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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 17, 2020 6:00am-6:56am PDT

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life. you live it. felt like if they had any humanity, they would have addressed our problems before it came to us checking in to a residence n. power outage frustrations for one bay area neighborhood stuck without electricity for three days. a life or death weekend for one family. and this morning, the threat is far from over, brace yourselves for what could be another round of lightning fires, all across the region and that looming threat of power outages. and we're taking a live look at doppler 7 tracking more lightning moving across the north bay and more thunderstorms
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possible throughout the day. so we are not out of this yet. not by a long shot. good morning, it is monday, august 17th. let's get straight to mike nicco. mike, i know the north bay is experiencing some of this, but as far as the heat goes, this is something that lasts through much of the week. >> yeah, wednesday especially inland. and now for the bay and the coast, hopefully we got our fingers crossed that it ends after this afternoon. and then we still have the red flag warning too, so the high fire danger. the hottest spot right now is san rafael. so right on 101, we cou hava heavy downpour right now. for sure moderate rain and you can see the thunder right there. and it also goes down to the marin headlands and more developing.
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you can see the moisture moving in to the area. and the lighter green stuff that you see probably just sprinkles right now. but lack at what is developing to the south. more moisture on the way. so this is not like yesterday, it is starting later and it will end much later this afternoon. so this is going to be a several hour event with several waves of thunderstorms. 82 in san francisco, a lot of 90s around the bay and we can't forget the heat while we're focusing on the thunderstorms. xwloo and we're and bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on. and so traffic is backed up there. and also a heads up, there is slowing northbound 101 through burlingame. there was earlier work that blocked a lane and it has caused
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a bit of a backup.adork high sc clear -- has cleared. and there is a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. and there is a new crash reported at winton that may involve three to four cars. and there is a high wind advisory over the altamont pass and heavy traffic out of tracy. >> people are still under evacuati lightning. so far it has burned about 400 acres. residents are familiar with having to evacuate on short notice. >> we do appreciate all their work, that's for sure. it happens a lot. so all of the residents are always very appreciative of what cal fire and everybody does.
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>> so this is time lapse video from cal fire showing how this fire expanded after yesterday's lightning strikes. officials say two of the fires have been contained, they are trying to surround the other two. and a twree otrio of fires sunol area. the so-called marsh fires 0% cou tning-sparked fireurng f about 30 moemhomes are threateny the river fire. an evacuation center has been set up. isning as the heat wave ning is in effect asking everyone to help conserve energy.
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that is not an option for some creek this morning. >> reporter: yeah, pg&e says it may have to shut down the system because of the strain that the heat wave put on it. so that causes problems for ke thili keefrerat.o businesses onean jose nd power outage over the weekend during this heat wave and people there say that ittr neighborhood, they lost their power friday night. fo i t area.rete one family went to a hotel and they need electricity for medical equipment. they are hoping that pg&e will reimburse thtbu, a worker told them it is not a guarantee. >> he said go ahead and file your claim, but difficul they say that they will always reimburse people, but they hardy
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will ever do. >> reporter: pg and e and says the grid was doing okay last night.>> reporter: pg and e and the grid wghas dt. they encourage everyone to conserve energy as much as they can. and do it through wednesday to help us get through the heat wave and they are warning people to be prepared to lose power. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. and there conserve energy. so set your thermostat for 78 or higher whichwfono kable i nsth. and keep the house cooler with fans instead of ac and use tur continues to block the sun. and higher rates are usually charged between noon and 8 ong. and the number of confirmed
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cases of covid-19 in california continues to rise. more than 620,000 people have now tested positive and that is 7800 more from what was reported on saturday. 77 more people have also died. today the governor says that he will break down the number of cases by county and that will tell us which counties still on the watch list and are which counties may be able to come off the list. the been frozen since a data glitch was discovered at the end of july. grace cathedral is honoring people who have died from covid-19. snth allay li ♪ alleluia, alleluia >> the names of victims were read aloud. an is closed with all services being streamed online. across the country more than
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170,000 people have died from coronavirus. some schools are seeing a spike in cases after students return to campus. in los angeles, the public school system is launching regular covid-19 testing and contact tracing. screen position ings could star as next week for child care prognd o campus staff. the district serves nearly 500,000 people. and scientists at stanford are contribute ending to that program. living up to its ref reputation, the history-making day in the desert. and the storm prediction center just upgraded where they think our threat of thunderstorms is. and it is in the same area i've been talking about all morning. you can see by secretarying the peninsula, parts of the east bay and the north bay, right now our best chance of thunderstorms are in the north bay and just off
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look at the lightning. some of it not even reaching the ground and that is the way reaching the ground could cause someuest larts wike had yester so that istday. looks like from the east bay hills camera. i could watch this all day. i'm sure we'll put it online. and we have thunderstorms peppering the north bay, you can see they are starting to move through sonoma and heading toward napa valley. you probably heard the thunder echos through the valleys and stos on shore, look at that, more developing
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offshore, a plume of moisture that is coming up that will be nonstop through laternd lastg longer all the way up until at least 4:00. and then most of the storms will move north of the north bay after the 4:00 hour. don't forget about the heat, near 70 at the coast, 80s and 90s around the bay. 90s and 100s inla future radar comin and in death lley, u know record high 134 degrees? but yesterday it degrees. please tell me this is file video and not people actually walking through that heat yesterday. that is crazy. they will be in the 120s for the next several days.
