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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 7, 2020 1:06am-1:42am PDT

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life on the line to save dozens of homes in his community. >> how county and community officials are working to help. the hard-hit latino community. >> cooling breeze and showers are on the way. i will have the hour-by-hour timeline, coming up. >> a pig problem in the south bay. bows and arrows could be the beginning of the end for wild swine in san jose. abc 7 news starts right now. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. >> you wouldn't believe the flames. literally, 400 feet in the air. it just cooked. >> oh north bay rancher's being called a hero tonight for saving dozens of homes from the glass fire. progress is being made on that fire, tonight. it's now 54% contained but the burn zone is now more than 67,000 acres and more than 600 homes are gone. but thanks to one man, one entire community was spared. >> that's exactly right. abc 7 news reporter luz pena spoke with the rancher, who knew
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exactly what to do. >> reporter: this is a story of perseverance, where the hero is humble and his secret weapon is over 50 years old. >> this is my bulldozer. it's a john deere 550 and it's old. it's 1970s. >> reporter: seven days ago, vinny became one with his bulldozer. >> i knew it was going to go all the way down to gates road and there's like 40 houses down there. >> reporter: his strategy was to create a firebreak around his ranch but his goal also grew. he kept going, creating a longer defense line. the stretch, two miles long. he learned this when he was a teenager. >> i used to fight fires back when i was 17 years old, believe it or not. >> reporter: today, for the first time in a week, he drove up to see the homes he couldn't save. >> this was totally engulfed. i mean, the flames were just -- i -- i couldn't get any closer than this. it was too late for this house. tim and
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everything out of me watching this. >> if you ask his wife, that's precisely the attribute that r scares her the most. >> around the st. helena mountains, many don't know his face but that evening of september 28th, they not only saw his work but also heard his voice. >> there is a fire at the east end of st. helena road. >> this is the message vinny and his group of friends sent over 400 people, urging them to evacuate, while he stayed back with his bulldozer, his son, and two other friends, fighting these flames. >> do you consider yourself a hero? >> no. i'm not a hero. i'm just a guy. just a bulldozer operator. >> in santa rosa, luz pena, abc 7 news. >> well, maybe, a bit more than that. he did such a great job. in the north bay, 16 firefighters were evacuated for possible exposure to carbon
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monoxide, today. cal fire says the exposure happened while they were on a rest break and not actually while they were fighting the glass fire. the crew members were brought back to the base camp at the sonoma county fairgrounds to get checked out. medical staff were there to look them over. one firefighter was taken to a local hospital for further evaluation. while the others were released back to continue their work on the fire line. >> there are new details in the blackouts that hit california in the middle of august. a joint report from three agencies says bad planning and the extremely hot weather triggered the outages. there was no single cause that was blamed for leaving hundreds of thousands of people without their electricity. another issue that was cited is the state's ongoing transition to more renewable eper junergy s t. says poor planning has made california's power grid vulnerable. state health officials are now implementing a new health equity requirement. the goal is to bring down covid-19 rates in disadvantaged
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communities, hardest hit by the pandemic. abc 7 news reporter kate larson spoke with county and community leaders in one north bay county that is failing. >> reporter: kbbf in santa rosa was the first public, bilingual radio station in the country, at its founding in 1973. the station is volunteer and donation based and yet it's responsible for giving critical information to sonoma county's latino community, which accounts for 54% of the county's covid cases. edgar is kbbs volunteer director of programming. he says the broadcasters have spent a lot of time battling misinformation during the pandemic. >> as soon as the government says something, we -- we struggle to get on the air to say to people, yes, this is actually true. even though, you have no reason to trust these people, sometimes. >> if they're undocumented
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people, you know, there is a trust issue there. they're not necessarily going to turn to government. >> reporter: sonoma county supervisor, david rabbit, says they are lagging behind the rest of the bay area for a number of reasons. >> the gatherings. the fires with the congregate shelters. labor day. the tourist economy that we have. >> rabbit says sonoma county created a new equity department over the summer and says, this friday, supervisors will be holding a special meeting to strategize about how to reduce covid in their latino community. >> avila has ideas of his own. >> we could be funding translators for teachers. we could be funding kbbf. we could be funding people to stay home from their essential work. >> kate larson, abc 7 news. >> as students return to their classrooms in california, top health officials say they aren't seeing any signs of increase spread of coronavirus. >> we have not seen a connection between increased transmission and school reopening or in-person learning. we're asking that question,
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constantly. we're looking at the information to see if there is a connection. and so far, we have not found one. >> under california's tier system, 38 of the counties are allowed to have in-person instruction but ultimately it's the county's decision. schools can also seek a waiver from the state. if you want to see how close your county is to the next step of reopening, we put together this guide. it's right on our website. abc 7 and your free abc 7 news app. >> developing news in washington where the covid-19 outbreak at the white house is spreading. a top aide to president trump has tested positive and nearly all of the members of the joint chiefs of staff are in quarantine. abc news reporter elizabeth tells us that the president continues to downplay the virus. >> reporter: a covid outbreak in the white house reaching all the way up to president trump, continuing to spread. top trump aide stephen miller saying he has tested positive for the virus and is in
