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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 27, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> good morning, everybody. it's september 27th. i'm liz kreutz. we want to get to you breaking news this morning about mandatory evacuations under way in napa county and st. helena calistoga area while firefighters are dealing with a vegetation fire there. we'll go tote lisa argen with a quick look at the weather as well. bring us up to speed on what you know and we'll give an update on that fire. >> winds are gusting up to near 40 miles an hour in the north bay. live doppler 7 no fog at all but the winds around that area, check it out, this is current from 10 to 50 miles an hour, mt. diabslow gusty winds with the red flag warning into effect and up to the north where the fire s we'll continue to see the
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north-northeast winds gusting in excess perhaps of 45 miles an hour. so even at the surface by the delta, winds are gusting to 33 miles an hour, red flag warning with us until 9:00 tomorrow, and this entire area from the north bay to the east bay upper and lower elevations as well as the bay shore now is under a heat advisory. so this is the heat advisory area through the day tom re. you can see we'll expect a lot of dry heat today. look at the camera there. it is shaking and looking at not only the spare the air alert today for poor air quality but it looks like temperatures already are in the 60s. so gusty winds gust beginning, liz, another burst will be with us throughout the day tomorrow but they will be subsiding throughout the afternoon today. >> thank you, lisa. we're already feeling the impact of the winds. back to breaking news in the north bay, again, following this brand new mandatory evacuation order in the st. helena and calistoga area west of the
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silverado trail by crystal springs road, exactly where it s the area of deer park road to crystal springs to north fork crystal springs are all being told to leave right now. evacuations are under way as we speak. so far this vegetation fire is 20 acres but has a dangerous rate of spread. we'll be closely monitoring all of this, this morning and bringing you updates as soon as we get them. so please, follow your nixel alerts if you're in the area and be on standby because there is a mandatory evacuations under way for a vegetation fire in napa county in the calistoga/st. helena area surrounded by several wineries, if you're familiar with the area. because of the fire danger we're deekeeping an eye on pg&e outage map as it planned power safety shutoffs never night. parts of the north bay could lose power any time after 4:00
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p.m. today. customers in napa, sonoma and lake counties could be affected. the power would remain off until weather conditions deem it safe to reenergize lines. they will have crews and helicopters waiting for the all clear. >> unless we have that all clear, we immediately then begin to patrol and to restore our electric system. >> pg&e will open 28 community resource centers near the ought original areas to allow people to power medical devices and recharge electronic gadgets like cell phones. the fire danger is forcing many people to prepare early. cornell barnard found a few people to see how they're getting ready for this. >> reporter: temperatures will sizzle sunday and monday, bringing red flag fire danger, high winds, low humidity. fire crews getting ready. >> any time we see red flag conditions it raises our awareness and concerns. >> mandatory evacuation zone.
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grab your belongings and leave the area. >> reporter: the red flag fire warning comes weeks after mass evacuations in sonoma county as the wall bridge fire forced thousands from their home. firefighters are urging everyone to be careful. >> limit outdoor activities that could potentially spark a wildfire locally. >> reporter: officials say a landscaping crew may have accidentally sparked this 12-acre grass fire in north santa rosa thursday. cal fire stopped it in less than an hour. >> good to test it out. >> reporter: dave barcado isn't taking chances. he has the generator ready to power his oakmont village market in case pg&e shuts the power off. he lost power in early september during a planned power shutoff. the stress has been terrible. >> we've had three years of constant fire danger, fire danger, power outages, and now you're throwing in the virus.
