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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 31, 2020 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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black is king is out on disney plus. go watch it and get your friday good morning, america.riday on the brink. officials fearing a surge in the north if the virus doesn't get under control. florida reporting a record-breaking 24 hours in fatalities for the third day in a row, and former presidential candidate herman cain losing his battle to the virus. >> i was there. >> this as president trump criticizes top public health expert, dr. anthony fauci. fauci confidently responding saying, he hasn't been wrong, period. breaking overnight, collision course. isaias upgraded to a category 1 hurricane, ripping through the caribbean, causing catastrophic flash flooding and mudslides in puerto rico. now florida to maine on high alert bracing for impact amid the coronavirus emergency. rob is tracking the latest in
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miami. delay the election? >> i don't want to see a crooked election. >> backlash against president trump after he suggested postponing the november presidential election. top republican leaders immediately rejecting the idea, the president now backtracking. be kind to one another. >> ellen degeneres breaking her silence. apologizing after a new report detailed allegations her daytime talk show created a toxic work environment. ♪ lead me home a mighty farewell. congressman john lewis laid to rest, three former presidents paying their respects to the civil rights icon. >> america was built by john lewises. >> former president obama saying lewis will be a founding father to that fuller, fairer, better america, and speaking out against voter suppression. >> even as we sit here, there are those in power who are doing their darnedest to discourage
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people from voting. a whole new game. the nba finally restarting. before the whistle, everyone on the court arm in arm kneeling during the national anthem. ♪ and the first basket back sunk by the first player who tested positive for covid. ♪ we part of something and a year in the making. ♪ >> we're dancing into the weekend with beyonce. "black is king" trending big overnight. inside the powerful visual album. the superstar appearances and how her daughter stole the show. and good morning, america. we do have some breaking news as we come on the air. the search and rescue efforts are under way right now for marines missing off the coast of southern california. this happened after a deadly
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amphibious assault vehicle mishap. we're going to have much more on this developing story coming up later. we are also watching capitol hill this morning. congress still in a deadlock over that new coronavirus relief package. the big question right now, will 30 million americans lose those much needed checks? >> yeah, more on that from washington just ahead. we begin with the latest on the coronavirus emergency. in the past 24 hours, the u.s. reporting more than 69,000 new cases and more than 1,500 new deaths. nationwide though new cases were actually down last week compared to the previous week. it's the first time that has happened since early june, amy. >> but fatalities, tom, are up 16%. the new projection from the cdc estimates there could be up to 182,000 deaths by august 22nd. victor oquendo starts us off from miami, florida, posting a record number of coronavirus deaths for a third straight day. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, amy. those numbers are staggering but there is some encouraging news from the covid-19 tracking
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project. the seven-day new case average is declining in four major hot spots -- california, arizona, texas and here in florida. but florida did just break its own dark record for fatalities in a single day and the virus continues to spread elsewhere. the devastating toll of covid-19 is growing. florida reporting a record-breaking number of fatalities for the third day in a row, and now concerns that the virus is moving into the midwest. ohio reporting a new high on thursday with more than 1,700 new cases. >> now we see the virus probably because of vacations and other reasons of travel moving up into kentucky, tennessee, southern ohio, missouri, iowa, kansas, nebraska and of course we continue to have problems across the west coast. >> reporter: inside houston's united memorial medical center, growing desperation and frustration. >> we're doing our best to save all these people. then you get another batch of
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people that are doing exactly the opposite of what you're telling them to do. >> reporter: 67-year-old riley harrison is here fighting for his life. >> you got a death wish playing with covid. >> reporter: also losing his battle with the virus, former presidential candidate herman cain. the former ceo of godfather's pizza tested positive for the coronavirus nine days after attending president trump's rally in tulsa last month where he was also seen posing for photos and dancing without a mask. >> i was there. >> reporter: it's unknown if cain was infected at the rally or somewhere else. overnight president trump offering condolences, but making no reference to that rally. >> let me begin by expressing our sadness at the passing of a wonderful man and a dear friend of mine, herman cain. he was a very special person. >> reporter: and overnight, the nation's top infectious disease expert dr. anthony fauci speaking with b.e.t.'s mark lamont hill about how he handles the constant barrage of criticism often straight from president trump's twitter
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account. >> you know, when i'm with him, i have a very good relationship with him, and then i see something like that and i scratch my head. >> reporter: and of the president's appearance on fox news to highlight what he claims are mistakes made by dr. fauci. >> dr. fauci's a nice man but he's made a lot of mistakes. >> i haven't been wrong, period. i haven't. and i go -- i'd be happy to go through each and every one those. >> reporter: but despite what he calls noise, he says he and the president have a solid working relationship. >> the president right now and i are -- we're fine. we're fine. >> reporter: there is some hope this morning. northwestern medicine announcing the first covid-19 patients to receive double lung transplants. 28-year-old mara ramirez says she doesn't remember the six weeks she spent on a ventilator. when she woke up, she had new lungs that saved her life. >> lung transplantation for the terminally ill covid patients is an option. i just happened to be the first, and hopefully i can be an example for others out there. >> reporter: and as florida
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prepares for a hurricane in the middle of a pandemic, statewide all public testing sites like this one here in miami beach are now closed at least through the weekend. tom? >> florida cannot catch a break. all right, victor, thank you for that. as victor mentioned, florida is bracing for another potential emergency breaking overnight, isaias has strengthened to a category 1 hurricane already causing catastrophic flash flooding and mudslides right here in puerto rico. rob is in miami tracking the very latest. rob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tom. clearly your family on edge this morning as is most people across parts of miami. look at this dramatic video coming out of puerto rico yesterday. they had nearly a half a foot of rain, probably more by the looks of this. this young boy among others being carried to safety by the national guard and these flash flooding and mudslides ripping through the western part of the island. they were under a drought. this part of the island at least not anymore. category 1 storm now forecast to become a category 2 tonight into tomorrow, and getting abreast of
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miami as a 90-mile-an-hour storm. you know, the intensity forecast, some uncertainty as with the track but it will be very close to the coastline. some of the impacts you'll see in florida over the weekend a storm surge of one to five feet. winds 50 to 80 miles an hour. big rain here. if it jogs to the west we will be in big trouble, four to eight inches expected with damaging winds and dangerous surf then pouring up into the carolinas, potentially even impacting the northeast. much more to come in the forecast throughout the show. cecilia, over to you. >> okay, rob, thanks. we'll head over to washington now where president trump made that suggestion to delay november's election. something that has never happened in our country's history, not even during the civil war. the backlash from his own allies immediate. one even saying the president should be impeached over this. this came as the president faces this surge in covid cases and record low economic numbers yesterday. terry moran has more from washington. >> reporter: as virus cases surge and as poll numbers plummet, president trump put forth an unprecedented suggestion. tweeting, with universal mail-in
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voting 2020 will be the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history. it will be a great embarrassment to the usa. delay the election until people can properly, securely and safely vote? >> i don't want to see a crooked election. >> reporter: but there's no evidence that mail-in voting leads to widespread fraud and the president has no power to delay the election. that would require an act of congress. even trump's staunchest republican allies quickly, firmly and publicly dismissed the idea. >> well, never in the history of the country through wars, depressions and the civil war have we ever not had a federally scheduled election on time and we'll find a way to do that again this november 3rd. >> reporter: and a co-founder of the federalist society that's an influential conservative group, handing down one of the most dramatic rebukes, writing in an op-ed that trump's tweet was fascistic and grounds for the president's immediate impeachment. presumptive democratic nominee joe biden warned months ago that
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trump would try to push back the election. >> this president is going to try to steal this election. he said that all mail-in ballots are fraudulent, voting by mail, while he sits behind the desk in the oval and writes his mail-in ballot to vote in the primary. >> reporter: the president is backtracking, but still suggesting a delay in returns on election night would discredit the results. >> i don't want to delay. i want to have the election. but i also don't want to have to wait for three months and then find out that the ballots are all missing and the election doesn't mean anything. >> reporter: on mail-in ballots abc news has reached out to the top election officials in all 50 states and here in the district and heard back from 27 so far, democrats and republicans. and not one of them, not a single one has expressed concern that mail-in voting would result in significant fraud in their state. the bottom line here, cecilia, a politician who thinks he will win an election doesn't call for it to be delayed. >> yeah, exactly, that, terry, clearly feeling the pressure.
