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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 24, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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for much longer in good evening. thank you for joining us. >> san mateo county is not on the watch list but it is right on the brink of having to shut down chris reyes is live with the people working on it. >> reporter: businesses like these in burlington game are so nervous. what public health officials in the county are worried about, that these crowds may be causing the uptick in recent cases in the county and that's why they're changing their messaging. stay in your social bubble. meet charlie, vincent and israel. you couldn't find a better group for covid safety. >> the reason we're out here in masks. the same people i see every day. ride with the same people every day. >> reporter: these green bracelets mean they passed their
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covid-19 screaming at work and at home they keep to themselves. >> we need to be one community to make iten >> repe worhat guy bec me prompting the county's public health officer to release a letter of warning. many, many of our infections are related to fairly small gatherings of family and friends. birthday parties, picnics, eating at restaurants with mixed households without the basic precautions being taken. >> it infuriates me. we're trying to bring down the curve and people are going out and not taking it seriously. >> have a virtual birthday party. right? if you feel the need to have that sort of social connection, do it virtually. >> reporter: san mateo county has been on high alert since june 29 when the positive rate exceeded 100. the county's public health officials have been asking the statement to reconsider their
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metrics. >> we're saying look at the deaths. they haven't increased. sometimes silence is golden. they may be taking that into consideration. >> reporter: the tracing is at nursing homes. they home the state recognizes those efforts. >> what else is san mateo copy doing to stay off the watch list? >> reporter: well, the supervisor said he will be introducing legislation in august that would lobby fines for these restaurants. here's what's harder to police. you don't know if any of these diners are mixing households so they're working on staying in your social bubble. chris reyes. abc news. santa clara county is on the watch list and we're now learning the white house is monitoring san jose as one of a
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dozen nationwide coronavirus hot spots. local leaders say they were not informed. the federal government needs to do a better job of creating uniformity when it comes to best practices. >> that's been very difficult for us in this second phase of this emerging surge. we haven't even gotten through the first surge yet. >> the county has been working to ramp up testing and to encourage social distancing and proper hijaygiene. this comes as more people between the ages of 18 and 34 are being diagnosed in coronavirus county. with cases still surging in california, there are some lawmakers who would like to see the state lock down again. steve dmaser compared to it fighting another potentially deadly disease. >> we have a cancer in our body. you can't solve it by putting a band aid on paniky finger. you have to take the chemo and the tough medicine. it didn't work before.
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we open too soon and the question is, have we learned from that where we can close down more effectively and stamp the virus out so we go get our lives back sooner rather than hear. >> when asked about the potential damage to small businesses, he said he understands the hardship but squashing the virus would help them open faster. you can check out where your county stands on see not only how long each county has been on the list but why the cdc is keeping a look at the numbers. >> for the second day, a record, 159 deaths bringing the toll to 8186. cases rose but not by a record amount. fewer than 7,000 patients are hospitalized. that's down slightly from a record set this being. our test positivity rate, a key
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gauge. both the seven day and the 14-day averages are below 8% which is the goal but they have been rising which is a concern. everyone is vulnerable to coronavirus to some degree. but one degree is being hit much harder than others. melanie woodrow is live with that story. >> reporter: exactly. the governor says the latin x community is being disproportionately impacted and one of the reasons may be the jobs the members of the community hold. governor newsom breaking down the numbers looking more closely at who exactly is getting covid-19 will he says it is california's essential workers. >> who are these essential workers? front line workers, farm workers, construction laborers, cooks, cashiers and janitors to name a few. this graph shows it by ethnicity. green represents the latin x community. >> that's the community that increasingly is being impacted.
