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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 30, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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plan approved, the local district that has a clearer picture this morning about what the start of the school year will look like. and many health experts recommend that people wear masks to prevent the spread of covid-19, but what about goggles and face shields. the advice from dr. fauci. good morning, everybody. it is thursday, july 30th. and guess what it is, friends. international friend day. friendship day. >> oh, really? >> hi friend. >> that is your holiday. >> it is. looked it up. and you're my friends >> i'm going to try to do something real quick. >> mike? >> i couldn't fit that, so i chose national cheesecake day. >> that too. i couldn't fit international --
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>> put trend day too, because both of these i can celebrate today. >> i don't think that i have enough letters for international friend day. >> mike has on pajama pantses? >> no, i have pants on. >> that is our friend. we'll let him be. >> can we move on? >> i didn't know the library was open this early. read. >> always open. all right. here is a look at what is going on weather-wise. welcome to friday. international friends day, national cheesecake day, whateer. have a great day. 32-mile-per-hour wind at fairfield, about 23 through the altamont pass. and you can see the clouds hanging out once again. the mist not quite as anth willll aittle bit ee o thi afternoon. there is now a clearer picture of what the start of the school year will look like for students in berkeley. the school board just signed off on their plan.
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of course education is a big part of building a better bay area. we know a lot of families are looking for answers especially during this pandemic. amy hollyfield is live for us in berkeley this morning with the information. >> reporter: yeah, the distance learning plan is now set here in berkeley and for the older kids, it means a lot of time in front of that computer screen. high school and middle school kids here in berkeley will be attending live online classes from about 9:00 in the morning until about 2:00 in the afternoon, four days a week. wednesday will be an independent leare dsthey will meet with their teacher live every morning for 30 minutes and then be assigned independent assignments to work on. elementary school students will also opportunities for small group meetings online. the school board said that high schont will doemester until the december break. middle school and elementary school students will be coming
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distance school learning for the first eight weeks. there is a town hall meeting for monday so everyone can get their questions answered. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. san francisco mayor breed says her proposed city budget will include $15 million for public schools. that money will help offset the $22 million in revenue the district lost because of covid-19. some of the money will support distance learning. the mayor will reveal more details on her two year budget tomorrow. the fda has paved the way for a rapid at home coronavirus test. and the goal for this is just are to be as simple as taking and at home pregnancy test. the fda commissioner says these types of tests could be, quote, a game changer because more people without symptoms could
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get tested. the agency laid out how they will approve at home tests, but some say that the rules are too burdensome and companies won't be motivated to make these tests. similar tests are already in development but none have received approval. yet at least. san francisco is stepping up support for the latino community which is have been hit hard by the pandemic. they have a new partnership to get out messaging about testing and health orders and also to let people know about financial resources they, you know that you don't qualify for any of the state or federal benefits that apply to others. so if you knowthat, you more than likely will be timid to get tested if you are asymptomatic or not and be told that you have to stay home for two weeks. at that point if you have to stay home and you will lose your wages, you may not be able to recover that. >> there are several local
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programs offering financial aid. we have more information on how to access these resources on our website every bay area county as of right now is on the state's watch lists. san mateo county was just added yesterday because of an increase in cases. so that means many outdoor businesses face the possibility of shutting down again this weekend. face masks might not be enough to keep you safe from covid-19. dr. fauci explaining what else might be needed for complete coverage. also the first dog to test positive for covid-19 has died. what else we've learned about the health history of this family's pet. and the warming trend begins today and extends into the weekend. i'll let y
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areas will hit the mid-80s to midnight are starting off in the 50s to 60s this morning. low to mid-60s pittsburg answd brentwood. we have mostly cloudy conditions. visibility about three miamimil. so more sunshine today. and north bay, we're in sunshine at 74 at noon. low to mid-80s this afternoon. for san francisco, we'll see a little more sunshine today and that wil60s. for the east bay, we're in the 60s through noon and then sunshine and low to mid-70s this afternoon. time for our commute with jobina. > >> good morning, we'll show you
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the toll plaza. you have a pretty smooth ride across the bay bridge this morning. and you can see no slowdowns there. we've seen the lights kind of shift as far as when they are turning on, the trend has been around the 6:30 area, so i will keep you posted on that as we bring in the graphics here, injuries pointing out a couple of the slowdowns of course coming out of tracy there. our usual spot. and also on 84 as you move in and out lreown in that area, and also at the maze. the first pet dog to contract covid-19 in the u.s. has died. this is buddy, a 6-year-old german shepherd in staten island. he started having breathing problems in mid april. he lost weight, became lethargic and tested positive for covid-19. aditional testing five days later showed the virus was no
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longer in buddy's system, but he did have antibodies. his family says buddy's health got so bad they had to euthanize him. blood work showed that he also most likely had cancer. and dr. fauci says people should consider wearing goggles or face shields. >> you should protect all the mucosal surfaces. so if you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it. i mean, it is not universally recommended, but if you really want to be complete, you should probably use it. >> the nation's top infectious disease expert made that suggestion during a conversation with dr. ashton on instagram. he also spoke about a secondary benefit of 9d lethe lens on he e hopes the face coverings help limit the spread of the flu. on our website, you can find our
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risk calculator. everything from riding the bus to go to the gym. select the activity and see what the experts have to say. also there are no gyms open, so that's not going to be something you need to worry about. go to and nasa is celebrating a successful launch, where the newest rover is heading this morning. and botox may do more than just hide signs of age.
