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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 29, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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started this huge fire. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. and working to build a better bay area means keeping an eye on our health which is under threat from the coronavirus pandemic. but the latest statewide numbers are encouraging. state health officials say 6,000 new cases were diagnosed and that is lower than the previous 9,000. hospitalization are still trending up, and the average rate of positive tests was stable for the fifth straight day, the goal is to keep the number under 8%. state health leaders are enacting emergency health regulations to better understand how covid is impacting certain communities. anyone scheduling an appointment for a covid test now has to reveal their race and ethnicity and their gender identity. the state's health and human services secretary says it will
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help see how interventions are working. >> it is like getting a new pair of glasses that helps us see more clearly. or using binoculars that help us see a little further out. >> in california, the covid positivity rate for the lati te lags spiked from 47% last we're to 56% this week. the death rate among african-americans nearly dulloud during the same time. you can get tested at a new pop-up site in berkeley today. it is a supervised but personal mouth swab and cough kiosk. the results are expected within one to two days. it is free without health insurance and deductibles will be waived if you do have insurance. and you have to make an appointment online. a south bay congressman is
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partnering with bernie sanders on a proposal that would send free face masks to every american. the masks for allbity spend $5 million to make reusable face covering and send them out. the congressman says if they can spend $740 million on defense, they can afford to send every american a face mask. today the chief executives of the big tech companies will all be sitting before congressional lawmakers, some who say companies like amazon and goingingle ha igoogle have power. >> and this group represents the titans of tech. jeff bezos, tim cook, mark zuckerberg and also google's ceo. in a prepared statement, mark zuckerberg will push back on claims that they need to break
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up you, saying they aren't bad just because they are big. and facebook became successful because, quote, they did it the american would i, by starting out with nothing and providing products that people find valuable. zunk w zuckerberg two years ago in front of the senate e7d ehe sai that facebook has a lot of competitors. >> we provide a number of different services. >> is twitter the same? >> it overlaps. >> you don't think that you have a monopoly? >> certainly doesn't feel like that to me. >> some of the higher ups insist big tech companies benefit the economy. vits cha vice chairman said what with would we do without amazon. it has changed our lives forever and our family will not be the same without kayla. >> the gilroy community marking
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one year since the deadly garlic festival shooting. three people were killed, 17 others hurt. first responders and the families of victims and survives returned to christmas hill park proving that through tragedy the community still remains gilroy strong. here is amanda del castillo. >> it has been a year technically, but for many of us, it is like it happened yesterday. >> reporter: she is speaking on behalf of kayla's family. 13-year-old kayla was one of three killed in the gilroy garlic festival shooting. 6-year-old steven romero and 25-year-old trevor also victims. tuesday marked one year since a gunman opened fire on crowds during the last day of the festival. >> in less than 60 seconds, the perpetrator fired 39 rounds viking 20 people and terrorizing thousands more who were here in this park and throughout our entire community.
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>> reporter: jeff rosen honoring heros tuesday afternoon, namely the three officers who charged the gunman and many others who stepped in and save the lives. days after the deadly shoot, we introduced you to 10-year-old miranda, credited with saving a 3-year-old boy whose parents had been shot. they recall standing ten feet from the shooter, all still processing the pain. >> sometimes it is a hard day, sometimes i don't think about it, but we get through it day by day. >> reporter: around christmas hill park, reminders of the desire to rise above senseless acts of violence. >> our hearts will remain in this space because this is where, you know, kayla took her last breath. >> reporter: this year's festival was scheduled for this past weekend but was canceled because of the pandemic. amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. the man accused of killing a danville doctor is due in court today. john conway will be arraigned in sierra county.
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investigators believe he shot and killed dr. his son was eventually rescued. here is a question, what will it take to make affordble housing affordable to build? innovators think they have the solution. you can call it an inside out approach. and a family now left with only memories of a loved one killed on the streets, are their emotional plea for help in solving his case. and now let's check in with mike nicco. >> hi everybody. yeah, let's take a look at what is going on with some neighborhood temperatures. east bay inland neighborhoods, you can see temperatures in the upper 50s through the most part, 62 in brentwood oig,, 64 in ant.