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the spread of the virus and the mortality. >> reporter: he says the black and asian communities make up the majority of certain sectors of our economy. also considered essential during covid-19. he wants to make sure employers are supporting those workers and encouraging them to stay home if needed. >> people feeling sick, people that may be sick. we don't want them going to work and infecting other people. >> reporter: the governor highlighting the 34 california counties on the mob, to list for three or more days for metrics like case rate, hospitalizations, icu beds and ventilators. in order to get off this list, counties must be within their designated threshold for all metrics for three days. >> the governor recalleded californian what's they can do. wear a mask, socially distance and wash your hands. >> give us more information about the governor's specific guidance to employers for
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reopening. >> absolutely. he introduced what he called at this a play book or a handbook for those employers. it outlines steps they can take. both high risk places of employment and some lower risk ones. especially when the stay-at-home order comes to an ends. >> thank you. another met pick we keep an eye on is called the r-effective number. how many other people one sick person infects. keeping that number under one is the goal, as explained by the health and human services secretary. >> when you drop below one, you're dropping your number of cases. >> it varies from .76 in yellow to 1.43, which you see there in pink. in the bay area, only two counties have a number low enough to indicate the spread of cyrus is likely stable. that's alameda and marin counties. all other counties in the bay area are at a level where coronavirus is likely
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increasing. sonoma is the highest with an r-effective number of 1.26. research into an old drug in berkeley has led to the discovery that it seems to stop the covid-19 virus from replicating. david louie says it is heading to clinical trials soon. >> reporter: the drug has been around for 50 years. it has been used to treat tape room but a research has been in berkeley believes it could be an effective terrell for coronavirus. >> it prevents the virus from replicating. it doesn't prevent entry into the cell but once it does, it is unable to replicate. >> reporter: a team says 25 others enlisted during the pandemic have discovered that it also has anti-inflammatory properties which could help with the respiratory stress on a patient's lungs. they are also working to determine the right size tablet. the virus can make it difficult to swallow. this drug was a chewable tablet. a & a therapeutics had been
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looking at it as a contuldn'ntr ceptive gel. >> something would not only work as a treatment but also as a pre exposure prophylactic. >> reporter: they are using on it 440 patients. the only test underway is in egypt. >> much like how tamiflu works. if you can use it early enough, that's how you can use it. >> reporter: this has been used safely in the past by adults and children. david whoey, abc7 news. actor and director mel gibson spent a week in a los angeles hospital in april after testing positive for covid-19. a spokesman is just revealing the details. he said the 64-year-old experienced a complete recovery after being treated with the antiviral drug remdesivir.
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gibson has since tested numerous for coronavirus numerous times. i'm dan noyes from the i-team coming up. billions of dollars have gone to small business because of the pandemic. did a south bay man get millions he did not deserve? >> reporter: i'm wayne freedman with an indoor gym that has moved outside. is it enough? that's coming up. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. summer heat people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at
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as you well know, the coronavirus pandemic has had a terrible impact on small businesses. 110,000 have already closed across the country and 7 million more are at risk for the same fate. to address that, the small business administration is handing out billions of dollars in loans to help companies pay their employees to stay afloat.
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the sba tells abc7 news i-team, they are investigating many reports of possible fraud. a story you'll see only on abc7 news tonight. dan noyes is live with the story. dan? >> reporter: dan, the sba had to get this money out fast to keep these companies afloat. now their oversight could have been more stringent. we asked, did a south bay man get millions he did not deserve? >> reporter: it's been only four months since president trump signed the cares act. that set up the paycheck protection program and 5 million small businesses have already received more than half a trillion dollars in low interest loans that may be forgiven. >> the ppp program is meant to keep employees on pay roll while the businesses are impacted by covid-19. >> reporter: so it's our tax dollars. >> that's our tax dollars. >> reporter: the small business administration tells me so much money went out the door so quickly, that provided an opportunity for possible fraud.
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some abc7 viewers checked the hiss of businesses who received ppp hones and contacted me with questions about an milkant from the south bay who used 88 in his company names. 88 cloud computing, 88 enterprise services, 88 invest many empire, 88 ventureempire, u he received 1 million for each of the businesses. i randal the company names you this the secretary of state's office and they all come back to 39-year-old, this is his picture from linkedin. i reached him by telephone and he told me his businesses are real. i asked for an on camera interview. he said he would have to check with his secretary. he said he has 48 employees. when i asked to see his operation, he hung up. i ran the address for the businesses and it turns out it is his mother's house in campbell. i stopped by several times and never found anyone home.
