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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 12, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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if there is an earthquake. our house has a better chance of surviving in. . unhealthy air continues to blanket the bay area. we've experienced some of the worst air quality in the past 24 hours. this could affect the 49ers season opener at levi stadium this weekend. it'll be a game time decision whether to delay or move the game because of wildfire smoke and this unhealthy air. good morning, again. it's saturday, september 12th. i'm liz kreutz. thank you for joining us. another weekend of spare the air alerts. today the 26th consecutive day. let's get right to meteorologist lisa argen with this week's forecast and when we can expect some improvement. >> hi, everyone.
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we certainly have the smoke, haze and some stratus out there. a dense fog advisory along the shoreline. you can see the fog lined up there, and unfortunately no good news in terms of our air quality today. the winds are going to be light and the sun has to bust through that smoke layer to get that sea breeze going. as we look at visibility right now it is just reduced everywhere from a quarter of a mile in santa rosa, nothing petaluma to half moon bay. if you have to get out good idea to get out later. three quarters of a mile sfo, just 2 miles hayward, a little better than that in concord, and the current air quality indexest there as that haze mixes with the fog. so we're not looking at big changes today. maybe a little sun working through that marine layer later on today. but as a result the air quality will be bad today. it's going to get better as we get into the second half of your weekend and should be even better into next week.
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warm and hazy out there, and we'll look at the temperatures stay cool at the coast. not like we're going to be enjoying the weather today though, liz, but we are looking at a change in the pattern which i'll detail in depth coming up. again, sports are highly in question this weekend for both the san francisco giants and 49ers. they're threatened by problems only 2020 could provide. we start with the giants whose game today is postponed after one of its players tested positive for covid-19. the team was ready to play the san diego padres last night, but just minutes before first pitch the team got news they wouldn't be playing. the name and condition of the giants player is being withheld for now. both teams are now undergoing further tests d contg. memb t oakla a's had a pitcher test positive last month and had to postpone their games. the next series the giants have on the schedule is tuesday against the seattle mariners. as for the 49ers the start to
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their season is truly up in the air. their scheduled game at levi stadium might have to be delayed or removed because unhealthy air quality. kick off slated for 1:25 tomorrow afternoon. the nfl and local officials say it'll be a game time decision. if the air quality index is above 200 they'll have to go to a plan b, but this morning levi stadium remains hopeful. >> you look at the forecast and looks like it won't be in that unhealthy range for long, which is where the nfl kind of looks into that forecast in making decisions as to whether or not they postpone or cancelgamers wot nt ofans,ts bave ted by switching to outdoor only seat, but this bad air quality could hurt their bottom line on game day even more. people don't want to sit outside, of course. now, the city of oakland has opened two relief centers to get
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people inside away from the smoky air. here are the locations for you if you want to go, both open at noon. oigt now theory quality index is hovering around 200 for the entire bay area which means unhealthy for everyone. the diamond library and the north oakland senior center on mlk, jr. way if you're interested in going. it's especially important for young adults, young children or teens or anyone with heart problems, but we all need to be keeping our times very limited. in the south bay the unhealthy air isn't stopping some people from venturing outside. popular outdoor dining spots were still seeing sstght, andt ng awaited reopening of a popular san jose card room. here's abc 7 reporter amanda del castillo. >> reporter: casino matrix in san jose got the green light to start 24-hour outdoor operations last night. although air quality levels were
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bad the makeshift card room for the first time since the covid shutdown in march. the bad air quality not limiting where more proof south bay businesses small and large with determined to stay in business despite the smoke. >> working in that kind of condition with allergies and whatnot and just flaring up and having to take breaks, it is kind of hard. >> nature or man made, it doesn't matter. have to deem with it now. >> reporter: as it stands california is currently dealing with 28 major firewise 8 coming from around the world including israel and canada. and although unhealthy air continues to loom above the cite to stop the birthday celebration for ermenia. >> i feel for others. it wasn't going to change my birthday plans. i'm still going to do it.