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at the live desk, just in the past 30 minutes, president trump has taken to twitter and for the first time is suggesting that the november election be delayed. here is what water se're seeing. he writes with universal mail-in voting, this will be the most inaccurate and fraudulent
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election in history. he continues saying it will be an emp embarrassment for the country and he writes delay the election until people can properly securely and safely vote, followed by some question marks. he has long made claims of mail-in voting fraud which have been unsupported. many states have relaxed mail voting restrictions during the pandemic, but not all states. new developments, a federal judge has sided with activists and placed more restrictions on oakland police when they try to control crowds. rubber or rubber coated bullets. they may still deploy tear gas and foam tipped projectiles if there is an imminent threat of people being hurt or property being damaged. oakland police say they will be aed by by the order. new developments in the massive college admissions
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cheating scandal. an atherton father was sentenced to six months in prison. he and his wife pleaded guilty to paying to have their daughter's s.a.t.s corrected and to fraudulently portray one daughter as a tennis star to get her into georgetown university. manuel was sentenced yesterday, elizabeth was sentenced back in march to 7 months in prison. both face years of supervised release, hundreds of hours of community service and fines that combine to nearly three quarters of a million dollars. new this morning, nasa's latest rover is now headed to mars to search for ancient life on the planet. >> ignition, two, one, zero. liftoff. >> there it is. the rover perseverance, it took off on a rocket from cape canaveral, florida this morning. once it makes to mars, the rover will study the geology and delay mats of the plan either. the goal is to find signs of
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ancient bio microbial life. it will travel 62.5 million miles and it is expected to land on mars in february. happening today as mike mentioned, it is national cheesecake day. and that means sweet deals on this treat. the cheesecake factory for example is donating $1 to feeding america for every slice sold. it is also introducing a new flavor and here it is, it is the chocolate caramel cheesecake made with snickers. it is basically cheesecake swirled with snickers on a brownie crust. if you order it, thelt donate 25 cents to feeding america for every slice sold and that go through -- wait a second.donates to feeding america for every slice sold and that go through -- wait a second. -- that goes through a date in the past. so i'm not really sure what that is about. but why don't you forget that
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and just look at this. we've seen some interesting beer combinations residentially. and this is just in time for national miss tarred dustard da. this is a mustard flavored tropical wheat ale. it is billed as a tropical wheat beer brewed with key lime, lemon, tangerine, passion fruit and 150 pounds of french's classic yellow mustard. only available while supplies last. >> i was on board until we got past passion fruit. and then they said >> i love miuove mustard, but n. >> did you? >> yeah, it is one of the things that my family gets me as a stocking stuffer, exotic sauces and mustards.
