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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 23, 2020 4:00pm-4:56pm PDT

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ld cs and replace the i understandian head logo on-the the timing for this event is not right. just not right. so i told my team, it's time to indian head helmets. cancel the jacksonville, florida this is not that unusual. come possibly of the gop. but it shows you just after even >> a major change today. decades of pressure, the redskins, they were not prepared the president canceling part o for this at all. g to the rise iirn the they had to be dragged kicking state of florida. but delegates will still meet in and screaming and hundreds of millions of dollars. north carolina in august. okay. good afternoon. we'll take a logo and come up thanks for joining us. i'mbeil. with something. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> maybe they should be called the procrastinators because it last week another 1.4 million took so long. the owners. t no matter com one a better e new jobless claims. about 16.2 million are receiving claims right now. this comes as an extra $600 per changing it. i home it is better than the washington football team. week payment ends in days. i wonder how much money they chris reyes tells paid a consultant to come up means to those desperately with that one. what will be the name? how about the red tails?
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struggling. >> that is a real possibility i like that suggestion. that was a nickname for the fo her. she's been relying the o'the tuskegee airmen. the group of african-american extra $600 a week for fighter pilots in world war ii. th president imarch. i say go red tails. >> a lot of people would like that same month she lost her job as housekeeper. that. nflt all right. a hotline to report social >> that $600 is for my distancing violators has been set up inside the nba bubble at apt.entm $1,500. we share together with my daughter. but if i not share with my the walt disney world nba daughter, i cannot pay my bubble. some players have already apartment. received warnings. >> reporter: congress has yet to the nba is spending over $150 sign a new stimulus bill and some are doubtless thatn be tck million to keep players safe and comfortable. one player has spent over $5,000 month when the cares act on amazon to get his room to his expires. in california and even earlier, july 25th, because it is added likingful what do you think to the state's ui checks, about that? the anonymous hotline. leaving desperate people in limb beau is something that worries community orgerizan people out >> i think it is better than ntg each othe oumask.y is feeling uneasy when things.ho need bssenal if they are not getting it,he t etwill to it most people are wearing masks survive. >> a new study from zillow and you have one or two leaders predicts that 41% unemployed not complying. renters across the country could
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at least it is anonymous. face eviction without the supplement. you're noteteon it has gd >> a tremendous number of rentaler households out there would be in economic painful. >> for her this pain is real. >> yeah. it is unrealistic to live on it snitches get stitches, dan. alone worth just $167 a week.>>. >> by the way, i have a bunch of friends inside the bubble. and i just got this text from i thinking about how i my somebody. this is what they called in to the tip line. apartment if i stay $600. quote, person, woman, man, >> reporter: abc7 news. camera, tv. >> california employment >> come on! development department spokes person laurie levy joins us for i guess that's what they had getting answers. if you haven't seen it, that's there hotel room. >> oh, i see that. the show that kristen hosts every day at 3:00. okay, okay. >> all right. michael finney reading a message beer, soda drinkers, listen about how the department is dealing with a massive number of yoayav pbl finding claims. >> this is from mirna. your favorite beverage because of an aluminum shortage. she said i can't believe it is this difficult to get help. they say it is a supply issue. it would be better if the state
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just opens up. beer that would have ended up in i would rather take my chance with the virus than edd. >> it is heart breaking to hear restaurants has shifted, now that and i can tell you, we all wish we had a magic wand and we being used in stores. the seltzer trend which i do not could be ahead and expand capacity overnight. understand. we really do care about helping spurred shortages in the tall slim 12-ounce cans. we've never facedrt anly not fo beer sold in cans was already very popular. it accounted for 60% of all beer sold in this would have been a perfect conversation for spencer. he's a wine guy. dyeond a persevere, continue to roll out customer what else could go wrong? now we don't have aluminum? 2020 is bad. enhancements. we have a knew or our identity process. now we have to shelter at home where people will be ablelo d tn without beer? >> i'm glad we all recycle but authentic them in real-time. >> join michael finney and the 7 think about how many aluminum is on your side team for a special used around the country and town hall. around the world to package all just over hand hour away. the soda, all the beer, it is a you'll hear the frustrations of
