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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 2, 2020 5:00pm-5:32pm PDT

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ust moments ago. >> i want to thank everybody for th i'm going to walter reed hospital. i think i'm doing very well. >> president trump is hospitalized tonight with coronavirus. we're getting reaction from both sides on his diagnosis. and a san francisco woman tells firsthand how devastating the virus can be, losing her father to it. her reaction after learning the president is infected. and it is an uphill battle in the north bay right now as firefighters try to get a handle on raging glass fire flames. we'll check in from the front lines. and the vineyard, it is still there, but the longtime family home is gone. we'll have this heartbreaking story. >> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. just a short time ago, president trump was taken by helicopter from the white house
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to walter reed hospital where he is expected to be treated the next few days. it was overnight we learned he had covid-19 and has mild symptoms. good evening. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dion lim. thanks for joining us. it has been a dizzying day following the president's late-night announcement that he, along with the first lady, have tested positive for covid-19. any event he or his family members are supposed to be at are postponed. now, as for vice president mike pence, he has tested negative and will do campaign events as scheduled. two people who were at last saturday's white house event announcing the nomination of amy coney barrett for the supreme court have tested positive. it's not clear if there is a link. >> reaction has been coming in as the situation evolved throughout the day. we begin our coverage with abc7 news reporter chris win, who spoke to republicans and democrats about the president's diagnosis. >> reporter: tonight all eyes are on america as president trump and the first lady deal with their own battle against
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the novel coronavirus. >> we have a lot of political disagreements in this country right now, but i hope we can all agree that we don't want any of our fellow americans to get sick and die. >> reporter: as a precaution, president trump is being hospitalized at walter reed national military medical center over the weekend. east bay congressman mark desaulnier wished the president and first lady well but said for months the president mocked mask-wearing, defied health experts, and played fast and loose during a real and deadly pandemic. he called on the trump administration to be fully transparent with the american people about his condition. the white house says he has already received a dose of regeneron's experimental antibody cocktail, which is also being used in clinical trials at stanford. infectious disease dr. yvonne medal doe na doe hopes this serve as a wake-up call. >> the guidance is very clear. wear a mask. stay six feet apart. it's not rocket science, and clearly that did not happen. >> reporter: house democrats are hopeful americans will take the virus more seriously and called
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on the senate to pass a revised stimulus bill to help those economically devastated during the pandemic. >> with so many lives on the line, so many americans who are now unemployed, struggling to put food on the table and keep shelter over their heads, we have to provide this relief. >> reporter: although the president's campaign is being scaled back, republican strategists say it's too early to tell how much of an effect this will have on the election. >> we want to make sure that the government that's in power currently has the ability to govern as effectively as possible, and that means that the quick recovery of the president and first lady. >> reporter: in the south bay, chris wynn, abc7 news. meantime, democratic presidential candidate joe biden and his wife have tested negative this morning for the coronavirus. he went ahead with a campaign event in michigan today. senator kamala harris and her husband also were tested today, and their results came back negative. she is in las vegas.
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trump supporter here in the bay area are sending their well wishes to the president. abc7 news reporter laura anthony tweeted this video shortly after president trump headed to walter reed medical center. the group is on an overpass in lafayette with trump signs and the american flag. we spoke with one bay area woman who was standing just feet away from the president at the debate this week, a woman who lost her father to covid. abc7 news reporter stephanie sierra shares her firsthand account of the lack of safety precautions taken inside the debate arena. >> proud boys, stand back and stand by. >> he yelled a lot. i can't help but imagine people were exposed to the virus. >> reporter: san francisco native kristen ur key zquiza wa sitting a mere 15 feet away from president trump during the debate tuesday night. >> we have no idea how much virus he put out into the air with his performance, and that
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is what scares me the most. >> reporter: the risk of exposure hits home for urquiza. she just lost her father mark to covid-19. >> i have seen firsthand through the loss of my dad the darkest results of covid. >> reporter: she says holding his picture that night was difficult as nearly the entire republican side of the debate hall wasn't wearing face masks. >> trump children, melania trump, who we know is positive, i saw them all. they were all without a mask on. >> how concerning is that to new. >> i'm terrified. >> reporter: urquiza is in the process of getting tested and will be self-quarantining just like the president and first lady. >> saddened and a little, you know, concerned for the president, especially given his age. >> reporter: john dennis is the chairman of the san francisco republican party. he also lost his father, bill, to covid-19. >> dead within 72 hours. it just went right through him, and he had an underlying issue that was not a good combination.
