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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 21, 2020 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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waiting to hear back. >> demand for churches to reopen for indoor from the archbishop. and the battle to fill ruth bader ginsburg's seat is heated up, the three women said to be on the short list. and the emmy awards proved to be one for the books. the big winners from the mostly virtual show good morning, it is monday, september 21. good morning, reggie. >> good morning, kumasi. lisa argen who is in for mike today. lisa, what do we have in store? >> a cooling trechnd, today we' starting out with moderate air quality and low clouds and fog at the shoreline here. so live doppler 7 picking up on the fog here and temperatures from the mid-50s sanbro, 61 in . and moder qli winds will
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increase and that will improve the air quality and that is the trend throughout the workweek. and of course today is the last day of summer. but temperatures trending cooler as much as 5 to 8 degrees cooler. upper 70s inland by noon today. and we'll look for some mid-80s and mid 70s arch tound the bay. certainly cooler than yesterday's warmth. "the room where it happen " happening today, goouf will give an up candidate on the coronavirus response and also the wildfire. you can watch it right here at noon. it will also be on the abc 7 news app and on house house house house houe office is walking back a comment that she appeared to admit that she violated san francisco's
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months long ban on indoor masses. >> well, i've been to church in san francisco recently. and i did receive communion. the church maybe holds 250 people. there were probably 12 people there. here, there -- very, very spaced. but that was it. no more would be allowed. >> so the catholic news agency is reporting now that speaker pelosi's office released a statement saying that she, quote, misspoke and has been participating regularly in church services virtually. death toll is at the brink of a terrible milestone, nearly 200,000 people have died in america. a somber tribute sunday as bells
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tolled 200 time, one for every 1 1,000 deaths. 27 states are seeing a rise in cases as another motorcycle rally sparks new fears. the only bike fest at the lake of the ozarks ended sunday after drawing more than 100,000 people, many not wearing masks. >> you can ask every biker, anything going on in the world, it ain't going to stop us riding. >> a new abc poll he shoe riding. >> a new abc poll he sho
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tele rally on facebook. >> we have tremendous women on the list, and it will be a highly qualified person, it will be a woman that we choose. and the nomination will be put forth sometime next week. >> reporter: abc news learning that the president spent the weekend on the phone with advisers and members of congress regarding justice ginsberg's
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replacement. mitch mcconnell is promising the president's choice will get a vote on the floor of the senate, a reversal of his position in 2016 when he refused to consider president obama's nominee. >> this vacancy should not be filled by this lame duck president. >> reporter: thepridt' talking on other republicans to let american' voices be heard. >> i'm speaking to those republicans out there, senate republicans, who know deep down what is right for the country and consistent with the coops tugs constitution. rurt at least four members of the republican party would need to joint democrats. lisa murkowski and suit is susa have said that they will not support a nomination. and we got word from lamar alexander that he does support a vote in an election year ending the spec ulation that he might
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buck party lines. and looking at temperatures this morning cool as the low clouds and fog have returned to the coast. we're mild here. inland valleys, 64 in danville. closer to the bay, a lotooler by about two to four degrees in spots. otherwise we haven't really initiated the cooling yet. but the seabreeze will kick up throughout the afternoon. and we'll be looking at the smoke pushing out of here. so right now air yault is moderate, but you with an increasing westerly wind, the smoke is pushed to the north and east today. so it was a little hot and hazy for sure yesterday. today the last day of summer, while we're looking air quality today is on the moderate side.
