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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 14, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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are urged to avoid the area. we will bring you updates on this story on our abc7 news app on this newscast if anything happen as well. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. let's get right to sandhya patel with more on the heat. >> dan and ama, we have a dozen new records to tell you about. san francisco 95 degrees, surpassing its old record of 86 set back in 1995. oakland 100. 103, san jose. 99 at sfo. napa 104. richmond, 96, all new records for the day. many of those were set back in 2019, just last year. additional records, santa rosa 106 degrees, surpassing the previous record of 101. kentfield, 102. half moon bay 82 degrees. 107 in gilroy. santa cruz 105 degrees. this is excessive heat. temperatures right now still in the triple-digits. 110 in fairfield. 105 in livermore. so these interest hot spots. excessive heat warning for this
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dangerous heatwave continues until next wednesday for inland areas. heat advisory until 9:00 p.m. tonight for the bay shoreline. heat illnesses are possible. the risk is high. be careful. live doppler 7 showing you no fog. what we have been dealing with is tropical moisture, which has added to the humidity, and that's made it even more uncomfortable. i'll let you know how long this heatwave will last and what's changing for this weekend, coming right up. >> okay, sandhya, thank you. all right there are several power outages in the bay area, affecting at least 10,000 customers, including some large ones on the peninsula and the south bay. there are also two large outages in concord and martinez that were affecting 4,000 customers at one point. power has been restored to some of those people. now we just got this video our newsroom not long ago, showing a melted mess on begonia court in martinez, where one of these large power outages is going on. contra costa fire says a transformer box in front of a home blew after it got overheated.
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that caused an at&t utility box next to it to then melt. pretty intense. to help prevent power outages, the state's power grid operate, that's call isa has issued a flex alert. but because of excessive heat driving up energy use, they declared a stage 2 emergency. if conditions don't improve, there will be rotating power outages. which can all do well to be thoughtful about our electricity and energy consumption. if you want to remind your kids when you walk out of a room to turn the lights off, this is the time to do it, particularly wean the hours of 3:00 and 8:00. when you're out there this weekend because of the triple-digit temperatures, we encourage you to physically distance, avoid as much mixing as you possibly can. >> flex alerts call for turning off all unnecessary lights, using major appliances before 3:00 p.m. and setting the air conditioner to 78 degrees or even higher. our intense heatwave is sending many of us in search of
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relief, places to cool off. one spot in the nux visitors, but warns you have to play by the rules. russian river in heeldsbealdsbu where people are trying to beat the heat. >> it is downright sizzling right now. if you don't like the heat, healdsburg not the place to be right now. temperatures spiking well over 100 degrees. but the russian river looks so inviting right now, right? many families coming up to cool off. county officials say social distancing and mask requirements are still in place, even during a heatwave. >> i'm just happy to be by the water right now. >> reporter: eli burnside and his family from oakland came to the russian river in search of some place warm, and that's exactly live what they got. >> it's so hot. it feels so good, though, because we're tired of that bay area fog. >> right now, this time of day, there is not many people out so we can easily maintain that distance from other people. >> reporter: by 1:00, it was 104
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degrees in healdsburg, and memorial beach was getting popular. >> well, the heat especially, it's going to be crazy out here. >> reporter: lifeguards say they're expecting big crowds this weekend. not a good thing in the middle of a pandemic. signs warn the beach and adjacent park would close if it got too crowded. >> really encouraging people to take care of themselves and if possible, you know, just stay home. >> reporter: sonoma county is still on the state's watch list for covid-19. 140 new cases in the past 24 hours. >> if you are going to take advantage of a park or beach, one of our beaches, to practice social distancing, to wear a mask, not be in groups of more than 12 people. >> reporter: in marin county, this novato backyard thermometer said it was well over 100 degrees. >> get on it before it gets too hot. >> reporter: at pinie hardware, lots of fans in stock, but
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portable air conditioners sold out. >> we should get another shipment monday or wednesday. but it's really hard to keep them in stock, especially when demand is so high right now. >> reporter: if you don't want to shell out money for air conditioning, there is always local beaches. and yep, the russian river to cool off. a lifeguard tells me the water temperature a refreshing 75 degrees. of course, don't forget to hydrate and use sunscreen because the heat's going to be with us for a while. we're live in a very toasty healdsburg tonight, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> toasty to say the least, cornell. thank you so much. in the east bay, a problem at chevron's richmond refinery raised concerns during today's spare the air alert. a technique known as flaring shot thick plumes of smoke into the air. you could see it around for miles. chevron calls flaring a safety measure that releases pressure to prevent pumping toxins into the atmosphere. contra costa county health officials took air quality readings and say levels never reached what is concerning for human health.
