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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  September 27, 2020 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> i have a neighbor that lives further down the road and she was woken by her neighbor, and she could see the flames, but she doesn't have the front view that i have, and that was at 3:00 a.m. i almost didn't pick the phone up. and i'm so glad i did. i started out the door, and i saw this very beginning of the fire start. >> an early morning wildfire ignites and quickly spreads in napa county, prompting evacuation orders. good morning, everyone, i'm liz kreutz. the glass fire has burned at least 800 acres in the north bay and napa county. several areas in the county are under mandatory evacuation orders right now. and that does include the east side of silverado trail from
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lark mead road to deer park road as well as parts of the community of anguen. you can see the list of acsn your screen. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard is live with more. cornell, good morning. >> reporter: liz, good morning to you. smoke is everywhere here at silverado trail and deer park road. this is as far as you can go if you're heading up the this is part of the evacuation order which includes mark mead road and glass sad smoke is pumping into the napa valley fast and furious. a lot of people are very stressed out. there are a lot of evacuees here. behind me we have horse trailers, we have people with furniture who basically grabbed what they could and they ran. people like jan who liven
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crystal springs road, correct? >> correct. >> reporter: it's been a very stressful morning, i know. please tell me what happened. >> we woke up in the middle of the night. there were flames. we could see flames. we ran to the car. i was in my underwear. there was a car on fire blocking the access out. we opened the car door. our dogs fled. we were screaming for help. the fire department had to cut through a fence and we -- i still haven't -- i still haven't found my dog. we left with nothing. i mean, just literally with nothing. we're so lucky to be alive. g, could you describe the it?is >> it's her birthday, she's 11 years old with a pretty silver face. if you find her, i don't have a phone, i don't have anything, her tag has my number on it. >> reporter: you said you don't even have your cellphone, you
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had to leave so fast. >> i have nothing, i left in my underwear, barefoot. nothing. >> reporter: all right. jan, thank you so much. we will keep an eye out for the dog, of course. just stand by, we have more information for you, i'm sure, in a few minutes. we also talked to another evacuee who is parked just down the road here. she said she grabbed what she could about 4:00 a.m. and took off. listen to this. >> it's getting tiring, you know, base few weeks ago we were ten days evacuated out of our houses. so i just want them to put this fire out and be able to go back home. it gets pretty tiring, you know. it seems like it's turning into a lifestyle, being here. it's a beautiful place, but this is not -- this is not right. >> reporter: megali told me she is ready to leave california,
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it's been so stressful. a lot of people evacuated weeks ago during the lnu complex fire that happened really in the same area. now, we've questions about st. helena hospital that is just up on the hill. jan, you said it's about a mile from where we are. we understand it's on an evacuation warning at this point. the hospital is on lockdown. but so far, patients and staff have not been evacuated from that hospital. that is the very latest from st. helena. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> cornell, i have tears in my eyes, listening to jan. please send us our very best. wow. let's get a quick look at the weather conditions with meteorologist lisa argen, lisa, it's just heartbreaking. >> it is, liz. you saw cornell up there talking about the smoke and our visible picture here shows you where the smoke is. remind underneath our sweep there on mt. st. helena.
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smoky conditions from angwyn and to the north. the glass fire, 79 degrees, 22% relative humidity, winds out of the north gusting to 20 miles an hour. we have seen gusts over 70 miles an hour at mt. st. helena. 35 miles an hour to the north. atlas attack is at 31. mt. diablo at 62 miles an hour. so these winds will continue to bring breezy conditions down here to the surface, where in vacaville we're at 78 degrees with a wind gust of 20 miles an hour. that's why we have a red flag warning through tomorrow night. we're talking north, east bay hills, valleys of north and east bay hills, and a heat advisory that's been expanded from san francisco to the entire bay area through 7:00 on monday. air quality is already deteriorating in the east bay, in the south bay. and you saw in the north bay. the golden gate, looking at blue sky right there.
