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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 11, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me! learn more at this is biblical stuff, man, this is sickening. >> he's talking about the air quality. what about people who have to work outside in this unhealthy air. experts we spoke with have some good advice. >> relief may not be here until next week. the governor today sees the damage for himself, he's blasting the administration for failing to fight climate change. we are urging our san francisco residents to stay
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indoor indoors during air quality. >> it's making it difficult to breathe. >> this is beyond bad. >> the vehicles are just disappearing into the smog. >> it looks like a winter day, that was this morning. by this afternoon, the situation in san jose are just add murky. >> here's another look at our air quality from the gold ing gate bridge to the san mateo bridge, thick smokey fog. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. the air was bad today, it probably won't be better tomorrow or the day after that. abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel begins our coverage. >> one second here.
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i guess the computer has just shut down. give me a second, i'll come back to you. hopefully we can talk about the air quality. i have no idea what's happening here. sending it back to you. >> thank you, sandhya, dan? >> we'll get back to sandhya in a moment. you can see how smoke and pollution enter our lungs and into our blood stream. it can cause coughing and itchy eyes and increase the risk for people with heart problems as well. it is potentially quite dangerous to take in. the city of oakland has set up two centers where people can get relief from the bad air. one is at the diamond library. from noon until 7:00, the other at the north oakland senior's center at 57-14 martin luther king junior way. both will be open tomorrow. >> they're trying to stay safe from unhealthy air generated.
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they plan to open relief centers. >> as for what you can do about breathing all the smoke, cornell bernard has some dos and don'ts. >> just when we thought our bay area air quality couldn't get any worse, it did on friday. collette mcintosh was walking to breakfast in san rahher if. >> i talk my chances working in th.i ms well take chaes here. >> look who we spotted on movado boulevard. wearing a respiratorespirator. >> i got this on, it's pure air, i take it off. >> marin county tweeted it was closing several parks due to poor air quality. flat out, no matter how healthy you are, don't go outside when the air is this bad. >> definitely not a good idea. you don't want to be doing any kind of exercise outside right
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now, even taking a walk. >> the air is thick and gray, according to our abc 7 air quality tracker, it's purple. that means very unhealthy, folks should avoid our limits all out door exertion. >> the air is a bit better, but still unhealthy, you should avoid or limit outdoor exertion. if you want cleaner air, you have to go to santa cruz where air quality is limited. >> when we get into these red and purple zones, it's bad for everybody. >> like us, our pets need to stay indoors too. don't keep them outside. >> just to be aware of the harm that could be happening to their lungs, the same as it is to ours. >> only a few dogs were out at dog bone meadow park. vivian the great dane was done for the day. >> we're here for about 30 minutes. she doesn't want to get in the car, but i think she's good to go.
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>> residents in alameda and contra costa counties are warned to stay in doors. video shows the gray haze in the sky. it's best to keep your windows closeded, using air filter if you have one and limit outdoor exercise and activities. let's go to sandhya pa del with more on the air quality conditions this evening. >> i want to show you a slight shift in things, take a look from our kgo roof camera. the breeze is beginning to pick up on the embarcadero. the visibility is beginning to improve there. the air quality is still awful, red too purple, indicating unhealthy to very unhealthy. san francisco right now, very unhealthy. as we look at san jose, same story. santa cruz is in the red, that means it's best to stay inside, avoid that smoke. visibility right now, it's about 2 1/2 in concord, and just over a mile in oakland.
