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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 27, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, the coronavirus here in the u.s. the breaking headlines late today. what the president is now saying about states reopening. and could the major league baseball season already be in jeopardy? games canceled tonight. more than a dozen players and coaches testing positive. america's death toll climbing. more than 147,000 lives lost. florida now with the second-highest number of cases in the u.s. behind california. hospitalizations rising in 40 states. at least 40 people infected attending a church event. 14 family members all testing positive after a small family gathering. dr. deborah birx tonight saying get-togethers in this country need to be kept to fewer than ten people. and tonight, the race for a vaccine shifting into high gear. moderna, the first company in the u.s. to begin phase three human trials. and late today, pfizer making a major announcement.
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the highest ranking official in the president's inner circle testing positive. president trump's national security adviser, robert o'brien, has covid. when was he last with the president? jon karl with new reporting. the late civil rights icon and congressman john lewis lying in state in the capitol rotunda. just before we came on the air, former vice president joe biden and his wife dr. jill biden paying their respects. president trump saying he would not be going. nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell among the many from both sides of the aisle honoring lewis. the developing headline late today effecting millions of americans on unemployment. and those $600 supplemental checks. republicans revealing their new plan to cut that $600. we have the latest. the protests turning violent. squaring off with federal officers. local leaders arguing the federal presence is only fueling this. hurricane hanna hitting the gulf coast. doctors and nurses forced to scramble with patients in texas amid this covid outbreak. tens of thousands without power. and tonight, rob now tracking a
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new system potentially taking aim at the east. the warning tonight, yet again, involving hand sanitizers. what you need to know. the fda now expanding its alert. and celebrating regis philbin. we hear from his former cohosts. kelly ripa with her heartfelt tribute about the broadcasting legend. the moment she never forgot, regis with her young children. and kathie lee remembering her longtime friend. good evening and it's great to have you with us here as we start another week together. and we begin tonight with the staggering spread of the coronavirus. more than 16 million cases worldwide now. 1 million cases in just four days. a quarter of them right here in the u.s. and the new concern tonight, the major league baseball season already altered is now under threat tonight. more than a dozen players and coaches infected with covid. and the president's national security adviser now testing positive, as well.
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here in the u.s. tonight, more than 4.2 million confirmed cases. and more than 147,000 lives now lost. florida right behind california now with the second-most cases. both states passing new york. the death toll now rising above 6,000 in florida. and tonight here, the disturbing rise and what we're seeing in children in florida, showing symptoms believed to be related to covid. hospitals in texas stretched to the limit. more than 5,000 lives lost in that state. and after more than a dozen marlins players and coaches tested positive, two major league baseball games involving four teams have tonight been canceled, just hours before they were to be played. so, that's where we begin tonight. abc's victor oquendo leading us off from florida tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the coronavirus derailing major league baseball's new season. >> this is the worst case scenario. >> reporter: an outbreak on the miami marlins. 11 players and two coaches infected, forcing them to cancel their home opener. >> we're taking risks every day. it's fair to say that guys are concerned. that one is -- >> that's good enough. >> a missile.
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>> reporter: the team played despite four players testing positive on sunday. their opponent, the phillies, now getting tested. tonight, their game versus the yankees, canceled. some questioning whether the season will have to be scrubbed. all this as the death toll surges past 6,000 here in florida. more than 1,000 fatalities in just the past nine days. the mayor of miami beach critical of the governor, saying the state's contact tracing efforts are failing. did governor desantis fail us to a certain level here in the state of florida? >> there's no question the department of health, which is his agency, failed us. there's no question. >> reporter: the state seeing a disturbing trend. cases in children under 17 up nearly 8,000 in the past ten days. >> covid-19 is real. it's not a myth. it's very scary. >> reporter: 8-year-old zane wampler was in the hospital for more than a week, battling that rare and dangerous covid-related syndrome in children. he spent a day on a ventilator. >> if i can help somebody else and other parent not go through what we've been going through --
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it would be helpful. >> reporter: new outbreaks nationwide. two in new jersey, one linked to a house party. the other to a gathering among lifeguards. at least 100 people infected total. in alabama, 40 people testing positive after attending a church gathering. 14 family members sickened in texas, one of them dying, after a small gathering. covid patients making up 75% of this hospital in the hard-hit rio grande valley. nurses pushed to the breaking point. >> it's just so out of hand, you know, we see patients just dying and dying and it's like -- when is this going to end? it's really hard. i get home and cry. it's really hard to see this. >> reporter: as state after state debates keeping bars open, dr. deborah birx with a warning. >> we can see what is happening in the south movg north. weo believe that the are states that do need to close their bars, to decrease indoor
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gatherings to less than ten. >> reporter: and tonight, new hope in the race for a vaccine. moderna, the first company in the u.s. kicking off phase three vaccine trials, hoping to have it ready by the end of the year or early next year. 30,000 americans are expected to roll up their sleeves and volunteer. >> that makes me cautiously optimistic, that we may have something here, but it's going to take a few months to determine whether or not we do. >> reporter: elissa green, a 66-year-old nurse in georgia, one of the first to participate. you were not afraid, you weren't nervous, you were just eager to get in there? >> i was excited. i was excited. i wasn't nervous. like i said, there's nothing live in the vaccine. so, there's nothing in it that's going to hurt me. >> and victor oquendo with us live tonight from marlins park in miami, where tonight's home opener has been canceled. and victor, amid this news involving players and coaches coming down with covid, also that news on the race for a vaccine, which you just mentioned there. and just moments ago, pfizer making a major announcement tonight?
