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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  September 13, 2020 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. the west coast wildfire crisis causing smoke-filled skies to dominate the bay area. from the serious health effects to today's niners game potentially put on pause. and mental stress for some. the gloomy air affecting all of us. good morning, everyone, i'm liz kreutz. thank you for joining us. today is the 22nd executive spare the air day. meteorologist lisa argen is here. good mornin sig relief? >> well, liz, we're in a complicated blocked pattern in our atmosphere. it will change but it will be slow.
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there's even smoke offshore, as well as to the south of us with the many fires burning. so it is going to be a while. but things are trending better as we get into the next 24 to 30 hours. there's a look at the fog off the coast and smoke all throughout the state of california. visibility continues to be reduced with the fog and haze and smoke entrained in this marine layer. a mile and a half, a mile and a quarter, petaluma. air quality is unhealthy. it will remain that way. we're looking for a stronger sea breeze throughout the afternoon. that should help push some of the smoke out of here. but once again, there are a lot of fires surrounding us. a little wind shift may help us out and it may allow for deteriorating conditions. mountain view, 60s. 50s on the coast. san jose right there, where current air quality is well under 200. 60 in concord, 57 in novato. that's important because i guess we want to play that game down there. temperatures in the 70s to near 80 today, cooler with the winds.
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looking at that pattern to change for the upcoming workweek. details in a few minutes, liz. >> all right, lisa, thank you. we're closely following developing news in los angeles this morning. a huge response from law enforcement overnight. this is brand-new video this morning. the search is on for the person seen shooting and gravely injuring two sheriff's deputies in what appears to be an ambush attack. this happened last night. both are now fighting for their lives this morning. we want to show you surveillance video tweeted out by the l.a. county sheriff. investigators say the deputies were inside their patrol vehicle outside this light rail station in compton when this happened. you can see the suspect right there, blurred out. we're not showing you the moment he opens fire. it is very disturbing. our abc sister station in los angeles says both deputies were shot in the head and they are in critical condition. it's a 31-year-old mother and a
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24-year-old man. shelf each been with the sheriff's department for a little more than a year. the l.a. county sheriff said just this last night. >> it was a cowardly act. the two deputies were doing their job, minding their own business, watching out for the safety of the people on the train, and seeing somebody just walk up and start shooting on them, it pisses me off. >> so far detectives haven't had a detailed description of the shooter other than a man wearing dark clothes at the time. we'll keep you posted here and of course on our abc 7 news app as soon as we get updated developments. locally, b.a.r.t. system-wide computer problem. the agency is asking riders to find alternative transportation if you can. it's unclear when trains will be up and running again. partner transit agencies are providing bus service throughout b.a.r.t.'s service area and tt
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includes muni, ac transit, and vta. the san francisco giants will play a doubleheader today against the san diego padres after a giants player had a false positive coronavirus test. two games on friday and saturday were postponed following the positive test. the mlb says the false positive does not present a risk to other personnel. it's unclear when the second game will be played but both teams finished the regular season with a two-game series at the end of the month. today's first game starts at 1:10 this afternoon. also here in the bay area, happening today, football is back. our sister network espn reports that sources say the game between the 49ers and cardinals remains on at this time. it's scheduled time at levi's stadium. the nfl is closely monitoring then the ality index to decide
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game could be postponed to a later time today or moved to tomorrow. this morning the air monitoring site, purple air, has readings in santa clara in the 160s with it forecasted to go lower throughout the day. >> if it happens sunday, my understanding is, if it gets to 200, that's when the nfl will really start discussing what to do with the game. i don't think that's my decision at all. i know it's not, thank goodness. we'll see what happens. hopefully it won't get there, hopefully we'll be safe. >> we have to give thanks to all the people out there fighting the fires for us throughout the nation, especially on the west coast. >> kickoff is scheduled for 1:25 this afternoon. at the east bay, here is what the air looked like in oakland from oracle arena from our 880 camera, no surprise for those who have been watching the last few days, very smoky. there is talk that they could centers. l term