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here's a look at the wind. an onshore breeze to 17 miles an hour in san francisco. temporarily you may begin to see little improvement, but don't expect it to last, air quality is still going to be unhealthy to very unhealthy. spare the air alert right on through monday. we have the possibility of seeing slightly better air quality come sunday afternoon. i'll be back with a closer look coming up. >> thank you very much. although the air quality in the bay area is some of the worst in the world. that's not stopping workers in going outside and doing what they need to do. chris wynn has that part of our coverage from san jose. >> with poor air quality across the region. many people are trying to avoid spending time-out side. where as others have no choice but to be in the smoke. >> we're out here, we have to make money. we have to give food to everybody. that's how we live, you know. >> at the farmer's market this
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afternoon, merchants who were already struggling because of the pandemic are already hit hard by the dirty air. >> this is my life, this is what i do, this is how we put food on the table, how we pay the bills, i'm happy doing it. i'm just going to write out whatever comes my way, honestly. >> with the index showing unhealthy levels for much of the bay today, you should avoid over exerting yourself. >> the deeper you inhale, the easier it is for those particles to go all the way down to the base of your lungs and crossover into the blood stream. >> cal osha, the state program responsible for enforcing the laws and safety and health says employers are required to provide an n-95 mask if the aqu is above 150 and they're outside for longer than an hour. if the aqi reaches 500,
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employees must wear a respirator while outside on the job. if possible, other precautions should be taken. >> employers have to take measures to stay safe. >> vendors say they will take their chances. >> it's still slow. we appreciate every customer that comes by here. >> chris wynn, abc 7 news. >> remember, can you keep track of the air quality levels where you live by using this tracker on our website. >> our bad air is from the fires across the state. once again, we have satellite images that show the smoke from north to south and east to west. governor newsom was in bought county to tour the devastation. his visit quickly pivoted to climate change. >> if you do not believe in science, i hope you believe in observed evidence. >> the governor spent several
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minutes lashing out at those who are critical of it, or do not believe it's occurring. he used the heat waves and fires as undeniable evidence. >> what we're experiencing right here is coming to communities across the united states of america unless we get our act together on climate change. unless we disabuse ourselves of the bs that's being spewed. we're not going back to the 19th century. we're not apologists to is that status quo. >> reporter: the governor signed a bill that clears the records of prison inmates who have trained to be firefighters, this will allow fire departments to hire them once they are released. >> education is a critical component of our effort to build a better bay area. >> we're learning what it will take for schools to begin in
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classroom learning. something that could happen as early as ten days from now. lyanne melendez has the story. >> san francisco unified is getting ready to hit the restart button but only for a few students. these include the district's youngest students. some with disabilities, those who are homeless, and students showing the lowest overall online engagement. none of the representatives were on hand today, but through emails told us there is no specific date for when the students can return. >> i think that time line is a bit ambitious. >> pressing the reset button will require a few things such as a testing planning. training staff, informing students and parents of all the protocols of three months supply of ppe and a labor agreement. >> during the last agreement to come up with an online plan between the school district and the union took weeks. >> we have a commitment to have
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as many meetings to try to get it done as soon as we can, making sure the proper safety measures are in place. >> most teachers we spoke to say the time isn't right to return. >> i wouldn't feel safe if there was any more than 10 at this point with proper ppe. making sure they were six feet apart, making sure the air flow in our building is good. >> there's the issue of ventilation. while the idea is to keep windows open, the current unhealthy conditions will not allow for that. given all the requirements that need to be met, there's no time line for when the rest of the district families can expect to return to an inperson learning option, given the size of the district. 55,000 students. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. plans to reopen don't stop at schools, hotels in san francisco are taking steps. what they're doing to reassure
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customers, ahead. the push to bring profootball back to oakland. new developments on what could be
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we've learned a lot more about the covid-19 virus. it's real. and it's dangerous. so, on behalf of all of us working on the front lines, please take it seriously. and while we don't yet have a cure or a vaccine, we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. wear a mask. wash your hands. stay six feet apart. do your best to stay out of crowded spaces. and get a flu shot, it's even more important this year. we can do this. if we do it together. ♪
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a long stretch for many that has included furloughs and layoffs. more on the economic impact and what's being done about it. >> a major drop in customers. >> within a week's time, we saw massive amounts of cancellations. so we were heavily impacted very quickly. >> now, six months later, hotels will reopen monday. >> it's the date we've been
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waiting for. our hotels have been preeming to open. we're excited to be able to welcome people back to our hotels. >> for hotels and businesses that survived the pandemic, news is open. >> the city looked a bit apocalyptic if you want to know the truth. we have to ask ourselves, just because we have a green light to open our hotels, does that mean that tourists are going to come stay in the city. >> what the city plans to do with the homeless population that's been staying in hotels. >> the hotels that would be opening now, would be hotels that weren't participating or are participating, because those programs are still going on. >> he isn't willing to open monday, only to discover in short times he'll have to close again. >> there's still many many unknowns and while everybody's enthusiastic about reopening, we are going to do it safely and carefully. >> once san francisco hotels reopen, if guests return,