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it is 71. oakland, mountain view, gilroy 64 at the coast. hot temperatures today, we're talking 20 degrees above average. and we're going to see those dry winds continue throughout the day today. numbers will be well into the 90s. this is your 4:00 temperature. we could hit 100 by about 3:00, mid-80s around the bay. the good news is, liz, we'll get a sea breeze tomorrow, but not in time to help us with this excessive heat. >> all right, lisa, thank you. with fire dangers threatening all day today, pg&e was warning of power safety shutoffs. they were forced to because of the glass fire this morning. power is out for a little more than 2,000 customers right now. estimated restoration is around 9:45 this morning. pg&e has been warning of other public safety power shutoffs today as well. the utility says customers in parts napa, sonoma, and lake counties could be affected until
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conditions improve to re-energize power lines. the wildfire burning in the north bay is now at at least 800 acres. in the last half hour, earlier this morning, we spoke with a st. helena resident who says she lives on crystal springs road where there are mandatory evacuations.s the moment that she woke up early this morning. >> i have a neighbor that lives further down the road. she was woken by her neighbor. and she could see the flames, but she doesn't have the front seat view that i have. and that was at 3:00 a.m. and i almost didn't pick up the phone, and i'm so glad i did. i started out the door and i saw the very beginning of the and it's escalated probably ten times or more. i mean, it's already going up on this eastern hillside.
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it wasn't there before. i've also heard several propane explosions from tanks and just -- i don't know how far i am, but i think it's probably like three miles. >> wow. and pam, you say you're on a winery. i know that area, a lot of people are very familiar with it, even people who don't live in that area because it is such a destination. have you seen this fire take over any structures at this point yet? >> oh, absolutely. the homes that are up on this hillside are burning. there's a huge vineyard up above that i've admired for many years, and there's a home that is at the very top of the mountain. they have man panoramic views. i'm sure it's being destroyed at this time because i'm looking in
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the direction that it was. the fire is above i want to say dancing hairs vineyard. so the area is kind of adjacent to howell mountain. i live on crystal springs road, below the hospital, more going towards the vineyard estates at the end. so there's a lot of homes that are further up the road, small properties. then it gets to be an exclusive enclave of vineyard estates. you know, we have ten acres. there's larger properties. i was here for the last fire, which was, gosh, i'm kind of brain dead right now because i'm in shock, but it was about a month ago. there was a huge fire. and i stayed through that. i was one of the only people
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that stayed. the roads were closed, nobody could enter once they left the property. i was safe. but this is normal for me. i've been here since 2007, and i was here for the huge fire that destroyed santa rosa, that ran over the calistoga grade. i saw flames from my patio in the direction of calistoga. then we had another fire two years ago. i'm kind of numbed by it. it's not something that's going to change. i really believe we're going to have a lot of this going on in the future. >> and we sent this push alert just after 5:00 this morning about these mandatory evacuations. you can stay up to date with news where you live by downloading the free abc 7 news app and enabling push alerts. all right, lisa, let's get
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another check of the weather and the conditions outside now. >> from our east bay hills camera, liz, we're looking dry and warm right now with livermore at 78 degrees. you have a northeast wind at 8. you're talking about 100 today, maybe 99 degrees. you're going to have a very hot week ahead. otherwise will have a bit of relief. my accuweather seven-day forecast is next. also next, neighbors near san francisco's
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our breaking news this morning, the glass fire, north of st. helena, now burning at least 800 acres, according to cal fire. mandatory evacuation orders have jumped since it started at 4:00 this morning or little before that. they include silverado trail from lark mead lane to both sides of deer park road, north of the town of st. helena
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well as crystal springs road in that area. cal fire says if this is you, you need to leave. and we are constantly updating the full list of streets included in these orders as well as everything we know so far. find it all right now at or on your abc 7 news app. meantime, president trump made it official, nominating amy coney barrett to replace the late ruth bader ginsburg on the supreme court. the senate will reportedly look to hold confirmation hearings the week of october 12. abc news has the reaction this morning. >> reporter: just hours after nominating amy coney barrett to the supreme court, president trump touting his pick before a packed crowd inpennsylvania. >> judge barrett is a brilliant legal mind, an extraordinary scholar, you know that. number one in her class. you know the, uh, the professor, peleheaidhe greatest cted student he's ever had, that's
