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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 30, 2020 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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it also might be fun-fetti. >> all of it. >> and 3450ik knmike nicco, lete party started. >> sorry, i'm a little more black and white this morning. let's take a look at what is going on outside. if you mix those together, you get this, gray. that is what we have over top o. a little mist and drizzle possible, but the air is not as juicy as it was yesterday. here is a look at the south bay. and temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. you will see sunshine just a touch faster today and that will allow a couple more degrees of warmth, but nothing out of the ordinary this afternoon. enjoy. there is now a clearer picture of what the start of the school year will look like for students and parents and teachers in berkeley. the school board just signed off off a plan. and education is a big part of building a better bay area. we know a lot of families are till looking for answers especially during this pandemic.
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amy hollyfield is live in berkeley for us this morning. >> reporter: school districts across the bay area are discussing this now. what will distance learning look like. berkeley voted on its model last nilts. o nght. one standout headline is what they decided on high school kids. they will be doing distance learning for the entire semester until the december break. middle school and elementary school students are saying that they will be distance learning for the first eight week.oltslo remotely four days a week. elementary students not in front of the computer as much, they are saying that they will meet with their teachers live online for about 30 minutes every morning and then will be 2k3wi6 given independent assignments. the school board has set up a town hall meeting for monday to help aunts questions about this
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new very unique way of educating students, so a good time for parents to come and ask all their questions. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. and san francisco mayor breeze says that h breed says her budget will include money to help offset the $22 million in revenue that the district lost because of covid-19. some of that money will support distance learning. the mayor will reveal more details about her two year budget tomorrow. across the country some students have started going back to school. education secretary and dr. fauci are still in agreement that there should not be a national plan for schools. jobina, there have been mixed results in places where students are back in the classroom. >> absolutely. and jeffersonville, indiana, which happens to be a place aim familiar with, it is right outside louisville, kentucky, about 70% of their studens
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returned to school yesterday and masks and social distancing are a part of the requirements and students can do online learning if they preferred. >> they wanted to come in school and not do online, and we discussed if anything was to break out as far as corona or something like that, we pull them out. >> but in orlando, florida, nearly 300 students are quarantining after one person at an outdoor graduation tested positive. the event had been pushed back from may due to the pandemic. in a new report, the kaiser family foundation compiled information, and they don't advocate for a specific about policy, but point out in areas where there is widespread community transmission, there is a clear risk of spread with reopening schools. the pandemic is hitting the l contin latinx community especially hard and now there is a new outreach
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program, and kate larsen says it is to increase testing and hopefully contain outbreaks. >> reporter: the city of san francisco announced a new strategy to bring recovery resources to the latino community which accounts for half of the city's coronavirus cases. >> we as a community need to be able to say it is okay to get tested because we have resources to help you. >> reporter: john was the health committee chair for the latino task force which partnered with the city to bring awareness to new and existing programs. >> if you are undocumented, you know that you didn't qualify for any of the state or federal benefits that apply to others. and so if you know that, you more than likely will be timid to get tested if you are asymptomatic or not and be told that you have to stay home for two at that point if you have to stay home for two weeks and you will lose your wages, you may notld be ball game for you financially. >> reporter: this is a campaign to let immigrants and undocumented people know that there is money that they can access should their families be
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impacted by covid. the right to recover fund requires two week wage replacement based on amounting wage amounting to $1285 for up to 1500 san francisco residents who test positive for covid-19. family relief fund already offered $500 to $1,000 monthly for families that don't qualify for local, state or federal assistance. and imgracmigrant workers fund one time $200 payments available. and they tested 500 people who lined up down the block. >> in april when we started to do testing, we had to get gift k5 cards from like safeway to get people to get tested. so now there is a huge mood shift. >> reporter: more resources are listed on our website, kate larsen, abc 7 news. as you can see from this map, every bay area county is now on the state's watch list.