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even so, the county and the bay area air quality management district will be investigating what happened. >> so if it's not done for safety purposes or it was not -- it was done in a way that does not go by the district regulations, then they certainly can be issued a violation. >> there were no injuries at the refinery, and no reports of health issues in the surrounding areas. chevron warns the flare cog continue into the evening tonight. . san francisco city officials are expecting people to head outdoors to find heat relief, and they're urging them to do so while protecting themselves from covid-19. >> you're not with people within your own home or family. you should be wearing a mask. but, again, in the heat, take it easy. stay in the shade, and don't overdo it. >> the city will not open cooling centers because of the pandemic. san francisco has done so during previous heatwaves. officials say being indoors with lots of other people from different households might increase the risk of spreading covid-19.
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in the south bay, some are attempting to beat the heat outdoors. sky 7 caught some folks boating and water skiing on the on the e reservoir. for those hoping to stay inside, cooling centers are also open and covid-19 ready. here is kris reyes with where you can get relief and resources to help this weekend. >> reporter: running a cooling center in the time of pandemic means more resources. everyone is screened. masks must be worn at all times. disaster workers are on staff, and inside plenty of social distancing. >> we need to make sure there is enough hand sanitizer, bottled water. and so there is a lot of consideration that goes into our cooling centers. >> reporter: so in the past, cooling centers in san jose have not been used anywhere near capacity. but with the pandemic, it's a different situation with so many other option closed. this fountain in downtown san jose shut down. any other summer, it would have been a place where families could gather to cool down. same with mlk library, also
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closed. it was the place to go for many young people who get support from bill wilson center, and that's why they prepared their drop-in space to help with the heat. >> we have, like, tables with umbrellas. we'd offer water. we have support groups. and during those groups, we offer popsicles or ice creams during that time, just like a little cooling period. >> reporter: the center opened to youth 18 to 24 also offers wifi. same with san jose's three cooling centers open from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. until wednesday. >> we have tables set up. so we have family-style tables where families can come in and do their distance learning. we have outlets. we're not sure what to expect. we definitely could have a higher turnout, especially with families doing distance learning. but we're here to help, and we're here to serve our community. >> reporter: downtown san jose, we spotted some with their masks off. they're giving extra reminders to their young people. it may be hot, but keep your masks on. >> because of times like this where it's going to be hot, people are not going to want to be walking around with a mask on
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at 100 and some odd degrees. >> reporter: in san jose, kris reyes for abc7 news. >> remember, you can always check the forecast for where you live on our free abc 7 news app. and we'll send notifications for flex alerts or other breaking news. today global coronavirus cases passed the 21 million mark. that number includes many people who have already recovered, keep in mind. nearly 5.3 million of those cases are here in the united states. the bay area is approaching 71,000 cases and nearly one thousand deaths. governor newsom provided an update today on that data glitch that led to thousands of unreported covid-19 cases. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow is on that story. >> reporter: ahead of the weekend, governor newsom said the state had finished organizing thousands of backlogged covid-19 cases which resulted from a recent data glitch. >> this will be the last day we will have to report backlogged cases. >> reporter: the governor reported 7,934 covid-19 cases as
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of thursday, but said 4, 429 of those cases had been backlogged, putting the new number at 3,505 covid-19 cases. >> on monday, we're going to break down by county a detailed list so people will have with clarity and precision every single number again on the county-by-county basis. >> reporter: the county watch list has been frozen since the data glitch was first noticed and reported. in order for a county to be removed from the watch list, that couny must meet its threshold for all metrics for three days, a critical scorecard as individual counties make decisions about students returning to the classroom. the governor estimated more than 90% of california students are likely to start the school year with distance learning. >> please wear a mask. continue to physically distance. these are rules and guidelines that we put out within our education system when, not if we reopen for in-person learning