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pretty good. >> reporter: if confirmed, the 48-year-old would fill the seat of the late justice ruth bader ginsburg, who died earlier this month amid a bitter election battle. during saturday's rose garden ceremony, judge barrett, a devout catholic who is antiabortion and pro second amendment, vowing to adhere to the constitution you. >> judges are not policy makers and they must be resolute in setting aside any policy views they might hold. >> reporter: a former law clerk to justice antonin scalia, she is the president's third pick to the nation's highest court. democrats are united in opposing her candidacy. >> a vote for amy coney barrett is a dagger aimed at the heart of the health care protections americans so desperately need and want. >> reporter: democratic presidential nominee joe biden also urging the senate to not act untilelection. sources tell abc senate hearings are expected to begin october
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12. and if confirmed, judge barrett could be on the court by election day. abc news, new york. not just reaction coming in from d.c. this morning but really across the country and here in the bay area as well. abc 7 news reporter lauren martinez spoke with local experts and politicos to hear what they think. >> it's the nightmare scenario that everyone that believes in progress hoped wouldn't happen. >> reporter: manny runs a politically minded event space in san francisco where people mail letters to voters in swing states. saturday, he said, was their biggest turnout yet after president trump announced judge amy coney barrett is his nominee for the supreme court. onapolhi, d.torianne tweeted, judge amy coney barrett clearly passes the president's conservative litmus test or he wouldn't have nominated her. >> i think that judge barrett is an outstanding voice for the
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supreme court vacancy. >> reporter: the co-chair for lawyers for trump says barrett is a highly qualified judge even if you don't agree with her politically. >> justice kagan was nominated and confirmed, conservatives came to her defense and said she really is a very highly qualified person even if you don't agree with her politically. that would really be the appropriate thing to do in this case, is to look at her credentials in this case. >> reporter: even though barrett's track record is very conservative. a professor of law at santa clara university says it's difficult to know how someone will behave once they become a justice. han many tice roberts is voted people thought. >> if you go a little further back, justice stephens, justice souter, voted in a more liberal way than the republican presidents thought they would. you never really know how
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they'll behave when they're the final decider on these huge issues for the country. >> reporter: lauren martinez, abc news. as local leaders warn of new coronavirus upticks to come if the public doesn't keep being careful, new cases this morning. there is some encouraging news. that is with the positivity rate. the 14-day has dropped to 2.9%. that is the first time that we've seen it dip under 3% during the pandemic. so that really is some good news. but it's just one thing after the next this year, lisa. again, these fires. >> and, you know, september, historically thete tfe yeae san.
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so their ocourse, is up in the north bay. you can see the signature smoke streak behind me. look at that, that smoke is pushing south and east due to the northeasterly winds. we'll go in a little tighter. you can see mt. st. helena just north of there, smoke bushing through current conditions are getting hotter, 80 degrees right now. as we gain a degree in temperature, we lose moisture in the ai aho the wind gusts. look at the colors, 63-mile-an-hour wind helena ha 26-mile-an-hour wind gusts. the strongest winds are in the upper elevations. we're beginning to see some of these mix down to the surface. mt. tamil aur looking at the east foothills too, all of this wind, and that
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will be pushing that hazy air, not only from the current fire, but the fires from the august complex to the south and east overspreading the bay area. wind gusts to 20 miles an hour in vacaville. look at the haze here, 280 -- -- 80 in san jose. 69 in santa rosa, 70 in map pa. air quality is beginning to deteriorate. you'll see if you live in the north bay or east bay. we've warmed over 15 degrees since yesterday at this time. it was down to 48 at half moon bay. this is a nice looking view from santa cruz where it will be in the upper 80s. excessive heat will last inland. we'll get a breaklo the coast late tomorrow. spare the air alert today for the moderate air quality. you can see from willis to kld.
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down t and then building on that tomorrow. here's a look at how the winds will play out through the rest of the day. the colors get lighter, that means the winds get lighter. they're still out of that northeasterly direction. into sunday night, another burst of winds into early tomorrow. then our advisory will take us through the day. the heat advisory, red flag warning from 7:00 to 9:00 tonight. current relative humidity, 66% in the city, 39% in antioch. look what happens when we add 30 degrees of heat today, we're down to 8% in cloverdale, a air.ure of the moisture so it i out there with just 19% relative humidity this afternoon. in the east bay valleys, tomorrow, 100 in livermore. into tuesday, still triple-digit heat inland. same on wednesday, we're getting cooling late tomorrow at the coast and around the bay. 90 today in oakland, 93 in san jose. mid-90s in morgan hill.