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san mateo county was added yesterday. and that means that many indoor businesses face the possibility of shutting down again over the weekend. for the first time, governor new zchl is withholding money from cities that defy state health orders by allowing all businesses to reopen. the state is withholding nearly $65,000 from atwater and more than $35,000 from coalinga. the money is the first part of $2.5 billion the cities and counties could risk losing if they don't follow coronavirus safe guards. dr. fauci is now saying that people should consider wearing goggles or a face shield in order to prevent spreading or catching covid-19. >> theoretically, you should protect all the mucosal surfaces. so if you have googles or an eye shield, you should use it. i mean, it is into the univer in recommended, but if you want to be complete, you should probably
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use it. >> the nation's top infectious disease expert made the suggestion in a conversation where dr. ashton on instagram. he also said that he hopes that face coverings will help limit the spread of the flu as well. there are different risks associated with different activities as you are well aware. right now on our website, you can find this risk calculator. anything from riding the bus to going to the gym. select the activity and you can see bat experts have to say about it. so if you see me walking around with my swim goggles on, you will know why. seriously, we've known that that is a possibility. nice of him to say that. mid to upper 50s on the peninsula under cloudy conditions, an area that could get some drizzle especially in the higher parts between the coast and the bay. and we pretty much have mid-50s to near 60 everywhere. 60 in oakland, 61 at san jose, antioch 64 the warm spot.
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north the bay not quite as thick as it was yesterday. for your activity planner, it will be a little warmer with strong sunshine, still breezy and choppy on the bay especially north of the bay bridge through the delta. we've been locked in this pattern. north bay, a little bit of cloud cover this morning, we'll start to lose that around 10:00 and 74 by noon with low to mid-80s during the afternoon hours. for san francisco, we'll break free of the 50s at 10:00, but never completely get rid of the cloud cover. mid-60s this afternoon. and in the east bay, we're still in the 60s at noon, about 68. low to mid-70s 1:00 to 6 ouk and then a brisk 64 at 8:00. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast on the way.and then a brisk 64 at 8:00. we'll take a look at the weekend foecast on the way. good morning, everyone. so far so good for our early morning commute. we will check in with a live look showing you our south beach
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camera, overall picture of the bay bridge. earlier we did see a bit of a slowdown as people were making their way into san francisco. the traffic has certainly picked back up now and things are moving at the limit. no fog issues this morning unlike yesterday. our drive times here, san francisco to sfo will be a quick 9 minute ride. highway 238 to the maze, 14 minutes. and highway 85 to the san jose airport, a 10 minute ride. fire crews are still on the scene of this five alarm fire this morning. the fire destroyed two buildings, caused really heavy damage to four others. one firefighter was injured and he is resting at home this morning. three people were displaced. firefighters haven't been able to figure out what caused the fire, but they say a mattress fire at a nearby homeless encampment is part of their investigation. coming up next, the 7 things to know this morning. also the new order for the oakland police department, the restrictions the department says that it will follow when it comes to crowd control.
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if you are just joining us, here rts 7 things to know this morning. number one, san mateo county has been added to the state's coronavirus watch list. so if the county stays on the list, places like indoor malls, hair salons and gyms will have to clomse midnight saturday. and berkeley school board is the latest to approve a distance learning plan. schools will follow strict rules if campuses are allowed to reopen. and number three, john lewis will be laid to rest today in georgia. three former presidents will be in attendance including barack obama who will deliver the eulogy. number four, sir francis drake high school is changing its name. it follows the temporary removal of the sir francis drake statue in larksburg.
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and we'll be above average as we head into the weekend. i'm let you know how long it will last. and number six, we have a nice ride for you this morning for the early commute. no major blocking issues that i'm following right now as we take a live look showing off the san mateo bridge this morning. number seven, supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is resting at a new york hospital after undergoing a medical procedure. she is expected to be released later this week. new developments, a federal judge has sided with activists and placed more restrictions on the force that oakland police are allowed to use to control crowds. the new order bans wooden, rubber, or rubber coated bullets along with stinger grenades. oakland police may still deploy tear gas and foam tipped projectiles only if there is an imminent threat of people being hurt or property being damaged. new developments in the massive college admissions
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cheating scandal. a father was ste si months in prison. they pleadeds.a.t.s corrected a fraudulently portray one as a tennis star. manuel was sentenced yesterday, elizabeth was sentenced back in march to seven months in prison. both fay years of supervised release, hundreds of hours of community service and fines that combine to nearly three quarters of a million dollars. in "first look," a new demonstration is showing how the placement of a ventn system in the dallas room could make a big difference. >> reporter: a new simulation showing how the coronavirus could spread in the classroom and what you can do to prevent it. researchers at the university of minnesota zeroing in on the placement of ventilation ufrts,
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desks and people. take a look at these two simulated classrooms. in one, they place the teacher who is likely to do thedirectlye ventilation system. in the other, the ventilation system is in the back of the room, the scenario assuming that the teacher is an zicasymptomat carrier of the virus. look closely, the virus spreads significantly less in the classroom where the teacher is directly below the vent. we'll have much more save at the co safety coming in at 7:00. i'm gio benitez, abc news, new york. at the live desk, nasa's latest rover is on its way to mars this morning to research if there ever has been life on the red planet. >> ignition. two, one, zero.