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surrounding businesses and restaurants may also begin to thrive again. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. moving on. could a black owned nfl team be coming to oakland? that's the goal of an african-american sports and entertainment group in oakland. they've already spoken to the nfl, which seems to like the idea. hunter hassan has the story. >> our community is in a position where we're huge consumers. and it's time for us to become owners. >> the founder of the african-american sports and entertainment group. a black owned nfl team. >> we see that nobody wants to just stop this thing. we want to see the process of economic participation and equity. be realized. >> the group sent a letter to the nfl in june, and got a favorable response with the framework on how to move forward. >> they're considering a
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community owned model like that of the green bay packers. >> one option is the joint ownership of the oakland a's. the other, to build a new stadium. oakland just makes sense given its nfl history. >> it would be an opportunity for us to come to the table and inject and revisit and recycle the african-american dollar back into our community. >> this multibillion dollar plan includes surrounding neighborhoods of east oak land. they include more housing. >> any time an african-american can control real estate, it puts it in a better position to do great things for their community. >> if approved it would be several years before a team plays in oakland. they already have strong community support, like the oakland black chamber of commerce, several unions and the city of government. justin burton says this vision
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would make oakland the home to the first african-american owned football team in the nfl. a league that desperately needs more diversity among its fraternity of owners. they'll have an update in early october. abc 7 news. >> neither snow nor
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get an insurance quote at usaa. what you're made of we're made for coming across the bay bridge today, i don't know what you saw about. come ago cross the bay bridge, the san francisco skyline looked like los angeles shopping of the 1970s, crazy. >> that's weird and awful and sad. >> so many words to describe it, sang dia. >> climate change is real, and so those views that we're
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seeing, like dana is describing, where you're driving and you can't see the skyline, looking like l.a. that's ary ailty now unfortunately, with all the fires burning out west. >> let me show you a view. another weird view here as we see the smoke and fog over the board walk at this hour, reducing the visibility. 81 in santa rosa, currently mid-80s in concord, and live look from emeriville camera. in the distance, you can't see san francisco, that's how smokey it is. mid-70s in oakland. half moon bay is cooling off at 59 degrees. air quality is awful. there's no sugar coating it. when you take a look at this, you'll see all the bay area is red or purple, unhealthy to very unhealthy. it's going to remain that way tonight. even though there may be fluctuations for our area. with all those fires burning, the smoke is awful, as we head
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toward sunday. this is a glimmer of hope, i certainly hope that this forecast model is right. sunday afternoon, evening, the sea breeze kicks up. and pushes that smoke out of our region, at least enough so our air quality is improved down near the surface. >> live doppler 7 showing you the blanket of smog around the wreath ing here. temperatures compared to 24 hours ago, they came up 15 degrees warmer in concord, up 8 in san jose. it is a very gray view. smoke impact continues through the weekend. spare the air the next three days, and temperatures remaining below average for september. temperatures will be in the 50s, it's going to be hazy, foggy around the coast and bay, for the afternoon, warmer spots in the mid-80s, cooler spots like half moon bay 63 degrees, and everyone else in between. here's a look at the accuweather 7-day forecast. 28 straight days by monday is where we will be, a record setting spare the air, as we will notice, smog by again.
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the next couple days. sunday afternoon, breeze kicks up, and that may improve things. smoke will linger on monday, now it looks like we will warm up on tuesday as we see more sun breaking through. low 90s inland, we're watching a couple systems that could bro deuce drizzle, maybe a slight chance of a few showers, definitely breezy to gusty conditions mid week. >> thank you. we're hanging in there the best we can. >> challenging, sure we made our new pumpkin pecan pancakes for exactly that reason. every bite has real pumpkin and pecan pie sauce is a plus. you can get it delivered or you can eat here with us. see you at denny's.
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coming up at 6:00, football returns to santa clara this weekend, will the bad air become a problem for 49ers players and fans? some stanford doctors tell us why they signed on to an open letter publicly criticizing one of the president's coronavirus advisers. covid-19 has changed the way we live and work maybe forever. workers that can't stay home and are tasks with keeping reopening businesses virus free. all of that and more coming up at 6:00. finally tonight a group of pilots finished a cross country
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celebration in concord today. airmail. >> the 15 segments flown between long island, east of new york city and concord beuchanan fiel. >> this plane flew the final leg. one of the volunteer pilots -- >> made up by boy scouts, girl scouts, children of the revolution, many of them fill their special cart. exactly like it was in '19 and '20. >> a vintage car then carriedar the parts by world news tonight with david muir is next.
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tonight, this nation marks 19 years since 9/11. paying tribute to the victims and to the heroes, the first responders on 9/11. we're also following the emergency unfolding as we come on the air tonight. 500,000 americans put on alert now. the evacuations under way at this hour. in oregon tonight, fires closing in on the portland suburbs. the sky turning red. the mayor declaring a state of emergency. we talk with families in tears, not knowing if they will have homes to return to. one of the fires in california, now the largest in that state's history. loved ones watching as the home their family has owned for more than a century goes up in flames. smoke now blanketing several states. three cities with the worst air quality in the world.


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