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and to tomorrow and wednesday, a nice pattern with temperatures not changing that much. so it looks like where the numbers coming down today, we'll talk about near 70 today in the city with mid-80s inland. and talking about more of a marine layer tonight bringing in some fog. and lisa was telling us about the marine layer and you will find it on the golden gate bridge. there is a fog advisory there. so be a little extra careful. but you can see that the traffic is light. also looking pretty good at the bay bridge to go plaza. there is an excellent north 280 on the westboro off-ramp, but so far not causing a delay at all. we have a lot of green on the traffic 580 westbound out of tracy has a slowdown. tracy to dublin, 39 minutes. but as you continue the ride on southbound 680 from dublin to
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mission boulevard and fremont, that is 15 minutes and no delays through the south bay. and roads are closed in san jose this morning after a driver ran a stop sign and hit a police car. it happened just before 1:00 at the intersection of 3rd and taylor streets. the driver tried to make an illegal turn after not stopping. the driver and the officer had to be taken to the hospital. and coming up, the warriors using their new home to help others. deadline delayed, the plan >> andinforome b area stars duringhe emmy awards. right now let's look outside as we start our day.
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that if it's connected, it's protected. even that pet camera thingy. can your internet do that? xfinity xfi can. because it's simple, easy, awesome. get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months and get advanced security free with the xfi gateway. switch today. good morning. starting out monday morning, mike is sleeping in, and we're looking at temperatures on the cooler side at the coast as the
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low clouds and fog are with us about 500 to maybe 1,000 feet. 55 in novato, 59 in oakland with when 59 in livermore. the air quality will begin to improve later today as the seabreeze picks up. are so later today hazy sun, but otherwise temperatures will be coming down. 74 in oakland, 69 in san francisco with mid-80s for you up into the north bay and 79 in san jose. so if you like this weather, much of the workweek will be comfortable with more fall-like conditions, but wait until you see the 7 day, not a lot of xwh ne good news on that. tiktok has a new deadline to avoid being shut down.
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a sunday deadline was delayed after president trump approved a plan that would allow the chinese owned social media app to continue operating here. under the deal, oracle would take a 12.5% stake, walmart will start a 7.5 stake in the u.s. arm. oracle will provide cloud services that will address some of the security concerns the trump administration raised. the president praised the deal as a win for americans. >> a lot of jobs, a lot of money, a lot of money for our country. billions of dollars of taxes will be paid every year. and hundreds of millions of users and they will be happy. as to everybody wi so everybody will be happy. in tiktc in. >> the new deadline is this sunday september 27. the fall hard way event is set for this thursday.
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more alexa devices are expected to be revealed. experts say that we might see new smart speakers and smart displays of some kind. this comes just a week after apple announced new devices and software update for iphones. and in "first look," the emmy awards proved to be one for the books. the show took place with jimmy kim medic kimmel as host. and here is will reeve. r l nheevth e w weeu all wi virtual for our back stage interviews. that is all coming up in first look. what does that feel like to win an emmy? it is the pinnacle of your industry and you're at home. >> it still feels incredible, to be honest with you. it is mind-blowing.
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you don't have to worry about tripping, which is a position as you're going up the stairs. but you definitely feel great. >> that was just one of the night's biggest winners. coming up, ghchltma has your emmy wrap-up. with your "gma first look," i'm will reeve, abc news, new york. and listen to this, emmy pre-show hosts ended up missing the red carpet event, both found out that they had tested positive for covid-19. rancic says her husband and son also tested positive, but thankfully all are v viviva fox ended up resting at home. and the bay area was well represented last night amongst the winners. >> the emmy goes to -- zendaya,
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euphoria. >> i just want to say to all my peers out there, doing the work in the streets, i admire you, i thank you, and thank you so much. >> and if you didn't know, she is an oakland native. she won best actress in a drama for her role on euphoria, making her the youngest to ever win in the category. she's only 24. just look at her competition. jennifer aniston, olivia colman, sandra oh and laura linney. >> i want to do a big shout out to all of west oakland, new orleans, a lot of people making a lot of noise and i love y'all so much. >> and he won second outstanding supporting actor. after being born in louisiana, he attended high school in oakland before heading to cal.
