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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 29, 2020 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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we're seeing right here from our exploratorium camera. some mist in the air and temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. there are slight changes during the afternoon hour, we'll lose about 1:42 of sunshine and a degree or two from our highs today. 59 to 60 along the coast. 71 to 77 around the bay. 81 to 88 inland. back in the 60s, 70s and barely 80 by 7:00. a comfortable evening on the way. our health is part of building a better bay area and the pandemic makes it more important than ever. happening this morning, a new covid-19 testing site and where they picked to have this is no coincidence. it is targeting a very specific group of and yjulian glover is live with how it will work. >> reporter: this is believed to be the first of its kind in the
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nation, testing directly happening at a transportation hub in san francisco. they are hoping to make it as easy as possible to test members of the latinx community in the mission district. again, the new testing place is at the 24th street mission b.a.r.t. plaza, they will be doing testings wednesdays and fridays from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. again, that starts today and will last for the next three weeks. so the goal here is to catch the virus before it continues to spread throughout the latinx community in the mission. these are people who are often essential workers and don't have the opportunity to take off work to wait all day to get a test. >> you can go to where the problem is and help test and help mitigate, then you can reduce the transmission within that same community. and that's what we're trying to do. >> reporter: the pop-up testing site at the 24th street mission b.a.r.t. plaza is made possible bay ucsf, b.a.r.t. and the city. the groups organizing the
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testing also realize that fear of a positive result is another reason this work is so important. many in this community are worried that if they do test positive they will then be forced to quarantine and that makes them miss time from work and they could be taking food off the table for their families. again, the goal is to try to catch the virus before it spreads through the latinx community. julian glover, abc 7 news. new numbers this morning for oakland show which neighborhoods have been hit hardest by covid-19. the east bay times is reporting that the positivity rate in the 94603 area code is 21%. in the 94601, it is 23%. and 94621, which includes seminary and coliseum areas, the positivity rate is 25%. so that compared to alameda county as a whole, which is seeing a positivity rate of 13%.
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alameda county is on the state's watch list, you can check out where your county stands with our interactive feature at the man shows you how long each region has been on the list and why the state is keeping an eye on the spread of coronavirus there. refusing to wear a mask or properly social distance at a park will now cost you in contra costa county. they voted to fine anyone $100 for violating health orders. that is just the first time. $200 for the second. 500 bucks for the third. of course some people are supporting this and some aren't. >> i'm just tired of people sog why they don't want to wear a mask. >> it is related to education level and income level. i don't want if to turn into an opportunity just to be picking on poor and uneducated people who can afford the fine a lot less. >> anyone can appeal a fine.
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some argue the lines could get blurry. for example if someone is exercising when they are not required to wear a mask. the order takes fenlgt immediateimmediateffect immediately, but it may be days or weeks before tickets are actually written. fremont also imposes a fine for not wearing a face covering. and marin county and napa county have fines for up to $500 for individuals and up to $10,000 for businesses. sonoma county will vote on fines next month. nationwide deaths from coronavirus have increased by nearly 30%, this is according to new documents from fema. but there is good news to report this morning on a second vaccine trial that gets under way this week. jobina is tracking those developments. >> there is renewed optimism this morning about a coronavirus cure. seven out of eight primates injected with moderna's test vaccine showed no tdetectible
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virus just two days after exposure. a advantage be seen couvaccine end of the year. and the president is touting again a doesn't work. >> they won't listen to the guy who has been lying to you. >> dr. fauci has also said clinical trials have found it is not effective. the white house coronavirus task force is recommending that 21 different states dubbed red zones put more restrictions in place because of outbreaks. happening right now, fire crews are looking for hot spots after a massive fire tore through six businesses in san francisco. this is the area of 14th street
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and south van ness avenue. you can see they are still pouring water on it. the fire was reported just before 7:00 a.m. yesterday morning. so they have been out there for quite a while and expect about to be out there is a few more days. the fire grew to a 5 alarm in under an hour. firefighters were battling power line, falling transformers, lack of fire hiydranhydrants. three people now without a home, one firefighter was hurt, but he will be okay. there is no word yet on what sparked the fire, but we expect morning. the oakland city counsel is taking a stand against president trump's threat to send in federal agents after demonstrations got violent over the weekend. seen in portland, federal agents being used against protesters.
