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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 29, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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hopefully it will be a nice day. >> i really think so. if you've liked the last couple of days, it will be about the same. maybe a degree or two cooler. let's take a look at the winds, they are up to 30 miles per hour in fairfield. livermore at 5 miles per hour. altamont pass, about 25 miles per hour. so the gusty onshore breezes are out there. and a little soupier air mass this morning. i wouldn't be su run into some mist with our temperatures in the mid to upper 50ss touhe 00ncreasing sunshin away from the coast by noon, 71 around the bay, 81 inland. and then 76 to 88 this afternoon. back to around 70 to 80 at 7:00 during the evening hours. have a good day. we'll talk more about the weekend warming trend coming up. new overnight, another controversial statue removed from the bay area.
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this time a 30 foot tall sculpture in marin county. abc 7 was there when it was removed by crews. it was ultimate up neput up in protesters wanted it removed because of the explorer's connection to slave trading. more than 5,000 people have signed a petition to rename sir francis drake boulevard. a testing program will get under way in san francisco today and targeting a very specific group of people. health is a big part of building a better bay area and the pandemic makes it more important than ever. and julian 2k3w4ru6er glover is how it will work. >> reporter: completely new initiative truly believed to be the first of its kind in the nation offering covid-19 testing at a transit hub and the idea is to get testing to the folks who need it most, the latinx community in the mission
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district of san francisco. they will be doing this testing at the 24th street mission b.a.r.t. plaza, it will start today on wednesday, it will happen wednesdays and fridays from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. again starting today and will last for the next three weeks. so the goal is to catch the virus before it continues to spread throughout the latinx community. these are people who are often essential workers and they truly just don't have the opportunity to take off work and wait all day for a test. here is theltnave. >> you can go to where the problem is and help test and help mitigate, and you can reduce the transmission within that same community. that's what we're trying to do. >> reporter: the pop-up testing site at the 24th street mission b.a.r.t. plaza is made possible by ucsf, b.a.r.t. and the city. the groups also realize that fear of a positive test result is another reason that this work is so important. many of this community are worried that if they do test positive, they will have to
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self-quarantine and that means that they miss work. again the goal is to catch the virus before it causes those problems. julian glover, abc 7 news. the numbers for oakland show which neighborhoods are being hit hardest by covid-19. the east bay times is reporting that the positivity rate in the 94603 area code is 21%. in the 94601 zip code, it is 23%. and in the 94621 zip code, it is 25%. and just to give you context, compared with alameda county as a whole, the positivity rate is just 13%. alameda county is on the state's watch list though and you can check out where your county
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stands with our interactive feature at the map will hoe the area has been on the list. refusing to wear a mask or social distance will now cost you in contra costa the county has voted to fine anyone $100 for violating health orders. the second time it is 200 bucks and thens third time it is $500. some people like it, some people don't.time it is 200 bucks and thens third time it is $500. some people like it, some people don't. >> i'm tired of the bogus reasons. >> it is related to the income and education level. i don't want to be just be picking on poor and uneducated people who can afford the fine . >> anyone can appeal a fine, some argue the lines could get blurried if you are for example running outdoors when you are not required to wear a mask. the order takes effect immediately, but because of city
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council and attorneys needing time to plan, it may actually be days or weeks before tickets are written. fremont already had a $100 fine for not wearing a face covering and both marin county and napa dountsity ha county have fines much up to $500 afor individuals and up to $10,000 for businesses. nationwide deaths from coronavirus have increased by nearly 30% according to new documents from fema. but there is good news to report this morning on the second vaccine trial take gets under way this week. jobina last thas the developmen. >> there is renewed optimism in the search for a coronavirus cure. what we're learning this morning is that seven out of eight primates injected with moderna's test vaccine show no detectable virus in their lungs just would days after exposure. the company is now in the critical final phase of human trials, meaning a vaccine could be ready by the end of the year.