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that will happen. you ask when that will happen? sooner than later, if we continue to wear a mask, continue to take seriously the need to physically distance, including this weekend. >> reporter: the school year has already begun for many. governor newsom also announced an executive order and initiatives to minimize the digital divide and increase quality access to the internet for all students. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. there are new details about how oakland unified schools will handle distance learning this fall. students will be in class virtually between 9:00 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. grades will be a combination of online and interaction with teachers. they also have flexible work schedules for teachers and preparation. parents will be able to schedule office hours with teachers every week. this agreement is tentative and is expected to be approved next wednesday. a lot more to bring you here tonight coming up on abc7 news. >> i'm dan noyes in san jose. how did a minor noise complaint
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at this couple's birthday celebration lead to them being beaten and tased by san jose police? i investigate. and you heard it from the governor. most california kids are starting school with distance learning. we talk to teachers about how it will impact their lessons. also here, the heat is not an cues to mask up. i've been involved in. communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis
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an update now on that breaking news we brought you at the top of the hour. sky 7 is live over the scene of that grass fire in los gatos. this is on highway 17 southbound, just south of the cats. it's causing quite the backup as you can see. no surprise on that narrow road. but santa clara county fire has stopped forward progress and tells us no structures are threatened. so that's very encouraging news. and we'll continue to keep you posted on this fire. again, this is live sky 7
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pictures of this grass fire burning in los gatos on highway 17 southbound. you can see with our sky map 7 technology shows you the santa cruz highway and exactly where this is happening. we'll keep you updated. download the abc7 news app for updates. taser, taser, taser! >> you kidding me? get off of me! stop it right now, get off right now! get off! stop! >> very intense video, as you can see. how does a minor noise complaint at a south bay hotel escalate into this? a young couple celebrating a birthday was tased, shot with a riot gun, and as you can see, beaten by san jose police. and now the abc7 news i-team has obtained the officers' body camera videos from that incident, key evidence, of course, in a federal civil rights lawsuit.
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i-team reporter dan noyes is here with the story you will see only on abc7 news. dan? >> well, dan, this federal civil rights lawsuit says the san jose pd has a can ultcher of excessive force that has resulted in deaths and injuries, and that this is just the latest example. marissa santa cruz and paea are planning their future together. >> this is actually the love of my life, you know. and we are planning to be forever. >> reporter: he hopes to be a jail guard one day. she is studying to become a firefighter/paramedic. >> i just came back from a firefighting training boot camp for women, and my birthday was coming up. >> reporter: in may of last year, the couple got a hotel room and started preparing for a night out to celebrate marissa's 22nd birthday. they had music on. but after a noise complaint at 8:45 p.m., they turned it down. >> san jose police. >> reporter: still, san jose police arrived and told them the hotel would allow them to stay. >> i talked to them, if they agreed to keep it down and no
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more noise complaints the rest of the night, they agreed to let you stay. >> reporter: several law enforcement officials tell me that's where it should have ended. but an officer asked for identification, even though there was no indication a crime had been committed. >> do you have any id? >> why? >> we came out. we id everybody we come in contact with. >> reporter: the couple argued with the officers but finally relented, going inside the room to retrieve their identification. >> i told you, this could have gone easy. >> exactly. let's go. let's get your id and go. >> the officers all day for backup. as three more officers and a sergeant arrive, paea asks for his driver's license back. >> can i have my id back? >> no, not right now. >> the officer tells the couple they have to leave because they slammed the door. >> the agreement was you would not violate the policies here. you slammed the door in our face. >> you said you wanted id, right? >> yeah. >> as marissa and paea began to pack, the sergeant told an officer to retrieve a riot gun from the car.
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>> i have a 40 mill. >> they're not packing quickly enough for sergeant michael pinna. he urges them to hu>>to arguing packing and let's go. >> let me pack, damn! >> marissa hears the order to tase her boyfriend and rushes for the door. >> just to put myself between the officers and my boyfriend. i didn't want him to be tased because, i mean, he had nothing -- cursing is not breaking any laws. >> taser, taser, taser! >> after marissa got tased, paea told me he shotted the riot gun and reacted. >> just jump on top of her, whatever they're going to shoot her with or taser or whatever it was they were holding, i was plan >> paea got tased by two officers at the same time, shot with the riot gun, beaten with bats on the. marissa jumped back up, and officers hit her repeatedly with batons and fired the riot gun at her. it shoots foam projectiles. that's one on the floor.
