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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 5, 2020 11:00pm-11:58pm PDT

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campground south of yosemite national park. the rush to get (vo) i have the best job in the world. ♪ i get to remind people of their grandmother's conchitas. give the little kids cookies... and celebrate birthdays with all our neighbors. hopefully, we'll be part of this community for many, many more years. ♪
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our dangerous heat wave arrived today, and it's only going to get hotter tomorrow. we're tracking the record-breaking temperatures. excessi creating several concerns. one, health. two, slow business traffic. three, potential power shutoffs. raising money for the boulder creek volunteer fire department. abc 7 news starts right now. good evening and thanks for joining us, i'm indion lim. >> i'matcri is on, another scorr tomorrow. let's get to meteorologist drew tuma. >> we're tracking even hotter temperatures tomorrow, eric and dion.
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right now, a warm night, 79 in the city. 80 san jose. 77 in oakland. the air quality is moderate across the entire region, however, if you have been smelling a pretty strong, new smell of smoke, there is in fre start today, the creek fire. it did send a lot of smoke into the atmosphere. there are no new fires in the bay area tonight, but there is a lot of smoke in our atmosphere from that fire in fresno county. future tracker temperatures, get your workout in early by 8:00. 60s and 70s. tomorrow afternoon is going to be dangerously hot. excessive heat warnings are in effect. we'll let you know those record-breaking temperatures in the full forecast in a few minutes. these high temperatures have prompted pg&e to issue a public safety power shutoff watch for several places throughout the bay area on tuesday and wednesday. abc 7 news reporter luz pena spoke to struggling business
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owners who are seeing the financial impact of the second heat wave of the year. >> reporter: it's not the holiday weekend that anyone pictured, but then again, the last six months have been far from that. >> you can't catch a break. between the lightning and the heat waves and the fires and the -- it's like, what is happening? you know, it's crazy. >> reporter: adding to the list, the second heat wave of the year. >> we had a heat wave a couple of weeks ago as well. it's like, we can't really catch a break in the bay. >> reporter: the national weather service calling it dangerous and lifthreatening temperatures. downtown pleasanton, temps are projected to hit 112 tomorrow. today 106. it's keeping many people away from outdoor dining. >> not a lot of people want to eat outside. it's very quiet. we typically have a heavy takeout business, so people are coming to pick up and go home. even with this heat wave, even that has started to dwindle. >> reporter: many businesses were hoping the holiday weekend
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would be their saving grace with outdoor dining. >> not all the locations in this area have fans. even then, they're just blowing hot air at you. >> reporter: higpeem tretura pg power shutoff watch for a large portion of the bay area tuesday to wednesday. >> right now, no public safety l dwe and no specific areas have been pinpointed and no customers at this point have been notified. >> reporter: but the potential of the operator calling for rolling outages is there. >> you have a very short notification window. if that emergency does occur, with the state operator, we have to pull those customers off. >> reporter: many things are out of our hands, but we can reduce energy use from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. each day, and hopefully we will finally catch a break. developing news in the sierra nevada mountains. a military helicopter is working to rescue people trapped by a
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wildfire burning near a lake in froes know county. you heard drew allude to it. 150 people are trapped. the creek fire has burned 36,000 acres since it broke out yesterday. reporter gilbert maggione tells us more. >> reporter: as the creek fire 1s in fresno and madera counties, adjustment of weekend plans. mark coleman was at his big creek vacation home when he saw flames and decided it was time to go. >> to have this coming up the canyon at you is very start li .ngorter: before he packed his backs and took off, he took proactive measures to protect his and his neighbor's property. >> we got the hoses out, charged them, and we sprayed down the neighborhood. just in an abundance o his family were evacuated by authorities. they were planning to spend the holiday weekend at their cabin in big creek. he says the smoke was horrible.
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>> as soon as i opened the door, it hit me in the face, all the smoke, the smell. >> reporter: they got out of there quick and were able to avoid traffic. as people left, highway 168 was backed up for miles. >> get out. i wanted to scream as we were driving past everybody, just get out. >> reporter: two evacuation sites have been established. one at foothill elementary in preever, another in north fork. >> as the situation continues to evolve, we're determining where best to position our volunteers. >> reporter: the central california animal disaster team are also helping with pets. the coronavirus has changed some procedures at evacuation shelters. people must wear masks and social distance. >> that was reporter gill bear maggione. investigators are working to find what sparked the creek fire. extreme heat could strain the state's power grid. we're all being energy.