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>> reporter: calistoga is impacted by power shutoffs almost a dozen in the last two years. if it happens again the town is ready with a plan b to keep the lights on to most of downtown. this microgrid was installed weeks ago, paid for by pg&e, diesel powered generator also keep lights on to 60% of the town if the power goes off. >> they don't look very sexy, but we love them because they do exactly what we need them to do when we need it the most. >> reporter: heat and fire danger, bay area life in early fall. >> we're ready to go just in case. we have to be. >> reporter: in sonoma county, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. president trump nominated amy coney barrett to replace ruth bader ginsburg on the supreme court yesterday. the senate will look to hold confirmation hearings the week of october 12th. abc news reporter kristine sloan has the reaction this morning. >> reporter: hours after nominating federal judge amy
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coney barrett to the supreme court, president trump touting his pick before a packed crowd in pennsylvania. >> judge barrett is a brilliant legal mind and extraordinary scholar. you know that. number one in her class. you know, the professor, one of the most respected people, he said the greatest student he's ever had. that's pretty good. >> reporter: if confirmed the 48-year-old who would fill the seat of the lace justice ruth bader ginsburg who died earlier this month amid a bitter election battle. during saturday's ceremony judge barrett, anti-abortion and pro second amendment vowing to adhere to the constitution. >> judges are not policymakers and they must be resolute in setting aside any policy views they might hold. >> reporter: a former law clerk to justice antonin scalia, she's the president's third pick to the nation's highest court. democrats are united in opposing her candidacy.
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>> a vote for amy coney barrett is a dagger aimed at the hear of the health care protections americans so desperately need and want. >> reporter: democratic presidential nominee joe biden also urging the senate to not act until after the election. sources tell abc senate hearings are expected to begin october 12th, and if confirmed, judge barrett could be on the court by election day. kristine sloan, abc news, new york. >> and not just reaction coming in from d.c. this morning, but really across the country, and here in the bay area, too. abc 7 news reporter lauren martinez spoke with local experts and politicos to hear what they think. >> it's the nightmare scenario everyone that believes in progress hoped wouldn't happen. >> reporter: manny runs a politically-minded space in san francisco where people mail letters to voters in swing states.
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saturday he said was their biggest turnout yet after president trump announced judge amy barrett a nominee for supreme court. on capitol hill politicians reacted. senator diane fine tyn state "judge barrett clearly passes the president's conservative lit tus tests or he wouldn't have nominated her. " >> judge barrett is an outstanding choice for the supreme court vacancy. >> reporter: barrett is a highly qualified judge, even if you don't agree with her politically. >> justice kagan was nominated and confirmed, conservatives came to her defense and said she really is a very highly qualified person even if you don't agree with her politically. so that would really be the appropriate thing to do in this case, to look at her credentiallecredentials in this case. >> reporter: her track record is conservative, brad june depth, professor of law at santa clara university said it's difficult to know how someone is going to behave once they become a
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justice. chief justice roberts has voted in a more liberal way than many people thought. >> if you go a little further back, justice stephens, justify suitor voted much more liberal. you never know for sure until someone puts on that robe and sits in that chair exactly how they'll behave when deciding, they're the final decider on these huge issues for the country. >> reporter:? san francisco, lauren martinez, abc 7 news. >> we sent out this breaking abc 7 news push alert as we livestreamed president trump's announcement yesterday afternoon. if you want alerts in the future the abc 7 news app is free to counsel load in your app store. lisa, we are following breaking news about a vegetation fire in napa county. of course, that comes as we have this red flag warning across the bay area. >> yes, liz, winds on top of mt. diablo gusting over 50 miles an hour. they will mix down to the
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surface as the sun comes you the and subside throughout the afternoon but we're not done with them. they'll be back tonight. a live look outside where temperatures right now in the city are in the 60s. it's going to be hotter today by as much as 15 degrees across the bay. i'll have your accuweather seven-day forecast next. neighbors near san francisco's twin peaks say they
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5:12 am saving on auto insurance is easy. because saving a little extra goes a long way. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. back to our breaking news that we're following closely this morning. a mandatory evacuation order for residents in st. helena because of a vegetation fire. this is one of pg&e's cameras over the area, you can see some of the flames there that sparked about an hour ago. they're calling it the glass incident. right now police say residents and businesses in the area of deer park road to crystal