6:19 pm
paea tells me this is the mark the riot gun left on him. these are marissa's contusions from the beating she suffered. >> god bless that we have video footage and body cam. >> attorney robert powell has filed this civil rights lawsuit on behalf of the officers and the city of san jose saying the police department has a culture of excessive force with either no training whatsoever, or inadequate training on the constitutional boundaries of the use of force. . >> the escalation is just so intense. to go from you're talking to them and the next thing you're tasing them? >> in fact, prosecutors declined to press charges in the case saying the rapid escalation of force and use of batons, tasers made this a case we did not think would result in a conviction at trial. after i called and emailed, the san jose pd called me to freeman, whod she won't e titio. her office filed thisich ms pae were combative and reached for a taser, and each use of force was
6:20 pm
an appropriate, reasonable, and constitutionally permissible response to plaintiffs' actions under the circumstances. >> it was brutal. definitely brutal. i don't think we did anything to deserve how we were treated. >> we need to hold the police accountable for their actions. and we can't let them continue to act like this. >> the san jose pd's duty manual says these tasers and riot guns are supposed to be used only when the subject poses an immediate threat to the safety of officers. now this case, it appears to have been punishment for packing too slowly and for talking back. for the i-team, dan noyes, abc7 news. >> dan, thanks very much. we'll continue to follow the story closely. we could be in for several more heatwaves this summer, all while kids are distance learning at home. how teachers are
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it was too hot to play outdoors today, and for some too miserable to focus on learning. school districts are aware that there may be blackouts as the demand puts pressure on the grid. some teach verse a plan b in case they can't teach their students online. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez tells us about it. >> reporter: longfellow elementary in san francisco was still handing out chrome books in hot spots for students today. online classes start on monday. while the school district is hoping everyone will be connected, it's not ruling out the possibility of power outages. claudia is a first grade teacher in san francisco. >> i don't anticipate that that will happen. and if it duds, i don't think anyone is going to be stressed out about it. just know that we move on, and we do it in another way. >> reporter: san francisco unified told us if power goes out on monday, teachers may call students. in addition, students have nondigital learning materials to work with. oakland unified started classes last week.
6:24 pm
teachers there will do the same, instruct students to work offline if the power goes out. in brentwood, where temperatures were above the 100-degree mark today, the school district there is giving teachers the option to work at their school site or at home, assuming one or both of those locations will have power on monday. teachers working online from home today sent us pictures of how they were staying cool. gloria diaz is a san francisco parent of three children. >> we're not used to this hot weather. so he was actually complaining like oh my god, it's so hot. but i hope they'll be doing the best. we have to work with what we have. >> reporter: the reality is not ever school district is concerned because live instruction typically happens in the morning before there is high demand, which then puts added pressure on the electrical grid. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. well, the hot temperatures,
6:25 pm
wearing a face mask can feel miserable, obviously. but there are ways to make it a little more bearable for you and your children. doctors recommend wearing a light colored mask. make sure your mask has a tight seal around the edge, but not too tight there should be room between your mouth and the mask. a cotton mask may be the most comfortable because it can absorb sweat. and pack a couple of spares if you plan on being outside for a very long time. it might be refreshing to change them up a little bit. but no matter what you're going to do, it's going to be a little uncomfortable this weekend. ama? >> i'd say a lot uncomfortable. let's get to meteorologist sandhya patel. she has the latest on this heat. it's crazy. >> yeah, it is intense. i mean, it's the kind of heat that makes you sweat. everything sticks to your body. it's sweltering, no doubt about it, dan and ama. we'll talk about the records again. we had a dozen records. 103 in san jose today. 102, redwood city. 100 in oakland.
6:26 pm
95 san francisco. 99 degrees in sfo. santa cruz 105. 106 santa rosa. 104 napa. 102 kentfield. 82 half moon bay. really, there was no escaping the heat unless you were in a place like half moon bay where it was warm and not extreme. here is a look at live picture from our emeryville camera. plenty of sun out there. santa rosa, novato, napa, in the triple-digits. fairfield from 110 to 107 now. that's blistering still. 105 concord and livermore. east bay hills camera, you can see a little bit of haze there. spare the air alert is up right now. 86 in san francisco. it is 89 in oakland. 100 in redwood city. 106 in gilroy. this is just scorching heat. excessive heat warning until 9:00 p.m. wednesday for the inland areas. wednesday, that's next week, we have this heatwave continuing. so there is an increased risk of heat illness. take it easy out there. we have lake and mendocino counties under that warning until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. my inclination is this will get