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more. >> i brought my chromebook and my wi-fi hotspot. >> reporter: she's charging her devices at the diamond branch library which has now opened as a clean air center. >> i could start to feel my breathing was getting a little tight, so i came over here. >> reporter: she now sleeps in a car after being homeless in june. this library is donating free books to those who come. it's now one of four locations the city of oakland opened up in response to all thee. >> that's a book, yay, "life of pi," i could read this one over and over agn. >> reporter: moore says she's okay on food and masks. she needs one thing. >> clean air. everybody needs some clean air right about now. >> people who are suffering like
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this are the reason i've been telling people to it's something that to only worsen in the time ahead. and so we need to make sure we are prepared to have all our community be protected. i absolutely am frustrated it took the administration this long to open something up. we can't just abandon people to suffer in these situations. >> reporter: for moore, she's grateful for the air center and says she always tries to stay positive during a dark time. >> yeah, it has been. but i found some light. and my kids are always light. >> reporter: in oakland, lauren martinez, abc 7 news. and happening today, two air centers will be back open in san jose. one is at the bascomb bascomb b
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everyone must wear a face covering and do a quick health screening. both sites will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. you can track the air quality yourself, the air quality levels where you live, by using our tracker that we set up on our website, the link is right at the top of our home page or on our free abc 7 news app. this poor air quality and subsequent lack of activities is taking a toll on many people's mental health. at least one san francisco psychologist has seen an increase of patients feeling isolated and depressed. the combination of covid, wildfires, and now this smoke, are keeping most people indoors. experts recommend reaching out to family or friends or picking up a hobby during these smoky days. >> now is the time to find a enai yourself while you're home, and do the best that you can while you're home. maybe now is the time to try that recipe you've never tried. >> if you or someone you love is
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struggling with mental health, we have resources on our website, go to and we are hearing president trump's first wildfires. >> our hearts are with all the communities in the west battling devastating wildfires. my administration is closely coordinating with state and local leaders and we want to thank the 28,000 firefighters and first responders who courageously and bravely are fighting out there, they are fighting, and it's dangerous. >> president trump's staff says he has been talking by phone with governor newsom and state emergency officials. and later in the show we'll have more on what he's saying during his weekend of campaign rallies in nevada. his visit does come as dozens of fires burn across california, shattering records for size and total acres burned. we've put together this map
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where you can see some of the major ones. more than 3 million acres have burned this season with no end in sight. the august complex up in mendocino county has scorched more than 846,000 acres, by far the largest in state history. and, i mean, lisa, as we said, no end in sight. we're just reaching peak fire season, if there is a season anymore. >> right, in southern california it's year-round. in santa cruz, it's 57 degrees, air quality is unhealthy. it's a tiny bit better there than here, because we're in the unhealthy area for the entire bay area. but the sea breeze will kick up. it's going to help us somewhat. the week ahead is looking better. we'll explain, next with my accuweather seven-day forecast. >> also next, beloved camp for childhood cancer patients destroyed by california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phonesg. on this state program. visit right now
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state reported 4,100 new cases of coronavirus. take a look at the positivity rates. the seven-day dipped to 3.6%. there is the 14-day rate, at 3.9%, the first time in a while we've seen both these rates under 4%. it was just a few months ago that we were teetering near 8%. the positivity rate is how many people are coming up positive of those that are tested and a good indicator of how rapidly covid-19 is spreading. so a little bit of good news there. also a big day for many in city tomorrow. for the first time since march, san francisco will largely begin to reopen. here is what's going to be allowed. you can see barbershops, salons, gyms, hotels. tattoo parlors are included here. keep in mind these services must follow safety guidelines with strict capacity limits. hotels will also be able to
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sleep peopl workers over the pa days say they'll hold off on even reopening until downtown businesses and conventions come back, they say it's not worth it for them otherwise. open air tour buses and open air boats will also be allowed to return. if you're ever wondering why your county stands with reopening, you can find the latest on this map right here, right on our website,, and on the free abc news app. let's get to the wildfires burning in california. the creek fire is now 8% contained. firefighters do think it will take more than a month to fully contain it. flames have burned more than 201,000 acres across fresno and madera counties in the sierra foothills. more than 14,000 buildings are structures since breaking out on september 4. and here's the latest on the north complex in butte, yuba counties. that series of fires started by