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we're under flex alert for the holiday weekend. there is a possibility of more rolling blackouts, but state power officials say there are no scheduled right now. instead, utility companies will focus on conservation during peak periods from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. the statewide flex alert runs through labor day. many bay area beaches are closed for the holiday weekend because of the pandemic. in marin county, visitors are not allowed at point reyes national seashore and that maam bay. santa cruz county has closed all its beaches except for a few hours each day. pacifica has closed all of its beaches until tuesday morning. are open in half moon bay, and despite pleas from city officials for people to comply, many appeared to ignore social distancing guidelines while they
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cooled off this afternoon. people still flocked to pacifica even though beaches there are closed. traffic moved slowly on highway 1. local officials closed beachfront parking lots and city leaders say people suspected of violating the beach closure order could be cited and face fines. most of the beaches in the north bay are open, and they are popular spots this weekend. abc 7 news reporter anser hassan talked to people who headed to stinson beach to escape the heat. >> reporter: stinson beach was a hot spot for those trying to escape this weekend's record-breaking bay area heat. >> we have a friend that comes every saturday, religiously, so we want to join them this weekend. >> reporter: body boarding to basketball football among the activity on this the beach. for others, a chance to sit and relax. >> i've been constantly in front of a computer, working from home for so long, that i just want to be able to relax in an open environment. >> reporter: but the chance of big crowds is a cause for
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concern. cases of covid-19 jumped nationwide after memorial day weekend, and there was a similar pattern after the fourth of july. ou sometimess. >> reporter: sometimes, stinson beach parking lots were packed. >> there's always a concern, but i would say everybody, as you can see, is pretty much social distancing. i don't really see groups of people that don't know each other that are together. most of the groups out here are pretty tight. they're together and they know each other. but i think the social distancing out here is good. >> it is very hot. i get out, hope for some wind. >> reporter: mike howard came it may be hth fil justd needed out. >> even though it's hot, i'd rather be outside than cooped up in the house. >> reporter: as temperatures climb margaret todd senior center in novato is one of three cooling centers in marin county that will be open
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starting sunday. let's get a check of how firefighters are doing battling the three biggest wildfires across northern california. in the north bay, the lnu lightning complex has burned over 375,000 acres since breaking out 18 days ago. it is 89% contained. cal fire says crews had a tougher time fighting the fire today because of hotter, drier conditions. the massive scu lightning complex has burned more than 396,000 acres across parts of seven counties. it's now 88% contained. cal fire expects crews to face tough conditions again tomorrow when temperatures could reach triple digits and the humidity will be very low. the czu complex in santa cruz and san mateo counties has been particularly deructive. tonight, a look at the helping hand for some of those who have been on the front lines fighting the flames. could we see a post-e
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in the santa cruz mountains, the czu lightning complex has charred more than 86,000 acres. it is now 64% contained. there are still some evacuation orders in place for parts of santa cruz county. >> as the community reels from what happened, tonight there was a brief break and a chance to say thank you to those who put their lives on the line. abc 7 ns lauren martinez tracked down survivors and a fis fte fifighters. ♪ >> reporter: through music,
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boulder creek resident chazz and morgan were raising money for the boulder creek volunteer fire department. >> we want to do our best to help the people that have literally risked their lives to help us. ♪ >> reporter: proceeds and tips from pono's hawaiian grill in santa cruz is their way of saying thank you. >> those guys work really hard. and it's -- they deserve a little break, a little something, saying good job, guys. >> reporter: as fire crews continue to contain the czu lightning economics, sky 7 flew over the fire's path. over 900 homes have been destroyed. several in boulder eeercrk. sho seeing a pile of rubble.steeing up to what is nothing now. >> reporter: megan and her family had only been living in their home for one month. their house is gone.