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meanwhile president trump is once again touting the use of a treatment health experts say does not work against covid-19 and joe biden is firing back. >> many doctors think that it is extremely successful. the hydroxychloroquine. >> people are losing faith in what the president says. they won't listen to the guy who has been lying to you. >> dr. fauci has also said that clinical trials have found it not effective. the white house coronavirus task force is recommending that 21 different states dubbed red zones put more restrictions in place because of outbreaks. happening right now, fire crews are on the lookout for hot spots after a fire tore through six businesses in san francisco. this is 14th street, south van ness avenue. and you can see a heavy fire crew presence there. and they expect to be there for at least the next few days. and this is because of the huge fire that was reported there
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just before 7:00 yesterday morning. here is what it looked like. nthe ppl who awoo a ho. a firefighter was hurt, but thankfully he will be okay. no word yet on what sparked the fire, but we do expect to get an update from the fire department in less than an hour. a final good-bye to a civil rights hero, the tribute for john lewis today. distance learning in the works, the districts still hammering out the details for the start of the school year. and our summer spread continues today. our extremes from 60 at daly city and pacifica to about 91 in brentwood and clov
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low clouds and mist hanging in the air, especially in places like san francisco where temperatures are around 52 to about 55 degrees this morning. not much of a change there or elsewhere. we have mid to upper 50s, the usual spots in the 60s. tracy, palo alto, santa clara and saratoga. so here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where it is about 56 degrees this morning. it will be choppy north of the bay bridge and delta. east bay valleys from 64 to upper 80s to low 90s this afternoon. and in the south bay, in the 60s through 10:00, but we'll break out in sunshine and hitting the low 80s this afternoon. and peninsula, we should be in sunshine by noon and 72. up you to 78 this afternoon for our high temperatures. we'll switch gears here now and take a look at the commute. >> things are really picking up out there. good morning, everyone.
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i'm following a sigalert at the moment in san francisco involving a box truck and it looks like another vehicle slammed into the back of it. it is we been reported. we do have as you see right here northbound 101 before the ball avenue off-ramp slowdown trying make your way further into san francisco. the earlier motorcycle crash that we were covering on eastbound 580, that has pretty much cleared up as far as the backup there. you can see all green lines on the map. but they are still moving the debris out of the way. and now showing y bay bridge. there is a stalled car on one of the hov lanes there. metering lights are not on there, but it is slow across the
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bridge and it is foggy. so take your time this morning. happening now, the body of civil rights leader john lewis is returning to atlanta today for services there. here is a live look at washington, d.c. where the body will depart. he served 33 years and will be honored at the georgia state capitol at 2:00 this afternoon followed by a public viewing. he died after a battle with pancreatic cancer, he was 80 years old. a teacher helping students beyond justler own class, a product she designed to help everyone sanitize. and you will hear from a bay area doctor who describes the chaos he encou
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traveling to texas, he will attend a fundraiser and visit an oil production facility where he will tour a rig and give remarks. his visit comes during the state's fierce covid-19 outbreak and a global oil and gas gl gl l the fundraiser includes up to $100,000 a person at a round table with supporters. the oakland city council has passed a measure to deny federal agents from being sent into the city. it is called keep oakland safe from president trump's federal agents. this is in response to threats by president trump to send federal agents into oakland to protest federal buildings. officials passed this after demonstrations turned violent over the weekend. the sheriff's office says a business other than was beaten with a baseball bat and $200,000 worth of damage was done to the alameda courthouse. council members say that federal agents would only make it worse. >> that won't quell or suppress a riot or something like that. it would actually incite one.
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and so it is to everybody's benefit in oakland for this not to happen. >> oakland city council also passed a measure with the of defunding $150 million of police money that will now go to nonpolice programs for public safety. a ucsf doctor has spent 25 years as an e. rer. physician, he says this past week treating patients in brownsville, texas has been the hardest week of his career. san francisco has 56 deaths, people who lost their lives to san francisco. brownsville has the city's population, but nearly five times the number of deaths. >> there is typically at least one death a day if not more. we're trying everything, but these patients are extremely,
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extremely sick. >> rodriguez grew up in brownsville, in a county that i. heaiev bug break is erty and lack of housing. in brownsville, there are only six critical care physicians to go around. remarkable that he was able to help like that in his hometown. a texas teacher is helping make sure kids can easily sanitize their hands without touching the same dispenser. she created a dispenser with a foot pedal and it has turned in to a little side business. they built 45 so far and are now selling them for 30 bucks each. the main customers are other teachers who plan to use these in the classroom. >> that is like $5 worth of pvc pipe, if that. that's awesome. >> that is her business. >> love the entrepreneurial
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spirit. >> right. i'm just mad i didn't think of that myself when i was fixing my sprinkler and playing with those same type of pipes. >> that was a waste of time, mike. >> it really was. my yard looks better, but yeah, other than that, a waste of time. good morning, everybody. we made to wednesday. halfway there. it is about 6:18 this morning. here is a look from mt. tam where it is 73 warm weather above the marine layer this morning. a gorgeous sunrise developing there. just slightly cooler this afternoon. gradual warming thursday through understand especially inland. and next week average to even a few days of below average temperatures. until then, let's watch the cloud cover not completely clear by lunch, for a couple hours the bay will clear except for the usual spots. and by 7:00, there it goes, coming back for ouroff nig yoe f
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slumb slumber. low to mid-80s in the south bay. mid-70s for the peninsula. narrow along the coast, 60 to 62, that is it for your highs today. 64 to 67 downtown and south san francisco. 77 to 81 through the north bay until you get cloverdale northward, the low to mid-90s still lingering up there. near 70 in richmond, berkeley. 86 in san ramon to barely some 90s around fairfield and brentwood tonight. so refreshing in the east bay valleys compared to the low to mid-90s. and there is your cloud cover and 50s tonight. so a glee or two warmer thursday, friday, holding steady saturday. and by sunday, we've warmed up about 4 to 6 degrees. we'll fall back to average monday and tuesday.
