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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 25, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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right now on right now on "america this morning," election uncertainty. president trump once again casting doubt on whether he'll accept the results of november's election. how key members of congress are responding, and a developing story from pennsylvania. the fbi investigating mailed in ballots unsealed found in the trash. night two of protests nationwide after the grand jury decision in the breonna taylor case. demonstrators breaking curfew, taking refuge in a church, and breaking overnight, a car driving through a crowd of protesters in hollywood. covid concerns. nearly three dozen states now seeing cases on the rise. parts of europe seeing a record spike. the cdc out with a new forecast. plus, a violent confrontation, a woman refusing to wear a mask at a football game is arrested.
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what police are now saying. death by licorice. doctors explain how a man died from overindulging on the candy in just a matter of days. the ultimate man cave. the shocking discovery under new york's famous grand central station. and the power of a good day's work. the 89-year-old pizza delivery man and how his hard work is paying off. good friday morning, everyone. we begin with the race for the white house. just 39 days until election day. >> president trump is reaching out to voters worried about health care. he signed new executive orders thursday that he says will protect people with pre-existing conditions and prevent surprise medical bills, but the details remain unclear. >> he's also promising to send $200 to medicare recipients, but critics question whether he has the power to do that. >> meanwhile, democratic rival joe biden has picked up the
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endorsement of nearly 500 retired military and national security officials, many of whom have long avoided politics. all of this comes as the president faces pushback from congress over his refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election. >> reporter: overnight, president trump on the campaign trail in florida. >> i'm working my [ bleep ] off, i'm in texas. i'm in ohio. [ cheers and applause ] i'm in north carolina. >> reporter: rallying supporters in jacksonville. >> we're unified. >> reporter: looking ahead to tuesday night's debate with joe biden and targeting the former vice president's stamina. >> give him a big shot of something and he'll go out there. he'll have a a lot of energy. he'll have energy. he'll be, like, superman for about 15 minutes. >> reporter: but in washington, unanswered questions and growing concern after the president refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election. his press secretary was asked for a clarification. >> it's a very direct and very
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simple question. if the president loses this election, will this white house -- will this president assure us that there will be a peaceful transfer of power? it's a very simple question. >> the president -- the president will accept the results of a free and fair election. >> reporter: the white house chief of staff with a similar explanation. >> if every ballot is counted and if it's a fair election, we have a history of a peaceful transition of power. >> reporter: but president trump once again stoking doubt about the fairness of the election. >> we want to make sure the election is honest, and i'm not sure that it can be. i don't know that it can be. we have to be very careful with the ballots. the ballots, that's a whole big scam. >> reporter: democrats on the attack. >> that may be what his friend, putin, does in russia. >> you are not in north korea. you are not in turkey. you are in the united states of america. it is a democracy. >> reporter: republicans also speaking out. >> i can assure you it will be peaceful. >> reporter: the senate unanimously passing a resolution thursday reaffirming his commitment to a peaceful transition after the election.
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>> we have had transfer of power every four years since washington was selected for a second term in 1792. >> reporter: earlier in the day the fbi director told congress there's been no evidence of widespread voter fraud. >> we have not seen historically any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major election, whether it's by mail or otherwise. >> reporter: but this morning, questions are being raised in pennsylvania where the fbi is investigating the mishandling of nine military ballots that were mailed in, and were eventually thrown away in a dumpster. officials say at least seven of the nine votes were for trump. while the investigation is ongoing, there's been no indication of any widespread problem. those ballots were in envoe lopes which had been opened even though the law requires them to remain sealed until election day. investigators are trying to determine why they were opened. today, supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg will become the first woman in u.s. history to lie in state at the u.s. capitol. thousands of mourners paid their
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respects as she lay in repose at the supreme court over the last two days. tomorrow, president trump will announce his choice to replace ginsburg. he was booed by the crowd while paying her respects at the court yesterday. [ booing ] [ chanting ] because of the pandemic, today's ceremony at the capitol will be only for invited guests. he's another reminder of how ginsburg inspired generations of americans. a mother and her children paid their respects, each wearing a replica of her signature collar. for the second night, protesters hit the streets of louisville demanding justice for breonna taylor. they defied a curfew gathering downtown chanting taylor's name. some took refuge inside a church hoping to avoid arrest. police in riot gear moved in taking at least two dozen people
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into custody. the curfew has been extended through the weekend. the only officer charged in the case is accused of endangering other tenants in breonna taylor's build, but critics are asking, what about her safety? >> there was no wanton endangerment charge for bullets that went into breonna's apartment, nor were there any charges of wanton murders that -- murder for the bullets that went into breonna taylor's body. nor were there wanton endangerment charges for breonna's black neighbors who had bullets go into their apartment above her. >> breonna taylor's family is set to speak publicly for the first time since the grand jury decision. breaking overnight, a car drove through crowds in hollywood protesting breonna taylor's killing. at least one person was killed in a similar incident involving a truck. police caught up with both drivers. and new video from portland, oregon shows at least two molotov cocktails being thrown as police who declared a riot.