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their neighbor's house is still standing. they have no plans on moving. >> seeing the house today has solidified my resolve to rebuild exactly on that land on that property, around my neighbors in that same neighborhood. we will be back. ♪ >> the heart sank. so many places have burned down. i'm glad we could help. >> reporter: you can donate to the boulder creek volunteer fire department. we have a link on ♪ here's a quick look at today's coronavirus headlines in california. more than 4,900 diagnosed cases were reported today. that's just about 200 more than the seven-day average.
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another 153 deaths were reported as well, pushing california closer to 14,000. the positivity rate keeps on dropping, which is a good sign. the seven-day is 4.1%, one of t. weloe health experts are warning of a potential cold-weather surge of coronavirus cases. researchers with johns hopkins school ofco mnd wavineed will r october. they believe it could lead to a catastrophic number of infections and deaths. the worst would not hit until election day or just after, leading to a daily death toll of around 1,900 people. this pattern was predicted early based on other kinds of viruses also expected to spread. >> we are expecting to see this double-surge, if you will, of both of coronavirus and the influenza virus, which can present very similarly. >> more than 410,000 people in the u.s. are projected to die by the end of the year. shifting to the weather now,
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talking about scorching temperatures. downright dangerous out there at times, drew. >> yeah, eric and dion, it was hot today. we had several records broken, including napa. tomorrow will be even hotter. we expect even more records to break with some very warm temperatures tomorrow afternoon. tonight we'llake you outside, sutro tower showing t you the s francisco skyline, hazy this evening. air quality is going to be an issue air day coming again tomorrow. we're on that record streak where we've been at 18, 19-plus days in a row, spare the air days. smoke in our atmosphere, we now have new fires that have started today. one in fresno county, the creek fire, is putting a lot of smoke into the atmosphere. likely we're going to continue to see these moderate toroo p only tomorrow, also for labor day itself.
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78 in san francisco right now. 80 in san jose. 81 concord and vallejo. 73 in santa rosa. 82 in livermore. no marine layer, the fog is absent, so there's no cooling factor. warm overnight tonight. numbers will call into the 60s and 70s. this will create the launching pad to get us very warm very quickly tomorrow afternoon. look the highs south bay, this is why we have an excessive heat warning in effect tomorrow. we're going for a record high of 102 in san jose. 109 the high in gilroy. 100 for cupertino. along the peninsula, 99 in palo alto. 101 in redwood city, a record. 95 in san mateo. pacifica, the coast will be warm, a high of 80. downtown san francisco, we're going to see a wide range in our afternoon temperatures. loontica c iitys tomorrow, depending on how hot
11:20 pm
you get. downtown in the financial district, 93 degesre closer to the water in the sunset, a little cooler but warm with a temperature of 76 degrees. the north bay, it's hot tomorrow, 106 would be a record in santa rosa. 105 in novato and sonoma. 104 in napa. eae thst bay into the 90s, 96 would be a record in oakland. 98 union city. inland, this is dangerously hot. these are very hot temperatures. 112 in pittsburg. 111 in pleasanton. 112 in livermore. by monday night, winds begin to pick up. a fire weather watch will go into effect for north bay hills and east bay hills for gusty winds out of north-northeast that will increase our fire danger, especially on tuesday. accuweather seven-day forecast. dangerous heat tomorrow. the heat list remains high for labor day. then winds pick up early tuesday morning for that high fire danger. thankfully the winds will calm down wednesday morning. it will lessen the threat and
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how would you like your whole house to smell like a dairy queen blizzard? they thought of that, it's a big hit. their candles sold out in under an hour. >> i mean, eric, that idea sounds delicious. the promotion benefits the children's miracle network. it took place on thursday. the menu offered six candles that smelled like caramel apple pie, fudgeowe, other so servery queen did the same promotion with two flavors, each candle sold for $25 apiece,
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madison bumgarner broke in with the giants in 2009. back then a 19-year-old. now, after 11 seasons calling
11:29 pm
the corner of third and king home, he's a member of the arizona diamondbacks. fans still support "mad bum" when he's taking on his former team in black and orange. evan longoria, fifth home run of the year, we're tied 1-1. very next batter, darin ruf is at the plate. this is going to be "rough" for "mad bum." when a pitcher doesn't look, it's not good. estimated 483 feet for the veggie garden. giants win 4-3. here's bumgarner on keeping his emotions intact and what it felt like making his return without the fans. >> i still feel like it would have done that if people were allowed to come to the games, but it would have, you know -- there's no doubt it would have been harder. it would have been a little different. you know, tt is my objective,
