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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 7, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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chbd and additional training time. this is set to be in place until june 30 or until students return to in-person learning. once this is agreed on, the next focus will be reaching an agreement on terms of returning to in-per srtit distance learni in a little more than a week on august 17th. in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. > sonoma county is joining the list where you can be fined for not following health orders. $100 if you are ultimate caught n caught not wearing a mask or ignoring social distancing guidelines. for businesses, they start at $1,000. enforcement will focus on education first before fines are handed out. san mateo county passed a similar ordinance this week. marin, napa and contra costa
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also issuing fines. and there is a grim milestone in california's battle against coronavrus. the death toll from covid-19 has now topped 10,000 people. the state reported about 5,000 new cases since wednesday. those numbers are well below average, but that could be because of an ongoing computer glitch in the state data system. it has left california counties kind of in the dark unaware if cases are trending up or down. the state has now asked labs to report data to health departments. >> there is a lot more negative cases, they are pulling out the positive cases and assigning those as soon as we know about it. >> the results that individuals get from labs are not affected. hospitalization and death figures also do not appear to be impacted. hospitalizations are down and are now below average.
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nationwide though, 160,000 people have now died from covid-19. and a new estimate predicts that there could be 300,000 deaths by december. here is reena roy. >> reporter: the cdc predicts that overall deaths across the country may decrease up to 190,000 americans could be dead by the end of the month. >> although new covid-19 cases went down nationwide by more than 10% this week, dr. deborah birx says she's concerned about an increase in cases in nine cities and california's central valley. the president says he is hopeful a vaccine will be ready by november 3, leaelection day. >> i'm optimistic. >> reporter: but dr. fauci says that it will likely take longer. >> we're trying very hard to ultimately get the a vaccine
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that ultimately may be available by the end of the year. >> reporter: this as the debate whether to reopen schools rages on, many teachers trying to convince districts not to reopen. school sports also in question. pennsylvania's governor now recommending youth sports not return until january. and raising even more questions about the testing process, the governor of ohio says he first tested positive for the virus thursday, but overnight results from a second test showed he is negative. reena roy, abc news, new york. the u.s. state department has lifted its global do not travel advisory. the warning put in place back in march urged americans not to travel overseas because of the pandemic. now the state department is urging caution. many countries have testing or quarantine requirements for arriving americans and some have just banned u.s. travelers all together because of the high
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infection rates that we have here. so here is a question. what activities lifke traveling might put you most at risk for exposure to the virus? you can test your knowledge at and choose answers to various situations and then see what the expert have to say. we are expecting a big development this morning on a story that i team has been keeping an eye on. dan noyes tweeted that the district attorney's office will announce their results into an extensive investigation into sheriff lori smith's handling of concealed carry permits. as dan asks, did donors to her re-election campaign for sheriff get preferential treatment? we're expected to hear from the d.a. jeff rosen later this morning at a press conference. sheriff smith has been under investigation by the d.a.'s office for nearly a year. hayward police have released body camera video of a fatal
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shooting involving officers and a person of interest in a murder investigation. we did wado want to warn you th video is graphic. >> keep your hands up. hands up. [ bleep ] put it out. put it out. >> the shooting happened may 20th on wildwood street in hayward. officers city thsay they had be looking for the 20-year-old as part of a murder case and they found him parked in the driveway of a house. investigators say ramirez rammed a police vehicle several times before three vehicles opened fire killing him. no officers were injured. happening today, a key vote on a measure that would eliminate barris t compensate victims of police violence. the bill by four area lawmakers would revise the state's definition of crime in the context of compensation to apply to the conduct of law enforcement officers. so it would make victims of
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police violence and family members of anyone killed by police eligible for funds from the state's victim compensation fund. a state senate committee will take up the measure today. coming up next, paying it forward. a woman helped by 7 on your side is now helping other people conquer unemployment bureaucracy. and college in the fall on campus, online, maybe both. we're looking at what it might look like for students this year. and it is 4:36. we'll check in with mike. >> thank you. do have fee is a coffee is all cleaned up. let's talk about when is going on in san francisco. the mist and drizzle is not really exist tent ent. about 53 to 57 under a partly cloudy sky and we have mid-50s to low 60s just are about --
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well, maybe i didn't get everything fixed. all right let's see if i can get the computer to work here. i think i got coffee in my deboarde boa keyboa keyboard. all right. i'll have to switch keyboards out and so i'll tend it back to you while i try to fix my do have fee issue here. >> that's all right. it happens. my other laptop broke yesterday. >> that's all right. it happens. my other laptop broke yesterday. looking at the toll plaza, i wantedto let you know that we have a car stalled near the treasure island on ramp there. doesn't look like we have any advisories for the bay bridge, but there is a high wind advisory through the altamont pass. and you see that we have a clear ride for the early commute this friday. so pretty much all green there.