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>> yeah, and here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. meter goood0 to 15 minute and thgsw heyward southbound 880 because of a twl three to four car crash. and traffic is slow from 238. and both hands on the wheel through the altamont pass. there is a high wind advisory bubl eo the as the san mat. id dumbarton bridge. here is a live shotf ghy bod sa. and also looking good on 680 through walnut creek. southbound heading toward highway 24. and a tragedy for a nrts y north bay community. >> i never 4erd of anything like this here. this is shocking. >> and a shooting leaving an 18-year-old employee dead and so
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many questions surrounding this
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friends and family are planning a vigil for the 18-year-old victim of a shootin. nathan gabriel garza was an employee at the store and was delivering groceries to a customer before she was shot. officials say the suspect took off in a car, the mayor says that it has been a decade since the last shooting there. >> never heard of anything like this. nothing, you know. this is really shocking. >> police have not released information about a motive and they say there is no evidence that the shooting was over a
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mask despite social media speculation. nathan was hoping to become a college athlete. and his school district released a statement saying nathan was a joy to be around, kind, considerate and attentive to the needs of others. our hearts go out to his family, friends and all of those who loved him which include many of our staff members. and there was a gas rupture in san bruno darby place. 37 people had to be evacuated before they could repair the line. there was no explosion. i'm glad everybody was okay.
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did you gli guys catch any of t lightning in. >> yeah, i was in the lawn chai could because it was flatter, but you can hear it as well. yeah, we'd love to see if you captured. a lot of the moisture is evaporating before it reaches the ground be. so that is why as we look south, it looks dry right now. so thunderstorms, dangerous heat and fire conditions today.ll wa than average and less humidity, but almost as warm as we head through the rest of the week. and you can see around the east bay, mainly greens, a lot of that not making to the ground. and let me take you over to the
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north bay, at least three storms right on napa road. look at all that bottom bolts. and this one is moving up 27. and here is what i'm concerned with, some of these are five to seven miles away from the path storm. so if you out there trying to capture it, we'd love to see it, but please be careful. and the rain out of these will make it to the ground. and that will make things wet. and this afternoon it is mainly the peninsula, northern contra costa county and all the north bay that has the best chance of showers and thunderstorms. and by 5:00, that thread is starting to move north of us and moving out. with slightly less humidity
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tonight, temperatures a little cooler around parts of the bay. look at the low to mid 60s out ther di hbay, south bay and up in the at 60s and 70s for highs. so dangerous heat through wednesday, even though the nights will start to cool a little bit with less humidity out there. thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, we're still looking at dangerous heat just no more 100s. a lot of 70s, 80s and 90s. so be careful out there. and this is a ceremony that one couple will certainly never forgets. they planned to marry each other on july 13th. one day after filing for the marriage certificate, car sloes developed covid-19 symptoms and eventually ended up on life t. thmedical staff came up with an idea so they could get married. doctors and nurses acted as the wedding party and grace walked town the aisle, the hospital hallway, in her wedding dress with her daughter faith. and carlos' condition has
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improved a lot. he is out of the icu and he calls their wedding perfection. glad to hear that they are both okay. >> i love this. beautiful. and a local city hall will start doing businesses a bit differently starting today. >> and we'll explain what they are serving that you can complete without having to get out of your car. and as we get our day started, let's take a look from
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for $24.99 a month for 12 months. plus, switch to xfinity mobile and for a limited time get $400 off an eligible samsung galaxy 5g phone. click, call or visit a store today. and the hidden smiles.. the foggy glasses... and the muffled laughs. a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: i care. wear a mask. let's all do our part to slow the spread. let's run through our watches and warnings. heat advisory, you see bait shore into the santa cruz