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lightning last month has now killed at least 12 people after three more bodies were discovered yesterday. the fires have burned more than 252,000 acres. cal 26% contained. forecasters expect strong winds to continue blowing smoke and reducing visibility for firefighters. and a scene that's sadly become all too familiar, eerie nighttime footage from inside the north fire zone. scorched cars and rubble in the town of berry creek, right near lake oroville. that same town is the home of a beloved camp for child cancer patients and their family. it too has been burned. they say their facilities sustained significant damage. abc 7 has been following this summer camp for almost two decades. but now the camp needs our help. this morning, abc 7 news
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reporter kate larsen explains what you can do. >> reporter: nestled on a little lake in butte county, the camp is for children affected by cancer. >> it feels so sad that something with so many precious memories has been so scarred. >> reporter: this week the north complex burned through the camp with jamie' five children have all attended. the youngest was diagnosed with a rare lung tumor at 6 months old. >> so many children who come here have scars. and now the camp has its scars. >> the place might be gone right now but the people definitely aren't. >> reporter: for these kids, those people are other kids who also have cancer. >> there's other people going through this and we need to go through it together. >> reporter: she's now 8, cancer-free, and a three-year veteran camper. >> i love the camp fires, those
9:18 am
are really fun. >> reporter: but because her cancer is genetic, every three months she has scans, blood draws and treatments. she says the campa allows her t feel something important between all those visits to the doctor. >> we kind of pretend we're, like, normal. >> it was such an important and magical place for so many people for such a long time. >> reporter: he's a pediatric oncolostanrd he helped found the camp 40 years ago where 800 kids camp every summer, plane of thmany o patients. >> the next time they came back to the clinic, they were much less nervous and frightened. >> reporter: the camp is free for all families and the doctor says they will find a way to rebuild. but they need help. you can donate any amount on their website. kate larsen, abc 7 news. >> the camp says all donations are being matched in honor of
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childhood cancer awareness month this month. we'll have a link to donate on our website, so much destruction, lisa. give us a little good news. >> i have just a little good that i ecause we have a partn , newarce air. a couple of inches of rain would be a good thing, right? we're not expecting that. but we have fires obviously all around us. so a little bit of a wind shift is going to help us. but it really isn't going to do the whole bit here. we have a spare the air alert for today and tomorrow. after that we're looking at improvements. it's all relative, as we get into the forecast, i'll explain. there's smoke offshore, there's fog inside the bay. we're looking at visibilities reduced. in lake county, the air quality is a little better. eastern sierra doesn't look too bad. we have a fire weather watch for northeastern california today, tomorrow, into oregon. as winds shift ahead of the
9:20 am
incoming system, it will get gusty, not good for our friends in the north. but then they'll see rain, and we'll see cooler weather. this throughout the state here is smoke. the ein ithis area lowhohet wre sl. rmer eas bay hlscara it's gray, 61 in san jose, 52 in gilroy. poor air quality all over the bay area even with the marine player in place. we've got the smoke particles there. you definitely should have that n95 handy if you're headed outside. 63 by the delta. the winds are pretty light, not much going on. that's why we have the temperature close to the dew point and the fog out there. mile and a half visibility from oakland. over a mile in petaluma. a mile on the coast. two miles in concord. just over a mile in livermore.
9:21 am
the air quality just a tiny bbe napa, the delta, concord, the peninsula, south bay, all hovering from 170 to maybe 180 or so in terms of those indices. and of course we want to be below 200 for the football game, but below 100 would be nice for better air. today and tomorrow we're in the red. that doesn't mean we won't get a wind shift. we're still counting on that late today or tomorrow. there's so much smoke surrounding us, it will take more than a sudden wind shift. tomorrow, that moderate air quality hopefully by tuesday. here is why the orange and the pink indicate the worst air. we're going to put this in motion throughout the day today. you notice that lifts off to the east, into the central valley, the mountains. we're in this lighter shade here, taking another day. you'll notice it gets even lighter. so the winds going from a light southerly flow to more west.
