and of course you are never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. here is mike. >> hi, everybody. let's talk about this thursday, it is friday eve. winds st onshore, but there will be a little deviation, it will come out of the north more than the west. and that is why we'll be a little bit warmer today than yesterday. you can still see plenty of cloud cover out there this morning. nothing has really changed in that respect other than the fact that it is drier this morning.
5:31 am
temperatures in the mid-50s to around 60 frees. but you in the afternoon, mid to upper 60s from half moon bay, richmond. mid to upper 70s around the bay. mid-80s in the south bay and north bay and even upper 80s in the east bay valleys. so temperatures bouncing back temporari temporarily. a cooldown tomorrow and it will be ward. your health is just one of the key areas we're focusing on at abc 7 as we work to build a better bay area. in san francisco, more than 5500 people have tested positive for covid-19. and so now the city is expanding testing to help. amy hollyfield is live with what they are planning to do. >> reporter: yeah, more testing is coming to the embarcadero to pier 30 and to other parts of the city. the yois rponding to theuptickn for tests. she says her plan should
5:32 am
increase capacity by 45%. but there is still a problem, you may wonder how long will it take to get the result? the city can add tests, but says that they can't do much about the turnaround time. >> in some cases the specimens can be turned around within 72 hours, but we're seeing backups especially with our provider labs and some of our own labs within the city, we are backing up seven days, ten days at in point and that is something that we're'sing being seeing acrossi point and that is something that we're seeing across the country. >> reporter: the mayor says that is why they need everyone to work hard doing their part to stop the spread. saying getting a test is not a passport to be careless. as for the plan, you will soon see two new roaming mobile test sites deployed where needed. and they are also planning to put in a long term site in the
5:33 am
southeast corner of the city. and here at pier 30, they plan to add 400 more tests a day, they say that they will be prioritizing people with symptoms and those who have been exposed. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. in the east east bay, hundreds of people lined up at a new covid-19 testing site that opened in alameda. it is at the marina village research park. the test is free and unlike most other sites, this one says it gets results in 15 minutes. 380 people had appointments and another 400 were walk-ins. >> they started lining up at 4:00 a.m., they have their lawn chairs and some people had sleeping bags and blankets and snacks. >> city health urgent care is partnering with the city of alameda to offer the sesesese on, we have all the
5:34 am
coronavirus resources you might need, including links to testing sites. there have been more than 43,000 cases of coronavirus across the bay area, that includes recovered patients and the current number of infected patients at san quentin. in california, there have been more than 413,000 cases. that means that our state has surpassed new york for the most cases in the country. but california has a higher population and has had fewer deaths. according to johns hopkins data, the u.s. has seen more than 3.9 million cases. happening today, senate republicans are expected to present their new stimulus bill, it comes as millions face losing that $600 in unemployment benefit they are getting at the end of the month. jobina is tracking the developments. >> yes, with millions of americans unemployed, congress is divided on whether or not to continue giving them an extra
5:35 am
boost with unemployment benefits. and there are more concerns as well this morning. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said to be proposing another $1200 stimulus check and there is $105 billion follow schools included in the trillion dollar plan. but there is also concern from gop members about spending. >> i'm going to introduce a bill in the next few days that is a starting place that enjoys fairly significant support among republican senator, probably not even. >> the sooner we can see their bill, the sooner we can understand our differences or similarities. >> and then start negotiating. >> some republicans want to reduce the employment to $200 to $400 per month, but democrats are pushing to keep the $600. democrats are also staying
5:36 am
unified behind their own trillion dollar proposal that passed the house in may. and some health care facilities unable to get new n95 masks have been sending their used masks to a fremont facility to decontaminate them for free. the governor is urging the practice which is paid for by the federal government. the company doing the work is battelle, the masks spend about 8 hours in the room soaking in a hydrogen peroxide solution. staff in full ppe gear handle and inspect the masks before shipping them out again and it all happens within 72 hours. >> we always suggest that the health care providers and first responders have a brand new mask every day. but we are in a pandemic and there is an extreme authoritiage shortage of ppe currently. unt until the supply chain picks up, this is a solution. >> earlier this month the california nurses association sent a letter to the governor urging the discontinuation of this practice saying that the
5:37 am
process does not kill the virus and raised concerns about the use of high dre agaydrogen pero. one more county has been added to the state's watch much list. butte county is now on the list and it joins more than 90% of the state. 35 of 58 counties are now on the watch list. so where does your county stand? you can check out the entire state with you're interactive feature at you cannot only see how long each region has been on the state but why the state is keeping an eye on the spread of the virus there. in oakland, officials are moving forward with a plan that do eventually cut the police department's budget by mi cy council equity caucus approved a plan that would create a task force to work with residents to identify ways to redirec s ts t money into the black community. and they rejected a proposal
5:38 am
that would have made additional cuts ahead of the community led process. vice mayor larry reed said our citizens want informed decision making that produces results, not knee jerk policy making that may to modo more harm than good. final vote is scheduled for july 28. the sierra club has apologized for the racist views of john muir. his efforts led for land being preserved for yosemite, but his social pin yoens haiosavomeo light. the sierra club's current president said muir's views evolved after earlier comments made. california state university makes the first major change to its curriculum in 40 years. the new subject all students must learn. the social distaly distant
5:39 am
alternative to watching movies coming soon. and we have a small craft advisory once again north of the bay bridge through the delta. let's talk about temperatures. we'll start with the east bay, 56 in richmond, union city 61 along with oakland under a cloudy sky. and we have near 60 degree temperatures in the east bay and also in the south bay. the rest of us around 53 in pacifica to about 59 in san carlos. your commute is drier this morning, haven't heard about windshield wipers being needed. there is still a slight chance near the coast and up in the higher elevations. choppy this afternoon because of that small craft advisory. and comfy in san francisco, but a little warm if you are taking mass transit out into the burbs. east bay valleys, mid-80s for several hours this afternoon. down to 71 at 8:00.