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>> have you watched the watchmen? >> i haven't. i haven't seen either one of those shows. >> she is so cute and i'm happy for you, but i love the watchmen. i'm so excited that he is a bay area native. >> that is really neat. i love zendaya. her star keeps getting brilt gh. >> we're here for it. >> i'm here. good morning, lisa. good morning. we are looking at a little bit of low clouds and foggy. seabreeze kicking up this our a quality because boy, it was hazy yesterday. two systems will be affecting us this week, one today and one later this week and that will keep the numbers from getting too warm. so today is the last day of summer,0 union city 55 in novato. and the fog around pacifica. there is the golden gate bridge,
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so withler conditions, autumn arriving tomorrow, it will be breezy and cooler by the end of the week. and check out the winds today, they certainly will progressively pick up, this is about 6:00 where it will gust to over 25 miles per hour. you can see getting breezy through the delta, that is what we need to bring the smoke up and out of the bay area. even thevalley's air quality will improve. you see the blues indicating the better air and this takes us through the afternoon today and then right on through the later sme getting out of town. so some good news in terms of that and with the cooler air, it will be a quiet week but we are looking at not only the breezy winds today, the next couple days with the temperatures trending done ward where upper 70s in the south bay, mid-80s in santa rosa. the yet accuweather 7 day forecast, a
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quiet next five days or so, but this weekend, dry conditions, an offshore flow, could see some gusty winds and look at the temperatures, yikes. so we'll watch it for you. >> thank you, lisa. hundreds took to the streets protesting the restrictions. and julian glover is live with the message from the archbishop. >> reporter: good morning. yes, a very powerful message, church worship services are allowed with a maximum of 50 people right now in san francisco, but on sunday, the archbishop made it clear he wants those services to be able to happen indoors with the proo restrictions in place. the archbishop held a fiery service over the weekend calling bans on indoor he religious are services in san francisco a mockery. this is
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bish sh bishop invited dozens of churches to are worship. and they could be allowed at 25% by the end of the month. nancy pelosi weighing in on the issue from washington. >> i think we should follow science on this. faith and science scounter to e. >> it is not that we want to be rec reckless. we can do it safely and we want to be unyou impedyou impeded. >> reporter: and under the county list, san francisco is in the red tier which means that the indoor worship services could be allowed at 25% o10ople not under the more restrictive in june, they came down pretty hard on churches that were holding services anyway.
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so we'll very to see how it plays out. julian glover, abc 7 news. and there were tenseomts when this grass fire ran up a hill just off of i-580. the fire stopped just short of an apartment building. firefighters were quickly on the scene and they put the flames out. no word on what started it. at least one family is it out of their apartment after a fire in union city. the tenant returned home to the complex to find their unit on fire. they called the fire department and now investigators are working to figure out what caused the fire. thankfully no i reported. coming up next, 7 things you need to know this morning. and how the team is making use of its own home even with no basketball right now. and as we fight the coronavirus pandemic, california is mandating face masks to stop the spread and so abc 7 wants to
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remind you to wear your mask for you, your loved ones and your community. please wear because you care.