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bay area residents trying to get staggering amount when you think about it. i'm surprised we haven't had unemployment benefits and discuss possible solutions with two assemblymen. shortages before. >> yeah. you don't strike me as a huge tonight, the youtube channel as beer drinker, nd well as demand for food assistance has could have a revelation doubled in the south bay as on four at 4:00. people are really struggling to feed their families. >> not at all. i don't drink beer, larry. the strain a 100t community and i don't really drink sodas food pantries and the challenges much. they're facing. i really stick with water or monsdthay and 's the fourth milk. i know that sounds so boring. volunteers are preparing boxes y arscd at the eleme >> boring! i'm kidding. 129 drive-through >> party at sandhya's, bring pantries acrossan c and your milk. san mateo counties supported by >> all right. secondarstoo bank. you guys, the queen of all smim later, people are lined up things domestic is now drifting her crafty toes into two to pick up meat and cheese and different pools. martha stewart caused some internet ripples with this other food. she said she's very selfie. take a look. appreciative. she has a large family at home the 78-year-old posted this from
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and she can stretch the food for her pool in bedford, new york. every day of the week. followers including the famous this family has lost their jobs. xheedian chelsea handler went there's no visible end to the nuts over her glowing skin. crisis. >> now we're trying to move into a marathon mode. and she said if i look the good at 78, i'd better still have a we know that this need will be with us for a long time. pool to show myself off in. that could have a serious impact on the people we serve and could she does look amazing. really increase the amount of sandhya, do you suspect any need. >> as we've recovered, rentalers photo apps? are falling months behind. >> you l t with some continuing to do distance learning this fall, feeding a family is getting more shterric sooks great at any age. difficult. expenses are grart he, she tells us, when the kids are home because she has to provide oto to me on this er breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. she feeds a family of seven fam. segment, i wouldn't have recognized her. she looks fantastic. i didn't see martha stewart in that picture. she looks so different. >> this is true. larry? >> the consequences of someone >> you have to be using the findin ogut they don't have custom air brush make-up that documents. some of us are familiar with. youo see the people that come
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in. themknow they don't have that epo pressure i >> would it make me look better. building to address the growing demand. david louie, abc7 news. >> today the u.s. surpassed 4 party at dan's now. million coronavirus cases. party at daniel's. just over two weeks ago, we crossed the 3 million mark. >> i'll bring the milk and california reports more than cookies. 425,000 cases. >> i just have milk in the bay area we're nearing occasionally. >> please, orange juice slices 45,500 cases and nearly 750 as well, please. people have died. it will get crazy. today the sonoma county board of maybe some green beans. supervisors are looking todin f like wearing a mask in public or perhaps not wearing one. th couy enforcement plan. it will start a hotehe people can report. there will be fines. ces and if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back, hospitalizations continue to inflammation in your eye might be to blame. rise. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes! sct t oeatch
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whoa! >> they're able to lessen it by my old hairstyle grew back. 35 weekends where patronsl not be impacted by single so did mine. tracking. which sit really great. [80's music] >> she's talking about one of the 135re working with the what? i was an 80's kid. it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. aid of measure r funds. the board of directors put the next round of green bonds up to $700 million. there are now more rebuilding projects at any other time in b.a.r.t.'s history. now a warning to keep a close eye on your mail. -hi, america. -hey, there, america. -hi, america. -hi, america. during this crisis... especially as u.s. lawmakers over 37 million people... don't have access... debate sending another round of to nutritious foods. but there is a way we can all help. with feeding america. their network of 200 food banks checks. are up and running. julian glover has the details. distributing food to people and communities they serve. across the country. please visit birmep rlsorr: of mail in i to locate a food bank in your community. -together... -together...
