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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 6, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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♪ try my $4 mini munchies with marinara or ranch. back at jack in the box. building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. >> we're in for another day of sweltering heat across the bay area. the heat wave has prompted a public safety power shutoff watch for certain areas throughout the state in the next few days, all this while people try to get out this holiday weekend after spending months inside because of the pandemic. good morning, everyone. it's sunday, september 6th. thank you for joining us.
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i'm liz kreutz. today is the 20th straight spare the air alert for the bay area and let's get right to meteorologist lisa argen with a look at what we can expect today. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, liz. hi, everyone. more sizzling temperatures, certainly records will be shattered. we look at live doppler 7, nothing to speak about here. as we widen the view, that's a lightning strike just north of shaver lake from the fire there, the creek fire. those pyro cumulus clouds high in the atmosphere creating their own weather and you can see the smoke by reno there, looking at some very poor air quality in the mountains. our air quality expected to go down as well. 67 san mateo. it is 78 in daly city. 55 half moon bay with 70s in san rafael. 60s in the north bay. low 70s in the south bay. 7 to 12 degrees warmer than yesterday at this our. air quality in the moderate category for most and looking at some of that smoke to drift into
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the bay area on some lighter winds. excessive heat warning until 9:00 tomorrow night. looking at temperatures over 110 degrees inland, along the coast, widespread 90s, but if you're right at the shoreline, you see the air quality alert, and the temperatures at 8:00 and 9:00 will be in the 80s. 108 in livermore by 1:00. look at those pinks. not going anywhere. no fog to speak of. we'll talk about the winds coming into play tomorrow night, which will be offshore, adding to our extreme heat and fire danger. liz? >> all right, lisa, thank you. these high temperatures prompted a pg&e public safety power shutoff watch for several places throughout the bay area on tuesday and on wednesday. abc 7 news reporter luz pena spoke to struggling business owners who are seeing the financial impact of the second heat wave of the year. >> reporter: it's not the holiday weekend that anyone
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pictured, but then again, the last six months have been far from that. >> you can't catch a break between the lightning and the heat waves and the fires. it's like, what is happening, you know? it's crazy. >> reporter: adding to the list, the second heat wave of the year. >> we had a heat wave a couple of weeks ago as well. it's like we can't really catch a break in the bay. >> reporter: the national weather service calling it dangerous and life-threatening temperatures. take a look at downtown pleasanton, where temperatures are projected to hit 112 degrees tomorrow. today 106 and this heat is exactly what's keeping many people away from outdoor dining. >> hello. are you picking up? >> yes. >> not a lot of people want to eat outside. it's very, very quiet. we typically have a really, really heavy takeout business and so people are coming to pick it up and going home. even with the heat wave it has started to dwindle. >> reporter: many businesses
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were hoping the holiday weekend would be their saving grace with outdoor dining. >> not all the locations in this area have fans and even then they're blowing hot air. >> reporter: temperatures have prompted a pg&e public safety power shutoff watch for a large portion of the bay area, from tuesday to wednesday. >> right now, no public safety power shutoff psps events have been called and no specific areas have been pinpointed and no customers at this point have been notified. >> reporter: but the potential of the operator calling for outages is still there. >> we have a short notification window, so if an emergency does occur with the state's grid operator, we have to pull those customers off. >> reporter: many things are out of our hands but we can reduce energy use from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. each day and hopefully we will finally -- ♪ >> catch a break. >> reporter: in pleasanton, luz pena, abc 7 news. >> crossing fingers. with excessive heat expected for the rest of the holiday weekend, more cooling centers are opening aless kro the bay area. in marin county three centers will be open today and they are at the margaret today senior center, mill valley community center and san rafael community center. over in alameda county a center at at pleasanton senior center and santa clara county a center will open at the
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gilroy library. the extreme heat could strain the state's power grid as luz mentioned. that's why we're all asked to conserve electricity right now. we are under a flex alert for the holiday weekend. there's a possibility of more rolling blackouts, but state power officials say there are none schedules of as of right now. utility companies will focus on conservation during peak hours from 3:00 to 9:00 p.m. the statewide flex alert runs through labor day. many bay area beaches are closed for the holiday weekend due to the pandemic. keep that in mind, if you're heading out for a day trip. in marin county, visitors are not allowed at point reyes national seashore and tomales bay. fitzgerald marine reserve and tanitas beach are closed in san mateo county. lake berryessa is closed in napa county because of the damage from the wildfires. santa cruz county closed all of its beaches except for a few hours each day. pacifica closed all of its beaches until tuesday morning.