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>> reporter: after living through it, he expects the next 72 hours will be critical for the president. >> think about the president and his health and the first lady and hope that they make it through. >> reporter: stephanie sierra, abc7 news. >> a quick look at today's coronavirus headlines from ca california now. the state reported nearly 3,600 diagnosed cases. that is above the daily average. there were another 98 deaths, pushing the state's total to nearly 16,000. the positivity rate is holding steady at 2.8%, a good indicator of the transmission rate of the virus. developing news now with the glass fire. it grew overnight and has now burned more than 60,000 acres in napa and sonoma counties. cal fire says the heat along with numerous downed trees are creating a challenges for firefighters. containment is now at 6%. nearly 29,000 structures are threatened by the flames. day six and the glass fire is still burning out of control in some areas of wine country. weary firefighters are still on the front lines trying to stop
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the fire from getting any bigger or burning any more homes. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard is in napa valley. >> reporter: the glass fire exploded across a ridge on mount sait. helena in northeast napa county, flames jumping high into the air, fueled and energized by tinder dry brush. cal fire did water drops from choppers. ground crews doused the flames with water while others lit backfires in hopes of slowing the fire's forward march. it was a race to feed and water the animals which couldn't be evacuated at shane koehler's ranch off highway 29. a cow and some chickens. >> the fires worked to our house, know, so now we're worried and concerned about that. so it's like stressful. not a lot of sleep. >> reporter: as the fire rages on, additional homes and structures have been lost in the fast-moving place.
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the fire is still raging about five miles north of where we are on highway 29. here in downtown calistoga, take a look. there is barely a soul around. 5,200 people remain under a mandatory evacuation order. mayor chris canning grateful to the firefighters who are protecting his town. >> so we're hoping for the best, giving people space to do the work they need to do so that we have this beautiful place to all come back to. >> reporter: hot, dry, red flag conditions are working against firefighters, and so is thick, hazardous air quality. despite all the odds, crews are not backing down. >> when you get a fire this big that's this aggressive and this difficult, it's hard to maintain mental composure, but hats off to the firefighters that are doing it. >> reporter: this wine country community giving thanks. every fire season, the koehler family keeps using this sign. >> fourth time i've used the sign in the last three years. >> reporter: now more than ever, those words still sincere. in the napa valley, cornell
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barnard, abc7 news. it has been a smoke-filled friday in the bay area because of the glass fire, and today was another spare the air day as a thick haze blanketed most of the region. that alert has been extended through tuesday, pushing the told for the year over 40. that is a record. for a look at the conditions, let's get to meteorologist sandhya patel and a record we do not want to have, sandhya. >> no, that's not something we're proud of, that's for sure. and unfortunately that may get extended, dion. let's take a look at a live picture. golden gate bridge surrounded by smoke. air quality is being impacted around the bay area. everyone except for the santa cruz mountains here locally anywhere from unhealthy to very unhealthy indicated in the red and the purple. so best to stay inside, avoid the smoke. keep your windows and doors closed and put your a.c. on recirculate if you have it. here's what's going on. gusty winds picking up out of the north west.
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mount tam, 26. mount diablo, 20 miles an hour. glass fire conditions, it is hot and dry. winds up to nine miles an hour. the concern is with these conditions, red flag warning until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. we also have a heat advisory for all of the bay area except the coast until 8:00 p.m. tonight because the heat risk is high. i'll be back to let you know how much cooler it's going to get this weekend and how long this air quality will be impacted coming up. >> looking forward to that, sandhya. thank you. and a reminder. you can get updates on the weather and fires anytime. this is our air quality tracker on our website, and it gives you real-time data in your neighborhood. coming up, we're hearing from one whom whose napa valley vineyard is still standing, but the home she describes as the soul of the family built in the 1920s is completely gone. and there are major changes being rolled out on an east bay
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freeway. tolls. how much you can expect to pay. also one bay area college is getting ready to play football, but the team has left the area.
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vote by mail ballots. simple, safe, secure. counted. learn more at . in the north bay, we are getting more pictures of destruction from the glass fire. this time it's a family home that dates back to the 1920s, but miraculously their vineyard went untouched by the flames. abc news reporter lauren martinez has the story from calistoga. >> oh, my gosh. we're just one of many. >> reporter: on our way to visit a list of napa valley this is the first time she's seeing the house her grandfather built in 1929. now completely destroyed. she said she comes from a small family of farmers. >> my brother's little tractor.
