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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 9, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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ground. what neighbors are doing now to protect themselveses. and a live look outside from our roof camera at the embarcadero. we're waking up to some drizzle across the bay area. the way. mike nicco is tracking everything for us. good morning. it is october 9th and it's friday. happy friday. >> yes. >> receive it, enjoy it, and hopefully get ready for a great day weather-wise? >> it will be different. it will be enjoyable because the temperatures will be like yesterday. sunshine is more likely on sunday. we have a chance of drizzle this morning. measurable in the higher elevations. you can see on live doppler 7 some steadier rain to our southwest. unfortunately that will head south. so we're stuck with a little bit of drizzle this morning and then a random shower this afternoon. so far we have clean air on this
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spare the air day once again. let's look at our temperatures. mid 60s through half moon bay, san francisco and fremont. upper 60s to near 70 for the rest of the bay. low to mid 70s inland today. now, a better chance of measurable drizzle tonight. we'll show you that coming up. let's get back to kumasi for the news. >> thank you. this is one of the top stories right now on this man caught on camera robbing a woman as she was pushing a baby stroller in the middle of the day in sunnyvale. abc7 news reporter julian glover is live with what neighbors think about all this. >> reporter: good morning. it does not get much worse than this. we're hearing women in the sunnyvale neighborhood are telling each other to not wear expensive and pricey and nice jewelry when they're out in public after seeing this awful incident caught on camera. it happened in the birdland neighborhood midday wednesday. two women here walking.
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one in this pink jacket has a stroller. a man pretends to trip, the women to see if he is okay, that's when the guy lunges at her and snatches her necklace. there's a brief tussle before he runs off. >> my friends are indian. they say they're the ones being targeted. they wear jewelry. they have special jewelry from their wedding. they wear gold. >> public safety in sunnyvale asking people proctes fro becom victory by covering up jewelry when out in public. wear long sleeves to cover up a bracelet or a scarf to cover up a necklace. mountain view police arresting a suspect in a similar unrelated robbery on jackson street hours before this incident. so this was not a fluke. so far no good suspect description of the man involved in this particular robbery that you see here in the surveillance video. again, he is still out there
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this morning. julian glover, abc7 news. >> thank you. san francisco leaders are condemning attacks that have targeted asian americans. city officials calling for increase support and protection to prevent future violence. >> there is nothing that should be protected any stronger than the right of a person to walk safely down the street in their community. >> a man accused of the two assaults in the tenderloin is still in jail pending trial. 34-year-old michael turner is charged with attacks on two women, a 71-year-old and a 78-year-old last month. your voice your vote. president trump says he's ready to resume rallies and feels perfect one week after his diagnosis for coronavirus. the president hopes to hold an in-person rally tomorrow in florida. joe biden will be in las vegas today for a drive-in event. all of this while the next presidential debate is still in doubt.
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the trump team had suggested it would be open to delaying the debate so it could still be in person rather than virtual. the biden campaign has already said no to that. happening today, house speaker nancy pelosi will introduce a proposal to create a panel to determine if president trump is fit for office. she's making the move in response to what she says is the president's erratic behavior since testing positive for covid-19. pelosi questioned if the treatment including the use of a steroid has impaired his judgment. the legislation would establish a process to give congress a say in removing a president from office under the 25th amendment. new developments in a vaccineville vilvill villville r stay open in the face of the coronavirus. the man reopened his shop in may in defiance of local health orders. on monday the state sent him a cease and desist order with photos documenting his defiance. >> i'm not trying to make money
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by staying open. i'm trying to provide for my family. allow my barbers to provide for their families. show the american people an example of how not to live in fear and to stand your ground. >> he will go to court to contest the order and he says if he loses he'll go to his customers homes to cut hair. we made it easy for you to keep tabs on what's open where you live. this reopening tracker is on our website, cannabis crop tainted by wildfire smoke. the lent fagth farmers are goin through to make sure their products are good enough to sell. >> if we get a good vaccine now that we could have some degree of normality. >> dr. fauci has an idea of when things might get back to normal. his talk with uc berkeley students last night. and quite the autumn roller coaster. coming up in my accuweather, a chance of drizzle to a random shower and cooler conditions the
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you can take a day off fromy worrying about your packages. ♪ ohhh yeahhh! just connect your myq® app to key. ♪ ohhh yeahhh! get free in-garage delivery with myq® and key by amazon. all right. welcome back. about 6:08 on this friday. 54 to 58, cloudy conditions, spotty drizzle on the peninsula.
