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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 28, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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only 18%. republican senators have released an outline of their federal relief package but it could be months before people suffering financially during this pandemic actually get help. jobina fortson is at the live desk with the negotiations under way right now. >> good morning, kumasi. after outlining the relief plan the republican-led senate must negotiate with the democratic-led house on all of this and it could take weeks before they come up with a compromise on everything. the gop's plan cuts the unemployment benefi down to $200. democrats want to take the $600 payments and keep that going
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until next year. >> this is the starting place and we'll get, you'll have plenty of storage to cover along the way as we have these discussions back and forth across party lines and with the administration. >> senate republicans have presented us with a half hearted, half baked legislative proposal. >> the senate's plan includes another round of $1,200 stimulus checks with more support for th entireelief package would cost the nation $1 trillion. the house released a plan back in may on all of this proposing that the country spend $3 trillion on coronavirus relief. kumasi. >> thank you, jobina. the giants are back in town for their home opener tonight against the san diego padres. the first pitch at oracle park is at 6:45, however, the baseball season is in question based on covid-19 testing being done right now. 13 members of the miami marlins have tested positive. the team knew that they had four
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positive tests before sunday's game but they decided to play anyway. right now it's not clear how many phillies players have been infected. matt chapman of the a's sounded off on the outbreak. >> everything we've done over here making sure we're staying on top of wearing our masks. our team is doing our part because we don't want to be one of those teams like the marlins thaft screws it up for everybody. >> the mlb canceled miami's game for tonight. the league commissioner says that if test results are acceptable, the marlins will resume playing tomorrow. land and labor costs make the creation of affordable housing one of the bay area's biggest challenges. it can cost $800,000 just to build one unit. we are devoting the next week, well, this entire week, i should say, to housing and the pandemic. this morning, the effort is under way to rethink how to recontrol costs and redesign projects. here's abc reporter david louie.
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>> reporter: estimates the bay area needs to build 700,000 units. innovation could be crucial with the economy and what could be a prolonged slump due to the pandemic. making a new 50 million housing investment doubling its contribution to the house fund silicon valley. 88 more here both in san jose. affordable housing experts are already reimagining the post-pan dammic future and how that will change designs and features. >> should all new apartment complexes have a gym and a pool or, you know, maybe we need to have more outdoor space. more roof decks. >> reporter: however, the downturn could impact housing funds as federal, state and local budgets face tight beltening. >> people are working remote and
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more available labor or lower construction costs, that could speed things up, too. >> reporter: one idea is not to build affordable housing from the ground up. >> opportunities to purchase existing multi-family buildings during this period and convert them to affordable. >> reporter: residents of affordable housing are more likely to be service workers that can't work remotely. mixed use projects might repurpose for child care or community space. david louie, abc7 news. congressman john lewis will lie in state for a public viewing. we want to take you there live. this is what it looks like live right now inside the rotunda. the caskt and the military honor guard there. the first black lawmaker to be afforded this honor oun the ca
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ave beenalking pas theit blding all night. a isfarewell tour of some of the landmarks before heading to the capitol building yesterday. members of the house and senate paid tribute to the civil rights icon. >> here in congress john was revered and beloved on both sides of the aisle and both sides of the capitol. >> vice president mike pence and former vice president joe biden were among those who came to mourn. president trump chose not to attend. lewis died july 17th from pancreatic cancer. he was 80 years old. today marks one year since the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. three people died. 17 others were hurt when a gunman fired into a crowd on the very last day of the festival. tonight, the gilroy strong resiliency center plans to hold a tribute which will be live streamed online and they invite people to put a #gilroystrong
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sign in the windows of their homes and businesses to show support. san jose's mayor back tracks on a measure to give him more power. why he wants to hold off on putting it on the ballot. we're devoting this week to the pandemic's effect on housing. 7 on your side michael finny is looking at how it is hitting renters in different ways. but, first, checking in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi kumasi. hi, everybody. let's look at what is going on with our temperatures and start in san francisco where it's cloudy and possible little mist as you get close to twin peaks or along the beach. now as you look around, we have a 60 in palo alto, one of the warm spots along with 64 at tracy and most of us from 53 in daly city and union city. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's talk about the commute. cool to hot from san francisco
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to anywhere else you're traveling as we head to the afternoon hours. gusty north of the bay bridge through and through the delta and also pretty rough if you're taking a ferry ride. east bay valleys our hottest temperatures here as we warm from 66 and early sunshine to 8 at noon to low to mid 90s all afternoon and still holding on to around 81 at 8:00. south bay not quite as warm. increasing sunshine and 69 by 10:00 and 78 at noon and low to mid 80s your destination this afternoon and a real nice 71. the peninsula we barely make it to 80 at 4:00 and after 73 at noon and kind of back track. 61 at 8:00 with the cloud cover and 68 at 8:00 in the evening with sunshine. looks pretty comfortable there. all right. weekend forecast looking a little bit warmer and we'll check on that first and, wait a minute, the first time we've seen you so far. hi, jobina. >> i was talking about the stimulus a little earlier, mike, but i know so much going on. going to get to traffic now.