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>> five years never knew that. >> so specialty mustard for mike. >> write it down. >> yeah, dropped a big hint there, i? >> i hoeppe i can ketchup. let's tart about whstart ab going on weather-wise. san jose 61, and even with the collude cover, i think that we'll see sunshine just slightly faster that will add a couple degrees to our warming trend that will head through the weekend when it gets a little warm inland. moderate risk of heat illness there. high temperatures will taper next week. even up in the north bay along the coast, you should see a little more sunshine than yesterday. 79 sunnyvale, cupertino, 91 in
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morgan hill. 80 in palo alto, dropping done to 70 in millbrae. 60 to 63 along the peninsula coast with 66 in downtown and then upper 60s for south san francisco and sausalito. upper 70s to low 80s through most of the north bay. the hot spots the usual cloverlear low to mid-90s. a oaan amontfremont. 87 in san ramon to kind of toasty 93 in brentwood oig. bt look at the cloud cover coming back to most neighbors. a degree or two warmer tomorrow and saturday. holding sunday, heat tapers monday and then it gets really kind of breezy with temperatures mainly in the 70s and 80s for highs away from the coast starting tuesday. "good morning america" is coming up at 7:00. and rob marciano has a look at what is ahead. >> good morning. great to be with you on this thursday. soak it in, what do you think?
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south beach, a beautiful morning to start things off, but may not be the case this weekend because covid-19 is now colliding with hurricane season. the record breaking tropical storm now spinning through the caribbean will be heading towards florida potentially the northeast. we're all on high alert hear as it heads toward this area. puerto rico certainly getting the worst of it right now. always ahead, the latest on the coronavirus emergency across the country, 150,000 now have lost their lives as homeland security identifies 98 hot spots in 30 states. the battle over reopening schools rages on as education secretary admits that there is no national plan. fis and experts join us along with dr. ashton live. and plus basketball is finally back, the nba gearing up for their highly anticipated restart, but will the bubble hold? plus the big changes sweeping the court with the social justice movement and the new tech placing you court side.
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that is tonight. excited about that. i know you are as well, reginald. you like yourself some south beach. so soak it in. kumasi, back up to you as well. coming up new at 6:00, botox may not only erase your frown line, it might make you happier. a new study says that the injections may actually alleviate depression. researchers thi s botox may dis feedback loop. and there is still a lot of work to be done, but researchers say down the road botox could be an alternative treatment. >> that's wild. >> nice. >> i can move my face, a lot. so i don't have that. all right. there is one habit many have developed during the covid-19 pandemic that may give them a false sense of security.
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and trader joe's is addressing claims that some of its products have racist names. and as you get your day started, here is a live look, oh, what a cool picture as we
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welcome back. let's take a quick look at what is going on in puerto rico. you can see still getting pounded by heavy rain and thunderstorms from our tropical storm. it is centered off to the east -- or west and will continue moving to the west rather quickly, 20 miles per hour. but it still has the potential along this track the next 48 hours for wripd winds gusting u0 miles per hour and 10 inches of rain. not quite to the mainland u.s., but it is just a matter of days. cleaning has become a big focus lastly and so much sofectt
6:25 am
hard to find. we spoke to dr. patel about whether it really makes a difference. he said that contaminated surfaces are not the main way the virus is transmitted. >> there is a false hope that businesses are sending out saying oh, my gosh, we clean every day, therefore you can come here and never get coronavirus, when we know that is not true. we have to remember that the primary way that you will catch this is not from surfaces, it will be from airborne transmission, it will be from do that droplets, from people next to you, not the surfaces. >> so it effective to be spending so much time wiping everything down? he says yes because it will keep the surfaces clean, but no because if you are not behaving properly, then it negates the cleaning. for the first time, governor newsom is withholding money from cities that defy state health orders by allowing all businesses to open. so here is what is happening
6:26 am
right now. the states withholding nearly $65,000 from atwater and more than $35,000 from coalinga. the money is the first part of $2.5 billion the cities and counties risk losing if they do not follow coronavirus safe guards. new developments this morning, trader joe's says it will not be rebranding certain items despite a petition calling some of their products racist. a teen helped organize that petition and it called attention to the names of international food items like trader jose's. trader joe's says that it disagrees with the accusations of racism and it doesn't make decisions based on petitions. changing consumer habits are influencing a changing workplace in the grocery business. growing demand for home delivery of groceries that a small local company expanding. it is called farmstead.
