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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 19, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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here in the bay area, share their memories of the late justice ruth ginsburg. >> but some health experts say there are signs of improvement. >> as we approach the peak of the fire season, a group of residents are banding together for vegetation management. this is the start of it. >> and i am tracking some smoke moving in from the north overnight. we will have the latest what that means for your air quality in the latest accuweather forecast. >> building a better bay area for a safe and security future . this is abc 7 news. >> i will fight. tonight, on the steps of the
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supreme court, thousands gathered for a second night to pay tribute to supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. there to mourn her friend and lead the crowd in a chant was senator elizabeth warren. she is just one of many lawmakers, tonight, now debating when ginsburg's seat will be filled. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. >> i'm eric thomas. ginsburg died yesterday at age 87 from complications from pain kr pancreatic cancer. the justice was long-known for being an advocate of women's rights and civility. abc's carina mitchell has more. >> reporter: outside the supreme court, lawyers gathering to pay tribute to justice ruth bader ginsburg. a pop-culture icon, who became known as the notorious rbg. >> even though people talk about her as being tiny.
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she actually is at least ten-feet tall, and looms over all of us in her energy and force and determination. >> reporter: the battle to fill her seat already underway. joe biden tweeting the supreme court is on the ballot. and the outcome will impact everything from health care to civil rights. at his rally in fayetteville, north carolina, president trump praising her legacy but also vowing to present a new justice. >> it says a president is supposed to fill the seat, right? that's what we are going to do. >> senator mcconnell issuing a statement saying quote president trump's nominee will receive a vote on the floor of the united states senate. he. >> this vacancy should not be filled by this lame-duck president. >> also, urging his fellow gop colleagues to, quote, keep the
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powder dry. but north carolina senator, thom tillis, who in 2016 said filling scalia's seat should be left to the next president offering a different position. >> he is going to nominate one of those justices and i am going to vote for their confirmation. >> new york's governor andrew cuomo directing landmarks across his state be lit up with blue, the color of justice. announcing justice ginsburg will be honored with a statue in her hometown of brooklyn. carina mitchell, abc news, yone york. in santa rosa, people gathered in old courthouse square to honor justice ginsburg with a candlelight vigil. many of them also reflected on the justice's impact through her decisions on the bench. tomorrow, a memorial will be held at san francisco city hall at 11:00 a.m. >> the passing of justice ginsburg has sparked strong emotions from both liberals and
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conservatives in the bay area. >> i am devastated for counterry. we ha country. we have hokt a national treasure. >> uc berkeley law professor, amanda tyler, reflecting on an icon, justice ruth bader ginsburg. >> she was my idol. >> just last year, professor tyler hosted a talk on campus with justice ginsburg. years earlier, she had the honor of being ginsburg's law clerk at the supreme court. >> it was incredibly inspiring to be able to watch her at work, and to work with her on opinions and other matters of the court. and to learn from her. >> there are tributes hailing ginsburg's work as a champion of equality on the high court. >> she was a feminist icon. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie spears says one of her most treasured possessions is this handwritten tank you note from ginsburg. >> we sent her a necklace to wear as a collar. and she had sent me a note back. and i have it framed in my
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office. >> reporter: her death just weeks before the presidential election now triggers an epic political battle. the ideological balance of the court hanging in the balance. bay-area attorney and co-chair of the republican national lawyers association says naming ginsburg's replacement should go forward. >> now, the president is going to nominate her successor, and i support him in that regard, as well. >> the president could nominate someone in the coming days. senate republicans are vowing confirmation. but democrats are saying not so fast. in san francisco, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. well, we have the president's short list of supreme court nominees on our website. also, how her hometown of brooklyn plans to hon orror her. that is all at abc 7 >> your health is one of five areas abc 7 news focuses on in our effort to build a better bay
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area. and tonight, the very latest on the coronavirus pandemic. covid-19 has claimed lives of nearly 200,000 people in the u.s. there is some good news. the cdc says traps mission is either on the decline or remaining stable. in california, the seven-day positivity rate is just 3%, which indicates the spread is slowing. bay-area cases have just surpassed 100,000. more than 1,400 people have died and the majority of cases and deaths in the bay area are in santa clara county and alameda county. >> despite those milestones in the bay area, some health spefrts say there aspefr experts say there are signs of improvement. >> as the months go on, numbers go up. santa clara county now registering more than 20,000 people infected with covid-19 since the start of the pandemic. >> it's a very big deal. it's -- you know, it's a number that -- that's very sobering. >> betty young is of the santa clara county emergency operations center. she says the county may have reached a milestone but that