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have a good one. good morning america is coming up at 7:00. >> and rob marciano has a look at what is ahead. >> good morning, great to be with you on this wednesday. we have a lot coming up. i'm tracking the tropical action, a storm will make a run at the east coas this weekend. and the alarming new report showing 21 states in the red zone with cases rising into dangerous territories. at least 13 states now are reversing reopenings. and one of the largest teachers unions now pushing back on going back to school. and jetblue will give us a first look at its innovative uv light cleaning system designed to help kill covid germs on planes in only ten minutes. will the new technology make flying safer? all that as day one of two for
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deals and steals, what an event we have for you starting off with a dozen skin care products to turn back the clock and rejuvenate your skin. sounds good to me. we'll see you all on gma in a few. let's be real. rob has been turning back the glok dec clock for decades now. i don't understand. i don't understand how he does it. he looks exactly the same as when i met imlike him like 15 y ago. >> that is a blessing. the popular figure whosed podcast officially launches today. and can the baseball season sur sprvi
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welcome back. let's take a look at the extremes today. we have about a 31 degree spread from 60 in daly city to 91 in brentwood.
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san francisco unified finalizing a bloodout line of what the beginning of the school year will look like. they only have about three weeks before the first day. and a specific plan still hasn't emerged. the school board was expected to vote on a distance learning plan last night, but details were still being worked out. be worked il unfortunately, the time has run out for more than 2,000 food service employees at oracle park and chase center because they have been laid off as of today. bon appetit furnish lowe a appe workers in march hoping that they would reopen, but the company says any worker who was part of a union will have recall rights to return back to work first. and the major league baseball season has been paused for at least one team. as you know, the miami marlins
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had a full fledge coronavirus outbreak on their hands. the team is staying in philadelphia where they have played just their first series of the season against the phillies this past weekend. games were played before it was known that 15 players wound up testing positive since friday. although i have to add here, that the team did know that several of the team were positive before the game. so the number is now at 17. marlins plan to be healthy to start play again next week. but don't we all plan to be healthy? sometimes that doesn't work out. the phillies postponed the rest of their games in week. so far the nba seems to be setting the example of how to return to play. their bubble has seen virtually no new cases with players and the season restarts tomorrow. jobina fortson has what the league's commission says is working. >> yes, so since the players first showed up to disney world in orlando at the beginning of
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this month, only a small handful maximum of players have tested positive for coronavirus. and the nba commissioner adam silver is speaking with gma this morning before he heads done to the bubble to restart the season. >> everyone who is on that campus is tested on a daily basis. the only time they are not wearing masks is when they are actually playing basketball. to the extent that somebody tests positive, we'll track them closely. we quarantine people who first came down. so we think we have a plan that should work. >> silver says the league would pause play all over again if there is any significant spread and you can watch his entire interview coming up at 7:00 on gma. all right, everybody. michelle obama's new podcast is available right now on spotify. the first guest is her husband, barack obama. in the episode the couple is
