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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 15, 2020 3:30pm-3:59pm PDT

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tonight, several stories breaking as we come on the air. hurricane sally set to slam into the u.s. the states of emergency tonight. the hurricane already lashing the coast. warnings up now from louisiana straight across to florida. this is a slow-moving hurricane, which could be devastating. the third hurricane to hit the gulf coast this alone. the tornado threat right now. and the potential for life-threatening storm surge. up to 30 inches of rain is expected. ginger zee and rob marciano both in the storm zone with the latest timing and track tonight. meantime, the wildfires and the smoke traveling across the country. tonight, the hazardous air quality choking major american cities. portland, oregon, the worst air qualify in the world. what they're now handing out there. and this dangerous air, evidence of this all the way to the east coast. the search for the missing
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continues. the death toll, at least 27 tonight. and this evening, the facing, the names of some of those lost. the breaking development today, a major settlement announced in the breonna taylor case. the city of louisville will pay $12 million to her family, six moptds after chef was shot and killed by police serving a no-knock warrant. what now in the criminal case? at this hour, the abc news town hall. president trump and george stephanopoulos, the president taking questions directly from uncommitted voters. amid this pandemic, the toll now nearing 200,000 american lives lost. history made at the white house today. president trump hosting leaders rain. the landmark agreement to normalize relations. and the competing martha raddatz standing by tonight. the apology after that top official at the department of health and human services made claims about cdc scientists, telling trump supporters, if you
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carry guns, buy ammunition. tonight now, his apology and what comes next. and the demonstration tonight, the key part of your mask. what might be most important. what you need to know for the best protection from the virus. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy tuesday night. the hurricane, the wildfires and the abc news town hall with president trump amid this pandemic. we will get to it all here, and we begin with hurricane sally set to make landfall within hours. states of emergency warnings up from louisiana clear across to florida. this is a slow-moving storm, which could make matters worse, expected to dump up to 30 inches of rain, with a possible life-threatening storm surge. the outer bands reaching the coast tonight.
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wind and rain hitting gulf shores, alabama. the images coming in from florida, as well. rough surf in destin, florida. a barge breaking loose, becoming wedged under the pensacola bay bridge. and look at the few have space. bursts of lightning there as this storm closes in on the coast. hurricane sally in the coming hours is set to wk the third hurricane to make landfall along the gulf coast this season alone. so, let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee with the new track and timing in tonight. ginger, what are you expecting? >> reporter: i'm expecting sally by tomorrow morning making landfall, but we have been feeling the impacts all day. i am at the head of the dog river. th ibvus n tap kicking up here. and david, it's as if sally has been trying to make its way through i'm going to explain it to you. you see it on satellite. 60 miles to my south and should make landfall again tomorrow
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morning. so, as it churns towards us overnight, we anticipate the really heavy bands of rain, winds of 70 to 80 miles per hour. already seeing gusts above 70. and the timing shows you along the path, it will make its way then into the far north corner of florida panhandle and eventually outdly south carolina by the end of the week. but we've got a tornado watch. all the way here to mobile. so, watch for some slip in some of those outer bands. we also have to know the timing, because this is what's so critical. tonight, we feel that eye shield. the shield ahead o itse. tcat 73 t -me-r-ho, mobile. rit as lanwhe near gulrer orange. as it moves to the north, and i we all really feel the impacts along the bay here and then it should break up and allow it to move east, kicking it out with this trough. number one, it is all about the rain. 10 to 30 inches of rain right
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here through destin to the east of me and also the surge with the water pushing up, that combination could be life threatening with flash flooding, david. >> we'll be watching straight through the overnight hours into materially morning. ginger, thank you. and as you heard ginger report there, authorities are warning of potentially deadly flooding. the storm crawling its way toward land and moving very slowly once it gets here which, of course, is never good. senior meteorologist rob marciano tonight from pensacola, florida. >> reporter: tonight, families from the florida panhandle to louisiana bracing for life-threatening flooding from hurricane sally. >> there's a category 1 hurricane just 100 miles offshore and it's not really moving at all. >> reporter: watches and rngsnet sn theulf,s the these persistent winds just pushing this water up against these sea walls. those waves also slamming this barge right into the pensacola bay bridge. shutting it down.