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president trump last threatened to send similar troops to oakland. oakland city council passed a measure called protect oakland from president trump's federal agents. this is three days after thousands took to the streets in a rally against federal agents and for police reform. it turned violence as the sheriff's office says a business owner was beaten with a baseball bat and a fire was set inside the alameda county courthouse causing $200,000 worth of damage. a night where we saw the fremont police department choose not to give mutual aid due to a restraining order that prevents the use of tear gas on protesters and other crowds in sheriff's office sing that t eirdepartments are concerned oakland city council members also against using any help from the feds vowing to fight it in court if it happens. >> i think every american should be deeply concerned about the troubling news reports that we're getting about citizens
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being disappeared. >> that won't quell or suppress a riot or something like that. it would actually incite one. >>reporter: oakland city council also passed a measure to create a task force with the goal of defunding the police department by $150 million. that money would deny ththen go nonpolice programs. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. about 5:08. and let's take a look at our temperatures. mid to upper 50s with cloudy conditions and a little mist in the air over the east bay. a little bit of fog in the north bay. visibility is okay right now. about 3 miles. we do have some 60s out there, mountain view, san jose about 60 to 63. the rest of us mid to upper 50s once again. here is a look from the roof camera where it is 54 degrees. nothing extreme if you will be walking the dog or mildest day,u
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have yard work, not a bad day to do it. we still have a small craft advisory from 3:00 this afternoon to 9:00, same time as it was yesterday. let's take a look at some of our microclimates. east bay valleys, we'll see the sunshine the fastest and feel the warmest this afternoon. upper 80s for this afternoon. and as far as the south bay, cloud cover this morning, but by 10:00, breaking out in sunshine. 77 at noon. low to mid-80s this afternoon. and a very comfortable 70 at 8:00. and the peninsula, a little milder. we should see the sunshine break out around 10:00. we're 72 and sunny at noon. upper 70s for a couple hours this afternoon. and 68 with sunshine at 8:00. a look at the weekend forecast coming up. now a look at the commute. thank you very much, good morning, everyone.
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so i'm just getting a crash coming in right now from the chp in castro valley. so anyone traveling on eastbound 580, and this is just before eden canyon, there is a motorcycle crash and they have called an ambulance to the scene. all lanes right now are temporarily blocked. this is eastbound 580 just before eden canyon. and we'll show you our oakland 880 at the coliseum. a clear ride right now. headlights are making their way south this morning. i'm not seeing any other major blocking issues. coming up next, the 7 things you need to know as you start your day. also a bay area doctor describes the chaos he encountered as he was trying to help fight coronavirus in his texas hometown. and backlash against the mayor's on again/off again plan to give him more power. but first, let's take you
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here are the 7 things to know this morning. number one, we're expecting to learn more about the fire that burned six boys six businesses mission district. number two, same neighborhood, a new covid-19 testing program launches in the mission today at the 24th street mission b.a.r.t. plaza. a latino task force working with b.a.r.t. to conduct the tests over the next three weeks. number three, you now have to wear a mask in public and socially distance in contra costa county or pay $100 fine for a first time violation. if could take number four, information of the titans of big tech are expected to face some scrutiny from lawmakers on capitol hill, all asking the question are these companies too big to fail.
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number five, our seasonal summer spread continues today. here is a look at the extremes on the cool end, 62 at half moon day, 71 in oakland, and then you get warm around walnut creek at 87. 90 in antioch. and a pretty nice ride for you around the bay area this morning. this is a live at the san mateo bridge. the only issue i'm seeing is on eastbound 580 just before eden canyon, we have two lanes blocked there due to a motorcycle crash. s the general public today. you need to make an appointment and of course you have to wear a face mask. but this is good because the zoo was closed for months because of the pandemic. a stretch of a street in oakland will be renamed for a murdered journalist. several blocks of 14th street will be named chauncey bailey way.