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even some 60s along the east bayshore into the south bay. in concord, 55 to 62 degrees. there's a look at the cloud cover in san jose right now. things are good for your activities, working from home, remote learning, comfortable conditions. just monitor the air quality if you're going to spend extra time outside. you can do that with our website or app. future radar and clouds, drizzle turns to a random shower this afternoon. look at that, more drizzle tomorrow morning. moran dom she random showers to afternoon. by sunday, the cold front sweeps through and sunshine is back in the forecast with a warming trend and critical fire conditions possible next week. i'll show you that coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> good morning. happy friday to you. we have a look at the maps in the bay area.thw otn i want to
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oakland between a pickup truck and a dump truck that hit head on. southbound 880 past 7th street. speeds are down to about 13 miles per hour, expect delays in that area. bringing in a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, chp has not given us an update, does not look like metering lights are on there. that's good. definitely not by the live camera here. very smooth ride on to the bridge. then another live look in san rafael. we'll show you 101 there. very clear. no major blocking issues, just that one minor crash that i'm following in oakland. even though i said a head-on crash, no injuries are reported there. that's good. >> thank you. still ahead, the announcement involving one of the most prestigious honors worldwide. the organization awarded this year's nobel peace prize. and after several delays, when
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the country's leading infectious disease expert says we may not return to normal until the late part of next year. a member of the white house coronavirus task force, you know who he is, dr. fauci, he is helping uc berkeley officials navigate the coronavirus pandemic. he answered questions about the future during a fireside chat last night. >> will people have to wear masks? yes, likely. i would imagine if we get a good vaccine now, that we could have some degree of normality in the third quarter to the fourth quarter of 2021. >> he also said colleges should test all students before coming back to campus and follow up with surveillance testing every few days. let me give you an update on the glass fire. it's still burning in napa and sonoma counties.
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cal fire says forward progress has been stopped. at last check the fire was at 66% containment and burned 105 square miles. nearly 700 homes have beendestye ut tha wildfire smoke can taint grapes in wine country, but farmers are also worried about cannabis. eric pearson is a cannabis grower and he's in the process of clearing some 20,000 plants of ash. >> if you have a structure fire nearby, you could have all kinds of chemicals on your plant and you need to test to make sure it's not contaminating process. >> he said the smoke will not taint the taste of cannabis but it ruins the aesthetics and customers do not want to see ashes on their cannabis. this morning the winner of the nobel peace prize has been announced. jobina fortson has the reveal. >> hi. yes. the united nations world food program was awarded the 2020
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nobel peace prize for its efforts effort s to combat hunger and food insecurity around the world. the nobel peace prize committee said they deserved the award because last year they helped nearly 100 million hunger victims in 88 countries. the nobel peace prize recognizes those who have contributed the most towards ending conflict, promoting peace and building relationships between nations. the prize comes with a 1$1.1 million cash prize and also a gold medal. reggie? >> thank you. disney's next pixar movie will skip the theaters entirely. instead, "soul" will premiere on disney plus on christmas day. >> what's your name, honey? >> i'm joe. i teach middle school band. >> the release was pushed back a few times because of the pandemic.
