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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 25, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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let's look from our camera showing you limited fog. the marine layer is compressed to the coastline. sun up at 7:00 this morning, a lot of sunshine today, comfortable temperatures, mid-70s to mid-80s in the warmest cities. and that has put it below average for this time of year. and our air quality will fluctuate between good and moderate. so you may notice some haze, but all in all air quality is certainly okay. but as we look toward the weekend, we do have a red flag 9:00 p.m.hat will goo efft and we a much closer speed in a bay are watching that weather carefully. yesterday cal fire crews worked to contain a fast moving grass fire in santa rosa. it got stopped thankfully and they contained it at 12 acres. no homes or buildings were lost. amy hollyfield will have more in
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the next half hour. and we have the air quality tracker up and running that lets you see realtime data in your neighborhood, that is at happening today, we're expecting to hear from breonna taylor's family for the first time since the grand jury's decision was announced. they are expected to speak publicly this morning after another night of protests leading to dozens of arrests. joe bbina fortson has more. >> yeah, police in louisville, kentucky say that at least 24 people were arrested during last night's protests and the charges here include unlawful assembly, failure to disperse and riot in the first degree. louisville's mayor has extended a city wide curfew through the weekend. and in los angeles, a protestor was hurt when a car drove into a crowd marching down sunset
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boulevard in hollywood. several people chased the driver and police eventually arrested that person. meantime the attorney for taylor's family is demanding the release of try's t gist also. and more protests are planned here in the bay area this weekend. last night traffic was tied up for hours on bay area bridges because of demonstrations. julian glover is tracking it all and live now with more. >> reporter: good morning. yes, we're learning about another protest set for this evening. the so-called solidarity with louisville revenge for breonna taylor demonstration planned for 8:00 tonight in oakland at lake merritt. and that will follow a day filled with protests on thursday like this one here, bringing traffic on bay area bridges to a crawl during the evening commute. three cars and an ambulance are with were pulled over and ticketed for obstructing traffic
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going as slow as 10 miles per hour. and oscar grant's uncle showed up to show his solidarity and their mission for justice. grant was shot and killed by b.a.r.t. police in 2009. >> her death could have been prevented. oscar's death could have been prevented. if there is no justice, howe can we have peace? >> reporter: there was also a rally in front of city hall earlier in the day, speakers demanding the three police officers responsible for breonna taylor's death be held accountable. again, we're expecting at least one demonstration this evening in oakland tonight, but we can imagine several others are planned for the weekend. julian glover, abc 7 news. and if you are dealing with racial or social justice issue, we want to help you find an ally. go to action for a list of local resources. happening today, california's health and human
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services secretary dr. mark ghaly will give us an update on the response to the covid-19. he urge urges californians to get a flu shot. he will share his update on the pandemic at 1:30 this morning. after touting a coronavirus vaccine by election day, president trump is now threatening to reject stricter fda safety standards that could slow the release of a vaccine. the president said the white house could overrides the fda standards, casting a move as political. the agency's guidelines put the authorization of any potential vacciadvantage vaccine past vaci day. dr. hahn said that they will not be pressured. and new at 6:00, founder of whole foods is calling americans out for their bad eating habits. john mackey says he believes the u.s. has
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deaths because of the high obesity rates. and he said we can see that through the way people eat today versus 50 or 60 years ago. statistically we're moving in the wrong direction, we're getting fast and sicker. health experts have said people with certain underlying conditions are more likely to suffer severe complications from the virus. and ruth bader ginsburg will lie in state today inside the u.s. capitol. and here is a live look at d.c. justice ginsburg is the first woman to lie in state there. there will be a formal ceremony held this morning for invited guests only. ginsburg will be buried in a private service at arlington national cemetery next week. abc news will air a special report at 7:00 a.m.