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on the peninsula, beaches are open in half moon bay and despite pleas from the city for people to comply, many appear to ignore social distancing guidelines while they cooled off yesterday. people also still flocked to pacifica, even though beaches there are closed. traffic video moving slowly along the highway 1 through linda marr, you can see a lot of people there. local officials closed beachfront parking lots and city leaders say people suspected of violating the beach closure order could get citations and face fines. most of the beaches in the north bay are open and they are popular spots this weekend. abc 7 news reporter ansar hassan talked to people who headed to stinson beach to escape the stifling heat. >> reporter: stinson beach in the north bay was a hot spot for those trying to escape the weekend's record-breaking bay area heat. >> we have a friend that comes every saturday religiously, so
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we wanted to join them this weekend. >> reporter: body boarding to football among the activities on the beach, while for others, a chance to just sit and relax. >> i've been constantly in front of a computer working from home for so long that i just want to be able to relax in an open environment. >> reporter: the chance of big crowds is a cause for concern. cases of covid-19 jumped nationwide after memorial day weekend, and there was a similar pattern after the fourth of july. sometimes you're open, sometimes you're not. on saturday, stinson beach parking lots were packed. >> there's always a concern but i would say, everybody, well, you can see for yourself everyone is social distancing. i don't see groups that don't know each other are together. most groups are tight and know each other, but i think the social distancing out here is good. >> it is very hot. i get out, hope for some wind. >> reporter: mike howard came out with family and friends for lunch in novato. where temperatures were higher than along the coast. streets in the downtown were closed for outdoor dining.
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it may be hot, but howard says the family just needed to get out. >> even though it's hot, i'd rather be outside than be cooped up in the house. >> reporter: as temperatures climb this weekend, margaret todd senior center in novato is one of three cooling centers in marin county that will be open starting sunday. in the north bay, ansar hassan, abc 7 news. developing news in the sierra nevada mountains, a rescue operation is under way for people trapped by the creek fire burning near a lake in fresno county. as of 1:00 this morning, 163 people have been rescued. 20 have been taken to the hospital, some with critical burn injuries. a military helicopter is continuing rescue operations, but it's unknown how many more people will need to be flown to safety. >> it's been a mess. one minute you're just sitting at camp and the next you're driving through flames, trying to save everything, you know, and get to the lake just so that
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we can get away from the fire. >> several santa rosa firefighters are on their way to help. so far, 36,000 acres have burned since it broke out on friday. reporter brian johnson with our sister station in fresno has more. >> reporter: hundreds of firefighters have responded to the creek fire north of shaver lake but are up against high heat, heavy fuels and dangerous terrain. >> it is steeper. it is thicker, thicker brush and heavier timbers. >> reporter: dozers, engines and aircraft are all being used to fight the blaze, which sent smoke billowing into the sky throughout the day. >> we have our s2s, the big v, very large air tankers and helicopters that are available so we fight from the air as well. >> reporter: the fire forced the evacuations of big creek, camp sierra and huntington lake. campers near the mammoth pools had to be air lifted out of the area after the fire compromised the only road out.
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fresno county sheriff's deputies mobilized a team to help evacuate a group of people participating in an off-highway vehicle poker run near bald mountain. >> it's going to be difficult. people will be spread out all over the place and a lot of places aren't accessible by regular vehicles. that's why we have to use the off-highway vehicles. >> reporter: the kinsey labor day weekend trip was cut short. >> the sheriff told us we didn't have to evacuate but he was advising we do because he didn't know if the fire would jump the road and we couldn't get out. >> reporter: they're headed back to fresno but stopped a few times on the way down. the orange glow in the dark sky was a sight to see. >> scary situation there for all those people. a lot of them out camping or beating the heat at this recreational area, so i'm sure we'll get more information in the coming day. that was brian johnson reporting. investigators are working to find what sparked the creek fire. lisa, with all this heat,
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that's going to dry things out, more of a concern for fire across the state. >> absolutely, liz, and at 71 degrees, san francisco 6:11 in the morning, something's really unusual. it was 72 an hour ago and it's 68 at sfo. 55 half moon bay, that's nice. 55 to 72, that range right now, and then about 93 to 112 today, yes, you heard right. stay tuned my accuweather seven-day forecast ahead. the czu complex fires in santa cruz and san mateo counties have been destructive. how the community is coming together to help those who have been on the front lines fighting the flames. plus some public school students in san francisco will be able to get free meals again. we'll have the details on that coming up next. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program.
