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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  August 18, 2020 11:35pm-12:03am PDT

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right now on jimmy kimmel guest host >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live," with guest host, kerrytoght, stacey abramsr live." i'm your guest host kerry on -- outside once aggtain inwa tinhe sshummer hea. i had a great time hosting last night and i'm excited to be here again. sie thshowtart, thi alve n ou ih been bitten by 600 mosquitoes. last night i had a great joke azg sidekick of his own and i have him here how are you doing guillermo?
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group. >> guillpermo i'm doing great, you look beautiful. >> oh, thank you, you know i try to clean up for you always. much.illermo: thank you far thised to ask you, i am the 13 summer. so honestly, where do i rank? >> guillermo: from the bottom of my heart,'rou ye you're the best. >> number one. >>llbeui g: moer 'sthone, for y sake i really hope billy eichner doesn't see this. >> guillermo: no, i think he's on vacation. >> i have to be honest, i was nervous that wouldn't be your sower, because there have beent hosts this summer. so i wanted to with ssomething everyotane lo somes,vething completely undeni. cute, internet babies. i have no idea wheew bour
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born twins are, but i love them from the bottom of my heart. i love thatik me, when walk by anyone who's not wearing a mask. that clip is actually perfect, there is scientific proof that babies develop the ability to give side eye atwo tld. speaking of side eye, have you been following what's going on with the u.s. postal service? it is almost telo u get into it my amazing guest, stacey abrams, but i know you want to help the postal service now but don't know how. in moments of crisis, people come to me, because they think i am really olivia pope. ammanager, but i did do a little research on three simple things can you do today to support the postal service. so, here we go. number one.
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buy a lot of stamps. i bought so many stamps this ouildd en t send a jet ski to the ukraine. i don't know why i would do that, but i could. number two, call your representatives in the house and the senate at the number on your screen. say how important it is for them to support the postal service, during this tshot, before we change the chiron. okay. number three, tune into the dnc, the draem convention. imagine, even people who vote by mail. today is the anniversary of the 19th amendment which gave women the t ghrito vote. it wasn't ehasy. women really had to fight for the right to vote, as did black people, as did young people. voting os ine most sacred
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duties, and it's important to talk about it early. so i chatted with some kids to see what they know about our this is what they had do y know what voting is? >> ahye, i don't know how to do it. o l d>>e go out into the street and just scream it, like this is who i want to be president? and then that counts as voting? >> maybe you go inside the white house and say it? >> oh, like every person goes insi inside the white house? >> yes. >> do you think you're old en tghouactually, i think i voted before. i don't know. i'll have to tell my mom. >> are you sure? >> do you think that people who are missing their front teeth should be allowed to vote?
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>> yes. i lost my front teeth, and i'm voting right now. >> so how much does it cost to vote? >> $50. >> like $100? or $200? >> $2,000? >> $2,000 a vote? >> to vote. do you know what a pdesire >> it's like somebody that, like, owns the sousteta s. little bit authoritarian. >> uh-huh. they own the state. >> do you know who ourisur c re >> yeah, it's donald trump. he's kind of handling things out of control, because he wants people to go t gettingo sick. >> all ino k going nuts >> does trump do bad things? >> kind of. >> like what? >> like lying.>> yeah.
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what do you think of him? >>eno let's say that four years ago you voted for cookie monster, because you thought that cookie monster would be a good president, and then when he got to the white house all he did all day was eat cookies, which in fairness, you should have known because his name isu saying he wants to run for president again and be cookie monster for president. would you vote for him for a second term? >> no, iou w someone else. like justin bieber. >> what's theorst thing that the president has done? >> i heardhe president canceled tik tok. you did? what do y>>ou think about that? do you think that's a good thing? >> well, ihi tnk h to have fun. >> do you know thatve we' waner
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ever? >> really? >> you know, 100 years ago, women weren't allowed to vote, did you knee? >> women weren't allowed on boats? >> no, women were not allowed to vote. >> wha knowt? who's running for president? >> no. >> there's a man named joe biden. and the personun us. she's got a lot of black girl magic. her name is kamala harris. mm-hm. >> i like magic. >> what kinds of magic do you like? >> bippity, boppity boo, make her disappear! she dippeared!