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we're less than 100 days out from election day. the trump campaign now looking at a shift in strategy? >> reporter: they are. it's real interesting. just in the home stretch the president's campaign has pulled all the ads, has taken a pause in buying any television ads around the country. that's very unusual at this point. there is a new campaign manager. so there's a reset on that, but it is another sign that this campaign, the president's re-election campaign, is having trouble targeting joe biden, finding something that will stick and finding a positive message about what the president's second term vision is. cecilia? >> terry moran, thank you. amy? >> all right, cecilia. now to congress. deadlocked, unable to make a deal to extend jobless benefits expiring today. that's impacting 30 million americans. senior congressional correspondent mary bruce is in washington tracking all the latest on that. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, amy. well, overnight another round of talks failed to produce any progress. emerging from that meeting the white house chief of staff said that americans who are relying on these benefits, he's not optimistic they'll see relief
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any time soon. late yesterday senate republicans and mitch mcconnell made a last-minute attempt to extend the payments but at just $200. democrats are demanding they continue the full $600 and called the move a stunt. they say it's nothing more than a politically callous attempt after republicans failed for weeks to come up with a more comprehensive plan. the bottom line here, these benefits for 30 million americans are expiring. the checks have already gone out, those last round of checks, and right now there simply is no deal in sight to replace them. tom? >> the clock ticking and still no deal. thank you. we want to turn to that other breaking news this morning. at least eight marines are missing off the coast of southern california. search and rescue efforts are under way right now, and will carr joins us with the very latest. will, we know at least one person has died so far? >> reporter: that's right, tom. a number of military families have been up all night waiting on word as to what happened to their loved ones. there's a search and rescue
7:13 am
going on off the coast of californ california. after a marine amphibious assault vehicle took on water during an exercise overnight. 15 marines and one sailor were inside the aav at the time of the incident. eight have been recovered. two marines have been transported to hospitals. one is in critical condition. the other is stable. we've also confirmed that one marine was killed. the marines are part of the 15th expeditionary unit, a unit that can be sent quickly to respond to emergencies across the world at any point. the amphibious assault vehicle they were training in could be launched from a navy ship and then used like a regular armored personnel carrier when it hits the beach. the commanding officer of the 15th meu tweeting, we are deeply saddened by this tragic incident. i ask that you keep our marines and sailors and their families in your prayers as we continue to search, obviously, everybody hoping for some good news as the search continues. set cecelia? >> we certainly are. okay, will, thank you. we're going to turn now to the final farewell for john lewis. the congressman and civil rights
7:14 am
icon buried in atlanta. three former presidents there including former president barack obama who said the voting rights lewis spent his life fighting for are once again under threat. steve osunsami is right there in atlanta with the latest on this. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. there was a lot of talk at the funeral about voting, especially in this election in november. a message lewis himself endorsed. >> a young kid from troy can stand up to the powers and principalities and say, no, this isn't right. this isn't true. this isn't just. we can do better. america was built by john lewises. [ bells toll ] >> reporter: this is how america is saying good-bye to john lewis, the civil rights freedom fighter and congressman who made good trouble a good thing. he was the great grandson of slaves and at his funeral in the
7:15 am
middle of the pandemic were three u.s. presidents who came to pay their respects. >> john lewis was a walking rebuke to people who thought, well, we ain't there yet and we've been working a long time. isn't it time to bag it? he kept moving. >> listen, john and i had our disagreements, of course, but in the america john lewis fought for and the america i believe in, differences of opinion are inevitable elements and evidence of democracy in action. [ applause ] >> reporter: lewis was a lifelong public servant who once bled for the right for black americans to vote, and thursday president president obama, the first aftrican-american elected to that office, delivered his
7:16 am
eulogy. his relationship with obama was an important one, like many black americans, lewis was in tears the night history was made and obama was elected. >> and someday when we do finish that long journey towards freedom, when we do form a more perfect union, whether it's years from now or decades or even if it takes another two centuries, john lewis will be a founding father of that fuller, fairer, better america. [ applause ] >> reporter: at his service obama spoke strongly about voter suppression, he says, is still happening today. >> even as we sit here, there are those in power who are doing their darnedest to discourage people from voting by closing polling locations and targeting minorities and students with restrictive i.d. laws and attacking our voting rights with surgical precision, even undermining the postal service in the run-up to an election
7:17 am
that's going to be dependent on mail-in ballots so people don't get sick. >> reporter: lewis was a hero to many including 12-year-old tybre faw who he met years ago at a commemoration of the march from 1965 where lewis nearly lost his life marching for voting rights. decades before the boy was even born. >> john lewis was my hero and my friend. let's honor him by getting in good trouble. [ applause ] >> reporter: congressman lewis was beloved and was buried in an atlanta cemetery founded by freed slaves who at the time had nowhere else to bury their dead with dignity. the final resting place for a man of so much purpose. ♪ and lead me home >> reporter: here's something people forget. john lewis was the youngest last surviving member of the six legendary civil rights activists
7:18 am
of the 1960s led by dr. martin luther king who is buried directly across the street from the church where i am standing right now. guys, lewis spent his entire life helping others. back to you. >> beautiful tribute, steve. thank you. really lovely. all right, we are following a lot of other headlines this morning including ellen degeneres addressing those accusations that her show is a toxic workplace in an emotional letter to the staff, the fallout this morning. and the big changes on the court after the nba's epic restart. but first, let's head back over to rob in miami. it is friday. so let's get right to your weekend forecast sponsored by walmart.
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we're we're going to have much more on beyonce's blockbuster "black is king" trending big overnight. we will be right back. stay with us.