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all right, let's get a check of how firefighters are doing battling the three biggest wildfires across northern california. in the north bay the lnu lightning has burned 375,000 acres, now 89% contained. cal fire says crews had a tougher time fighting the fire yesterday because of the hotter, drier conditions. the seu lightning complex burned more than 396,000 acres across parts of seven counties, second largest fire in state history. it's now 88% contained. cal fire expects crews to face tough conditions again today where temperatures could reach triple digits and the humidity will be very low. in the santa cruz mountains, the czu lightning complex has charred more than 86,000 acres and it is now 64% contained. there are still some evacuation orders in place for parts of santa cruz county. as the community reels from what happened, there was a brief break and a chance to say thank you to those who put their lives on the line. abc 7 news reporter lauren
6:15 am
martinez tracked down some survivors and a fund-raiser for volunteer fire fighters. ♪ ♪ that train keeps a-movin', oh down down the san anton ♪ >> reporter: blue music, boulder creek resident chaz crowder and morgan monague were raising money for the bould encreek volunteer fire department. >> we want to do our best to help the people who have literally risked their lives to help us. ♪ >> reporter: proceeds and tips from pono's hawaiian grille in santa cruz is their way of saying thank you. >> those guys work really hard and they deserve a little break, a little something, a little oomph saying good job, guys. >> reporter: as fire crews continue to contain the czu lightning complex, sky 7 flew over the fire's path. over 900 homes have been destroyed. several in boulder creek.
6:16 am
>> it was very shocking, just seeing a pile of rubble and just seeing the steps that lead up to what is nothing now. >> reporter: meghan o'mahony and her family had only been leaving in their home for one month. their house is gone. while their neighbor's house is still standing. they have no plans on moving. >> seeing the house today has solidified my resolve to rebuild exactly on that land, on that property, around my neighbors, in that same neighborhood and we will be back. ♪ >> my heart sank. you know, this has been -- we've seen so many places have have burned down. so i'm just glad we can help. >> reporter: if you missed the benefit, you can still donate to the boulder volunteer fire department. we have a link on ♪ blow my blues away >> reporter: in santa cruz, lauren martinez, abc 7 news.
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>> we are so thankful for all they do. let's get to the coronavirus headlines in california, more than 4,900 diagnosed cases were reported yesterday, that's about 200 more than the seven-day average. another 153 deaths were reported as well, pushing california closer to 14,000 deaths. the positivity rate keeps on dropping which say good sign. the seven-day is at 4.1%, one of the lowest that we have seen in a long time. health experts are warning of a potential cold weather surge of coronavirus cases. researchers with johns hopkins school of medicine believe the second wave will ramp up in october, it could lead to a catastrophic number of infections and deaths. the worst of it would not hit until election day or just after, leading to a daily death toll of around 1,900 people. this pattern was predicted early based on other kinds of respiratory viruses, which are also expected to spread. >> we are expecting to see this
6:18 am
sort of double surge, if you will, of both the coronavirus and the influenza virus which can present very similarly. >> more than 410,000 deaths in the u.s. are projected by the end of the year. free meals for most san francisco students will return on wednesday. "the examiner" reports san francisco unified will open 19 pickup sites with the help of a federal waiver for lunch programs allows the district to expand from providing meals for students in low income households to almost all students in the city. dining staff will provide five days' worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner for pickup once a week. food includes sandwiches, peeds a pizza, fruit, milk, cereal, muffins and pancakes. covid-19 forced one of san francisco's biggest festivals to be canceled in the spring, but the spirit of carnivale lives on through community service this weekend. carnivale san francisco is sponsoring a health fair at john o'connell high school. people can sign up for health
6:19 am
insurance and get tested there for covid-19. the event's organizer explained why he believes the virus has hit the mission district's latino community so hard. >> because of the simple fact that we're the front line workers. we never had the opportunity to shelter in place. >> carnivale's health fair continues today from noon until 5:00 and features a job fair to help restaurant workers and others who lost jobs during the pandemic. lisa, we see the woman fanning herself today. we need a little more, bring water and sunscreen if you head out to something like that. >> a spray bottle, just for inside the house to keep misting yourself. we have our expansive ridge of high pressure not going anywhere, in fact strengthening a bit today. today will be the peak heat although we'll have triple-digit temperatures into labor day, even tuesday in our inland valley is but not doing away wi
6:20 am