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>> reporter: david, pfizer is ramping up to start the final stage of their vaccine trials. it would also include 30,000 people. and they could start doses as early as this week. like moderna, we could see results by october, but a vaccine would not be readily available until late this year or early next year. david? >> all right, victor oquendo leading us off from florida tonight. victor, thank you. and this evening, the coronavirus is now reaching deeper into the president's inner circle. national security adviser robert o'brien testing positive. when was he last with the president? we have reporting on that. and this evening, what the president said late today about some states reopening. here's our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: as the president prepared to fly to north carolina to highlight his administration's work on developing a covid-19 vaccine, he first had to deal with more bad news in the west wing. national security adviser robert o'brien just became the most high-ranking official to test positive. >> no, i haven't seen him lately. i heard he -- he tested. yeah.
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i have not seen him. i'm calling him later. >> when did he first test positive? when did he test positive? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> reporter: white house officials won't say when the president last met with o'brien, although he was last seen at the white house on thursday. the press secretary recently said they're together often. >> you have ambassador o'brien, who sees him in person twice a day. >> reporter: economics adviser larry kudlow suggested o'brien may have caught the virus from his daughter, who tested positive before he did. o'brien was in france earlier this month, seen not wearing a mask as he met with his european counterparts. in ntharday, the president did wear a mask, just the second time he has done so in public, as he visited a vaccine production facility. >> a second vaccine is likely to enter phase three in a matter of days. >> reporter: but the president also seemed to contradict health experts who say much of the country is dealing with an alarming spike in new infections, largely because the
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states reopened too quickly. today, the president suggested some states are not opening quickly enough. >> i really do believe a lot of the governors should be opening up states that they're not opening, and we will see what happens with them. >> so, let's get right to jon karl, live in washington tonight. and jon, the white house now saying the national security adviser is experiencing mild symptoms of covid-19? >> reporter: they say mild symptoms, that he is self-isolating, working from a secure facility outside the white house. the list of people close to the president who have now tested positive include his personal valet, his son's girlfriend, the vice president's press secretary and now, of course, the national security adviser. david? >> all right, our chief white house correspondent jon karl. thanks, jon. the powerful tribute to congressman john lewis in washington, d.c. tonight. the civil rights icon lying in state in the capitol rotunda. his casket resting on the same wooden platform used for abraham lincoln. members of congress from both
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sides of the aisle and then former vice president joe biden and his wife dr. jill biden, paying their respects late today. the president saying he would not go. along the way in the capital, the hearse carrying john lewis passed the lincoln memorial and black lives matter plaza. pierre thomas tonight from washington on a moving day. >> reporter: today, representative john lewis came to washington. his entire legacy fully embraced by the nation. and saluted by his peers as the conscience of congress. he arrived at the nation's capital, just 24 hours after that that remarkable full circle moment when his horse-drawn caisson crossed that bridge in selma, where he and others were beaten by racist state troopers in 1965. but today, moments to be celebrated. riding past the african-american museum that he was instrumental in creating. his hearse stopping at the memorial of his mentor, friend and civil rights icon, dr. martin luther king jr. the motorcade driving near the supreme court, where the longtime georgia democrat has
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fought for voting rights. and a moment of silence at the lincoln memorial, where he burst onto the national scene at the 1963 march on washington. >> we do not want our freedom gradually, but we want to be free now. wake up, america. wake up. >> reporter: construction workers, police and others saluting the man whose impact was so enormous that he brought together republicans and democrats today, even in this hyperpartisan washington. >> history only bent toward what's right because people like john paid the price. >> how fitting it is that in the final days of his life, he summoned the strength to acknowledge the young people peacefully protesting in the same spirit of that march. >> reporter: indeed, as he battled cancer in the final days, lewis making a point to visit the black lives matter plaza in the nation's capital. today, the house speaker letting lewis give his own eulogy. >> you must find a way to get in trouble, the trouble, necessary