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it will stretch from oak street to broadway. bailey was editor and chief of the oakland post, he was shot and killed in 2007 as he walked to his office. he was targeted by a group he was investigating. in the south bay, a controversial ballot measure that would have given theity ma more power will not be headed ta memo saying the city is facing too many threats right now to have the local community distracted by what he called a deeply divisive political campaign. we need to slow it down, we need to make sure that we're listening to our residents, that we're listening to our communities. and that we're taking that input into account before we make such a drastic change. >> currently san jose's mayor has the same power as city council members. the proposal would have given the mayor more power to hire and fire theity manager and department heads. it would have given him two more years in office as well to al lining the mayoral election with
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presidential election years. an emergency physician has spent the past week in text treating covid-19 patients. and he spoke to kate larsen about his experience and what he wants all of us to know. >> it has just been overwhelming. >> reporter: dr. robert rodriguez has been an e.r. doctor for 25 years. but the past week in brownsville has been the hardest of his career. >> i've been surprised at the shear number and the acuity of the patients. >> reporter: dr. rodriguez works at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. and 56 people have died from covid-19. blou brownsville is in cameron county, texas, which has happen the population of san francisco. but according to johns hopkins university, they have had nearly five times as many covid deaths, 272 people. >> there is typically at least one death a day if not more. >> reporter: and that is just at
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brownsville's valley baptist hospital where rodriguez has been volunteering in one of four icus that they created for the pandemic. >> we're trying everything, but these patients are extremely, extremely sick. >> reporter: rodriguez grew up in brownsville where he says there are only six critical care physicians. >> they are exhausted, there is not a deep bench of positions like there is in the bay area. >> reporter: cameron county is 90% latino. >> everybody is wearing masks here. the spread is the not because people aren't being responsible. i think that it is largely due to socioeconomic shus. >> are you worried about a surge in san francisco in the bay area? >> yes, i think that it is coming. really in the end, we need a vaccine to prevent it. >> reporter: but in the meantime -- >> the best way you can take care of frontline providers and everybody else here in the hospital is by taking care of yourself. >> reporter: kate larsen, abc 7
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news. let's take a look at what is going on with the forecast. we'll o and you can see how low the clouds are hanging in the sky. you may need the windshield wipers. it is 54 as we look from the exploratorium at pier 15 back toward san francisco. clouds to sunshine at least around the bay and inland, clouds at the coast today. a couple degrees cooler than yesterday. the clouds will roll back tonight and keep us steady in the 50s for lows. and then we'll see some warmer weather this weekend, especially in our inland neighborhoods while the seabreeze keeps the rest of us pretty comfortable. by noon, still plenty of cloud cover around the bay. up to say emeryville. and then you will start to clear out for a couple hours this afternoon before the clouds make their move to the east from the coast during the evening. average high in san jose is 82,
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and there you go, spot on today. average high in redwoodcity is about 82 also. so a little cooler there at 76. and you are one of the warm spots along with palo alto. 60 to 62 along the coast. 64 in downtown san francisco. beef got upper 70s to low 80s through the north bay, but again, cloverdale northward, those low to mid-90s remain steady. the breezes will keep richmond, berkeley and oakland right around 70 degrees while we have mid to upper 70s elsewhere. as you move into the east bay, if you didn't use the air conditioner yesterday, a couple degrees cooler today, so almost y you can some evght, temperatures in the 50s. a glee or two warmer thursday, same thing on friday, we'll hold steady saturday, by sunday some summer heat out there, 80s and 90s away from the coast. and then we'll taper back to
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average by tuesday. time has run out for more than 2,000 food service employees at or came cal paacle chase center. they are being laid off today. they had the hopes that the venues could open at least in some capacity, but they haven't. and so the decision was let them go. the company says any worker who was part of a union will have recall rights to return first. jeopardy and wheel of fortune taping new shows. the changes are noticed if you are a fan. and the giants take a visible stand on social justice in a home opener unlike any other in the 20 year history at oracle park. and california is mandating face masks to stop the spread. that is why abc 7 wants to remind you to please wear a mask for you, your loved ones and
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welcome back. hope you're having a good start to our humpday. let's take a look at our extremes today, similar spread is about 31 frdegrees.
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half moon bay, 62. san francisco 64. but you go deep into our inland neighborhoods and that is where you find our warmest weather. brentwood o brentwood, 91 degrees. giants and padres go up against each other today. yesterday was the giants' home opener and card board cutouts the only fans in the stands. however there were plenty of people in kayaks waiting for balls to land in mccovey cove. mayor breed through out the pandemic, it was one, th of the sing, which is known as the black national anthem. outside the ballpark, there was a large "black lives matter" sign as baseball takes a visible stance on social justice. the padres beat the giants 5-3.