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springs road should leave right away. this is just east of silverado trail. cal fire says the fire is 20 acres and has a dangerous rate of spread. we'll continue to monitor this and bring you any updates as soon as they become available. for months, san francisco's twin peaks has been closed to traffic to promote social distancing during the pandemic. this morning, neighbors say this is a reason behind car break-ins and parties. luz pena is following the story. >> reporter: at least for a moment having this as your view could take any worry away. once residents step outside, reality hits hard. >> car break-ins have been like a plague. >> reporter: gary russ says the closure of the lookout is to blame. shattered glass can be seen down the hill, brazen thieves can drive up to the parking area can't anymore so they're casing cars parked along the hillside
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of the avenue and jumping right in. >> we've never had this much theft. >> reporter: march 28th the city closed the street for cars to drive up to the lookout, hoping to promote social distancing and reduce crowds. fast forward six months later, over 200 residents signed this petition asking the city to reopen the gates. >> if they open that gate up, everything that is happening in our neighborhood will go back to where it came from. >> reporter: but it doesn't necessarily get solved. >> well they can solve it up there. they shouldn't be solving it in a neighborhood. >> some neighbors don't want the gates to reopen. >> while we're in the pandemic, to have a place that i can walk to is really appreciated. >> reporter: supervisor rafael mandelman represents this district. for now, he says they're trying to please both sides, by reopening the portolae side from 6:00 p.m. to midnight. >> stepped up police presence, going by more frequently, the captain is aware of this.
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>> reporter: the president of the board of supervisors gave us a candid response. >> in hindsight it probably wasn't the best thing to do. >> reporter: their plan is to reassess the closure of these gates in the next two weeks, but in the meantime -- >> one of the things police need to do in response to that is go there and target ticketing and maybe towing those cars away. >> reporter:? san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. in ourert to build the better area includes the changing economy. two black sisters made history in the south bay. nirvana soul inside the westin, san jose's first black owned coffee shop. the co-owners are san jose natives and already drawing in customers. >> it's kind of showing solidarity, community support, two hard-working african-american women just really setting a great example in the community and we want to
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support positivity. it's beautiful. >> reporter: nirvana soul's walls are decorated with work from local artists as a nod to the nationwide movement for social justice. lisa, red flag warning started late last night and we'll be tracking those winds today. >> yes, liz, they're in the upper elevations right now and when you see my maps, they haven't mixed down to the surface but we are the examining them to mix down to the surface. breezy winds, hot and dry weather from 10 to 15 degrees above where we were yesterday, so we are really going to gain on the heat, and the atmosphere continues to dry out. here is a look at the live doppler 7, where we're not showing any fog. i was going to say the lack of the marine layer is gone and as we look at what will happen the next several days we'll build on the heat. up to where the fire is, temperature right now is 74 degrees. relative humidity is low at 35%,
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wind north-northeast at 6 gusting to 16 miles an hour. elsewhere numbers are cooler, mainly in the 60s except out by the delta. winds are out of the north and gusting to 27 miles an hour here around fairfield. it is 58 in santa rosa. so cool there. elsewhere we're looking at temperatures warmer as much as 17 degrees warmer throughout and that's all due to that northerly wind, which is up a couple thousand feet. so the wind gusts at 33 by vacaville, calm at the surface and then as we look at the winds at a thousand feet, you notice mt. diablo at 53 miles han hour. up in the north bay generally 20 to 30 miles an hour so this mixes down to the surface. it continues to dry our atmosphere out. it will drag some of the smoke from the north down into the bay area. here is the look at the air quality right now, where it does look good but as we go through the day today notice the oranges and pinks indicate more hazy conditions, not like what we