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trouble. >> reporter: in that 2014 speech at emery university, lewis almost prophetically was urging young people to press onward, for freedom for all. >> there may be some setbacks, some delays, some disappointment, but you must never, ever give up. >> reporter: lewis, the fiery orator, was often soft-spoken in his personal life. known for being kind, known for showing grace. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: david, former vice president biden was here today to pay his respects, but the president said he's not coming. david? >> all right, pierre thomas watching this day for us. pierre, thank you. and millions of americans on unemployment, out of work in this pandemic, are waiting for word from washington, from congress, the president, with that $600 supplemental payment now running out. well tonight, two months after the democrats unveiled their plan, republicans are out with theirs tonight. it proposes a cut in that payment. mary bruce on where this stands tonight. >> reporter: tonight, after struggling for weeks to reach an
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agreement, and with unemployment benefits for 30 million americans expiring, republicans outlining their plan. >> we have one foot in the pandemic and one foot in the recovery. the american people need more help. >> reporter: it calls for another round of $1,200 stimulus checks, but would slash $600 weekly payments that are helping unemployed americans make ends meet. republicans say those payments are too high and discourage people from going back to work. >> that when you pay people not to work, what do you expect? >> reporter: so, they want to cut them to just $200 a week, until they can put in place a plan to pay jobless workers 70% of what they used to make. >> if you've lost your job through no fault of your own, republicans want you to take a 30% pay cut. >> reporter: democrats want to keep the $600 payments in place through january. they outlined their plan two months ago and say republicans and the white house have wasted precious time.
5:44 pm
in arizona, single mom sherry johnson says she can't handle a cut in benefits. >> i don't know what we're going to do. >> reporter: now, the republican plan is just an opening offer. they still have to negotiate this with democrats and the two sides are far apart here. we don't expect to see a final deal, david, for weeks. >> and we all know the payments are running out, so, time is ticking for millions. mary, thank you. with much of texas dealing with the coronavirus, the hurricane slamming into the gulf coast, tens of thousands are still without power tonight. and now a second system that could effect puerto rico and the east. rob marciano from texas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, these terrifying images from inside a maternity hospital as hanna moved inland. as waters rose, the race to get patients to a higher floor in reynosa, mexico, sunday. at least two dead and six missing in the country. hanna surging ashore as a strong
5:45 pm
category 1 hurricane saturday. we're in the eyewall of hurricane hanna, which is making landfall right now on the coast of south texas with 90-mile-per-hour winds. those winds knocking over big rigs, shredding roofs and sending fences flying. in corpus christi, first responders rescuing three people, two of them in their 80s, from a sailboat. they used a flashlight to send an s.o.s. the storm reducing that marina to a pile of boards. >> there's a lot of damage out here right now. a lot of people out of a place to live. >> reporter: up to 14 inches of rain submerging neighborhoods and stranding vehicles. tens of thousands across the rio grande valley, a coronavirus hotspot, still without power. >> double punch there. let's get right to rob marciano, because rob, i know you are tracking yet another tropical system tonight? >> reporter: so active, david. normally we get our first hurricane of the season in mid-august. we already had one make landfall. could have the next one by the end of this week. just a tropical wave right now, about 1,000 miles east of the caribbean. but forecast to head towards puerto rico and likely become our next named storm. a lot of our computer models
5:46 pm
bring it to hurricane strength and then bring it towards the u.s. and east coast next week. david? >> all right, watching in the coming days. rob marciano, thank you. when we come back here tonight, that new fda warning, yet another alert tonight involving hand sanitizers and what you need to know now. so we collaborate ♪ ocean spray works with nature every day
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intensifying. local leaders say the federal presence is only fueling this. clashes spreading to other cities. a man was shot and killed at a black lives matter protest in austin, texas. and in aurora, colorado, a car plowing through a crowd. two injured when witnesses say shots were fired to try to stop that vehicle. the emergency landing on a california interstate. a pilot reporting mechanical issues flying from orange county to san diego. he says he knew he had to land, waiting for a break in traffic on i-5. no one was hurt. and a major change to this year's 9/11 commemoration here in new york. because of the pandemic, this year's memorial will not include a live reading of the names by relatives of the victims. it will be recorded. families will still be allowed in the plaza for the ceremony. when we come back here tonight, kelly ripa and kathie lee remembering regis.