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this is the first pixar film featuring a black lead. jamie foxx is the voice of aspiring jazz musician joe gardener who rethinks his life after falling into a manhole. disney is the parent company of abc7. i should mention because some people are wondering is this going to be like mulan where you need to pay a premium at first and it's free later? no, it will be free with your disney plus subscription. >> i've been watching things that i should have watched a long time ago like "up." i sat on that couch and i tried. i enjoyed every moment of my cry. >> it's so good. >> so good. to all of our pixar friends who made "up" thank you. >> the other day i was
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"ratatouille." >> that should be next on your list if not close, kumasi. you will enjoy it. watching what is going on weather-wise. we have a lot to get to. opening the weather window on the roof and talking about what to expect today. partly sunny, drizzle this morning. a random shower this afternoon. a spare the air and you can repeat this process tomorrow. drizzle, there you go, heavier, measurable tonight. saturday that stray shower and sunday smoke and sunshine in the forecast. here's the low we were watching since last week. it's heading more south, then over top of us. we'll turn to saturday for a better chance of measurable rain. just a couple hundredths of an inch. 70 to 76 across the south bay today. 68 to 71, very narrow on the peninsula. even narrower on the peninsula
6:19 am
coast. 62 to 63 with 66 to 68 degrees downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. low 60s north bay coast. 71 to 76 through the north bay valleys. and free ac for the inland east bay valleys, 73 to 78. you can see more green on the map for tomorrow morning. it will be more humid and mild with temperatures in the mid 50s to low 60s. random shower possible saturday. cold front sweeps through. we get drier air and sunshine and smoke that's possibly steering our way from the north bay sunday. then look at that inland heat wave with so far low critical fire conditions, but it's definitely something we'll keep an eye on. >> thank you. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 on abc7. >> ginger zee has a look at what's ahead. >> great to be with you. this is one of many towns preparing for hurricane delta. i will be concerned in this town as so many others about the 7 to
6:20 am
11 feet of storm surge. we expect an inundation of more than six feet of water. a lot of that will take over the first floor of homes. we are on the right side, rob marciano is lake charles where they got hit by hurricane laura six weeks ago. almost no one has a roof over there. a lot of people had to get out because this storm will not only bring the winds but that surge and about 5 to 10 inches of rain. it will move fast, that's the saving grace. also ahead, new details on president trump's condition as he gears up for a rally as soon as tomorrow. what his doctor is saying. the new town hall under way after the president refuses to attend a virtual debate. we'll discuss that. and governor gretchen whitmer is joining us to talk about the alleged plot to kidnap and kill her. 13 men are facing charges. she will only be on "gma" this morning. you'll see it coming up here on "good morning america."
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all right. louisiana bracing for hurricane delta, which i expect to make landfall later today. the communities under evacuation sadly the same ones impacted by hurricane laura just a couple months ago. hurricane delta strengthened into a category 3 overnight with 120-mile-per-hour winds gusting to 150. when it makes landfall it will be the tenth hurricane or tropical storm to make landfall this season. yes, it is 2020 so that makes it a record for the continental u.s. here is the cone of probability. much thinner or narrower than yesterday. down to 70 miles. so the probability is increasing that it will rake lake charles and lafayette once again, which is sad. 90% of the buildings have blue tarps on them. this will make the damage worse. more than 8 inches of rain to be
6:25 am
ekts pe expected. flooding will be an issue, but not as great as if it was slower. 11-foot coastal surge and the loss of life property, extreme risk of that. the flooding goes up into tennessee. there are the current conditions. hopefully it finished strengthening and it will weaken before it makes landfall. the 43rd annual mill valley film festival is under way. you know safety from covid-19 is top of mind. but you are still invited to these drive-in screens in san rafael. opening night kicks off with live spirit, an adaptation of the 1941 hit. the festival includes ten nights of drive-in movies and other features online. >> the films are incredible. the conversations and people are so excited to come to the drive-in and be at home and in the comfort of their living room
6:26 am
and see premieres of world class cinema. >> so several celebrities will appear virtually this year including oakland's viola davis, kate winslet and eric sorkin. a man is continuing the annual tradition of turning his home into a dazzling halloween light show for all his neighbors. ♪ >> yes. i love this every year. the lights were choreographed to the song "enter sandman" he said he spent 80 hours making sure every note was represented in the sequence. the flashy display includs pumpkins, gravestones, spiders. this is such a labor of love for him. when you think about it, this is
6:27 am
one of the safest ways to celebrate the halloween holiday. >> i'm like--i'm loving it watching it now. look at the little pumpkins. >> it's dazzling. coming up next, a pandemic pivot. how a japanese theme park turned its attractions into office space. and a new report out of city hall has ideas on how to help the economy including help for artists and small businesses. i'm amy hollyfield, that story coming up.
