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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 28, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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he is on "gma" this morning as we see a surge in cases. welcome to tuesday, july 28th. hope you're doing well. he just put, i don't know if you can see it behind me. i don't know what woodstock is up to. he's a whole hour early this morning. >> he is alert. >> he's looking at you adoringly, though, i love it. >> that's the vibe you got. i felt like he was telling you, like what's going on here? what are you doing? >> are you taking me outside? >> when is this going to be over, we have things to do. >> right. we need to go outside. all right. so, let's tell woodstock what you can expect when reggie takes him outside probably during the commercial break the way it looks right now. welcome to tuesday you can see cloud cover in all the same areas as yesterday and even more as the south bay sees more cloud
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cover than it did this time yesterday. we'll play out a lot like yesterday. mid to upper 50s and little mist in the east bay and 70 to 79 around the bay and 81 to 90 inland. everybody back in the 50s, 60s and 70s by 7:00. we'll take a look at that weekend forecast coming up next. back to you guys. >> mike, thank you. as of midnight, santa cruz county is now added to the state's watch list. that means a number of indoor businesses are going to have to either close or come up with an outdoor solution real quick. so, here's a map showing where all the bay area counties stand right now. as you can see, san mateo county is the only one not on the state's watch list. as part of our effort to build a better bay area, we're focusing on the economy, especially during the pandemic. the bigges impact of the county's new status on the watch list is on hair salons and gyms. abc7 news reporter julian glover is live in santa cruz to show us how some owners are already
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preparing for this. julian. >> hi, good morning, reggie. as you mentioned yet another devastating flow for those businesses here in santa cruz. we know at this point, they have to close down those indoor operations. many of them as you mention try to pivt and make the best out of their outdoor space they have around their business. but this is just adding to the number of really tough road blocks that have been in place for many of the business here in santa cruz that really rely on tourism. now, thanks to a rising number of coronavirus cases in santa cruz county here nail salons and barber shops and shopping malls and places of worship and nonessential offices and gyms, too, will all have to shut down until those numbers go back down. now, some for repairing for what seem to be the inevitable. like this gym here. santa cruz power fitness. now moving their workouts outdoors. >> we've been preparing for this. we had a hunch that it was going to be coming down the pipeline. so, we already started to pivot building out a full outdoor training facility in our back
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parking lot. >> so, they are ready. many others caught off guard. santa cruz county hit the state's watch list this weekend with 130 coronavirus cases per 100,000 people. over the state's threshold of 100 per 100,000 people. many businesses here just trying to survive at this point. the city says 40 businesses so far taking advantage of their outdoor expansion program, ie, just using the outdoor space around them to continue to operate. we do also know that the beaches are still open here in santa cruz. for now, reporting live in santa cruz, julian glover, abc7 news. >> we wish luck to those businesses. going to be a big change for them. julian, thank you. you can check out where your county stands on the watch list with our interactive feature on and why the state is keeping an eye on the spread of coronavirus there. well, dr. anthony fauci is concerned about the rising number of covid-19 cases as states remain open. jobina fortson is at the live
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desk with what the leading expert is saying this morning. hi, jobina. >> hi, kumasi, thank you. dr. anthony fauci doubled down on his public plea to call on people to wear masks when they are out and about. speaking on "gma" this morning he said he's particularly concerned about the rising number of cases in southern states, arizona and california. he said he hopes governors will heed national guidelines now that they've seen a spike in cases after reopening. >> if you look at the guidelines the way we put them out some time ago, that really is the national strategy. hi and you wait until you have a period of time over 14 days where it comes down. and then you graduate to the next phase. if you do well there, you go to the next phase. obviously, as you've mentioned, some states are not doing that. we would hope that they all now rethink that what happens when you don'ted a me ed adhere to t.