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talking about community, the love that powers relationships, and life after living eight years in the white house. this is the first podcast and collaboration between spotify and the production company the obamas founded. you know i'm ready. i listened to the trailer last night and i'm ready for everything that she will talk about. she said that she will have like family and friends and it is really centered around conversations that shaped her life. >> can't wait to hear it. all right, so coming up next, the big box store that just announced that it will not be open on thanksgiving this year. also masks for all, the push to get a face covering sent to every american's home. >> reporter: and we're expecting a briefing this morning here at the scene of the huge fire
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it was like hell. i thought it would jump to this side over here. >> now at 6:30, firefighters still on the scene of this massive fire in san francisco this morning. how long it could be before the hot spots are under control. new you testing site that is a bit different from others that we've seen in the bay area. the pilot program happening at this park over the next few days. and in the hot seat, the tough questions the ceos of facebook, google, apple and amazon will face from congress this morning. good morning to you on this wednesday, july 29. we always bring you the weather first with meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. thanks for joining us this wednesday morning. let's take a look at the winds. fairfield, 30 miles per hour. 25
6:31 am
look at the cooling temperatures they bring us today. about two degrees cooler after some mist and that morning cloud cover this morning. so we have 60s half moon bay, san francisco, richmond, 70s around the bay, mainly 80s inland. a few 90s in fairfield and yucaipa. happening now, crews still watching for hot spots 24 hours after a huge fire that broke out in san francisco. it ripped through six businesses near 14th street and south van ness avenue yesterday morning. amy hollyfield is live there are we expect an update from fite in about 30 ju chee ter: 7:00 ismoing. but he says they don't have any new information to give us about the fire's cause. and i know that is a big question on everyone's mind this morning. what started this huge fire that damaged six commercial buildings and left three people looking
6:32 am
for a place to live? witnesses say the fire was moving so fast and that it was very scary. >> i was woken by one of our maintenance people who lives nearby, beating on the doors inside. >> oh, like hell. i thought it was going to jump to this side over here. >> reporter: firefighters say they got the call around 6:30 yesterday morning. and one of their firefighters was hurt while battling this fire. he was treated at the hospital and released. so he is okay. there is still a very active scene here this morning. we've got fire crews out here still putting water on the area just to prevent any flare-ups. we have pg&e crews out here working on power lines. they do expect the streets to be shut down asthrgh thlonger than that. we are at 14th and south van ness and we'll be checking in for an update on the street
6:33 am
closures. follow me on twitter, that is where i'll post some updates right after we get briefed at 7:00 this morning. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. crews worked all night to patch this water main that snapped at harrison and 2nd streets in san francisco. this is near and on ramp to the bay bridge. water was flowing down 2nd street and even started flooding one of the streets. kind of looked like a small river. but luckily crews were able to turn off the flow so they could make repairs. working to build a better bay area means keeping an eye on our health. the latest statewide numbers are actually encouraging. state health officials say 6,000 new cases were diagnosed in the last two days, and that is previous than the 14 day average of 9159. hospitalization rateses have decreased slightly, but they are still trending up. and the average rates of
6:34 am
positive tests was stable for the fifth straight day, it is at 7.5%. the goal is to keep that number under 8%. and state health leaders are ll enanke acting new regulations. if you have a test, you have to reveal your race, ets missi et i gender. >> improviing our data is like getting a new pair of glasses that helps us see more clearly or using binoculars that help us see a little further out. >> and now discouraging news. the covid positivity rate for the latino population spiked from 47% last week to 56% this week. and the death rate among african-americans nearly doubled during that same time.