6:27 pm
extended as well. and then a heat advisory for the bay shoreline until 9:00 p.m. tonight. heat illnesses are possible once again. live doppler 7 showing you the absence of fog as we look at a wider perspective, we've had this tropical moisture that has been streaming in, adding to the humidity. it has triggered some thunderstorms in the sierra. it added to the mugginess fact nor the bay area. a few drops earlier this morning. sutro tower camera showing some of the buildups as we look across san francisco. heatwave continues through next record temperatures again over the weekend. there is a heat risk and fire danger remaining elevated right on through that time period. first thing tomorrow morning, just like this morning, it's going to be warm. the only thing is it's not ques muggy because that moisture is going to leave us briefly. it's going to reenter the picture tomorrow night into this heat can be very taxing on your body. as you know. so definitely drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. 103 in gilroy tomorrow
6:28 pm
afternoon. 102 in morgan hill. in the south bay, los gatos, 106. 95 santa clara. on the peninsula, low 90s from mountain view to redwood city. the temperatures coming down a few degrees from today, but still hot. around the coast, 79 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco 80 degrees. north bay temperatures 92 san rafael, 96 napa, 97 in santa rosa. 92 in fremont, castro valley, head inland, it's going to be baking once again. 105 in antioch. 104 in fairfield and livermore. accuweather seven-day forecast, intense heat tomorrow. up to 106 degrees. heat eases sunday, but the mugginess increases. extreme heat. for monday, the temperatures soar again, 108 degrees for the hottest inland valleys. i think you have to look beyond midweek. mid- to upper 90s. that will be cooler. coast will be in the 60s. we'll take that after this extreme heat. dan and ama? >> yep, it's all a a a
6:29 pm
perspective. thanks, sand thanks, sandhya. the race for a coronavirus vaccine. who gets it first? why some say race should be a deciding factor. and bay area businesses say for spending a perfectly reasonable amount of time on the couch with tacos from grubhub? rewarded! get a free delivery perk when you order. - [group] grubhub.
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. >> the race for a covid-19 vaccine continues as medical experts get closer by the day. the federal government is projecting an effective vaccine for covid-19 by january, but the big question still to be determined, who will get it first. >> the race for a vaccine, that's been our focus this week as we work to build a better bay area during the coronavirus pandemic. abc7 news reporter luz pena has tonight's story. >> reporter: over five million people in america have tested positive for covid-19. medical experts see the main
6:32 pm
solution. >> we're not going get there without a vaccine. >> reporter: once there is a vaccine, the next question is who will be the first to get it. >> the highest priority groups certainly in the beginning are going to be health care workers and people who have direct covid exposure. >> reporter: dr. chris buyers suggests a good starting point for answers is to look at the distribution patterns from other vaccines. he is a senior scientific liaison for the covid-19 prevention network, a federal advisory panel providing recommendations to the cdc. >> there is a long way to go before the distribution and access issues, and that plan is very much underdeveloped. >> reporter: the cdc's advisory committee on immigration practices suggests a five-tier plan that was also used for the influenza vaccine. in tier 1 we have critical health care, law enforcement, and public health care professionals. tier 2, groups in the homeland and national security category. tier 3, essential workers. tier 4, high risk adults, those
6:33 pm
65 years old and older. lastly, tier 5, the general population. another plan comes from the world health organization which laid out a global allocation framework giving priority to number one, 50 million health care system workers. number two, 650 million adults 65 years old and older. number three, 1,150 million high-risk adults. >> this is a long process. but at least we're studying the vaccine. what i understand is the age groupings are doing well, but they're not doing as well as etr. ynnmaldonos leading the covid-19 clinical efforts at stanford medicine. she believes distribution could be impacted by the number of covid-19 vaccines developed. >> i would say depending on which ones come out, if there is more than one at the same time, there might be more numbers of doses available.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: now whenever a covid-19 vaccine does roll out, all experts agree on one thing. there won't be enough to go around at first. in may, president donald trump announced -- >> operation warp speed. >> reporter: a federal program aimeding to deliver a safe, effective vaccine for covid-19 by january 2021. deputy director dr. julie ledgerwood gave some insight into who they're targeting in the vaccine trials. >> as these trials are seeking to enroll volunteers from diverse populations, including minority populations at higher risk of covid. >> reporter: a population that according to john jacobo with the latino task force, is apprehensive about a vaccine. so there is some concern i'm hearing from you, those essential workers, minorities feeling like the guinea pigs? >> that's right. that's right. and we heard that when we first came in the first time to do our testing with ucsf back in april, we absolutely heard people say