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>> dr. fauci also respondd to president trump's recent tweets which claim he is misleading the public. you can watch dr. fauci's full interview on "gma" at 7:00 right here on abc7. ifiesser making progress in developing a covid-19 vaccine. the company is ready now to recruit up to 30,000 volunteers. working with biontech on this stud a eay and test the people around the world. pfizer is wrapping up phase one of vaccine testing and the next round a combined phase two and phase three trial. new at 6:00, the head of china's cdc says he's been injected with an experimental covid-19 vaccine. and he says he did it to persuade the public to follow suit once this vaccine gets approved. the official has been involved in research for one of china's leading vaccine candidates. he declined to specify which
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company's vaccine he took. the claim underscores the enormous stakes as they compete with u.s. and british companies to be the first with a vaccine to help end this pandemic. three pop-up sites open in santa clara county and all three sites will give you a wrist band when you check in and hopefully that will help you not waste so much time standing in line. each wristband is linked to an hour when you can return to the site to get tested. here are the locations open this week. oak grove high school in san jose opened until saturday. the county office of education also in san jose and the south county annex in gilroy open through friday. a new program launching in the mission district this week an effort to curve coronavirus outbreaks in the latino community. officials say a lot of infections in young people in that community. the latino task force is working with ucsf and b.a.r.t. to conduct these tests. the study is targeting a
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specific group. >> we're taking a very limited amount of tests to see how efficient or efefective it is t target commuters and essential workers with low barrier testing. testing that is easy to access that you can literally walk up, take your test and be on your way in under five minutes. >> the testing will take place at the 24th street mission b.a.r.t. plaza on wednesday and fridays starting at 7:00 a.m. for the next three weeks. the lapd, the third largest police force in the country just made major reforms to its department. how talking can help reduce arrests in the city. plus, mysterious seeds from china showing up in the mail. what we know about the new warning happening in states all over the u.s. yeah. all the rumors that are going on on social media about it. mid 60s along the coast into san francisco. to 73 in oakland and look at the 90s as we head inland. the summer spread is here and
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you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is abc7 mornings. 6:10 on this tuesday and like many of ous the peninsula waking up to cloudy conditions and temperatures from 53 in daly city. the rest of our neighborhood mid 60s and antioch 62 and maybe just a little bit milder. here's a look at san jose 61 right now and activities outside today may be hot inlbd but and you can get a pool and you like to swim, some are open and allow you to rent some time about 70 to 80 minutes. really interesting how they're doing it. kind of like signing up for southwest when you try to get your seat assignment 24 hours in advance. let's talk about the north bay.
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57 at 8:00 and then clouds to low 80s and sunshine this afternoon. san francisco we never shake the clouds but we do shake the 50s getting into the mid 60s for a couple hours this afternoon. in the east bay try to get in the mid 70s with sunshine for a couple hours this afternoon. we'll look at the weekend forecast coming up. first, seessential workers. it's time for you and traffic with jobina. >> thank you, mike. good morning, everyone. a pretty serious situation unfolding in the south bay right now getting right to these maps so you can see. we have a big rig that has tipped over and is on its side. the driver is injured. this is on southbound 17 before summit road. so, specifically this is in lexington hills but this is going to impact anyone trying to make their way down to santa cruz and also everyone is being diverted right now at redwood estates because all the lanes are shut down there. they did run a traffic break, as well. it's going to be a while until they can get everything cleared up. yes, it says down to seven miles per hour.
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you can see that patch of green because everything is closed right there. you can't even make your way through. heads up to you this morning for that sig alert. also moving now to a live look showing you the bay bridge toll plaza this morning where so far and let me check one more time. metering lights are not on yet. you can see pretty light there on your screen. that's what we have for traffic so far this morning, reggie and kumasi. >> thank you, jobina. the vallejo police officer who shot and killed a 22-year-old and what the family is doing in response. a new trend in the bay area and it appears a lot of you are buying boats. some say it's the perfect way to social distance on a nice day. the one
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get 1 gig internet with at&t fiber for $49.99a month for a year. no annualcontract. and now get hbo max included. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att today a man accused of killing a danville doctor is due
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in court. john conway arraigned in sierra county. gurshman was on a hiking trip with his son over the july fourth holiday. police say he was asking conway for directions when conway pulled a gun on him. girshman's son ran through the woods until he could get a signal and call for help. the vallejo times herald reports he is back on the schedule. monterrosa was expected of looting at a walgreens last month. captured the shooting from inside the patrol car. that's what you're watching here. the officer could be seen firing through the back seat through the windshield. police thought monterrosa had a gun, he did not. the family is calling for the officer to be disciplined and for the police chief to resign. l.a. mayor eric garcetti is calling for police reforms. yesterday announced the creation
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of a new bureau that is focused on community safety and improving the relationship between the lapd and local neighborhood. this bureau will consist of community safety officers who will focus on talking through problems while using citations and arrests as a last resort. this is the mayor's answer to recent ic across pole brutality following the death of george floyd in minneapolis. mystery seeds. they're popping up in mail boxes across the country. and the packages appear to be sent from china. jobina is at the live desk with the reason authorities are releasing a warning about them. jobina. >> yes, kumasi. agriculture departments in 27 states are asking people if they ever see something like this, these packages, to report it right away. here's an example from the ohio department of agriculture of what the contents look like. the types of seeds are not known and people are warned not to plant them. officials say the seeds could harbor pests and diseases.