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this was during wednesday night's demonstrations. we turn now to the coronavirus. several states including texas and washington are seeing a big jump in new cases. dr. anthony fauci is promising to defend government scientists if the political process interferes with the development of a vaccine. it comes as the cdc issues a new fantastic. here's abc's alex preis a. >> reporter: this morning, the cdc warning of a potential uptick in daily coronavirus deaths, now forecasting up to 23,000 deaths in the next three weeks. that would average out to more than 1,000 deaths per day. >> we see the numbers going up and up and up. so something has to change. >> reporter: numbers now on the rise in 33 states. missouri is reporting its deadliest day this week. a new study now suggesting young people are driving the spread. >> they're walking around, seeing their family members, doing all the activities but they're positive and hence they're passing it onto others. >> reporter: boulder, colorado is now banning 18 to 22-year-olds from gathering
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anywhere in the city regardless of location or group size. nearly 80% of recent cases in the city have been connected to students at the university of colorado, and the university of virginia is now implementing new restrictions on student travel and visitors. >> it's not fair. either get everyone or get no one. >> reporter: meanwhile, concerns yom kipp yom kippur celebrations this weekend. health officials this weekend say they're monitoring clusters with large orthodox jewish populations. overseas, france now reporting a record increase in the number of daily cases while britain is seeing an all-time high in the number of new infections, and in finland, officials are now using dogs at airports to sniff out passengers who might be affected. >> we're starting to look at if dogs can detect an odor associated with covid-is the. >> reporter: doctors in the u.s. are now looking at that method to see just how accurate these dogs are at sniffing out covid. although american doctors are monitoring that program, the tsa says it has no plans right now to train canines to detect
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covid. kenneth and mona? >> thank you, alex. investigators are blaming a propane leak in this home explosion that killed a 14-year-old in oklahoma city. authorities say a log lighter in a fireplace was leaking gas. neighbors helped the man search for his daughter after the explosion. >> the dad just kept repeating over and over again that, i plugged in the coffee pot, and i got electrocuted and the house blew up. >> just the nicest people. i'm heartbroken for them. >> the girl's parents and brother were seriously injured. a fiery plane crash in central texas sent two people to the hospital. officials say two planes slammed into each other while trying to land at san marco's airport. one plane burst into flames. the other flipped over. none of the injuries appear to be life-threatening. time now for a look at your friday morning weather.
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some heavy rain today along the eastern sea board. most of it from the remnants of tropical storm beta. some flash flooding is possible in parts of georgia and the carolinas, and more heavy rain in the pacific northwest today. parts of washington and oregon could get 2 inches. checking today's high temperatures, seattle and portland will get into the low 60s. many cities from coast to coast will be in the low 80s. 86 degrees in miami and dallas today, and even warmer in denver. about 90 in albuquerque. coming up, cashing in. the apartment where $18 million in cash was found inside the walls. also ahead, how doctors say a man died from eating too much of a popular candy in the span of just days. and later, an 89-year-old pizza delivery man proving hard work pays off. old pizza delivery man proving hard work pays off. copd medicine, that's why i've got the power of 1,2,3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved, once-daily 3 in 1 copd treatment.