our sea breeze today. wide-ranging temperatures in san francisco, maybe a 15 to 20-degree spread, while we are at least 22 degrees above average today for our high temperature. we should be in the 80s, mid 80s santa rosa, how about 102, 106, there's a look at live doppler 7, want to show you how radar is picking up on the fire here, northeast of fresno, some lightning strikes, and creating its own weather for sure and bringing a lot of smoke into the sierra nevada. they have hazardous air quality although expected to improve once the winds kick up, but that of course is not good for many of us, and in the bay area, it's going to be an offshore wind so monday night into tuesday, the high will loosen its grip and we're looking at low pressure bringing in the tight pressure gradient with northeasterly winds drying out the atmosphere and upper elevations of the north bay looking at winds perhaps 45 to 50 miles an hour
6:21 am
and as we look the at the wind gusts at 10:00 monday night, this is what we're really concerned about. we'll get into slightly cooler air, but it's all due to the very breezy winds and a new air mass moving into the bay area. so this is the concern, the fire weather watch, as we get beyond our heat wave, which right now is creating that colorful sunrise, because of the smoke in the atmosphere. there's a look at the east bay, it is 71 san francisco. 65 in mountain view. 55 in half moon bay and from mt. tam a layer of haze, the stagnant air pressure, high pressure pushing down into the atmosphere, record territory for the hoeat today. 65 in santa rosa. above 1,000 feet the wind direction is out of the north, bringing down even warmer air, so that's why we're looking at the peak heat today. 63% humidity, not too great now when we get our best recovery through the overnight hours and
6:22 am
of course it's going to be dropping throughout the day. check out san jose, look how hazy it is. dangerous heat continues with a spare the air alert today and gusty winds and fire danger monday night through wednesday morning. air quality is moderate around the bay, and it is less than that over in livermore. look at the heat in the north bay, around mt. st. helena expecting 110 today. 108 perhaps for labor day, still up to 100 on tuesday. you can see the direction is finally for some cooling as we get towards the end of the week. the rest of us for tomorrow, upper 90s, 106 santa rosa, san jose could be out of the 100s but very warm. into wednesday, when temperatures will be certainly much, much better, and the wind should be backing off throughout the afternoon. 96 in oakland today, 93 san francisco, but if you're at the coast in the 70s, elsewhere it is dangerously hot with 111 in concord, 112 in livermore.
6:23 am
106 san jose, with 102 san jose with 106 in santa rosa. 99 in fremont. the accuweather seven-day forecast, spare the air alert into labor day and winds kick up monday night into tuesday, that should be the strongest of the winds and dialing back into wednesday and the heat will be erased to the end of the week, with the return of low clouds and fog. >> that will be very nice. all right, lisa, thank you. just ahead, for the first time in months, grocery stores are making a change. what you may notice the next time you go shopping. coming up.
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be fast, be secure. bounce forward. with comcast business. get started with a powerful internet and voice solution for just $64.90 a month. call or go online today. dan harris joins us from new york to tell us what's coming up at 7:00. >> coming up on "gma" the dangerous fire rescues to save 150 people trapped by flames at a national forest campground as the wildfire ravages thousands
6:26 am
of acres in california. plus clashes in portland, as the atmosphere is heating up after months of protests. the dramatic face-offs overnight. and finally, students facing a unique to say the least back-to-school season. how to help your children cope with the unusual stress. it's all coming up on "gma." we'll see you soon. for the first time in months prices at grocery stores are lower, after millions of americans lost their jobs because of the pandemic and the extended unemployment benefits. stores are starting to feel the pressure. abc news reporter deidre bolton has more. >> reporter: many grocery stores around the u.s. doing something they haven't had to do in months, drop prices. >> during the pandemic it was at regular price, probably $7.99. this current week we're running an advertisement of three for $10. >> reporter: why? because the pressure to do so has hit hard and suddenly. >> they don't want to lose their customer base, and one way is to cut prices. >> reporter: ironically the pandemic has been a boone for
6:27 am
the grocery business until recently. march, april and may sales were up 32% by volume across the u.s. a key factor? people getting those stimulus checks. so they were putting that money towards buying groceries and buying essential items for their homes. the federal government ended the extra $600 weekly unemployment payments in july. big grocery chains anticipating a drop in demand. walmart is dropping the prices, they have to stay competitive. stop & shop is probably doing the same thing. so are independent grocers such as kelvin rodriguez. >> people aren't spending as much as they were, they probably don't have money to be able to spend that much, and sales dropping all throughout the industry. >> reporter: rodriguez says his suppliers are dropping their prices, too, feeling the same pressures, and he's passing along those savings to his customers. deidre bolton, abc news, new york. still to come on "abc 7 mornings," an emotional plea
6:28 am