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some packages had labels saying they contained jewelry. so far there have been no reports of these packages showing up in california. so, at least that is good news, reggie. >> all right, jobina. it's odd, but very interesting. police in australia say that chinese students in sydney are being forced to fake their own kidnappings as part of an extortion scam. officials say scammers are calling the students and speak in mandarin and pretend to be chinese authorities and convinced the victims they commit a crime in china and threaten them if they don't cooperate. eight students cooperating with relatives paying more than $2 million in ransom. waterways are keeping some businesses afloat right now during the pandemic, especially in the bay area. we're seeing boat sales go up and there is one boat in particular that is selling out in parts of our area. the owner of inland marine in antioch says that he sold out of pontoon party boats, new and used.
6:18 am
puwants buy a pontoon boat nrey for all their family. today is not the typical. today is the family guy that wants to buy a boat. the one thing a family can do. >> abc7 news spoke with several boat owners who said going out on the water is a fun activity they can do while social distancing. a native american tribe will get to move back home after purchasing land in big sir. according to our media partners, the tribe bought nearly 1,200 acres of land 20 miles south of monterey. to give you some perspective the size of the property is slightly bigger than that of golden gate park. the tribe used to live in the area more than 200 years ago, but that all changed when spanish missionaries arrived. tribal leaders say they plan to use the land for traditional ceremonies and to teach the public about their culture. that's exciting.
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>> i like that. >> getting back to the boat for a second. i've been thinking about this because you made the excellent point that there's not a bathroom onboard and i might not be available for it. the last time i went on a boat was a sail boat and it did have a bathroom onboard and i went down there and also had a bedroom and i went down there and i fell asleep and everybody else had a nice day. that is the kind of friend i am. >> you might need to stay on land. we might need to rescind this invitation. >> it's so true. don't take me anywhere. i'm really just best at home and you can just wave at me. >> no, friend. you're always invited. >> oh, thank you. >> the one guarantee would be disneyland. take reggie to disneyland. be ready to follow a very tight schedule. >> very true. >> also true. >> very tight. very tight. but, you'll have a good day, i guarantee you. here's what's going on from,
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let's start with the golden gate bridge and show you a west wind at 12 miles per hour. it was about 30 yesterday. it's calmed down a little bit and brought back the cloud cover as you can see. not hugging the ground and not too much in the way of reduction of visibility. the pattern doesn't sway much today. sunshine away from the coast and clouds will return tonight with seasonal lows back in the 50s and little bit above average this weekend as some warmth tries to sneak in from the desert southwest. but the sea breeze is going to keep the rest of us from getting too hot. as it's doing today, you can still see a few clouds lined up along the east bay shore through the golden gate gap and the san bruno gap and that will linger a couple more hours before fully clearing out for a full hours this afternoon and then by 7:00, clouds starting to march back to the east. wide range of temperatures in the south bay and 84 in san jose and 92 in morgan hill. a smaller spread on the peninsula. 72 at millbrae to redwood city and palo alto at 78.