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as kids, my brother and i were in school or in the vineyard, and it was wonderful. we had the most incredible childhood anybody could have. i had all the photographs from a little newspaper i was partnership in for two years. i had all the negatives. >> reporter: she found another memory in the ashes. >> that was the gutter that my grandfather pieced together, and there was a cat when i was little. it was mean. he'd get in that gutter, and when you'd walk in the house, the door was here, he'd swipe at your head. standing here where i stood so many times with my grandmother and grandfather and my mom and dad and my brother, wow. these are our vineyards. this that you're looking at, that was planted in the '50s. >> reporter: her brother, vince, creates and stores the wine off the property, so for now it's been untouched. >> even though the valley's been bought up by big corporations
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and their disconnected and it's just not property on their portfolio, there are still people whose roots were here, and their roots have been cut. and i don't know how deeply they've been cut yet. it's too soon to know. >> reporter: in calistoga, lauren martinez, abc7 news. >> that is so heartbreaking. new developments with yet another north bay wildfire. cal fire says the lnu lightning complex is fully contained. it was one of several fires sparked by lightning in the middle of august. that fire burned more than 360,000 acres and destroyed numerous homes and other buildings. a federal court has ruled to uphold governor newsom's coronavirus restriction. the court said that california's health orders on churches do not discriminate against religious expression. right now 18 counties across the state prohibit indoor gatherings for church services. in may, the united states supreme court made a similar ruling to allow governor newsom's health restrictions. public health officer
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dr. sara cody has been honored for work managing the coronavirus crisis in santa clara county. today momentum for health awarded her with an award of excellence. the doctor is the architect of one of the first shelter in place orders in the country. she's been criticized for taking a cautious approach to reopening the economy. her approach has even gotten her death threats, but dr. cody says she was focused on protecting lives. >> and i don't think that we really recognized at the time that we were doing anything that was so momentous. we were really just focused on what was our job, what was our mission, what could we do together. >> the momentum organization focuses on providing mental health programs. it was able to raise more than $44,000 during today's benefit fund-raiser. san jose state's football team has officially relocated to humboldt state to repair for the upcoming season. a total of 135 players, coaches and staff are headed north. humboldt state can welcome the spartans because the school is
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holding classes online only. the team's first game is scheduled for october 24th against air force and is supposed to be played in san jose. however, approval is needed from santa clara county. starting today, you may notice new express lane tolling on interstate 880 in alameda county. the tolls went into effect this morning for both north and southbound travel between oakland and milpitas. abc7 news reporter julian glover explains how it works and how much you can expect to pay. >> it makes the carpool lanes work better. >> reporter: as of 5:00 a.m. friday morning you now have to pay up to ride in the carpool express lanes on interstate 880 running northbound from dixon landing road near the free mont/milpitas border to lewellyn boulevard. prices change based on the amount of traffic on the road. >> by applying market forces to this limited space on the roadway, we really expect that this will return the carpool
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lanes to the way they're supposed to perform. >> reporter: john goodwin of the metropolitan transit commission says you can expect to 0 go 10 to 15 miles per hour faster in the express lanes. each zone has its own pricing. >> the toll will never be less than 50 cents, but theoretically there's no limit. >> reporter: that means the minimum price to use the full length of the express lanes heading southbound will be $3 at 50 cents for each of the six zones. but there are ways to pay a reduced toll. solo drivers in a standard vehicle pay full price. solo drivers and two-person carpools with approved clean air vehicle tags pay half price. two-person carpools with a fast track flex tag in the two-plus position pay half price. and a three-person carpool, buses, van pools and motorcycles will not be charged. >> we want to promote clean air vehicle use, but we also want to maximize the through-put of
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people, not necessarily vehicles. >> reporter: however, drivers may have a tougher time finding two passengers heading in the same direction with more people working remotely during the pandemic. a pattern that is being closely studied the tolls are in effect from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. monday through friday. you have to have that fast trak to avoid paying a penalty for riding in the lanes without one. there is another option to waive that penalty by just opting to buy a fast track on the spot and that actually comes with money pre-loaded. reporting in the south bay, julian glover, abc7 news. hot and hazy. those have been the words the past few days as we take a live look outside. don't count on any relief. say yes... to the best bargains ever at ross! yes! oh, yeah! yep. yesss! savings on savings on savings? that's yes for less. at ross.
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taking california for a ride. companies like uber, lyft, doordash. breaking state employment laws for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies wrote deceptive prop 22 to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers the rights they deserve. no sick leave. no workers' comp. no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft, doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take. doordash prop 22. oh, yeah! there's always somethiat ross.n store yep. oh yeah! say yes to those looks, the best brands... ...and "check you out" bargains! savings from top to bottom! that's yes for less. at ross. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. good evening, everyone. so it was another hot day away from the coast today and smoke impacts continue.