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good morning, everyone. so, everything is pretty smooth for the most part. we did have some minor incidents this morning. a few blocking issues but not too major. live look outside showing you what the conditions are. in oakland this is, san mateo bridge. so, we're going to have some busier traffic picking up as we make your way towards the peninsula and as you can see there brake lights and very light for people making their way east this morning. i'll keep you posted on how things develop throughout the morning. as we all fight the coronavirus pandemic, california is mandating face masks to stop the spread. that's why abc7 wants to remind you to wear a mask for you, your loved
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you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is abc7 mornings. we're off to a great start at pier 15 and looking back to the west, 55 degrees and you can see the clouds hanging over san francisco. temperatures starting off the same this afternoon and pretty much ending the same, i should say this morning pretty much ending the same this evening. nearly average with low 60s at the coast and 90 inland. thunderstorms throughout and way up near the oregon border. the high fire danger from yesterday. look at the heat risk friday, saturday and sunday. 110 to 120 in the high desert. some of it will make it our way as we head into the weekend.
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right now 100 combined to palm springs, chico and 98 in sacramento. kumasi? >> thank you, mike. happening today sam liccardo is expected to ask the city council to delay a ballot measure to give him more power. it comes after polling showed that it would be pretty much difficult to pass. liccardo wants to delay the measure until 2022 but does want to move forward with a measure to shift the mayoral election to presidential years. the council will discuss the proposal at its meeting this morning. the economy which includes housing is critical to building% a better bay area. the pandemic is forcing people in the bay area to face new housing realities and finding ways to adapt. falling rents during the pandemic are opening up new opportunities for some people but not for everybody. 7 on your side michael finny has a tale of two cities. >> reporter: mary ann lives at
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the end of the tenderloin and san francisco with her 22-year-old daughter. >> we relocated back here in 2018. >> reporter: she says living in the neighborhood has taken a toll on her health. >> you just heard the sirens go by, right? it's very difficult to work at home with the outside noise whether it be sirens and horns, people screaming. >> reporter: declining rents gave mary ann hope she could soon move. two months ago, mary ann began looking for a new apartment. she flirted with putting down a deposausosit for this high rise the embarcadero. >> we were really going to immerse ourselves into a higher rent and then talked ourselves out of it. >> reporter: the landlord suggested she kept checking back. dropped $550 to $200 in two months. she took it. her apartment on the 19th floor
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will have views of the bay bridge and the embarcadero. her landlord even threw in free parking. some tenants in longerterm leases have been able to negotiate lower rents. unfortuna unfortunately, too many tenants can't afford to pay their rents and fear of losing their home. she says some landlords have tried to coerce stimulus paym t payments from their tenants. some have even illegally locked out their tenants. the eviction moratorium will be extended. as for rents, they are not going down everywhere. in oakland, rents are up 4.5% and livermore they're up 15%. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. well, one of the most popular baseball cards right now doesn't even belong to a player. topps says that its card of dr.
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anthony fauci set a print run record of more than 51,000. the card was only available for 24 hours and you can see it shows fauci throwing out the first pitch at last week's nationals/washington game. if you remember, how shall we put this, mike, the ball went astray. >> side. >> it went astray. >> yeah, yeah. i was trying to do my best bobob yurker there. just outside. i love major league. that's a fun movie. thank you, thank you. oh, he's like, he's like everybody's lovable grandfather, isn't he. >> uncle. is he at grandfather stage? >> he's 80. >> is he 80? >> yeah. >> he looks good. >> everybody looks up to him. he's got wisdom beyond his years and helping us get through this. let's talk about what is going
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on and help you get through the next seven days weather wise. we start. that was supposed to be san jose but it's the exploratorium again and it's 55 degrees there. sorry about that. more of the same today. we'll call it two for tuesday. slight cooling tomorrow and then the heat will return especially inland while the sea breeze will keep the bay and coast from getting overheated. now, as you can see cloud cover by noon and still plenty hanging around our gaps. the golden gate gap and some of the coastal valleys and lined up along the east bay shoreline and it won't last much longer after noon. by 7:00 there it goes marching back to the east. steady conditions in the south bay. about 80 too 84 through the souh bay and near 80 in los gatos and gilroy. a wealth of 70s and low to upper 70s today. a few areas could hit 80 but few and far between. 62 to 64 along the peninsula
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coast. 65 to 68. mid to upper 60s downtown san francisco and low to mid 80s through most of the north bay and richmond 68 and kind of breezy today and same thing in berkeley. and near 90 to 95 degrees today in our east bay valleys. look at this, clouds return to the same areas and pretty much the same temperatures. low to upper 50s tonight. so, we dip a little bit tomorrow. about two to four degrees. and then we gain that back a couple degrees at a time for thursday into saturday and then warmest sunday with temperatures a little bit above average especially inland. pretty steady pattern as we stare down the end of july and the early parts of august, kumasi. >> thank you, mike. the family of regis philbin wants fans to honor his memory by helping people in need. he passed away on friday. he was 88 years old. they're encourager mourners to donate to the food bank.