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a. mail fraud -together... -let's feed the love. irts.n the skyrocketing in ml ♪ and compari that to lastatngeer a good way to get out of the house and away from people during the shutdown is to go after everything from stimulus camping. sounds lying fun, right? checks, unemployment checks, tax now aoss p refunds and medication orders. filli u really that's not all says the postal fast. sid garcia from our sister station in los angeles checked inspector. >> it could be anything of value. it could be credit cards, bank out a camp ground along the coast. >> it's been great. information, checks. it's beautiful. >> in freedom the thieves are >> reporter: even on a gloomy getting more gold. day at the california coast, it is still a great day at the an e ailmartment complex was hit just twice and beach. camp grounds have been open for three days, the same building a few weeks now. ask anyone here. being away from home after being being targeted moments after it was delivered. how are they doing? cooped up after weeks and months, this is heaven. >> they might be having a >> the waves, listen to the burglary tool. ocean, it's been really nice. using that, that's a crime. >> reporter: getting a space wasn't easy. >> roughly half have targeted i checked the ventura county webb today. large apartment complexes.arrieo there were a few spots available
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along the coast. that's it. it inland, there were plenty. in fine00rs$2,0 wantust really depends where you in aprison. it is a huge hassle for the victim that has personal information stolen or even whitney and her family reserved worse, identity fraud. their spot in january. >> they can use your information >> we thought it would get to create fake identity papers canceled. even last week they were and go out and commit crimes in canceling some of the spots to social distance between the camp your name. then you have a warrant outnd a sites so we were really ours. person. >> reporter: if you believe your >> reporter: the welcome mat is mail iso throughout the state with the police and the u.s. postal restrictions. some spots are closed for service. physical distancing and you're the best advice? being asked to stay with your >> don't leave mail epter: anop group and practice physical distancing from other campers. if you're okay with that, go online and try to book a spot. you're renting, get a >> very important. we thought this thing going soon. it may only get worse the longer around with the pandemic and we're all sheltering in place. everything, it is great to get out. we realize how good life is. >> reporter: so to go your julian glover, abc7 news. favorite camp ground's webb and >> apple co-founder steves wo s see if there's a space available. every family we spoke to today wouldni yo>>utube. ty idthis. in ventura county, they were so glad they were able to take the
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kids somewhere. get them out of the house and they had been in youtube's featured videos. enjoy some quality family time. since then, people started contactingoi i'm sid garcia. abc7 news. are not you going to second us >> the beach looks pretty twice as many back? >> he held a news conference oh enticing. so what about your camping forecast from our milk and water zoom with his attorneys today. scammers have been posting ads meteorologist? sandhya patel? saying he will send bitcoin. >> hi there. it sounds so boring. wozniak says youtube has done it is going to be fabulous very little to prevent this. weather for camping out in the they said they bay area. take a look at live doppler 7. atformiolynd respond quickly when they've detected a violation. the fbi says the chinese we have some fog at the coast and sunshine elsewhere. consulate in san francisco is harboring a kno the temperatures are comfortable, what you would like to see this time of year. charged with visa fraud. upper 50s to the mid 80s. she is accused of lyingutbo she i do want to show you, the first the chinese liberation earl. hurricane of the pacific. they said that she and three it is a major hurricane packing others lied about status 125-mile-an-hour winds. expected to weaken as it the hawaiian isl i s said ee u.s. conducting
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expecting to make landfall as ate and americita's eloxp benevoe.ncimm. the tropical storm with rough winds and surf. travel plans, if somebody is out is it even possible? there, cooler tomorrow, with we'll get some answers with d tweaked, 90s returning inland. 60s coast side. thatpal.teever i'll bring the milk and the finally. opening day in the majors. water. are we all in? some of the big changes you will see and what you won't see in the stands. >> sounds perfect camping. i'm meteorologist sandhya >> you know, the pandemic has not been kind to movie theaters. the owners of the theater were ey decided to reach out to the community for help. they set up a go fund me page. they need $165,000 to stay afloat. so far they've raised $92,000. amc just announced another delay in reopening its u.s. theaters due to covid-19. the movie chain now homes to reopen by mid-august.
4:13 pm
they operate 450 theaters across the u.s. now, disney will be delaying the release dates of many major films. the new live action mulan has been delayed again for the fourth time since march. it was supposed to be released by august but now it is delayed indefinitely. disney is the parent company of abc7. >> whenever this ends, we'll have a lot of movies to watch. we are the thrivers. a gas station filling up women with metastatic breast cancer. customers with a different kind our time of fuel. for more time... it is taking off. has come. >> hi, larry. living longer is possible - and proven in postmenopausal women a family's home ransacked. taking kisqa plus fulvestrant. belongings now in bags. in a clinical trial, kisqali plus fulvestrant the life savings gone. helped women live longer with hr+, is this connected to an her2- metastatic breast cancer. organized crime ripping? plus the difficulty of getting kisqali can cause lung problems tested for covid-19 and what you need to hear now.