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still ahead, the struggle to get help from the edd. within woman explains what happened when a scammer got a hold of her benefits. and a look at this new feature on google maps that could help you navigate your way through the pandemic. >> and i'm drew tuma with a live look from the east bayhills camera. enjoy the confident abo
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. welcome back. we're tracking the next three days for you. today it is breezy and mild. temperatures in the mid-70s to mid-80s. and then warmer weather starts to move in saturday, hottest spots going into the 90s. and the heatwave really kicks off here on sunday as we head back into triple digit readings in our hot he is sptest spots. and fire danger will also be on the rise with gusty winds. so early sunday morning, you see the offshore winds in the north bay gusting over 30 miles per hour at times. and it looks like that will continue for much of the morning on sunday. and the red flag warning will be
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in effect. happy friday. we will be looking at the various live cameras around the bay area right now starting with the bay bridge toll plaza. it is getting a britt business still no metering lights. and there is a high wind advisory. and moving to you san jose, the south bay is completely clear, no major slowdowns in that area. and then lastly here, we want to bring in walnut creek checking out 680, its that been a bit busier, but everything is moving. so love to see that for this friday. and kids getting a head start with the help of j bezos. and first message came in and said the balance is $50. and then five minutes later,
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$30. >> and an east bay woman watches a scammer drain her edd benefits right before her eyes. the struggle she and many others have gone through to get help. and as we head to break, a live look outside at 6:10.
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all californians will be able to vote safely from home. every active, registered voter will receive a vote-by-mail ballot with a unique barcode. you can track it using where's my ballot? and you'll receive automatic notifications by text, email or voice call
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now to the most clicked story on 7 on your side's michael finney has been reporting on all the problems surrounding the edd including con men ripping off the state. take a look. >> reporter: tonya is having a tough financial go of it during this pandemic. she recently received this email from the edd. >> it said action needed on your unemployment insurance claim. >> reporter: she hadn't made a claim. so she went to the edd website and checked her personal information on her edd account.
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there the san jose resident finds a los angeles address? >> there is also a cell number listed there and that cell number is not mine either. and i'm like okay, this is suspicious to me. and then i saw your thing that i have on facebook about the edd fraud and i was like wow, what timing is this. >> reporter: inmates including convicted murderers, collected at least a quarter million dollars in benefits this summer. after watching my report, she looks up the edd fraud hotline. >> i've tried calling that like three, four times, all it gives is an automated system. there is actually no one that you can talk to. >> reporter: here is part of that recording -- >> the office has limited staff availability and there are no agents available to take your call at this time. you may leave a message or fax a report providing any available information and details known. >> reporter: pretty up front.
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they are not going to talk to you. even if you leave a message, they may not talk to you. >> you will not receive a call back unless additional information is required by the edd. >> reporter: taneshia kelly knows all about the hotline. a fake unemployment claim stopped her disability payments. she contacted the edd and was directed to the fraud hot line. >> i left a voice mail and i thought if this is happening a lot, how many more voice mails are there, you know, what number am i? when are they going to get to my message? >> reporter: after she left that message and apparently nothing was done, her edd debit card was grain drained. >> first text message was like your balance was $50. five minutes later, $30. and then five minutes later,
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$8.63. >> reporter: 7 on your side contacted the edd for taneshia and her state lawmakers too. finally the edd cleared her account and now 7 on your side is working to getting a debit card released. i asked edd for an explanation and it referred me to a press release that did not address the issue. the edd is right now in the middle of a two week reboot. they say once that work is done, things will go much more smoothly. i'll check and report back. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. look at this, something pretty to stare at. time lapse video that shows the fog rolling in over the golden gate bridge. a photographer shared this on instagram. he said it took him 2 1/2 hours to shoot and 4 hours to edit it. and drew says enjoy it now because you one of the see this kind of cooling fog for the next few days. >> yeah, these pictures are so nice to see especially with the