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100, santa rosa. 89, san francisco. there could be some records today especially over into the east bay. dangerous heat, high fire danger with gusty offshore winds right on through tomorrow. then we'll see a little bit of a breeze. but you notice the hot weather stays with us through thursday for danville and pleasanton and livermore. then we get a break and we should be near average. but between now and then, we're going to have worse air quality and very critical fire weather. >> all right. sounds like 2020, here
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but as californians we'll get through this together. if your income has been reduced or you've lost your job or your health insurance, covered california is here. we can help you find the health insurance you need to protect you and your loved ones. and, you may even get financial help to pay for your health insurance. so, if you or someone you know is without coverage, visit to learn more or enroll today. for months, san francisco's twin peaks has been closed to traffic to try to promote social distancing during the pandemic. but this morning neighbors are blaming the closure as the reason behind a recent outbreak of car break-ins and parties. abc 7 news reporter luz pena has
9:26 am
the story. >> reporter: at least for a moment, having this as a view could take any worry away. but once many residents step outside, reality hits hard. >> car break-ins have been like a playing right now. >> reporter: gary russ says the closure of the lookout is to blame. shattered glass can be seen all down the hill. brazen three of us can't drive up to the parking area anymore so now they're casing cars parked along the avenue and jumping right in. >> we've never had this much theft. >> reporter: on march 28, the city closed the street for cars to drive up to the lookout, hoping to promote social distancing and reduce crowds. fast forward six months later. over 200 residents signed this petition asking the city to reopen the gates. >> if they open that gate up, then everything that is happening in our neighborhood will go back to where it came from. >> reporter: but it doesn't necessarily get solved. >> they can solve it up there. they shouldn't be solving it in the neighborhood. >> reporter: but some neighbors don't want the gates to reopen.
9:27 am
>> while we're in the pandemic, to have a place that i can walk to is really appreciated. >> reporter: supervisor rafael mandelman represents the district. he says they're trying to please both sides, by reopening the portolae side from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. >> the police are going by more frequently, they're very aware of this. >> reporter: and the board of supervisors gave us a candid response. >> in hindsight it probably wasn't the best thing to do. >> reporter: their plan is to e reassess the closure of these gates in the next two weeks. >> one of the things police need to do is go there and start ticketing, maybe even towing those cars away. >> reporter: in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. much more on the next half hour of "abc 7 mornings." we'll get you right back to that breaking news, evacuation orders quickly expanding for the glass fire incident in the north bay. we havel coverh rom st.
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good morning and welcome back. we'll start this half hour with a look at the weather right now. lisa, you were tracking red flag warnings and some really windy conditions in the north bay. >> that's right, liz. we'll start from smoke from our visible satellite picture. you can see the fire and the smoke plume from the glass fire that is pushing the smoke to the south and west. so the winds are out of the northeast. we go in close and her there's smoke from glen ellyn through napa valley, through pengrove north of novato and inverness. 80 degrees there where the fire is burning, 21% relative humidity, north winds at 8, winds gusting to 20. winds right now nearly 70 miles per hour on. ab, miles an 21 n
9:31 am
sea level, winds gusting from 20 to 21 at calistoga and san francisco, blue sky and very little wind here. 75 in mountain view. from our sutro tower camera, still pretty good air quality but it's getting hazy in parts of the bay. looking at our 24-hour temperature change, 15 degrees warmer. look at the haze from mt. tam there and the camera is shaking. we're looking at the gusty winds and high fire danger through tomorrow. and temperatures climbing about 20 degrees above average, which is 70s. we'll be well into the 90s even heatn francisco. lasts, coming up. >> lisa, thank you. the napa county, at least 800 acres have burned so far. several areas in napa county are under silverado trail
9:32 am
from large mead road south down to deer park road as well as parts of the community of angwyn. you can see a list of evacuation orders on the bottom of your screen and we also put them on abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard is live for us in st. helena this morning. cornell, you've been talking to evacuees. such a frightening night for so many people. >> reporter: liz, good morning. another scary situation for wine country. exactly the situation that firefighters had feared with this red flag fire warning in effect right now. we're seeing lots of ambulances. upade seeing firefighters race thre we'rehtnow at silverador pa road we'reortheast of downtown st. hele helena. smoke pumping into the napa valley right now from the glass incident. and take a look at some flames u
9:33 am
t hl in the aa got the word about 4:00 a.m. that it was time to go because fire was approaching very, very fast. we talked to many evacuees this morning who are staging here off silverado trail, many literally had no time to do anything but run out the door, jump in the car, and get out. listen to a resident on crystal springs road. >> we woke up in the middle of the night. there were flames, and we ran to the car. i was in my underwear. we drove down. there was a car on fire, blocking the access out. we opened the car door and our dogs fled. we were screaming for help. the fire department had to cut through a fence. i still haven't found my dog.