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>> reporter: over at santana row not your usual friday night scenes. the overall crowds thinned out by thick smoke. >> i'm thinking to myself do i really want to go out tonight? looks like all these ashes are falling down, it's crazy. probably unhealthy. >> the smoke is not that bad sitting down, but i can see it's pretty bad if you look up and look at it. >> reporter: although air quality experts suggests the view from indoors. in san jose i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. >> and you can keep track of the air quality levels where you live by using this tracker on our website, growing news ofirenow deadl the state this season. the butte county sheriff's office just identified two victims who they say failed to evacuate when they were told to. the sheriff revised the death toll to nine people. more than a dozen others are missing. the north complex has burned
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more than 252,000 acres. it is 23% contained. and a frank and frustrated governor newsom toured the destruction in butte county. the north complex is one of several fires burning statewide. california has set a record this year. more than 3 million acres burned. and the governor was quick to shift the focus to climate change. >> hots are getting a lot hotter. dries are getting a lot dryer. and the wets are getting a lot wetter. that's climate change. >> pointing to the raging wildfires, extreme drought cessions and record breaking temperatures governor newsom criticized climate change deniers saying the evidence is right in front of them. >> what we're experiencing right here is coming to the community all across the united states of america unless we get our act together on climate change, unless we disabuse ourselves of all the b.s. that's being spewed. >> the governor signed a bill that will clear the record of prison inmates who work as
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firefighters so they can be hired by fire departments when they're released. and firefighters have little or no rest for if the past month as they battle fires up and down the west coast. the physical and mental exhaustion is beginning to take a toll. abc 7 news reporter kate larson spoke to a bay area non-profit that is work to keep first responders healthy and on the front lines. >> the level of fatigue is high enough that we're seeing firefighters pull themselves out of the engines during an active fire which is unprecedented. >> reporter: without enough resources to adequately staff firefighters are coming off the front lines in shock. >> i'm having firefighters call unable to speak, physically shaking, not able to breathe, not able to take a deep breath, not able to >> reporter: a santa rosa
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non-profit that focuses on physical and mental health rehab for first responders and veterans. >> my fear is, and this is from my experience with the va, that we're going to continue to see our suicide levels rise. we're going to see stress leave rise. we are right now. >> you could be on a chain saw for 8 hours on and off with, you know, no rest. and then all night long you're using fire to fight fire. >> reporter: michael musgrove is a training captain with the santa rosa fire department. he says there isn't enough food or water and certainly no sleep when you're on 32-hour wildland fire shifts. >> we're not really meant to be in that fight or flight for tt long a time. >> reporter: musgrove has been in therapy at the foundation for a year. he says 75 santa rosa firefighters, more than half the department are now getting treated at the facility. >> i'm seeing people stretched thin, but also i see resilience.
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i see people using these therapies. i see people getting better. >> reporter: and perhaps no more important a day to talk about firefighter health than september 11th. departments across california posted tribute. >> it'sry minder of our job and how serious it is and the risk we do take. >> my wondering today on 9/11 is what would that have looked like had those departments been as underresourced and as exhausted as we are now. >> reporter: they say there is hope with more yours and funding to keep the front lines strong. kate larson, abc 7 news. >> if you or someone you love is dealing with mental health issues we do have resources on our website. just go to happening today speaker nancy pelosi of san francisco will be leading a meeting on climate change with leaders of g-7 countries and some special guests. they'll be talking about what their international alliances can do to stop climate change from causing even more damage to
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health and economic mtingtas pelosi's twitter and facebook accounts. all right, lisa, so tomorrow end of day i'm holding you to it. >> please don't. yeah, since when is smoke a part of the weather, right? it is all mixed up here and within the stratus and haze a live look outside from our toll plaza where we do have a lot of fog out there. visibility here down to an eight of a mile. so certainly be careful out there. as we look at the rest of the day not looking too different than yesterday, but a few changes. ready to share them with you l see at some y grocery stores and at the pump. plus, hotels in san francisco are reopening on monday, two days away now. more on what's being done about
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the tribute in light shined in new york city to mark the 19th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. a series of memorials began yesterday morning at the hour the first plane hit the world trade center in 2001. vice president mike pence and democratic presidential nominee joe biden both attended ceremonies at ground zero. president trump and biden visited the flight 93 memorial in pennsylvania separately. mr. trump praised those aboard the san francisco bound jet. ceremonies also took place next to where a plane crashed into the pentagon. and new details on the controversy surrounding protests in san jose over george floyd's death. the city's police department has released the first body camera video.