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experienced when we first got into all that smoke, but if there isn't an more fires we'll continue to see just the haze but have to add in that smoke if we do see more fires in the north bay. so as we get through the afternoon, 2:00, surface winds 15 to 25 miles an hour and they continue to advance. overnight tonight another gust of offshore winds bringing the surface winds anywhere to 25 to 35 miles an hour. let's skip ahead to tomorrow, where it should be the warmest day that we're experiencing, 104 in fairfield, 101 livermore and concord. 09 in richmond. so not a lot of change from today to tomorrow except for the fact a couple degrees of warming and a sea breeze aening lot coast but not in time to help mitigate the effects of the heat we'll get on your monday. tuesday still look at inland numbers, 80s around the bay so a little cooler around the bay and that will be the trend as we get into the middle of the week but what happens wednesday? we're hotter as we get into
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imland valleys. today 91 in palo alto. 100 in santa rosa. hazy conditions with mid-90s in morgan hill. 89 san francisco. mid-70s half moon bay and the accuweather seven-day forecast our spare the air alert, hazy conditions. hot weather continues tomorrow. notice the ridge of high pressure is locked in place for our east bay valleys on through thursday. after that, you should get some cooling, but we will begin to see some cooling late tomorrow but liz, the winds are going to be up throughout the next 24 hours to 30 hours for sure. >> we're seeing the vegetation fire burning in napa county so we'll be monitoring it, thank you. we're starting to see the smoky side effects in wine country as well. >> kind of an ashy flavor to it. >> reporter: you can't fix that? >> no. >> just ahead, how fire season
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this september is affecting our grapes long-term an the one type of wine you won't
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back to our breaking news we're closely following this morning. a mandatory evacuation order for residents in st. helena because of a vegetation fire. this is one of pg&e's cameras over the area right now. this fire sparked a little more than an hour ago. cal fire is calling it the glass incident so far. right now police say residents and businesses in this area of deer park road to crystal
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springs road and north fork crystal springs road, this is just east of the silverado trail should leave right away and these evacuations are under way right now. cal fire says the fire is 20 acres, it has a dangerous rate of spread. we'll continue to monitor this and bring you any updates as soon as they become available. we put a push alert on our website and apps so we'll continue to update that as well as we get more information. into northern california wines mark down 20 as being a question mark. blame the smoke from fires earlier this month and more smoke on the way. you've heard about smoke taint with wines, well now wine makers are talking about a lost vintage. abc news reporter wayne friedman explains. >> reporter: fall should be the best time of year in sonoma's wine country, so what is wrong with these pictures? sonoma empty and in the tasting room, nary a soul except for the staff and the owner. have you ever seen a year like this?
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>> no. >> reporter: steve lettson, fifth generation of the family that first planted grapes dealing with a fall season he'd rather forget but needs to remember. he and other growers are dealing with the aftermath of our smoky september. >> you have to be prepared for the worst. you can't run this business on it a year-to-year basis. >> reporter: case in point, a ride with steve into the vineyards. it's going to be the worst kind of show and tell. we're going to see grapes you can't pick? >> grapes we cannot pick. >> reporter: what had an by promising crop left on the vines to fall on the ground, ruined. it's all about taste. >> i'm picking up on my palate kind of an ashy flavor to it. >> reporter: you can't fix that? >> no. >> reporter: everything seems to have conspired against the grapes this year, hot temperatures and then the smoke, then the timing of that smoke. mostly red wines are impacted because they ferment in the barrel with the skin on, and the
5:25 am
skin has the taste of that smoke. >> in 2020 there will be no sonoma valley estate petite sera. the whole entire industry is affected. >> reporter: that equates to the lost of a vintage unfulfilled in an industry where people pride themselves on working with what nature gives them, this is the rarest of occurrences. in here, what do you feel? >> not good. >> reporter: but not all is lost. we will see white this is year because they ferment without the skin, and some rosettees and steve is hoping for some pino n pinot noir. he makes no guarantees about 2020, well one guarantee actually. >> it's going to be the story and we don't know at this point what the real outcome is going to be of this, but i can assure you it will be a story forever.
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>> reporter:? sonoma, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> in honor to fallen california firefighters went virtual this year. [ bell tolling ] the california fire foundation streamed a ceremony saturdy honoring 32 men and women whose names were added to the state firefighter's memorial at the state capitol. the memorial now includes the names of more than 1,400 firefighters. hundreds of people usually attend this annual tribute. this year the pandemic forced firefighters and others to honor the fallen watching from their screens. a kitten is now rescued from a north complex fire and drawing comparisons to the new "star wars" fan favorite. if it seems familiar you might be a favorite of the man jdalauria. she looks like baby yoda.