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if you are just joining us,
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here are the seven things to know this morning. number one, president trump intends to nominate a woman this week to fill the supreme court seat vacated by the death of ruth bader ginsburg. democrats want nomination delayed until after the election. number two, california will nt accept new unemployment claims for the next two weeks. the state's employment development department needs time to process a backlog of claims. number three, today at noon governor newsom will update the coronavirus and wild fire response. number four, tiktok's deadline to make a deal with a u.s. company and avoid a shutdown has been extended to sunday. over the weekend president trump approved a plan between tiktok, oracle and walmart. it still has to be approved by chinese regulators. number five, air quality starts out moderate today, but it will improve with breezy afternoon winds. and there is a new crash,
5:24 am
eastbound 780 before west 7, so that is causing a lowdown right now because the right lane is blocked. and oakland native zendaya became the youngest person ever to win best actress in a drama during last night's emmy awards. and also oakland resident won wn yoit standing supporting beinac. and the warriors are giving back, hosting community events at the chase center. over the weekend, the team partnered with the amerin red cross to host a blood drive at the arena's thrive city venue. and in this video, the warriors shared it with us, you can see that mike brown was among those who donated. >> for them to be able to, you know, partner with the red cross
5:25 am
and do something like this on campus, it is very exciting. >> this is the fifth drive that the team has hosted resulting in over 220 units of donated blood. that is enough to help more than 600 people. what makes you happier, hanging out with your romantic partner or chilling with your friends? turns out according to a new study people tend to be happier when they are with their friends compared with their partner or their children. now, before you get upset, look at her drinking her wine, it doesn't mean our you loved ones don't make us happy. a lot of it has to do with what you're doing. for example these texas researchers say that you are in when you are out with your friends compared to doing chores when you are at home. the study highlights the importance of making time to have fun with our families and not just with our friends. okay. that is an interesting twist. i was going to say that it shows
5:26 am
that it is important to have friends outside of your relationship that you can hang out with and talk about your partner with your friends when they're not there. >> can you believe? >> and then he -- >> what? >> now go back home and deal with that, bye, girl. >> bye, go do the trash, go d the lawn undrlaundry. >> and we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news. what item appears to be going down in costs. and also an alarming increase in crime, the changing target for burglars with fewer tourists coming into town. don't even better filing an unemployment claim right now. the agency that handlings them is so overwhelmed, it is calling it quits for now. the details coming up. what we know about the arrest of a woman accused of
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railing a
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yes on 19. unemployment benefits for some californians is about to get even longer. the decision from the governor's special task force to halt new claims. and remembering ruth bader
5:30 am
ginsburg. the tributes here in the bay area as the political battle over her supreme court seat heats up. and turf trouble. some 49ers aren't happy with the field they played on yesterday and have to play on again next week. that is the least of the issues. we got injury, we got all kinds of things happening. >> she knows sports. >> a little bit. i got a little sprinkle. >> that's more than i got. >> good morning, friend. >> hello. and hello, lisa. >> hey good morning to you. ready for a cooldown in it was pretty hot and hazy yesterday. live doppler picking up on some fog that will bring a pretty generous seabreeze. 61 in hayward and improve the air quality so we get through the afternoon. right now it is moderate all across the bay area fromsa to o. down through the south bay.
5:31 am
as we get towards 3:00, 4:00, you will begin to see an improvement. better air quality in santa cruz. outside right now, 50s and 60s with that sun revealing by early in the morning, by 8:00 for many of you, and looking at temperatures in the mid-80s in you our warmest inland valleys. so that is down a good six, accept degree seven degrees. and so we'll have a cooler fall week ahead. dwl no new unemployment claims for two weeks. things are so messed up right now at the state employment development department, they are asking to take a break from issuing checks to new appli capitan't >> reporter: they have such a
5:32 am
huge backlog, they can't imagine it. they say thag they nre. th a not acc new claims for the next two weeks so that they can try too catch up. officials say caught in the backlog and have not had their claims processed. state lawmakers say that they hope this is the agency's last setback. >> at this point i'm hoping that this is the lowest point for this agency. and with the 72 recommendations in this report, we'll be turning that agency around. >> it is overwhelming, people are hurting. they are having to live off their creditca>>eptes decision issues at the employment department departme department for weeks. they will stay taking new claan until january beforag theency's.