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and liftoff. as the count down to mars continues. >> check it out, perseverance took off just about 25 minutes ago from cape canaveral florida. once it makes it to mars, the rover will study the geology and delay mats. the goal is to find signs of ancient microbial life. and they are hoping that it will test out new technologies to one day send humans to mars. the journey to mars is 62.5 million miles, everybody. perseverance is expected to land on mars in february 2021. and we all know how we feel about space, except maybe not reggie. >> i think that we've decided that you and mike will be the first ones. jobina went to space camp, we trust her. >> i'm ready for the g force.
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>> gentlemen bee in jobina will be skipping up to the rocket, here we come. >> yes. >> i can see this happening. yeah. actually, that is really exciting. it will take them a while to get out there, but i'm excite abouted to s d to see what they find. >> and i'll tweet the exact link, but they will have a 24/7 weather station up there that you can watch or at least look and see what they're measuring up there, which will be pretty cool. i'll be looking at it every day. so can't wait. february. hopefully everything is back to normal by then and we can pay more attention to fun stuff like that. hi, everybody. welcome to thursday. i almost said friday eve. san jose 87, and you can see that we'll have quite a bit of cloud cover, but slightly more
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sunshine and warmth today and that will continue into the weekend when the inland areas have a moderate heat risk. high temperatures will taper and they will be breezy next week. in fact we could balance this week with some below average temperatures next week. you can see by noon, the bay is in the completely cleared out, but at least more neighborhoods are seeing sunshine and then along the coast, even the north bay will try to a little bit. that is where you will find our brightest beaches. in the south bay, we go from 79 in sunnyvale to near 90 in cupertino. 80 on the peninsula. 60 to 63 along the peninsula coast. and mid to upper 60s for downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. 78 to about 82 through the north bay. low to mid-80s around clover dale. as you head inland, 87 to about 93. getting close to needing the air conditioner there.
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and my accuweather 7 day forecast, about two degrees warmer tomorrow, a couple administer for saturday and sunday, and then by tuesday and wednesday, it will be breezy with a little bit below average, mainly 60s, 70s and 80s. the first pet to contract covid-19 in the u.s. has died. buddy, a 6-year-old german shepherd in staten island started having breathing trouble in mid april. he lost weight and he tested positive for cavovid-19. five days later, he in longer had the virus but he had the antibodies. his family said his hemealth go bad they had to euthanize him. and new blood work shows that he also most likely had cancer. cleanin things has been a big focus lately and disinfectant wipes are hard to find. we spoke to dr. patel about this and whether disinfecting really
5:20 am
makes much of a difference. he says contaminated surfaces are not the main way this virus is transmitted. >> there is like a false hope that businesses are sending out saying oh, my gosh, we clean every day, so you can come here and never get coronavirus. we have to remember that the primary way you catch this is not from surfaces, it will be from airborne transmission, from droplets, it will be from people who are next to you, not the surfaces. >> so is it really worth our time to wipe everything down? dr. patel says yes and no. it is effective because it could keep the surfaces clean of course, but it is a no if people themselves are not behaving. >> yeah, don't spray it don andh >> that fweegets the purpose. >> just are put on your mask. 2r5trader joe's is addressi claims that some of its products
5:21 am
has racist names. >> we want to make sure that the seeds don't get planted. yeah, we're still watching these mystery seeds arriving at homes now in the bay area and all over the country. the concern if you receive some. and as we fight the coronavirus pandemic, california is mandating face masks to stop the spread and so abc 7 wants to remind you to wear a mask,