5:27 am
they've been flooded with requests from people interested in adopting her, baby yoda, very sweet. much more on the next half hour of "abc 7 mornings." president trump's supreme court pick setting up a month umal battba monumental battle in the senate. plus months of anticipation tuesday night, president trump and joe biden take the debate stage for the first time. how a new abc. is already giving us some answers and breaking news an the evacuations under way right
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only with xfinity mobile. now from abc 7, live breaking news. welcome back. the mandatory evacuation order issued for some residents in st. helena because of a wildfire that cal fire is calling the glass incident right now. police say residents and pic
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businesses from deer park road to crystal springs road should leave right away, east of the silverado trail north of the town of st. helena up to calistoga. smoke is visible in calistoga. this fire started in st. helena east of the silverado trail near north fork crystal springs road, excuse me. cal fire says this fire is 20 acres right now, that it has a dangerous rate of spread. we're going to continue to monitor this and bring you any updates as soon as they become available. we're also monitoring this on our social media platforms and our website, good morning, everyone. it's sunday, september 27th. let's get right back over to meteorologist lisa argen tracking that red flag warning this morning. lisa? >> that's right, liz. winds are blowing out of the north-northeast, over 35 miles an hour right there, we'll take you there and show you the current conditions where temperatures are warm already in the 70s, relative humidity at
5:31 am
30%. wind gusts up to 19 miles an hour. in the vicinity they are over 35 miles an hour. you can see, check it out, st. helena, gusts to 65 miles an hour, this within the last 15 minutes. you can see knoxville 40 miles an hour, and now mt. diablo up to 48 miles an hour. these are some fierce, dry winds. they will continue to bring down the relative humidity, which now is at 35%. it will be in the teens to pretty much nothing out there, and then we'll get warmth to add to this, in fact, temperatures will be well into the 90s to near 100 in this area today with the red flag warning so the entire area will be looking at the gusty winds throughout the morning hours. they'll work down to the surface and the heat overspreads the entire area as well. you can see the camera shaking there, a spare the air alert. we'll talk in detail about the temperatures in a few minutes. liz? >> lisa, thank you. back to breaking news in the north bay, we want to give you an idea of where exactly the mandatory evacuation orders are in place.
5:32 am
in st. ellenia north of the town you can see deer park road there, a lot of wineries in this area that some of you might be familiar with from that area on google maps, marist wines, not sure the state of these although we know some structures might be threatened but the individualry wineries we don't know. st. helena water treatment plant in that area. deer park road to crystal springs and if you are in that area, businesses and residents need to evacuate right away. so far this vegetation fire is 20 acres, it has a dangerous rate of spread and we are closely monitoring it all this morning especially given the fact as lisa has been talking about the strong winds in that area. so meantime, let's talk about some other big news, president trump has nominated judge amy coney barrett to replace the late ruth bader ginsburg during the rose garden ceremony, judge barrett vowed to adhere to the constitution. >> judges are not policymakers,
5:33 am
and they must be resolute in setting aside any policy views they might hold. >> sources tell abc news senate hearings are expected to begin october 12th and if confirmed, judge barrett could be on the court by election day. democrats are you nighted in opposing her candidacy. house speaker nancy pelosi released a statement about the nomination and you can see it here it reads in part "trump is exploiting this vacancy against the clear and overwhelming will of the american people as he dismantles the pillars health and economic security in america. every vote to confirm this nominee is a vote to dismantle health care." democratic vice presidential nominee senator kamala harris said "with the next supreme court justice set to determine the fate of protections for those with preexisting health conditions and row productive health options, i will continue to fight on behalf of the people and strongly oppose the president's nomination." coming up on "this week" this morning, senator dick durbin and senator mike lee, whether
5:34 am
republicans can confirm amy coney barrett to the supreme court before the election. you can watch those full interviews on "this week with george stephanopolous" at 8:00 on abc 7. your voice, your vote in this 2020 election a brand new poll finds joe biden with a ten-point lead against president trump. the abc news/"washington post" poll finds biden with a 54%-44% advantage over the president. the results show mr. trump as the first president in 81 years of modern polling never to achieve majority approval for his work in office. he's at 44% approval among all americans. 58% disapprove of his handling of the pandemic, a key to biden's support, a national poll, the key battleground state polls that are so important, we talk about the electoral college. but that does get us to this week's highly anticipated first
5:35 am
presidential debate, president trump and joe biden facing off on the supreme court, coronavirus, race and social justice and everything else, meeting face to face for the first time in the campaign, exciting night to watch, i'm sure, coverage tuesday night at 6:00 p.m. here on abc 7. the election is less than six weeks away. we have a complete guide to all the state ballot measures on our website. check out everything you need to know before voting at still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," breast cancer health concerns in the covid 19d e-19 . >> women underinsured, underserved. >> how the pan demme sick creating a whole new worry for doctors and the easy thing that you can do today to help out. and here is a live look from our roof camera here over the embarcadero and the bay bridge. lisa is tracking the forecast and the red flag warnings and
5:36 am
the regeation fire in st.