5:33 am
7 on your side's michael finney has received complaints about the edd from hundreds of people and helped several. so if you want to see his tips or tell him about an issue of your own, head to on your side. this morning the fight to fill the supreme court seat. and on fox news this morning, the president easy is he has five candidates in mind and will announce his nominee on either friday or saturday. but senate democrats are already r hoping that four republicans will join them in opposition, at least two gop centers have already said that they do in the want not want to supreme court nominee so close to a presidential lea election. mitch mcconnell says that the president's pick will get a vote
5:34 am
even though they blocked it four years ago. tributes to ginsburg have been taking place not only in washington, but across the country. and that includes vigils in several bay area cities. here is j.r. stone. >> today is really like a moment in history. congregations all over the world are honoring her in this moment. >> reporter: candles lit sunday night to remember supreme court justice ruth bader ginsho passed away friday at the age of 87. >> such an incredible woman who so many young girls can look up to. >> reporter: this teen josie hewitt came to this vigil sunday night with her mom to remember a bomb who was considered a trailblazer when it came to women's rights. >> it is really exciting to be here with my mom, she's taught me so much about sday vigiling r ginsburg were held across the bay, along lake merritt in oakland, on the steps of the
5:35 am
courthouse in martinez and in san francisco where mayor breed spoke. >> this woman in the 1950s in college faced insurmountable discrimination. and i'm just hoping that he will replace her with a woman and that she is as liberal and fair as ginsburg was. >> reporter: and while she was in her upper 80s, her rulings were far reaching and appreciated by younger generations. >> i'm 15, she definitely did a bunch of my friends were super like this hurt them really hard. hit me really hard. >> she was really a pioneer for women. >> reporter: j.r. stone, abc 7 news. >> ginsburg family will be holding a private funeral at arlington national is emtakceme. ca tradition calls for the justice
5:36 am
to lie in repose before they are buried. and a woman is accused of sending a toxic package to the president. the letter was enter kepte and the substance was ricin. they believe that it originated the canadian side of the border. and two-thirds of san mateo county's child care centers have shut down because of the pandemic. and now s how ty will e be able to go back to work. some good news at the grocery store, the staple that appears to be going down in price. br but first let's check in with lisa arargen. >> today the last day of summer, starting out with moderate air quality, but that should improve.
5:37 am
a couple systems headed our way for the week ahead that will continue and allow for temperatures to be 80s for most get to friday. 56 in mountain view, 52 in novato, and the current air quality shows all of the yellows indicating moderate. and vacaville getting worse, but we all should improve today as the southwest wind continues to pump in that c air from the ocean. air quality is better closer to the coast in santa cruz and as we look at the low clouds and fog not much of today setting up along the san mateo coast. later part of the day, a few increasing clouds, some high clouds agh athe systemohe no of us allows for a more generous marine layer. that is into monday and tuesday thursday, could bring even a little mist and drizzle our way into thursday morning. but by the time we get to friday and that trough exits to the north and east of us, north
5:38 am
winds take over, we're really going to warm up. this fact temperatures maybe 20 degrees above normal as we get into next weekend, that last weekend of september. 74 in oakland, be 78 in have a lay owe. look for 87 in livermore with 85. >> n. sanin aunsanta rosa. fall arrives tomorrow. and by friday, we grin begin to up near 100 inland. and traffic has bee . d mer ligs ven'selyn some time. and the backup extends towards the foot of the maze. also if you are heading across the golden gate bridge, there is a fog advisory. so be extra careful. but here traffic is very light. we're keeping an eye on an accident in benicia, 780 approaching west 7th. and injuries have been
5:39 am
reported. part of the right lane is blocked. but once you get past that, it is okay. drive time on westbound 580 is slow from tracy to dublin. not a big surprise. 43 minute ride. but it is looking good through the rest of the east bay. in the north bay, southbound 101 from san rafael into foggy san francisco is 16 minutes.