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those numbers need more context. >> the size of our county. the numbers. the way the numbers have gone up and gone down. the way our numbers are trending. >> young says the numbers are trending downward. santa clara county currently has a daily case rate of 120. that's a big drop from the peaks this summer. 269 cases, on july 17th. 243 on august 11th. and honest officials say they are also seeing a decrease in the number of hospitalizations. young says the county's aggressive testing has helped. >> that means we are able to respond faster. we are able to limit the spread, much quicker. >> both pandemics emerged with a president in the white house who completely failed to perceive the gravity of the situation. >> cleve jones is an author and bay-area aids activist who founded the aids quilt project. he reflects on the parallels between the two pandemics. >> just as in hiv-aids, we are
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seeing the same disparities and inequalities playing out. much higher death toll among african -- within african-american communities, within latino communities. >> reporter: he doesn't just fault the white house. but state and local governments, as well. and he says individuals need to do more. young says, in santa clara county, the role of individuals has been a big part in the downwa downward trend in infections. >> it comes down to the individual doing their part. just as equally important as the system and the county and our private health care providers doing our parts. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> all right. getting to the weather now. after a few clear days, our sky is hazy, once again. let's get to meteorologist, drew tuma, with a look at the air quality. drew, we were doing so good. >> yeah. and you know what? we had a spare-the-air day in effect, today, dion. with that additional smoke in our atmosphere. from a shift in our winds. but you look at the air quality tonight, and we're doing okay,
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in some spots. you can see, from santa rosa, san francisco, we have good air quality at the moment. napa, fairfield, concord, to livermore. moderate levels. and around bay city, it's a mix of good to moderate. and that's where we are really going to stand the next two days. tomorrow, there is not a spare-the-air day with moderate air quality, across the board. but we will find some cleaner air working into our region in the days ahead. we will show you that and a warmer finish to the week and the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> all right, drew. thank you. a day trip near the beach in san francisco nearly ended tragically for a father and his son. the two were hiking at the top of a cliff when the ground began to give way. their rescue is video you'll see only on abc 7. abc 7 news captured the scene as san francisco firefighters repelled about 70 feet down the sandy cliff to lift the toddle ever and his dad back to safety. the man, who does not want to be
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identified, says he and his son were just enjoying nature. >> just hiking around and you take one wrong turn. and next thing you know, the sand takes away. leaves your feet. and next thing you know, you're halfway down a cliff. >> he suffered some pain to his foot. his son was not hurt. the man used his cell phone to call 911. >> it's just more about getting -- getting my son in a safe situation. that's all that matters. >> once the youngster was safe, firefighters went back for his dad. a fire department spokesman says the two had wandered off the trail looking to get to the beach below. >> although, this resulted in no injuries and a successful rescue, it could also result in injuries or death. we ask that you, please, stay on the trails. >> heights can be deceiving at a place like this. so what looks like a couple feet is actually a lot further than that. >> but most importantly, the ending was a happy one. >> you did a good job. you going to sit up on there? >> yeah. really fortunate there. >> well, still ahead on abc 7
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news at 11:00. some east bay neighbors taking no chances this fire season. how they're banding together to keep their homes safe. and police are asking for help after a months-long search for a suspect. the string of reports about a man touching women inappropriately. >> and continuing coverage on the death of justice ruth bader
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a chaotic scene at a bay-street mall, today. at the bay street mall. witnesses tell us a large group of teens were roaming the area and rushing stores. many stores were forced to close to prevent thefts and damage. oakland police were called in to assist emeryville police in securing the area.
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witnesses say a similar problem happened there, last weekend. san francisco police need your help tonight to find a man who is targeting women by touching them inappropriately. investigators tell us he's attacked several victims on the streets of sea cliff in the past few months. the man is described as being about 6-feet tall, wearing a black, hooded sweatshirt. >> in the hopes of capturing this -- this suspect, as well increase the security and safety for those in the neighborhood. >> police believe there may have been other victims who haven't reported any crimes and investigators are urging those women to come forward as well. >> a group of oakland hills residents is making sure their neighborhood is fire safe this fall. they secured a grant and permission from the city's arborist and vegetation
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management supervisor to remove hundreds of problematic trees. they are hoping this helps as we approach the peak of fire season. here is abc 7 news reporter, luz pena. >> reporter: if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it even make a sound? in this case, oakland hill residents want to hear more of this. as we approach the peak of the fire season. >> we live in this. and we could see the danger. >> reporter: former bay-area news personality and oakland hills resident, wendy tacuda, is one of the volunteers for the creek. they secured $20,000 in grants to help oakland's vegetation management. >> that area came from the diablo fire safe council, which serves alameda and contra costa county and you match it with volunteer hours, which is a really cool thing. this grant came from the california fire foundation. >> we tagged along with ed evans. he's been in the fuel management and tree business for 30 years.