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heatwave on the horizon. >> very calming. >> very zen-like. yeah, fog is very limited this morning. pretty much nonexistent by the weekend as the heatwave arrives. and also gusty winds that will increase the fire danger. and temperatures are in the upper 50s to lower 60s on this friday morning, s it is a mild start out there. later on today, we'll top out in the mid-70s to mid-80s for a lot of us. and that is pretty comfortable when we talk about late september. a lot of sunshine out there. your air quality today will fwluk chew eight between good and moderate, so you may notice a little haze in tthe atmospher. overnight tonight, mid 50s to mid-60s, fog very limited as our heatwave begins to move you in over the weekend. and we're tracking a fire danger, we have a red flag warning that will go into effect
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9:00 p.m. tomorrow evening and will last flew mondthrough mond morning. so let's look at the winds hour by hour. we're really focusing first on sunday morning. by 6:00 a.m. sunday morning, those offshore winds really develop in the north bay, gusting over 30 miles per hour at times. as we go throughout the day on may ebb and fwloflow. and sunday night into monday morning, we may see another burst. it looks like the north bay is the highest threat under the red flag warning, but still the east bay hills and inland east bay could see gusts over 35 miles per hour. so here is the accuweather 7 day forecast, breezy and mild today, warmer over the weekend with the heatwave beginning on sunday with the high fire danger. and it looks like records are very likely early next week. and there is a color coded sense that shows you the density
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of covid-19 cases in any given area band it also tells you if cases are trending up or down in that area. google says that it provides critical information designed to help you know where to go and how to stay safe. uc berkeley may impose a ban against visitors from even setting foot on campus in response to a california mandate to help slow the spread of covid-19. the ban would apply to walker, runner, bicycler, anyone not affiliated with the university. it is unclear how they would enforce the ban. classes resume this fall, but most of them are still virtual. anyone who has visited the campus knows that there are a ton of ways to walk in and out of there. >> yeah, i don't really see how that would be physically possible. but we'll see. senator dianne feinstein's husband caught in a scandal now. still ahead, his involvement in helping certain students get admitted to uc schools.
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and there is an event coming up this weekend, the more pink walk. the annual fundraiser is going virtual this year. if you are interested in joining, there is still time to register. it begins on zoom and facebook at 9:30 sunday morning. registration is 20 bucks. abc 7 is a proud sponsor and kate larsen is emceeing virtually.
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we'll start you out with a beautiful look at our santa cruz camera. the sun is slowly getting up here. we do have a beach hazard in effect until 8:00 p.m. tonight for the increased risk of rip currents and sneaker waves. later on we'll see a lot of sunshine, breezy and mild, temperatures in the mid-70s to mid-80s. temperatures really comfortable, a few degrees below average for late september. so all in all, a really nice afternoon shaping up. you will notice maybe a little haze in the atmosphere compared to days past. air quality will fluctuate between good and moderate today
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and tomorrow. so your pm 2.5 levels remain less than 100, but there will be a bit of haze in the atmosphere. and happening today, london breed will speak at a black trans lives matter rally. this is video of a march back in june. organizers say that the purpose of the rally is to bring awareness and lived experience of a black transgender and nonbinary and advancing racial equity for all black lives. the rally begins at noon. the husband of california senator dianne feinstein was one of the university of california regents named by the state auditor's office in admissions scandal. he is accused of writing inappropriate letters of recommendations for friends and family members. in one in-stantsstanc instance, only had a 26% chance of getting
6:26 am
in. he says he did nothing wrong, that he's written many letters over the course of his 18 year tenure as a uc regent. and jeff bezos is tuition free schools for children in underserved areas. he announced des moines, washington as the first location. he says that it is the first of many frhe free preschools that s fund will open. and next at 6:30, accessibility on zoom. the new features on the video conferencing platform that can help people who are visually and hearing impaired. are you ready for the heat in it is coming. and that story is coming up. and a free covid-19 testing site opening this weekend to help a hard hit community in the east bay. and a live look outside and we're looking at clouds and fog.