from jacob blake, the man who was shot by police seven times. he speaks from his hospital bed. and why health officials say this weekend is a make or break in the fight against covid-19. lily everyone in the house is online and i can't get enough bandwidth to video chat with my book club. try 1 gig internet with at&t fiber. you get more bandwidth and hbo max included. so, everyone stays entertained. so i can just watch the show instead of reading the book? you know, if you turn on your subtitles... that's almost reading. get 1 gig internet with at&t fiber for $49.99a month for a year. no annualcontract. and now get hbo max included. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. good morning, everyone. we are expecting another record-breaking weather day today as we've been talking about, let's get back to lisa argen for a look at just how hot it's going to get today. >> good morning to you, liz. excessive heat, talking 90s in the city and a hazy view this morning of our sutro tower camera. 55 half moon bay. upper 60s at sfo and mid-60s mountain view so a warm start already. the golden gate bridge clear sky there. winds are light, 65 santa rosa, 72 in concord. it is 6 had in napa. 24 hours ago we were much cooler
6:31 am
so that heat has been building through the overnight hours or we haven't lost any of really much of it because our coolest temperatures should be coming throughout the day in the next hour, and this is as cool as we'll get. air quality is moderate, indicated by the yellow and we expect to have this shift throughout the day to another pair the air alert today into the holiday labor day, excessive heat warning, temperatures could exceed 110 in brentwood, livermore and plezanton and 90s in san francisco. sea breeze at the coast so the heat advisory at the bay shoreline and at our beaches. so the air quality poor in our inland east bay, santa clara, 9:00 in the 80s so we're pretty close already, and by 1:00, we are already 102 fairfield, 101 in fremont. 105 in concord. these are record-breaking temperatures and we're not stopping there. how about 112 out towards antioch, so very dangerous, be very careful out there, peak heat today, no fog to speak of,
6:32 am
a wind shift on the way tomorrow night for more dangerous fire conditions. >> liz? >> this is something. lisa, we'll check in with you again soon, thank you. this morning, we're hearing from jacob blake, the wisconsin man paralyzed after police shot him seven times. he's making an emotional plea from his hospital bed and this comes as demonstrators continue to protest against racial injustice and police brutality. here is abc news reporter kristine sloan. >> i waus tonight just want to say, man -- >> reporter: jacob blake delivering an emotional message from his hospital bed on saturday, speaking out for the first time since he was paralyzed, after being shot seven times by police earlier last month in kenosha, wisconsin. the video message posted to twitter by his attorney. >> every 24 hours it's pain, it's pain. it hurts to breathe. it hurts to sleep. it hurts to move from side to side. it hurts to eat. please, i'm telling you, change our lives out there. we can stick together, make some
6:33 am
money, make everything easier for our people out here, man, because there's so much time that has been wasted. >> since you refused to leave the roadway -- >> reporter: in rochester, new york, protesters once again taking to the streets, demanding justice for daniel prude. he died in march after a struggle with police officers. >> we will protest until something changes. >> reporter: this as new york state attorney general letitia james announced a grand jury will decide whether or not officers will face charges. the altercation captured on body cameras. police say prude was combative, spitting on them, claiming to have the coronavirus. the officers placing a hood over his head, pinning his neck to the ground. he died at the hospital several days later. his death ruled a homicide. seven officers involved have been suspended. >> woo! oh, my god! >> reporter: across the country, overnight more protests in portland, oregon, demonstrators clashing with police. friday marked the 100th day of protests. in louisville, kentucky,
6:34 am
self-described patriots squaring off with demonstrators, calling for justice in the police shooting of breonna taylor. >> people are angry and may not be angry at one another personally, but if you look at the big picture they're angry at the direction the city is heading and this country is heading and everybody is pointing the finger at each other. >> reporter: louisville police say they were able to deescalate the situation quickly. kristine sloan, abc news, new york. coming up on "this week" co-anchor martha raddatz will report from ferguson, missouri, as the u.s. grapples with the nationwide protests and racial injustice. you can watch that full report on "this week" at 8:00, right here on abc 7 this morning. public health officials warn this holiday weekend is a make or break moment in america's fight against coronavirus. abc news reporter ja in a norman has the details. >> reporter: officials warning labor day weekend is crucial in the fight against the coronavirus, calling it a make or break time. >> really, this weekend is
6:35 am
critical. now is not the time to let up. >> reporter: health experts urging everyone to follow safety guidelines to avoid the surge in cases we saw after the other summer holidays, but already this holiday weekend, we're seeing packed beaches in places like asbury park, new jersey, with limited social distancing seemingly many ignoring the guidance. >> just try and do outdoor activities. if you're going to do it socially with other people, don't make it a large crowd. >> reporter: in southern california, a heat wave baking the region, driving beach goers to the water in droves. >> when people come down we want to remind them to practice social distancing, wear your facial covering when you're not in the water. >> reporter: ocean city, maryland, a popular hot spot that sees a massive spike in population during the summer seeing a positivity rate twice as high as the state's. in miami, county leaders imposing a 10:00 p.m. curfew and $100 fine for not wearing masks in public, hoping to slow the spread. >> we don't want to repeat a
6:36 am