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quarantine. miller now part of a list of at least 24 people who have been at the white house over the past ten days and have tested positive. also on that list, admiral charles ray, the vice chairman of the coast guard. all but one of the of staff are self-quarantining after ray's diagnosis, as a precaution. with the nation's top military leaders now working from home, the pentagon insists there is no change to the operational readiness or mission capability of the u.s. armed forces. as the virus infiltrates the federal government, president trump is, once again, downplaying its threat, saying this in a promotional video. >> don't let it dominate you. don't be afraid of it. you're going to beat it. >> reporter: more than 210,000 americans have died from covid-19 and cases are rising in 32 states. but trump tweeting out false claims that covid is no more deadly than the seasonal flu. a post that was marked as misinformation by twitter and taken down by facebook. biden continued to stress the
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importance of wearing a mask, after president trump dramatically removed his mask almost immediately after returning to the white house from walter reed medical center. >> wearing a mask is not a political statement. it's a scientific recommendation. >> reporter: as for the president's health, the white house physician who initially falsely claimed trump had not received supplemental oxygen now says the president is reporting no symptoms, and that his vitals are stable. abc news, washington. and late tonight, president trump took to twitter looking to restart the negotiations on a second coronavirus relief package. saying he will sign a bill that sends out another round of $1,200 checks. earlier in the day, he had called off the talks until after the election. that caused the stock market to tank. tomorrow night, the first and only vice presidential debate will be held. and already, kamala harris and mike pence are butting heads. >> reporter: tonight, the debate before the actual debate. fireworks between vice president
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mike pence and kamala harris's teams, an entire day before they take stage. the commission of presidential debates honoring harris's request for plexiglass, after president trump, seen with pence last week, tested positive for covid-19. pence's team saying if senator harris wants to use a fortress around herself, have at it. harris's team shooting back, in a tweet, that pence is in charge of the covid-19 task force and should be advocating for it, too. but pence's team flip flopping, all day. now, saying they're open to a discussion on having plexiglass in front of both candidates during the debate. some rules are not up for debate, though. anyone not wearing a mask will be escorted out. and the candidates will now be seated 12 feet apart. social distancing changes aside, both candidates are taking advantage to prepare ahead of their one and only debate. senator harris arrived in salt lake city friday night. former presidential candidate, pete buttigieg, seen in her
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hotel. harris telling hillary clinton in her podcast what she is focusing on. >> i guess, the biggest thing, just to be candid with you, is to be prepared for what i think is very likely to be a series of untruths. >> pence flying in yesterday, saying he is looking forward to the debate. >> we're looking very much forward to the vice presidential debate. stakes in this election have never been higher. >> harris tested negative for covid-19 again yesterday. pence tested negative for it again, this morning. his doctor says he does not need to quarantine, despite the outbreak at the white house because he hasn't recently come into close contact with anyone who has tested positive, including the president. abc news, salt lake city. >> to the north bay, now. a 47-year-old napa man is in the hospital tonight with critical injuries after being shot by a napa county sheriff's deputy. it happened during a traffic stop last night on highway 221 at kieser road. the sheriff's office, says the driver, juan adrian garcia, got out of the car and started
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walking toward the deputy with a hand behind his back. the deputy repeatedly told garcia to stop, we're told. when he didn't, the deputy shot him. the sheriff's office says garcia was not holding anything. the deputy has been placed on paid administrative leave. and also, in the north bay, the vallejo city council once again took up the topic of defunding the police department. numerous council members weighed in tonight in a discussion that went on for several hours. one of them asked if the city did move forward with the emergency declaration, how it would work? the interim city attorney said it's a lot more difficult than it sounds. >> that would be something that would have to be done over a long period of time. i don't think it's something you could do overnight. it would be a very large undertaking. and actually, i think would require the expenditure of funds. >> he added there is also the potential the city could face a lawsuit from the police union if it moves to defund the police
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department. bows and arrows. trappers in the south bay will soon be able to use archery to take out wild pigs. i'm amanda del castillo with that story next. >> plus, relief for firefighters. the decision tonight that will keep many from losing their jobs. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. a drop in the temperatures will be followed by the possibility of showers. a i'll explain coming up right up. >> first, a look what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks, dan and ama. tonight is dedicated to you. where did you get this some. >> well, how far are we right now? >> i think we're like eight feet apart. >> okay. i know where i've been. >> uh-huh. >> i don't know where you've been.