11:30 pm
to go out there that way, put all my attention on what i'm doing. a's/padres. bob melvin staying in the shade, smart decisioinn ong, matt olsen ripping it to the corner in right. will myer slip at bit, .tw olsen has been struggling but that will boost the batting average. john minaya helping himself o the mound here, good reaction from the former "a." five strikeouts, four hits and an earned run. bottom six, insurance blast, two-run bomb from ramon liriano, fifth of the year. a's win 8-4, they snap a three-game slide. the kentucky derby today. the first time the iconic race hasn't happened in may. as you can see, a first time no fans allowed at churchill downs. during the leadup, it felt like a dress rehearsal. when the gates opened, tiz the law is the favorite, and that is why you run the race. >> velasquez has the lead as
11:31 pm
they come to the 16th pole! authentic,' tis the law. here's the wire. authentic has won the kentucky derby! >> authentic with the upset, beating heavy favorite' tis the law. scary moment here afterwards, the horse got spooked, authentic, ran over his trainer, bob baffert. fortunately everyone was okay. baffert won his sixth derby, tying for the record. coming up, the second half of sports, football talk a week from tomorrow, niners open up their season, football's here. >> chris, thank you very much.e turned into the backdrop for a protest over the deadly shooting of breonna taylor. plus the new action being taken by new york state. and in the middle of a heat wave, it sure is nice to think about the snow. we'll take a look at what's changing this year in th
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. >> good saturday evening. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines, the heat is on, and it's going to be a scorcher tomorrow with triple-digit temperatures in parts of the bay area. pg&e issued a public safety power shutoff watch for several places throughout the bay area next tuesday and wednesday. many businesses hoping the holiday weekend would provide a financial boost say this second heat wave is keeping customers away. a military helicopter is working to rescue peoplerapped by a wildfire in the sierra nevada mountains. the creek fire started yesterday
11:36 pm
near a lake in fresno county and burned about 36,000 acres. 150 people are trapped, 10 injured. the czu lightning complex survivors put together a fund-raiser for the boulder creek volunteer firefighter department. there was live music and food with proceeds going to the department. community members say they wanted to say thank you to firefighters for all their hard work. new york's attorney general says she will ask a grand jury to investigate the death of daniel prude this past march while he was in police custody. across the country, protests that began following the death of george floyd have been going on for 100 days, and today activists showed up at the kentucky derby. abc reporter christine sloan has our story. >> reporter: the city of rochester, new york, bracing for a fourth night of protests over the police-involved death of daniel prude this past march. this as a new step in the investigation is announced. saturday afternoon, new york
11:37 pm
state attorney general letitia james moving to impanel a grand jury to determine whether the officers involved will face charges. rochester's mayor, lovely warren, thanking the attorney general and asking the community to allow the process to go forth on behalf of the prude family. disturbing body camera footage shows prude in the midst of an apparent mental health crisis when officers say he became combative, spitting at them. the officers placing a hood over his head, pinning his neck to the ground. he died at the hospital several days later. his death ruled a homicide. ve h officers iave been of the police union saying those officers followed protocol. but there are growing calls for firings and criminal charges from prude's family and the community. >> we will protest until something changes. >> reporter:country, friday marked the 100th day of protests in portland, oregon, which initially touched off in
11:38 pm
the wake of the killing ofoy e itgey onor edggee bracing for another night of possible violence. last weekend's fatal shooting of pro-trump ay danielson, allegedly by reinoehl, a self-described anti-fascist, heightened tensions. >> it ramps things up a lot. anxiety's going to be at its highest level. >> reporter: thursday, u.s. marshals killed michael reinoehl while issuing a second-degree murder warrant for his arrest. in louisville, kentucky, someif groups of protesters. self-describeds squaring off withot priat demonstrators for justice in the police shooting of breonna taylor. >> people are angry. they may not necessarily be angry at one another personally, but big picture, they're angry at the direction the city's heading, the and everybody's pointing the finger at each other. >> reporter: louisville police say theyere able to
11:39 pm