6:21 am
62 to 64 degrees there. south san francisco and south sausalito and about 80 to 85 through your valleys. along the east bay shore, 69 at richmond and oakland 73 and warmest in fremont at 79 and probably air conditioning weather in our inland east bay neighborhoods and 89 in san ramon to 95 in brentwood. good news free air conditioning at night and little miss near the coast and fall back into the 50s. my accuweather seven-day forecast. two to four degrees cooler tomorrow as the marine layer grows a little bit and then shrinks thursday and we add a couple degrees and by saturday and sunday, you can see the warmth inland with mid 90s and 80s around the bay and 60s at the coast. have a great day. back to you guys. >> thanks, mike. "goode morning america" coming up at 7:00. >> rob marciano in south texas
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with what is ahead. >> dealing with flooding across south texas and another tropical system in the atlantic that could head towards puerto rico if not the u.s. later the isweek. also ahead, reopening roll back. officials cracking down on restrictions as coronavirus cases surge across the country. president trump now pushing some governors to reopen more quickly despite advice from white house coronavirus task force members. dr. anthony fauci joins us live for a morning exclusive. plus, we're hitting the road this morning. we have more tips on how to navigate your summer vacation during the pandemic. and the best ways to map out your destinations. that's all coming up plus a lot more on a tuesday, guys. we'll see you on "gma" in just a few minutes. another record for drake this morning. he now has the most ever top ten singles. ♪ do you love me >> let me have my moment. ♪
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okay. drake released two songs, new songs "pop and they are number three on the billboard. now he has 40 top tens in his career madonna who had 38 and rihanna with 31 and michael jackson with 30. speaking of rihanna. >> thank you. speaking of her, what? >> can we please have an album. >> nine. where is it? >> but you can get the skin care. you don't want the skin care. you want the music? >> where is nine. we need it. we got taylor out here. >> drake. >> we have drake. lady gaga. the chicks. nine. >> we can hope. okay.
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first pitch, false promise. the new report after president trump said that he would be throwing out a pitch at a yankees game. plus, oakland's lany college featured as last chance u out on netflix
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welcome back, everyone. new at 6:00 as coronavirus threatens to end major league baseball season, we are learning that president trump may have falsely declared that he'd be throwing out a first pitch at yankee stadium. remember opening day last week when dr. anthony fauci threw out the first pitch on opening day, the same day president trump announced he would be throwing a first pitch at a yankees home game on august 15th. "new york times" reports that surprised both the yankees and the president's staff. the president reportedly was banking on a long-time promise from yankees president randy levine.
6:27 am
the fifth season of "last chance u" is out on netflix and follows a college football team very close to home. laney college in oakland. the episods highlight the players' struggles on and off the field and how it impacts their education. "last chance u" is following college football teams that don't get a whole lot of national attention. congrats, that seems really cool. >> it does. coming up next at 6:30 -- >> a third bay area county is now talking about charging people for not wearing masks. this time it's in the east bay. i'm amy hollyfield, that story coming up. plus, the housing shift here in the bay area. rethink renting to on how we survive the pandemic. and california's key covid-19 hot spot. which part of the state is being hit so hard that the
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news.
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now at 6:30, mask up or pay up. one bay area county's choice today to set fines for going maskless or for not social distancing. hear how much you have to pay for breaking the rules. a harmful hand sanitizer alert. nearly 90 dangerous brands now labeled toxic for our skin. jobina is at the live desk with ingredient we all need >>buildingettersishif our focus all this week on abc7. the future of homes renting and your chances of living here after the covid-19 pandemic. >> i don't want to say it scared everybody, but maybe a little. this is the kind of thing that you were hoping wasn't going to happen. >> baseball on the brink. one major league clubhouse hit eiants home opener today could both be the a's and could the a's be next and be strike three for the rest of the season.
6:31 am
>> stay. >> i can't. >> i'm really going to miss you. >> i'm going to miss you, as well. >> they have to prove we are lying. >> they probably can. yes. setting the stage. this year's emmy nomination revealing the best in tv and they are out this morning. we have a sneak in shows primed for a major night. we have very bias here at abc7 news and we happen to love "insecure." i'm rooting for her. >> me, too. it's so -- >> also just so everyone knows i'm team molly. hi, mike nicco. >> that's where we disagree. but we're still friends. >> i know. >> i would love to hear more of this. can we? can we hear more of this? >> we don't have time. >> we would be here all day. >> i was waiting to hear both arguments but i guess we have to move on to weather. i'll break the tie later. let's look at what's going on.