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take a look at a live picture from our emeryville camera, and you will notice just how hazy it is. a little bit of reflection of the sun through the smoke over the bay right now. a look at those temperatures. 94 in santa rosa. 84 in napa. concord and livermore, low to mid-90s. a view from our golden gate bridge camera and the breeze is beginning to pick up. the sea breeze that is. hopefully you'll start to see a little improvement. 77 in san francisco right now. 93 in san jose. 60 in pacifica. look at the visibility just over two miles in napa and santa rosa. over a mile in livermore. this is because of all that smoke. when you look at it from the satellite perspective, this is really unbelievable. look at how far that smoke has traveled out over the pacific. i mean for miles from those fires burning in northern california. let's take a look at the smoke forecast. an improvement even if it's brief expected tonight going into tomorrow afternoon. as you will notice the blues and greens, less smoke expected along the coast and bay. then sunday looks a little bit
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better but still some smoke from the glass fire will continue to impact the bay area, including going into sunday night. unhealthy air quality means spare the air through tuesday. this is a record setting spare the air stretch. monday and tuesday expecting poor air quality. here's a view from our san jose camera, just how smoky it is. elevated fire danger, cooler weekend. still smoky and hazy. that spare the air through next tuesday. the hour by hour wind forecast, you will notice the breezy conditions in the hills. tonight, 24, 25-mile-an-hour winds. this is combining with the dry conditions, why fire danger is still running high. live doppler 7 showing you some smoke and some fog. tomorrow morning expect impact. upper 50s to the low 70s. afternoon highs coming down in the south bay. 87 in san jose. still hot around gilroy. 94 degrees on the peninsula. 86 in redwood city. 68 and foggy around the coastal areas. 68 in daly city.
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75 downtown san francisco. north bay temperatures will hazy skies, 88 in napa. 89 san rafael. 92 santa rosa. in the east bay, 80 in oakland. it will be hot, just not quite as hot as today. 93 concord, 94 livermore. seven-day forecast, still hazy but cooler tomorrow. sharply cooler on sunday. temperatures will level off, especially the middle of next week into the low 80s and then friday night into next weekend, we may be tracking some rain. ama and dion. >> that is exciting. all right. thank you, sandhya. just ahead, they are hitting the brakes for a good cause. the south bay car shop that has already stepped up during the pandemic and now they're looking to
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it's rising. the pain is coming.
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superior accuracy in the palm of your hand. the new accuweather app from abc7 news. minute by minute forecasts plus real-time radar and alerts keeping you safe. search accuweather in your app store and download now. in april, we introduced you to the family-owned car repair company in the south bay that gave back to first responders impacted by the coronavirus
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pandemic. >> now as abc7 news south bay community journalist dustin dorsey shows us, the shop is giving back to address another problem. >> reporter: just because your job title says one thing doesn't mean you can't be more than that. the owners of gic car clinic in san jose pride themselves on their expert technicians and ability to keep drivers on the road. but they also try to support their community in other ways. >> we opened the business and of course want to make money, but we want to give out and support somebody who needs help. that's very important. >> reporter: in april, gic offered free oil changes to first responders. now in october, the support will come in the form of brakes for breasts. customers can receive free brake pads donated to the shop by vendors and 10% of all labor fees will be donated to the cleveland clinic vaccine fund. >> it gives us opportunity to raise awareness for breast cancer along with being able to donate to a great cause. breast cancer does run in my family. as a woman, you look at wanting
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to have that security and know an important part of you that gives back to life, you know, you should be able to keep and you should be able to feel comfortable safe about. >> reporter: breast cancer awareness month may be more important than ever in 2020. medical experts worry that covid-19 may lead to an increase in rates of undetected breast cancer. gic wants to try and make sure that doesn't happen. >> we don't want to lose more people. we don't want to lose any lives any more. >> giving back is just incredible. big shops can do a lot, but it shows that a small shop like us can definitely make a difference as well. >> reporter: the shop hopes to raise $10,000 to fight the fight and find a cure. in san jose, dustin dorsey, abc7 news. >> what an important fight. great to see all of their efforts and all of that pink, ama. >> yes, definitely. game two of the nba finals between the heat and the lakers is next. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm dion lim. >> and i'm ama daetz. for sandhya patel, michael finney, all of us here, thank you so much for inviting us into
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your homes tonight. our next newscast is your shoulder seems to be healing nicely. well, dr. farrell, it feels really good... that's good. and... i'm sorry. baby, don't touch that... i don't want you to play with that...
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>> announcer: the following is a special presentation of espn on abc. it's a beautiful friday night at the espn wide world of sports complex at the walt disney world resort in florida. it's also game two of the nba finals. the lakers, they've already dominated game leader, legislaebron james, wels looking to take a 2-0 lead against a team that's shorthanded but joel berry is confident despite that fact. a.d., a big 34 points in game one. she's showing up in style, and he's hoping to bring that to the court. big sean, why don't you turn us up?


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