6:35 pm
we don't want to get tested and then we're going to be the guinea pigs for potential vaccines to test them out. and we assured them that's not the case. it's up to individuals to make the choice that seems right and feels right for them. >> reporter: latinos, blacks and native americans have been disproportionately affected by this virus, making race also a main deciding factor when choosing subjects. >> everybody has really been very clear that they want this racial ethnic distribution to be taken into strong consideration. so we're hoping that that will happen. >> reporter: for now hope is what's keeping the world's top experts working around the clock, hope to find a vaccine, and hope for an equitable distribution. meanwhile, the world health organization announced it will have a finalized allocation plan by the end of this month, with or without a vaccine. in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. >> now we've spent the past week focused on the race for a vaccine. all those reports are available
6:36 pm
on and on our connected tv apps. just search abc7 news bay area on your apple tv, android tv, fire tv and roku and download that app for free. tonight abc7 news's i-team is digging into nursing home staffing shortages tied with infection control problems. facilities are facing a looming deadline to report staffing data to the state. i-team reporter stephanie sierra has the story. >> people are dying in nursing homes. >> i find out yesterday that she tested positive. >> the phone would ring and ring and ring, ring for 20 to 25 minutes. >> reporter: these three families all share a common concern, staffing shortages in nursing homes. lisa's mother, a resident of millbrae skilled care says she could never get her medicine. >> i wasn't able to get ahold of her for days and then i find out she is sick. >> reporter: eric love, a patient at burlingame skilled nursing was scared about infection control. >> people walking around without masks.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: and scott didn't get to say goodbye to his father before he died at the gateway care and rehabilitation center in hayward. he says staff couldn't answer the phone. >> it was hard. i'm sorry. >> reporter: according to an abc7 news data analysis, nursing homes across the bay area failed to meet staffing requirements last year more than 1,600 times. the hot spot is in alameda county. the abc7 news i-team flagged 23 facilities in the county that failed staffing requirements. state regulators have issued 481 deficiencies in recent years. new data shows more than half of those facilities were also cited withinfection-related deficiencies. so why isn't the california department of public health flaggi problem facilities? the state declined our interview request, but sent the following statement saying we conduct surveys to check on compliance. the agency added we currently have strike teams deployed to assist health care facilities with preventing and improving
6:38 pm
infection control. attorney mike dark, who specializes in nursing home reform, says both of those efforts are inadequate. >> the california department of public health kind of perplexingly during this pandemic has shifted away from enforcement, away from citing bad facilities into a kind of supportive role, which is a weird thing for a regulator. >> reporter: inspectors that usually write citations are now acting like consultants. >> and that creates a terrible conflict of interest. >> reporter: for the i-team, stephanie sierra, abc7 news. the u.s. hit a grim new record this week. we recorded the most coronavirus-related deaths in a single day. more than 1500 people died from the virus this past wednesday. that has brought the u.s. death toll to over 166,000. that's a staggering figure, without comparison. in some states, school districts are preparing to welcome back students for in-person instruction. arizona's largest district will see about 70,000 students
6:39 pm
return. crates of ppe will be shipped to campuses. dr. anthony fauci says the risks for in-person instruction are high. >> we are living, all of us in historic pandemic. we've never had anything like this for the last 102 years, since the pandemic of 1918. >> dr. fauci says in order for schools to reopen, communities need to keep infection rates under 10%. and he warns that temperature checks are not a reliable screening tool. there are 81 days until election day. most californians will be voting by mail due to the covid-19 pandemic. you can expect to receive your ballot the first or second week of october. but there are concerns over the but ther.s. postal service bein to handle an influx of mail-in ballots. california's secretary of state alex padilla talked more about that today on our 3:00 p.m. show "getting answers." >> my concern, yes. am i panicking? no. for no other reason, there is
6:40 pm
still at least another relief package that will happen prior to the november election. and at a minimum, another appropriations bill out of congress to keep the government functions. so a negotiation between the white house and both houses in congress should give the postal service the resources they need. >> his office has received a letter from usps warning of possible mail delays. here in california, as long as your ballot is postmarked on or before election day, it will be counted. the state will send every registered voter a mail-in ballot. 83% of californians eligible to vote are registered. taking a live look outside. coming up, meteorologist sandhya patel will have another look at this weekend's heatwave. ⌞>> plus -- >> it looks like the sign exempts you from wearing a face mask, but it's a fake.