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how i wonder what you are... how are you doing? schedule a video visit with your doctor. kaiser permanente. thrive. now at 6:30, san francisco's in final trouble because of the pandemic. a new economic plan could help the city bounce back. i'm fine, thanks to the state police and the fbi and the incredible work they did. and michigan's governor safe and sound after investigators foiled an elaborate plot to kidnap her. this morning she's responding to president trump's claim she's doing a terrible job. and this bay area man attacked by a shark in florida sharing his survival story. also he is sharing his thoughts about getting back into the water.
6:31 am
good morning. it's friday october 9th. before we get to those stories we want to check in with mike. good morning. >> hi, everybody. thanks for joining us this morning on this friday. we're starting off in better shape air quality-wise than yesterday. everybody is either green which is good or yellow which is moderate. that includes napa and santa rosa which had unhealthy air quality at some point yesterday morning. san jose had it during the latter parts of the morning into the afternoon. watching rain in the lower left side of your screen. that's the area of low pressure that looked so promising earlier in the week. that's letting us down so much today. we had a little drizzle this morning. you'll notice it's more humid this morning. temperatures in the 50s to around 60. low to mid 60s with limited sunshine today. 60s and 70s with a random shower this afternoon. if you're heading out this evening, already 50s and 60s, grab a jacket. reggie? >> thank you.
6:32 am
san francisco is in trouble and the city is now providing the receipts. now we already knew things like hotel occupancy and office space occupancy were disasters. but now we're learning in this pandemic even grocery and drugstore sales which you would think would be through the roof are down 8%. in our effort to building a better bay area we're looking at a new report that shows how bad things are economically and what the city plans to do about it. amy hollyfield is live at city hall. >> a task force put out 41 recommendations, but they also say we don't know what will happen next, we don't know how long this pandemic will last so the city needs to be flexible. we know office spaces are empty now and so are hotels and will people come back? the report says if people don't the city needs to convert these
6:33 am
buildings into housing. what about the parklets that have popped up as a short-term solution for restaurants creating outdoor dining? the report says keep them and expand them, that the city should issue more permits for parking spaces to turn into dining areas and extend the permits to at least 2023. the report says the city needs to simplify the permit for business and construction companies. the report also mentions artists saying money needs to be provided right away for them. the economic recovery task force is made up of 100 people. it was created in april. it says the economic impact from this pandemic is unlike anything we've seen before and it is going to be a long road back. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> tough to hear but we need a
6:34 am
plan. thank you. in the south bay, a mayor is threatening to sue over governor newsom's project home key, a program that is helping the homeless find housing during this pandemic. santa clara county decided to use its fund to convert an extended stay hotel in milpitas, the mayor of milpitas told the "mercury news" that city officials and residents didn't get input. project home key projects are exempt from some rules in an effort to make them go along faster. county officials told the newspaper city staff was involved. milpitas city council will discuss their next steps later this month. president trump says he hopes to hold a rally this weekend in florida, and this as it appears there might not be more presidential debates before election day. here's jobina fortson with the latest developments. tomorrow marks ten days since president trump says he tested positive for covid-19. last night he declared himself cured telling fox news the doctors think he's in great shape.
6:35 am
trump has refused to say if he has been tested again, only that he'll probably be tested today. he said he's thinking of doing a rally tomorrow night. joe biden is on the campaign trail in las vegas today. the next presidential debate is now in doubt. yesterday the presidential debate commission announced next thursday's debate in miami would go all virtual. trump immediately said he would not take part. trump's campaign manager says the president would be ready to debate in person despite cdc guidelines recommending he still be in isolation. now abc news has announced it will hold a town hall with joe biden next thursday allowing voters to ask him questions directly. video of a california woman calling 911 after she was refused service at a pet shop for not wearing a mask is getting a lot of attention online. >> i'm not allowed into the
6:36 am
store because i'm being discriminated against. >> you're not wearing a mask. >> so aidan an employee at bones and scones recorded this video. the woman claimed she had a medical exemption but told the dispatcher it was a religious exemption. she claimed he was violating the civil rights act of 1964. by the way, it's not a violation of that. and the dispatcher agreed. >> the point is he's not allowing you in. he is the owner of the store they have the right to refuse service to anybody. >> he's not the owner. >> they have the right to refuse service if he's an employee there. >> the woman ended up leaving. after the video went viral, police showed up at the store the next day. he says the officers were sent there because of the same woman. libby schaaf is cautiously optimistic about reopening schools as the number of covid-19 cases continues to drop in alameda county. but it may not be likely.