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now, he's seen an increase of dry vegetation. >> we had several dead trees in this area. and they were leading up the hill. >> reporter: his team cleared three to four acres in a matter of days. now, here is an example of that. over 200 trees were removed. their plan is to prevent overcrowding of the smaller trees. a process that will continue with more grants. oakland assistant fire marshal, praising the efforts of these community members. >> it takes us some time to advance. so any reduction in that fuel load slows that -- that spread of the fire, and helps us get on scene and take control of fire before it gets out of hand. >> reporter: evans is seeing this as the future of fire mitigation. communities taking charge. >> it's a start. if more people get interested and get involved. >> reporter: in oakland, luz pena, abc 7 news. powerful winds have fueled a flare-up of wildfires near los
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angeles. 30-mile-an-hour gusts caused the bobcat fire to tear through homes as it exploded to more than 94,000 acres. in fresno county, cal fire is starting to lift some evacuation ord orders in the creek fire. it has burned nearly 272,000 acres. and the august complex, at more than 832,000 acres, remains the largest fire, in california, right now. it's burning in the mendocino nation national forest. >> the constant wildfires have been grueling for firefighters. this week, after another 14-hour shift, one crew found the energy to muster up a song. ♪ take me out to the fire, fire, me out to the line ♪ >> these oregon firefighters have been battling the lions head fire for weeks, now. there are 20 of them that have been on the front lines for nearly 60 days. first, in california. now, in oregon. the head of the crew.
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>> boss, we want you to hear something. i was like this is too good. pulled out my phone. do it one more time, boys, because this is the most fun thing i've heard in a minute. >> he says they are exhausted but they're doing well. >> nice to see they still have a sense of humor out there, eric you know, you kind of have to when you are forced to be in those conditions. >> day after day after day, it's true. right now, our issue is air quality. let's check in with drew tuma for the latest on that. >> yeah. an and you noticed in our sky today, we had additional smoke. especially in the north bay this afternoon. i do want to take you to the satellite imagery today over much of northern california and the bay area. and what you notice is the august complex fire, which is burning to the north. and you can see the smoke coming off of that fire today. what i am going to add onto this map is the winds that were coming out of the north today.
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and that wind direction drag some of that smoke from the august complex fire. now, thankfully, firefighters have been upping containment on this complex. but nonetheless, we did have some smoke move into the bay area. not as bad as our air quality has been in weeks past. but still, you noticed some haze and smoke in the atmosphere. so tomorrow, there is no spa spare-the-air day in effect. in fact, our air quality will, on average, stay in the yellow range. that moderate air quality where pm 2.5 letters are between 51 and 100. but what will happen late tomorrow and early monday, on shore wind will pick up out of the ocean water. and that's going to push this smoke out of our atmosphere. so you can see, tuesday and into wednesday, we do have improving air quality where a majority of the bay area is underneath good air quality. so encouraging news there. outside tonight from our sutro tower camera, live look at san francisco. the east bay in the background
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as well. and our forecast futures call for a -- foret the weekend. believe it or not, autumn will arrive on tuesday. we are switching up our seasons today as the final weekend of 2020. and then, we will track a slight chance for some rain friday night into saturday morning. it's a very low chance but the chance is there with a storm moving into the pacific northwest. out there right now, we are in the 60s and the 70s for the most part. the lone exception, half moon bay coming in at a cool 55 degrees. overnight, tonight, we will keep those hazy skies, moderate air quality. our marine layer is a little compressed right now so numbers in the mid and upper 50s, over the next 12 hours. tomorrow, it's a little bit warmer by a degree or two in several cities. our warmest spots will go into the low 90s. 92 in antioch. we will hit about 73 in the city tomorrow. 85 in san jose. 88 in santa rosa.