9:34 am
we left with nothing. i mean, just literally with nothing. >> reporter: it's just been an incredible story there from jan. to make matters worse, jan's husband just broke his hip two days ago and was recuperating from that. he basically had to move as fast as he could, and it wasn't very easy, she said, getting into the car. jan's dog zsa zsa is missing right now. animal control is looking for her at this point. we do want to tell you that the hospital that is at the top of the h here off crystal springs road is being evacuated. it is the adventist st. helena hospital. and cal fire says it is being evacuated. the hospital says patients are being transferred. we have seen about about -- [ inaudible ]. >> looks like we just lost
9:35 am
cornell, but he was saying 20 patients were going by as patients were being transferred from the hospital. the sheriff shared some of the evacuation orders that includes silverado trail, lark mead lane to deer park road and deer park road to devil's elbow. also college avenue at howell mountain road to white cottage road and all of freesen drive. deputies say please leave the area, don't stop to look at the fire. that's because first responders need access to turnouts to park emergency vehicles. we have much more still on thri you in just a minute. these evacuations are scrolling here at the bottom of your screen. meantime let's move on to other big news this weekend, that is that president trump has officially nominated judge amy coney barrett to replace theh d
9:36 am
judge barrett vowed to adhere to the constitution. >> judges are not policymakers and they must be resolute in setting aside any policy views they might hold. >> sources tell abc news senate hearings are expected to begin on october 12 and if confirmed, judge barrett could be on the court by election day. democrats are united in opposing her candidacy. house speaker nancy pelosi released a statement about the nomination which reads in part, trump is exploiting this vanlea overwhelming will of the american people as he dismantles the pillar of health and economic security in america. every vote to confirm this nominee is a vote to dismantle health care. vice presidential nominee senator kamala harris said, with the next supreme court justice set to determine the fate of protections for those with preexisting health conditions and reproductive health options, i will continue to fight on behalf of the people and strongly oppose the president's
9:37 am
nomination. continuing now with your voice, your vote, in this fast approaching 2020 election, a brand-new poll this morning finds democratic presidential nominee joe biden has a 10-point lead against the abc news/"washington post" poll finds biden with a lead over the president. the president is the first to never achieve approval for his work in office. 58% disapprove of his handling of the pandemic. remember, it's a national poll, what will really matter, i think, is those battleground state polls as we talk about the electoral college. this gets us to this week's highly anticipated first presidential debate, president trump and joe biden facing off on the supreme court, coronavirus, race and social justice, and everything else, meeting face-to-face for the first time of the campaign.
9:38 am
coverage begins tuesday night at 6:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. the election is less than six weeks away now. you have to be ready to vote. we have a complete guide to california state ballot measures on our website. check out everything you need to know before voting at new this morning, a suspect is in custody after an officer was hurt at a los angeles police station. the officer was trying to help the suspect who walked into the station's lobby last night. police say there was an altercation and it appeared the suspect took the officer's gun and opened fire. the officer was not hit, but suffered injuries from being pistol whipped. the suspect led police on a chase before getting into another altercation with other officers. they were able to take him into custody. the injured officer is thankfully expected to be okay. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," a live look outside from our sutro tower camera there. it's going to be another probably smoky day now as we
9:39 am
have that fire burning up in napa county. we'll check in with lisa about the smoky and windy conditions.