6:15 am
this shows the officer's view as they used force against a man during a scuffle. it's one of three incidents police have been highly criticized for. the department released an hours worth of footage amid growing pressure from city council and mayor sam locardo. they wanted to video out now even though chief eddie garcia said it could take up to a year to release. and the family of kayla salazar are now filing a lawsuit. according to our media partner mercury news they're accusing event organizers and a private security company of being, quote, grossly inefficient in security. they argue the festival was unguarded and kept by short unstable chain-link fences including one gate zip tied together that the shooter ultimately cut through. salazar and two others were killed in the shooting.
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fen'sud . >> whi the days of panic shopping are gone a new report shows skyrocketing prices. meat, fish and poultry prices have soared by more than 17%, more than 11 times the cost of living in just the past year running up to last month. that of course due to more people cooking at home. while gas isser over the months it means our electricity is utility bills have also seen an uptick. and for the first time in march people in san francisco will be able to get their hair done or hop on a treadmill inside a gym. on monday the city will move forward with reopening more businesses. those include barbershops, salons and indoor gyms. all will be allowed to conduct businesses indoors but at limited capacity. hotels will reopen as well allowing people who aren't essential workers the opportunity to stay.
6:17 am
the change ends a long stretch for many people that has included furloughs and layoffs. melanie woodrow has more on the economic impact and what's being done about it. >> reporter: we first met steve rizzo in march when hotel g like others saw a major drop in customers. >> within a weeks time we saw a massive amount of cancellations so we were heavily impacted. >> reporter: now six months later san francisco has announced businesses including hotels will reopen monday. kevin is president and ceo of the hotel council of san francisco. >> it's a date we've been waiting for and our hotels are prepared to open. they have cleaning guidelines and protocols we've been working on for months with them, and we're excited to welcome back back to our hotels. >> reporter: for those hotels and businesses that survived the pandemic is open. >> just because we have the green light to open our hotels does that necessarily mean that tourists are going to come to
6:18 am
stay in the city? >> reporter: rizzo also questions what the city plans to do with the homeless population that's staying in hotels. >> the hotels opening now would be hotels that aren't participating because those programs are still going on. >> reporter: rizzo says he isn't willing to open monday only to discover a short time he'll have to close again. >> there are still many, many unknown and while everybody is enthusiastic about reopening we're going to do it safely and carefully. >> reporter: when san francisco hotels do reopen if guests return surrounding businesses and restaurants may also begin to thrive again. amoeba miclans to opens. its san francisc thursday after being closed since march because of the pandemic. amoeba's berkeley store will remain closed for now. fans donated more than $290,000
6:19 am
through a gofundme campaign to help amoeba and its employees endure the economic hardship of the pandemic. and we're keeping an eye on where each bay area county stands with reopening. you can find the latest on this map we have here. it is all on our website and on the abc 7 news app. all right, lisa, you look outside right now. it's still hazy, just hoping for some change. >> yeah, we have the light winds d of smoke, obviously. and depending on how diffuse the smoke layers get might have a little more sun. but the afternoon highs certainly challenging. yesterday, though, we did make it into the 80s in our inland val ewheres busht y'all want the better air quality, and that's not going to come until we get more of a breeze. in fact, look at a southwesterly breeze perhaps tomorrow and the days ahead. live doppler 7 right now showing the fog here is right along the
6:20 am
coast. but where we have it is pretty dense. and out well to the west of us this is the situation that will begin to stronger winds and that should push the air over into nevada and the mountains. there's a dense fog advisory and looking at temperatures right around 60 in san jose, 58 in mountain view, and it's a little cool up here in the north bay, upper 40s. but look at the visibility. it's really impacted all across the bay area from petaluma and half moon bay, and you can't really see a thing. over the bridges here, very, very bad, so you may want to delay going out and just about 1 to 2 miles in the east bay, 2 miles in hayward and napa. you look up in santa rosa, a quarter mile. so these are some of the particareas, but this morning everyone a lot like yesterday morning looking at the very foggy conditions mixed in