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finally tonight here, remembering regis. regis philbin was born and raised in the bronx in new york city. serving in the navy, his career in tv began offcamera, on "the tonight show" in the '50s. in the '60s, he was a sidekick on "the joey bishop show." then doing sports. >> will be the quarterback when the broncos take the field. >> reporting from the red carpet. >> tell me about this dress. >> well, i had this dress made just for this. >> and how. >> i wanted to look like old hollywood. >> two decades later, in the '80s, "live with regis and kathie lee". and the moment they went national. >> and just in case people don't know who we are, we should introduce ourselves. >> this is regis and i'm kathie lee. >> that's right. >> together for 15 years. ♪ thanks for the memories >> regis would then spend more than a decade with kelly ripa, making americans smile every morning. >> still got it. >> there were so many moments. >> one, two, three -- >> i'm out of control!
5:57 pm
haven't seen you in awhile, cher. last time you were here was, what, 1999. 1999. >> yeah. >> 11 years ago. >> right. >> have you missed me at all? >> "who wants to be a millionaire?" >> this is the final answer heard all around the world -- he's won a million dollars! >> and this morning, kelly ripa paying tribute. >> so many people, like you, ryan, reached out to me and said, you're the first person i thought of, you're the first person i thought of. and -- which was very comforting, but i have to tell you, the first person i thought of was joy and joanna and j.j., his daughters, i thought of the girls, you know? and then i thought of kathie lee. and those were -- i always say, like, regis' core four. right? >> kelly remembering how regis was with her young children. the time he babysat the children for the show. >> he would talk to them like
5:58 pm
they were adults. there was this moment with lola, he's bresching her teeth and she's staring at him and he says, well, you're a gentile little lady, or -- words to that effect. he says something to her, like, you're a gentile little lady. and then i -- and then i realized what it must be like to have been one of his daughters, right? because there was this softness to him when he spoke to lola that was -- >> and kathie lee gifford posting, "there are no words to fully express the love i have for my precious friend regis. i simply adored him and every day with him was a gift." kelly saying this morning, it just seemed like regis would be around forever. he was one of a kind. and we're thinking of joy and his family tonight, as well. this disease continues to grow. it is disproportionately
5:59 pm
impacting certain communities in the state. >> coronavirus spreading across california, but concentrated in certain areas. now there's extra help to fight the surge. >> it was the only thing we could afford. we relocated back here in 2018. >> all they could afford that's a familiar struggle in the bay area. the pandemic is causing a housing shift, from negotiating a better lease to mortgage relief, we're here to help you understand your rights and find solutions. all this week on "abc7 news" starting tonight. building a better bay area, for a safe and secure future. this is "abc7 news." it could hardly come at a worse time. nursing facilities across the bay area have failed to meet staffing requirements mandated by federal law. new at 6:00, the i-team uncovered just how many and the one bay area county where the problem is only getting worse. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz.
6:00 pm
>> and i'm dan ashley. the total number of short staffed nursing facilities, 76. but let's focus on a different number. that's one. stephanie sierra brings you the story through the eyes of one family. >> my father was -- i'm sorry. >> reporter: scott is mourning the loss of his father. the 88-year-old died of covid-19, a mere three weeks after being temporarily admitted into the gateway care and rehab center in hayward. what was supposed to be a brief stay -- >> we could have got to see his grandson graduate in december. my parents were only about a month away from their 60th wedding anniversary. i'm sorry. >> reporter: in the last five days of his father's life, he says none of his family was able to talk to him on the phone, not even to say goodbye. >> they were so short on staffing, that no one