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mountains. that is until 9:00. and that means, yeah, things will get little bit better. they won't be perfect, but they will get better. it will be hot, but not as humid after today. but we could still have temperatures well over 100 during the afternoon hours. i still think that they will extend the warnings into the north bay. and here is a look at the best chance for the thunderstorms. the area you see shaded, not expecting anything severe. gusts up to 50 miles per hour yesterday, we could have that again today, but to be severe, it would h be 58 and hailoav if t we get anything would haveo hit an inch. right now a shower movrough val canyon. no lightning out of this one, but there is the potential out of that, the strongest storms still in the north bay and
6:25 am
moving north. back to you. >> now let's check in with ernggind agma in. >> i hope you're staying cool. we'll be talking about the record heat today. but also have the latest on the cdc's concerning new warning as schools are opening. covid cases stdi increasing. so this morning, top public health officials will join us with the latest. and also the here row hero who his wife from a great white shark. wow. and plus adele's major life change. the grammy sinker now revealing the book that helped transform her body and life. so we'll hear what the author of that book is saying this morning
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to xwchlt m gma. >> and performing this morning. so this week mariah carey? >> that's right. and it is three this one week, i could not be happier. if i got a chance to talk to her -- call i could just think samba rolls. but, yeah, mariah too. >> i thank you, we'll see you at 7:00. happening today, people can use drive-thru service for the to pls and renew licenses for businesses at santa clara city hall.
6:27 am
the drive-thru window will be open from 9:00 to 4:00 on weekdays. and you can access the drive-thru by going through the parking lot for santa clara city hall from warburton avenue. customers have to wear a face covering while interacting with city staff and at the drivth d mi uxt at 6:30, we know you're wondeoutages. so mike will be back with a full look at our forecast. and if you come to the clay
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california's economic challenges are deepening. frontline workers stretched too thin. our nurses and medical professionals in a battle to save lives. our schools, in a struggle to safely reopen,
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needing money for masks and ppe, and to ensure social distancing. and the costs to our economy, to our state budget? mounting every day. we need to provide revenues now, we kno two big stories we know you are tracking this morning. fires forcing families from their homes in the east bay and the extreme weather conditions contributing to them will continue. and here is a look at those r east bay hills camera as
6:30 am
thunderstorms make their way north through the bay area. >> incredible to see that. i was telling mike, am i back in florida? but this is really rare that this happens. >> it took so many events to come together, mon mreonsoeivot moisture, moisture from a tropical storm, low pressure over the gulf 6 of alaska. and it is pushing you august the moisture up towards us. you are c you see the peppering of the storms pushing up. and there is some red in there also. that means at the mid levels there is a lot of moisture, a lot of electricity.
6:31 am
and remember when temperature in fairfield jumped to 101? we have the same set up. we have dry air under the system so if the rain c heat, we could have a heat significant. and look way south, and they are heading to the north. so the north bay will be in for several waves of thunderstorms. and the heat is dangerous once again. and we have some slow spots out there. southbound 880 crawling through hayward from 238 out towards winton because of an earlier crash that has been cleared from the lane, so i think this will start to pick up you, but it is heavy along that entire stretch southbound. and then once you get to the san
6:32 am
mateo bridge, both hands on the wheel, thes ire wind advisory and as well as the altamont pass which i of tracy. and the other slow spot is the bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on. and there is a possible stall in the left lane. and happening right now, fire crews are battling a cluster of wildfires in the east bay believed to have been started by lightning strikes over the weekend. the deer complex fire is burning. and ansar hassan is live at an evacuation center. and we got an update that that center is being cd?selo >> reporter: correct. first i want to let you know that there are no reports of any
6:33 am
residents and no structures burned. two evacuation centers were set up and the clayton library is new being closed. now people camped out in their cars will be put in hotels tonight. and let me show you video of the deer complex fire. it is made up of four fires started by the direction and that prompted the mandatory swrakati evacuations. and right now 0% is contained. homes are in danger. >> a lot are nice homes that butt up against the hill but in the middle of the fire path should it head that direction.