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the ultimate entertainment experience. to help the mita cfind out more atm like live sports. they're back with the best way to watch. and more streaming apps all in one place. more classics. more premiers. plus, more to easily find using just your voice. hello, more. where have you been all my life? state. our 14-day average of new cases is now just under 10,000. some. [ barking ] for the ultimate in-home wifi, click, call or visit us today. well, 9,077. not a new daily record with you it's close and we're clearly not headed in the right direction with this. joining me, dr. patel. what does california need to do to slow these cases down and perhaps more importantly, are we even capable of doing it? >> i think we're capable of doing it. and part of slowing this down is honestly, being able to identify where the outbreaks happening will so for instance, there's anutbreak in aool in the fr ae to be able to iden
4:16 pm
it. people need to be get quarantine fatigue and hang in there and hang tough. >> it took u.s. 98 days to reach 1 million cases. but only 16 days to go from three to four million cases. what is happening here? >> it's harrowing. you plot out the numbers from 1 to 4 million, it is really rising. we went fromday, 3 people are saying, it's increased testing. and testing will capture more cases, but also, increased hospitalizations and an increase many people have had to in test positivity rates show pivot to survive. there's a lot more outbreaks a gas station that dates bk happening. we saw a lot of people loosening th19. we saweautul many years their own restrictions around memorial day. and there were outbreaks all around the country. we only started to crack down on and it wasn't being occupied. masks nationally, recently.
4:17 pm
so i think we have a lot of we always thought how great it catch-up to do from april and would be to have a coffee shop. a lot of people commute through may. this street. hate a great driveup concept. people need to understand, this trajectory is not where we need people on the run can drive up to be going. and get the coffee and be on the u.s. seeing 70,000 new cases their way. a day. it is always part of the dna. it seems like we're on our way so we kind of took advantage of unless we turn it around, to 100 that and we kind of opens our k a day. doors in a sense to our are we going to unintentionally community and the people that have been supporting us to offer stumble into herd immunity? also their products through us. >> i will tell you why i home that never happens. bear with me. let's say right now we have 4 the bakers are offering loafs of million coronavirus cases. we're hitting that number today. that number is probably an bread and baguettes. a neighbor here i underestimation. there could be millions more. we have about 380 million in e started mg this country. so if you say that 2% to 3%, and i'm overestimating, of people we were of course. are infected, that's way far from the 60 to 70% need for people finding out that maybe that's their little jolt of the herd immunity. we already have 145,000 deaths day. taking that 20 minute break to try to get that cup of coffee. from this and a completely a little sense of normalcy. we're just super, super destroyed economy. grateful. definitely to our customers for
4:18 pm
being supportive to the new it's closed, i'm sorry, not customers that are coming out destroyed. and how many more deaths we would have to go from our 2 or that are finding us through this 3% to 60 or 70%, and that's not and also to our staff. you know, they're the ones on the front lines doing the day to day hard work, burning all the even mentioning we don't even calories here. know what herd immune is defined of course, we take another set of measures and sanitizing as. we don't know how long the before every drink, just handing antibodies will last. so trying achieve herd immunity. a drink in a tray and not with your hands, so we're very through natural infection is not grateful to our customers and our goal. we want to get there with a our team as well. these are very trying times. we're trying to find the silve vaccine. >> you can check out more great >> all right, you brought up how stories at on facebook and instagram. long immunity lasts some of the thank you for joining us for abc are indicating it might only be 7 news at 4:00 today. three or four months. abc 7 new if that's the case, that's problematic. >> it is problematic. it is problematic if people say, i have coronavirus and i'll be good for years. now one really important thing is we know the antibody differs
4:19 pm
yerhospitalized. the sicker you were, the longer it lasts. kit drop to about half after about three months and this has been confirmed in other studies bumeincadooday it's about the next 10 yrs to be that few month mark. you can make a difference today. so i think it is really by completing the 2020 census. important people are hanging tight and waiting for science to the census impacts hospitals. schools. come out about natural public transportation. and most importantly, our representation in government. antibodies. this will be tested in a vaccine process to make sure those it gives us an opportunity to be heard. antibodies are viable and it's easy. lasting long enough but this it's only 10 questions. could change. there may need to be a booster so do you part. go to and complete the census today. in the antibody or even people with coronavirus may still need to get the vaccine. what are you waiting for? this is no slam-dunk. people need to be vigilant to protect themselves. >> great advice as always. thank you. we'll see you soon. >> thank you. the takeaway from that, keep
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wearing my mask. all right. we'll check out the weather forecast with sandhya patel working from home and looking at a pretty nice day out there. >> it is absolutely beautiful. i felt gross. hi it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. yes. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. it is not like that everywhere. don't use if you're al costy before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. we have a few paxes of fog. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. some thunderstorms in the mountains. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, emeryville cameras showing a hazy view as the fog is if your inflammatory bowel disease beginning to come back in. symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. 64 in the city. serious allergic reactions may occur. oakland at 70. 78 in san jose. learn more at it many parts of the bay area. from our golden gate bridge right now, socked in. right now it is close to 90 degrees but it take to get tested for still comfortable in fairfield. and here's a lovely view from covid-19? we profile three people, each one with a different story our east bay hills camera. including someone that admits to lying now we want to hear from fog along the coast and bay you. plus, a family's home ran sacked. belongings now in bags.