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in mobile county, alabama, two riverboat casinos in a canal breaking free, crushing a dock. the storm surge began inundating dauphin island durg high tide on monday. several drivers who didn't get out in time found their cars buried in sand. with up to 30 inches of rain forecast in spots, alabama's governor urging families along the coast to get out if they still can. >> my fellow alabamians, hurricane sally is not to be taken for granted. >> reporter: the storm now moving away from new orleans, but not the storm surge. these waves raging on lake pontchartrain. >> so, let's get right to rob marciano, live from pensacola. and we know the conditions really have been steadily getting worse as the afternoon before, butetng a fact, david, hurric aio off t here. we got waves five, six feet and
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this is low tide. want to show you some of the numbers as far as wind gusts we're seeing right now. over 50 miles per hour here in pensacola. over 50 miles per hour in mobile. already a wind gust measures over 71 miles per hour. and the strongest core of those winds has yet to come onshore. that will be six to ten hours from now, when water here will be at high tide, so, it will be even more dangerous, detruck stif and life-threatening. david? >> and as we look at you rob here live tonight, that's the eastern side of the storm, the dirty side of the storm. you are already feeling the effects. rob, appreciate this. stay safe with the crew there and we'll continue to follow it into the night. in the meantime, the other weather disaster unfolding tonight across several states in the west and now evidence of that horrific smoke-filled air being seen all the way across the country, right into the east, in fact. tonight, portland, oregon, now has the worst air quality in the world. in fact, oregon authorities are now handing out n-95 masks by the thousands. first masks for the pandemic,
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now masks to protect families from the air. people urged to stay indoors. dozens of fires now burning in ten states. time lapse video showing california's bobcat fire closing in on the mt. wilson observatory. a ranch owner documenting her escape from a blinding fire in washington. and the smoke and haze from california, oregon and washington visible in the sky over new york city today. abc's kaylee hartung from the fire zone tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a thick blanket of smoke suffocating the west coast, putting millions in danger and now moving across the country. satellite images show the massive smoke clouds from the record-breaking wildfires spreading all the way to new york. portland, oregon, is ground zero, with the worst air quality of any major city in the world. the state handing out 250,000 n-95 masks, telling people to stay indoors. one out of every ten hospital visits due to the hazardous air quality. >> we're seeing a lot more peit productive cough, dry cough, shortness of breath.
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>> reporter: a lot of those symptoms sounding like they overlap with covid-19. >> it's difficult to tell at first who has covid-19 and who has an irritant from the pollution. >> we're leaving. oh, my -- >> reporter: this danger, the result of more than 70 fires raging in ten states. destroying thousands of structures, killing at least 27 people in the last week. stories of tragedy emerging. 16-year-old josiah williams of berry creek, california, died as he attempted to flee. a fire quickly engulfing his hometown. >> his brother tried to get back up in there to get him, his dad tried to get back up in there and get him. it's not anybody's fault. it's not his mom's, not his dad's, his brother's. these things happen and it's horrible, horrible. >> reporter: millicent catarancuic died in the sam fire. her family devastated and grappling with agonizing uncertainty. her sister, susan, one of dozens still missing in the west. the family waiting too long before trying to evacuate.
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>> what they didn't know is that there is a wall of flame moving at them at over a thousand yards an hour. i don't think they understood that. >> kaylee hartung reporting in tonight. thank you. and yet another major breaking story today. this one in the deadly police shooting of breonna taylor. six months after she was shot and killed by police, serving a no-knock warrant. taylor's family has now reached a $12 million wrongful death settlement with the city of louisville. it also comes with a list of police reforms and what's next now in the criminal case? abc's alex perez from louisville tonight. >> reporter: tonight, one of the largest settlements involving police excessive force in u.s. history. louisville agreeing to pay $12 million in the wrongful death lawsuit brought by breonna taylor's family. >> i'm deeply, deeply sorry for breonna's death. >> reporter: today's announcement comes six months after plainclothes officers barged into the 26-year-old emt's apartment at night on a
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no-new yo no-knock search warrant. her boyfriend kenneth walker, who says he never heard police announce themselves, firing a warning shot with his legally owned gun. police shooting back, killing taylor. aymeorter: f ntalso ck. prro thending breonna. today, with the criminal case against the three officers still pending, breonna's mother saying the fight for justice is not over. >> we need charges brought against these officers. i'm still working. we're getting justice for her and it's just -- for me, it will never be over. >> reporter: and david, several police reform and accountability measures were also part of this settlement. a grand jury could hear evidence in the criminal case as early as this week. david? >> all right, alex perez reporting from louisville tonight. thank you. at this hour, the abc news town h townhall under way. president trump and george stephanopoulos. the president taking questions directly from uncommitted
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voters. no questions off-limits. and it comes amid this pandemic, as the u.s. now nears 200,000 american lives lost. 49 days until the election and our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl from philadelphia tonight. >> reporter: tonight, president trump is taking question from uncommitted and social distant voters at our abc news town hall meeting in philadelphia. topic a, the coronavirus. student ajoni powell asked him this question. >> why would you downplay a pandemic that is known to disproportionately harm low income families and minority communities? >> yeah. well, i didn't downplay it. i actually upplayed -- >> did you not admit to it yourself? >> yeah, because what i did, with cha, i put a ban on and we reead it not the o ban on, so, that was called action, not with the mouth, but