6:21 am
with the haze and the smoke layers. so don't open the windows. air quality extremely unhealthy again. we don't look for a whole lot of change tout there, but be patient we are hoping this changes as we look at the forecast for the next 24 to 48 hours. the pink indicates the very unhealthy air. and as we look towards later on today it begins to lift to the north and east, and this is into your sunday night. the lighter colors indicate the better air quality. and as we get closer to the end of the weekend things look like they will be improving in terms of that better air we all want to breathe. so look at the fog and the better air quality later tomorrow, today subtle changes, hazy and mild throughout the day and a look at the fog as it becomes a little more widespread into your sunday. here's saturday, pulls back. we have the layers of smoke and then into your sunday this is tomorrow morning it looks like it's got a stronger push. and then as it pulls back beginning to see those breezy winds. so that's what's going to help us out, and then changing the
6:22 am
wind direction. as we look into early next week this is wednesday see the rain pushing into the pacific northwest with fantastic news here, the tail end of it dropping through extreme northe a slight chance of rain in the north bay but overall its the winds accompanying the trough that will bring the smoke hopefully more diffuse and out of the bay area. 72 in oakland, 77 in fremont. we've got those low to mid-80s here in our inland valleys, hazy, mild, bad air quality. spare the air alert continues into your sunday or monday. and then as we look at the rest of the workweek we look at brighter skies and the possibility of some drizzle on wednesday and then cooler air as we get into the latter part of the week. so that would tt io we have it ahead of us. we just have to get through today and tomorrow. we should be breathing easier, liz. >> i like the sound of that. all right, lisa, thank you. just ahead the poor air quality is not only affecting us
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all right, rick johnson joins us now from new york to tell us what's coming up at 7:00 on gma. >> good morning, coming up here on gma tropical depression 19 hitting florida this morning and expected to strengthen as it heads towards the gulf coast in the coming days. rob is tracking the path this morning. plus the devastation out west. as deadly wildfires rip through the coast forcing thousands to flee their homes, and now one man charged with arson. and new reports that the trump administration interfered with cdc data on covid-19. what the u.s. department of health is saying about the claims and the new research about how children can spread coronavirus. it's all ahead here on gma. all right, it's not just humans. animals are also showing signs
6:26 am
of distress caused by the poor air quality we're experiencing here in the bay area. abc 7 news reporter luz pena is in presentwood a family doing their best to protect their animals from the >> you're a pretty girl. i know you can do this. >> reporter: this is the constant pep talk 7-year-old dakota gives her favorite goat every day. >> i mean, i'm worried for her. she's like getting sick, i think. but we keep treating her. she's getting better every day. >> reporter: nearly 4 weeks ago the scu lightening complex fire erupted around this area. how close the flames g t their . efcamell the way where they, you know, cut out all these fire trails along the ridge and stuff like that, but it was pretty crazy. >> reporter: as the air quality continues to worsen the hawkins family found some other animals dead overnight. >> it's difficult.
6:27 am
we've lost a couple of chickens. >> reporter: they're also noticing an increase of breathing issues. >> when i noticed her coughing and runny nose and gooey eyes i told my mom because i knew it was going to get worse. >> reporter: they're treating them every other day and hoping for the air quality to improve. they're now treating their goats and chickens. >> we filled it with a bit of eucalyptus to help open up their airway. >> reporter: the horses with a bigger breathing unit. they're hoping this keeps their animals alive because even though they can't bring them inside their home to protect them from the smoke, they're still part of this family. in brentwood, z pena, abc 7 news. all right, still to come on abc 7 mornings, the nation's top infectious disease expert is warning of the long road ahead in the fight against coronavirus. his prediction on when we can get back to some kind of normal. and one bay area company's effort to make their employees
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for just $64.90 a month. call or go online today. we sand my heart fell.oke i knew we'd lose our home... and we did. over 24,000 homes have been destroyed by wildfires in the past few years. wildfire victims need help so i'm voting 'yes' on 19. it limits property taxes on wildfire victims so families can move to a replacement home without a tax penalty. you never know what you'll be faced with. please, vote 'yes' on 19.