investigators in texas are trying to figure out what caused several boats to sink during an event billed a trump boat parade. it happened at lake travis near austin. dispatcher from the local sheriff's office say conditions on the lake were very rough but the national weather service says winds were calm and was not tre sheevere weather. investigators don't suspect foul play and no one was seriously hurt. t-mobile plans to give millions of students free internet. the program is called "10 million" and it's a partnership with schools to connect students. more than $10 billion initiative will provide free wireless hot spots and high-speed data. tmobile will provide laptops and tablets a the cost. a representative says the idea is to make sure technology gaps don't cause achievement gaps. around 50 million students nationwide are now learning remotely. and there are new developments with a restaurant that's asking customers not to
11:40 pm
wear masks in the sierra foothills. video now shows the owners refusing to let state insctors inside their business. >> you guys will have to kill us first. >> highway patrol officers escorted cal osha inspectors when they visited the apple bistro in placerville. cal-osha had a court order to examine the restaurant. mandy rodriguez shot this video. she represents a group called reopen el dorado county. >> people are standing up for their constitutional rights. that's what it comes down to. >> cal osha says it visited thea n effort to hold businesses accountable if they endanger public health. the chp claims officers were there on a safety standby. the apple bistro has remained open despite being ordered to close by county authorities. dunkin' donuts is testing a check out free experience for customers. the company plans to use an
11:41 pm
automated self-service plat tomorrow called shop anywhere conjunctn with mastercard. customers will not interact with a store employee and will not scan anything. to use the service, customers will have to opt in using the dunking' app or key yoofrk. the site of the california store will be announced in october. baseball steps up to the plate this weekend to fight a deadly disease. a look at what the oakland a's did for some young fans to stand up to cancer. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we are tracking a very holiday tomorrow. record-breaking temps are likely.
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major league baseball teams are partnering withstand up to cancer for virtual meet and greets between players and pediatric cancer patients. five oakland a's players are taking part, chatting with young bay area fans. ttma pinder took questions from 11-year-old jaden . ma advice for me? i have a scrimmage in a few hours. >> go out there, be with your buddies, and go play some ball. >> enjoy the time with your friends. enjoy the time on the field playing baseball. because it is a special time.
11:46 pm
those memories that you'll always have. >> great advice. virtual chats will continue tomorrow for the official a's make a wish day. it has been nearly six months since ski areas had to abruptly close due to the coronavirus. while we're still in the midst of the pandemic, now aea ht tah preparing to reopen once the snow flies with a new covid-friendly model. here's abc 7 news reporter laura anthony. >> reporter: here at north star, they're open top to bottom -- ah, the good old days, when ski areas were open and masks were optional and a way to keep warm. th it came to an abrupt halt in early march, thanks to the coronavirus. >> now we are looking forward to welcoming back winter in a few short months. >> reporter: resorts are planning for a brand-new season and a reopening that includes a variety of covid safety precautions. >> the core aspects we believe
11:47 pm
are needed in order to help keep everyone safeeqng alnc ilu cove physical distancing, and managing access. >> reporter: masks will be required and distancing practiced throughout. from food service to lift lines and on chair lifts and gondolas where guests will be spaced it t ssfamily. 's resorts like heavenly will manage the crowds that usually ride the tram. perhaps thst change, guests wilgel be reqigui bred t a reservation. a specific arrival time with priority given to season pass e restrictions and the new mask requirements, those who love to ski and board are still excited about the upcoming season. >> reporter: at walnut creek sports basement, staff is already stocking the rental department, getting ready with an eye toward all the possibilities, not limitations. >> then just being back in the mountains. fresh air with a lot of the fires going on, just a chance to
11:48 pm
escape for a little bit. sort of recenter. >> reporter: at this point, several tahoe-area resorts plan to open by thanksgiving if the weather cooperates. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> that snow looks really good compared to what we're going to have this weekend. >> yeah, talk about high heat with one last check of weather with drew. >> yeah, looks enticing, you guys. find any way to stay cool tomorrow. we have dangerous heat. stay hydrated with water. find ac if you can. seek shade outside if you have to be outside. tonight it is warm. 70s and 80s at tshi lhour. tomorrow it's excessively hot. rosa.t these numbers. 111 in concord. 93 in the city. 96 in oakland. 102 the forecasted high in san jose. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. spare the air tomorrow as well as monday. the heat risk remains pretty high for labor day.