5:24 am
giants get another chance tonight at 6:45. the pandemic is still looming large over major league baseball. four more players for the marlins have reportedly tested positive for coronavirus. here is t.j. holmes in in in ini look." america's national pastime versus the pandemic, the major league baseball season just started. the miami marlins season has already stopped for now. after an outbreak of covid-19 in the marlins clubhouse, mlb has put the marlins season on hold. the marlins were supposed to play the washington nationals this weekend. >> i'm scared. right now because of my heart condition, what days after the start of the long delayed mlb season. >> i think that the shell shock component is how quickly it deteriorated. >> reporter: so can the baseball
5:25 am
season survive the setbacks? we'll talk to adam silver as the nba gets set to tip off their regular season. tj holmes, abc news new york. wheel of fortune and jeopardy are set to production. according to deadline, wheel of fortune will now feature a redesigned wheel to make sure that the contestants are six feet apart. and podiums on jeopardy will also be spaced further apart than usual. contestants and crew will regularly be tested as well. you can watch jeopardy and wheel of fortune every week night at 7:00 p.m. which one would you rather be on? >> wheel, honey. i want to spin. there is something about that that is fun. >> that is fun. i'm going to pick jeopardy.
5:26 am
i feel like i'd be less embarrassed on gem are arr jeop. on wheel, i'd be one of those that wouldn't get the obvious puzzle. >> that would be so bad. you're right. >> so neither one of us will be contestants, so it is okay. >> i think that's safe to say. we're coming back with another 90 minutes of news including the latest twist in the battle over caltrain's future. and taking covid testing to a new level, an east bay park about to become a do it yourself testing site. but first, a live look outside at 5:26 over the golden gates bridge.
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making news right now, firefighters still on the scene this morning of this massive fire in san dramatic videooug s buildings. privacy, racism, misinformation. the ceos of football, google, apple and amazon face tough questions from congress this morning. and 6 feet apart but gathering together to remember a bay area tragedy. the community of gilroy marking one year since the festival shooting. >> good morning to you. it is wednesday, july 29th. >> i know this doesn't have anything to do with anything, but reggie, i like your shirt.
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>> oh, thank you. i'm serving you honolulu style. >> it is like a vacation. >> i was just feeling in that mood this morning. so why not. >> well, thank you for that. i like it. >> thank you. >> mike, how are we doing this morning on this wednesday? >> we need to pluck one of those flowers off your shirt and put it behind kumasi's ear. >> yes, we do. >> that would be awesome. hi, everybody. welcome to wednesday. i said the time wrong earlier so hopefully i didn't cause you any stress. it is 5:30, it is wednesday. and cloud cover is pretty low to the ground, so there is some mist hanging in the air. you may need the windshield wipers once or twice especially if you are driving through higher elevations. so minor cooling today, probably won't even notice it except for maybe the inland east bay
5:31 am
neighborhoods where you may not need the air conditioner. we have low to mid-60s from half moon bay to san francisco. 69 at richmond, low to upper 70s around the bay and some 80s inland. not a bad day considering how hot it could be this time of the year. happening right now, that huge fire that ripped through six businesses, it is still smolders right now. this is at 14th and van ness looking for hot spots. and that is where we find amy hollyfield with more. >> reporter: yeah, the scene is still very active. you see fire trucksstill blockings scene, they still have their ladder up. we also see pg&e crews hard at work. so firefighters are looking for hot spots and the pg&e crews working to repair their damaged power poles. officials say expect the streets to be shut down here for at least through the morning and possibly for days. this fire burned six commercial
5:32 am
buildings, including a roofing company and a sheriff's building. and it also impacted some homes. we're told three people are now looking for a place to live. firefighters say the fire was so huge and moving so quickly, the fire hydrants in the area could not supply enough water. so they had to turn to tanks as far away as twin peaks. >> we quickly met our capacity for municipal water source and went to our high pressure water system. this is something that we train if a for and we plan on. >> reporter: the fire started at 6:30 yesterday morning. one firefighter was hurt, he was treated and released from the hospital. firefighters have not yet said what caused this fire, but we are expecting biengt 7:00 this hopefullwe'll get mai the invti. soower was shu de isin to try t
5:33 am