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let's take a look at what is going on in the tropics, and we do have a tropical storm right now, but we categorize these by their wind speed, but this is not going to be a wind machine, it will be more of a flooding rain as it continues to move through puerto rico. remember up to 10 inches, so flash flooding is definitely possible there. but as it moves on, it will travel over hispaniola and squeeze between the bahamas and cuba up another ten inches of rain is possible in those areas. so more flooding is on the way. it will make it possibly to miami next week and we'll keep
5:24 am
an eye on it then too. and this morning all 50 states are now warning about the strange unsolicited seeds that people are getting in the mail. and one of those people is sharing her story and tells us what tipped her off that something was not right. here is dan ashley. >> so this, i have no idea what this is. >> reporter: kamala ordered seeds from amazon, but when her shipments arrived, she knew something was wrong. the package labels indicated that jewelry was inside, not seeds. most people receiving the mystery seeds didn't order any at all. >> the last couple ways in solano county alone, would he have received over 30 call from residents who have received the unsolicited shipments of seeds that apparently are originating from china. >> reporter: agricultural officials are warning people not to plant the seeds. >> they could impact agricultural, water resources, cause fire hazards and so on. so it is best that we stop this
5:25 am
potential threat immediately. >> reporter: kamala didn't open the seed packets and says some look like tomato and corn. she says amazon has notified the usda and says that she will turn the seeds over to the county agricultural department. >> when you order something and it is not labeled correctly and it is like under a disguise, it raises red flags. >> that was dan ashley reporting. the leading theory about the seeds is that they are a brushing scam. that is when the scam companies send you items that you didn't order and then write a positive review on your behalf so then they can improve the product rating in sales. also new developments about trader that it will not be rebranding certain items despite a position calling some of the products the some of the items. trader joe's says that it
5:26 am
disagrees with the accusations of racism and it petitions. changing consumer habits during the pandemic are influencing a changing workplace in the groesh are rhe grocery b. growing demand for home delivery of groceries has a small company now expanding locally. farm said is almost done building its new warehouse in burlingame. it is six times bigger than its previous facility in san francisco. home delivery of groceries grew nationally by 21% in one month. shoppers spending $6 billion in may. farm said htead has a different model. >> our locations are not supermarkets that actually warehouse. our warehouses are a lot less expensive to open, moreover they can support thousands and thousands of deliveries per day. >> farm stead says that it will build more neighborhood
5:27 am
warehouse as demand warrants. >> i like that. supporting local. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including a sign of the season. we have a first look at something that you will see on a lot of holiday cards this year. plus a closer look at a new covid testing site where you do the swab. an estimated 1 million californians still waiting for those unemployment benefits. governor newsom doing something about it, creating a new strike team to solve of many of these
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now at 5:30, computer glitches, clogged phone lines and nearly a million unpaid claims. governor newsom's plan to help people still waiting for unemployment benefits. san mateo county makes the list that no one wants to be on,s couon, the countdown to indoor
5:30 am
businesses being forced to close again. and the swift action in one day over sir francis drake. >> good morning, welcome to thursday, july 30th. >> of course you're never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. here is mike. >> thank you, hi everybody. welcome to thursday. hopefully you're having a good start to the day. let's see what the weather will hold for you when you step outside, pretty of the same as it has been. maybe not quite as misty as it was yesterday, but definitely breezy, even 30-mile-per-hour gusts. we'll have a minor wind shift and that will allow a little faster sunshine, winds will come a little bit more out of the north and west. and with that extra sunshine, we warm about a degree or two, get back to average from mid-50s along the coast, 80 in pal low pal low al take. 78 of, 80s and he 90s when you head through santa rosa and northward.