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overnight. cool and breezier tomorrow their live savings gone. afternoon. but the temperatures do rebound. the clues that an organized your hour by hour fog forecast crime ring may be on.iding in p. showing the advancement. fog while you're sleeping. tomorrow morning, while you're sleeping, do expect gray skies. a fugitive scientists has gone to ground at china's consulate 8:00 a.m. as well. and then the fog will pull back in san francisco. and face covering fatigue in and then reappear in the usual sonoma county. defying a state mandate as the spots tomorrow notice. county considers their own first thing in the morning, tmp. enforcement. >> also ahead, student reduced visibility because of the fog but i do not expect a spotlight. a young man getting recognized for being and becoming rerun. tomorrow after, 63 degrees in january. upper 70s in san jose, than rosa, 69 in oakland, 84 degrees in antioch, fairfield, these will be some of our milder spots. lake port, ukiah, you'll be in the low 90s. a little bit cooler for friday. upper 50s to mid 80s. warming it back up for the
4:22 pm
weekend. this is when temperatures will be back to where they should be this time of year. low 60s, coast. and then dialing back just a it isittl repetitive but we'rewe used to it. thank you. all right. baseball is back! but it will look very different this season.
4:23 pm
4:24 pm
a few months late but it is
4:25 pm
finally opening day. the giants facing their biggest rivals. the dodgers. alyssa nakken is the first female coach in major league baseball. you can catch the giants and dodgers are our sister network, espn. first pitch is precisely at 7:08 p.m. baseball won't deliver sound like the usual past time for the fans or the teams. will with what to expect. >> it's opening day in july. after a 119-day delay, major league baseball is back. but no penanuts, no cracker jacks. no fans in the stands. instead cardboard cutouts.
4:26 pm
simulating the sounds. >> i like the uniqueness of what teams are doing to try to have something, instead of empty seats in the stands. >> to ensure social distancing, players will be spread out to near that i seats when not out on the diamond. teams staying on lower floors in hotels to avoid elevators, temperature checks as they enter the ballpark. no spitting. not even sunflower seeds. masks mandatory but everywhere butal i same unlike the nba where players are resuming their season in their confined campus after a lengthy hiatus, the teams will be traveling but with strict protocols in place. >> really opening up the entire league to a lot more vulnerability because of the amount of travel. i think it is a very strong possibility that we don't see the full 60 games. >> reporter: the new york yankees making the trip to washington, d.c. to face the
4:27 pm
nationals with hopes of a safe start-up. max scherzer speaking ahead of the game. >> this is what it will be. 2020 baseball. you have to have fun with it. >> or try to, anyway. the a's by the way, this cheeseburger is the best! it's about to get bester baby! ♪ menutaur! make it a double, yeah! nice mane! try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. my psoriasis. cosentyx works on all of this. cosentyx treats the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis to help you look and feel better. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me! learn more at
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watch me! fenow ther to've ve wxfin all the things? watch me! fngow ther to've vap a in one ple iers using. hello, more. where have you been all my life? xfinity. the future of awesome.