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where is she? bippity boppity boo! make her comeack! >> hello! filled with black girl magic. we have music from chloe and haley, and we'll be back with stacey abrams! >> dicky: abc's "jimmy kimmel live," bro to you by consumer cellular. ught
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n be his guest, the extraordinarily talented zendaya. i can't imagine nobody tter-suited to speak about what's going on right now with voting access and the u.s. postal service, than our next day. she's the history-making former minority leader of the georgia house of representatives, founder of fair fight and fair count, and author of the book, "our time is now." please hi, stacey, how are you? >> i am well, howre a it's a delight to be here with you. >> oh, thank yo u, so, so, so much. so we're taping this before night two of theke butaingre ie just goingo go ahead and say you were brilliant, you were brilliant, because i'm sure you were. did you watchig nht particular, did you watch
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michelle?maba anyone was allowed not to watch glorious, e questions. i'm going to go back andthor f d non-swing states, what can we d vooteut otates? >> i would do th's exactly what we to. we are wngkiorpro t totstates, getting thousands of volunteers. we have 67,00067,00067,000 wewno has 50,000 lined up to intimidate voters. we'll get you signed up and ready to work. >> voter suppression is it's your passion to fight that. can you explain what's been
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going on with the post office and mail-in voting leading up to november? >> sure. so let's underth d anat suppression is any time you prevent or discourage someone from voting. and because we know there's a wave coming, unfortelatuny, donald trump and hisedro t co se sngs out of mail-in voting. they know this is one ofe he t . so what we've watched in the last few weeks is anptem louis of the post officer advice to slow downhe removed postal tox b mailboxes and kn nefarious thing you can imagine. ough, vong i working in america by s mail. but it's oorta thing i to not panic. we can vote by mail, weean v
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earloty in person, we have voten election day, but don't let them scare you out of by removaling your tools. there are only a statesenbo tut almost every state you can vote by mail, in person early, and can you vote on election day.te tell you what your options are, no matter which state you live in. >> sodejoy testifies before the ife oi t ifou widerefray questi what would your first question be? >> if you believen i o democracy, then your derme it. what he has done since he took office is undermine access. and worst, he's undermined confidence. it's not just preventing you from voting but discouraging you from voting.
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and the pan tha ensued, because people belviie thatng e post office, which has been around since america was founded >> what should dwwe do do make sure every vote is counted. our presence. don't thinkha tstjut attempt to scare us out of voting that they're going to eo. make a plan to vote. that's why i tal a cutbo yllou almost every state. number two, show up in force, and don't show up avirtua.l,lo yoocial sur know, people like, people ou, ehke se they c registration, make a plan themselves and vote >>hi s is a question i love
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from le shawn on twitter. considering the local impact local policies have on our lives, how can we motivate americans to spend as much time thinking abouts we do nationalolics. not just focussing on the top of the ticket. how do we get people to focus on asking people whatoods? by are you concerned about? typically, they're not going to onhe rnifed y about people in your community being arrested at unfair rates, talk to your mayor, if your trash doesn't get picked up enough, sometimes. make sure you in the 2020 census. that's how they draw the lines for everything that happens from
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school board all the way to the presidency. >> how does the censyla p all this? they're stopping the census early, right? >> right now they plan to stop it early. if they did, that means they willraseillis of people from the story america. namely communities of color and the poor. it is dangerous. it is going to cost the communities money but steal their power. instead of counting them they're going to guess. it's calledn. it's going toot n communities na .owcade of not h any of the resources you need while those communities that have more than enough get even more ofha wt deserve. we need to make certain we fill out theno r c p folssuicalor sti in these ti people can feelme fe helpless and paralyzed with nd aar you aesaylw things that can do, srtgakine
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a real difference. i'll be sure to post all of these suggestions on my social media. i love you. her book is "our time is now". thank you for joining me, stacey abrams, everyone, we'll be back fromc si halle. >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mi however you go back walmart's got your back. ♪ ! choose your fighter!
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>> that's all the time we have. che anhall my iey ndceta jimmy mskimmrael and apologize matt damon we ran out of time for you. ben platt will be here tomorrow night guest zendaya and music from muna and the knocks.h "nightline" is next, goodnight!
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tonight, nominee's night. the democrats' celebration for joe biden, clenching his party' lady, taking center stage. >> the heart of this nation ith kindness and courage. >> plus, political stars, rising, sometimes polarizing. >> thank you for ever me just fure. unlikely political allies. >> what a difference did will make to have a president who unites us. >> presidents the past, including the president of the first firstad for president e. >> this special edition of "nightline," yr


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