repeat of memorial day, when people got complacent. >> reporter: with new infections increasing in 30 states and the cdc predicting 23,000 more deaths over the next three weeks, experts warn even small gatherings can spark large outbreaks, like in maine, where a wedding is now linked to at least three deaths and nearly 150 confirmed cases of covid-19. >> this week the cdc telling states to prepare to release a vaccine as early as november 1st, but now a group of pharmaceutical companies all competing to be the first to release a vaccine coming together pledging not to release a vaccine until it is rigorously tested and proven to be safe and effective. as for this weekend, experts say beaches are safe as long as you keep a social distance and wearing a mask. jenae norman, abc news, long branch, new jersey. new developments of a restaurant in the sierra foothills asking customers not to wear a mask. video shows the owners refusing to let state inspectors inside their business.
6:37 am
>> i guys will have to kill us first. >> highway patrol officers escorted cal osha inspectors to visit the apple bistro in placerville. cal osha even had a court order to examine the restaurant. mandy rodriguez shot this video, she represents a group called reopen el dorado county. >> people are standing up for their constitutional rights. that's what it comes down to. >> cal osha visited the apple bistro as part of an effort to hold businesses accountable if they endanger public health. the chp claims officers were there on a safety standby. the apple bistro remained open despite being ordered to close by county authorities. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," the warnings and lessons from a bay area native and hollywood superstar about gatherings especially now during this holiday weekend. and here is a live look from our santa cruz camera, a little hazy this morning. if you're getting out as we've been saying, do it now because
6:38 am
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give the little kids cookies... and celebrate birthdays with all our neighbors. hopefully, we'll be part of this community for many, many more years. ♪
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welcome back. major league baseball is marking the fifth consecutive childhood cancer awareness day. teams are partnering withstand up to cancer for virtual meet and greets between players and pediatric cancer patients. five oakland a's players are taking part, chatting with young bay area fans. matt olson and chad pinder took questions from 11-year-old jaden from petaluma. >> do you have any advice for me? i have a scrimmage in a few hours, a game. >> go out there, be with your buddies and go play some ball. >> enjoy that time with your friends, enjoy that time out on the field and play baseball because it is a special time and those memories that you will always have. >> virtual chats continue today for the oakland a's make-a-wish day.
6:41 am
after being canceled because of the pandemic, relay for life will hold a socially-distanced drive-in movie to raise funds for the american cancer society. the event will be held at the parking lot of the lighthouse christian church in novato. it will be showing "star wars: a new hope" at 8:45 tonight. relay for life has been hit by the pandemic. the american cancer society experienced a $200 million shortfall, making fund-raising even more important right now. okay lisa, record-breaking temperatures we're talking about today. >> that's right, liz. we're talking over 110 degrees. here is a live look you can't even see at the golden gate bridge, where temperatures are right now in the low 70s. winds are calm at the coast, though. it is 55. we have wild spread low 70s in our inland valleys and we are talking about 110, 112 perhaps out towards present wood, antioch and concord. how about 106? i'll have my accuweather seven-day forecast next. >> thank you, lisa.
6:42 am
also next, madison bumgarner returns to oracle park for the first time to face the giants but it was a fairly early exit. we'll have the highlights from
6:43 am
6:44 am
welcome back. let's talk sports. this afternoon, the giants will try to make it two straight wins over the diamondbacks. first pitch at oracle park at 1:05 p.m. and across the bay, the a's will try to take their weekend series against the padres. first pitch is at 1:10 at the oakland coliseum. last night the giants faced their iconic players from the three world sports championships. here's abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez with details in this morning's sports. >> good morning. madison bumgarner broke in with the giants in 2009, a fresh face 19-year-old with all the potential in the world. after 11 seasons calling the mound on the third and corner home, the king returned to the hills, a member of the arizona diamondbacks. fans of the cove still
6:45 am
supporting mad bum but he was focused on the task at hand, going against his former team, the giants. bottom two. san francisco down 1-0. familiar windup and evan longoria says that ball is out of here, fifth of the year and knotted up at 1-1 after that swing of the bat went deep. next batter, darren ruff and this is rough for mad bum. connects and doesn't want to look at it. that's when you know it's gone. 453 feet to the veggie garden and we're all tied at 2-2. mad bum goes four innings. allows two runs. the giants win 4-3. here's madison on keeping his emotions intact and what it felt like making a return without the fans. >> i still feel i would have done that if people were allowed to come to the games, but no doubt it would have been harder, it would have been a little different, but you know, that is my objective to go out there that way and put all my attention on what i'm doing. a's/padres, bob melvin staying in the shade on a hot day at the coliseum.