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my concern is that within the next few weeks we're going to have another wave. and unfortunately that's going to be covid that's going to come in with a vengeance. >> doctors working on the front lines fighting the coronavirus have serious concerns about covid mixing with flu season. and dr. anthony fauci says americans won't be going back to anything like normal until well into 2021. good morning, again. much more on the race against coronavirus in a moment, but if you're just joining us this half-hour let's get another look at the weather. >> an advisory along the coast where we have that fog really limiting what you can see out there. it's pretty dangerous, a lot like yesterday morning. and of course the smoke and haze
6:31 am
affecting the air quality. can't see anything at all up in petaluma, looking at 0.8 mile in oakland, and looking at a view. no matter where you go not only is it foggy, it's hazy, it's smoky. the current index here indicate very unhealthy air all throughout the bay area. the better ne the badder news we're not going to see any wind today to diffuse the smoke, but the good news we're going to go in the right direction and see a wind shift as we get into your later day on sunday. so today numbers will be in the 80s throughout the afternoon inland. so it's going to be hazy, kind of muggy out there. right around 80 at the bay, and looking at the 60s with the coast with that fog clearing, but it's all about the air quality, i know, and we'll have good news as we get into the week ahead. i'll have it for you coming up. it isn't just california
6:32 am
experiencing wildfires but dozens of other fires burninge . at least 19 people have died with the death toll only expected to rise. in oregon half a million residents are in evacuation zones. abc news reporter ty hernandez has more. >> reporter: this morning the death toll expected to rise as dozens of fires sweep the west coast. residents there frantically racing to >> reporter: portland's mayor declaring a state of emergency as the fire creeps closer to the suburbs. and an arrest friday in the medford area where hundreds of homes burned to the ground. the suspect facing at least two counts of arson. in california 3 million acres charred in 2020 setting a yearly
6:33 am
record with over 3 months left to go. one homeowner seeing what used to be her home ravaged by the creek fire reduced to a pile of rubble. telling our fresno station her late father built the home. >> our community is really, really suffering, and just to keep us in your thoughts and any help with rebuilding of the whole community is so appreciated. >> reporter: and one firefighter's family trying to save homes but losing theirs to california's creek fire. >> i feel like i just got sentenced to a life in prison in an aspect because i lost everything and i've got nothing to show for. >> reporter: for those not directly in the fire's path another problem. portland, san francisco and seattle all with the worst air
6:34 am
quality in the world right now. satellite images showing the entire west coast blanketed in thick smoke.wsnew yo. cn in school and day care here in the u.s. can bring the virus home with them. abc reporter marcus moore has the details. >> reporter: as schools and daycares reopen their doors new evidence young students can transmit covid-19. a cdc study identifying 12 children thought to be infected at child care centers who went onto infect 12 others including parents and siblings. six months after the coronavirus was declared a pandemic dr. anthony fauci warning of a long road ahead. >> if you're talking about getting back to degree of normality which resembles where we were prior to covid, it's going to be well into 2021, maybe even towards the end of 2021. >> reporter: dr. fauci says it could take that long before the majority of the population could get protected by any new
6:35 am
vaccine, adding he'd be surprised if we had a new vaccine like the one for measles. >> i would accept a 70% to 75% effective vaccine, which means you still have to have a component of public health measures. >> reporter: dr. joseph has been working around the clock on the front lines of houston methodist. he worries covid mixing with flu season. >> my concern is within the next few weeks we're going to have another wave, and unfortunately that's going to be covid going to come in with a vengeance. >> reporter: and with winter coming the risk of indoor spread is greater. cities like new york and miami now moving towards indoor dining. >> if you go indoors of a restaurant with 25%, 50% or what have you, indoors absolutely increases the risk. >> reporter: as outbreaks pop up across college campuses new research suggests young adults may be at greater risk for covid complications than previously thought.