6:34 am
>> and it has been almost every year and it gets old, you know. but it is a scary process. >> reporter: i want to add that one firefighter did sustain heat related injuries. ansar hassan, abc 7 news. and firefighters in other parts of the bay area have been inundated with calls to put out fire and downed wires. in livermore, the units worked contain this fire in sycamore park. and in marin county, lightning started a grass fire which burned dangerously close to an apartment complex. >> we saw the lightning and then the fire started right after that. and the independent with and everything, it was just a crazy combination of things. >> cal fire says they have responded to at least 11,
6:35 am
presumed to have started from lightning strikes. and look at these spectacular images of the lightning stris.k searched things on our website orisththan 2500 lightning strikesarni customers that we all need to be prepared for possible rolling blackouts through wednesday night. people in san francisco, san mateo and contra costa counties were warned that this could start as early as last night. but thankfully that wasn't needed. the blackoutsreueo th heat wave. and the california independent system operator has issued a flex alert asking people toer e wednesday between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. a pg&e spokesperson explains how the blackouts work. >> this is a statewide issue. stree it is rotating. so like 200,000 or 250,000
6:36 am
customers at a time. but depending how long the challenge exists, it is multiple groups of 200,000 to 250,000. so one group will be out for an hour, and then another group will be out for an hour, hour and a hahe outages will be relatively short. >> pg and e says cal iso decides when to cut the power. and there are several communities waking up without power. and here is a look at their outage map and you can sell from the yellow, orange and red where the largest yououtages are. many were heat related. thunl dder, lightning, rain all of it check it on our free abc news app. florida a and happening today, governor newsom will talk at noon. and you can watch it it radrigh
6:37 am
on abc 7 and also at blacked a advocacy groups are teaming up to hold a mass covid-19 testing event in oakland. i probably remember tucsf did something similar to this. this is happening saturday and sunday in oakland. and ucsf says a disproportionate number of bla pstck epleopositi. and the testing is free and in addition to that, orpger e orgae planning forget out protective guilt equipme equipment and food. this week thousands of students will start the school year with distance learning. and you because of covid-19, most students will attend a zoom class on their d e teacher's un
6:38 am
students will get at least two hours ofinstruction every da spots all in an eve up stcoected. students witto computers will be ablwi their t phone. and south san francisco students also go back to school tfihance learning for at least n rsstudents will be brought backo campus in phase. students would attend in person classes on alternating days. and new developments on the u.s. post office political battle. what some states are now thinking of doing to stop the agency's controversial changes. and right now taking a live
6:39 am
look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. up about ten points. and the democratic national convention starts today. a preview of what joe biden and kamala harris have planned and hopresent trum will be ea sthe n6:39 and checking in with frances. we have a stalled big rig on the bay bridge just past the metering lights in the left lane. so check out the bay bridge backup, it is past the 880 overcrossing and this may stick erasatwinton has cleared, but traffic is still heavy and backed up on to 238. and a live shot of the golden gate bridge, i saw some lightning strikes thean a high d
6:40 am
adso throu pass andhe sar and mike is keeurping tck weather looking howprigh now?is hel had a tower camera at sa p ena because the lightning is every 45 seconds to a minute. and remember, lightning can strike up to 12 miles away from the parent storm. and so far i've seen it strike up to at least seven. so if you can hear thunder, you go indoors. and wait at least 30 minutes until the last time you hear thunder to venture outside. of north bay with the thunderstorms. so we'll go north/northeast as they flow around this area of high and low pressure. high school hot, hugh mid, it
6:41 am
has monsoon moisture, fausto moisture. and this will last longer than yesterday's event. for the south bay and east bay, it will quieter than it was yesterday. so here is a look at our planner for today. you can see the numbers. they will be hot no matter where you are. 70s at the coast. that is warm, maybe not hot for you guys. but 80s, 90s and 100s elsewhere. and the best chance by noon for those storms is in the north bay. by 4:00, lake and mendocino counties. and by 7:00, we'll just be talking about the heat as this event will be over. and once we get past this event, i do have some lighter humidity and some about lowering of temperatures coming up in the
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quick look at our