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welcome back. you can see this chopper view here overhead of the glass fire, now brokgrown to 800 acres, tha the latest from cal fire on the size of this fire. mandatory evacuation orders have jumped since this first started around 4:00 this morning. and again, this is -- oh, you see the flames there from our sky7 view right there. but this is north of the town of st. helena, the silverado trail, east up to lark mead lane, south down to deer park road, as well as crystal springs road area. parts of the town of angwyn are also now included. cal fire says if this is you and you're in this area, you need to leave. if you're around that area, they say please be on standby because
9:42 am
we have red flag conditions and warnings for the next day or so. we'll check in with lisa on that. we are constantly of course updating the full list of streets included in these orders as well as everything else that we know. you can find it at or on your abc 7 news app. lisa, it's going to be a very hot week this week. >> that's right, liz. now, our heat advisory excludes the county of san francisco and the peninsula, because temperatures today, while they're going to be warm, 89 degrees, we're not going to see triple-digit heat. right now it is 66 degrees in san francisco. air quality is good. it's moderate in the north bay and the east bay. we'll talk about how that declines, how the temperatures go up, and the winds are going to keep cranking in my accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thanks, lisa. a giant opportunity for the 49ers in new york city. how the group is planning on grabbing a
9:43 am
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let's take a live look outside from our abc 7 remove camera right now. we're streaming this 24/7. just download the app and check it out along with our live newscasts and on demand. in sports this morning, the injury depleted 49ers this morning are back in action at metlife stadium for the second straight week. san francisco faces the new york giants at 10:00 a.m. the san francisco giants need a win and some help to make the playoffs for the first time since 2016. the giants battle the padres at oracle park at 12:05 and a's close out the regular seasonin 0 this afternoon. one of the world series heroes announced his retirement. here's chris alvarez with the details in this morning's sports. >> reporter: hunter pence is
9:46 am
calling it a career, after 14 years in the bigs, eight of those with the giants, mb 8inhis retiremen. the two-time world series champ and four-time all-star posted a heartfelt video on his social media channels describing his gratitude and appreciation for the game and the fans. how about baseball saturday night, mike yastrzemski wins the billy mack award. straight up, zach davis says someone else take it, nobody does. base hit but the giants failed to score. scoreless into the fourth, johnny cuedo hangs one up to fernando tatis jr. and big fly to left center, some pretty skies at oracle park on saturday night, part of a three-run inning. later cuedo picks up the strikeout here. watch the catcher throw it back to him. cuedo watch out, looks like his hair got clipped, not injured. giants lose 6-2, they need a win on sunday and help to clinch a playoff spot.
9:47 am
a's and mariners at the coliseum. oakland the two seed in the a.l. playoffs. mike minor field your position, what a play, between the legs off of kyle seeger, five innings, four hits, seattle up 3-1, seager a two-run blast to right, ma riners take the game 5-1. game two, a's were the visiting team, got on the board early, grossman with a homer going to get over the right field wall and 1-0 oakland. grossman added another solo blast later in the game. a's starter paul blackburn fell apart in the third, wild pitch here that, will bring in the go-ahead run. he didn't get out of the inning. seattle puts up an eight spot, seven earned from blackburn. kyle seager another home run and seattle sweeps the double dip, 12-3. still don't know who the a's will face in the playoffs tuesday. the 49ers depth will be put to the test when they take on
9:48 am
the giants at metlife stadium. nick mullens the start at quarterback as jimmy garoppolo sits things out with a high ankle sprain. mullens played in the game against the jets. this will be mullens' most significant action since 2018. he started the final eight games, went 3-5, threw for more than 2,200 yards. 13 touchdowns and ten i.n.t. he didn't throw a pass all last year, he's staying ready for the moment when his number is called. >> you just work. every drive, every ball, focus on those mechanics and things like that, just relentless work in the offseason. you are what you are, but you can maximize that. so that's the growth mindset that i've always had. >> the more he is decisive, the more owe -- he knows exactly where he's going, the more he gets out of his arms. he's gotten more reps than he did last time, not live reps but played pretty well and good to get three days in a row with the ones and ready to go. >> west finals, lebron and the lakers looking to close out denver and advance the nba finals. denver's
9:49 am
jamal murray on a tweaked ankle but helped denver come back from double digits to tie the game late in the third. he finished with 20. game close late. then it's winning time for lebron, he scored nine points in less than two minutes to help put this thing away. he scored a game high 38. lakers win by 10. lakers take the series in five. lebron has made the finals nine of the last ten seasons. miami can close out boston in the east. abc 7 is your home for every game of the nba finals. the stanley cup final, game five, former shark joe pavelski and the stars need a win to stay alive. late third, joe pavelski lights the lamp. he's now scored the most goals in the playoffs of any american born player nap will send it into overtime and the coaches feeling the stress in a double overtime. halfway through that period, cory perry off the rebound, stars win 3-2 and force game six monday night. tampa bay still leads 3-2 games. that's a look at sports. back to you. and again, we are keeping an eye on this fast-moving fire in
9:50 am
napa county, checking all the conditions, of course. lisa argen is on it right now. and we are going to be seeing this red flag warning now for the next several hours, it sounds like. >> throughout the day today and tomorrow, liz. through 9:00 tomorrow night, our heat advisory until 7:00. there's the signature smoke from the fire. northeasterly winds are pushing the smoke to the south and east of the city, st. helena, pengrove, seeing it back in the sky and towards forest knolls and off the coast at inverness. 20% relative humidity. winds out of the north gusting to 19 miles an hour.out. the relative humidity will drop probably near 13, 14%. right now st. helena is missing but in the last hour, wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. purples are the strongest winds.