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>> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure fture, this is abc7 news. >> good morning this friday. i'm reggie. they are working to find out what sparked a fire near fisherman's wharf. you're seeing the fire moments after it broke out in an apartment building near bay at 2:00 this morning. firefighters rescued one person. they also saved a dog. san francisco's oldest restaurant will close temporarily today. tadich grill served for 171 years. the pandemic forced it to close. the owners posted on facebook they'll suspend operations until they can reopen for indoor dining. we're going to check in
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a >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> good afternoon. we have some cloudiness out there. some measurable drizzle in the north bay where the clouds have been thicker. temperatures the same as they've been all week, 50, near 60 degrees. here's a look at san jose. cloudy and sunny. our mass transit today, you can see the clouds in san jose. breezy everywhere and choppy everywhere this afternoon. so it's not going to be just north of the bay bridge like it's been. warm est this weekend. look at that. some drizzle, measurable drizzle with cooler than average temperatures. have a great weekend. reggie? >> mike, thank you. coming up, the ellen degeneres workplace rocked. writing an emotional letter to her staff saying changes will be made. we'll show you the details of the accusation and how it will
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join target circle for free today. ♪ welcome back to "gma." that is beyonce's brand-new music video "already" featured in the hotly anticipated blockbuster "black is king." it dropped overnight and not really a big shock because beyonce does really well. that video already getting more than 650,000 views on youtube and counting. >> plus one, i just watched so we have one more there. >> i'm really excited about it. it's really good what i've seen so far. much more on that ahead in our next hour. first, the top headlines we are following right now. officials fearing a coronavirus surge in the north if we do not get this virus under control soon and florida now reporting a record-breaking 24 hours in fatalities for the third day in a row. this as president trump is once again criticizing top public
7:31 am
health expert dr. anthony fauci. fauci firing back confidently saying he hasn't, quote, been wrong, period. also right now, isaias is strengthening to a category 1 hurricane overnight causing catastrophic flash flooding and mudslides in puerto rico. now florida to maine on high alert. and this morning, new evidence and documents in the case against ghislaine maxwell. a judge unsealing hundreds of pages of documents about the longtime associate of convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein after attorneys for maxwell argued they hadn't been in contact for a decade. epstein and maxwell's emails from 2015 have now been made public. and take a look at this massive fire. an entire apartment complex engulfed in flames in philadelphia. at least four people were injured and the blaze displaced a dozen families. the cause of that fire still under investigation this morning. all right, but we begin with ellen degeneres.
7:32 am
you may have seen the headlines. new allegations this morning just hours after the talk show host apologized in that emotional letter to her staff addressing allegations of a toxic work environment, and the production studio's investigation. kaylee hartung has more. kaylee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tom. the culture at ellen's talk show has been under a harsh spotlight for the past few weeks, and just as ellen vows to make changes, these new allegations are paint an even more unsettling picture of what's going on behind the scenes. >> be kind to one another, bye. >> reporter: this morning, disturbing new allegations rocking the "ellen" show just hours after ellen apologized over accusations her show created a toxic work culture. buzzfeed publishing a new report overnight detailing sexual harassment and misconduct allegations against several top producers at the talk show by dozens of former employees who spoke out anonymously. these accusations following earlier claims from one current and ten former employees who also spoke anonymously to buzzfeed claiming they faced, quote, racism, fear and intimidation.
7:33 am
>> i think one of the reasons that this story sort of became as big as it was is because the show and ellen herself has sort of a be kind mantra and these are the allegations of, you know, a toxic work culture, and it very much flies in the face of that mantra. >> reporter: buzzfeed reporting a black woman who worked there for a year and a half alleged one senior writer told her, i'm sorry, i only know the names of the white people who work here and says she was reprimanded by the show's executive producer for suggesting the staff receive diversity and inclusion training. and according to the report, some claim they were told not to speak directly to degeneres. in a letter to staffers, the emmy award winning host writing on day one of our show i told everyone in our first meeting that "the ellen degeneres show" would be a place of happiness. no one would ever raise their voice and everyone would be treated with respect. obviously something changed. and i am disappointed to learn that this is not the case and for that i am sorry. ellen also saying my name is on the show and everything we do
7:34 am
and i take responsibility for that. >> a lot of these accusations are over racism. they're over unjust termination. they're over sort of a larger culture of fear and intimidation and a toxic workplace environment that is perpetuated by the show's producers. i think what you're hearing in a lot of these claims are not so much about ellen herself, but rather the sort of management team around her. >> reporter: an internal investigation launched by warner bros. after the initial buzzfeed report, found some deficiencies related to the show's day-to-day management, though not all of the allegations were corroborated. degeneres promising to correct the issues writing, quote, as we've grown exponentially i have not been able to stay on top of everything and relied on others to do their jobs as they knew i'd want them done. clearly some didn't. that will now change and i'm committed to ensuring this does not happen. now, ellen says along with warner bros. studio, they are taking steps to correct these
7:35 am
issues and that includes some staffing changes. according to "the hollywood reporter," one top producer has already been let go. amy? >> all right, kaylee, thank you. well now to the nba's long awaited restart, the competition was fierce with two games down to the wire, but in the bubble it was a night of basketball like we've never seen before with virtual fans sitting courtside, and the black lives matter movement taking center court. t.j. holmes is here with more, and t.j., it is a whole new game. >> reporter: it's a whole new game, but you remember robach, march 11th, we were watching basketball together. weren't we, robach? >> yeah, sure. >> reporter: that was -- the last nba game was march 11th, and it only took us 140 days, 21 hours and 30 minutes to get the restart going, and yes. it looks a whole lot different, the basketball we saw last night. and we're supposed to get sports back to give us an escape for what's going on in the world,
7:36 am
but when you watched that game last night, pandemic and protests were front and center. every player, every coach, even the referees, taking a knee during the national anthem. a concerted show of unity as the nba returned with two games overnight and with a message and a spotlight not just on its superstars but social justice and racial equality. >> we can still play basketball, but at the end of the day, social justice has to be had. >> reporter: the first game of the night between the new orleans pelicans and utah jazz tipped off with players showcasing messages instead of their names on the back of their jerseys. peace, freedom, say her name. this first official game inside the so-called nba bubble comes 4 1/2 months after the league suspended the season after a player tested positive for the coronavirus. that player, utah jazz center rudy gobert. he just happened to score the first points of the restart and knocked down the game-winning free throws too. >> the game was great. we won by 2. but at the end of the day breonna taylor's killer is still free. >> we understand what's going on
7:37 am
in society and using this platform as the players and coaches and organizations to continue to stand strong on that. >> reporter: the nba bubble seeing success so far at the disney wide world of sports living on campus, social distancing and consistent testing has led to zero reported cases of covid-19 in the latest round of testing. nba is back under way. if the season goes and they're able to go through then the nba finals would go until, guys, october 13th. that's normally the time the new season would start. we'll deal with that problem later. on the mlb front we know what's going on with the marlins, they had an outbreak. now the phillies have announced that they have had two members of their organization test positive. not players, test positive for covid, so they have shut down all operations there right now at their stadium, there in philadelphia. so nba has good things to report. mlb seems to be going the wrong direction and the difference, yes, nba is in a bubble, mlb is not. >> the bubble model might be it. that might be the answer. >> all right, t.j., thank you.
7:38 am
espn's coverage of the nba's return kicks off tonight with a doubleheader. it starts at 6:30 eastern. check your local listings. t.j., so excited. i wish you guys could see. he's behind the cameras pumped up. coming up next, covid in the classroom. the big questions this morning as the school year approaches. how one teacher is preparing for socially distanced learning. her video getting millions of views. her video getting millions of views. and i'm here with nicole and miles and we're out to find the top looks for day one back to school at dick's sporting goods and so we want to find something that's going to grab everyone's attention the variety and selection is crazy bucket hat bucket hat this would be a fire first day fit. definitely making a statement with that. go dick's. whether you're going back to school online or in-person, get the brands that make a statement. day one starts here.