6:32 am
hi, everybody. welcome to tuesday. it's about 6:31. let's take a look outside. you can see plenty of cloud cover out there. in fact, more widespread than it was yesterday and some of it trying to spill into the east bay valleys as we look at that sunrise from the east bay hills camera. temperatures this afternoon quite a spread. you could see 90s in livermore and also in morgan hill, antioch, fairfield, concord, lake port, ukiah and 70s around the bay except for places like richmond at 69 and mid 60s from half moon bay into san francisco. more on that warming trend for the weekend forecast coming up. let's get back to kumasi. >> thank you, mike. osta cyor could be coming in at means things like not wearing your mask or failing to social distance. this is all an effort to protect everybody's health and health is something we're focused on to help build a better bay area. amy hollyfield is live in walnut
6:33 am
creek with more on this. amy? >> kumasi, not wearing this in the east bay could cost you $100 here in contra costa county for your first offense. $500 if you get caught repeatedly without your mask. you are required to cover your face, if you are over the age of 2 here in ccontra costa county. you wear face coverings when inside a business or waiting in line to enter a business. if you get a citation, you'll be able to write an appeal within ten days if you disagree with it. this would make contra costa county the third county to crack down with fines. napa county has fines of up to $5,000 in place. marin county up tocontracontraca talking and the board of supervisors here will take up its issue at the meeting this morning. live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
6:34 am
>> amy, thank you. this morning santa cruz county has joined eight bay area counties now on that watch list. it means that malls, gyms, churches and more have to close indoor operations. this will really affect hair salons. more than a third of the county's 970 covid cases were reported in the past two weeks. youy not being monitored is san mateo county, but that could change. officials expect for it to land on the list any day now. in the last 14 days, san mateo county reported more than 100 coronavirus cases per 100,000 residents and health leaders say the numbers meet one of the benchmarks the state uses for putting counties on that list. one region hit hard by the virus is getting financial help to control the outbreak. governor gavin newsom says the state will provide $52 million to the eight central california counties you see on this map the positivity rates range from 11% to 18%.
6:35 am
those rates are a lot higher than the positivity rates in the rest of the state. strike teams made up of health, safety and emergency workers will be deployed to central california this week. republican senators have released an outline of their federal relief package, but it can actually be months before people suffering financially durng this pandemic get help. jobina fortson is at the live desk with the negotiations under way. jobina? >> thank you, kumasi. after outlining their covid-19 relief plan, the republican-led senate is going to have to negotiate with the democratic-led house on all of this. you're right. some time. sources tell abc news the gop plan cuts the current $600 unemployment benefit down to $200. democrats want to keep the $600 payments going until next year. >> this is the starting place. and we'll get, you'll have plenty of storage to cover along the way as we have these discussions across party lines and with the administration.
6:36 am
>> senate republicans have presented us with a half hearted, half baked legislative proposal. >> the senate's plan also includes another 1,$200 stimulus check and $1.75 billion to build a new fbi headquarters. republicans say the money for the fbi was specifically requested by the trump administration. the house rereeleased a plan ba in may proposing that the country set aside and spend $3 trillion on coronavirus relief. kumasi? >> thank you, jobina. our seven on your side team is dedicated to getting you help on your unemployment claims. if you're having trouble contacting the edd or you just have some questions about the stimulus package, you can get in touch with michael finney and the team right on our website. go to committed to building a better bay area and that means a focus on the economy. part of that is the housing shift we're seeing right now. this week we're devoting a lot
6:37 am
of time to dig into housing and how the pandemic is impacting it. land and labor cost made the creation of affordable one of the big challenges. it cost $800,000 to build one unit. an effort is under way to rethink these costs and rethink design during the pandemic. housing experts are weighing whether new apartment complexes should replace communal gyms or pools with more outdoor space. the planning group says we may not need to build affordable housing from the ground up. >> there may be opportunities to actually purchase existing multi-family buildings during this period and convert them to permanent affordability. >> spur estimates the bay area needs to build 700,000 affordable housing units to meet demand. speaking of that, new at 6:00, covid-19 is stalling housing construction in san francisco and that lull may last a while. according to "the chronicle" only one major housing development has started
6:38 am
construction in the city since the shut down began in march. that project will include 600 res.s at market and franklin but that's it. contractors and developers say with plummeting rents, rising vacancies and uncertainty about the city's housing market, it could be a year or more before the city sees its next new housing project start. well, congressman john lewis will lie in state today in the rotunda of the u.s. capitol building for a public viewing. this is a live look right now at the capitol where you can see the congressman's casket. it's been brought to the entryway to the retunda so the public can view it. the first black iette the rotun. people have been walking past the capitol building all night to pay their respects. a farewell tour of some of washington's landmarks before going to the capitol building yesterday. once they got there,rs of e house and senate attended a
6:39 am