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get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! it's beautiful! say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. health is one. areas we're a better bayarea. when it comes to the coronavirus, it's never easy. now nurses are expressing their frustration with testing and in response to the pandemic. chris has their story.
4:30 pm
>> reporter: in san jose, a battle between nurses and the hospital employer is out in the open for all to see. >> i have a very uneasy feeling about going back to work. >> reporter: jennifer is a registered nurse at good samaritan hospital who says a patient exposed her to covid last week when resulted in her having to go into quaranne get could only take one within the 14-day incubation period. >> what kind of reassurance can we give them to let them know they won't get covid in the hospital. the hospital should be held accountable for protecting the community and the nurses. >> reporter: other nurses at good samaritan have spoken out including one who addressed the county boardupviso twe qrale mitations she says were impoessed by the hospital. the nurses union expressing concerns over ppe quantities and understaffing at the hospital. >> they don't have things under
4:31 pm
control. it is complete chaos when you talk to the people, the nurses, that are actually taking care of the patients. >> reporter: we took these concerns to management who disputed the claims. >> when they do tasks to make sure that we've hit that time when that virus is in the full incubation period, the chief nursing officer mike brown says the hospital follows all cdc guidelines and recommendations in regards to staffing and handng of ppe. heemployees, only have two have tested positive as a result of their work at the hospital since the start of the pandemic. >> we provide great and effective care when it comes to it. and we think we have earned the community's trust and we will continue to do that. in san jose. abc7 news. in alameda, a new testing site shut down unexpectedly because of an insurance issue
4:32 pm
though not everyone got word of it. >> they messed up. >> reporter: she spent 12 hours waiting in lime yesterday for a covid-19 test in alameda. the demand was so high on the first day, they couldn't fit her in. so she came back today at 5:00 a.m. and waited another four hours just to be turned away again. >> how could you do that to your own people? this is a crisis, a pandemic, an epidemic. this should be a top priority. >> unfortunately, late last night, after 10:00 last night, it became objection they couldn't open up the facility. for testing, we're trying to open up those issues. t company oering the alth, and th who is allowing city health to set up here. >> the major issue is having proper insurance. >> those wanting a test are frultd they are not getting one
4:33 pm
and annoyed this morning. >> i'm sure some of russ positive and here we are exposing ourselves some more. so, and then did i see some kids as well, sleeping in the car. a bummer. they should have closed the gates. >> that was an error. i apologize severely form. it should have been posted at the entrance but it wasn't. did i find out this morning. >> no word on when city health will be able to reopen. demand is high for two reasons.. and also, city health says results will come back in 15 minutes. in alameda, amy hollyfield. abc7 news. >> that has to be so frustrating for people who waited in line so many hours. the state sum and the task force met today to discuss a new strategy for successful distance learning in our schools.
4:34 pm
>> we have to really move quickly to make a dense in the number of folks who are without a computing device or a hot spot. we know we have to have the longer term conversation about building infrastructure. >> we tell children they're our future. if we don't give them the tools they need, he this won't be able to be our future. >> right now there is a shortage of 700,000 computing devices and 350,000 hot spots for students. meanwhile, president trump announcing today he wants to provide $105 billion to open schools safely. >> if schools do not reopen, the funding should go to parents to send their child to private, chart he, religious or home school of their choice. the key word being choice. >> the president says, stopping kids from going to school will harm their mental and emotional development. a new poll finds the
4:35 pm
majority of people wear their masks in public. three out of four americans support face covering mandates. support for wearing masks is overwhelming among democrats at 89%. 58% of republicans say they also back those policies. southwest airlines says it won't allow health waivers to t toea masks during flights and most extends to it airports as well. a new name for the team former known as the washington redskins.
4:36 pm
but as californians we'll get through this together. if your income has been reduced or you've lost your job or your health insurance, we can help you find the health insurance you need to protect you and your loved ones. and, you may even get financial help to pay for your health insurance. so, if you or someone you know is without coverage, visit to learn more or enroll today.
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all right. time now for the four at 4:00 as sandhya joins us. the redskins will change their name. this come after decades of criticism and more reason mounding pressure due to the name's racist connotation. the new name begins forgetive immediately. it will today
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