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i repeatedly called him. this is dan noyes from channel 7. i also found people lounging on a couch in hisrage. >> ds house? >> yeah. >> is he here? >> reporter: i also walked up the driveway at his saratoga home. i didn't find him. >> who are you? >> reporter: i work at channel 7. i'm daniel noyes. >> why do you need him? >> reporter: i'm doing a story on him. i never heard back from him. records show he formed those four companies in the past couple months, well after the pandemic started and that would violate ppp guidelines. >> it was for businesses already in business before covid-19. >> reporter: miriam explains the sba garnl he's the the loans but it is up to banks and lending institutions to process the applications and review a business's financials. three of the online lenders he used, fundbox, harvest and
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lendistory did not return my calls for comment. >> obviously is the have the sba takes it seriously and any time of fraud and abuse will not be tolerated. >> reporter: they have formed a ppp fraud working group. they've opened nearly one hundred investigations with more than 42 million inotenti frau the sba tells me that tran was on their radar before i called. for the i-team, abc7 news. >> we know you will. thank you. nflt education is a big part of building a better bay area. oakland unified school district has released think plan for online distance learning. the first four weeks will be dedicated to orrenations. class size there's remain the same with attendance taken daily. school staff will follow up if a student misses class. teaching will be done with the combination of a whole class
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group and smaller individual groups and lessons will be done through zoom meetings. there will be pre recorded lessons and other work that will need to be done independently. from education to the economy, another part of building a better bay area. gyms are among businesses hit hard. closed for months, often unable to reopen. here's someone with a novel solution but it still may not succeed. >> you're killing it! >> reporter: for workout jumpingies, this is a sight for soar eyes. a jim filled with sweating people and with covid-19 all around us. >> people drive down the road. oh, look. they're open. >> reporter: so take a look inside at this empty room with under used equipment and you'll understand why adam who owns three sonoma fit gyms has come to his wit's end. >> i'm so in the red. i don't know how much longer i've got.
6:18 pm
the bills just keep coming. >> reporter: since the pandemic hit, this workout has been hit for a grand total of two weeks. membership has dropped from 4,200 people the 2,700 people. and not just for fear of their health. >> my life has changed. i lost my job. i'm working from home. >> reporter: adam came here from germany at 22 years old to build an american dream. it succeeded until covid-19 came along. the same spirit that built his business prompted adam to fight back in pet loom did a by creating this outside space and exercise deck. while students count reps here, staff members like jennifer count days as in how many more do they have? >> i don't know what we're going to do. i think we just keep adapting as best we can. but there is only so much you can do before it's just unsustainable.
6:19 pm
>> it's a guessing game. do i put in a deck? or should i not put in a deck in what should i do? what is the right move? even our local officials don't know what will happen next. >> do you blame local, federal or state? >> all of it. >> for a small business owner, watching his american dream failing, and seemingly powerless to stop it. >> it's gone. all of it. everything that i've built. >> reporter: in petaluma. abc7 news. a lot of people are wondering how risky is something like going to the gym, especially compared to getting a hair cut ortega bus? you can test your knowledge with our risk quiz. >> take a moment to check that out when you can and stay with us. more to come. we're expecting warm weather this hi, i'm pat and i'm 75 years old. we live in the mountains so i like to walk. i'm really busy in my life; i'm always doing something.
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a brush fire that burned four acres in richmond started at a homeless car. . it broke out around noon. all lanes were shut down for a while. exploding propane tanks made that fire even more dangerous. >> there is a lot of debris. anywhere from needles, it had about 40 propane bottles that were exploding while the firefighters were working to mitigate the issue. >> firefighters say part of the area is a super fund site with toxic substances. it is. yet clear who owns that land. all right. let's check on our weather conditions for the rest of the day and the weekend ahead. >> yeah. it looks like it will warm up. it didn't feel like july. sandhya? >> yeah. it was cooler than average for this time of year. no doubt about it. we'll reverse that trend. we'll be back to where we should
6:23 pm
be this time of year. take a look at the winds. a strong sea breeze blowing through fairfield and napa. that's what brought those temperatures down today. here's a look at a live picture from our exploratorium camera. certainly moving that along as we look across the bay. 58 in the city. you need a sweat ferer if you'r stepping out. and here's a lovely view of. deepening marine hair from our east bay hills camera. 69 in santa rosa. a live look from our live doppler 7 perspective. we have that marine layer near the coast. it will continue to move as we head toward tomorrow morning. and in sierra nevada, we saw some thunderstorms developing. luckily, they were dropping rain and we'll see the potential for showers and thunderstorms in the tahoe area. sunshine from our san jose camera. here's a look at the forecast. gusty winds through this evening. we're looking at a combination of fog, low clouds, and warmer weather for the upcoming