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"gma" as millions of parents and students debate when and how to safely return to school, some teachers are going public now with their concerns and we're getting an inside look at what these new socially distant classrooms might look like. diane macedo has more on all this. good morning, diane. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning. katie o'connor says she felt so sad seeing her classroom stripped down for covid. she wanted to give parents and her students a heads up so they could prepare. now her video has been viewed over 4 million times as parents, teachers and administrators try to find the best way forward. the new york department of education is out with new guidelines for potential covid outbreaks in schools saying they'll close the school for two weeks if two or more children in different classrooms test positive for the virus. from coast to coast, parents and officials are trying to make decisions about the re-opening of schools, but with so much still unknown. >> the key issue here is staffing and the ability for the school districts to staff and plan accordingly for what the parents want.
7:43 am
>> reporter: the safety of students and faculty is still raising concerns with teachers unions across the country saying, they'll support a strike if they feel their school system isn't doing enough. to protect the faculty. around the world new safety protocols in place with plexiglas barriers on lunch tables in south korea, and in greece, classrooms are sprayed with disinfectant. >> here are my desks spaced out three feet apart. >> reporter: here in the u.s. fifth grade colorado teacher, katie o'connor hoped to give her students a video preview of how different her classroom looks when prepped for covid. >> books are all put away. >> reporter: what she captured instead was a series of emotional moments as she realized how different her classroom feels. >> probably not even going to be doing anything on paper because we can't pass it around. you can't collect it. in what world is this an
7:44 am
elementary school classroom? this stinks. this is -- this makes me really sad. >> reporter: over a week later the video now has over 4 million views and counting. >> what was your reaction when you saw how many people were viewing this video? >> this is so crazy to me. it's not something that i feel like is really being shared or being talked about with the new normal of school. >> reporter: that new normal includes a lot of uncertainty. o'connor still has no idea how many kids will actually be in her classroom and how many will join virtually instead. >> i just feel like a soldier right now. we're fighting, but we're not the ones making the decisions of what we're fighting for. >> reporter: she says while she's excited to go back, she's also anxious. >> there's so much unknown still, and every procedure from recess to lunch to pickup and dropoff has completely changed, and so it's just -- it's starting over. >> reporter: and o'connor says she's received an outpouring of support from all over the world in response to her video. now she's just hoping as schools
7:45 am
re-open here that everyone will give teachers some grace as they try to figure this all out, guys. >> hope that's the case. >> we already ask so much of them. >> as a parent, you hear that and they can't share paper. school is about community. it's so eye-opening as a parent. it's hard to believe and so many parents have so many questions. >> yes, and they remain still to this day. we'll have to wait and see for that. much more on covid in the classroom coming up in our next hour. also coming up, inside beyonce's blockbuster visual album "black is king" trending overnight. and coming up next, we've got our "play of the day." ♪ verizon knows how to build unlimited right. you start with the network j.d. power has named the most awarded for network quality 25 times in a row. this network is one less thing i have to worry about. then, give people more plans to mix and match, so you only pay for what you need. that is so cool! include the best in entertainment, and offer it all starting at $35. with the iphone everyone wants. iphone 11 pro on us, when you buy one.
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7:50 am
obvious reasons. that's not necessarily a forward facing shot. >> maybe not what you want in your holiday photo. >> that's cute. coming up, anthony anderson joins us live. don't go anywhere. ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+/her2- metastatic breast cancer, as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole, and shrank tumors in over half of patients. patients taking ibrance can develop low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infections that can lead to death. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs that can lead to death. tell your doctor right away
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7:54 am
steamy across much of the western u.s. and that won't bode well obviously for fires. this heat wave continues to build there, and temperatures will remain warm it looks like right through the beginning of the week. coming up, more about what parents need to know about covid safe classrooms. we've got all the big questions and an expert to answer them. also this morning, how you can still get a great workout with so many gyms closed across the country. and it's friday and we're celebrating with our adorable pet of the week. can't wait to see you all. meet milo. time now for more lo
7:55 am
california's economic challenges are deepening. frontline workers stretched too thin. our nurses and medical professionals in a battle to save lives. our schools, in a struggle to safely reopen, needing money for masks and ppe, and to ensure social distancing. and the costs to our economy, to our state budget? mounting every day. we need to provide revenues now, to solve the problems we know are coming. "good morning america" is "good morning america" is sponsored by state farm. like a good neighbor, state farm is there. is there.
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>> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> good morning. i'm reggie o'keefe from abc mornings. san francisco is opening a new hospital emergency site because of a surge in coronavirus cases. there have been a thousand new cases in just ten days. 107 covid patients are in city hospitals right now. that is the most since the pandemic began. the facility at the presidio can handle 93 people if that's needed. health officials say they want to be ready if they captan't sl the surge of cases. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco with a look at our forecast. >> mike, thank you. let's look at the golden gate bridge. winds are picking up at 17 miles per hour with seasonal warmth a touch of average. north bay south bay 70s. 60s in san francisco.
7:57 am
>> mike, thank you. next on gma, the colorado teacher whose video diary of her covid classroom has now gone viral. the emotional educator uncertain how this is going to work out with fewer supplies and young kids.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. fears of a surge. officials concerned about a rise in the northeastern u.s. if the virus doesn't get under control. florida reporting a record-breaking 24 hours in fatalities for the third day in a row and former presidential candidate herman cain losing his battle to the virus. >> i was there. >> this as president trump criticizes top public health expert dr. anthony fauci. fauci confidently responding, saying he hasn't been wrong, period. collision course. isaias upgraded to a category 1 hurricane. florida to maine on high alert bracing for impact amid the coronavirus emergency. rob is tracking the latest in miami. covid and the classroom. so many questions at the gunning of the school year. new safety protocols around the
8:01 am
world from plexiglas barriers on lunch tables to face shields and spraying with disinfectant. we show you this colorado elementary schoolteacher showing so many how our classroom will look this fall. more on the challenges they all face. ♪ shut up and drive expanding her empire. rihanna's game-changing fenty skin care line now officially here. beauty experts reveal how it's transforming the industry. >> it's not having a moment, it's a movement. >> and setting the bar for inclusivity. are you ready for beyonce? ♪ we're part of something bigger ♪ >> the visual album a year in the making. ♪ >> "black is king" trending big dropping hours ago. the superstar appearances and how daughter blue ivy stole the show. all ahead as we say good
8:02 am
morning, america. ♪ >> thanks for being with us. >> it's friday. you know what that means. >> oh, i do. i do. >> hear the excitement. pet of the week. >> i did the story and asked our purchases if this dog was for real. he has his own cooking show. a dog with a cooking show. i thought i was being set up. this is 100% real. he also has a thing for butterflies. there's a lot going on with this dog but it is all very cute and the dog is amazing. we'll tell you more about it later. >> we can't wait for that. we do have a lot of news to get to starting with the latest on the coronavirus emergency. in the past 24 hours the united states reporting more than 69,000 new cases and more than 1500 new deaths. let's go back to victor oquendo who is in hard hit miami, florida, good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, amy. once again florida breaking the grim record for fatalities in a single day. there is some encouraging news
8:03 am