6:35 am
if you want to get tested, there is a new pop-up site in berkeley. and ts ptty yolfut personal mouth swab and cough key ochks. results are expected good one on to two days. it is free without health insurance and co-pays or deductibles will be waived if you do have insurance. this will be on park street. you do have to make an appointment online. south bay congressman is partnering with bernie sanders on a proposal that would send free face masks to every american. the masks act would spend $5 billion to make reuseable face coverings and then send them out. they say if the u.s. can spend $740 billion on defense, it can afford to send a face mask to every american. today we'll see a historic day on capitol hill. the chief executives of the
6:36 am
world's biggest tech companies will be testifying before lawmakers. jobina fortson has everything you need to know. >> good morning. this group represents the titans of tech. we're talking about ceos of amazon, facebook, apple and google. between o two out of those four are two of the richest in the word, bezos and mark zuckerberg. in his prepared statement, zuckerberg will push back on claims that big tech needs to be broken up telling lawmakers that companies aren't bad just because they are big. added that facebook became successful the american way by starting out with nothing and providing products that people find valuable. zuckerberg was in front of a senate committee two years ago when he said facebook has a lot
6:37 am
of competitors. >> the same service you provide? >> we provide a number of different services. >> is twitter the same as what you do? >> it overlaps with a portion. >> you didn't think that you have a monopoly? >> certainly doesn't feel like that to me. >> some financial higher ups insist that big tech companies benefit the economy. vice chairman of morgan stanley recently said what would we do during this pandemic if we didn't have amazon. santa clara leaders are protesting a presidential memorandum that would which x. collude undocumented immigrants from redistricting. they say that it would make them afraid to complete the 2020 census. the press conference will be broadcast live on the county's facebook page starting at 9:30 this morning. and happeningo keep the ath
6:38 am
train station running. there is a public hearing on zoom at 5:30 tonight to did you that proposal. caltrain says the station has seen steady drops in ridership.. you can fand more info on the meeting on caltrain's website. and san francisco's board of supervisors approved putting a sales tax measure on the november ballot t h caltrain, but it doesn't mean that it will happen. the measure would be an eighth of a cent but it will probably never reach a ballot because officials in san mateo county have vowed to reject this saying conditions are illegal and that it could shut down the peninsula rail line. caltrain is carrying just 5% of the passengers it had last year and it will outside source of funding. what will it take to make affordable housing affordable to build? innovators think they have the solution. we'll explain. and right now we're taking a
6:39 am
live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. up this morning about 15 points. heading into space in style. an inside look at an out of this world experience. >> where are they going? i'm ready. i like to be surrounded by luxury. where we're going, it doesn't matter. luxury. >> it is about the journey. >> okay. >> i don't think that we'll be going to mars. >> yeah, don't send that rover our way tomorrow, we're good. by the way, that is something that i've been following because they will set you up a weather station on mars. i'm so excited to follow that. let's take a look at what is going on back here on earth. we have mid to upper 50s in
6:40 am
morgan hill, alum rock, milpitas. cloudy in the south bay, and even a little bit of fog. mid to upper 50s for the rest of our neighborhoods until you get to brentwood and redwood city, here is a look at the roof camera, you can see the low hanging clouds, a little mist in the air this morning. nothing extreme. today is our mildest day for ward york and there will be a small craft advisory after noon on the bay. in the north bay, we're pretty much cloudy through 10:00 and then sunshine and 75 at noon, low to mid-80s this afternoon. san francisco, we'll break free from the 50s around 10:00, mid-60s this afternoon. and for the east bay, becoming sunny by noon and 68, some low to mid 70s this afternoon. and 64 and a little brisk once again during the evening hours. so light jacket weather if you
6:41 am
are going out. now let's talk about the commute with jobina. good morning. hi, everyone. so we are going to start off with a look outside showing you the bay bridge. the chp has not issued a fog advisory for the bay bridge, but they have for the golden gate bridge. but you can see that it is a bit slow making your way westbound into san francisco and it is foggy as well. metering lights came on at 6:22 this morning. so heads up there. also it does look like we still have a stalled car in one of the hov lanes there. so not the greatest ride into san francisco this morning. but it is moving. bringing in the graphics here, the sigalert that i was falling following in san francisco has cleared. but there is still a lo slow do there northbound 101 before paul
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cloud cover across the south bay, open up the weather window there, about 62 in san jose. the 12 hour lose sunshi b stronger seabreeze that takes our temperatures down a couple degrees this afternoon. thunderstorms up near the oregon border and also a high fire danger there. let's take a look at the heat, it is mainly in the central valley, upper 90s to low 100. 116 in palm springs, 79 in l.a. and 69 in monterey. no thunderstorms in the sierra, but 91 in yosemite. we'll talk about the weekend weather coming up. in the eas a killed after a collision with a delivery truck. dren la fayette.ed on the tintewed is cooperating with investigators. happening today, u.s. congresswoman jackie speer is