6:24 pm
weekend. 7:00 tom, you see where the fog is along the bay. 11:30 near the cloip. we'll be seeing some spotty drizzle and that goes into the morning hours. 7:00 a.m., even though it starts out gray for many areas, watch what happens. the fog just pulls back to the coastline and it will clear for sunshine as high pressure from the desert southwest builds in. in the morning, make sure you have the extra layer. it will start out cool. low to upper 50s. you're looking at temperatures in the mid 80s in los gatos, san jose. 81 in milpitamilpitas, the penia really nice day. 81, mountain view. 63 in pacifica with lingering fog. daly city, 60 degrees. down san francisco, 67. in the north bay, you will see the micro climates. 90s around cloverdale. 60 degrees at bodega bay. it will be mild and sunny in the
6:25 pm
east bay. 74, oakland, 79 in union city. inland areas, this is where you'll find the warm. 89, pleasanton, 92 in antioch. your accuweather seven day forecast. summer warmth for your saturday. and mild to hot day for sunday. low 60s to mid 90s. we'll see the temperatures drop below average on wednesday as the system passes to our north. mid 80s along the coast and then minor variations in the weather thursday and friday. overall, the weather pattern is looking pleasant for any of your outdoor weekend walks. a run, a hike, no matter what. >> stay with us. it has been called the crown jewel of oakland. is lake merritt driving up coronavirus? you can redeem that restaurant. it was over form restaurant. >> a once bomb hard san
6:26 pm
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all week long, 7 on your sighed has been recording on the struggles of folks who lost their jobs in the pandemic and never got their unemployment benefits. complaints about edd are still pouring in. le desperate for help. and on top of all that, the $600 weekly supplement ends today. >> however, amid the gloom, reason for some hope. michael finney has that story. hi, michael. >> hey, you guys. 7 on your side with the help of edd is chalking up some impressive victories this week. take a look.
6:29 pm
>> you just keep calling all day long. >> i don't know why i was disqualified. i wrote an email. >> they got my email and that they would respond within seven to ten business days. that was in april. >> they all lost their jobs in the pandemic. why are not they getting benefits? >> it is very, very frustrating. it is like they have the right to do that. to block people without a reason. >> am i frustrated? yes. >> jobs lost, savings gone and no answers from the edd. >> thank you for calling the employment development department. >> it goes around and around. nothing. >> it's so heart breaking. we don't want to see people frustrated. >> we are currently receiving more calls than we can answer and are up able to assist you at this time. >> in most cases, people don't have to talk to a representative. they can get their claim filed. >> i tried to do that and i can't. >> this is all computer
6:30 pm
generated responses. >> an error message keeps coming up. >> after months of no income, emotions run high. >> i'm getting nervous now. i'm looking at every dime i spent. >> that's really scary to me. to be in that much debt. >> my savings are depleted. >> they are bringing us a big bag or two of food. >> i remember the last dollar i spent. you put your cash in a jar. >> melissa was laid off as a bar tend where bars were ordered to shut down. isn't she a slam-dunk for unemployment in we asked edd. then a surprise. >> this is happening. i'll going to be okay. >> reporter: edd processed her claim. gave her benefits. some of the others got it too. >> i couldn't believe it. all the funds were in my account. >> i am now fully qualified for all benefits from edd.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: so is the face painter. >> within five minutes, everything was resolved. >> i've finally been treated like a human being. i'm a person. >> i am so thrilled. it makes such a difference in the way i can live life. a big difference to a low income senior. >> all the money was there. i was shocked. >> a big smile. >> i couldn't believe it. now i'll believing it. >> it is the best thing that could have happened to me. >> people couldn't believe it either when i told they will. the money was in my account the next day. >> my tears are a combination of frustration and joy. >> a relief. >> i'm elated. i'll be doing cart wheels. >> so what worked for all these folks? >> 7 on your side was the catalyst. >> you did all the research and investigation. >> persistence and 7 on your side. >> don't give up. have patience. call 7 on your side. they are on your side.
6:32 pm
>> look, i want to thank the edd and all the state legislative office that's have been working with 7 on your side to get these problems solved. now, following a week of our reporting, the governor today during a news conference announced there are strategic man's to make the edd better. all the details are to be released next week. we will keep track and i will report back. >> a great job, michael, all week. he's been focused on the edd all week long. you can get in touch with him on our website. just to go on your side. health is one of our top concerns. decreasing the total number of coronavirus cases could help but that's the opposite of what we're experiencing. today alameda became the first to exceed 12,000 diagnosed cases. nearly half come from oakland. leslie brinkley has a look at what is driving the numbers and what can flatten the curve.