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supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. a live look at the u.s. capitol right now where the justice will lie in state today. abc news will have special live coverage of the ceremony starting within the next half hour. also today a public appearance from breonna taylor's family, they are expected to respond to the grand jury's decision as demonstration continue across the nation. and a live look outside, i'm told this is the sutro tower camera, but you can't even see anything. it is shaping up to be a hot weekend with triple digit temperatures in part of the bay area. so enjoy it while you can. good morning, everyone. >> we have been warning people about this hot weather all week long, but you never really are
6:31 am
prepared. >> i can's this the heatwave wh finally buy a second fan? yeah, it will get hotter by the second half of the weekend. today it is really comfortable, so you will feel the mid-70s to mid-80s later on this afternoon. a little bit of a breeze. and then warmer weather starts to move in on saturday. and it is really on sunday where the heatwave really kicks in. people on the bay shoreline will lose the breeze, so 80s to low 90s are likely by the end of the week. and we're tracking a higher fire danger and a red flag warning for the north bay mountains, east bayhills and inland east bay where we're tracking wind gusts well over 35 miles per hour. we'll track those winds hour by hour in a few minutes. high temperatures and wind gusts not a great combination for so many of us worried about the fire and now we have it
6:32 am
again. amy hollyfield is live in walnut creek this morning. >> yeah, it is cool right now, feels really pleasant. hard to imagine hitting 103 or 104 which is expected here in walnut creek. and here is a look at what officials are worried about, fast moving fires that are fueled by this weather that we are about to experience. this one broke out yesterday, it burned 12 acres. but the hot temperatures and srong winds expected this weekend are perfect conditions for fire and residents say they know to be ready. >> i think that is our new reality, so it is up to us to figure out how to be as prepared as possible given that this is a likely scenario not just annually, but probably each
6:33 am
fall. >> reporter: got to keep the bags packed. and toopg&e will be doing shuto because of the weather, but they won't be turning it off in the bay area. so that is one less thing for us to be worried about this weekend. but we still need to be on guard for fires and doing what we can to stay cool. unfortunately, it won't be very pleasant weather for sitting outside in outdoor dining. indoor dining is not allowed here. so maybe this weekend if you don't feel like sitting outside and eating, maybe suffer takeout. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. and you can get updates on the weather anytime, we have an air quality tracker on our website as well that lets you see real time data. so go to ucsf is doing a major push
6:34 am
to provide free testing in a neighborhood that has been hit hard by covid-19. this is tomorrow and sunday from 9:00 to 5:00 for people in the fruitvale district, the 94601 zip code. the site is at 35th avenue and ooe east 12th street. people are asked to register before but you won't be turned away if you just show up. a federal junk jujudge just sto to end the cs on wanted to wrap it up september 30, but a judge ruled that it would likely produce inaccurate results in undercounted groups. the justice department is expected to appeal the ruling. and justice ruth bader ginsburg will lie in state in the united states capitol today.
6:35 am
here is a live look as services get under way. joe biden, jill biden and position kamala harris are all expected to be among those paying their final respects today. the president is planning to announce his new supreme court nominee tomorrow despite begins xwurg's report ginsberg's reported dying wish to be replaced after the election. there will be a ceremony honoring justice ginsburg this morning in less than 30 minutes. and there are unanswered questio questions and growing concern after president trump refused to commitment to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the elect. he stoked doubt about the fairness of the election raising questions aboutiln voting. republicans on capitol hill are responding and democrats are on the attack. >> you are not in north korea, you are not in turkey, you are the united states of america. it is a democracy. >> we've had an orderly transfer
6:36 am
of power four years since washington was selected for a second term in 1792. >> the senate unanimously passed a resolution thursday reaffi reaffirming its commitment to a peaceful transition after the election. we have a complete guide to all the 2020 ballot measures here in california on our website, there are 12 on the state ballot. you can check everything you need to know at mass protests across the u.s. as we wait to hear from breonna taylor's family today. still ahead, demonstrations happening here in the bay area. and looking live at the new york stock exchange, down this morning. another update on the markets competition heats up in san francisco. the popular food trucks in the running for $50,000. but first a check of the
6:37 am