6:36 am
a study published in the journal of the american medical association found 1 in 5 sick enough to be hospitalized needed intensive care. 1 in 10 needed a ventilator. outside dallas a 29-year-old hockey coach losing his life to covid. >> i just want him to be remembered for more than just a person that passed away from covid. >> reporter: marcus moore, abc news, dallas. few of us ever thought remote work would now be in its sixth straight month. it can be isolating and challenging, but a peninsula tech company is trying to make work more pleasant. david louie looks at how they're working to build a better bay area. >> reporter: warrior register is one of 120 workers. she was surprised six months ago to receive these flowers, even posting a photo of them on social media.
6:37 am
>> that was a day where i really needed the flowers and just a little mood boost, and it was really nice. >> reporter: every week every work board team member gets flowers delivered to their home as a thank you from the ceo. >> it's a nice way to kind of, you know, bring people together and for all of us to feel unified in a way. >> reporter: no gift card is attached. tom love had some fun and didn't tell his family who was sending them. >> i really wanted to take credit for it, but when it started showing up on week 2, week 4 they knew it wasn't me. >> reporter: he says his wife a teacher who also works remotely appreciates the flowers, too. >> i'm going to take these into nigh classroom. >> when the flowers show up there's almost a cheer in the house, and my wife actually keeps her flowers next to her. so her first grade class gets to see the flowers too. >> reporter: the weekly delivery only costs about $10 per person. the joy it spreads is important toho knows it's important its not good to workweeks on end devoid of human
6:38 am
interaction. >> if i can make a small contribution to just a little bit of delight to offset what's going on in our world right now, it's an easy move, really easy move. >> reporter: david louie, abc 7 news. >> to watch all this week's coverage on the bay area's changing were place you can go to or our news connected tv apps. you can check it out wherever you watch abc 7 news. okay, still ahead on abc 7 mornings a push to bring pro football back to oakland. new developments on what could be the nfl's first black owned franchise. and we're going to look outside for a moment at our mt. tam camera. it's 49 degrees in san rafael right now. you can't even see anything. the visibility is just so poor as we've been seeing for days. at least it's not orange i suppose, but the good news lisa says we may see it starting to clear out tomorrow night. we'll check in with lisa what else we can expect coming up. as we all fight the coronavirus pandemic california
6:39 am
is mandating face mask tuesday stop the spread. that's why abc 7 wants to remind you to wear a mask for you, your loved ones and your community. please wear because you care. we're living in uncertain times, but as californians we'll get through this together. if your income has been reduced or you've lost your job or your health insurance, covered california is here. we can help you find the health insurance you need to protect you and your loved ones. and, you may even get financial help to pay for your health insurance. so, if you or someone you know is without coverage, visit to learn more or enroll today.
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so, if you or someone you know is without coverage, (vo) my name is cynthia hawkins, the owner of hawkins house of burgers. my grandparents came here in 1939 and we've been serving this community for over 80 your communitylways said, take f and they will always take care of you. and they have done so. through the ups and through the downs. my name may be on this building, but this place belongs to all of us. ♪
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all right, a rare albino seal has been spotted on a remote untouched island off the coast of russia. but not remote enough to not be found by the internet. you can check out this video. a biologist recently recorded this video of what he is calling the ugly duckling alpineo seal waddling amongst the pacific colony. instagram has really loved it so far, but it remains to be ce.l bereblueyed thruian wl-dnd n being bothered at this point by the other seals, which is a good sign. slipping around like what should i do, where are my friends. very cute. all right, a popular bay area attraction is allowingtoday.
6:42 am
so something to winchester mystery house in san jose. it'll offer a brand new health guided tour format that allows for physical distancing. staffers say guests will get to experience the house's unique design elements like never before. you can buy tickets online and indoor tours stopped in march at the start of of the pandemic and began again in july 14th but closed after 4 hours when officials issued a new shutdown order. seems to be that way all the time. the holeatize saying i'm not going to open until i know for sure i can reopen. >> yeah, it's been quite a time and we're adding smoke to the weather forecast. as we get into anoth d starting with dense bel see any from our exploratorium camera but that brave boater out there. looking for more haze and bad air today, but we're going to turn a corner on this i think as soon as tomorrow. my accuweather seven day forecast is next.