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and low 90s in the east bay valleys. warmer weather is coming this weeke weekend. i'll have that coming up. and new this morning, some shaking in southern california. a 4.2 magnitude earthquake shook the region around 4:30 this morning. it was and relief is finally on the way for those still fighting ton get st get unemployment benefits. julian glover is live with what the governor wants to do. >> good morning. he wants to assemble the strike team to correct some of the issu issues. the governor pointed to the unprecedented job loss created by the pandemic and also a series of antiquated computers that are really leading to the
5:32 am
backl backlog. so in 45 days, the team is promising to create a plan to clear the backlog of an estimated 1 million claims eligible for benefits right now. the priority of course is to get and process the oldest claims first and again to get help to the people who need it the most. like valerie dean for example, she is a livermore resident and breast cancer survivor still undergoing treatment and also out of work thanks to the pandemic. >> i've been living on my credit cards and gone through my savings. and i've pushed off my car payment as far as i can. i don't know where i stand. i go on to my unemployment online, and there is nothing there. >> according to the governor, edd should clear the backlog of actionable claims by september. one of the technical improvements in the works right now is improving the automated system when you call in so you can actually get to the person
5:33 am
that you need to talk to more quickly. fixing problems with edd of course crucially important as california legislators begin to float the idea of making the additional $600 worth of weekly unemployment benefits available if congress fails to act. again, this is help that is so vitally important to so many californians right now. julian glover, abc 7 news. the governor says that he will not suspend the state's upcoming minimum wage increase. the current economic conditions give him the ability to put it on hold. the minimum wage will go up to $13 an hour on january 1 with businesses with 25 or fewer workers and $14 with businesses with more than 25 employees. a tense wait and see for people in is san mateo county t is now on the watch list. if it stays on that list, places like indoor malls, hair salons and gyms will have to close at
5:34 am
midnight saturday. >> hard for all of the business owners, yeah, it is. and some people get to stay open and some people don't. >> really who it will hurt, people who work in the ba othe n average of 110 cases a day for the last two weeks. the state threshold is 100. the county's health officer blames social gatherings without proper safety measures. and we're tracking every county to see whether it has made the state's wash list atch list. you can check out the map on the latest numbers are sobering and a reminder that there is still a long way to go in this pandemic. the state reported 197 people died of covid-19 in a 24 hour period. that is a record high. to put that in perspective, someone lost their life about every seven minutes.
5:35 am
but the number of new cases is actually below average. and hospitalizations hovering right around its average. and it seems to have plateaued recently. the tests fpositivity rate appears to be dropping. one key to slowing the spread is day the cisti today the city of berkeley is holding the final day of a pilot testing project at park. the kes is clo curative says that the test is close to 90% accurate. >> you cough until you bring up sputum and swab about 20 seconds. >> the results are promised in 24 to 48 hours. the test is free, but you have to make an appointment on line.
5:36 am
we have a list of testing sites at at the live desk, president trump is being called racist this morning after comments he made affordable housing which is an issue we know well here in the bay area. at an event, the president talked about rollin back housing discrimination. >> i've seen conflict for years. it has been hell for suburbia. we rescinded the rule three days ago, so enjoy your life, ladies and gentlemen. >> the obama era rule forced local governments that receive federal housing funding to assess biased practices and then fix them. the trump administration has said the rule is, quote, complicated and in-effective. yesterday on twitter, the president added your housing prices will go up based on the market and crime will go down.