9:22 am
in the upper levels of the atmosphere, we have this system here which will bring out the o california, southern oregon, before they see the rain, which is really not good news. but as they see the rain, we'll see that wind shift, get some stronger winds in here. that could mix out our marine layer all together tuesday and wednesday, then cooler around the end of the week. 75 in vallejo. hazy conditions. air quality unhealthy for all of us. 82 in livermore. 84 in morgan hill. the accuweather seven-day forecast, we're still counting on a stronger sea breeze today, temperatures coming down a bit, 70s and 80s around the bay and inland. tomorrow we're starting out once again with fog and smog and haze. then we get into that mid-week forecast. and that will bring us hopefully better air. and as we get towards the end of the week, the cooler conditions. so a little blue sky on the way, not right now but 24 hours or
9:23 am
so. >> we'll take it, thanks, lisa. tomorrow night, in a "dancing with the stars" season that has plenty of surprises. carol ba dear california... we know these are challenging times. rest assured, you are not alone. we've all had to adapt. and with summer here, your energy bills might go up with rising temperatures. together, we can save energy and money. try closing your shades during the day... setting your ac to 78° or higher... or cooling off with a fan when you can. united we are always stronger. stay well, california, and keep it golden.
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the bright lights and flashy outfits are coming back. we're just a day away now from the return of "dancing with the stars." the new season will look a little different this year. that's not just because of the pandemic. but really the celebrity that everyone is keeping an eye on is carole baskin of "tiger king" fame. she has a surprise on what's going to go down on the first episode. >> reporter: she is the shocker of the season's "dancing with the stars" cast reveal.
9:26 am
"tiger queen" carole baskin roaring from her big cat rescue to the ballroom. it's safe to say she's more comfortable with wild beasts than dancing the cha cha. >> it will be a real challenge because i just don't have any natural talent in this realm. >> reporter: and just revealed, the songs and dances of the first broadcast. and baskin's tune is just purr-fect. >> "eye of the tiger" is the purr-fect song because the phrase "eye of the tiger" means to be focused and confident and i am confidently focusing on that mirror ball. ♪ >> reporter: "eye of the tiger," the biggest hit song of 1982 by hard rock band survivor. judge bruno weighing in on the
9:27 am
choice. >> carole is out of the cage. i'm looking forward to seeing her. you see, i never think about really people carry, ' what matters is what you do in front of me. >> reporter: eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> watch all the drama go down tomorrow night, "dancing with the stars" premiers monday at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc 7, should be interesting. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," including those choosing to brave the smoky air quality. >> the fitness app, you know, i just use the tools that i have. >> how the bay area is adapting. and better grab the gas masks. more on the potential bubbling bay area trend. give you my world ♪
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. some breaths of fresh air and better air quality on the way. this image showing cleaner air ank you againor joing .in blue. t'setnoth check on those current conditions. if it it's going to be better air, lisa, i'll take it. >> yeah, there's a whole bunch of caveats, though, because with that offshore little blob, there's also smoke offshore. and you've probably heard the smoke has reached europe, they've seen smoky sunsets. it is moving around the globe and certainly stuck here in the bay area. 55 in the city, 60 in oakland and mountain view. the grimy air is with us from the golden gate, even though it looks like fog and a marine layer. 60 in concord. the visibility anywhere from about a mile to a little bit
9:31 am
better over a mile. this will lift into more unhealthy air. to 17hich puts us is esro in the unhealthy category today with a spare the air alert through tomorrow. we're expecting the winds to pick up out of the west. the sea breeze will bring hazy conditions with 70s to low to mid-80s. it will be slightly cool eer today. the air won't get that much better. but we'll see some of the smoke push to the east. there's more smoke to the south. we're also looking at a south wind. so it's a better scenario but not ideal. and we'll talk about the look ahead when we see you next, liz. >> all right, lisa, thank you. the unhealthy air quality is shutting down weekend plans for many people across the bay ar 7 barnard shows us, there was no escaping the bad air. >> when i try to get 14 in, i
9:32 am
got 15 today. >> reporter: we caught up with jamie halpern if he ran on the san francisco waterfront on a day when the air was unhealthy. >> got to keep the fitness app, you know, just use the tools that i have. so far, so good, with this mask here. >> reporter: experts say smoke from wildfires is giving the west coast the worst air quality in the world this week. >> we can feel the air is not healthy. >> reporter: that bad air prompted alcatraz to cancel tours of the rock. did you want to go to alcatraz? >> yes, one of the main spots we planned. but we are disappointed. we came all the way and spent a lot of money to see the places. but it is what it is. >> we had gotten an email that it was canceled so we came to see if we could reschedule. >> reporter: thegeaparo al ithe time, san francisco public library branches are reopening this weekend as clean air
9:33 am
respite centers. the main library, chinatown, and mission bay branches are offering a room to chill out with some social distancing. a covid-19 health screening is required before entering. the oakland zoo tweeted it was closed saturday due to ongoing air quality concerns. in the north bay, the air wasn't much better. mt. tam shrouded in smoke. the guinness park in san rafael was closed due to poor air quality. stanford pulmonologist dr. karen hardy urges everyone to stay home this weekend. >> it's important for everyone to have a mask if they have to be outside, and try to filter it kind of matter, you would need an n95 mask. >> reporter: cleaner air could make a come back next week. cornell barnard in san francisco, abc 7 news. nst is dealing with a historic emergency with deadly wildfires displacing tens of thousands of people. take a look at the air quality as one man returned to the site