many people or customers are still without power and when that could possibly be coming back on. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. working to build a better bay area means keeping an eye on our health which is under threat from coronavirus. the latest statewide numbers are kinl kind of encouraging. 6,000 new cases were diagnosed in the last two days, that is fewer than the previous 14 day average of 9159. hospitalization rates have decreased slightly from last week's record, but still trending up. and the average rate of positive tests was stable for the fifth straight day at 7.5%. the goal is to keep 45 numberthe under 8%. there are new emergency health regulations to better understand how covid is impacting certain communities. anyone scheduling an appointment for a covid test now has to reveal their race, ethnicity and
5:34 am
gender identity. the state's health and human services secretary says it will help officials see how interventions are working. >> improving our data is like getting a new pair of glasses that helps us see more clearly or using binoculars that help us see a little further out. >> in california the covid positivity rate for the latino population spiked from 47% last week to 56% this week. and the death rate among african-americans nearly doubled during the same time. speaking of testing, you can get one now at a pop-up site in berkeley. this one you do pretty much by yourself. it is supervised, but personal mouth swab and cough kiosks are now available. results are e to two days. this is free without health insurance and co-pays and deductibles will be waived if
5:35 am
you do have insurance. you do appointment online. south bay congressman is partnering with senator bernie sanders on a proposal that would send free face masks to every american. the masks for all act would spend $5 billion to make reusable face coverings and send them out. if the u.s. can spend $700 billion on defense, they say it can afford to send every american a face mask. today we'll see a historic day on capitol hill. chief executives of the big tech companies will be before congressional lawmakers, some who say that the companies have way too much power. jobina fortson is following everything you need to know. >> good morning. this group represents the titans of tech. so we are talking about amazon's jeff bbezos, tim cook, mark zuckerberg, and also google's ceo. in a written memo, mark
5:36 am
zuckerberg wrote that he will be pushing on claims that big tech needs to be broken up tli lawmakers in part that companies aren't bad just because they are big. adding facebook became successful the american way, by starting out with nothing and providing products that people find valuable. zuckerberg was in front of a senate committee two years ago when he said that facebook has a lot of competitors. >> the same service you provide? >> we provide a number of different services. >> is twitter the same? >> it overlaps with a portion before. >> you don't think that you have a monopoly? >> certainly doesn't feel like that to me. >> some financial hire ups insist big tech companies benefit the economy. and vice chairman of morgan stanley told cnbc what would we do during this pandemic if we didn't have amazon. >> it has changed our lives
5:37 am
ou family will note the kayla. >> the gilroy community marking one year since the deadly garlic festival shooting. three people were killed, two of them children. 17 others were hurt. first responders and the families of victims and survivors returned to christmas park proving that through tragedy, the community remains gilroy strong. here is amanda del castillo. >> it has been a year technically, but for many of us it is like it happened yesterday. >> reporter: she is speaking on behalf of kayla's family. the 13-year-old was one of three killed in the gilroy festival shooting. tuesday marked one year since the gunman opened fire on crowds during the last day of the festival. >> in less than 60 seconds, the perpetrator fired 39 rounds
5:38 am
striking 20 peoplendhoands mori. >> reporter: santa clara county district attorney honoring heros tuesday afternoon. namely the three oicer who charged the gunman and the many others who stepped in and saved lives. days after, we introduced you to 10-year-old miranda, credited with saving a 3-year-old boy whose parents had been shot. her grandmothers recall standing 10 feet from the shooter, all still processing the pain. >> sometimes it is a hard day, sometimes i don't think about it, but we get through it day by day. >> reporter: around christmas hill park, reminders of the community's desire to rise before senseless acts of violence. in our hearts will in this space because this is where kayla took her lastk her lastk t >> reporter: this year's festival was canceled because of
5:39 am
the pandemic. amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. the board of supervise ors approved a sales tax measure on the november ballot to help caltra never reach the ballot. officials have vowed to reject it saying the conditions are illegal and it could shut down the peninsula rail line. caltrain is carrying just 5% of the passengers that thit had la. what would it take to make affordableffordable? and a family now left only with memories of a loved one killed on the streets, their emotional plea for help in solving this case. that is coming up. but first, let's check in with mike nicco. >> let's take a look at some temperatures and what you will find out is nothing has really changed during the overnight
5:40 am