weather. >> and we're tracking a lot of changes the next several days. first the winds will increase and that will heighten the fire danger and then we're tracking warmer weather. and so let's go hour by hour for you. as we get into the evening on saturday, there and onshore com poe nents. but late into the night into early sunday morning, we expect the winds to really shift out of the north and northeast. and that is why we have a red flag warning in effect. here you can see the wind particles moving in from the north to the south. and that is that offshore wind that could gust well over 30 miles per hour at times. especially sunday morning. so we're watching sunday morning very closely. looks like the winds may relax a bit sunday afternoon and likely another burst of the offshore winds late sunday night into early monday morning. and highest concern will be in the north bay where winds will be the strongest. and what is happening when we have these offshore winds, as
6:38 am
they race out of the north and come over our mountains and hillsides, as they drape down the hillside, they speed up and the air com p prresses. so it gets warm and tries the aired around it. and the humidity drops and so we have the higher fire danger. so the red flag warning does go into effect at 9:00 p.m. and it lasts until 8:00 a.m. monday morning for the winds gusting well over 35 miles per hour. so we'll track it closely. now a check of traffic with jobina. sichbs you were talking about the wind, i want to remind our commuters that we have a high wind advisory issued by the chp for the altamont pass and also the san mateo bridge. and let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are not on. so a nice clear ride coming into
6:39 am
san francisco this morning. and moving to san rafael, this is 101. south bay is completely clear as well. it has been a smooth morning for the most part except for coming out of tracy. and looking at the richmond is an
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welcome back. 6:42. look at a live look from the exploratorium camera. we're live streaming this camera and others from around the bay area 24 slsh/on the new connect app. download the app to check it out. you can get our news cast live and also on demand. and look at these temperatures,
6:43 am
mid-70s, mid-80s. a lot of sunshine today. the air quality will fluctuate between good and moderate today. so you may find a bit of haze in the atmosphere. 69 in the city today. 82 the high in napa. a beautiful picture. closer look at the air quality, today and tomorrow the air not as fresh as it has been in days past. but still our pm 2.5 levels will remain less than about 100, but again, you will see a bit of haze. today we expect to hear from breonna taylor's family for the first time since the grand jury announced that the police officers would not be charged in her death. their attorney and kentucky's governor are calling for the release of the grand jury's transcript, something the attorney general had said would not be made public. more protests are expected across the country including right here in the bay area this weekend. julian glover are is tris track
6:44 am
all. >> reporter: yes, there were protests immediately after the decision on wednesday, we saw protests thursday and now we're learning about more protests this evening. it is planned for 8:00 in oakland at lake hair rit oig, this following again a day filled with protests on thursday like the one you see here bringing traffic on bay area bridges to a crawl during the evening commute. flee cars a three cars and decommissioned pla ambulance cited for obstructing traffic. >> the black woman will not call 911 as we're getting the [ bleep ] beat out of us because we don't thout't though which i the abuse in our home o the ce>>eporr:heasls a
6:45 am
demonstration in ni ended peacefully, no arrests, no citations or reports of damage from opd. again, the revenge for breonna taylor demonstration set for tonight at lake merritt. and now a special report with abc news. an abc news special report. celebrating ruth bader ginsburg, a judicial icon. now reporting george stephanopoulos. good morning and welcome to our special coverage of the celebration of ruth bader ginsburg, the supreme court justice who died one week ago at the age of 87. memorial service on capitol hill. there you see joe biden, his wife jill. the hearse carrying the casket of justice ruth bader ginsburg where she'll lie in state. the honor guard ready to meet her there. rosa parks was honored in the
6:46 am
u.s. capitol as well. justice ginsburg will become the first woman to officially lie in state, also the first jewish woman to lie in state. mary bruce is outside as the ceremony is getting ready to begin. mary, what a moment this is going to be. the memorial service presided over by nancy pelosi. >> reporter: george, it strikes me that ginsburg a first until the very end. what a remarkable moment it will be to see by the first woman speaker of the house. what a fitting farewell. i keep thinking of the word the rabbi spoke where she said ginsburg was born into a world that did n see her and did not
6:47 am
believe in her potential. she spent a lifetime chipping away at these inequalities so all of us could live up to our potential. you see nancy pelosi there. ginsburg's casket about to be brought out of the hearse behind me. ginsburg is someone who spent so much of her life really living through the discrimination she fought to dismantle. she knew what it was like to be turned down for a job because she was pregnant. she knew what it felt like to have her aspirations viewed by her husband. what a remarkable life. >> the honor guard now marching to meet the casket. kate shaw former supreme court clerk now professor.