that the number of new cases in the major hot spot states appear to be declining. there is fear the virus is spreading further into other states. the devastating toll of covid-19 is growing. florida reporting a record-breaking number of fatalities for the third day in a row and now concerns that the virus is moving into the midwest. ohio reporting a new high on thursday with more than 1700 new cases. also losing his battle with the virus, former presidential candidate herman cain, the former ceo of godfather's pizza tested positive for the coronavirus nine days after attending president trump's rally in tulsa last month where he was also seen posing for photos and dancing without a mask. >> i was there. >> reporter: it's unknown if cain was infected at the rally or somewhere else. overnight president trump offering condolences but making no reference to that rally. >> let me begin by expressing our sadness at the passing of a wonderful man and a dear friend
8:04 am
of mine, herman cain. he was a very special person. >> reporter: as florida prepare force a hurricane in the middle of a pandemic, statewide all public testing sites like this one behind me are now closed and starting tonight all parks and beaches in miami-dade county, they're closing as well. tom. >> they want everyone to stay safe. thank you for that. the east coast from florida to maybe bracing for isaias which strengthened to a cat 1 hurricane overnight. rob is tracking the latest. a lot of good friend answer family worried about the storm as it approaches. >> i know they are, tom. as you know, being from here, this is an anxious time waiting for a hurricane that may or may not make landfall and you see the dramatic images coming out of puerto rico. this is what it did the last two days. a lot of rain in through there. look at these kids being carried out on the shoulders of soldiers to higher ground and then the flash flooding, the mudslides. this is dramatic stuff on the west side. category 1 storm, we expect it
8:05 am
to be a 2 later on tonight. 90-mile-per-hour winds and paralleling the coast likely during the day on sunday. getting close to charleston on monday, maybe crossing north carolina monday into tuesday and then maybe even impacting the northeast on wednesday. now, when a track parallels the coast like this all you need is a jog to the west by 50 miles and talking about much larger impacts so that is what we're worried about and preparing for here across parts of south florida and that's what we'll watch closely over the next 24 hours. >> we know you'll follow it through the weekend. this morning we've got a first to tell you about. the september issue of "o" magazine is featuring a cover photo that is not oprah. take a look there. the media mogul chose to pay tribute to the 26-year-old breonna taylor, the young woman fatally shot by police when they stormed into her home. she speaks candid di will the decision to honor her memory saying she was just like me. she was just like you. oprah also says she wanted to use whatever megaphone she has to bring attention to breonna's
8:06 am
case. so far no criminal charges have been filed against those three officers who owner tered her home back in march. what parents need to know about covid safe classrooms. all the experts here. nutritionist maya feller here with how to pack healthy snacks for the drive. that's always tough. >> yes, it is. then inside the making of beyonce's blockbuster visual film "black is king" all ahead on "gma." ♪ "gma's morning menu" is sponsored by u.s. bank. let u.s. bank turn your new inspiration into your next pursuit. some see a grilled cheese sandwich and ask, "why?" i see a new kitchen with a grill and ask, "why not?" i really need to start adding "less to cart" and "more to savings." sitting on this couch so long made me want to make some changes...starting with this couch.
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♪ good morning, good morning welcome back to "gma" on this friday morning. and we have a friday surprise for you, a pop-in for our "pop news." right? it's with our very favorite anthony anderson joining us. >> and the timing is perfect because he just got his ninth, say it again, ninth emmy nomination for "black-ish." good morning to you, friend. hands up. >> good morning. good morning. >> let's see. >> hold on. hold on. nominee, nominee. >> let's see. >> nominee. >> there you go. >> i was going to ask you how you're feeling but i guess we just covered that. >> i'm feeling great. i'm feeling great. it's a great morning this morning. >> well, congratulations. the shirt looks good. >> we heard from kerry washington yesterday. she said when she received her
8:12 am
emmy nominees you were the first celebrity to text her. so who was the first celebrity to text you to congratulate you? >> the first -- i was just going through my phone because i was asked that question, don cheadle, my partner in crime who's also nominated again this year text me first. >> speaking of partners in crime and emmy nominees last time we had your "black-ish" co-star tracee ellis ross on, she was talking about how she thought you two might be shooting the next season. she was saying about being in your car six feet apart using cell phones, she was joking, but the question, it does beg the question how are you going to film the next season of "black-ish"? do you know? >> you know what, i think we're all going to do it via skype, zoom and blue jean right now. none of us will ever go to the studio. we'll all do it from the confines of our own home just like we're doing this interview right now. >> no "black-ish" bubble? >> no. [ laughter ]
8:13 am
no, no. we're going to have our own individual bubbles. look at all that gray. look at this. i didn't put my shoe dye in this morning. okay. >> no, you're still looking good. so we also know you're working on "to tell the truth" where celebrities have to turn into detectives to figure out who is telling the truth. who is the worst at it so far that you've dealt with? >> the worst -- the worst person that we've had so far is actually the most improved person because we've had him back a second time. mike tyson. we had mike tyson on season 1 and he came back this past season which is our fifth season and he was one of the worst players we've had in the beginning, so bad to put him on time-out literally in front of a live audience and he came back on our fifth season and, you know, really had a great time. >> oh, well, you didn't list our
8:14 am
friend michael strahan as the worst. i hear he's on the show next thursday. how did he do? if he's not the worst where does he rank? >> you got -- mike is a competitor and basically my brother from another mother. you guys have to watch this show with michael strahan on. we have a new segment or a new part of our show where we give away a bust of my mother and her bust. and that is only given to the celebrity who answers everything correctly. i will tell you this, coming into the final round of the show, michael strahan had answered everything correctly. you have to watch and see where he ends up at the end of the show. >> so we might get some new hardware here in the studio. let's keep talking about your mom. she is full of life. she's right there by your side. she brings a smile to everyone's face. has she done anything that
8:15 am
shocked you on the set or shocked the audience? >> well, nothing my mother does shocks me, you know, i'll be 50 next month so i've had the pleasure of experiencing my mother for, you know, 00 years now. but we had a contestant on the show that had the longest fingernails in guinness book of world record history and my mother being my mother asked a question just straight out, how do you go to the bathroom and finish with nails like that? >> oh. >> oh! >> these are the questions america wants to know. >> yeah, that's another pretty good tease. >> and that's what i love about my mom. my mom is the voice of the people. not only for our in-studio audience but for the people at home watching the show and once people saw that, they would stop us on the street and say that's
8:16 am
the same question i would ask. >> speaking of family, anthony, we saw your instagram page. you were able to post a photo with your grandmother that a lot were able to relate to. what was that experience like. >> you know what, speaking of truth and dare, my grandmother is -- that's my mom's mom. she's 94 years old. lives alone on her own in her complex, would not allow us to visit her. grandmomma, we're going to visit you. no, you stay right where you're at okay, grandmo. so fortunately i was over in the neighborhood one day and would not take no for an answer and grandmothers, especially people of a certain age have no filter so i went over and my grandmother told me my head was big, my beard was too big. my head what too big for my beard. i've messed up my face and i needed to shave. >> sounds just like my grandmother who will probably
8:17 am
tell me she didn't like my hair today. where will you put the emmy if you get it? is it going on the shelf behind you? already have scouting locations? >> it's going on the shelf behind me. you can't see it right now. as you can see, it's going to go right between my two peabodies right there, right next to my nickelodeon kid's choice award for best in the movie "kangaroo jack." >> perfect location. we hope it sits on the shelf. anthony anderson, we always love having you. "to tell the truth" airs thursdays at 10:00, 9:00 central right here on abc. tom. >> we look forward to that. our "gma" cover story, beyonce's "black is king" creating an overnight sen sapgs. the hotly anticipated visual album dropped last night on disney plus making waves with its powerful message, kaylee hartung is live in l.a. she's back with the very latest and, kaylee, this is pretty incredible. >> yeah, tom, queen bey says this project was a labor of love and now we understand why.