hours. it is just whether the clouds are higher or lower. visibility is about three miles, so not too bad. a little mist in the air. mid to upper 50s, brebts wontwod antioch in the 60s. let's take a look at your commute and looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is about 56 right now. misty this morning, that is it as far as mass transit. it will be cool, and then war h. and it will be choppy also north of the bay bridge. here is a look at the north bay, a little bit of fog through 8:00 and then we'll see some sunshine break out around 10:00. low to mid-80s during the afternoon hours with sunny conditions. in san francisco, a little more sunshine than yesterday. fingers crossed. and temperatures in the mid-60s, we'll be in the 50s through at least 10:00 this morning. and for the east bay, 59 at 8
5:41 am
on :00, low to mid-70s most of the afternoon and kind of a brisk 64 if you are heading out at 8:00 this evening. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast coming up. let's find out what is going on with the commute. good morning, everyone. so we'll start off with an incident i've been following throughout the morning in castro valley, a crash involving a motorcycle. you can see that all lanes were closed, so the positive news is that between lanes are now back open, this is eastbound 580 before eden canyon road, the off ranch there. an ambulance was brought to the scene and chp has not given us a time as to when the other between lanes will be opened. you don't see a backup here, but westbound 580 to the southbound 680 connector, there is a crash we're following there. bringing you a live look at the golden gates bridge, the chp has
5:42 am
issued a fog advisory for thear. so so take your titake your tim san francisco. and crews worked all night to patch a water main that snapped at harrison and 2nd streets in san francisco. this is near and on ramp oig to t the bay bridge. it flooded one of the streets. crews managed to turn off the can leave you holding your breath. ♪ but bristol myers squibb is working to change things. by researching new kinds of medicines
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that could help you live longer. including options that are chemo-free. because we're committed to bringing new hope into lung cancer care.
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welcome back. let's take a look at what is going on this wednesday. we'll look from our exploratorium camera. the clouds are hanging low this morning. they will have a little more mist in them.
5:45 am
temperatures in the mid to upper 50s, that hasn't changed. 59 to 60 at the coast. 71 to 77 around the bay. and 81 to 88. thunderstorms up near the oregon border and that is also where we have a high fire danger for today. temperatures in the 90s through 100 and 16 from the central valley to palm springs. u.s. congressman jackie speer is leading a hearing on sexual assault and a history of coverup in the military, all in the name of vanessa guillen. guillen's family says the army specialist feared retaliation for sexual harassment claims and they want her disappearance and violent death to be properly investigated. today speer will also unveil a bill to reform the reporting and investigation of shauchlt exual harassment in the military. and a family is teaming up
5:46 am
with police in a bid 20 justice. jeffrey chambers died after he was attacked while sleeping on the street. fami chambers had schizophrenia. his mom and other family members are making an emotional plea to help find his killer. >> please, please somebody speak up. >> this is so devastating to me. my son went to prescott school and tied right across the street from the school. how could that happen? it is unbelivable happened to my son. >> black lives matters, all lives matters, jeffambers life mattered. >> police believe someone stabbed him while he was in the street and now a $10,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest. affordable housing plays a massive role in building a better bay area and that is why
5:47 am
we're spending a whole week here at abc 7 looking at ways to make it possible. right now experts believe that we need about 700,000 affordabl. housing costs ride about 10% every year, but a factory called factory o.s. is constructing them for the same price. they think that the plans can cut affordable housing prices by half. >> the project we're building now will yield a unit at a cost less than $400,000. >> so the build is opposite of what is traditional. the floor plan is built first. and then the exterior is built. and all of that cuts costs. factory o.s. is currently working on a project on bryant street in the city and it has another $150 million waiting in other orders. you can join michael finney tomorrow at 5:15 for housing help renters and owners. we will have a digital only
5:48 am
discussion with tenants and landlords about the current situation in the rental market. you can watch it on the abc 7 website, our facebook page and youtube channel. happening today, the oakland zoo opens to the general public for the first time since it closedow i visitors do have to make a reservation online. only a certain number of people are allowed in at any one time. visitors three years or older have to wear a mask. earlier the zoo said that it would have to probably permanently close if it wasn't allowed to reopen. and it looks like it is really popular today, they are sold out. so if you want to go here or the san francisco zoo, you really need to make those reservations days in advance. >> you and your adventure friend kind of made me want to go. i don't know if they will serve me like they serve for you, but i can hope. >> i will say i felt badly for the family next to me, they didn't have reservations last saturday and they had been sold
5:49 am