6:48 am
justice ginsburg made decisions that touched every aspect of life. >> that's right beginning with her amazing legal career in the 1970s where she changed the meaning of the constitution's equality kwaguarantees. she methodically brought a series of cases that convinced the nine men on the supreme court to change the meaning of the constitution. she brought these cases many on behalf of men to make the point that laws that draw distinctions stifle everyone from their full potential.
6:49 am
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>> ready step. ready step. ready step. ready step. ready step. ready step. ready step. ready step. ready step. ready step. ready step.step.step.step.step.. ready step. ready step. ready step. ready step.
6:52 am
ready step. ready step. >> solemn, majestic moment on the steps of the u.s. u.s. u.s. for justice ruth bader ginsburg. she'll be buried in arlington national cemetery next to her husband. quite an honor for justice ginsburg. what a chord she struck in the united states. we saw it all week long on the steps of the u.s. supreme court. >> sowerful, george. i was down there several times. took my own family down there. her journey is such an american journey. that majestic moment there, this honor of lying in state in the capitol. all part of recognizing her story is the best of our stories. the daughter of immigrant families. she's not only the first woman
6:53 am
to lie in state, she's the first jewish person to lie in state. a person who did have to overcome discrimination on the basis of gender and in many ways discrimination on the basis of her faith and the faith of her family. here she is with all of, as you point out nicely, the majestic honor, the ceremony that focuses our attention on that story, on her patriotism, her service to this country and what she did for this country. i'm struck as i was at the supreme court when she was lying in repose there, that the little girl today who could grow up t t ruth bader ginsburg may ber asi continues in the same way ruth bader ginsburg lived it. >> cecelia vegas, she broke a lot of barriers.
6:54 am
she probably could have imagined that in her 80s she would become a pop celebrity. >> she struggled with that, george. she in the end embraced it in a quirky way. i think back to those images of her in her office and she had these bobble heads of her. boy, did she become a cultural pop sensation. people were wearing t-shirts of her and jewelry of her. in the wake of her passing, her collars selling out online. i keep thinking of one image. a little girl showing up to pay her respects in a super woman costume that went viral online. if ever there was a super hero for little girls to look up to, it was certainly justice ginsburg. >> there's the scene there
6:55 am
insi inside the hall right there. social distancing in this covid age. you see this masks as well. pierre thomas, we talked about her fight for equal rights for women. she became known in these final years on the bench as a member of the minority on the also in voting rights cases. >> indeed, george. i was struck as the honor guard brought her casket in. it's such a season of losing icons. john lewis was brought up those steps. i spent time last n reading justiceginsburg's dissentt the voting agents. she have said voting discrimination still exists.
6:56 am
her essential argument was that racism was real and some states were impeding the voting rights of blacks. she said the need for oversight remai remains. she cited one case that was breathtaking. in 2001 a mayor of an all white the town's election after an unprecedented amount of african-americans announced they were running for office. >> we see the speaker of the house nancy pelosi entering, chuck schumer, members of the ginsburg family. speaker pelosi will preside of the memorial. the rabbi will deliver remarks. of course justice ginsburg's casket will be placed on the
6:57 am
lincoln c lincoln catafalk. justice ginsburg's family and close friends, including her trainer, she became famous for her work-outs as she was determined to remain strong for her final years on the bench. today we'll remember her. tomorrow a new battle begins as president trump is prepared to announce his nominee for the vacancy. qet in the ha.
6:58 am
>> forward, march. >> leading the way the sergeant of arms for both the house and
6:59 am
the senate, along with the military honor guard. >> halt. center face.
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