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oakland is seeing a big boost from local filmmakers. diggs and gasol hosted celebrity story time to raise money and celebrate the park's 70th birthday. the duo made the film "blind spotting" a tribute to oakland, streamed on the fairyland website. the park along make merritt is another place struggling to survive with the pandemic.
5:39 am
lisa, you have fond memories there so hopefully that helped out. but let's get back to that breaking news we're tracking. it's a big day for weather and the red flag warning. >> some of the strongest winds we're seeing right now over 65 miles an hour on top of mt. st. helena. it's not what we want to hear, blowing all over the place with the red flag warning. looking at a lot of heat today, critical fire weather. we'll be back with a look at today and when the heat begins to ease, next. a giant opportunity for the 49ers in new york city, here is how the group is planning on grabbing a win against the g-men without their main stars
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taking a live look from our golden gate bridge cam camera, we are streaming this live camera and others from around the bay area 24/7 on our new
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connected tv app on roku, amston fire, apple tv and android tv. download the app to check out the live cameras around the bay area and live newscasts and on demand. let's talk sports. the injury depleted 49ers this morning are back in action at metlife stadium for the second straight week. san francisco faces the new york giants at 10:00 a.m. the san francisco giants need a win and some help to make the playoffs for the first time since 2016. the giants battle the padres at oracle park at 12:05 and a's against the mariners at 1:10 this afternoon. one of the world series heroes announced his retirement. here's chris alvarez with the details in this morning's sports. >> reporter: hunter pence is calling it a career, after 14 years in the biggs, eight with the giants, number 8 announcing his retirement on saturday. the two-time world series champ and four-time all-star posted a
5:43 am
heartfelt video on his social media channels describing his gratitude and appreciation for the game and the fans. how about baseball saturday night, mike yastrzemski wince the billy mack award. straight up, zach davis says someone else take it, nobody does. base hit but the giants failed to score. scoreless into the fourth, johnny cuedo hangs one up to fernando tatis jr. and big fly to left center, some pretty skies at oracle park on saturday night, part of a three-run inning. later cuedo picks strikeout here. cuedo watch out, looks like his hair got clipped, not injured. giants lose 6-1, they need a win on sunday and help to clinch a playoff spot. a's and mariners at the coliseum. oakland the two seed in the a.l. playoffs.