6:37 am
oakland public schools could open as early as october 13th, but as of yet there's no memorandum of understanding with the teachers union. teachers want to see two safety components met. >> one is that we have the data for the city of oakland and all zip codes and that we have near zero rates. the second piece is the appropriate ppe. >> oakland unified has been working on a reopening plan since last spring. the district says they will follow the science but worries that outcomes are constantly changing. a santa rosa man is sharing his tale after a shark attack. he was vacationing with his girlfriend in miami beach. >> luckily it didn't hurt at all. i heard shark teeth are like surgeons scalpel blades, so sharp. >> that's hard to look at when you're eating your cereal.
6:38 am
my apologies. 31-year-old mark bonnen was bitten in the leg while body surfing in south beach on wednesday. he said there were so many fish in the water he felt he was one with nature before the attack. after the bite his girlfriend held his leg up as paramedics worked to stop the bleeding. bodden says he has not ruled out outgoing back into the water. >> i think at some point i'll be going back in. i'm thinking what are the chances of getting -- having two shark attacks? it's got to be zero. >> he did have to have surgery and stayed overnight at the hospital, he's now out and expected to make a full recovery. he has a great attitude. cheers to him. a snatch and grab in one of america's safest cities. the specific warning about how to protect yourself from this kind of crime. who says work can't be fun? how a japanese theme park transformed this ferris wheel into a coworking space.
6:39 am
that's nice. >> all right. are you thinking about what i'm thinking? >> i've been thinking this, friend. you know i'm ready. >> that big ferris wheel is going up by the end of the month. >> it opened on the 21st. you know i've been plotting and planning. >> mike is doing the weather in pod three. i'm in pod four doing my thing. kumasi is in pod five. we wave. we travel. >> sounds like fun. let's make it happen. our engineering staff can do that. they're amazing. look at this. we're all broadcasting from home. 56 in san leandro. a few 60s along the east bayshore. measurable drizzle in the hills. 24, definitely wet getting near the caldecott. 580 could be wet through the dublin grade. 50s and 60s, pretty mild forever
6:40 am
this time for this time of year. in san jose it looks dry, but it's the drizzle and the air quality that are your biggest commute issues today. that's mainly this morning. future radar, you can see the green goes away. a few random areas of green heading into the afternoon and evening hours. drizzle possible again more widespread tomorrow. some green tomorrow afternoon. a better chance of random drizz drizzle there. if we receive wet weather it will be on the order of nothing to maybe up to 0.05 to 0.06 inches of rain. the air will get dry once again after this passes, the winds kick up sunday, monday and tuesday. another heat wave is on the way. first we want to talk about the commute and see what's going on. the drizzle having any effect that you've seen, jobina? >> you know, no spinouts to report but a couple of issues. bringing in the graphic here,
6:41 am
heads up if you're planning to make your way to the oakland airport. b.a.r.t. had to shut down the oakland airport connector from the coliseum station due to an equipment problem. once you get to the coliseum station you will need to take acs transit bus number 73 and ride to the airport. also we have a head-on crash in oakland between a pickup truck and a dump truck that is causing problems on southbound 880 past 7th street. speeds are down to about 13 miles per hour in the area. and an update from the chp, there have been injuries reported and an ambulance has been called out to the scene. a live look at the richmond-san rafael bridge richmond-san rafael bridge. if you're traveling eastbound, we hahave fuel that has spilled all over the eastbound
6:42 am
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all right. 50s and drizzle this morning becoming random showers this afternoon. 60s at noon and 70s by 4:00.