5:40 am
for the peninsula, we're breaking free of the clouds and still in the 60s by 10:00. but mid to upper 70s this afternoon. and for the south bay, same thing except for we'll touch 80 in the afternoon. and a nice 70 at 8:00. an update on the weekend warming trend coming up. let's talk about the commute. thank you. so i don't have a man for this crash yet because it just came in, but i want to let anyone know headed toward the peninsula and taking a san mateo bridge, there is a three car crash westbound 92 just before 10 1. i'll get more details on that for you in a few minutes. but let's show you the richmond/san rafael bridge here, it looks smooth there. but really i'm seeing a slowdown now for people making their way towards the peninsula. again, that just coming in.
5:41 am
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let'sakour y planner for to. and you will notice it is still the same temperature with the same included cover at 7:00, just not as much mist and drizzle this morning. a little breezy a couple hours earlier today. 60 at the coast this afternoon, 77 to 84 around the bay and inland neighborhoods. pretty close to average. and 50s, 60s and 70s by 7:00. we still have a threat of thunderstorms across the sierra, but no red flag warning.
5:44 am
77 at tahoe, 70 in at the live desk, just minutes ago the u.s. labor department released the latest weekly jobless report. more than 1.4 million people filed for unemployment benefits last week. slightly higher than economists were forecasting, it snaps a 15 week streak of decreasing numbers of claims since the high in march when the pandemic shut down the economy. more than 16 million people are continuing to receive benefits and we'll see you how wall street reacts to all of this when the markets open up in about 45 minutes. >> that stings for sure. a significant change for nearly 500,000 undergrads, the california state university system will be requiring either nick studies or a social justice course. this is the first major change for the system in 40 years.
5:45 am
and it comes at a time oionaon injustice. which is a large part of our effort to build a better bay area. j.r. stone has more now from cal state east bay. >> starting in 2023, csu students will have to take a course in ethnic studies and social justice. >> reporter: social justice including things like the criminal justice system and public health disparities. ethnic studies including classes like african-american history. this is the first time in 40 years that the cal state university system has made a significant change to the general education requirements. >> campuses will determine the learning outcomes to meet this new requirement. and then they will approve courses. >> reporter: wednesday trustees voted to approve the measure. those that we talked with on campus said to them this is a no-brainer. this woman recently graduated from csu east bay and she said
5:46 am
she felt like this was already in place. >> i was a public health major so i felt it was built into our curriculum. >> reporter: dr. rinn says some csu schools did already have requirements in place, but this puts them in place on all 23 campuses and includes 482,000 students. some believe this measure should be taken a step further and put into high schools. >> i even say in the general ed in the earlier two years that they add that type of study as a required course. >> reporter: unclear at this point if that will happen, but this is one of the most wide-reaching college requirements of its kind. >> we believe that this hve rement elevate ethnic been elete berete j.r. stone, w watch movies is coming to san francisco and it is on the water. floating cinema allows you to watch movies in socially
5:47 am
distanced boats. the tickets require the whole boat to be purchased to make sure that groups are seated with friends and family only. floating cinema will be in town the first week of september. reggie, mike and i have decided that we as a morning show are family so we can all get on the boat together. >> yes. >> all right, but i have to pee. >> i t it looks cute, but for that reason, i'm out. >> and because it is at night. you know -- i looked this up. it is wednesday night. the whole show can't just take off. >> it is a wednesday night? >> the 2nd, i think. well, it is the whole week. i lied. maybe we can go on the weekend. >> okay. it does look fun, but again, i like to have a nice little drink, okay?