11:49 pm
heat slowly eases after monday, however, on tuesday we have high fire danger thanks to some offshore winds developing. those winds relax wednesday morning and we'll continue to see cooler weather move in by friday and saturday. here's a look at sports. >> coming up, the san jose earthquakes play their first home game in nearly half a year. plus a week from tomorrow, the niners begin the legendary revenge tour. the key offensive weapon s ♪ (vo) i have the best job in the world. i get to remind people ohes con. give the little kids cookies... and celebrate birthdays with all our neighbors. hopefully, we'll be part of this community for many, many more years. ♪
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when you add a base. ends labor day. the nfl, teams setting their th rial 53-man rosters. eleasieng 23 guys, as offensive lineman ross reynolds. deebo samuel has been activated preparing for the opener against
11:53 pm
arizona. activating samuel from the nonfootball injury list thatgio poteiauffere bront inwas worng noninjury list, he'd have to miss the first six weeks of the season. also of note, pratt squad has been increased from 10 to 12 players this yearleue-wide. alex smith's comeback continues. the former 49ers number one overall pick is coming off a horrific leg injury that nearly cost his life when he broke his leg october 2018. 17 surgeries later, he enters his 14th likely begin the year a third-string quarterback. washington opens the season at home next sunday against philly > the keenan allen to a four-year expense, according to espn worth more than $80 million, $50 million guaranteed for the former cal
11:54 pm
bear. the 28-year-old is a three-time all-pro selection and ranks in the franchise's top ten in catches, yards and touchdowns. he was taken in the third round in the 2013 draft. end zone again. touchdown! >> the ruling on the field isd, >> saturday, college football, texas state, jeremiah hedo, one-handed. despite that great play, mustangs win 34-29. as they say in dallas, pony up. these fellows are back tomorrow night, larry, kerry, donal, as the nba playoffs continue on abc 7. we've got game two of the rockets/lakers at 5:30. afr the murray and se guys the nuggets trying to even things up with the clippers.
11:55 pm
jamal, look at thi move, stop, spin, win against paul george. the hoop and the foul. 20 in the first half for murray. nikola jokic doing his thing. turnaround and the soft jumper from distance. he can do that too. he finished with 28. denver had 72 in the first half. doc rivers, none too pleased. clips made a for the triple. murray, watch this move, kawhi leonard guarding him and puts him on states. murray better on that play. he had 27. denver wins 110-101. tied 1-1. raptors hoping they don't need og anunoby to hit the game winner. jaylen brown slamming it home, but boston trailed most of the first half. just before the half, fred van fleet the miss. toronto, offensive rebound. back to vanvleet before the buzzer. 49-49 at the break.
11:56 pm
raptors starting to pull away. kyle lowry dancing and hits the triple. made ate 10-point lead in the fourth. raptorsin by 7. toronto was .5 from being down 0-3, now this series is tied 2-2. tennis, battle of former champs at the u.s. open. serena taking on 2017 winner sloane stephens. stevens won the first set 6-2. if she would have won, it would have been serena's earliest exit ever. but this is why she's so good. she takes this 6-2.en thd. she 3-year-old dau pia, shewas h se. mom's quest for a seventh u.s. open title and 24th grand slam, that's soccer, quakes fans watching in the parking lot. chris wondolowski was a recent guest on the "with authority" podcast. if he scores, you must watch or
11:57 pm
listen to the podcast. i don't make up the rules, wondo does. the cars go wild. 162nd goal of his career. adds to his mls record total. colorado got a late equalizer and the match ends 1-1. >> that's it for tonight, everybody. i'm dion lim. >> i'm eric thomas. 0 a.m.ab
11:58 pm
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