6:33 pm
>> people are letting their guard down. >> if your social bubble changes from saturday to wednesday. that doesn't work. >> health experts say they're floored by new numbers from the roots community health central. showing a steam rise in cases. when we look at east oakland, they're double and triple the rest oakland. and they are doubling at a rapid rate. >> reporter: here's the chart. the covid cases linked to social gatherings are soaring. >> we see racial and ethnic disparities persisting with our latin x residents, more than six times likely to get covid-19. >> they said they're asking people not to write in a car. they said they're thinking of putting the social distancing
6:34 pm
circles on the grassy lawn areas. >> they continue to be problematic with crowding and mask fatigue. >> i'm tired, if i forget my mask at home. i can't go into whole foods now. >> as i drive around the lake and see folks hanging out, i get it. we're tired. we want to socialize. >> i see folks sharing drinks, sharing smokes, oakland, we've got to do better than this. >> reporter: this week they'll be doing traffic and parking enforcement asking food trucks to leave the lake but no mask enforcement. in oakland, abc7 news. >> coming up, two high school athletes paying it forward in this pandemic.
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♪ i read that wrong, oh yeeaaaah! geico. save an extra 15 percent when you switch by october 7th. ♪ give it up for tara! two high school athletes in the east bay with a lot of spare time on their hands in this summer of covid-19 tried to dream up a way to health the community and popularize their sport. their brain storm helps other youngsters sharp yep their skills while helping feed those in need. here's eric thomas. >> reporter: the high school sophomore would like to spent more time doing just that. but covid-19 restrictions have kept him and team mate zack side
6:38 pm
lined for the summer and this is one time that boredom actually paid dividends. >> we texted each other and said let's do something to raise a little awareness and spread the game a little more. >> reporter: zack thought it was a great idea. >> i can teach little kids how to play lacrosse. >> reporter: the plan they came up with offered to help teach young lacrosse players the finer points of the game in exchange for a donation to the white possibliy express organization. which raises food and other necessities for those in need. >> how much have you raised so far? >> we've raised just over $1,200, which is equal to about just over 1,000 meals. >> reporter: they set up a go fund me page to accept donations for white possibliy express. the group's executive director said not only are they combining two things they love.
6:39 pm
they're also setting an example. >> our motto is all of us taking care of all of us and they embody that motto. >> if i'm not going to have any practices, i might as well get out there. i can teach more people to may. >> reporter: they're not just resting on their laurels. they're already finding ways to keep the giving going. eric thomas, abc7 news. >> very impressive. we invite to you join better bay area project thanks and share your gratitude for everyone making a difference during the pandemic. use the hashl better bay area to show us how you're saying thank you and we will share with it the community. it's a sad day for the san francisco zoo. their 18-year-old giraffe floyd has died after a significant decline in health. the zoo said he was one of the most beloved animals and a favorite among guests. he had 11 off spring, leading to
6:40 pm
24 grand kids and five great grand kids. he also served as an important ambassador for giraffe conservation. goodbye, floyd. we had cloudy skies today but we do expect some sunshine coming our way.
6:41 pm
want restand schools?pen? want the economy to get back on track? you're not alone. and you can help make it happen. stay 6 feet apart. wash your hands. wear a mask every time you leave your home. choose to join the fight against covid-19. do your part. slow the spread.
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the minneapolis city council voted today to partially defund the police department following the death of george floyd. if approved by the mayor, 1.5 million would be moved from the police department to the city's office of violence prevention. it comes as the city is experiencing unprecedented levels of gun violence this year. protests are taken in seattle in solidarity with racial justice protests in portland.