5:48 am
i'll watch you from the shore. next to the bathroom. >> just don't drink any water and come on, reggie. >> i think he's looking for excuses right i am. >> let's talk about what is going on weather-wise. our families, we're dysfunctional just like your. let's take a look at what is going on in san jose where it is cloudy and about 61 degrees. we have warmer weather today, just a couple degrees under a sunny afternoon especially away from the coast. you will see some sunshine also. steady lows but not as cloudy tonight. and we'll go from clouds to sunshine and warmer temperatures this weekend. that area of low pressure that has been so dominant in keeping our temperatures below average is now starting to pull away and we'll get a wind out of the northwest more and that is one of the reasons why we'll have a little more sunshine and warmth today. but see the trough of low pressure? that will bring us a temp airily
5:49 am
cooler afternoon before warmer weather this weekend. so let's take a look at what is going on with the temperatures. low to mid-80s in the south bay, 84 at san jose. san mateo 75. we'll have 62 to 64 along the peninsula coast with near 70 in downtown. low to mid-80s through most of the north way valleys. 69 in richmond. everybody else 71 at berkeley to about 78 in fremont. 84 in san raon to 89 in brentwood. notice the cloud cover is not as extensive in the north bay and inland east bay, but temperatures from 52 in santa rosa to antioch at 61. we drop about 4 to 6 degrees tomorrow, but then we warm saturday and seasonal temperatures with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine the rest of the forecast. new at 6:00, the new design facebook is testing for some of its accounts. and first hyping up dr.
5:50 am
fauci, the pep talk he got before he throws first pitch at an mlb game tonight. and abc 7 has launched a new streaming app, so wherever you are, you can get our live newscast, breaking news, weather and more with our abc 7 bay area app. it is on apple tv, android tv, fire tv and roku. fr grab a box of 15 or try them loaded. get 'em now with no contact delivery.
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5:53 am
sure that people within the county and the region know that this is a wonderful place to come and a safe environment where transmission of risk is very low. >>ed a to s sad to see places c any effort i appreciate. >> if you go, you still need to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. a new study by yelp finds that hundreds of bay area restaurants have closed permanently since march because of the pandemic. the bay area was the third largest metropolitan area for business closures trailing only new york city and los angeles. according to sf gate, yelp reports that there have been 369 permanent closures in san francisco, oakland and hayward. now we're learning more about last week's hacking that affected twitter accounts belonging to several high profile celebrities and political figures. twitter is admitting that the
5:54 am
hacking exposed dms belonging to at least 36 of the 130 people who were targeted. techcrunch also reports that a toworking with its swindle $1,000 from pe who responded to those posts asking for money. >> oh, not the dms. that could get -- that can get bad. happening today, it is finally opening day, giants face the dodgers in l.a. aliyssa nakken is the female assistant coach for the mlb. gabe kapler added alyssa to his staff and had her coaching first base in the two exhibition games this week. >> knowing that, yeah, you don't
5:55 am
know everything but you don't have to know everything. and that is when i just -- i'm a total sponge and i absorb everything that i can and ask a lot of questions. >> you can watch the giants and dodgers on espn, first pitch at 7:08. dr. fauci will throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the game in washington, d.c. before the game, he got some tips from ryan zimmerman. >> have you thrown a first pitch out before? >> i have not. and i'm quite nervous about it. >> i think my first tip would be i g d a moundo t fromai a litte to go to the mound. >> the defending niona will fac the yankees at 4:00 this afternoon. you can also watch that game on
5:56 am
espn. so what does he mean -- he's saying that you have to go -- what does that mean, mike? >> help us. >> he said what? sorry, they were talking in my ear. >> he said you have it go to the mound. he's saying he doesn't want fauci to go closer to cheat? >> i guess so. i can't wait to see it. that is a nice gesture for a man who has brought a lot of us comfort over the last several months. let's talk about something that may be uncomfortable in hawaii as we head toward the weekend. douglas is a major hurricane 3, moving at 17, but it will hit weaken consii is good stilan minor one a islands. weakening as it does, but there
5:57 am
could be wind damage and flooding, something we'll keep an eye on. coming up new at 6:00, it is as simple as no face mask, no flight. and also coronavirus at two cafeterias that serve white house personnel. and most students will be learning on line oig in t ing i we'll be hearing what the state is doing about it, and there is
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
now at 6:00, the erffort to give kids a quality education at home. there is a lot of support coming in for local students gearing up for more virtual learning. how you can help. >> good morning, it is thursday, july 23. we are almost thertherther mike, sounds like it will be pretty decent. >> yeah, i think that it will be a nice day. maybe a touch warmer than yesterday with some sunshine, but nothing that will be too uncomfortable. let's take a look at the ingredients out there this morning, plenty of cloud cover just like the last couple mornings. temperatures exactly the same in the mid-50s to low 60s, but not nearly as moist as it was yesterday. there is not as much mist and
6:01 am
drizzle hanging in the air if at all. temperatures as we head


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