6:27 am
priousacilitynan igger than ho delery of in month as covid- spread with shoppers spending $6 billion in may. farmsaid ig htead has a dif compared to icompetitors. >> our warehouses are a lot less expensive to open, and moreover, they can support thousands and thousands of deliveries per day. >> farmstead says that it will build more warehouses as demand warrants. next at 6:30, a closer look at covid testing sites. and an estimated 1 million californians still ste unemployment benefits, now governor newsom stepping in with a strike team to fix that backlog and get help to the folks who need it most. i'm julian glover with the plan to fix the problem. and we take a live look
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. now at 6:30, remembering congressman john lewis. the civil rights icon will be laid to rest today. several notable people prepared to speak at his funeral. berkeley unified school district will use distance learning to kick off the school year. the plan the schoolboard just approved. i go on to my unemployment a theres nothose who lost their jobs and are still waiting for unemployment benefits. and opportunities for recent college grads entering a poor job market. jobina highlighting one local company that is hiring.
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good morning, everybody. it is friday, july 30. hi, friends. >> it sure is. >> did i say friday? i'm too happy. i'm too excited. it is not friday, it is almost friday. >> you have your friday blouse on, you are ready to go. bring on the weekend. >> national friend day. >> cheesecake day. >> we got all of that. >> what more could you have. i like it. >> well, it could be tomorrow. >> and we have some warm weather on the way. let's take a look at what is going on outside on this thursday morning and you can see the marine layer is just about 200 or 300 feet taller than it was yesterday, just enough to get it into the east bay hills and late arriving into the east bay valleys. but it won't last long. winds are 32 at fairfield, 25 in the altamont pass.
6:32 am
but it will let up a little bit today and that will allow a degree or two of warmth. we have mid-80s to low 90s in the south bay. low 90s in the east bay rallies. and upper 70s to low 80s up in the north bay. we'll take a look at the friday and weekend forecast coming up. relief is finally on the way for jobless workers who are still fighting to get state unemployment benefits. a new plan is targeting almost one million unpaid claims. getting help for people who have lost their jobs are part of the commitment to build a better bay area. julian glover is live with what the governor is planning to do. >> yeah, the governor pointed to the unprecedented demand due to the job losses as a result of the pandemic. pairing that with some of the antiquated computer systems that the state has, he has that is
6:33 am
primed primarily the issue. the new strike time is supposed to fix that problem. so in 45 days, the team is promising to create an action plan to clear that backlog of an estimated 1 million claims eligible for benefits. the priority is to process the oldest claims first and get help to people who need it the most like valerie dean for example, a breast cancer survivor still undergoing treatment, and also out of work thanks to the pandemic. >> are i've been living on my credit cards and gone through my savings i've pushed off my car pavement as far as i can. i don't know where i stand. i go on to my unemployment online, and there is nothing there. >> so manile of t of th of th e dealing with this. and they are working on
6:34 am
improving the automated system so you can speak to the person that you actually need to speak to morequickly. fixi right now as california ledge late tors are beginning to float the idea of taking over that additional $600 weekly unemployment benefit if the federal government fails to act on the issue. so manile californy le!californ help. julian glover, abc 7 news. and it is a tense wait and see situation in san mateo county. they are officially on the watch list. and if they stay on that list, places like indoor malls, hair salons and gyms will have to clo close midnight saturday. >> some people get to stay open and some don't. >> what will hurt, people in the back of the vauchbtss, people
6:35 am
w who work the state threshold is cases per week. and the health officer blames social gatherings for driving the spike in cases. we're tracking every county in california to see whether it has made the state's watch list and how long it has been there. you can check out the interactive map on and the latest coronavirus numbers are sobering. they are a reminder that there is still a way to go in this pandemic. the first number is especially hard to see. the state reports 197 people died in just a 24 hour period. that is a record high. someone died about every seven minutes. however when you look at the state's number of new covid-19 cases, it is actually below average. and hospitalizations hovering right around average, it seems to have plateaued recently. the test positivity rate appears
6:36 am