5:37 am
critics say the president is inciting a racial divide here attempting to appeal to white suburban voters. julian castro under obama said this is setting us back to 1950. sir francis drake high school will be getting a new name. statue
5:38 am
5:39 am
sounds like a broken record, doesn't it? that is kind of the way our weather pattern is. stuck in a rut. but that will change with slightly warmer temperatures, pa le peninsula near 80. the south bay look for a faster sunshine and 76 at noon, low to mid-80s this afternoon. very nice 71 at 8:00. and our warmest temperatures will be east bay valleys where there is hardly any cloud cover right now, so you quickly warm by 80 at noon. and by 3:00, 90 to 82 as we head to 8:00. i'll show you the warmer weekend temperatures coming up next. now let's talk mabout the commute. all right, everybody. so we still have a really nice ride, this is such a shift from what we saw yesterday. so happy to report if you need to head in this morning, are you
5:40 am
in great smap. starting off here with a live look in san jose, our camera showing off 101 right now. a decent amount of headlights going north. so no problems there in the south bay. and bringing in the drive times for you, albany to the maze, about five minutes. fremont to san jose, 14 minutes. and highway 101 to cupertino, 10 minutes. and san jose will soon resume parking enforcements. our media partner the mercury news reports starting monday residents and visitors will be required to pay for meter parking. violators could receive a parking ticket. down town parking garages will also start charging after 90 minutes. vehicles will be towed that quote, clearly nonoperational or are posing a
5:41 am
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you can see the low clouds and fog taking others peninsula. we use this as thelk about a to sunshine, a little warmer, 71 to 79 away from the coast at noon. 78 to 89 with a very high uv index, burn time about 15 to 20 minutes. a dangerous heat is noh anwi lgh at least saturday, highs up to 120 degrees. today 98 in chico, look at that, 118 in palm springs. even 90 in yosemite today. we'll talk about that heat touching our neighborhoods coming up. at the live desk, we're looking at a pair of grim government economic reports that were released just minutes ago. so what we're learning is that the gross domestic product dropped by nearly 33% in the
5:44 am
second quarter because of the pandemic shutdowns. that is slightly lower than expectations but still the biggest decline since data going back to world war ii. in the latest jobless report, more than 1.43 million people filed for unemployment, slightly higher than forecast. more than 17 million people are still receiving benefits, an increase by about a millionrom last week. we'll see how the market reacts to all of this. if millions of people are hunting for job, experts offer some tips on how to advance your career. good morni"good morning america with two experts. >> i would definitely encourage anybody who is interviewing online to make sure that they have light in front of them so their face is well lit and you can see them. i've been on the other side of a
5:45 am
lot of cold, crisp emails that are able to get people's attention simply by stating here is why i'm really excited about this business, here is what i can bring to the table. >> so there is a full report on covid and your career coming up on gma at 7:00. and an oakland organization is making a difference helping families struggling in these difficult times. the homies empowerment program is a grass roots youth and community organization that is located in east oakland. before covid-19, they praltsed as an independent after school program and now they have taken up a new mission, making food accessible to their community. every tuesday they create a large store front called the free, so grab what they need. >> it takes a community to come together and have volunteers from all over who are coming through and extespending their . >> the freedom store has served
5:46 am
over 1,000 people a week. i know it is strange that i'm about to talk about the holidays, but here we are. the u.s. postal service now getting in to the spirit, it just unveiled new holiday stamps. and here they are. there is one for christmas, hanukkah and kwanzaa and then more generic scenes. they are also bringing back favorites from past years. we don't know yet exactly when the stamps will be issued. well, that is something i'm 100% not ready for. >> too soon? >> yes. >> i agree, i can't even think about the holidays. >> no. >> it is hard to. august 1 is saturday. >> i can't even imagine what that will be like. >> you know, it is a tradition in our family to go to disneyland sometime before christmas. >> virtually. >> now you're bringing me all the way down.
5:47 am
>> just come to reggie's house, he has everything anyway. >> that's true. >> we'll have our own holiday parade. >> le it. let's make that happen. let's talk about what is going on outside. welcome to thursday morning. hopefully you're off to a good start. 61 with cloudy conditions in san jose. the ebb and flow of the morning marine layer is setting the table. similar conditions tomorrow morning and moderate heat risk inland this weekend. we're between an area of high pressure and low pressure and that battle is what is making us sway back and forth. upper 70s in cupertino, low to mid 80s for most of the south bay. 70 in millbrae.