8:18 am
"black is king" uses themes from "lion king" to take us on incredible journey around the world. beautiful costume, stunning visuals, an all-star cast all tied together by beyonce's superpowers. >> a journey is a gift. >> reporter: this morning another gift from queen bey. overnight the 24-time grammy winner releasing "black is king" on disney plus, the hive staying up all night in anticipation, even lizzo hosting a viewing party. the 85-minute visual album which has been a mystery till now celebrates the black experience. in this exclusive message for "gma," beyonce sharing some secrets behind the film. >> it all started in my backyard, so from my house to johannesburg to ghana to london, to belgium, to the grand canyon, it was truly a journey to bring this film to life but "black is king" means black is regal and
8:19 am
rich in history, in purpose and in language. >> reporter: the music from last year's "lion king" the gift album takes viewers on a journey unlike any other with breathtaking cinematography, more than 30 outfit changes. >> you're all connected. in the great circle of life. >> reporter: costumes and choreography that pay tribute to diverse cultures. already a hit. beyonce's powerful voice joined by an all-star cast with her daughter blue ivy on "brown skin girl." husband jay-z, mother tina knowles, best friend kelly kelly roland and lupita nyong'o. >> my hope for this film is that it shifts the global perception
8:20 am
of the word black which has always meant inspiration and love and strength and beauty to me. >> reporter: no surprise "black is king" is trending on twitter. while we saw blue ivy get the screen time there, beyonce dedicated this projects to her 3-year-old son sir carter saying to all our sons and daughters, the sun and the moon bow for you. you are the keys to the kingdom. cecilia, you've got to watch this. >> i started watching a little bit of it and can't wait to see more. what an important message, kaylee, thank you so much. "black is king" is streaming right now on disney plus. but we are now going to turn to more on this video we were telling you about of a fifth grade teacher showing you a preview of her classroom viewing it more than 4 million time, author and educator rachel simmons joins us with some of the challenges students and teachers are facing as they head back into the school year. good morning to you, rachel. thanks so much for being with us. let's start with teachers right now because this is so hard for
8:21 am
them. they have this decision they have to make. how can they go back to class and keep themselves safe? what's the best advice you can offer them right now? >> so, as we saw from that video earlier, teachers miss their kids. they want to be with their kids and i think the most important thing right now is for teachers to just stay connected with their kid, make their kids feel safe for a couple of reasons. one, they won't learn if they don't feel that way, two, in so many districts they may have to go back to being remote learners so establish the connection now and also lower your expectations of yourself as teachers. there's no way you'll get through the same content this year so go easy. >> parents also very worried. is there anything they can do to help teachers during this time? >> yeah, definitely. i mean, listen, we have to accept that our teachers are working with less capacity, fewer options than they ever have before. we have to lower our expectations and as somebody who loves many teachers in my extended family if you have positive feedback for your teacher, share it.
8:22 am
they need to hear it. >> speaking of parents, they've got a lot of questions understandably, they're very nervous right now. what are the questions they should be asking before kids head back to school? >> yeah, i'm thinking about this as a parent myself. what is the school's plan to support our kids socially and emotionally? they've been out of the classroom, out of practice. they're coming back at an unprecedented moment. how will we help them? secondly we spent so much time telling hem what they can't do. what can they do to connect safely behind masks at six feet and finally what is the school going to do if there is a closure, so many will inevitably have to close. how will they support our kids to become remote learners again. >> exactly that. this remote learning question. so many parents faced with this. do you send your kid back? do you commit to just remote learning? do you do some kind of combination thereof. any tips you can by them. >> if your family needs to send your child back then you've got
8:23 am
to focus on getting them ready to do that. if you have the choice think about two thing, how will your child's personality jive with going back to school behind a mask at social distance with these different circumstances and secondly what is your child need developmentally right now. a kindergartner probably doesn't need to be around their peers with the same intensity that a middle schooler might need so think about personality. think about what developmentally they need to thrive right now under less than perfect circumstances. >> really great advice on such an important topic. thanks so much. let's head back to rob in miami. >> good morning again, cecilia. we are tracking hurricane isaias and the track of this thing getting very close to the coastline. i can tell you this, likely a large percentage of the population of the u.s. will see or east coast will see a good amount of rain if not wind and surge as well.
8:24 am
and now to rihanna's groundbeaking skin care line, the superstar transformed the beauty industry by embracing inclusivity in cosmetics. now her highly anticipated fenty skin is finally here and janai norman has all the details. ♪ work work >> reporter: this morning 32-year-old superstar rihanna is adding to her work. expanding her empire launching her highly anticipated skin care line today. >> wanted a product that worked. more than anything. >> reporter: her gender neutral products called fenty skin made
8:25 am
for all. >> a movement of color and have a lot of sensitivity in a lot of areas on my face. >> reporter: the new line is the latest venture for the singer, actress and fashion designer, first setting the bar for inclusivity with her beauty line which includes over 40 different shades of foundation for women of every color and undertone. the skin care line making similar promises. >> they deserve great product, great skin and it should not be inaccessible. >> reporter: since 2017 major brands like dior and cover girl have all expanded their offerings to include a variety of darker skin tones. >> status quo became 40 shades and up. brands knew to create ten shades or 20 shades was not enough anymore. >> reporter: the demand for diverse beauty products mainly driven by black consumers who make up 86% of what nielsen calls the ethnic hair and beauty market. >> black women are the biggest
8:26 am
beauty consumers in 2019 alone, we spent $1.2 trillion on beauty products. that's two times more than nonblack consumers. >> reporter: beauty influencers like monica muse thrilled. >> if i see anything like geared towards dark spot, i'm like, that's me. >> reporter: but major brands are still playing catch-up. >> it's not having a moment, it's a movement and it needs to be an ongoing conversation. >> reporter: demand for fenty skin was so high we saw reports that the website crashed overnight and some of those brand-new products, amy, are already sold out. >> not surprised at all, janai, thank you so much. coming up next our pet of the week and you don't want to miss the adorable milo.