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is it the juicy 100% all-white meat? or because you can spice them up or cool them down? or because a little birdie told me you wanted them back really bad... get my spicy chicken strips combo for only $5.99. there is a big problem in the south bay. this afternoon, san jose city leaders voted, unanimously, to look at ways to take out wild
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pigs. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo found that means bows and arrows. >> in 2015, they were -- they were catching about 20 a month. >> councilman is no stranger to san jose's wild pig situation. the animals weigh hundreds of pounds and haven't been shy about ripping through residents' lawns. the destruction, obvious to all. >> these are big, huge animals that are dangerous. often, they have large teeth and not afraid of people. >> reporter: by the way, a group of wild swine is called a sounder. more recently, sounders have damaged several golf courses across the southern part of the city. coyote creek golf club and silver creek valley country club center letters detailing the estimated tens of thousands of dollars in repair work and trapping fees spent to stop these feral pigs. intelligent creatures that have learned to keep from getting caught. >> there are certain pigs that are trap wise, they're trap smart. and are outsmarting the traps
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and -- and it's been very hard to catch them. and they are still causing damage to private property. >> reporter: tuesday, council voted, unanimously, to approve an emergency ordinance that will soon allow permitted, licensed trappers to use a bow or crossbow on private property to kill the pigs. residents not convinced this is the only option. >> killing an animal with an arrow is absolutely cruel torture. >> reporter: as it stands, licensed trappers are currently able to catch and kill wild pigs within city limits. in san jose, i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. new developments. two fire districts in the south bay, tonight, survived an effort that would have dissolved them. >> santa clara county supervisors decided against disbanding the south santa clara county and los altos fire districts. considered merging the two after an audit found mismanagement of
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funds at the los altos district. the county will now study its options. our sandhya patel, dan, has been studying the weather. she has, indeed. >> sandhya, getting cooler. starting to feel like fall. >> yeah. it's about time, right? we've been in this, like, hot bubble for a while. and i feel like it's -- we're ready. all right. so, dan and ama, today, temperatures came down a little bit but you probably didn't notice because we still have mid and upper 90s inland, even though near the coast it was socked in. i do have good news for you if you want cooler weather, it's coming your way and it's going to be noticeable. look at the view from our mt. tam cam. it was a absolutely stunning sunset. with some of those mid and higher clouds coming in but also evidence of some of the smoke. as you will notice, the reddish hues courtesy of that smoke. now, the mid and high-level
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crowds were coming in and they are going to continue to stream in. visibility just over 2 miles in half moon bay. we are watching remnants of former hurricane marie. those are the clouds that created that beautiful sunset along with the smoke, unfortunately. but what we are going to notice is that continues to stream in, adding more cloud cover to our mix. then, you have the fog and that's with us tonight with low visibility from our exploratorium camera. clouds, patchy, dense fog, and drizzle in the morning. we are looking at a chance of showers friday and saturday. but i don't want to be the bearer of bad news. models are start tog trend dryer now, which is not what we want to see. here is a live look from our san jose camera and visibility is good in the south bay. temperatures compared to tomorrow, you see the drop. 14 degrees cooler in livermore, from 94 to 80. you'll notice in oakland, going from 71 to 68, you will need that sweater. and dropping 14 degrees, 76 degrees tomorrow afternoon. temperatures right now have dropped nicely. 50s, 60s, unless you are out
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towards brentwood, in the 70s. 5 to 8:00 a.m., widespread clouds, fog, and spotty drizzle. going into the afternoon, the fog will hang around at the usual spots at the beaches. te temperatures in the morning, upper 40s to upper 50s. tomorrow afternoon, you are going to feel the cooling, especially inland. low to mid-80s. it's going to be mild. hazy around the smoky skies around the glass fire area in the north bay and breezy along the coastline. here's a look at what you can expect as we fast forward to friday. there is a system that's going to skirt the coast. friday afternoon/evening, it brings our first chance of showers. and then, we have a second wave coming through on saturday afternoon. now, the reason why it's not definitive is because one model is wetter. one model is dryer. here is the wetter model and you will notice anywhere from a few hundredths of an inch to about a third of an inch is expect if that wetter model materializes. followed by a cooler day.