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everybody else is cloudy it if not foggy along the coast and the north bay. and temperatures in the mid to upper 50s until you get to pa i civ pacifica 52. and bay bridge tolle pla plaza,s cloudy and we have the breezy conditions north of the bay bridge this afternoon through the delta. so for the north bay, we'll get rid of the fog by noon and sunshine and 75, some low to mid-80s this afternoon. nothing too extreme there. for san francisco, a little more sunshine today and temperatures in the pretty close to average. might even be a degree or two warmer than yesterday's high of 62. and for the east bay, we should be sunny by noon except for right around emeryville and berkeley, a few clouds hanging on there. some 70s this afternoon and down to 64 as we head through the evening.
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hi jobina, how are you? love the yellow. >> i'm trying to bring the sunshine through the fog you're talking about. and i'll pig ghi back riggy blbf because there is a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge. so far no major issues on the roads. and there you can see how light traffic is on the golden gate bridge. and also bringing in the drive times here, tracy to dublin, 27 minutes. antioch to concord, 13 minutes. and san rafael to san francisco, a 15 minute ride. happening now, crews are trying to patch a water main that snapped at harrison and 2nd streets in san francisco. that is right near and on ramp to the bay bridge. water was flowing down 2nd street and started flooding one
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welcome back. 4:41. the clouds have made it all the way into the south bay. as we look north near the airport, 62 degree temperature. and here is a look at your
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planner. doesn't look much different than yesterday. maybe a degree or two cooler as we head into the afternoon hours. 60 at the coast, 77 around the bay, 81 inland. and that is after 59, 71 and 1 1 at noon. a chance of thunderstorms way up north and that is where the red flag warning is today. temperatures in the upper 90s to 115 from the central valley to palm springs. some of that is coming our way this in the east bay, a 10-year-old boy on a bike was killed after a collision with a delivery truck. it happened on merriewood drive. the truck driver is cooperating with investigators. also the developments in the stabbing death of a man in oakland. his family now teaming up with police asking for justice. jeffrey chambers died july 17th, he was attack eed while sleepin on the street. family says that he had
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schizophrenia and lived on the streets. his family members are making an emotional plea to help find his killer. >> please, please somebody speak up. >> this is so devastating to me, my son went to prescott school and died right across the street from the school. how could that happen? it is close knit close knit clt >> and black lives matters, all lives matters, jeff chambers' life mattered. >> a $10,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest. florida affordable housing plays a massive role in building a better bay area. experts believe somewhere around 700,000 affordable housing units are needed in our region. david louie takes us to one vallejo factory doubling the number of housing units for the same price. >> reporter: housing advocates don't want to see a repeat of
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what happened during the 2008 recession when affordable housing construction slumped. only a fourth of the needed units were built in california. in today's pandemic-fueled recession, the obstacle rising at 10% each year. >> the affordable housing industry without any innovation in san francisco was getting to $800,000 per unit. >> reporter: innovators believe this is the solution, modular units being built in a factory, they incubated the years ago. >> the project we're building now will yield a unit at a cost less than $400,000. >> reporter: instead of framing units on site, a module is built indoors and each contains two living units. the modules are later transported to the building site. the new approach is winning prai
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praise. >> it can translate into less subsidy per unit to make that project work. and that means we can build more housing units with the same amount of money. >> reporter: the process of design and construction is nontraditional. floor plans come first so they can be standardized, and then the architect designs the exterior. the concept took time to win over critics and skeptics, including city planners. >> it is a different form of what they say. neighborhood groups are concerned because they worry that it is not as good quality. >> reporter: and with those concerns addressed, factory o.s. has produced odular units. it is getting a steady stream of visitors there other cities wanting to david louie, abc 7 news. all right. join 7 on your side's michael finney tomorrow at 5:15 for housing help, renters and owners
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will have a digital only discussion with tenants and landlords about the current situation in the rental market. you can wrcan watch it on our w and the facebook channel. >> how cool is that, and they look nice. >> yeah, don't they? if i could get rid of my commute, we might just do that. >> yeah, you've been too far away, friend. >> i am a long way away. i am. some days i feel it. no, we've been doing the best we can during this situation. hopefully other people have been also. it will be nice to see if we can help that situation as we pull out of this. let's talk about what is going on as far as the weather goes. exploratorium camera shows just how low the clouds are hanging. 54 degrees right now at pier 15. clouds and sun, minor cooling