6:45 am
leading a hearing on sexual assault and history of the coverup in the military all in the name of vanessa guillen. guillen's family say she feared retaliation for sexual harassment claims and want her vie represeolent death to be pr investigated. speer plans to unveil a bill to reform the reporting and investigations of sexual harassment in the military. a new covid-19 testing program is launching at a b.a.r.t. station today and it is aimed at helping the latinx community get tested for free. several groups are coming together for this new effort that begins in just a few minutes. julian glover is live with more on how this will work. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned, this will start up this morning at 7:00 a.m., it is all about getting the latinx community tested. they will be doing this at the
6:46 am
mission b.a.r.t. plaza, the 24th street mission b.a.r.t. plaza. and again, this is believed to be one of the first in the nation programs to really target the latinx community by taking the testing directly to them. it will happen again at the 24th street mission b.a.r.t. plaza, it will happen wednesdays and fridays and will run from 7:00 to 6:00 p.m. this will be happening for the next three weeks. the goal is to catch the virus before it continues to spread throughout the latinx community. and these are people who are often essential workers and don't have the time to take off from work to wait all day to get a coronavirus test. >> the harsh reality is that folks that are of lower income and folks that are essential workers and that live in overcrowded housing are more at risk to contract covid-19. >> reporer: another big reason to ramp up testing, the pop-up testing site at the 24th street mission b.a.r.t. plaza, it again
6:47 am
is made possible by ucsf, bart ig a oig a and the city. they will be doing a limited number, but we're not sure how many. there will be a fast lane for people who work in the mission or who work for b.a.r.t. again, that starts up in just a few minutes at 7:00 this morning. julian glover, abc 7 news. now you to our morning money report. best buy is not going to be open on thanks give, just the latest company to reed a gist are because of the pandemic. and more people shopping online, less people shopping in stores. because of the pandemic. and more people shopping online, less people shopping in stores. the company says that it plans to start its seasonal deals though earlier than of. dick's sporting goods, target and walmart will also be closed on thanksgiving. right now we're taking another live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets under way. you can see roughly the same, up about 10 points right now. there is a new alcohol-free
6:48 am
beer. budweiser announced bud zero. it is supposed to taste like its regular beer but only has 50 calories. dwyane wade helped create the taste and the packaging. he says it is an option who like to hang out with drinkers but skip the buzz and the hangover. if you are saving up to travel to space, we have new details on the cabin. virgin galactic is offering a sneak peek. each seat will be specially designed for the individual passenger. and there are a lot of windows to take in the view as passengers float around the cabin. the project has xwabeen in development for more than a decade. the trying tag for the ride, $250,000. no date yet on the inaugural voyage. >> how long do we get to stay out there? if i'm going to pay $250,000, how long? >> uh-huh.
6:49 am
>> thank you, mike. this is valid. >> if i'm blowing my life savings, i want a lifetime worth of entertainment. >> that is true. can i just go to london? can i just fly to london on a regular plane? >> okay, we're moving forward to space. >> it looks spartan. >> earth 2019. >> i didn't see a lot of amenities in there. >> what do you need? a bathroom? >> didn't look like a g 6 inside to me. >> i come nedo need a bathroom, you. >> and they will make the seat just for you. what else do you need? come on, friend. >> all right. i'll see you guys there. all right. i think we picked that one apart. let's take a look at what is going on outside. we'll pick apart the forecast. a gorgeous sunrise up on mt.
6:50 am
tam. it is 73 with that above the in-swrerversion. it will be a cloudy night again with cool lows tomorrow morning, warmer weather this weekend especially inland, but nothing extreme. here is a look at your collude cover and you can see still plenty of cloud cover at noon. eventually most of that goes away for a couple hours this afternoon before the trip eastward begins this evening. so some minor cooling means upper 70s and 60 to 62 along the peninsula coast. mid to upper 60s downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. upper 70s and low 80s through most of the north bay. low to mid-90s farther north. and near 70 for richmond, berkeley and oakland because of the breezes there. and then check out the temperatures in the east bay valley, a couple degrees cooler
6:51 am
than yesterday. so if you didn't need the air conditioner, you won't need it today either. we'll save some money. and low to upper 50s with cloud cover in more neighborhoods tonight. we have a tropical cyclone 9 in the caribbean. right now it will bring pretty heavy rain. as far as our forecast, temperatures up to four to six degrees warmer, but it will take until sunday for that to happen. vallejo wants to cut the police department's budget by 10%. the issue has generated a passionate back and forth at last night's city council meeting. the police chief says he needs more staff to fight a surge in violent crime. there have been calls to defund the department following the recent deadly shooting of sean monterrosa. and right now experts believe that we need about 700,000 affordable housing units in the bay area.