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just slightly out of tracy this morning. but we expect that for our friday light ride for the most part. so tracy to dublin, 26 minutes. antioch to concord, 13 minutes. and sa es. ecit. sotr s..ot rped. what're we talkin about... that's the hefty ultra strong bag hefty! hefty! hefty! (whispers) gimme. (confused) give me the bag? get hefty ultra strong at a low price
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bay area families of lebanese descent will mourning the victims of the beirut blast. they gathered for a vigil last night. and people who attended the
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vigil came with both american and lebanese flags. the blast in beirut's port on tuesday killed at least 134 people and destroyed much of that surrounding area. and now the investigation is focused on how 2700 tons of a highly explosive chemical even became stored at a port warehouse. what if we told you that there is a secret way that you could get through to the edd and once you get through, you could probably get your issue solved? michael finney helped a woman who now wants to help you. kelly from auburn is among thousands who joined our edd digital town hall. she says she was calling the agency hundreds of times a day and noted a difference between telephone pickups. the ones that answer instantly and another with a short delay. >> so you call and if they immediately go hello, thank you for calling the edd, you hang up. >> yep. >> and if you call and there is
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a little bit of a delay and then it says hello, welcome to the edd, then you hang around. >> right. and the second one with the delay is actually a different voice. >> oh! so kelly says that the second type of answer offers instructions in spanish and then that could lead you to a live person. so she ended up getting her first edd check this past monday. 7 on your side has been reporting on the frustrations with edd for week. and you can see all the stories by going to on your side. it is back to school week here on abc 7 and part of our work to build a better bay area is by focusing on education. and this morning we are talking about the issues college students are facing. college we know is about more than just being in the classroom and the campus experience it really can't be replicated
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online. julian glover talked with three local students to see how they are adapting. >> reporter: college parties? consider those canceled. huge sporting events? not likely. study groups with your friends? maybe over facetime? the college experience this fall will look and feel a lot different with classes primarily online for virtually all bay area universities. and students are torn about what they are calling zoom u. i spoke to three bay area students over, what else, zoom to get their take. 19-year-old jocelyn is a sophomore at san francisco state university. she has been learning online since sf state closed to students in march. but lagging internet issues at home have made following lectures tough, so bad she considered taking a gap year. >> i can't take this semester off because then i'll be back in your units and my track. >> a lot of students don't really do well with online learning. >> reporter: and jasmine is a
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graduate student at cal state east bay who also has med school in her future. like jocelyn, she is concerned about how much of her online material is actually sticking. >> it is just not the same level of understanding and comprehension and being in an academic environment. >> reporter: and linda denson is one of the elite's fly, first generation low income students on full financial aid. stanford is planning for a limited number of freshmen and sophomore students to live on campus in the fall. linda is worried about coming up with the money to make it back home to new orleans if there is a covid-19 outbreak forcing her off campus. she is also worried about missing that sense of community. >> of course it is ideal that we have like a sense of community, especially like for people who do deal with any syndrome or are kind of like the others. i hope that i don't regret anything. so i have to prioritize my own fulfillment.
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>> reporter: and there is no lesson plan for that. julian glover, abc 7 news. >> so interesting to hear their perspectives. we do wish them the very best. all the important back to school information that you have been seeing this week, it is available on our website and also on our new connected tv apps. so you can learn to expect what schools reopen, ideas to keeping your kids engaged at home and tips for everyone to stay healthy and sane as the cool year sta school year starts. so you can find our special ongoing coverage. one of the biggest challenges facing the greeting card industry right now is what sentiment do people want to send out this year? it is only august, but greeting card companies are already starting to design and craft their messages for holiday cards. san francisco based minted kind of signaling that it will be a little different this year, the mood. so there are messages that say
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in hindsight 2020 was the longest year ever. or checking the box, keeping it together, instead of the boxes with merry and bright. >> there has been a shift a bit away from the humor and a bit toward sentimentality temperature and more heartfelt, meaningful messages that allow people to connect with family. >> shutterfly is projecting that more people will want to connect with family and friends this year after months of social isolation. a survey indicates that 62% will send holiday cards this year, which is up from 55% in past years. i like to see that. you want something to connect. because it has been such a different year. so they have to kind of change what the cards are like. >> right. we have an entire door that we tape them to just to have them around and have them look upon us and we'll actually have
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somebody to talk to possibly. so yeah, that will be nice. because that is something that has gone away. it was such a big tradition for us 20, 25 years ago, fwhbut now people don't want to spend the money or the time. but you could make somebody's day. in walnut creek, it is clear and about 58 degrees. we have a brighter day even out to the coast. calmer conditions that will allow our warming trend to build upon yesterday's levels. it will be still seasonal tonight with a lack of clouds and fog out there for a lot of us. and a wider summer spread will develop this weekend. here is a look at your fog forecast. look at how quickly it goes away by noon. and during the evening hours, it is not making that quick trip back to the east. in fact it is almost nonexistent