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advisories. you ca tee sheorange, that is where we have the heat advisory until 9:00 this evening with temperatures in the 80s and 90s.and got the red flag warning that goes through at least 11:00 this morning. i thatthk nhe t bay could be extended as the thunderstorms will hang around past the 11:00 hour. we'll see what the national weather service does. the excessive heat warning will continue through 9:00 ncewednesd wednesday will be the lack of humidity compared to what we're dealing with right now. let's take a look at just how hot it will be across the state today and that is why we need to conserve electricity. even up in the high kn in the h in the 100s. and the mid-80s along the coast. will death valley get to 130 again today? probably not, but i bet around 128. back to you guys. and as mike has been saying,
6:45 am
the heat wave is notanyb you are like me and just have a f blowing on you. but rolling blackouts could get in the way of that.s asking eve to conserve energy. and amy hollyfield is live for us in walnut creek this morning. >> reporter: yeah, you have to thinking about businesses like this d paemic and nowosble power outages and what t they have here that they need to keep refrigerat refrigerated. one san jose neighborhood did experience a power outage over the weekend while dealing with the heat wave and they say that it was rough. the century-pebbletree neighborhood lost power for three days. residents were told a transformer blew in the area. some people escaped to hotel rooms like those who rely on medical equipment that needs electricity. and others toughed it out at home and said that it was prett
6:46 am
temperatures about 103 degrees. we lost all our food, we l an aa amount of sleep. >> reporter: pg&e issued a statement at 8:00 last night saying the grid was doing okay so they wouldn't need to do anymore blackouts last night. they are encouragingryone tove e conserve any of to prevent blackouts at least through wednesday. and they are also preparedorbly losingwe hoyfld,bc 7 news. temoctiatnal convention starts today andy feate social injusticey'speaksmy haanernds.arris e de wl
6:47 am
deliver speeches wednesday and joe biden will officially accept the nomination thursday. according to a new poll, biden is holding a 12 point lead over president trump. the republican national convention starts one week from today. abc news is the first network to land a joint interview with biden and harris. you can watch the special this sunday at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc '7. ands will be sitting down to talk about their history-making presidential ticket. and president trump is campaigning in two swing states today. he will visit minnesota and wisconsin. he plans to talk about health squar care, immigration and the response to the pandemic. and they also launched a new ad campaign that includes taking over the banner for youtube starting tomorrow. it will be unskippable ads that will run onmieatrng
6:48 am
swing states. so people watching the dnc on those platforms through the firs back this weeke on a bill to stop the postal service from making operational changes ahead of the november election. this is after growing concern of the trump administration is trying to undermine the agency during the pandemic while states are expanding mail-in voting. democrats are calling for the post master to testify this week. this is serious. our members are concerned about the implications this has to have a fair election with every vote counted. >> congress needs to get their act together and work. i can tell you the republican senators are talking about exactly that. >> the house will take up the bill on saturday, right now it is not clear if or when the senate will do the same. several states are considering legal action against
6:49 am
of massachusetts tells cnn that they will not bet detured. and uber and lyft could suspend service this week. the companies are providing information on prop 22 which would prevent them from ab 5, that law requires them to reclassify their drivers as employees instead of independent contractors. a judge denied their request to extend the deadline. both companies plan to file another appeals request. and we're taking a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets under way this morning. you can see that we are down about one or two points right now. and some bay area salons are reopening despite orde a group of personal care businesses say that they need to
6:50 am
reopen or else they go out of business. and they are done waiting for public health officials to give them permission. they say they are taking extra precautions to sanitize their facilities. salons that violate health orders cou be fined thousands of dollars. you know we love our self care here on abc 7 mornings. and new at 6:00, a self care staycation. of course there is a lot going on that we have no control over. closure, kchaos, uncertainty. but you for a good deal. some businesses are featured in the deals and steals, they are offering deals o hre im ast 50. that way every day right before 7:00 you can become part of
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lotion nation. >> i know. i'm looking to see what they have for nails because i've been growing my nails out, friends, and trying to do like my at home manicures. a set, something. >> yeah, that would be a good idea. treat yourself. is your self ca home? >> me? besides the 340imoisturizing th? i ask my husband to give me a massage. >> that's good. you can get some nice oil or roeg lotion. >> and mike, what about you? >> i have the air conditioning, so that helps.ottub, got tt fed and working. >> mike, just stop right there. >> i know. this is the first we've heard of this. >> really, a hot tubtusthaeith and we let it go because we weren't using it and now we're like maybe that would help.