9:34 am
of his oregon home on saturday, now reduced to ashes. george lives near salem where the beach creek fire has burned 187,000 people and killed 14 people. he says they didn't take a lot of important documents with them because they were focused on getting their pets and livestock. >> when you see the fire that close, we grabbed all the animals, all but the cat which we couldn't find, we came back two or three days later and found him, burnt paws and burnt belly, but other than that we got him and he didn't do i. >> more miles have burned in oregon and washington in recent days, more in the state of delaware. for the latest including the status of the bay area lightning complex fires you can use abc 7's exclusive wildfire tracker on and y abc 7 news app. some people are turning to
9:35 am
military grade gas masks. a surplus store in mountain view tells us sales have been quite steady four gas masks over the past three weeks. >> we've sold out of five different styles. we have about a dozen styles. sold out of five different styles. >> prices start at about $10. they go up to $200. and you may want to check with the retailer before you buy one. not all of these masks are guaranteed to filter smoke. okay. now to the race for the white house. a new poll finds two-thirds of the country think president trump acted too slowly and they do not trust what he has to say about covid-19. the abc news ipsos policy finds 35% proof while 65% 65% 65% 6 of the president's handling of the pandemic. >> reporter: this weekend president trump heads out west to nevada, holding another signature in-person rally with no social distancing and few in
9:36 am
the crowd wearing masks. >> the democrats are trying to rig this election because it's the only way they're going to win. >> reporter: it's a sharp contrast to opponent joe biden's stumping strategy. biden has not had large crowds at his events due to coronavirus concerns and only recently started making more public appearances. the democratic nominee wasting little time attacking trump, calling his events reckless rallies. the biden campaign also responding to a new politico report alleging trump officials are interfering with cdc reports, stating the administration has put political optics ahead of safety. >> i wanted to always play it down. i still like playing it down. because i don't want to create a panic. >> reporter: biden also blasting trump for this interview with bob woodward. >> he said he just didn't want to worry people. meantime, we're approaching 190,000 dead. >> reporter: trump trying to clarify those remarks by evoking world war ii historical icon and british prime minister winston churchill, known for his
9:37 am
inspiring speeches as a leader in the fight against nazi germany. >> he always spoke with calmness, he said we have to show calmness. >> reporter: trump is again facing backlash for his messaging on mail-in voting after tweeting and urging voters in north carolina to follow up at polling sites even after mailing in their ballots to vote again if they think their vote isn't counted. twitter flagged trump's tweet for violating its policy. josh stein points out voting twice would be a felony while urging voters not to do what the president directs. voters in north carolina can track their ballots online. as for allegations of cdc interference, a spokesperson at the white house has pandemic policy is driven by science. >> on tuesday, an abc news town hall. anchor george stephanopoulos will give voters a chance to ask
9:38 am
president trump their most important questions before november. watch "the president and the people" this tuesday at 6:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. and this morning, sacramento county is tweeting their frustration with an election explainer circulated by usps and the colorado secretary of state is suing the usps over it. you may have gotten one of these in the mail telling you what to do if you're mailing in your vote. they were sent out nationwide. sacramento county tweeted not all of this information applies to california residents. the third bullet says you must request a mail-in ballot at least 15 days prior to election day. that is not the case in california. all registered and active voters in california will receive a mail ballot starting on october 5. a usps spokesperson told cnn the main message is the same for everyone, plan ahead. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," we're working to build a better bay area. and the pandemic has added new
9:39 am
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give the little kids cookies... and celebrate birthdays with all our neighbors. hopefully, we'll be part of this community for many, many more years. ♪ all right, welcome back. you're taking a live look outside across from levi stadium. the niners are still set to play today, kickoff at 1:25, if the air quality gets worse, gets over 200, they may postpone the game. but right now it's hovering in the 160s, and the game is a go. so, good news for people excited for sports this afternoon. but anyway, starting tomorrow, ns more peoplewill be li coerts
9:42 am
religious ceremonies. the county's vehicle-based gathering order will increase the number of cars from 200 to 400 at these types of events at the alameda county fairgrounds and the coliseum. concessions can be sold but with some restrictions. all right, lisa. that will be fun, when we start to go to concerts in our cars. already drive-in movies are making a comeback. >> yep, that was always fun, i remember from way back in the old days. looking at san tra cruz, we can't even really see it, it's 57 degrees and their air quality is almost as bad as ours, actually a little bit better, but overall unhealthy. so we're looking at an increased onshore flow. will that help us? a little bit. but we're looking at more of the middle of the week to get much better improvements in our air quality. stay tuned. also next, the a's suffer a setback in their quest for the
9:43 am
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dearand with summer here,these energy bills are rising.