to actually be dropping. the seven day average remains under the target of 8%. one key to slowing the spread is testing. the city of berkeley is holding their final day of a pilot covid-19 testing project at san pablo park. they use an oral swab, curative the company behind the method says that the test is close to 90% accurate, and it is comparable to a nasal test. curative and the city are partnering to test 300 more people today after testing 300 people yesterday. >> you cough until you bring up the sputum and you swab for about 20 seconds. >> the results are promised in 24 to 48 hours. the test is free but you do have to make an appoichltmentment there is a list of all testing sites on and john lewis will be laid
6:37 am
to rest in georgia. he is lying in repose at the rotunda of the state capitol building in atlanta, services for lewis will be at the historic ebenezer baptist church later this morning. barack obama will deliver the eulogy. and former presidents bill clinton and george w. bush will participate in the service too. abc news will have special coverage of the celebration of life that starts at about 7:45 right here on abc 7 and we'll also be streaming it at and i hope you take a moment to take a look at the "new york times" which published an essay that lewis wrote shortly before his death. in it he speaks directly to us and says that he was inspired by the recent calls for racial justice. he says that he was d day after lives matter" plaza in washington. he adds though i may not be here with you, i urge you to answer the highest kaling of your heart and stand up for what you truly
6:38 am
believe. in my life, i have done all i can to flon straight that tdemo of peace, love and nonviolence is the more excellent way. now it is your turn to let freedom ring. federal law enforcement agents will begin withdrawing from down town portland starting today. they reached an agreement but it depends on their success of securing the federal courthouse as well as stopping the nightly attack on other federal facilities. federal agents were deployed to portland earlier this month in the wake of demonstrations against police brutality. president trump has campaigned against the protesters and used images of tanctical agents cracking down on protesters in his campaign videos. sir francis drake high school will be getting a new name. the principal made that
6:39 am
announcement yesterday in a letter to parents. he says one of the goals is to become more anti-racist. as you can see the name is already off of the front of the high school and this happened after a sir francis drake statue near the ferry terminal was taken down. for months people have demanded the changes because of drake's dealings with the slave trade. the school is accepting recommendations for a new name until the end of august. another bay area school district finally makes a decision where students are set to continue distance learning at the start of the school year. and we've heard how businesses are struggling during the pandemic. now many workers want to know if california is still raising the minimum wage. the answer from governor newsom. first you are never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. mike, what say you. >> 5:39 on this thursday and i say there is a lot of mist hanging in
6:40 am
you can see the mist hanging in the air, so nothing measurable like we had yesterday. but still possible the next two hours or so. and that is what will be the biggest issue during the morning commute. this afternoon we'll have the same areas that will be breezy and choppy. so let's take a look at some of our neighborhood numbers. we'll start in the peninsula where we're breaking free of the cro clouds at 10:00. 80 the warm spot. and 68 at 8:00. south bay, we should be fairly sunny and 76 by noon. low 80s this afternoon. a few mid-80s the further south you go. and warmest temperatures in the tri-valley, clouds won't last long, low to mid-90s this afternoon. so slightly warmer today, and that will continue to build through the weekend. i'll have that forecast coming
6:41 am
up. good morning, everyone. we will startffit le ll plaza.g you the bay bridge metering lights are on, they came on at 6:22 and you can see the backup as you preach. and it will be a bit slow as you make your way into san francisco. the traffic is really building there for people that are traveling westbound this morning. bringing in our maps here, i'm also following a multicar crash in petaluma this morning. thankfully although an ambulance was called to the scene, no serious injuries have been reported. this is southbound 101 before the east washington off-ramp there. it looks like that you will experience a backup, but it will pick back up. it is not too bad. and there is also fog in the area. very quickly here, drive times as we head out, walnut creek to dublin, 13 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco, 55
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shape the future of brooklyn. kansas city. tucson. atlanta. oregon. los angeles. d.c. start here at
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welcome back. it is about 6:44 this morning. let's take a look at what is going on in san jose. it is 61 and gray. temperatures will hang out in the upper 50s to low 60s. many of us in the mid-50s to low 60s this morning. it is just a degree or two warmer with very high uv index.. the heat is starting to creep closer to our neighborhoods. 118 in palm spring, 90 in yosemite. monterey at 70. a lot of families are looking for some answers right now during this pandemic. the school board in berkeley provided some answers by signing off on a plan if what tfor what school year will look like.