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we are back with a look at the former hideout of columbian drug lord pablo escobar. in addition to the typewriter, escobar's nephew says he found $18 million in cash hidden inside a wall. he also found a gold pen. police killed escobar back in 1993. the fda is warning parents about the so-called benadryl challenge. teens have been posting videos of themselves on social media taking high doses of the allergy medication. the agency cited reports of young people being taken to emergency rooms and some even dying. the fda says it has strongly urged tiktok to remove the videos and watch for future posts. a new warning about the risk of overeating candy. this morning, a massachusetts man has died after indulging on licorice. abc's andrea fujii reports on what doctors are blaming for the
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man's death. >> reporter: this morning, a new warning about a popular candy after one man's affinity for black licorice may have cost him his life. >> remember, don't each large amounts of black licorice at one time. >> reporter: according to doctors in massachusetts, a construction worker who ate bags of licorice every day suddenly collapsed at a restaurant and died. the cause, an imbalance in nutrient levels. >> licorice when consumed in large quantities can lead to a really low potassium level, and leading to cardiac arrests like in this case. >> reporter: weeks before his death, doctors say the 54-year-old switched from red to black licorice. the deadly difference, doctors say came down to a compound, known to be in licorice. doctors acknowledge this man's death is an extreme case, but dr. bbutala, who treated the ma, says for some people, even small amounts of the candy can add up
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over time. >> even consuming smaller quantities, licorice can lead to slight increases in your blood pressure, which if you have underlying high blood pressure or heart failure, or heart rhythm problems, it can lead to long-term heart problems. >> reporter: it can also be found in teas, beer and other soft candy. the maker of the licorice tells abc news -- all of our products are safe to eat and formulated in full compliance with fda regulations. all foods including confectionary should be enjoyed in moderation and as part of a complete and balanced diet. the exact amount of this compound isn't disclosed on packaging, but fda officials say eating as little as two ounces of black licorice every day for two weeks can cause heart rhythm problems. kenneth, mona? >> andrea, thank you. coming up, president trump's new executive orders on health care and pre-existing conditions. what they mean. also ahead, a woman refusing to wear a mask at a football game is arrested. what police are saying about this confrontation. this confrontation. advanced non-small cell lung cancer can take away so much. but today there's a combination of two immunotherapies you can take first. one that could mean...
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muscle pain or weakness; joint pain; flushing; fever; or tingling in hands and feet. these are not all the possible side effects. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions including immune system problems, or if you've had an organ transplant or lung, breathing, or liver problems. here's to a chance for more together time. a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all involved in our clinical trials. back now with a new mural
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honoring the late actor chadwick boseman. it shows boseman in the wakanda forever pose along with a child in a hospital gown, wearing a black panther mask. the mural was painted in a shopping area of disneyland. boseman died last month after battling colon cancer. an ohio woman was tased by police and is facing criminal charges after a confrontation with an officer during an incident over a mask. she was at her son's football game where spectators are required to wear face masks. after repeated warnings by police to put on a face mask, she still refused so that woman was arrested. >> stop it. stop it. let go of my wrist! >> tased somebody over a mask. tasing this lady over not wearing a mask.
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>> police insist that woman was arrested for trespassing, not for not wearing a mask. president trump signs an executive order on health care. it comes as a new poll shows a tight race in florida. earlier, i spoke to alex thompson, a reporter at politico. alex thompson, good morning. thank you for joining us. let's begin with the new executive orders on health care that president trump just signed. he's promising to protect people with pre-existing conditions and he's promising to crack down on surprise medical bills. its all comes as the supreme court prepares to take up obamacare in november, but do these executive orders from the president have any teeth? >> no. these executive orders are definitely part of campaign season. donald trump has struggled with what to replace obamacare with since the beginning of his presidency. what you're seeing is that democrats and joe biden in particular are trying to hammer donald trump on this issue, and this is really just an attempt of, you know, i think election fall tactic. >> alex, let's turn to the fight for florida.