11:22 pm
and santa cruz, up to about 80 degrees. so here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. planning the next seven days for you. we have those hazy skies tomorrow. and then, we see the onshore breeze kick in and that's going to bring clean air monday, especially into tuesday. it is a little bit warmer wednesday into thursday. and then, eric and dion, we are watching friday night into saturday morning very closely right now. there is that slight chance of some light showers moving into northern california so we will keep our eye on that but that's nice to see this time of year. little bit of rain possibly returning to the area. >> yeah. really could use it. drew, thanks. >> hang ten. a summer tradition went virtual. yeah. the dog-surfing competition. we will intro
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all kinds of sporting events are being held without fans, and that includes an annual dog
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surfing contest in southern california. contestants in this year's surf dog four-legged friends were judged on categories such as length of ride. sugar. many dogs hailed from southern california. but two from orinda also competed. eric, sometimes i think these dogs look a little terrified. don't you think? >> i was going to say the same thing. do any of those canines look happy about being on that surf board? i think not. >> not going to comment on that. >> let's get to sports now with chris alvarez. >> coming up in sports. the bay bridge series continues in the east bay is it is the new guy. jake lamb with another big game for oakland. how he helped the
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abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino >> alreawith a win today and as loss, oakland would clinch the al west. oakland, 4-0 against the giants heading into this game. seven strikeouts. bottom four, run for matt olson. 1-nothing oakland. bottom 7, still 1-nothing. here is the new guy. jake lamb. what an impact he's made. it's 3-nothing, green and gold. tommy was acquired at the trade deadline. mauricio can't make the play out
11:31 pm
there. with houston's win on saturday night, oakland's number to clinch the west remains at one. right now, the bay area, two teams heading in opposite directions. >> we are going to continue to take care of our business, regardless. games do still matter and we want to have some momentum going into the play offs. >> stay relaxed through this, while also understanding that time is of the essence and -- and we need -- we need to stay on the gas pedal. we can do those two things, at the same time. >> nhl commissioner, gary bettman said he is unsure when next season might start. stanley cup final, game one, dallas and tampa bay tied at 1. top shelf on the rebound. his fourth play offs. 2-1 dallas. time ran out in the period. blocked by the defender and his rebound goes in as well. stars win, 4-1. they take a 1-0 series lead. nba play offs game three of the eastern finals.
11:32 pm
boston really needing the win against miami. second quarter. brown with the block. defense to offense. jason tatum, the one-handed hammer. he rocks the rim so nice, we show it twice. third quarter. celtics in control. it's brown with a team-high 26 points. tatum, i mentioned, big game as well. big dunk right there. celtics win still leads the series at 2-1. >> an even 70 on saturday. gets that putt in and well he is thankful for that but on 18, he bogeys the hole. can't believe it. in second place, the entire field chasing 21-year-old wolf. wolff enters championship sunday as the overall leader. wing foot has been tough. this abc 7 sports report
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sponsored by river rock casino. much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. it seems tiktok has more time. an 11th hour deal that the app says will create thousands of jobs in the u.s. plus, covid confusion. police in one city have handed out tens of thousands of ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. good evening, i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. the country is in shock, over the death of supreme court justice, ruth bader ginsburg.
11:37 pm
the champion of women's rights died at 87 yesterday due to complications from her battle with pancreatic cancer. president trump is now urging the republican-run senate to consider filling her seat. democrats say republicans should refuse to consider a supreme court choice this close to an election. a precedent set by the gop, in 2016. >> tributes are coming in from all over the country for ginsburg. the flag was lowered to half staff at the supreme court. mourners wrote messages of hope on the ground in chalk. others left flowers, candles, and images for the leader of the court's liberal wing. rbg became an icon to both the old and the young. >> she was the beacon when america felt lost. and i firmly believe that we would not be where we are today without her. >> house speaker nancy pelosi wrote every woman and girl, and, therefore, every family in america, has benefitted from her
11:38 pm
presence. first lady melania trump called her passing an immense loss. ss >> she served our country, spectacularly. and just in shock that she's gone. >> governor andrew cuomo announced that new york will honor the late justice with a statue in her hometown, brooklyn, new york. >> developing news, now, from washington. federal officials have intercepted an envelope addressed to the white house, that contained the poison ricin. law enforcement officials say the envelope was processed at a government facility that screens mail addressed to the white house. and president trump. ricin is a toxic substance that occurs naturally in castor beans and has been used in multiple terror plots. the fbi and secret service are, now, working to determine where the envelope came from and who mailed it. president trump revealed, today, he's given his, quote, blessing for oracle and walmart to take over the u.s. operations
11:39 pm
of two chinese-owned apps. tiktok and wechat. the proposed pack ban that was to begin tomorrow. while boosting america's economy. >> they will be hiring at least 25,000 people. it'll most likely be incorporated in texas. it'll be a brand new company. it will have nothing to do with any outside land, any outside country. >> the trump administration had moved to ban downloads of the tiktok and wechat apps over national security concerns and fears user information could land in the wrong hands. the arch bishop of san francisco is leading a demonstration tomorrow, demanding that churches be allowed to reopen. the free the mass protest will include processions from three different parishes. all will join arch bishop
11:40 pm
salvatore at 10:00 a.m. from there, they walk to st. mary's cathedral at 10:15. and at 11:00, they'll hold multiple masses, outside, in protest. they do plan to social distance and wear masks. hawaii is just weeks away from reopening for tourism. but tourists may be confused about the health orders in some cities. in one week, honolulu police handed out 10,000 tickets for violations. even residents don't understand. >> we were quite confused and asked them to kind of explain. and they said, well, you're walking in a park. >> in another case, a couple was cited for trying to get on their own boat. the current order allows solo activities but one city council member admits the rules seem random. >> just today, walking into honolulu, there were six allegedly-homeless people with no masks, sitting within inches of each other. with no citations, no enforcement, no nothing. >> he is asking police to issue warnings, instead.