8:27 am
building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is "abc 7 news". good morning. happening today, wells fargo will turn many of its branches nationwide into drive-up food distribution centers including one location in fremont. this is video wells fargo provided to us. volunteers will help people load their cars at a wells fargo office complex on walnut avenue in free month. they are helping feed hungry families because many food banks have seen demand double during the pandemic. a look at your forecast. we have measureable drizzle in the north bay and cloud cover almost everywhere. the rest of us are in the mid 50s to near 60 degrees. it will be breezy sooner, but it will be everywhere for your
8:28 am
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kumasi aa good morning. coming up today, join us as we celebrate our friend regis philbin with a special updated edition of his final show on "live." >> that's all coming up next. >> we'll see you then. back to you. we'll have another "abc 7 news" update in about 30 minutes, but you can find the
8:30 am
latest on our news app and at "gma" continues now. ♪ pump up the jam come on, tom. break it down for us. welcome back to "gma." we have a big announcement about "american idol." >> we saw it go black as judges can't hit the road to search for the next singing superstar. the first round of auditions for season four will be virtual using groundbreaking custom built zoom technology to host "idol" across america making the first virtual nationwide search for the country's top talent. >> for the first time in their history they have remote awe digs in all 50 states and washington, d.c., so the cool thing is where you live you can have your shot at becoming the next american idol. want to learn more or sign up for "idol across america" join
8:31 am
it kicks off on monday, august 10th and the all new season of "american idol," yay, premieres spring 2021. >> that is going to be fun. >> it certainly is. do you hear the music? we're getting pumped up this morning with a workout that anyone can do since so many gyms across the country are still closed people are looking for ways to mix up those at home workouts and we have them for you with matt nolan from barry's joining us with the very latest on that. hey there. >> hello, how are you? >> we are excited you're here and i think i have the first question. unfortunately, i've lost my paper so what are you going to show us? [ laughter ] well organized machine here this morning. >> yeah, matt, if you can tell, so many have been working out at home and been getting so boring. i'll admit four months doing the sameout, push-ups and sit-ups. what else can you do to make it more interesting? >> so, what we're doing here, we want to make sure we're moving
8:32 am
and find joy, want to find happiness. what better way than using things we got around the house, pineapples. cat food, kitty litter and will use that. >> is that a bag of kitty litter in your hand i'm looking at? i had to do a double take. >> it's a big one, yeah, nice and heavy. we want something heavy. for our first move we'll use our objects and start with our feet together, the push/press. press and you push. it's just like doing a jumping jack. get into your shoulders, legs, cardio, get your heart rate up and your breathing and sweating real good. >> you're doing upper arms. what do you got for lower body. not kitty litter i assume. >> we start with a quality and squat down and then we'll stand up and step back with our left leg and twist to our right, come back center then we do it again on the other side, getting into your legs and booty and, of course, that core stability as you twist and holding on to this kitty litter my arms are working too. no worry. >> those look tough.
8:33 am
so many doing these shirtless zoom calls. wait, what, sorry. speaking of abs and core, what would you recommend right now for abs and core? >> our finisher move will be all about that so we'll hold our weight out to the side and get our left leg straight and drive in knee and you can do this slow. you can do this fast. let's go, let's go quick, quick, reach out, pull, reach out pull, watch out for the ledge. pull, pull, pull. work the abs and your leg, get it all in one shot. >> i'd love to have that background when i'm working out. might motivate me more. that looks amazing. no excuses, right. you can even grab the kitty liter. >> you got to find joy in our movement. >> thanks for that. time for our pet of the week and take a look. that is your wall of winners this morning. we're celebrating a gentle pup who is a true renaissance man. he gardens, he cooks and he's best friends with a butterfly in
8:34 am
his backyard. let's meet milo. 2-year-old milo, a nova story ya duck tolling retriever is proving unlikely friendships can be forged in a kaleidoscope of colors. >> we raise monarch butterflies and he loves watching them around the garden. he doesn't chase them. >> reporter: milo's human jenn features his flower filled adventures on instagram. >> when you feed him breakfast in the morning he will stop in the middle and kiss you and thank you. >> reporter: it goes beyond the cute factor, milo is helping to promote much needed awareness surrounding sustainable ways to grow and make food at home. >> let he show you how i'm dreiling for treats. >> reporter: they started a youtube cooking show. >> every time that i would make treats, oh, i was cooking dog treats, he'd be like those are to he me.
8:35 am
i just know it. i thought it would be fun to teach people how to make dog treats in the show. >> reporter: reminding us all to take a little time to smell the roses, butterfly kisses and all. >> nice to have him there and just somebody else in the household to give you love and attention when you can't see your friends and family. >> all right. and joining us live from burbank, california, milo and jenn. welcome, guys. so happy to have you on "good morning america." jenn, the first question for you, you have a dog who has a cooking show. how do you stop milo from basically eating the ingredients? >> oh, he does the whole time. i'll lick the bowl and take a little nip of the bowl the whole time. >> you know what, i was doing the story and didn't believe a lot because it's so incredible. he has the cooking show but gardens so he's already much more active than him in the house. how did he get this green thumb or green paw? >> well, we're in the garden
8:36 am
every day, so he was kind of learning all the skills and there's tons of food in the garden he wants to try like blueberries so it all was a natural fit for him. >> that's good to know. we ask this question every week on pet of the week and i always think to myself i can't believe somebody is asking this. i'll ask this now, if milo could speak human, what do you think he would say? >> i think he would say how excited he is and how he wants to show it all off to his friends. >> all right. jenn and milo, the pet of the week, nations. he is definitely a renaissance dog. i'll check out the cooking show. it seems incredible. if you want one of their signature recipes head to our website at and coming up, no road trip is complete without snacks, we're breaking down the healthiest choice, maybe milo could cook a few and the ones to
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> announcer: now with so much on the line, abc news is right there for you live on hulu with stories of strength, stories of hope, because now when it matters most. welcome back to miami beach as we await hurricane isaias, here's what it looked like yesterday in punta cana, dominican republic, popular vacation spot. a lot of wind and rain and puerto rico got hammered as we spoke about last half an hour with several hundred thousand people without power, even drinking water. here's the forecast. category 2 storm getting into the bahamas later on today. tomorrow abreast of south florida, then abreast of central and northern florida during the
8:40 am
day on sunday. the carolinas are under the gun on monday, tuesday, then potentially even the northeast and a lot of uncertainty with this track, so everybody in the east coast needs to be prepared for this hurricane. meanwhile, this is not the only thing on the docket. we are getting into the most active part of hurricane season, the cape verde season where they roll off the african coast, two out there that have a 20% chance of forming our next tropical all right. it's time for "gma's" road trip rules. we'll help you navigate summer vacation during this pandemic. no road trip is complete without plenty of snacks. i'm partial to gummi bears and maya feller has tips for eating
8:41 am
smart on your drive. take a look. >> hitting the road means you and your family need snacks. >> thank you. >> searches for food for road trip more than doubling on google over the last month. nutritionist maya feller on the road with her own family says to keep things simple and healthy even when fast food is part of the plan. >> and there's so many more healthy options on the menus. so when you're going through a drive-through you want to look for items that are things like grilled or items with no added sugar, even some of the vegetarian options. >> reporter: make smart swaps that will be better on the long drive. >> when you're going through the drive-through, skip the large soda and the large fries, opt for a vegetarian option like the impossible burger and add lettuce, tomato and onion for an extra fiber boost. this is eye great little snack. unsweetened applesauce packed with vitamin c. >> all right, maya, you make the
8:42 am
road trip look fun. thanks for joining us. great to have you here. let's start with the drive-through. if you want to skip it altogether what options can you recommend for the road. >> yes, so packing a cooler is my favorite way to go. looking for a crunch, something like this wonderful pistachios are fantastic. a good source of plant-based protein, really wonderful, nutritious and delirious. i also love these chickpeas roasted good source of fiber as well as iron. >> love. >> if you're looking for something on the sweeter side i like berries, seasonal produce always goes really well so i've got strawbehr ray, blueberries and blackberries in here and pack nicely. also grapes, they're relatively low mass and pretty easy to get into your cooler. now, here's another one. don't knock it until you try it. i have hummus with apples. we've got a little fiber paired with sweetness. really delicious. >> have never thought of that
8:43 am
but, okay, i'm tempted. what if you're going on a really long -- >> give it a try. >> i will. on a long road trip what can you pack to hold you over ask. >> if you're looking for something a little more substantial, here in a no mess situation i've got a jar of pasta salad. it's not going to spill. also i've made a wonderful sandwich, sliced it into four little slice, triangles, really easy for grab and go and nutritious and delicious. be sure to use a whole grain bread. for people who love chocolate a kind bar with protein and heart healthy fats on the low sugar side. in my family one of the things that we love is guacamole. chips and guacamole, tons and tons of lime into the avocado, heart healthy fats and it'll hold you longer. whole grain chips, really wonderful. >> all right. these are all the approved items. what's on the unapproved banned list for a road trip?