6:52 am
so we got it working. >> and we're coming over. >> days like today, i'm not getting it in today even know it would be cooler in there than it is outside. so maybe im. yeah, it came with the house. it is not something that we probably would have purchased on our own. but if we xt got it, we should it. and two, three blocks a fywal f that they don't have power. the garbage trucks come and you hearmhe t banging and i was like i hope that is not a transformer blowing. and it was them. so thankfully nobody us was losing power. so let's run through the highlights. thunderstorms erupt today, dangerous heat, fire condition once again, recordni ior mtngnd last time that we see widespread record warmth. but the humidity will ease more as we head through the forecast. look at how huge the storm is
6:53 am
moving through. it is heading up toward clearlake. and the rainfall rate was up to about 3 inches an hour. the dark red, those are and he will really big fat drops or small hail. so there could be hail coming out of this particular system. and we had hail falling in marin county already. and look at that lightning, 100 strikes within the last half hour. so when thu roar, gonder this will be around for a while. you can see the models are finally staro tnghis morning's, but as we head into the noon hour, still across the north bay and even during the afternoon, still have a chance of thunderstorms across the north b north bay, but they will start to move into oregon in the evening hours. tonight 60s and 70s, a little cooler around parts of the bay and the coast. and the humidity will drop, so
6:54 am
expect some 23450iszer nights coming on, but still dangerously hot through wednesday. and then just almost dangerously hot items a 80s and 90s through the week. and the nba playoffs start today inside the disney bubble in florida. 16 teams made it into the postseas postseasthe bubble. this is an isolation to keep ev safe. no in-person fans, no home court advantage, the championship race could be as wide open as it has ever been. today features a quadruple header and you can watch them all at espn the starting at 10:30> cat burar been roaming tcitrus heights neighborhood for four years.
6:55 am
neighbors calltty. he breaks in to homes and slips out with whatever. the owner always returns the items. you may callfaatio nicknamed schlep toe t cle klepto the cat and he made it on to letterman. so you can't trust a cat, you know that. >> see, they just they want. >> and they take it. >> and they take it. >> and don't apologize for it. >> so we can learn from the> e . don't do it. >> you know what, this weekend, claiming it. >> yeah, go ahead and claim it. that is fine. >> and we'll let you know if it
6:56 am
is true by the end of the week. coming up, the 7 things that you need to know for today. >> and before that, let's take a look outside. we're blessed.
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if you are just joining us, here are seven things you need to know. we have dangerous thunderstorms moving through the north bay right now. hail is a hour and brief heavy rain. and number two, this new video from this morning shows exactly what mike has been talking about. lightning strikes have been spotted on our east bay hills camera within the last hour. and number three, firefighters are working to put out several fires in eastern contra costa county. firefighters believe in a ligth lightning sparked four fires yesterday. evacuees are being sent to local
6:59 am
hotels. and san francisco unified students start today with distance learning. those without access to computers can connect with their teachers over the phone. xwoou will update the response to the heat wave and the pandemic at noon here. and number six, the bay bridge backup extends into the maze because of an earlier stall and crash in san francisco. also wind advisory for the san mateo bridge and altamont pass. and the national zoo in washington is on baby watch. it appears that giants panda is pregnant. the 22-year-old was oflyb ce iemat in march good morning, america. the cdc's concerning new warning about kids and covid.
7:00 am
just as schools open across the country, a third high school in georgia shuts down with hundreds of students under quarantine and more cases are reported on college campuses. dr. birx urging social distancing in hot spsas ot, ngyi under control. now more than 170,000 american this morning dr. ashish jha joins us live with the latest. the democrats set to take the stage in a convention unlike any we've seen


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