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cooling continues especially on thursday around the bay and inland and a level 1 system bringing us chances of showers friday and saturday. gusty winds will follow sunday and monday so we will be keeping track of all of the changes ahead, coming right up. dan and ama, i will let you know about the rain as we get closer. >> all right. sounds good. we'll hold you to that. thanks, sandhya. >> well, tomorrow on good morning america, and the veterans that never quit on their team.
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the glass wildfire gets to live another one of its nine lives, hopefully with its owner. a cal fire damage inspector found the kitten today. it was taking shelter under a truck and from these photos from cal fire, it looks like the two instantly bonded. cat was taken to a nearby animal shelter, and will be put up for adoption if its family can't be found.
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now, abc 7 sports with larry beal. >> good evening, the a's now have their backs pressed firmly against the dodger stadium wall. down, 0-2, astros. game 2 in l.a. check this out. praying m praying mantis.
1:35 am
1-nothing lead until the third. george springer. that is gone. two-run shot. two-one. this is crushed. 453 feet. longest homer at dodger stadium this season. 90 degrees in l.a. today so the ball was jumping. but in the fifth, martin ends mania's day. and then, the very first pitch, here it comes. and there it goes, again. george springer one more time. two for four. three rbis. astros take game 2, 5-2. need one more bwin to close it out. do or die for the athletics now. >> just keep playing hard and, you know, keep trying to string together good at bats. >> i think we're ready. you know, our backs against the wall and, you know, we got to come out fighting tomorrow. so, i think we're ready for that. >> yanks and rays also playing
1:36 am
in san diego. fourth inning. oh, my. aloha. i think putin saw that on russian radar. listed at 458 feet. three-run homer but the yankees were still down 5-4. and then, austin meadows to the tampa bay bullpen. watch the catch here with the hat. dodgers and padres in arlington. fifth inning, down 1-nothing. cody bellinger, this should be the third out. but look at the throw. wide. run scores. dodgers get four more in the sixth. the dodgers go on to win 5-1. the heat trying to tie up the series. back after the next, he had 15 points. first quarter, this is lebron james. get out of my way. with authority. closing seconds of the first, jimmy butler, the butler did it. he beat the buzzer but miami was down five.
1:37 am
all right. fast forward now to the fourth quarter. butler tying it at 83. he had 22 points. then, lebron splits the d with the left. plus the foul. 28 points, 12 rebounds, 8 assists. anthony davis, huge stray in the final minute here to beat the shot clock. lakers now have a 3-1 series lead and close it out on friday. wnba finals. brianna stuart had 26. was the series mvp and sue bird, ageless wonder up the court to natasha. seattle wins the championship, 92-59 is your final. >> the san jose jasharks are prd to select from the prince albert raiders, ozzy weissblock. >> doug wilson jr., though, the sharks director of scouting, using sign language to announce the draft pick becaus the player, ozzy's mother, is deaf. really, nice touch from
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all right. that is it for tonight. thank you for watching. i'm ama dates. >> and i'm dan ashley. for larry, sandhya, all of us appreciate your
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