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together, we can save energy and money... tinepl keep safe and keep it golden. all right, let's talk sports. the giants will play a doubleheader today against the san diego padres after a giants player had a false positive coronavirus test. two games on friday and saturday were postponed following this positive test. the mlb says the false positive does not present a risk to other personnel. it's unclear when the second postponed game will be made up. first game starts at 1:10 this afternoon at petco park. and today, as we mentioned, the niners are scheduled to take on the arizona cardinals at levi's stadium. the game is still slated to begin at 1:25 this afternoon, if the air quality index stays below 200. later this morning, the a's will close out their four-game series in texas. yesterday oakland played a double header without a key member of the team. here's abc's 7 sports anchor chris alvarez with that and more in this morning's sports.
9:46 am
>> good morning. the injury bug hit the oakland a's hard, the club announcing third baseman matt chapman will undergo right hip surgery monday that will effectively end his season, a.j. puck left-handed pitcher having season-ending surgery on his left shoulder wednesday. double. jeffries making his major league debut. three-run shot to right and 3-0 rangers just like that. jeffries two innings, gave up five runs, the two-run shot here, rangers win 5-2. in game two oakland up in the second, shaen murphy two-rbi single a four-run frame for the a's and just getting going as rhe hits and runs kept coming. marcus siemian the three-run blastth of the season. a's take game 2, 10-1 over texas.aker looking to
9:47 am
game 5. anthony davis, that's why they got him, fancy move to the hoop. laker led. he slams it back home. three-ball fallen away, beats the shot clock. stanley cup playoffs, that's former sharks head coach with vegas and former sharks captain wi daas lht thep here, his ninth of the playoffs, ties it up. less than a minute to go, stars in the power play, jamie benz snapped it home for his eighth of the post-season. dallas wins 2-1, they're one one away from the stanley cup. that's a look at sports.
9:48 am
have a great sunday. >> all right, lisa, i know we're talking about fire danger could pick up or we could see some cooler fall temperatures, that would be the hope, right? you're absolutely right, liz. we see both of that this time of year. we're well ahead in terms of our fire season, obviously. we are looking at a cold front that's going to miss us. it will bring some favorable winds at times. here is live doppler 7 with the fog. mixed in with the fog is the haze, that grimy air that encompasses all of california. but as you look at the state, you have to go down to the desert. they're looking at really good air quality. we've got smoke entrained in an area of low pressure that will be visiting the pacific northwest and bringing us a wind shift. we're getting a westerly wind today and a southerly wind, not really great, that's bringing up the smoke from the south. san jose, look at all the fog there, 55 in the city, 61 in san jose, as well as mountain view and oakland. 53 in gilroy from our roof
9:49 am
camera. gray, unhealthy air across the bay area. it's been that way, optimibviou for days. it fluctuates from 160 to 170, may get better at times today as the winds pick up. 63 in livermore. it's going to be a while, certainly because winds are moving this around. we're looking at the visibility a little over a mile in petaluma and santa rosa. we'll be on the tail end of a system headed to the north. better air quality in ukiah. we're socked in here with levels very unhealthy. we're not expecting a whole lot of change until later in the day when those winds begin to pick up. a spare the air alert for today and tomorrow for unhealthy air. at times things could get a little better, especially tomorrow and tuesday and wednesday, we'll begin to see some better conditions. but then that comes with a caveat as well, as we look at the airport there, very foggy.