8:44 am
>> so the items on that unapproved banned list are things like dairy. sensitive stomach it might upset you. not so great. also things that are extra saucy, really might spill inside the car. and we want to keep the peace, right? we're in there for a long time. smelly items like eggs are 0 town that salad, you might want to wait and have that later when you get to your destination. >> tom is nodding in complete agreement over here. >> no fish. >> i get to keep the springles though. pringles weren't on the banned list so i can keep my chips. maya, thank you so much. coming up, the undescription box craze keeping more than a million people fabulous, fit and fun. we'll be right back.
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> announcer: next week on "gma" wait till you see how tyler perry surprises two amazing essential health care workers. >> i appreciate what y'all been doing for everybody.
8:47 am
>> tyler perry on the screen. >> announcer: you got to see this. next week only on "gma." we are back now on "gma" and we are looking now at the subscription box craze. the service gaining popularity during the pandemic with one in five people buying one since march and one of them, fab fit fun already has 1.5 million members and counting. their co-founder katie rosen kitchens joins us now. yes, you are a mom of two. working at home. obviously you're kwaurped like the rest of us and this box subscription has really resonated with family members. why do you think? >> well, i think there's a lot of reasons, but first and foremost two things that everyone is looking for right now is comfort and convenience and i think this box certainly delivers on both of those things. you don't have to go to a store, nobody wants to do that right now. you also don't have to scroll endless websites to find exactly
8:48 am
what you want. with these boxes, you're going to get a beautifully packaged box of eight to nine full size products delivered straight to your door. >> yep, very cool. you can customize your boxes. we have some in the studio as we were showing you. we actually have picked out a few items. you've picked them out for us for the fall and so there are some self-care in here like let's go through what you can find in one of your fall boxes. >> exactly. and i think some of the issues that women have is that they're very good at taking care of other people but not so good at taking care of ourselves and that's why we really love this idea of self-care. especially right now when you can't hit the nail salons we are giving you a pedicure in a box. this is actually pumpkin spice themed. nothing screams more than your pumpkin spice lattes and they have put that together for you in this amazing pedicure set and it's really cool.
8:49 am
it's a four-step process. sugar scrub, you're getting a mask. you're getting a massage butter. it smells delicious. it leaves your feet super soft, beautiful, exactly what you would get if you were actually going to a salon. >> very cool. fall in a box. i love that. also you have some blue light glasses that seem great for all of this added screen time. we're wall on zoom. all in front of our screens and you're modeling them for us. tell us about them. >> yes, exactly. so these are blue light blockers and exactly as you mentioned we're all in front of a screen more often. there's all of these zoom, you know, endless calls, and blue light from your computer or your phone is actually really bad for you. it can create blurry vision. it helps -- it can create wrinkles around the eyes, make your eyes feel tired. and what's nice about blue blockers is that it really puts an end to that. they're also super cute but helps make your eyes refreshed, feel a little bit better,
8:50 am
younger and we love them. >> also, something that's great for when you come in, tell us about that. >> exactly, so one of the things that is happening when we are wearing masks all day which is a good thing, everybody wear your mask is that it can start to create, you know, certain skin imperfections also known as maskne when you're working out with your mask so that's why we love the dr. groh's pore perfecting and refining serum. it's great honestly whether or not you are wearing a mask but what's wonderful it really helps with skin turnover so if you are experiencing any sort of acne or breakouts, you know, this guy is really helpful for making sure that, you know, your skin stays clear and beautiful and refreshed. >> i think that's something we can all use because we've all been complaining about that maskne in my house.
8:51 am
thanks for the awesome box tip, something for everybody in them. we appreciate your time. thank you. >> of course, thank you. >> and we'll be right back.
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> announcer: next week on "gma" wait till you see how tyler ler perry surprises two amazing essential health care workers. >> well, i appreciate what y'all been doing for everybody. >> tyler perry on the screen. >> announcer: you got to see
8:54 am
this. >> i just wanted to make y'all smile. >> announcer: do you have a best friend, best pal, best buddy, someone by your side through thick and thin, one famous mouse and "gma" want to hear all about it. post a picture using the hashtag mickeyfriendsstaytrue and tell us buy you have the best friendship ever. you might end up on "gma." be well and stay true. >> we've got a programming note for you before we go. this weekend a landmark two-hour documentary to mark the anniversary of the first explosion of a nuclear weapon in war time. called "hiroshima 75 years later" sunday night 9:00 eastern on history. speaking of programming notes, don't forfeet to watch tom on "world news" on abc. >> thank you, amy. good show tonight and thanks for watching. before we go the dog that changed my life forever. milo, the pet of the week. we love that guy. have a great day and a great weekend.
8:55 am
thank you to the doctors, nurses, health care professionals. >> and first responders. >> thank you to everyone keeping our supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations running. >> thank you to all the essential workers for all that you do. >> thank you. >> we thank you. >> we thank you. >> we thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> for all you do. >> and with every challenge, question, concern, we'll be here for you every day. >> every day. >> every day. >> because we will -- >> -- get through this together.
8:56 am
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is "abc 7 news". good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi aaron. in san francisco investigators are working to find what sparked a fire near fishermen's wharf. this is video showing the fire moments after it broke out in an apartment building on powell street near bay around 2:00 this morning. firefighters were able to rescue one person now in the hospital, and crews were able to save a dog. here is mike with the forecast. thank you, kumasi. hi, everybody. welcome to friday. the marine layer and the sea breeze continue to pick up steam. the winds are 18 miles per hour across the golden gate and it will be breezy wherever, starting about 2:00 this afternoon. even with that we could see a degree or two of warmth from 67 in san francisco to 94 in antioch. our warmest temperatures this weekend, look at that below average though next week. have a good weekend, kumasi. >> thank you, mike. now it is time for "live"
9:00 am
with kelly and ryan. we will be back >> kelly: good morning. everybody. today's show is a very special one to everyone at "live" and all of our viewers. pretty much everyone loved spending their mornings with regis philbin as much as we did. >> ryan: on november 18th, 2011, regis said goodbye to "live." he understood magically, kelly, the magic of making a morning show work. the laughter, him being the butt of the joke, combined with his curiosity, his quick wit, his storytelling. he was just the best of storytelling. and no matter if you were a celebrity or if you were someone that worked in the parking garage


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