6:43 am
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all right former cal soccer star and u.s. national team forward alex morgan will be playing in england until the end of the calendar according to the athletic morgan will be suiting up for the womens soccer league this fall. she's not played for her nwsl team the orlando pride since giving perth to her daughter in may. playing in england will give morgan regular matches while preparing for next year's season and the u.s. womens team quest to win gold in tokyo at the summer olympics. let's cross your fingers also that the olympics happen next summer. all right, more in sports. a strange scene at petco park moments before last night's giants, pudrays game was set to begin.
6:46 am
>> reporter: the giants and padres game was postponed last night moments before it began when we learned a giants player tested positive. we don't know who that player is, but hopefully they're in good health. >> out of an abundance of caution today's game against the padres have also been postponed. the giants and padres are are also in contention. expect some double headers with huge implication. the giants are scheduled to face the mariners on tuesday and the a's on friday. speaking of the after the accident's top of it first, based loaded and nobody out. let's bash. second inning sean murphy with the longest home run of the year for the a's. 464 feet into the upper deck. also the longest homer at the new park. th doubleheader today at 2:00. now, when the 49ers took the field for friday's practice the just below 200. anything over that number and they're forced to cancel.
6:47 am
as the 49ers home opener approaches the team may have to consider pushing their game to monday in hopes for better air. >> my understanding if the gets to 200 that's when the nfl will really start discussing what to do with the game. i don't think that's my decision at all. i know it's not, thank goodness. so we'll see what happens. hopefully it won't get there, hopefully it'll be safe but got to see what the wind does. >> it's orange out here. it's weird. everything been weird 2020 but we've got to execute. we've got to go out there and execute and win. >> reporter: to the nba, game 7 for the celtics and raptors, winner go home. toronto struggling throughout but take the lead late in the third. he had 20 points in this one, and the raptors bench, they were loving it. bothe ctics jalen brown with a dunk. he had 21, and that looked like it hurt, but he would stay in the game. final minute toronto down two, norman powell on the run but
6:48 am
marcus smart with a huge block. they the sers 4-3.filsnto win92. i hopeouwoerful weekend, everybody. >> it's very true, lisa. everything's weird in 2020. >> and it's looking spooky out there, and you add that to our element as we've added smoke to the weather forecast. visibility really poor with shallow deck of dense fog here, and the changes today are subtle, but they're more dramatic as we get into the second half of the weekend and then into next week. more pronounced as we see this trough here moving to the north of us. and that could squeeze out a few showers, but more importantly it shifts our pattern, hopefully it moves this smoky air mass out of town. so as we look closer the highlighted areas with the fog this morning until 9:00, and a look at mt. tam where you can't see much at all.
6:49 am
we have fog 55 in the city, # 0 in oakland as well as san jose, and 52 in gilroy. check this out. it does definitely look like a scene in a horror movie, doesn't it? it looks fake and it's real. it's our sutro tower camera. and 48 in novato, 50 in napa, 58 in concord, 57 in livermore. as we look at the visibility and miles reduced all morning long this isn't going to change, so probably after 9:00 where the visibility now down to nothing in hayward, and 0.8 oakland and a mile at the airport and san carlos, so really thick out there with fog, haze, smoke, very bad air. now, with the sun not being able to burn through that smoke we're not setting up the sea preez, and we're not clearing out the air. that doesn't look to change too much today although the smoke can be a little more diffuse, it was a little bit less -- it was
6:50 am
a little more diffuse yesterday and then today ithi mass gets kicked to the north and east of us with a sthst wind will we see some improvement, and that should happen later tomorrow as we get into the lighter shades here. the bright colors indicate the worst air quality and that's been overhead. the fog better air tomorrow into next week. showers as we get into the middle of next in the north bay. more like drizzle on wednesday, but you can see how the low cloud deck is really not a factor today. it reason why it's important is because it sets up that heating that allows for the sea breeze. and with that we're looking at tomorrow to be a better day with some wind and perhaps more mixing. this is 7:00 tomorrow. and as we look at the chance of precip you notice it goes mostly into the pacific northwest. this is into the middle of next week. but still it allows for this air mass to be shifted to the north and east of us and maybe a
6:51 am