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6:43 pm
take a look at this. bay area business owners say it's a new card customers are flaunting to try to get out of wearing a mask. if you can believe that. it's just another burden for these businesses already struggling so much. abc7 news anchor dion lim has the story. >> it's incredibly ridiculous, and i mean, it didn't get him anywhere. it didn't get him his cup of coffee. >> reporter: what connoisseur coffee company owner is referring to as ridiculous, this sign indicating the person bearing it is exempt from wearing a mask. almost immediately, he knew it was a fake. >> there is a number of grammatical errors and incorrect information on this sign. >> reporter: the department of justice even released this warning to be on alert for fraudulent face mask flyers like this one. noting their use has been on the rise. the san mateo county health department tells me there are legitimate exemptions, such as
6:44 pm
having a disability which would affect one's safety wearing a mask. erin has unfortunately heard plenty of bad reasons. >> i had one lady come in. she had two cuts in her mask right here. said oh, it's a trouble for me breathing. that's why i have it. doesn't that defeat the purpose? >> reporter: connoisseur coffee has since been on the lookout for these fraudulent flyers, and now has security cameras and reminders everywhere to wear a mask. and this message to other business owners. >> don't fall for this. >> reporter: in redwood city, dion lim, abc7 news. >> unbelievable. all right. stay with us. steph curry lending a helping hand. how some team work is helping him expand efforts to keep families fed during the pandemic.
6:45 pm
♪ i got it all from you ♪ i'm always pushing through ♪ i know we'll make it to the finish line ♪ ♪ i know you're waiting on the other side ♪ ♪ i'm like you on-demand glucose monitoring.
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because they're always on. another life-changing technology from abbott. so you don't wait for life. you live it. a successful collaboration between kaiser permanente, east bay restaurants and the nonprofit run by stefan and ayesha curry.
6:47 pm
>> it quickly expand and expand and expand. and we realized that the needs were increasing every day and are still increasing to this day. >> there they aren't justl numbers, people and families that we've been able to support and help. >> the curry family's eat, learn play organization is getting a big boost from kaiser. a $1.5 million grant. eat, learn play has partnered with 130 east bay restaurants to provide meals to oakland unified school kids and their families. with a new round of funding, the partnership will be extended well into the school year. that is certainly great to hear. and kids are starting school. it's a hot, hot, hot start to the school year, dan. >> it is sure is. brutally hot. so nice of the curries. they're terrific. sandhya, it's not going to end any time soon? >> no, unfortunately not, dan and ama. it is tough for the kids, especially since so many are dealing with this intense heat and the pandemic. let me show you those
6:48 pm
temperatures right now. they're still in the triple-digits. inland, 107 in fairfield right now. you know, all i have to say is i wish i were right here, half moon bay, where it is 75 degrees. the breezes brought the temperature down. all right. in all seriousness, the dangerous heatwave continues. heat advisory for the bay shoreline until 9:00 p.m. tonight. excessive heat warning for all inland areas until next wednesday night. coast is the only place where you escape it, but the heat illness risk is high, be careful. live doppler 7 showing the absence of fog. we have pretty clear skies right now. tomorrow afternoon, it's going to be another hot day, not quite as hot as today. mid 100s for hot spots. 80 in san francisco, as you take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. intense heat continues. the heat backs off a bit sunday. mugginess increases. monday temperatures come up even more. 108 inlands. heatwave continues until wednesday, and then we get a break from the triple-digits, 90s thursday and friday. cooler at the coast.
6:49 pm
low to mid-60s and the fog is back. >> 90s will seem like a cold front moving in by comparison. >> yeah. >> thank you so much. >> i know. >> wow. all right. heating up. let's talk to larry beil. we're talking money. >> yeah. >> always, ama, always. we'll hear from george kittle after signing his new deal with the 49ers. plus game one of the bay bridge series, and the one player who won't be out there for the a's won't be out there for the a's tonight against the (birds chirping) (woman chattering) [nrar]ing dinner for the family? (family gasps) rewarded with a side of quiet. (baby murmuring) grubhub rewards you, (scooter horn honking) get a free delivery perk when you order. (doorbell rings) - [group] grubhub.