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the president holding a rally there last night days after imposing new sanctions on cuba and putting a cuban-american on his short list to the supreme court. he's trying to appeal to voters there in florida. meanwhile, joe biden is getting some financial help from michael bloomberg. we know polls in florida are deadlocked right now. what are your thoughts on the campaign strategies? >> i mean, florida, florida, florida. it came down to florida in 2000, and it might come down to florida in 2020. so florida is going to be a huge part of the republican strategy, and joe biden's strategy these next few weeks. >> and lastly, a lot of people are talking right now about a new piece in "the atlantic" magazine about how complicated things could get after the election. how lawsuits over counting ballots could drag on and state legislatures could have to take action. it's very complicated, but what is your take on what election night could look like and the days and weeks after? >> we aren't going to know who the winner is on election night unless it's a blowout. we are on the verge of the most litigious election in american
4:21 am
history. both parties have been saving up money for this. you can actually earmark money from donors for legal action. both parties have done this. you are seeing hundreds of lawyers on both sides preparing, not for election night but for the day after election day. >> our thanks to alex thompson from politico. coming up, the ultimate man cave in grand central station. also ahead, a wild encounter in the park. d a wild encounter in the park. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine, my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin... decreases sugar... ...and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. people taking rybelsus® lost up to 8 pounds. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes
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skip to cold relief fast. alka-seltzer plus power max gels. with 25% more concentrated power. oh, what a relief it is! so fast! time to check "the pulse" on this friday. we begin with the ultimate man cave under the streets of new york. >> three workers were caught making themselves at home in a secret room beneath grand central station. >> what? >> transit officials found the room decked out with a tv, a streaming device, a microwave
4:24 am
and other comforts of home. >> the room was so well hidden management didn't even know it was there. the workers have been suspended. it's the typical new york city apartment. next, the new way to keep an eye on your home even when you are not there. >> it's from ring, the home security business owned by amazon. the always home cam is a small drone that can be programmed to fly around inside your house. >> it streams video to your phone so you can see what's going on. the price tag, $250. next, an 89-year-old pizza delivery man in utah. >> this man works about 30 hours a week. one of his customers was so impressed he started recording the deliveries and sharing them on social media. >> everyone loved him so they held a fund-raiser and collected about $12,000 for him. and finally, a relaxing stroll through the park. >> it was relaxing, until a father and son ran into some unexpected critters. they met up with not one, not two, but 14 raccoons during a walk in san francisco's golden gate park. >> raccoons usually move in smaller groups and rarely during the day. these raccoons were, like, mind your business.
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checking the top stories, lawmakers on capitol hill sent a message to the president. the senate has unanimously voted to reaffirm its commitment to a peaceful transition of power after november's election if president trump loses. it comes after president trump once again casts doubt on if he'll accept the election results. meanwhile, the fbi is investigating the mishandling of a number of mail-in ballots in pennsylvania. a police officer has been placed on leave after video showed him rolling his bike over the head of a protester. that demonstrator was wearing a helmet. it's unclear if the man was seriously injured. it was arrested for obstruction. -- he was arrested for obstruction. good news for college football fans. the pac-12 will play this fall after all. the conference has announced schools will begin a seven-game schedule in november. the league postponed fall sports last month due to the pandemic.
4:28 am
today's weather, former tropical storm beta's rains move off the east coast. showers and more rain around the pacific northwest today. and finally, the long lasting effect of a long summer on wine country in california. >> the smoke from historic wildfires have taken their toll. wayne friedman takes a look. >> reporter: fall should be the best time of year in sonoma's wine country. so what is wrong with these pictures? sonoma square, mostly empty and in the tasting room nary a soul except for the staff and the owner. have you ever seen a year like this? >> no. >> reporter: steve ledson, fifth generation of the family that first planted grapes here. dealing with the fall season he would rather forget, but will need to remember. even now he and other growers are dealing with the aftermath of our smoky september. >> you have to be prepared for the cost. you can't run this type of a business on a year-to-year basis. >> reporter: case in point, a ride with steve into the vineyards. it's going to be the worst kind
4:29 am
of show and tell. we're going to see grapes you can't pick? >> grapes we cannot pick. >> reporter: what had been a promising crop, left on the vines to ball on the ground, ruined. everything seems to have conspired against the grapes this year. hot temperatures, then the smoke and then the timing of that smoke. mostly red wines are impacted because they ferment in the barrel with the skin on, and the skin has the taste of that smoke. >> the whole entire industry is affected by this. >> reporter: in wine-making, that equates to the loss of a family member, a vintage unfulfilled in an industry where people pride themselves on working with what nature gives them. this is the rarest of occurrences. but not all is lost. we will see whites this year because they ferment without the skin, and some roses, and steve is hoping for some pinot noir. he pulled these grapes this morning from an untainted portion of the vineyard, but makes no guarantees about 2020. in sonoma, wayne friedman, abc 7
4:30 am
news. that's what is making news in america ts right now on right now on "america this morning," election uncertainty. president trump once again casting doubt on whether he'll accept the results of november's election. how key members of congress are responding, and a developing story from pennsylvania. the fbi investigating mailed in ballots unsealed found in the trash. night two of protests nationwide after the grand jury decision in the breonna taylor case. demonstrators breaking curfew, taking refuge in a church, and breaking overnight, a car driving through a crowd of protesters in hollywood. covid concerns. nearly three dozen states now seeing cases on the rise. parts of europe seeing a record spike. the cdc out with a new forecast. plus, a violent confrontation, a woman refusing to wear a mask


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