11:41 pm
hawaii welcomes back travelers october 15th, only after they show a recent, negative covid test. >> a new billboard has popped up in san francisco in an effort to save restaurants. it reads, dear yelp, stop letting kar letting karens kill restaurants because of third-party delivery apps' issues. it is not the straurestaurant's fault. the billboard was put up by a company called radiant. they deal with digital signage. the idea came to them after several restaurants complained that bad reviews about delivery drivers can negatively impact their businesses. smaller signs are on taxis, as well. radiant says the campaign is designed to encourage conversation around the issue. >> building a community that's fair and just for all is a crucial component of our commitment to building a better bay area. all this past week, abc 7 was focused on stories about race and social justice. in the east bay, a celebrity chef is giving people a new
11:42 pm
option for eating out. but as abc 7 news reporter kumasi aaron found out, it's not just about the food. >> reporter: behind the door of this east oakland storefront, something is cooking and it's not just the seafood she's planning to serve up to her customers. >> i've always been in the kitchen. >> reporter: until recently, she was in her kitchen, selling plates of food to friends. but today, she's in this commercial kitchen, known as the black food collective, as a new business owner. >> i have been getting a lot of catering inquiries. and i've been able to actually really build my business and my brand. >> reporter: black business owners can use the black food collective space to hold pop-ups to serve guests or fill catering orders. all while getting support, along the way. >> it's like a modern-day mecca of black innovation happening, right before our eyes. >> rashard started the collective because he knows,
11:43 pm
firsthand, the struggles black entrepreneurs face. champion of chopped season 42, heowned two restaurants in oakland. but had to close them both because of issues with funding. >> as a black business, typically, when we go into banks or institutions, they always under-finance us to where we're not getting the money to where a part of the business plan, we can include having a salary in there to take care of our bills. >> a study found black entrepreneurs rely the most on personal credit cards as a form of outside credit to fund new companies or acquire existing ones. it also found nearly six in ten black entrepreneurs, who did not seek additional financing despite needing it, did so because they thought the business would not be approved by a lender. that's why the black food collective has launched a campaign to raise $1 million to invest in 30 black-owned businesses. >> i believe every person, i don't care where you come from,
11:44 pm
what race you are, what religion you are. you should have the opportunity to own a piece of equity in you community. >> reporter: in east oakland, kumasi aaron, abc 7 news. >> to watch all of this week's coverage on race and social justice here in the bay area, go to abc 7 or on new, connected tv apps. check it out wherever you watch abc 7 news. coming up. tv's biggest night is tomorrow, right here, on abc 7. >> a look at a very different, prime-time emmy awards and what host, jimmy kimmel, is most nervous about. >> and i'm meteorologist, drew tuma. we have got a warm end to the weekend. tomorrow, we are also tracking our air quality over the next
11:45 pm
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the 72nd emmy awards are
11:48 pm
right here tomorrow on abc 7. and of course this year will look much different because of the pandemic. it means no red carpet with the stars. by we do get a chance to peek into their living rooms. the nominees will be live at home ready to accept their statues. jonae norman shows us what we can expect. >> reporter: we're just one day away from tv's biggest night. normally, the final hours of the primetime emmy awards are for the finishing touches. waiters practicing their choreographed champagne serving, while others are rolling out the red carpet. but this year, it's a bit different. holywood's biggest stars won't be taking center stage from the staples center, but rather from home. the television academy issuing cameras to each nominee. sending 130 of them to 20 cities and ten countries. but one thing will be the same. veteran host, jimmy kimmel, is back. >> and also, think about just trying to -- to zoom with your
11:49 pm