6:43 pm
the mayor is asking that demonstrations stay peaceful. she said marchly in light of the president making good on threats to send federal forces into american cities. the department of homeland security says it does have tactical teams in place to protect federal properties. in portland, 18 people are facing federal charges after being arrested at protests the last few days. this is video of a peaceful protest last night. as it stretched on, some people set fires and jumped a fence at the courthouse. oregon authorities are demanding president trump withdraw federal troops who have been captured on video without identification arresting protesters. the clock is ticking. the district attorney said if abrams doesn't respond to his call for her to investigate the officer-involved shootings by the end of the weekend, he will file a writ of mandate first thing monday morning compelling
6:44 pm
her to do what she is legally obligated to do. he said in his 25 years of experience, the move would be yeptd. abrams had reaccused herself asking the attorney general general's office to step. in attorney general's office has said it would investigate the investigation of evidence in the case but not the shootings because there's no legal basis for abrams to recuse herself. building a better bay area means making a commitment to racial and social justice. a san francisco restaurant is going viral for all the wrong reasons after one of the owners was caught on camera calling a young man the "n" word. dion lim brings us this story of rebuilding. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] hey, get the [ bleep ]. >> reporter: this video posted to twitter five days ago has received over half a million views showing this man who does
6:45 pm
not want us using his nail in an altercation with gabrielle who until today was a co-owner of paprika restaurant. >> this is just words? >> reporter: it's hard to hear but during the fight about the nearby homeless, gabrielle calls him the "n" word. >> she disrespected that young man and used that word that should have been shot into space and never uttered again on this planet. >> reporter: the restaurant has since received not only hundreds of one star and bad reviews online but been hit many times. this is a friend of paprika's other owner. after gabrielle's initial apology on twitter did not help, resulting in even more back lash. caesar insisted gabrielle step down from the restaurant she helped found in 2013. >> there was no coming back from that. she couldn't redeep that restaurant. it was over for that restaurant
6:46 pm
unless she was gone. >> reporter: she sent us her leng lengthy apologetic letter and asked that people not go after the staff. the man told abc7 news, he doesn't believe the apology was sincere and wants the video to speak for itself. caesar is offering this olive branch in return. >> the gentleman who was disrespected, he needs to come back. we need to connect with him. he needs to come back as a vip. free meals, love and almost and honor and that's what he'll get if he chooses to embrace that opportunity. i want to have dinner with him. i want to have dinner with him at the restaurant and make sure that he understands from here on in, you're a vip here. >> reporter: in fran, abc7 news. >> so what happened? late this afternoon we told the young man about gabrielle's resignation and caesar's offer to talk. he was happy to move forward.
6:47 pm
the two are having dinner at the restaurant tomorrow. we'll let you know. let's move on and talk about the weekend forecast. >> yeah. sandhya patel is here with just how many of a warm-up we'll see. >> yeah. it will be a little bit of a warm-up. we'll see some 90s in our inland valleys. take a look. fog is near the coast. it will expand while you sheep and tomorrow morning it will greet you. tomorrow afternoon we'll hang on to a little fog near the coast will it will be mild with mid to upper 60s. inhand areas in the low 90s. plenty of sun for the inland valleys. as we take a look at sunday, it will heat up a few more degrees inland. we'll go to the mid 90s. i want to turn your attention to category 3 hurricane douglas, a major hurricane heading toward hawaii. as you see here, i think expected to weaken by the time it approaches the big island as a category 1 sunday morning. but wind, big waves, downpours
6:48 pm
will be the biggest concern. it will weaken to a tropical storm, further weaken, i should say, as it crosses to the other islands. the seven-day forecast, summer warm coming your way. low 60s coast side. if it is too warm for you, middle of next week, we'll drop the temperatures down to the mid 80s. overall, fantastic for the weekend. dan and ama? >> thank you. last night we had the giants down south. tonight we have the a's. the sports director larry biel has sports. >> the a's are ready. one ordboard cutout are renke'. we have a live preview of joint pain, swelling, tenderness. my psoriasis. cosentyx works on all of this. cosentyx treats the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis to help you look and feel better.
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good evening. here we go.
6:51 pm
finally after months of waiting. owing night for the a's. they're hosting mike trout and the angels. on payment, this is an a's team that looks absolutely loaded. stacked. they've got to be considered a serious contender for a deep post season run. no fans allowed but there will be plenty of cardboard cutouts for your enjoyment. and we will hear the voice of actor tom hanks talking peanuts like did he when he was a teenager at the coliseum. chris alvarez live outside the ballpark as we count down to game time. chris? >> reporter: hey, larry. i sense the excitement in your voice. i'm right there with you. i took a cardboard cutout selfie with ricky henderson. when i was at spring training in february before all this hit, we know weighed good team. this team was loaded. and then training was stop, the pandemic, and now, 97 wins back to back seasons for the a's. they reached a wild card game.