6:45 am
amy hollyfield has those details. >> reporter: yeah, the distance learning model is now set here in berkeley and it looks like for the older kids they will be doing distance learning for a while. the school board saying that high school kids will be doing distance learning for the entire semester until the december break. middle school and elementary school stunts will be doing distance learning for the first eight weeks until at least october 9. the older kids will be spending a lot of time in front of the computer. the high school and middle schools will attend classes on line oig frfrom 9:00 to 2:00 fos a week. wednesday will be an independent learning day. the elementary school kids will meet with their teacher live on the computer every morning for about 30 minutes and then they will be assigned independent assignments to work on. the elementary school stunts wi students will also have opportunities for small group meetings online. the school board knows this is a lot to take in, so they have scheduled a town hall meeting
6:46 am
for monday where parents can get their ques. >ow to your morning money report. the governor says that he will not suspend the state's upcoming minimum wage increase. the current economic conditions give him the ability to put it on hold. so the minimum wage will go up to $13 an hour on january 1 for businesses with 25 or fewer workers. and it will be $14 an hour for businesses with more than 25 employees. new number from the labor department show the gdp dropped by nearly one third in the second quarter because of pandemic shutdowns. this is the biggest decline since world war ii. the latest jobs report, more than 1.43 million people applied for unemployment benefit last week. and more than 17 million people are still receiving benefits, an increase by about a million from last week. so let's try and get you a job. we are committed to helping build a better bay area and that includes the impact the pandemic is having on our economy. so here is our segment job
6:47 am
hunting with jobina. we're looking at ways to get our community back it on work. any recent college grads out there? what is the role that you have for us. >> so we know the pandemic has really had a tough impact on the job market and especially for our recent college grads and even current university students because of all the various hiring freezes, internships drying up, we could go on and on. but there is one local company that is looking for people just like this to teach the next generation. covid-19 is forcing millions of students to learn from home this upcoming school year. but with that said, the pandemic has created an opportunity for recent college grads and university students. ever thought of being a tutor or an instructor? >> back in march we saw a ton of new families looking for support with school. >> reporter: vivian chen is the
6:48 am
co-founder of the san francisco based online learning academy, and they are planning to hire 500 to 600 instructors within the next three to six months. the company focuses in computer science, math and is preparing to expand to other subjects like english. >> most of our employees are actually part-time. so if you can only do 10 to 20 hours while you are potentially learning another skillset or you just need a little bit of a side income while are you in school, it is a flexible option. >> reporter: it was founded in 2017 as a virtual company teaching with a distance learning style before we reallyy knew it was a thing. an in-stwrukts tore in-strucste country. their instructors never really had to pivot, but flexibility is a part of the job requirement. plus a live teaching test and
6:49 am
subject expertise and the soft kills that come from being a great instruct tore. and some of the best teachers are the ones who still love learning. let's check out, enrollment is available with juni learning for a computer science instructor. ball if i indications include college level course work and experience working with young students and a track record in improving student outcomes and starting pay forag an instructo is about $20 an hour. if you are interested in this or any of our other job hunting roles that we have featured, head to >> that's cool. >> i thought so too. >> there is hope. >> yeah, because people are anxious and wondering what is out there. so you have options.
6:50 am
>> always. >> 3.7 million people graduated in the spring looking for jobs. most of them probably still are. beautiful view. yep, the marine layer is a little taller today making a late push into the east bay valleys, but actually it will turn out slightly warmer and brighter this afternoon. i expect the sunshine to come out maybe a half hour, 45 minutes faster than it did yesterday. similar conditions tonight as we've had just about the last two weeks in the morning hours and moderate heat risk in our inland and the high pressure will push the low away a little bit. so they will try to excerpt their flu over influence over u.
6:51 am
and we have low to mid-80s in the south bay, near 90 in morgan hill and gilroy. 70 in millbrae. 63 at half moon bay. town to about 60 in daly city along a cloudy peninsula coast. a little more sunshine north bay coast. in the valleys, upper 70s to low 80s. east bay shore, 79 the warm spot. 73 oakland down to 70 and breezy in richmond. and the breezes, they will be blowing through places like fairfield and pittsburgh and antioch, but still low to mid-90s there. and the tri-valley will be in the upper 80s today. no real change with the cloud cover tonight. a couple degrees warmer tomorrow and also saturday. we'll hold on to that slightly above average warmth. temperatures back too average if not a little below average by tuesday and wednesday.