socially distanced ceremony paying tribute to the civil rights icon. >> here in congress, john was revered and beloved on both sides of the aisle on both sides of the capitol. >> vice president mike pence and former vice president joe biden were among the mourners. president trump chose not to attend. lewis died on july 17th from pancreatic cancer at age 80. today marks one year since the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. three people died, 17 others were hurt. when a gunman fired into a crowd on the very last day of the festival. tonight, the gilroy strong resiliency center plans to hold a tribute that will be live streamed online. they're inviting people to put a #gillroystrong sign in the windows of their homes and businesses to show support. and we have also created this badge to make sure that the lives of 6-year-old stooep
6:40 am
romero, keyla salazar and trevor irby are never forgotten. you can share and retweet and also using the #gilroystrong. the giants are back in town for their home opener tonight against the san diego padres. first pitch at oracle park at 6:45. the baseball season is in question right now. there are, of course, some covid-19 controversies. 13 members of the miami marlins already tested positive. the team knew they had four positive tests before sunday's game. but they decided to play anyway. so, right now it's unclear how many phillies players may have been infected. matt chapman of the a's sounded off on the outbreak. >> everything that we've been doing over here we've been making sure that we're staying on top of wearing our masks. you know, our team is doing our part because we don't want to be one of those teams like the marlins that, you know, screws it up for everybody.
6:41 am
>> the mlb canceled miami's game tonight. league commissioner rob manford says if test results are acceptable, the marlins will resume play tomorrow. the work from home woes. how much longer can we keep logging on like this? look at that huge monitor. also, what companies are doing to keep workers productive. plus, escaping to europe during the covid-19 pandemic. what one country abroad is actually doing to buck this trend and allow us as americans to go visit. because, most people are like, y'all stay over there. >> yeah. i thought we weren't allowed. >> we can't even go to disney yet alone europe. >> we can't. >> right. >> d.c. is now blocking, what, how many cities and states? >> quarantine for two weeks if we go to d.c. >> just sit down. >> but maybe this one country we can go.
6:42 am
>> so, the swamp is cleaner than the rest of the country. and they won't let us in? how about that irony. all right. let's talk about what's going on weather wise. we've got low to mid 50s through most of the north bay under cloudy conditions. we do have a 48 in mill valley, one of the cooler spots. mid 60s and clear lake at 68 degrees and little bit of fog out there and visibility has been running above any dangerous levels. mid to upper 50s around most of our neighborhoods. we do have a 60 in brentwood and also in cupertino and san jose on the higher end. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you know what that means, it's commute planner time. mass transit is going to be cool in san francisco all day today and warm to hot as you spread out into the burbs. gusty northerly north of the bay bridge and a little choppy and rough for your ferry rides north of the bay bridge, also today. let's talk about the east bay valleys. our warmest neighborhoods starting off with 66 at 8:00 with sunshine and 82 at noon and
6:43 am
low to mid 90s for a couple hours this afternoon. still holding on to near 80 degree at 9:00. south bay increasing sunshine and temperatures around 69 at 10:00. low to mid 80s during the afternoon hours and a nice 70 at 8:00 and our last stop will be the peninsula, increasing sunshine and 60s through 10:00 and then from noon on, mid to upper 70s and very delightful 67 during the evening hours. your accuweather seven-day forecast coming up pretty soon. let's talk more about that commute. hi, jobina. >> hi, mike. thank you, good morning, everyone. a pretty serious sig alert we have been following in the santa cruz mountains getting to this visual because all the lanes are still shut down right now on southbound 17 just before the summit. so, before summit road there. you can see that purple line indicating the full closure so a heads up to you if you're going to try to make your way down towards santa cruz. also this will just really impact anyone that is traveling northbound because it's still a
6:44 am
little sluggish on the opposite side there because of all the crews in the area and a big rig tipped over blocking the lanes and the driver was trapped inside for a while injured, as well. it does not look like the chp has given us an estimated time to when all the lanes will reopen and traffic is being diverted at redwood estates right now. also bringing in a live look showing you the bay bridge toll plaza so we can get a look there. metering lights came on at 6:25 this morning. a bit sluggish as we make your way towards the bridge should be
6:45 am
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you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is abc7 mornings. >> you can see the gray in the sky matching the color in the water there reflecting in the water from exploratorium camera at pier 15. 59 to 62 at the coast from noon to 4:00 with cloud cover being pretty stubborn and 81 to 90 inland. a lot like yesterday unlike yesterday the threat of
6:47 am
thunderstorms mainly up in oregon and no fire threat but the heat is on in desert southwest this weekend and some will sneak up towards us and mainly central valley and palm springs where we find 100s today. >> mike, thank you. as you wake up this morning, santa cruz county is now on the coronavirus watch list and that means a number of indoor businesses have to close again or come up with a way to do their business outside. here is a map showing where all the bay area counties stand right now and it's pretty easy to remember because there was only one county, san mateo, which is not on the state's watch list. here's a look at what is influencing the decision from state officials. our graph of new daily cases in the bay area shows a steady climb in the past month. santa cruz county is meeting the same statistics to now have to shut some services back down. abc7 news reporter julian glover is live to show us how some owners of businesses are trying to make changes fast. julian. > hi, good morning, reggie.