6:46 am
a's strike first, bottom one. matt olson ripping one in the coroner right. will myers slips and ends up being a two-run triple. olson has been struggling for three of four days. shaen m sean look at this, flash the leather there, the nice reaction the comebacker and bottom six, lawyer laurian has a two-run blast to left and the a's snap a three-game slide. the 146th running of the kentucky derby on saturday the first time the iconic race hasn't happened in may and the fans are not there for the first time at churchill downs. during the lead-up it felt like a dress rehearsal but it wasn't. when the gates opened, 'tis the law was the favorite and that's why you run the race. >> half the lead as they come down to the 16th. 'tis the law still trying to get him, 'tis the law, and authentic
6:47 am
has won the kentucky derby! >> authentic with the upset beating heavy favorite 'tis the law and scary moment here afterwards. authentic got spooked in the winner's circle and ran over his trainer, bob bafford. fortunately everyone was okay. bafford won his sixth derby, that ties the record. reminder for you, just joining us, please, after the game tonight following rockets/lakers on abc 7. until then, enjoy your sunday. you know it's hot from the pictures we're going to be seeing. >> absolutely, liz. we're talking temperatures 20 to 25 degrees above average, so within the city of san francisco, the range will be from the 70s to the 90s, and of course that means a sea breeze, if you're right at our beaches, but for the rest of us, the winds are light, it's all about a dominant ridge of high pressure that is allowing for the atmosphere to further warm. several fires are burning over the state of california, and this one in particular north of shaver lake, you can see being
6:48 am
picked up on the radar with those pyro cumulus clouds, thousands and thousands of feet up into the atmosphere. so as high pressure begins to weaken for your monday, it's low pressure diving into the north and east of the state will allow for windy, offshore conditions, and so above 1,000 feet we're expecting winds to gust from 45 to 50 miles an hour, tomorrow night through wednesday morning. a look at the shark tank, a fire weather watch that will be going into effect late tomorrow. it's hazy here, 71 in the city. 70 in oakland. 65 in mountain view, and in san jose you're in the low 70s. 69 in gilroy. half moon bay how about 55 degrees. this is our roof camera. you can see that there is not much to see out there, a stagnant ridge of high pressure, moderate air quality, believe it or not, we're not smelling smoke, but the atmosphere looks pretty murky for sure. 65 santa rosa. 64 novato and napa. 68 by the delta. 69 in livermore.
6:49 am
so light northeasterly winds bringing warmer air down to the surface, just checked mt. diablo and mt. tam, 87 degrees right now, so that's at 2,000 and 3,000 feet and you have a light northeast wind bringing that warm air right into the bay area. there is a look at the east bay, you can barely see mt. diablo there. dangerous heat wave continues, record temperatures today, easily shattered, spare the air alert extended into labor day and our gusty offshore winds with our high fire danger, monday night into wednesday morning. so current air quality moderate around the bay, looking for that to fluctuate still, no fog today, as we get into late on labor day, we'll be looking at a little bit of patchy fog coming into play late, that's why i think today's the hottest day. we'll still be hot and excessive heat tomorrow. the area of high pressure begins to shift to the east into labor day. 101 santa clara, 102 in san jose
6:50 am
today. look for 107 in morgan hill, on the peninsula, upper 90s in aloe alto. 101 in redwood city. 92 in millbrae, right at the coast, sunset district, 70s, low 80s daly city, perhaps 93 downtown, up in the north bay looking at 106 santa rosa. napa at 104 into the east bay, well and mid upper 90s in union city and fremont and headed inland haven't seen temperatures since the last heat wave and we weren't that warm with the mid-october/august heat that followed with the lightning strikes. 112 in livermore and the records are 105, 106. overnight lows warm, 60s, 70s, even some 80s. as i said we're well into the upper 80s on top of the local hills. as we look at the accuweather seventh day forecast the dangerous heat, spare the air
6:51 am
alert today and tomorrow and high fire danger kicks in with drier fuels, lower relative humidity, gusty offshore winds into wednesday morning and everything should relax a little bit including us, right, as we get through the toughest couple of days ahead. liz? >> that's absolutely true. lisa, thank you. a viral message to stay vigilant when it comes to social gatherings is now coming from one of hollywood's most popular actors, dwayne "the rock" johnson. he shared his warnings and lessons on instagram after revealing last week he tested positive for covid-19. abc news reporter kris reyes explains why his story is resonating with so many people this holiday weekend. >> we picked up covid-19 from very close family/friends, and these are people who we love and trust, these are people who we still love and trust. >> reporter: the message has gone viral, posted by dwayne "the rock" johnson on his instagram page a fresh reminder what can happen when you let your guard down in the age of