out. and she was pleading with them to let them in. and they can only let so many people in at a time. so make sure you go online. >> yeah, we didn't want any crying children, no. >> no, we don't. >> and we want to make sure that you post pictures of the oakland zoo animals and compare them to what reggie found. we'd love to see if there is a difference in attitude and whatever. hopefully it is a good experience. let's take a look at what is going on weather-wise. hi, everybody. welcome to wednesday. here is a look from san jose where it is cloudy and 62 right now. eouds to sunshinexcept for the coast where we go clouds to mostly cloudy. minor cooling today. cool lows tonight we'll go with stars and then it will eventually become cloudy just about everywhere even in the east bay valleys where it is pretty clear this morning. a minor warming trend especially
5:50 am
inland over the weekend. here is a look at the cloud cover and you can see still plenty of cloud cover around the bay especially south of the richmond-san rafael bridge down to about the san mateo bridge. that will clear out for a couple hours this afternoon before the march to the east begins this evening. down in the south bay, upper 70s. everyone else in the 80s. 70 in him brmillbrae, everybody mid-70s. mid to upper 60s down dotowndow, sausalito. 90s of course cloverdale northward. upper 60s to low 70s richmond, berkeley, oakland. an sla low 90s. here is a look at tonight's temperatures, no change there. 50s and cloud cover. the accuweather 7 day forecast, four to six degrees warmer by sunday. happening today, you have the chance to true to keep the
5:51 am
atherton train station running. leaders are considering closing it permanently. the station has seen steady drops in ridership. you can find more info on the meeting on on caltrain's website. new at 6:00, no early black friday shopping. the big box store that just announced it will not be open on thanksgiving. >> but first the glowing conc n
5:52 am
5:53 am
book two separate qualifying stays and earn a free night. the open road is open again. and wherever you're headed, choice hotels is there. book direct at . there are growing concerns this morning about the waiting times to get back results. take joel stewart for erample,e
5:54 am
appointments in oklahoma, alameda or san leandro. he finally got one in contra costa county, but waited nine days to learn he was negative. those are days that he could have been out spreading the virus. >> these long weights periods pretty much invalidates the test, makes it irrelevant. >> when we see greater than three to five days in testing, our ability is impeded. >> yep, the doctor says that bottleneck in labs is causing these delays and it makes it difficult to stay ahead of the disease. jetblue is taking harris cabins. this is a uv cabin system and the manufacturer says that it can disinfect a plane in ten minutes or less. the device kind of looks like a high tech snack cart, right? but instead of peanuts, it is
5:55 am
serving up a powerful dose of uv light to kill pathogens. >> i think a lot of people might say how do you know it works? >> and we have a team from honeywell and jetblue and we'll be looking at the effectiveness of the application and whether or not the coronavirus has been killed. so we do think uv technology has a tremendous application similar to what has been used in hospitals. so jetblue says that it is testing this technology at jfk and the airport in ft. lauderdale. and the airline is not just stopping at planes. there will be a full report on gma at 7:00. sure, delay my flight ten minutes to make that happen. i like that. here is a look at the tropics. above average ocean water temperatures is making things a little interesting a month years ago than normal. we call this potential tropical cyclone nine, but it could bring
5:56 am
flooding to places like puerto rico, dominican republic and haiti over the next 48 hours. amcle and universal studios have reached a deal that has been triggered by the pandemic. they have agreed to dramatically shorten the time that films have to play in theaters before they are played on demand. movies will now play in theaters for just 17 days before they go to streaming services. before this, movies would play for nearly three months before you could watch them in the comfort of your own home. times are changing. new the a at 6:00, the popu figure whose podcast officially launches today. and new video of the controversial statue that came down in the north bay overnight. there is a new coronavirus testing initiative coming to the mission district. we'll tell you how they are doing it and also the specific group of people
5:57 am
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6:00 am
of days, it will be about the same. maybe a degree or two cooler. let's take a look at the winds, they are up to 30 miles per hour in fairfield. livermore at 5 miles per hour. altamont pass, about 25 miles per hour. so the gusty onshore breezes are out there. and a little soupier air mass this morning. i wouldn't be su run into some mist with our temperatures in the mid to upper 50ss touhe 00ncreasing sunshin away from the coast by noon, 71 around the bay, 81 inland. and then 76 to 88 this afternoon. back to around 70 to 80 at 7:00 during the evening hours. have a good day. we'll talk more about the weekend warming trend coming up. new overnight, another controversial statue removed from the bay


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