6:52 pm
unfortunately, lost out to the 60-game sprint. oakland has a better chance of returning to the postseason this october. >> if ever there's a year to do it, with so few games to be able to add on postseason games, it's great. >> for me, our goal of winning a world series, to accomplishing our goals. it's only 40% of the season. we've been looking all right. >> we have depth up the wazoo. the stuff we're putting out there. just got to continue with a we've been doing. >> so the a season starts in mere months. we'll have the highlights at 11:00. we didn't talk about this but
6:53 pm
casey pratt, our co-host on the with authority saidmee form w quarantine edition podcast during the quarantine. now we're kind of out of quarantine, right? larry? >> well, not really. >> you'll know we're out of quarantine when there is about 30,000 fans joining you. >> i get it. a's baseball 2020. depth out the wazoo. the giants playing the dodgers. it wasn't about the game. it was about the pregame. the only player on the field who didn't kneel as part of a black lives matter demonstration. he later explained he would only kneel before god. said he can't get on board with some of what he read about the black lives matter movement. you wonder, will there be any fallout, resentment? who knows in here's gabe kapler who did kneel before the game. >> sam and i have spent on every
6:54 pm
day. and i support him expressing himself and sharing his beliefs. i support all of our players sharing their thoughts. and it means we're able to have a conversation about really important topics when we're communicating. he said that he'll be talking to people now more because of last night's events. and i'm happy to share my position with him. >> how about a blast from the past? the mets opener against the braves. from former a's star yoenis yoes cespedes. the 34-year-old slugger missed most of the past two years with injuries. he's back and the mets win 1-0. lastly, the nfl and players union have come together on a set of protocols and guidelines. training camp is a go as scheduled. and they're hoping to have fans at the game sometime this season. we'll see. call my play is back on monday.
6:55 pm
we've got so many highlights. we don't have time! i haven't said we're loaded with highlights in four months. i know! >> thank you. >> yeah. >> reporter: this school and community central was vandalized every overnight in san francisco. and working on the front lines in franl is taking its toll. now a bay area project plans to help those struggling with stress. at 8:00, shark tank. followed by 20/20 and then stay with us for abc news at 11:00. finally, a few thoughts about what really matters. we've let our guard down. the blurnl assess many from the alameda health officer. that basically applies to most of the state and the country. four months ago when all of this started, we hoped that the worst of this would be over by now, right in a few weeks ago, it seemed as least briefly it might
6:56 pm
be. here we are again. coronavirus cases surging once more. threatening our health. and the potential for another lockdown threatening jobs and so many business that's barely managed to survive the first go around. so what to do in distancing. it's a drag, sure. we know what happens when we don't. relatively small individual sacrifices that collectively have a huge impact on the greater good. in this crisis, that's what really mat earth. stopping spread until a vaccine is ready to stop it for us. i always love to hear from you. follow me on twitter and facebook at dan ashley abc7. >> all right. that's it for this edition of abc7 news. look for news any time on our news app. >> we appreciate your have a good rest of the evening
6:57 pm
and join us tonight at 11:00.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
hello, everyone. we're opening up the "jeopardy!" vault to showcase the best episodes from the first decade of "jeopardy!" for today's episode, we feature a tournament we created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of "jeopardy!" we invited back one player from each of the first nine years of the show to compete for a $100,000 grand prize. now, frank spangenberg, who still held all the records for winnings at the time, came into that competition as the favorite and proved he not only still had his game-playing skills but his sense of humor as well. and a bit of a preview of final jeopardy! after the show aired, the person who frank wrote as his response called him up and invited him out to lunch. how about that? today, one of these three people
7:00 pm
will win the "jeopardy!" 10th anniversary championship. now entering the studio are the three finalists-- a spanish teacher from hayward, california... ..whose cash winnings yesterday total... an aerospace engineer from torrance, california... ...whose cash winnings total... and a transit cop from douglastown, new york... ...who won $600 yesterday. and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! [ applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to the last game in our month of "jeopardy!" tournaments. you saw the scores, the sums of money earned by these three contestants yesterday. you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that tom nosek is in the driver's seat with $13,600.
7:01 pm
but if you are a longtime fan of our program, you'll recall that in many of our tournaments,


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