5:48 am
63 along the coast today. 66 in downtown, south san francisco and sausalito, and north bay coast may see a little more sunshine, but with the breeze, you will have the low 60s. you upper 70s to low 80s in the valleys. 70 in richmond, 79 in fremont. and 87 in san ramon to brentwood at 93. tonight you can see the cloud cover, the gray covering the same neighborhoods and the same type of temperatures, low to upper 50s. so a degree or two warmer tomorrow, same thing saturday, we'll hold that sunday. and then you can see the seabreeze really starts to kick in tuesday and wednesday. and most of the temperatures will be in the 60s, 70s and 80s by the time we get there. so after a little bit of a heat this weekend, pretty nice nextek congressman and civil rights icon john lewis will be laid to rest today this georgia. he is lying in repose in the rotunda of the stat capitol building in atlanta. services for lewis will be at
5:49 am
the historic ebenezer baptist church. barack obama will deliver the eulogy. abc news will have special coverage of the sprel krakrel that starts around 7:45 a.m. and it will be streaming at the "new york times" published an essay that lewis wrote shortly before his death. he said that he was inspired by the recent calls for racial justice. he was hospitalized the day after visiting the "black lives matter" plaza in washington but he said he just had to see it. he went on to add though i may not be here with you, i urge you to answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what you truly believe. in my life, i have done all i can to demonstrate the way of peace, the way of love and nonviolence is the more excellent way. now it is your turn to let freedom ring. >> it is a shorts essay, it will
5:50 am
take you two minutes to read it but i urge you to do it. it will be worth it, i promise you. dr. fauci and colin kaepernick will be recognized for their accomplishments. they will receive the human rights ripple of hope ward. past include barack obama, tim cook, nancy pelosi and general li john lewis. and the new brew this summer, it pretty unusual flavor of beer. but first, the new car that is so powerful it is not legal to drive it on public roads. plus things may be getting spookier in the south bay. the all new
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5:53 am
happeningnba finally set to resume its regular feares against the pelicans. that game starts at 3:30 this afternoon. and then the cross town rival the lakers, they are battlings clippers. tipoff for that game at 6:00 p.m. fallout came pretty swiftly from mlb following the tuesday bench clearing between the dodgers and astros. joe kelly suspended for eight games because of his actions. wow. and dodger manager dave roberts was also suspended for a game. the astros will be targets after admitting that they cheated in 2017 the year they beat the dnlgers dnl dodgers in world series are. mercedes-benz is unveiling rear seat air bags.
5:54 am
and the rear air bags will come in the executive seat package. they deploy out of the back of the front seats. they say the bags are safe for adults, kids and even child seats. ecum we hah a new car that is so powerful it is not legal to drive on public roads. lamborghini is suggesting buyers store the car in a special company garage in italy. the garage will have web cams so owners can look at the carney ti anytime they want. if they want it drive it, lamborghini will transport the car to almost any racetrack in the world and provide a professional driver for tips. they are only making about 40 of these car, the price was not released. still, i was curious if there was even a range of the price, and it turns out it will be comparable to other limited edition lamborghinis which have been approximately $1.9 million.
5:55 am
>> right. yes. >> so mike, a car that you can't actually drive is very on brando >> so $1.9 million, that means to out space that price. >> you know what, i will go to space. >> that's how we got reggie to come with us. awesome. lamborghini doesn't have a bathroom either, reggie. let's take a look at what is going on with our tropical storm. heaviest of the showers still battling the western side of puerto rico, it is becoming more scattered in nature on the eastern side and that is good news. but the potential is for another 10 ifshlg inches of rain and w gusting up to 80 miles per hour and so that is why you have the warnings and watchings all the
5:56 am
way through the bahamas. and when the storm gets to within 48 hours of florida, we'll start to see some warnings there as well. it will be a rainmaker. halloween is still a few months away, but things may be getting spookier in the south bay. the winchester mystery house is launching this all new walk with the spirits tour. it is a self guided outdoor nighttime experience. guests will hear tales of their former and possibly current in-has been tants beein inhabitants. and the gates open at 8:00 p.m. are you going? >> i have been to the winchester mystery house and we went on a private tour. it was really funfun. but it was in the daytime. new at 6:00, imagine a
5:57 am
covid-19 test that is fast, cheap and it can be done at your house. the fda has taken a step to make this a reality. bay area school district has decided what distance learning will look like. i'm amy hollyfield, the details coming up. . >> plus a new program reaching out to people in one san francisc
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
plan approved, the local district that has a clearer picture this morning about what the start of the school year will look like. and many health experts recommend that people wear masks to prevent the spread of covid-19, but what about goggles and face shields. the advice from dr. fauci. good morning, everybody. it is thursday, july 30th. and guess what it is, friends. international friend day. friendship day. >> oh, really? >> hi friend. >> that is your holiday. >> it is. looked it up. and you're my friends >> i'm going to try to do something real quick. >> mike? >> i couldn't fit that, so i chose national cheesecake day.


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