grandparents. and now, imagine that we've got 150 celebrities, who are -- who haven't made themselves lunch in, like, 19 years, many of them. now, trying to connect, technically, to an award show. >> reporter: with covid-19 keeping many of us indoors, fans have plenty to root for this year. >> there is a higher likelihood that people who are watching this will have actually seen the shows that they are talking about because we've had a lot of time to sit around and watch television. >> reporter: so who's going to win? >> we are everyone. and we are invisible. >> reporter: all eyes are on fan favorites like watchmen and succession. >> why don't you tell us about your mystery call? >> oh, the phone call? yeah, it was frank. he meant to call you. he wants to know if the plan to eve overthrow dad is still happening. >> and, of course, no one puts baby in a corner. tomorrow's primetime show is the final night of the emmy award season, with notable winners like maya rudolph and brie
11:50 pm
larson already claiming top spots at this year's creative art ceremony. jonae norman, abc news, new york. >> you can watch the 2020 emmy awards tomorrow night at 5 pc 5:00 p.m. right here on abc 7 and if you miss it, don't worry. it will run again at 8:00. >> how about a check on the weather right now? >> sounds good. drew tuma. >> yeah. we have moderate to good air quality the next several days. in fact, tomorrow, we will stay in that yellow category of moderate. and then, an on-shore wind will develop especially into tuesday and wednesday. so some fresh air is on the way over the next several days. we will still have some hazy skies tomorrow under that moderate air quality. 73 in the city. 79 in oakland. 85 in san jose. about 84 in napa. go to about 92 in antioch. so here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. clean air arrives monday to
11:51 pm
tuesday. with fall beginning tuesday morning. and a slight chance of a shower friday night into saturday so you're a small bor a big one. you were thriving, but then... oh.
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abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> the 49ers will be playing without several key players. tight end is out as he is rehabbing a knee sprain. downgraded from questionable to out with a neck injury. playing in his 16th season. future hall of famer, for sure. and 49ers all-time leading rusher. gore is going to get the start against his former team. >> i love frank gore. i think he is one of the best running backs to ever play. i think he's one of the more underrated running backs. >> i'm pumped for him he gets to continue to live out his childhood dream and excited for
11:55 pm
us for the challenge to go tackle him. >> first time i met him was in the locker room after the super bowl last year. so that wasn't the best situation. but he just told me to keep my head up and gave like a few good words of advice. >> take the win. you know, it could be 49ers. it could be seattle, whoever. i just want to get a win. >> down in san jose, another socially-distanced viewing party for the quakes taking on portland fc. what a great ball to jeremy. 2-nil. strikes just before the half. carlos 2-1 game at the half. college football. top 20 showdown. you saw it right here on abc 7. hurricanes made some big plays. hand it to cameron harris and he'll do the rest.
11:56 pm
he had 134 kbrayards rushing. king threw for 325 and three scores. that one goes 47 yards. miami wins 47-34. tulsa putting number 11, oklahoma state. ok state down, 7-3. up top to wallace, 36-yard connection puts the cowboys in t their end zone. hubbard scores. oklahoma takes the lead. and quarterback zack smith is sacked by malcolm rodriguez. >> stage 20 of the tour de france. entered the day with a yellow jersey but fellow countryman to take stage 20. he takes over the yellow jersey that sets him up for the 2020 tour de france title as the head of the final stage on sunday. this abc 7 sports report
11:57 pm
sponsored by river rock casino. >> keep telling myself -- >> would you look at that? >> hmm? >> no, go ahead, eric. >> i keep telling myself i am going to get to france one year to watch the tour de france so i can just eat my heart out on what great athletes they are. >> not this year. maybe, next year, eric. >> maybe next year. that's the story of my life. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. thank you, once again. we will see you bright and early tomorrow morning. have a wonderf right now, we could all use some comforting words, so here it goes: melty, melty, tasty, grilly, juicy, sizzle. mmm, that should feel better. the sourdough patty melt is back. make it a combo meal for just $5.99... melty, melty.
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