9:51 am
we're up above 1,000 feet. from hawkeye to mt. tam, 25 to 35 miles an hour, east foothills. this will continue throughout the day, although as it subsides slightly, we'll get a burst of stronger wind tonight and tomorrow. at the surface, the delta breeze at 20 miles per hour, winds are cranking there. temperatures are near 80. this is emeryville, 66 downtown, 81 in mountain view, 63 at the coast. it was 48 this morning at the shoreline. looking at hazy conditions in the city, although the air quality right now is good, we'll be looking at some hazy conditions mainly in the north bay, the east bay, and perhaps the south bay. 69 in santa rosa, 79 by the delta. it's 70 in concord. and we're warmer, much warmer already. 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. so we'll be flirting with some records, perhaps. more likely tomorrow. the beach, santa cruz, 68 degrees, going for high through he w uilrida pleann and le, h
9:52 am
all wey.ek. n s om green to yellow around oakland, also up to the north, ukiah and willis. the air quality is beginning to change around san jose and it will continue with smoky conditions not only from the current fire but the fire from the august complex, winds bringing the smoke down. gusty winds ease up a little bit throughout 4:00. about 8:00, 9:00, they ramp up again, 20 to 40 miles per hour. 5:00 tomorrow morning, still under the red flag warning. and the heat advisory. by the end of the day tomorrow we should get a sea breeze. tomorrow, how about 100 in livermore again, so very oppressive there. the sea breeze late tomorrow, you'll feel it by the afternoon but not enough to help you out
9:53 am
with that very warm air. wednesday, we're still very hot. perhaps thursday things are really going to turn around. 93 in san jose. 92 in sunnyvale, on the peninsula. if you're right at the beach, it will be comfortable, otherwise 90 san mateo, 89 downtown. up in the north bay, 100 santa rosa, 95 petaluma with that air quality deteriorating. berkeley, 89, hazy conditions. 93 in fremont. and 100 in antioch. the accuweather seven-day forecast, you can see the hot weather through the week inland. and very windy, high fire danger with that offshore flow through tomorrow
9:54 am
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welcome back. we want to give you another update on our breaking news we've been following all morning. here say live look from sky7 of the glass fire burning right now in napa county. it is now upas 800 acres with no containment. it's unclear right now what started this fire around 4:00
9:56 am
this morning. several areas in st. helena and angwyn are under evacuation orders. we'll check back in with abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard in st. helena. >> reporter: hey, liz, another scary situation unfolding in wine country. check it out, roadblock set up on silverado trail and deer park road. smoke is really pumping napa valley this morning. fire burning northeast. crystal springs road, glass mountain road had to evacuate very quickly this morning around 4:00. cal fire has just confirmed that the st. helena adventist hospital is now also under an evacuation order. we've seen 20 ambulances racing ansfer.hill to make the patient fi jumpingnse ass ty can.we he
9:57 am
hill to make an attack on this fire. an evacuation center has been established in downtown napa at the crosswalk community church. i have to tell you, temperatures are really heating up out here. the situation continues. we're live in st. helena, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> cornell, thank you for all these live reports. gets llets get a final chec the weather with lisa. >> it's already 80 degrees there. look at the signature of smoke, you can see it right below our sweep on top of mt. st. elena. that's the glass fire, and the smoke with the northeasterly winds publishic pushing it to t and west offshore, but first it goes through mt. st. helena and pengrove. the winds will continue to crank above 1,000 feet to 20 to even obvious miles an hour. look at mt. diablo, 66-mile-an-hour wind gusts.
9:58 am
the accuweather seven-day forecast, 70s in pacifica and half moon bay. o 90s around heywood. heat stays inland through thursday. >> lisa, thank you. thank you all for joining us on "abc 7 mornings." a very active sunday morning. we'll leave you with this live pictur youeeire burning right nw in st. helena. get the latest on have a great sunday and stay safe. ♪ for skin as alive as you are... don't settle for silver ♪ gold bond champion your skin
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