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tropical storm is dumping the southern louisiana coast are seeing heavy rain. of course we'll eep tracking that. and lisa argen is joining us now with a look at our local forecast. good morning. want to pick up a little bit there right on beta where you
5:42 am
see being a saw, louisiana and texas continue to get hit with all that heavy rain anywhere10i spots. harehad their over the past month or so. here is a look at our air quality index where we're quality around the bay. yesterday it was hazy and warm. we're reversing that trend today. could be good 80 this the south bay this afternoon. so cooler than yesterday. east bay valleys, mid-80s. and after that, numbers will continue the downward trend. so looking like a fal week. the breeze will begin to pick up and that should take us through about thursday. after that, we'll warm up. and if you were a tourist in san francisco, burglars have
5:43 am
shifted their targets from cars to homes and sometimes when residents are inside. phil matier is reporting this al "chronicle" column. there have been nearly 5,000 burglaries reported in this yea. and that is more than 40% over last year. break-ins that occur when the resident is home have shot up more than 60%. the worst hit police district is the one covered by northern station, that is hayes valley north to the marina. that has seen over 1,000 burglaries. you can see phil's columns on sundays and wednesdays in the "chronicle." and it is the back ben of our economy, child care centers. many parents can't physically go back to work without them. and san mateo county, only a third of child care centers are still operating and that is at
5:44 am
25% capacity. foot steps child care, a nonprofit with nine locations across the peninsula, cared for nearly 800 children a day in early march. and now they care if for about 200. >> we'll lose at least $500,000 for this year if things continue. and that was money that we've been saving for a long time. >> currently there are more than 500 child care centers across the county. that could be at risk of permanent closure. some relief for shoppers. it looks like meat prices have returned to their pre-pandemic levels. washington street jrn pos atardee lie sed as ocessing plants haved. chicken has dropped even more. happening tonight, raiders will officially open their new home this las vegas with a monday night football showdown against the saints. allegiance stadium cost nearly $2 billion to build.
5:45 am
raiders hope that it will give them a home field advantage. last year the raiders finished with a losing record 7-9 during their final season in oakland. you can watch the raiders host the saints tonight, coverage begins at 5:00 right here on abc 7 and then stay tuned for after the game immediately following it. the nfl examined the field in metlife stadium after several 49ers were injured during yesterday's game against the new york jets. nick bosa hurt his knee early in the game. two plays later, solomon thomas also needed to be carted off the field with a knee injury. jimmy garoppolo and rahim mosier were also hurt and sat out the second half. 49ers defensive end arik armstead was among several to complain about the field. he tweeted fix this trash met life turf, 2020 is so wack. san francisco will play on the same field against the giants on sunday.
5:46 am
>> 2020 has been what we call -- i mean that would be a word to describe it. >> wack? >> trash? lisa says trash. >> so right by where i live, someone spray painted 00 the wall wack in really big letters and i was wondering where that came from and so maybe that is it. >> now we know. >> no argument. >> taggers aren't wrong, i guess. and we'll begin a new r 20lo as fall arrives tomorrow. and looking at the low clouds and fog, a shallow deck right at the coast. but we have a trough that will and another system that st will enhance the cooling trend by wednesday and thursday. it is 57 in mountain view, novato, 51. visibility about 7 miles. and this is due to haze out in the east bay. this is fog, a mile half moon
5:47 am
bay and you have thes n bay. the reason being, we still have the north wind this the upper levels. it is is weakening and so the air will be cleaning out. the fog disappears this afternoon, maybe high clouds tonight. tuesday, we have a little bit more fog. remember that system headed to the north will allow for a healthier marine layer. so improving conditions with moderate to good air quality throughout the afternoon today. and then we'll turn the corner on this as fall arrives and usher in that blue sky that we all miss. 76 in fremont, 80 in these temperatures won't change a whole lot the west of the workweek. so a nice looking week with 70s and 80s for most. 60s at the coast. but as we get into friday, the winds will shift to a northerly component saturday and sunday much warmer, hot numbers with numbers at brokeabout 80 at thet
5:48 am
to 100 inland. a hit canadian comedy made history at the emmy awards. >> what an absolutely unbelievable way to end our series. i don't think that you could ever ask for a better conclusion to a story than tonight. so we are absolutely thrilled. >> i need y'all to read the name of the show because we cannot say it on tv. but this comedy with the controversial title became the first tv show in emmy history to sweep its night. it took home seven honors including best comedy series, kathd written o'hara, eugene levy and annie murphy and ben levy all took home awards. and also for writing and directing the series. on the drama side, "succession" was named best series and watchmen took home best limited series. and the new trailer for the upcoming disney plus streaming
5:49 am
series wanda vision dropped. >> arthur, stop it. stop it. stop it. ♪ >> both are reunited for a multipart series that will debut on disney plus later this year. the trailer offers a lot of hints about the next installation in the marvel universu universe. >> you know about this? >> to be honest, i don't really know about marvel things. >> me either, but -- >> although i'm in a marvel movie. so that is weird. >> you're in the universe? > i'm a part of the universe. i'm in one one one one >> so you're in there. new at 6:00, what second
5:50 am
just received the first ever five star safety rating for covid-19. and cat cafe in danger of closing. the problems it is having to figure out because of the pandemic. plus forget those muscle cars, the vehicle that has drivers apparently racking up a lot of speeding tickets. and abc 7 has launched new streaming apps so you can get our new news casts wherever you are.