6:48 am
it has really been a back and forth for so many business owners all across the bay area now. santa cruz county continuing with the same thing. those business owners having to close down indoor operations and try to shift their businesses outdoors, if they can. that is a big if. it's already been a really tough summer for so many businesses here in santa cruz county that truly do rely on tourism to make their bottom line. now thanks to a rising number of coronavirus cases in santa cruz county as reggie mentioned here nail salons, barbershops and shopping malls and places of worship and nonessential offices and gyms, too, all have to shut down until those numbers go back down. >> we're an outdoor county. so, the risk of transition is lower outdoors than it is indoors. so, we don't have a lot of places where we can host large gatherings. i think helped keep the numbers down a little bit, but we are seeing some concerning changes in the transmission rates. >> that truly is the story across so much of the bay area.
6:49 am
santa cruz county hit the state's watch list this weekend with 130 coronavirus cases per 100,000 residents. that's over the state's threshold of 100,000 cases per 1 they have expanded their operations to try to take advantage of this outdoor space. the beaches are open and so is outdoor dining. again, as businesses just try to hang on. reporting live in santa cruz this morning, julian glover, abc7 news. now an abc7 news live desk update. >> at the live desk, the fda is reiterating its warning about toxic hand sanitizers this morning. it involves a product that may contain methanol or wood alcohol. the substance is often used to create fuel and antifreeze. the fda is continuing to update its do not use list of dangerous products and includes nearly 90 hand sanitizers most appear to have been produced in mexico.
6:50 am
some have already been recalled. other products are being recommended for recalls. you can head over to and we do have a list there of hand sanitizers that are on the do not use list. >> thank you, jobina. most of europe has banned american tourists during the pandemic, but one country breaking from the pack letting us in. croatia. it's allowing u.s. visitors to enter the country. you have to have proof that you tested negative for covid-19 no more than two days before arriving. americans looking to salvage their summer vacation plans are flocking there. >> there's nothing like it when you see the beautiful cliffs and you're landing and then you kind of get a little bit antsy in your stomach and then it's all good. >> okay. still, though, medical experts warn that this year may not be the safest year to travel. they say it's just best if you take a road trip or just stay
6:51 am
home. more on this story coming up at 7:00 on "gma." and now your morning money report. one effect of this mass switch from working at home fewer people need suits. this morning new fear the company that owns men's warehouse and joseph a. banks may go bankrupt. taylor brands says it is likely it will have to come to that decision possibly as soon as next week. just last week men's warehouse and joseph a. banks announced the closure of hundreds of u.s. stores. live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets under way. down 180 points so far. new at 6:00, work from home might not be as long lasting as we think. jobina at the live desk with what some employers are finding out about their employees who are at home right now. >> yes, reggie. we have all discussed this separately on our own, not on tv. so, question for you this morning. does working remotely cut into your productivity. think about it everyone.