9:50 am
smoky air through monday, increasing sea breeze. then looking at our moderate ait ridge of high pressure is going to move up from the south as well. so pink and orange indicates bad air. today this is kind of moving out of town, into the valley, into the mountains. as we go through your monday, kind of looks like we're going in the right direction. but we're going to get a south wind at times. and as i said, that kind of complicates things. the rain, before the rain gets to oregon, they have a fire weather watch, unfortunately. so wind is picking up, relative humidity dropping in oregon, northeastern california. then they get a little bit of rain. we're on the tail end of this. our winds increase as well. behind it, we have high pressure building again, which is really not what we want. so temperatures today held down with the winds kicking up. obviously the smoke, the fog. numbers in the 60s and 70s. so a lot like what we've been used to with numbers, you know, hazy and humid in our inland valleys. overnight tonight, we have fog. we have haze. and we have a little bit of
9:51 am
smoke out there, back to the 50s. your accuweather seven-day forecast looking at that wind shift later on today, improving the air slightly. that continues into your monday, although overall, still very unhealthy both days. by the middle of the week, less fog, more blue sky. a little bit, anyway. then a slight chance of showers as that low finally passes us by the end of the week. and we're hoping for better air right on through the next seven days, liz. >> even a little bit of blue sky, we'll take. lisa, thank you. most parents will agree that working from home and managing a child's remote learning is nearly impossible. parents are making very tough choices in their professional lives in order to accommodate the lack of childcare. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez found some may qualify for paid leave. into the pandemic, parents working from home while taking care of their kids are burned out. >> two hours of work, one hour with him, three hours of work. >> reporter: when schools announced they made not reopen
9:52 am
in the fall for in-person learning, many parents had to make important decisions and career moves. is a service helping families find and manage childcare. they surveyed 1,000 parents with children under the age of 15. 73% said they planned to make major changes in their professional lives to address the lack of childcare for the current school year. of those, 15% said they were considering leaving the workforce altogether. that would be tommy betels. >> i am a finance professional working for a software company. tzed ne to lening betels decided he would supervise his son's online education at home. >> up to this point my wife made
9:53 am
the sacrifices in her career, serving as the primary parent. it was only fair that i return the favor. this seemed like the perfect opportunity. >> reporter: literacy development begins early in a child's life. they require that one on one attention. >> i'm worried that zoom is just not going to provide that. and there's a big downstream effect as a result. >> reporter: while he says for now they can manage on one salary, other parents can't. what many don't know is that they may qualify for paid leave through the families first coronavirus response act which passed last march. >> if you're a parent and you have a child under the age of 18 who is home schooled or your childcare has closed, you're entitled up to 12 weeks of time away from work at two-thirds pay. >> reporter: the company you work for can make up the difference to make you whole. but people who are essential worker qualify, a your compy has to have or less
9:54 am
employees. the act is expected to expire in december. congress is now trying to pass the heroes act, which would extend those benefits. but it's stuck in the senate. those who have decided to leave the workforce hope to eventually return. >> specific to my situation, perhaps my company would say, yeah, come on back. i'll stay in the same profession and hopefully people won't mind that there's a little bit of a gap in my employment. >> reporter: most agree it's risky to least workforce amid an economic crisis. but many are willing to chance it for the benefit of their children in these trying times. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. all right. vendon f the a fl
9:55 am
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9:57 am
as all events are this year, the week-long celebration has been moved on online. today's festivities include highlights from last year's pride parade and the virtual vendor village which features local businesses, lgbtq artists and performers, and community resources. that's open through the end of the month. you can get involved on the oakland pride twitch page. it all starts at 10:00 this morning, so in just a couple of minutes. lisa, i sound like a broken record at this point, but we're all thinking, when is it going to get better. >> absolutely, liz. obviously, september, october, used to be our favorite time of year with less fog and -- okay, i won't even go there. it's bad, it continues to be bad, the air quality today. but later on today, the winds will pick up. still a spare the air alert day today and tomorrow. then we'll look at moderate air quality. we're hoping some of those winds push some of that smoke out of here. thank you all for joining us on "abc 7 mornings." i'm liz kreutz. along with lisa argen, abc 7
9:58 am
news continues at 5:00 p.m. have a great and safe sunday.
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