5:44 am
mike minor field your position, between the legs off of kyle seager, five earnings, four hits, seattle up 3-1, seager a two-run blast to right, ma enradioers take the game 5-1. game two, a's were the visiting team, got on the board early, grossman with a homer going to get over the right field wall and 1-0 oakland. grossman added another solo blast later in the game. a's started paul blackburn fell apart in the third, wild pitch here that, will bring in the go-ahead run. he didn't get out of the inning. seattle puts up an eight spot, seven earned from blackburn. kyle seager another home run and seattle 12-3. still don't know who the a's will face in the playoffs tuesday. the 49ers depth will be put to the test when they take on the giants. nick mullens the start at quarterback as jimmy garoppolo sits things out with a high ankle sprain. this will be mullens' most
5:45 am
significant action since 2018. he started the final eight games, went 3-5, threw for more than 2,200 yards. he didn't throw a pass all last year, he's staying ready for the moment when his number is called. >> you just work. every drive, every ball, focus on those mechanics and things like that, just relentless work in the offseason. you are what you are, but you can maximize that. so that's the growth mindset that i've always had. >> the more he is decisive, the more he gets out of his arms. he's gotten more reps than he did last time, not live reps but played pretty well and good to get three days in a row with the ones and ready to go. >> west finals, lebron and the lakers looking to close out denver and advance the nba finals. jamal murray on a tweaked ankle but helped denver come back from double digits to tie the game late in the third. winning time for lebron, he scored nine points in less than
5:46 am
two minutes to help put this thing away. he scored a game high 38. lakers take the series in five. lebron has made the finals nine of the last ten seasons. miami can close out boston in the east. abc 7 is your home for every game of the nba finals. the stanley cup final, game five, former shark joe pavelski and the stars need a win to stay alive. joe pavelski late in the third lights the lamp. he's now scored the most goals in the playoffs of any american born player nap will send it into overtime and the coaches feeling the stress in a double overtime. half way through, cor ye perry off the rebound, and force game six monday night. tampa bay still leads 3-2 games. that's a look at sports. back to you. let's get back to breaking news in the north bay, we want to give you an idea of exactly where these mandatory evacuation orders are in place in st. helena, just north of the town, east of the silverado trail. if you were in the area of deer
5:47 am
park road to crystal springs road, cal fire says you need to leave right away and we do know there are evacuations under way right now. also just coming in, the town of anguin north of st. helena under an evac ways advisory. so far the vegetation fire is 20 acres with a dangerous rate of spread. we're closely following this fire this morning and bring you any updates as soon as they come in. lisa, you're tracking it as well as the winds whole area under a red flag warning. >> that's right, liz, the dangerous rate of spread thaw spoke of certainly because of the winds out of the north and northeast, over 60 miles an hour up in the north bay. we have another 24 to 30 hours of these very gusty, dry winds and it will just work to dry out the atmosphere and continue to bring the warmth with us today, as we get the sun coming up, as it is 75 right now up by the fire. 30% relative humidity. here the winds are up to about
5:48 am
20 miles an hour, but right around it, the winds are fierce, and they continue to gust quite aggressively as we look right now from mt. hood there, 33 miles an hour. the oakland hills, lighter winds, mt. tam up to 25 and the colors indicate the stronger winds. so from the yellow to the red to the purple, that's where we're seeing the strong winds, even into the south bay, up to 30 miles an hour. at the surface, around vacaville, looking at a wind gust at 33, and temperatures well into the 70s there. 73 by brentwood, 77 fairfield. 63 in hayward and only 50 teeing temperature we have is up in santa rosa. so 9 to 17 degrees warmer out there. right now the air quality is good, that's going to be changing with these winds, we're looking at the hazy conditions. this is throughout the day today on sunday, notice the oranges and pinks and we're going to take you through into monday and conditions remain poor, so perhaps another spare the air day, hasn't been issued yet
5:49 am
today. perhaps tomorrow. here is a look at the winds. look at the colors, they begin to back off. they are going to mix down to the surface, the wind, so they're in the upper elevations now. the sun comes up, we'll get breezy winds down at the surface. by the afternoon, they begin to dial back a little bit, 10 to 20 miles an hour, still out of the northeast, but look what happens tonight. they ramp up again up to 20 and 35 miles an hour particularly in the north bay, the east bay, the diablo range and the heat on top of it. no recovering in terms of our moisture tonight. there won't be any real humidity, no fog so we'll add on to the very dry conditions into your monday. 93 today in san jose. 92 in milpitas as well as cupertino, looking at low 90s from redwood city. these are 10 to 20 degrees above where we should be this time of year, upper 80s downtown, in the 70s yesterday, and up in the north bay, anywhere from the upper 90s to the triple digits. we have the breezy offshore winds, hazy conditions. over into the east bay, looking