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in actual fact. we did a very, very good job when we put that ban on, whether you call it talent or luck, it was very important, so, we saved a lot of lives when we did that. >> there are holes in the ban, and the european ban didn't come from another month. >> the holes are, if you have somebody in china that are an american citizen, we had to let them in. >> reporter: the president is campaigning as if the pandemic is a thing of the past. summoning rounds packed shoulder to shoulder. in an interview in nevada, he said he wasn't personally worried about getting coronavirus, but didn't say anything about the threat to his supporters. >> aren't you concerned about getting covid, though -- >> no, i'm not concerned. i'm more concerned about how close you are. >> sorry about that. >> because you know why? i'm on stage that's very far away, so i'm not at all concerned. >> reporter: joe biden is back on the campaign trail too, but in a very different way. today holding a roundtable with
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veterans in a high school jim naz gymnasium in tampa, florida. participants sitting at least six feet apart. biden slammed the president for not being up front with american people about the virus. >> false promises. not leveling with how tough things are going to be. the american people have never been able to -- never failed to step up to what had to be done when it had to be done, but that's not happening now. >> reporter: and biden hit the president over the report in "the atlantic," denied by the white house, that he called war heroes suckers and losers. >> nowhere are his faults more glaring and more offensive to me at least then when it comes to his denigration of our service members, veterans, wounded warriors, the fallen. >> reporter: florida may be the closest and most important battleground of all. michael bloomberg is spending $100 million to help joe biden in florida. and donald trump knows this is a must-win state. the trump campaign has spent more in florida, david, than in
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any other state. >> all right, jon karl, our thanks to you tonight. as i mentioned, the abc news townhall, the president and the people, a national conversation with uncommitted voters, tonight at 9:00 p.m. esche, right here on abc. and on the coronavirus tonight, 48 hours after that alarming rant from a top official at the department of health and human services, an apology tonight. the trump administration official making claims about cdc scientists, telling trump supporters, if you carry guns, buy ammunition. well tonight now, his apology, and here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: just days after his public rant attacking the cdc, a source tells abc news a top communications official at health and human services apologized to staff and is now considering a medical leave. in a deleted facebook video, michael caputo spouted unfounded claims, accusing scientists of sedition, warning of left-wing hit squads and violence after the election, telling trump supporters, if "you carry guns, buy ammunition."
3:46 pm
later claiming he faced death threats, something he talked about in this march podcast. >> i carry a pistol everywhere i go. i have a handgun in my holster as we speak. this is the new normal for my family. >> reporter: caputo blamed his behavior on his health and the toll of threats against his family. the trump loyalist with no background in public health was already accused of trying change cdc reports to put them more in line with the president's message on the virus. earlier today, philanthropist bill gates telling "bloomberg" he's worried political pressure has hurt the credibility of the fda and cdc. >> the cdc is largely being written out of the picture. because you have people at the white house who aren't epidemiologists saying what a great job they've done. and so, it's no longer a set of experts. >> reporter: and this change in personnel at the top comes at a critical time for the president, as he's trying to convince
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voters he has this pandemic under control. david? >> all right, eva, thank you. and of course all of this playing out hours after history was made at the white house today. israel, theuae and bahrain together at a signing ceremony, a deal normalizing relations between the countries. here's our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz tonight. >> reporter: on the white house south lawn before a packed crowd, many not wearing a mask, history was, indeed, made today. >> we'll sign a treaty of peace, diplomatic relations and full normalization. >> reporter: israel's prime minister and the foreign ministers from bahrain and the uae joining president trump to lation t fst arab countries to do so in decades. >> to all of israel's friends in the middle east, i say peace
3:48 pm
onto thee. >> reporter: the agreements mean embassies will be opened in each other's countries. commercial flights can operate between nations. >> together, theseve as the four a comprehensive peace across the entire region. >> reporter: president trump proclaiming this a peace agreement, but the countries were not at war. and left out of the deal? the palestinians, who call the agreement a betrayal. >> at some point, when they decide they want to live better lives, i believe they'll engage. >> reporter: no sign of that yet. within minutes of the deal being signed, rockets were launched into israel from gaza. there are strong indications that other arab nations could enter into a tale with israel. president trump saying maybe seven, eight or nine more, including, david, saudi arabia. >> all right, martha raddatz, thank you. when we come back, you'll see the demonstration right here. the key part of your mask to the key part of your mask to protect yourself from the virus. .
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all right, let's get right back to ginger, tracking hurricane sally for us. ginger? >> reporter: david, conditions deteriorating here. we mentioned the life-threatening flash flooding and the surge, but pair that with waves which we've seen almost 30-foot waves already and will see that as it approaches the coast tonight. landfall tomorrow morning, david. >> all right, ginger and rob, thank you both. the latest on "good morning america" and i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. from all of us here at abc news, good night.
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after days of smoke, most of us woke up to see some brighter skies. not exactly the blue skies we're used to but some improvement today. thanks for joining us. >> it was noticeably clearer. the yellow dots on the map indicating moderate air quality. between 200 and 300 over the past few days which is very unhealthy. leslie brinkley measured the mood ibay. >> reporter: this saint mary's college student got outside to small cap some land scape photos but was disappointed by the lack of vibrant colors. today it was a lighter shade of gray. when is this assignment due? >> it is due today. >> reporter: so these are your lands scape photos. >> many have been closely monitoring the