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at 7:00. so let's see how the temperatures respond. we have upper 70s in milpitas, sunnyvale and also cupertino. low to mid-80s the rest of the south bay. up the peninsula, we sta 81 at redwood city and drop down to 71 at millbrae. about 62 to 64 along the coast. but look at those 70s in downtown and south san francisco. great golfing weather at harding park for sure. 78 san rafael, 78 vallejo. low to mid-80s through the north bay valleys. east bay shore, mid to upper 70s. and the warmest temperatures, mid 80s to low 90s in the east bay valleys. here is a look at tonight, you can see the lack of clouds except for language the coast a -- along the coast and coastal valleys. but after mid 50s for near 60, we'll add another 2 to 4 degrees of warmth tomorrow. sunday will be our hottest day and then back to average by the time we get to wednesday. but it won't be as cold and damp
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as it was last wednesday. all this week, abc 7 news is focusing on education as one of the keys to building a better bay area. this summer san jose state is offering lessons to help teachers sharpen their skills as online instructors. it is a series of 23 webinars all of them free and packed with instruction about digital tools and techniques to help keep students engaged. >> we have to be able to present it so it is engaging because now we're competing against the xbox and playstations and sleep. we're competing against other priorities because students aren't in the classroom where you can manage them a little bit better. >> we do have a link to the webinars at, they are aimed at teacher, but also great if parents who want to learn what is possible in the world of distance learning. coming up next, the annual bay area event that organizers have decided not to cancel. and the volunteers who
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streamlined the process of feeding the hungry as the need gets stronger. and in "techbytes," president trump is cracking down on tiktok. he has issued an xwexecutive orr that would ban tiktok and wechat from operating in the u.s. in 45 days if not sold from their chinese parent companies. ist administration says that chinese ownership poses a national security risk. and how about a big screen in your next car. >> cadillac's new electric suv feature as 33 inch screen on the dash board and a driving range of at least 300 miles. it is set to go on sale in late 2022. and check out the longest hot wheels track in history, an australian radio host sent his car along more than 2600 feet of orange track just under a half mile. the old record was set last year in pen
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. welcome back. if you have outdoor plans for tomorrow, let's take a look hour by hour. we'll start at 8:00 in the morning, we're waking up to 60s, even a few few 70s. 70 as we head towards the afternoon hour, we'll stay close to 60 at the coast, near 70 in san francisco. look at those 80s filling the bay. and even a few 90s as you move into antioch but 80s inland. tomorrow evening, temperatures will fall back into the 50s
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along the coast and san francisco, 60s around the bay and some low 70s at 10:00. sunday will be our hottest days. some 100s up in cloverdale. low to upper 90s in thes ea eas bay. mix of 70s and 80s around the bay. happening today, there is going to be a contactless grocery giveaway in pleasanton. all you have to do is drive up, pop your trunk and volunteers will load you up with boxes of fresh produce, kale, carrot, onions and a box of canned goods. another giveaway was held yesterday in heyward. the food bank says it now gives out up to 70% more in food assistance than it did last year because of job losses due to the pandemic. >> we've seen the numbers increase every week. we're averaging anywhere from 450 to 480 vehicles coming through each week. >> it is very much needed.
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we don't know when we'll be able to go back to work. >> that is wonderful. the food bank is giving away a million pounds of food every week and today's grocery giveaway will so street. and the pumpkin weigh off will take place in october this year, but with some big changes. it is being moved o a private location and no spectators will be allowed. growers can have a few assistants and some family members there. festival staff and the media will be the only other people allowed in. so we can bring to you. last year's winning pumpki set a new record weighing in at 2175 pounds. halloween, it is three months away, but many festivities have already been canceled or changed because of covid-19. last year halloween spending in the u.s. topped $8.8 billion.
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a finance professor says that it is possible that spending this year could be cut in half at a minimum. we asked dr. patel about the risk of celebrating halloween. >> maybe if we have more universal guidance and really good behavior modifications, we may earn some variation of halloween. but i would not assume that we're going to have a new normal state of trick or treating. >> dr. patel says it is up to us to save our holidays like thanksgiving and christmas. coming up next, a twist on a pantry staple. the nude type of mac and cheese that is coming to store shelves. and also this morning, ramping up production of remdesivir. gilyard scientists are making a r078 about what we wi promise about the end of the year. and will congress come to an
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agreement on coronavirus relief? where the neg
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but as californians we'll get through this together. if your income has been reduced or you've lost your job or your health insurance, covered california is here. we can help you find the health insurance you need to protect you and your loved ones. and, you may even get financial help to pay for your health insurance. so, if you or someone you know is without coverage, visit to learn more or enroll today. whatintroducing the new sleepld? number 360 smart bed... now temperature balancing, so you can sleep better together. can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. can it help with snoring? i've never heard snoring. exactly. no problem ...and done. will it help me keep up with mom? you got this. so you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. it's our weekend special with 0% interest for 48
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months on all smart beds. ends monday. i believe they targeted certain be businesses for closure, but that was certainly the not warranted based on the data that we have. >> a bay area county health officer unhappy with the state over its shutdown strategy.
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and a new take on outdoor dini, t l restaurant seating people inside these domes. >> you know, you can't the hate on people being creative. >> that's what i want. i want to be in an igloo. >> did >> do you? i like the breeze on me. >> that is true. will it feel like you're in a hot house? what is that? [ siren ] >> pray over it. not the alarm, not this friday. >> but you know what, it is still a friday. i think i'm safe. >> it is still a fryeiday. let's go to mike nicco and check out the weather. >> hey, i started this hot mess by stilli ingspilling my coffeeo keyboard.


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