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switch today. because when i get home, we like to play crocodile on the floor o-cedar easywring removes over 99% of bacteria, even with just water... easy and truly clean floors o-cedar. it feels great to feel at home good morning. here is a live look at san francisco, exploratorium camera, where the air quality continues
5:53 am
to be on the moderate side. cooler day on the way today. autumn arrives tomorrow. testimony it will be much warmer by friday, but between now and thursday, it will be a little bit cooler. the air is moderate, it got pretty warm yesterday. winds were very light, so nothing to push the haze and smoke out of here. today that changes as the onshore flow increases and we'll look for the smoke to move to the north and east today. but in the meantime starting out a little hazy especially in the north and east bay. highs today out of the 90s to the mid and upper 80s in our warmest locations by the delta, otherwise we're at about 76 in fremont, mid-70s instead of the 80 yesterday in oakland. 69 inith 60s half moon bay. so it will feel like fall the next several days, but then we're going in the other direction by the end of the
5:54 am
week. a star in the netflix docu-series cheer is due in court in chicago this morning. jerry harris was charged last week with one count of producing child pornography. prosecutors say the 21-year-old enticed an underage boy to produce explicit videos and go toes of himself. and there will be pre-screening on the videos that you see on youtube after artificial intelligence overstep soared borderline content. they were relying on automated screening. and the number of videos removed nearly doubled. a financial times reports that that included many videos that weren't breaking any rules. many videos reappeared after appeals were made. the pandemic is causing some financial trouble for san francisco's first and only cat cafe. it could mean that dozens of cats might not be finding their forever homes.
5:55 am
courtney launched it back in 2015 with the goal of rescuing kittens from kill shelters and adopting them out at the cafe. they have place the hundreds of cats in new homes so far. the cafe was closed for several months and is now operating at a fraction of its capacity. and they say it is not making a dent in the nearly $10,000 a $1 month represent thoug month rent though. and she is embarrassed to have to ask for help, but great it will for the support that she's gotten so far. >> i actually cried because i didn't expect such an outpour of love from the community because you get so rapped up in your day to day. >> the cafe needs supplies for the cats and monetary help. a go freund me has been set up and there is a link at a new study reveals the ten
5:56 am
car models that are most likely to get speeding tickets. you can see them on your screen now. the subaru wrx is at the top of the list followed by my former car the volkswagen gti. oops. the list also includes four dodge models. and they looked at more than 2 million insurance applications and why is this happening? well, it says maybe these car models are just unlucky enough to attract more attention or maybe their drivers truly are adrenalin junkies. >> were you speeding in your volkswagen? >> i really wasn't. and san francisco hills, that car rolls back. so i was just sweating it out and going as slow as possible. >> just trying to make it. >> i really was. and a 2-year-old is one of the most popular new influencers
5:57 am
o instagram, and at mom who runs her account is someone you might > plus this -- >> we'll fill the seat. l love that cheer. >> the latest this morning on the supreme court show down taking place in the senate. . and as coronavirus deaths come close to hitting 200,000 in the u.s., this morning we'll be talking about what a new abc poll is
5:58 am
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