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philbin is best known for "live with regis and kathie lee" and hosted "who wants to be a millionaire." an hour-long tribute to regis philbin tonight at 8:00 p.m. a san francisco restaurant has survived for 470 years the pandemic might be the biggest challenge yet. students learn how to slow the spread of coronavirus. in today's tech bytes, google employees will stay home until next summer. the company's 200,000 staffers will work from home through june moving back an initial january guideline. the first firm to push its office return into the second half of 2021. more proof the ford bronco is more popular than ever. bringing back the suv in a 2021 model but the new interest recently crashed ford's website and hopeful owners are now facing an 18-month waiting list.
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all right. 4:52 on this tuesday. i thought we would get an update
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on hanna as it continues to churn in central parts of mexico. moisture along the gulf and that means potential for flooding and some video coming up in the next hour of some of the flooding that has been happening there. it will slow lly drift to the wt and create more showers but more into the central and western parts of mexico while the eastern parts will finally begin to dry out. we'll take a look at douglas coming up next. >> all right, thank you, mike. one bay area restaurant. one of the oldest in california, unfortunately, is closing for now. tadich grill has been offering pickup but it does not plan to reopen until it can have indoor dining. they had a fund-raiser on go fund me and the money will be used for employee benefits and wages. the restaurant opened back in 1849 and the oldest continuously running restaurant in california. now to a story we first told
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you about yesterday on mornings. we are learning more about the contact tracing course that will be offered at dominican university. 20 spots open to all students who are interested in becoming coronavirus trackers. the course gives students class credit and on-the-job trtr >> having that opportunity with the university will have us better prepared for increases which we expect to see moving forward. >> win/win situation. the county is in need of contact tracers since we're the hot spot. >> now, enrollment hasn't started yet, but there is already a lot of interest. the new a 27th. regal cinema says they will reopen movie theaters for labor day weekend. the company says it will open the u.s. locations on august 21st. regal made the decision after warner brothers announced it will release the sci-fi thriller
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on september 3rd. new sanitation procedures and social distancing protocols and employees and guests will have to wear masks. theatete. let's think hard about that one. let's look at what is going on with douglas. pulling away from hawaii and weakening as you can see on the satellite. become a tropical depression or tropical storm i should say. 50 mile per hour winds. even since the last update it has dropped ten miles per hour. it will take an interesting track and get caught up in the westerlies and heading through the gulf of amaska and possibly bringing rain to the pacific northwest in the middle parts of next week. never go away. just the remnants of it become a little bit different weather and eventually they can use some rain up there and hopefully they get some. us, not so much other than some
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mist this morning. kumasi. >> thank you, mike. coming up next at th rsolodfo. ausinses added to the watch list the hustle to move indoor operations outside. also one-on-one with dr.
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want restand schools?pen? want the economy to get back on track? you're not alone. stay 6 feet apart. wash your hands. wear a mask every time you leave your home. choose to join the fight against covid-19. do your part. slow the spread.
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can leave you holding your breath. ♪ but bristol myers squibb is working to change things. by researching new kinds of medicines that could help you live longer. including options that are chemo-free. because we're committed to bringing new hope into lung cancer care. is c7> w watch tter btuay,
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list. santa cruz county joins nearly all of the bay area overnight and being forced to close a number of indoorsinesses, again. this morning, some owners are already pivoting outdoors. >> this is what i do. this is what i have been trained for my entire professional life and i'll continue to do it. one-on-one with dr. fauci, our nation's top infectious disease expert on "gma" with a warning for states as we see a su surge in cases. good morning, everybody. it's tuesday july 28th. did you know dr. fauci is almost 80. >> i did know that. we need to give him a little bit of a break when he was on the pitcher's mound the other day. >> yes. >> right. >> we will. we will. i'm onboard now. >> hi, mike.
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>> yep. december 24th, 1940. mr. fauci came into the world. that pitch is still adorable because he's just who he is and he's great. let's talk about the winds out there. they're 23 miles per hour and still a sea breeze and you can see what it is going to do to our temperatures as we head throughout the day. bringing cloud cover to most neighborhoods except the east bay valleys and look for some mist there and also along the coast. temperatures waking up mid to upper 50s and that sounds like a broken record, doesn't it? 59 to 62 at the coast today with stubborn clouds and 72 to 79 for our bay neighborhood from noon to 4:00 and 81 to 90 as we head into our inland neighborhood. reggie? >> mike, thank you. as of midnight, santa cruz county now joining the state's watch list. that means a number of indoor facilities are going to have to shut down or come up with a new way to operate outside. so here's a map showing where all the bay


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