5:50 am
at 90 in oakland. 93 union city and you head inland, where the heat is going to hold on, right on through the week. so we're in the upper 90s to 100 today, with the hazy conditions, it's going to be this way at least until thursday, while tomorrow afternoon, looks like we're going to see a southerly flow and a sea breeze come up from the south that will help out the peninsula and san francisco, but the accuweather seven-day forecast shows the hot conditions for a period, and spare the air alert right through tomorrow, as well as our heat advisory, so today and tomorrow some of the hottest weather, the most dangerous conditions with critical fire weather, and then by tuesday, we begin to see a little bit of relief, but as we go through the week, this is october now, we're looking at temperatures well above average until this time next weekend. so as you saw, liz, it doesn't take much. the middle of the night with temperatures in the 50s and 60s and those winds already creating some problems out there. >> thank you, lisa. we'll talk to you in a little
5:51 am
bit. here at abc 7 we dedicated ourselves to building a better bay area, specifically devoting our focus to these five issues during the pandemic, and all-important one being your health. diagnosing cancer patients early usually results in better outcomes but because of the pandemic, many screenings have been delayed. abc 7 news reporter kate larsen hose us why doctors and non-profit leaders aren't just concerned about the cancer, they're worried about the funding. today there's something simple that you can do about it. >> while there's unfortunately patients struggling with covid, the number of patients with cancer is not going away either. >> reporter: dr. heather greenwood is a ucsf radiologist, she specializes in breast imaging and diagnosing and treating breast cancer. >> several models published from the national cancer institute suggest that from breast cancer and colon cancer alone in the next decade, 10,000 more deaths just related to the fact that
5:52 am
people aren't coming in. >> reporter: back in the spring, many breast imaging appointments, mammograms and ultrasounds were canceled and of course with lockdown guidelines. at ucsf, volume is back up to about 90% of normal, but it's still a big concern as is supporting cancer patients. >> everything is down. >> reporter: joanne horning is the founder and ceo of suesan g. komen san francisco branch. the pandemic forced their more than pink fund-raising walk from the embarcadero to a virtual zoom event. as a result registration is down from 1,200 to just 200 people. >> it is heartbreaking, because we want to help the breast cancer patient in the bay area. women who are underinsured, underserved. >> reporter: the good news, there's still time to register for the walk and to schedule a cancer screening. indicatel kate larsen, abc 7 news. >> it costs $20 to register. the walk begins on zoom and facebook at 9:30 this morning. abc 7 is a proud sponsor of this
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welcome back, to this breaking news in the north bay. cal fire giving exact and urgent instructions for the new mandatory evacuation orders in place in st. helena northeast of the town. if you are in the area of deer park road to crystal springs, cal fire says that you need to leave right now, and we also just got new information from napa county additional evacuations expanded evacuation orders, the silverado trail is evacuated up to larkmeade lane in calistoga, south to deer park road so an area from st. helena towards lark meade lane in calistoga on the silverado trail
5:56 am
as well are under an evacuation order. we want to give you a look at what we're seeing from the pg&e camera. you can see the flames in black and white. crews are battling this fire that started maybe about two hours ago, nearly two hours ago in st. helena. also coming in just now the town of anguin is under an evacuation advisory. so far the vegetation fire is 20 acres, a dangerous rate of spread and tracking the red flag warning, and we'll be closely following this all morning bringing you any updates as they come in. we have a team working updating on and of course on our abc 7 news app so you can track every detail there as well. we have a full hour of "abc 7 mornings" ahead. we are awaiting those new updates from cal fire on that new vegetation fire overnight. cal fire says again, a dangerous rate of spread. we're going to have the very latest coming up next. stick with us.
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now from abc 7, live breaking news. good morning, everybody. breaking news off the north bay. an evacuation order is expanded. residents and businesses in deer park road to crystal springs as well as the silverado trail should leave right away. this is in st. helena north of the town. the fire is 20 acre, has a


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