6:52 am
have a great day. a 4.2 magnitude earthquake shook the region around 4:30 this morning and was followed by at least one after shock. no reports of any damage or injuries. this morning president trump is being called racist for comments he made about affordable housing, an issue of course that where he all know about here in the bay area. mr. trump spoke about rolling back a rule aimed the fighting housing discrimination. >> i've seen conflict for years. it has been hell for suburbia. we rescinded the rule three daysing on gdays ing ago, so enjoy your >> the trump administration has said that the rule is, quote, complicated and ineffective. yesterday on twitter, the president added your housing
6:53 am
prices will go up based on the market, and crime will go down. critics say the president is stoking a racial divide and attempting to appeal to white suburban voters. anxious o an oakland organization is helping families. homies is a community organization located in east oakland. and before covid-19, they operated as an independent after school program, but now they have taken una new community. every tuesday they create a large storefront called the freedom store. >> we let folks shop for free. >> and it takes a community to come together and have volunteers from all over who are coming through. >> during the pandemic, the freedom store has served over 1,000 people a week. halloween still a few months away, but things may be getting
6:54 am
spookier in the south bay. the winchester mystery house is launching a walk with the spirits tour. it is a self guided outdoor nighttime experience and guests will hear tales of the estate's former and possibly current inhabitants and they can also peer into the many windows to see what might materialize. the gates open theat 8:00. and the nba is finally set to resume its regular season inside the so-called orlando bubble with a pair of marquee match-ups. the first game is featuring the utah jazz against the pelicans. that game starts at 3:30 this afternoon. and then the cross town rival lakers battle the clippers, tipoff for that game is at 6:00 p.m. a new study says fitness apps can lead to obsessive behavior and anxiety in young users. ree researchers surveyed more than 1,000 teens and some said that they started using health tracking apps when they were as
6:55 am
young as eight years old. many respondents described obsessive behaviors and feelings of inadequacy after using the apps. researchers say parents need to be more aware of the risks associated with health tracking. >> we don't have time for that. we need self love. >> that's right. and that is why i did find my lotion. >> woodstock gave it back to you. >> he did. he is a generous king. >> he is a king. >> coming up next, the 7 things you need to know. also abc 7 has launched new streaming apps so wherever you are, you can get our live newscast, breaking news, weather and more with our new abc 7 bay area app. just are
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6:57 am
if you are just joining us, here are the 7 things to know. number one, san mateo county has been added to the state's coronavirus watch list. if the county stays on the list,
6:58 am
places like indoor malls, hair salons and gyms will have to close at midnight saturday. number two, berkeley school board the late toast st to appr distance learning plan. schools will follow strict safety rules if campuses reopen. and we're taking a live look at the atlanta georgia why john lewis' funeral will be held today. barack obama will differ telive eulogy. we'll have special coverage. and number four in, a tweet this morning, president trump suggested delaying the november leak. he says mail-in voting will make it inaccurate. by the way, any delay of the election would have to take an act of congress. number five, clouds continue to increase as the marine layer is a little deeper this morning, a few pockets of mist. we should see slightly faster
6:59 am
sunshine and a couple of degrees of warmth this afternoon. and number six, the area where we're seeing the biggest backup is at the bay bridge toll plaza. meteringn and nasa's latest row vver is on its way t mars. it will study if there has ever been life on mars and is expected to land on the plan either planet in february. and mike says what can we watch live? >> weather reports or weather measurements it will take. because, you know, we need to know what the astronauts will run into when they eventually get there. >> i think it is just you, you just want to know everything. >> you know i want to go. >> i know you do. >> he's trying to be the first mars meteorologist. i see you, mike.
7:00 am
good morning, america. not slowing down. the united states surpasses 150,000 deaths as homeland security identifies the 98 hot spots in 30 states. a record number of deaths in texas as one of their congressmen tests positive, questioning if wearing a mask somehow got him sick. this comes a day after he was seen with attorney general william barr. neither of them wearing masks. and vice president pence pushes to re-open schools visiting a classroom in north carolina taking off his mask as the education secretary admits there is no national plan when it comes to re-opening schools. this morning, top public health expert dr. ashish jha joins us live. bracing for tropical storm isaias. the record-breaking system barreling through the caribbean with winds up to 60 miles per hour in puerto r


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