6:52 am
housing costs though rise 10% every year in california. but a company called factory o.s. is constructing double the units in a giants warehouse all for the same rice. d think their design plans can cut affordable housing prices by half. >> the project we're building now will yield a unit at a cost less than $400,000. >> so the build is opposite of what is considered traditional. the floor plan is built first and then they build the exterior. and all of that cuts costs. factory o.s. is currently working on a project on bryant street and it has another $150 million waiting in other orders. make sure you join michael finney tomorrow at 5:15 for housing help renters and owners. we'll have a digital only discussion with tenants and land lordses about t about the curre situation. you can watch on the abc 7
6:53 am
website, our facebook page and also youtube channel. the giants and padres face each other again at oracle park tonight. yesterday marked the giants home o opener and cardboard cutouts were the only fans in the stands. but plenty of people were still in kayaks waiting for brawls bao land in mccovey cove. mayor bleed thrreed threw out t pitch, but it was pre-recorded. they played lift every voice and sing which is known as the black national anthem. there was a large "black lives matter" in the plaza as baseball takes a vis stancocial justice. the pat dwrdres won 5-3.5-3. and a moment of silence for
6:54 am
george floyd. >> to honor his memory and remind us all that we're here together. >> and this is what happened last night in minneapolis. not before the game but actually in and n the middle of it, the george floyd and that represents the 8 minutes and 46 seconds where he was killed back in may with that knee being placed on his neck that amount of time. the dodgers and astros came together for a moment in a totally different way. the benches cleared last night in houston and it doe like anybody was social distancing. a but it all started after the dodgers pitcher threw over the head of one player, almost hit the next batter. these teams have had some bad blood ever since the astros were caught cheating and stealing signs. because the dodgers lost to the
6:55 am
astros in the 2017 wrld series, they think the astros cheated them out of a rightful championship. but in 2020, we're in a pandemic. >> yeah. >> put on the masks. >> i'm just laughing over the faces that the dodgers player was making. not getting over it. amc and universal have reached a deal, they will dramatically shorten the time that films have to play in theaters before playing them on dema demand. movies will play in theaters just 17 days before hitting streaming pl nhree months before they made their way to your home so you do watch you c on your couch. >> i kind of miss going to the movies. what are you looking for, lotion? >> i don't know where my lotion is. >> oh, no, what is the world coming to? >> did woodstock take it? >> have you been giving him
6:56 am
lotion during the lotion time? is looking i'm not mad. that he we'll resume tomorrow. >> okay. sorry about that. i'll have to do like a whole search inside my enormous condo. >> he saw you yesterday anded he was like you won't leave me out again. >> that's true. you're right.
6:57 am
it's about the next 10 years. but this is something you can do today. you can make a difference today. by completing the 2020 census. the census impacts hospitals. schools. public transportation. and most importantly, our representation in government. it gives us an opportunity to be heard. it's easy. it's only 10 questions. so do you part.
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go to and complete the census today. what are you waiting for? here are the 7 thing to know this morning. a controversial metal sculpture of sir francis drake was taken down overnight. proelte protesters called for it because of drake's conhe mission distri the fire burned six businesses yesterday. a new conference is scheduled at 7:00 a.m. and we'll be streaming it live for you at and on our news app. and also in the mission, a new covid-19 testing program is launching today at 24th street b.a.r.t. plaza. the testing will be conducted
6:59 am
over the next three weeks. numb four, te number four, l facebook, google and amazon expected to face tough skrult a scrutiny in front of congress today. and we'll have slower sunshine and slightly cooler weather this afternoon. number six, we're taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where metering lights came on at 6:22, and it is foggy. and number seven, the oakland zoo reopens to the public today. you do need to make an appointment and we all knowr fa. the next available appointment is friday afternoon, so you might not be able to make it today if you don't have reservations, so make your reservation now. gad to see them back open. >> yes, ma'am. >> have a wonderful morning, everyone.
7:00 am
good morning, america. into the red zone. the alarming new report showing 21 states with cases rising into dangerous territory as 80% of the country sees an increase in hospitalizations. at least 13 states now reversing re-openings, and one of the largest teachers unions now pushing back on going back to school. president trump pushes for more states to re-open as he falsely claims the u.s. is largely free from the virus. the president once again touts the discredited covid treatment hydroxychloroquine while retweeting and praising a controversial doctor. >> i happen to believe in it. i would take it. >> this as lawmakers battle over new coronavirus relief bill with a deal nowhere in sight. will millions lose their lifeline?


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