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i give. the stitch work is impeccable. it's just a double fleck pattern with a reverse garter stitch. no big deal. is your hair this soft? softer. geico. save an extra 15% when you switch by october 7th. now abc7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. a's outfielder he will sit out the bay bridge series against the giants which starts tonight at oracle. the a's would never come o say it, but with the giants struggling in last ace, t probably don't really need him in this series. happy to report no suspension
6:52 pm
for abc7's chris alvarez as long as he keeps that mask on at all times at oracle park. how you doing, chris? >> great, larry, as always keeping the mask on. i'm going get out of the way. there is actually humans and a seal in the cove. here we are from mccovey cove. perfect weather for this baseball game. there is a definite lack of energy there should be 40,000 plus fans in attendance tonight. instead it's about 10,000 cardboard cutouts. this is 2020. you remember the two teams met for two exhibition games in which the giants won both before the regular season began. that seems like a long time ago, at least for the giants. it is a tale of two years. the a's with the best record while the giant just wrapped up 3-7 road trip and sit in last place in the nl west. as we once again renew the bay area rivalry with a little less noise. >> guys, get up for this series. you know that everybody is watching. it's still the case. but you really don't feel like it. >> it is definitely more intense
6:53 pm
than i thought it was. and, i mean, especially with fans at the park. you see that a little bit more. >> i want to be able to beat the team and the a's are always the underdogs. we're probably the underdogs again to some of the mccovey chronicle guys. but we're coming in there and we're going prove that we deserve to be where we are right now. >> as we take you back out to the cove. hanging out with some of his friends. there is probably a couple hundred people gathered between the water and also on the walkway here. this game just started. of course, larry, highlights and reaction in the bay bridge series. a huge win for the giants if they want to keep any play-off hopes alive, while the a's are sitting pretty atop the american league right now. >> real quick, before you go, chris, how much money would i have to venmo you to drop the mic and dive into mccovey cove? how much? what's your price? >> it would take a lot, larry. i want would take a lot. i think someone hit a home run
6:54 pm
because the cannons just went off. it's too hot. >> way to avoid the question. thanks. highlights at 11:00. thank you, chris. the 49ers made it official today. george kittle signing his new deal, reportedly five years for $75 million. niners will hit the field in pads for the first time tomorrow. >> where are you going, man? >> what's up? >> going to celebrate this thing, niner nation. we are here, the faithful. going to be a niner for a long time. super excited about it. ready to play some football, baby, woo! >> woo! raiding o newacti fity i nfl w teamso easecontact, but coach jon gruden, he wants to see somebody go down, and they must go down hard. >> need everybody to do their job at a high level. don't try to go outside yourself to do something the defense doesn't ask you to do.
6:55 pm
we just got to be ready to go. we've got to be ready to tackle. we've been under quarantine. we're wearing masks. we haven't even had a tackle. we haven't put a man on the ground yet. >> he wants to see somebody go down. classic jon gruden. and dan, ama, i was willing to do a gofundme for chris to take the dive. and was total distraction. oh, i think somebody hit a ball in the water. i got to go. i got to go. >> like we wouldn't notice if he did that. >> sad. really sad. disappointing. >> thanks, larry. all right. join us tonight for abc7 news at 11:00. >> i'm amanned the del castillo in the south bay. concern from residents after notices were posted pointing to planned usps collection box removal. at 11:00, response from the agency. and as the heatwave strains the power grid, what you need to know about potential rolling blackouts. finally about the, a few
6:56 pm
thoughts what really matters. five months ago, we didn't expect to be here. if we flattened the curve, we thought we could beat back this virus and get it under control. it seemed to be working. then we tried to reopen. too soon some health experts believe. and now the virus is spiking again all around the country. businesses are still struggling terribly, and a lot of people are still not back to work. and those who are juggling the challenges of working from home. the coronavirus laying waste to high school and college graduations, weddings, summer vacation plans so, much more. layer on top of that, distance learning. this blistering heatwave, the threat of power outages, and wildfires, and the stress could be as stifling at the temperature. we are all getting tired of this new normal. but we're stuck with it. can't change it. just respond to it. and what really matters is how we respond. sure, the virus is tough, but we're tougher. so stay safe and stay cool this weekend.
6:57 pm
i always love to hear from you. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook at dan ashley abc7. >> and that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. look for the news any time on the abc7 news news app. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. for all of us here we appreciate your time. have a good rest of the evening and we will see you tonight at 11:00.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
hello, everyone. we are wrapping up our month of "jeopardy!" vault episodes with the thrilling finale of our first million dollar tournament, the million dollar masters. today brad rutter, eric newhouse, and bob verini go head to head for a spot in "jeopardy!" history and $1 million. see how it all played out. ♪ from new york city, this is the... ...tournament. for the deciding game, here are the three finalists-- a film journalist and test prep teacher from los angeles, california... ...whose cash winnings yesterday total... a director of technical assistance from vermillion, south dakota... and a network administrator
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from lancaster, pennsylvania... ...who won $11,800 yesterday. and now, from radio city music hall, here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. ladies and gentlemen, welcome again to our show today, the culmination of our "jeopardy!" million dollar masters invitational. i want to show you all something. this is a check for $1 million. as you can see, the payor's line has a signature--mine. this is a valid instrument. the payee's line is blank at the moment, which means that i could put anyone's name in there, including mine. [ audience laughs ] however, at the end of this program, that name will probably be bob verini, eric newhouse, or brad rutter.


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