6:52 am
it's the story first saw in "wall street journal." many companies keeping their employees at home for an extended time are reevaluatingu interactions with colleagues and also less accountability. >> one of the common ways we're bumping into companies now their are saying we can't gete can't t to participate or show up for zoom calls. all the tiny moments where we bump into the office are badly missed bai eed because they are essential. >> 40% of workers say they have experienced burnout during the pandemic. how can you make working from home work for you? experts recommend a couple things here. they say you should create some sort of routine every day. i think that might be an obvious one here. but also to get outside and get some fresh air. mike nicco, what works for you? i think i do more work at home,
6:53 am
though, than i did in the office, surprisingly. >> i'm able to get more accomplished at home than i was at the office. not as many distractions. not that i had a lot of work because the weathe office was separate from the newsroom, but, yeah, it's definitely been good for me and something i never wanted to do. but now i figured out my own little room here and when i leave this room, i leave work. that was going to be my biggest worry was being able to leave work behind in this room while i go enjoy the rest of my house. thankfully i've been able to do that. hopefully you can to. let's look at what is going on weather wise. 52 degrees and little cloud cover to the east bay valleys and typical pattern and hold steady again today. little more robust tomorrow so some slight cooling and it will be hot in our inland neighborhoods but the sea breeze will keep our bay and coast comfortable this weekend. all right. you can see by noon still along the east bay shore some cloud cover and the san bruno gap and the golden gate gap and some of our coastal valleys still cloudy
6:54 am
and by 7:00 all of that has been erased and starting with the bay. 80 to 92. quite a spread across the south bay. 72 to 78 on the peninsula. low to mid 60s along the coast and downtown san francisco and valleys low to mid 80s. 70 in berkeley and everybody else in the mid to upper 70s and as you head inland, we'll have the 5s with more cloud cover. accuweather seven-day forecast. coolest tomorrow as we lose two to four degrees and warmest still slated for sunday when the heat is going to be on inland. >> thank you, mike. the family of regis philbin wants fans to honor his memory by making a donation. he passed away on friday at the age of 88. his family is encouraging mourners to donate to the food bank. a tribute at 8:00- it is a big morning for
6:55 am
hollywood because in just a few emmy awards will be announced. the first major entertainment awards of the pandemic era. jimmy kimmel will be hosting the show on september 20th. you can watch it right here on abc7. laverne cox will join comedian leslie jones for the nominations later this morning. >> good morning. i'm bringing you some sad and upsetting news. and while i don't know the details of the allegations -- >> she is throwing me under the bus. >> my co-host and partner of 15 years was fired today. >> i forgot i'm ready for this show to come back. this is "the morning show" and also "the crown" and the "marvelous mrs.
6:56 am
you can watch the nominations at 8:30 this morning. we will be streaming them on did you watch "the morning show" friend? >> i need to watch it. >> you need to watch it. it was good. >> i don't think that isa has an emmy yet. >> no? >> i don't think she does. i really hope she gets nominated. she certainly deserves it. that was so good. coming up next. >> mike is rooting for "ozark." that is his
6:57 am
6:58 am
it's 6:58. if you're just joining us, seven things to know. as of midnight, santa cruz county is now on the state's coronavirus watch list. that means a number of indoor businesses have to close again or come up with a way to operate outside. that includes hair salons and gyms. number two. you may
6:59 am
orders. citations ranging from 100 bucks for individuals and $1,000 for businesses. people wldwi.mas onerl festival. three people died and more than a dozen others were hurt. a tribute will be held tonight in gilroy for the victims. and number five. here's a look at your day planner. summer warmth continues for our bay and inland neighborhoods with 80s and 90s while the cool sea breeze keeps us in the 60s along with more cloud cover at the coast. number six. we still have a major sig alert in the santa cruz mountains this morning. this is southbound 17 before summit road. a big rig overturned and there were some injuries involved here. there is a hard closure at redwood estates. all lanes are blocked. number seven, look who's back. a robot dog.
7:00 am
have a robot dog working at one of its michigan plants next month. are you all ready? >> no. good morning, america. re-opening rollback. officials cracking down on restrictions. governor cuomo appalled after seeing this video of a concert in new york now under investigation. a serious outbreak in the sun belt after a church event in alabama. more than 40 people test positive. as cases surge, president trump now pushes some governors to re-open more quickly despite white house coronavirus task force member dr. birx pleading with some states to keep bars closed. and his national security adviser testing positive, plus the inside story of the response to the pandemic. the nation's top scientists take a look at what went wrong with testing. >> it is the perfect storm and my worst nightmare. >> dr. anthony fauci joins us live just ahead for a morning exclusive. deal or no deal? the trillion dollar battle on


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