6:52 am
covid-19. local resident william martin can relate. >> i went to one barbecue when i was going stir crazy, and three people ended up with coronavirus from the barbecue. >> reporter: stories like the rock's are martin's, are prompting santa clara county official tops give a fresh reminder to stay vigilant. >> the safest way to celebrate labor day is in your own home with the people who you live with. >> reporter: so just how risky is it to gather with friends and family? we found this interesting new chart from an industry online publication which goes beyond the mask and social distancing guidelines. it asks you to consider a range of factors to determine whether your risk of transmission is low, moderate or high. some things to consider, are you gathering for a short or long period of time? are you indoors or outdoors? how is the ventilation? are you wearing a mask or not? are people silent, speaking, or shouting? is it a big group or a small group? and we ask people, are these questions they even consider when planning a get-together?
6:53 am
>> i don't know that i go through and look at a chart every time that i'm going to plan an event with my friends but definitely thinking about i'm bringing my hand sanitizer and going to have my own blanket to sit on. >> definitely. it's like subconsciously you have to. any time we're gathering this labor day weekend, be mindful if you're around people or anything like that, make sure you're being safe and if you don't feel right, go get tested. >> reporter: the rock sharing all his house guests must be tested, too, just one of the new rules and lessons he's sharing with his audience. >> if you guys are having family and friends over to your house, you know them, you trust them, they've been quarantined, you guys, just like you, you still never know. >> reporter: in san francisco, kris reyes for abc 7 news. up next a virtual celebration for oakland pride begins today. we'll have the details on the week-long festivities, coming up.
6:54 am
6:55 am
here are the wins numbers from last night's $20 million
6:56 am
super lotto plus drawing. 1, 18, 22, 26, 27, the mega number 12. a ticket purchased at the holly shell gas station on el camino realhe matched all numbers to win the jackpot. the pot resets to $7 million. happening today, virtual pride week in oakland kicks off today, virtual, of course. it was moved online because of the pandemic. this year's theme is liberation through community. interactive activities throughout the week are going to include a drag show, a virtual vendor village and multiple zoom rooms to socialize and organize and celebrate. you can find information on the oakland pride celebration website. the weather this weekend will be hot for people. >> today should be the hottest out there.
6:57 am
beautiful view from our explo exploratorium camera. 55 half moon bay and 87 on top of mt. tam. looking at spare the air aert will, the dangerous heat, record-breaking temperatures and gusty winds coming into play late tomorrow on labor day. 96 in oakland. how about the 112 in livermore. 111 in concord. 106 up in santa rosa, 102 san jose, with upper 70s to near 80, right at the coast, so are we cooler tomorrow? well, i suppose, but not really, because we're still looking at our excessive heat warning through 9:00 monday and then into our offshore flow and that's going to bring some dangerous fire conditions here as we get through wednesday. so try to stay cool out there. liz? >> all right, lisa. we'll do as best we can. stay safe, everyone. thank you all for joining us here on "abc 7 mornings." i'm liz kreutz along with lisa argen. abc 7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. "gma" is next. have a wonderful sunday.
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good morning, america. tense confrontations overnight in two american cities. portland police declaring a riot. >> oh, my god. >> with streets set ablaze from molotov cocktails, this protester catching fire. >> this has been declared a riot. >> officers pelted with rocks and fireworks, fighting off the assault. while in rochester, new york, a fourth night of clashes over the death of daniel prude. plus, jacob blake speaks from his hospital bed. >> it hurts to breathe, it hurts to sleep. it hurts to move from side to side. >> what he wants supporters to know. breaking overnight, air scare. a passenger capt


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