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today. cool though and cloudy tonight and a minor warning trend with a similar cloud pattern this week. and here it is on the fog forecast, the bay not completely cleared out by noon, but the coast will take the blunt of the cloud cover in the afternoon hours. let's see about our temperatures out there. and we're going 77 at sunnyvale to about 82 at san jose. mid to upper 80s for morgan hill. peninsula, low to mid-70s. and 60 to 62 along the coast. mid to upper 70s to near 70ear along the north bay 6 at rich monmond. mid-80s to near 90 in the east bay valleys. tonight look familiar, yep, cloudy, a little bit of fog and temperatures in the 50s. the 7 day forecast, it will take us to sunday, but you we'll warm up about four to six degrees by
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then. happening today, the oakland zoo is opening to the general public for the first time since march. visitors do have to make a reservation online and then only a certain amount of people can go in at once. visitors three years or older have to wear a mask. the zoo says that it could be forced to permanently close if it was not allowed to reopen. cal train wants to close a decades old station. commuters have a chance to weigh in on the plan today. and the growing concern about a lag in covid testing ha getting a handle on the pandemic. in "techbytes," tech ceos are set to be grilled by congress to address worries that the companies are stifling growth. jeffezalls the global market large and extraordinarily competiti competitive. and his ex-wife has donated #$.7
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billion since her divorce going to causes including racial equality and climate change among several others. her fortune is still believed to be around $60 billion. amc and universal have reached a deal, they have agreed to dramatically shorten the time films must play in theaters before playing on demand. movies will now play in the theaters for just 17 days before hitting streaming services. those are your "techbytes."
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. here is a look at our next potential tropical storm. it is churning right now over the windward islands and it will keep heading up toward the west and possibly start shifting across places like puerto rico, just what they need, right? haiti, dominican republic, cuba, they are all in play. we know that at least it will bring heavy rain to these areas. so we'll keep an eye on it. no effect on our weather whatsoever. there are growing concerns about the long weights times to get results from covid tests. m
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stores and thought he had some covid-19 symptoms, but there were no available test appointments. he finally got one in contra costa county, but had to wait nine days to learn he was negative. those are days he could have been spreading the virus. >> these long wait periods pretty much invalidates the test, makes iter relevant. >> when we see greater than three to five days in testing, our ability issi impeded. >> when we see greater than three to five days in testing, our ability is impeded. >> she says a bottl nk the labs is causing these delays. and also the so-called worried well. people who get the tests even though they have no symptoms. happening today, you have a chance to try to keep a train station running. there is a public hearing on
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zoom at 5:30 tonight to discuss the proposal. cal train says the station has seen decided drops in ridership. you can find more info on the meeting on the cal train website. and santa clara leaders are protesting excludes immigrants that could lead to them not filling out the send sis. and keeping an eye on the high desert where temperatures can reach 120 this weekend. some of the warmth will try to sli into our neighborhoods, but it is mainly up around clear lake and clover dale that will feel the brunt of that. the rest of us have a seabreeze taking the legs out of that
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heat. 60s and 70s around the bay and 80s in the south bay and 90s in the north bay and east bay. from and again pretty much saturday, and again sunday. temperatures ranging from 67 in san francisco to about 95 in antioch. so our summer spread will get just a little bigger this weekend, but nothing too extreme. if we get to triple digits, it could possibly be around cloverdale and clear lake. have a good one. coming up next at five, free masks for all? the natio a bay area lawmakeringlawmakering. and oakland city leaders take a stand against the threat of federal officers being brought in. and taking a look outside, a little bit of fog this morning. frls
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. now at 5:00, taking covid testing to the streets, a new program launching this morning in san francisco in one of the neighborhoods hit hardest by coronavirus. and another county says that it will fine people for not wearing a face covering, yet enforcing it may take some time. >> good morning, everybody. it is wednesday, july 29. >> and let's see what wednesday has to bring for us. >> hi, everybody. let's take a look at the visibility outside. we do have some low in places like is sanduskis an . in petaluma, it has improved in the last hour. there is a slight breeze out there that will shift it around just a little bit. so look for low clouds like we're seeing right here from our
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exploratorium camera. some mist in the air and temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. there are slight changes during the afternoon hour, we'll lose about 1:42 of sunshine and a degree or two from our highs today. 59 to 60 along the coast. 71 to 77 around the bay. 81 to 88 inland. back in the 60s, 70s and barely 80 by 7:00. a comfortable evening on the way. our health is part of building a better bay area and the pandemic makes it more important than ever. happening this morning, a new covid-19 testing site and where they picked to have this is no coincidence. it is targeting a very specific group of and yjulian glover is live with how it wi w


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