slight chance of showers down into the north pay. finally what we would like to see, so we'll keep you posted on that. in the meantime hazy t you're not going hopefully you have an air filter and you can circulate some of the air insmchd we'ide. we'll be looking at the accuweather seven day forecast featuring the spare the air alert right on through monday, but we do expect to hopefully push some of this poor oair out of here by late tomorrow, continues to monday and a temperature drop that hopefully bodes well with some cleaner air. >> sounds good. thank you, lisa. sounds good assuming that happens. a moment of unity against racism helped kick off the nfl season opener on thursday, but some fans did not approve. some fans booed the moment at the to reconcile how to deal with
6:52 am
race and social justice issues. abc 7 is focused on these issues, too, as part of our efforts to build a better bay area. in oakland one group is trying to bring a first of its kind black owned group to the city. >> our community is in a position where we are huge consumers and it's time for us to become owners. >> reporter: ray is the founder of african-american sports and entertainment group. they want a black owned nfl team. >> we see that nobody wants to just stop this thing at the protest and our voices. we want to see the process of economic participation and equity be realized. >> reporter: the group sent a letter to the nfl in june and got a favorable response with a framework how to move forward. they're considering a community owned model like that of the green bay packers. one option is joint ownership
6:53 am
with the oakland a's, another to build a new stadium. either way he says oakland just makes sense given its nfl history. >> it would be an opportunity for us to actually come to the table and inject and revisit and recycle the african-american dollar back into our community. >> reporter: this multibillion dollar plan means building up the surrounding area. they envision an education and convention center, museum and longer-term, more housing. >> anytime an african-american can control and own major portions of of real estate it puts us in a better position to do great things for the community. >> reporter: if approved it would still be several years before a team plays in oakland, but they already have strong community support. like the oakland black chamber of commerce, several unions and city government. justin burton, a spokesperson for oakland mayor libby shaft, says this vision, would, quote, make oakland the home to the first african-american owned
6:54 am
football team in the nfl. we desperately need some diversity among the fraternity of owners. in oakland ansar hassan. all right, next, saving mt. diab
6:55 am
dearand with summer here,these energy bills are rising. together, we can save energy and money... dby taking steps to stay coole while using less.rising. keep safe and keep it golden.
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all right, the smoke filled images of mt. diablo have been hard to miss this week, right? today an auction is happening you can participate in. the 19th annual moonlight on the mountain is virtual this year. the items up for grabs are just as fun, though. everything from wine tastings to artwork of the mountain to a n. you can join in on the moonlight on the mountain website. it starts at 5:30 p.m. i think that sounds great. i want to name a goat, lisa. >> yeah, you know what, we're looking for anything to do. in fact, outside not a great
6:57 am
idea, though, as we look at a super scary, hazy, smoky looking san francisco right now. spare the air alert with some hazy sun on the way. but another day of poor air quality, light winds. not a lot of mixing there so good idea to stay inside. and very unhealthy air all over the bay area, again. we are looking at some change tuesday come into the second half of the weekend. a little bit more wind, a little bit brighter conditions. and then by next week we're continuing that pattern and pushing the smoke to the north and east of us. liz? >> all right, lisa, thank you. let's hope that smoke does go away tomorrow night. thank you all for joining us here on abc 7 mornings. i'm liz kreutz along with lisa argen abc 7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. we hope to see you then. gma is next. we'll leave you with this hazy look from our sutro tower cam. have a good one and a safe saturday.
6:58 am
we're sad but we will still stand up. >> we're tired but we won't give up. >> we are angry but we'll still take action. >> we're all equal. >> our voices are better, stronger together. >> at abc 7 we're listening. to find an ally go to
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good morni we're tracking six tropical systems churning in the atlantic basin right now. this record breaking hurricane season brewing up more trouble with a half dozen systems to watch. the tropical depression hitting florida this morning with heavy rain. this system expected to strengthen as it heads towards the gulf coast. wildfire emergency in the american west. 500,000 people in oregon in evacuation zones. two fires converging, neighborhoods covered in ash. >> the air quality index around here has been measured at three times the level that is hazardous to breathe. >> the new arson arrest. the number of people who lost their lives now rising. cdc interference? a new report claiming trump


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