6:45 am
spare the air through saturday. north bay most likely to have the unhealthy air quality. looking at the smoke forecast, today and tomorrow pretty clean. sunday the winds kick in and the smoke comes back. it was a shocking sight in one of america's safest cities. a man pretended to fall and robbed a woman as she was pushing a baby stroller. julian glover is live with what neighbors and police say that you can do to protect yourself. >> reporter: quite the disturbing crime of opportunity caught on camera in sunnyvale. this morning the person behind the attack is still out there. we want to get to the video here. two women are walking. this is in the birdland neighborhood around midday on wednesday. one of the women has the stroller there. the you see a man in a hoodie walk up to the woman and pretends to trip. that's when he lunges towards that woman in the pink jacket, rips a gold necklace from the
6:46 am
victim's neck the other woman is shocked by what she witnessed. the necklace snatcher then runs off. neighbors are stunned about what happened in the city considered to be one of the safest in the country. >> she got attacked. literally, she got attacked. you're not prepared for something like that. this street is so busy with people walking all day every day, night and day. the little stroller was out in the street. >> that just shows you robbers, they just don't care. now the department of husband safety warning people to do their best to protect themselves from this terrifying crime telling people to cover up bracelets with long sleeves, hide necklaces perhaps with a scarf and try to hide that expensive and pricey jewelry that might catch the e a potential robber so it's not as easy to pounce on a crime of opportunity like this. the guy behind this crime is still out there this morning. julian glover, abc7 news.
6:47 am
>> so scary, thank you. some people from an extremist group have been charged in federal court with plotting to kidnap the democratic governor of michigan. this morning governor gretchen whitmer speaking exclusively to "gma." jobina fortson has a preview of what she's saying. >> yes. this is just a stunning situation. in total 13 men are facing charges accused of planning to abduct the governor as well as storming the capitol, starting a civil war. this morning governor gretchen whitmer says she is hanging in there. in that exclusive interview with george stephanopoulos she called the group domestic
6:48 am
>> he has said liberate michigan and said, i should negotiate with the very people who are arrested because they're good people, that incites more domestic terror and i'm not the only governor going through this. certainly it's been worse for me than most. >> she added that the president has not called in to check on her but added that jioe biden has. now to your morning money report the white house says its open to a comprehensive stimulus package. earlier this week president trump halted negotiations and called for stand-alone relief bills. nancy pelosi says she would not support a stand-alone bill for stimulus for airlines. the democrats propose a 2$2.2 trillion package while republicans have assisted on a 1$1.6 trillion package now let's look live at the new york stock exchange. we are up right now about 93 points. new at 6:00, why work from home when you can work from a
6:49 am
ferris wheel. a japanese theme park came up with a creative way to boost visitors during the pandemic. it's selling an amusement work station package. for $18 you can rent a pool side work station with internet and power outlets. you can also spend an hour working remotely from inside the wifi equipped ferris wheel. >> which one would you want? i want poolside. >> yes. >> poolside is nice, but imagine the likes from the ferris wheel. >> this is why you're not going to get any work done. >> it's just going to be a photo shoot. all the angles. >> i will be up in there with two different selfie lights. >> you're using it to its extreme. we appreciate that. all right. let's talk about what's going on
6:50 am
weather-wise. what a gorgeous shot from our exploratorium camera. blue morning. not going to necessarily be a blue day. we'll have clouds around and drizzle that we're dealing with this morning, a random shower possible. a better chance of wet weather tomorrow morning. still spare the air both days. moderate offshore wind develops, we will quickly turn around and become hot and dry once again especially up in the hills. area of low pressure so promising earlier in the week, it's sliding to the south. the one coming down a more traditional fall storm tomorrow. let's talk temperatures, 70 to 76 down in the south bay. 68 to 71 on the peninsula. 62 to 63 along the coast. not much of a change there. mid to upper 60s downtown, south san francisco, sausalito. low 60s north bay coasts, valleys low to mid 70s. along the east bay shore, mid 60s. castro and fremont around 70.
6:51 am
73 to 78 in the east bay valleys. the green is more widespread tonight. definitely a more damp start to our saturday with temperatures in the mid 50s to low 60s. now look at sunday. brighter sunshine. above average with an inland heat wave monday through thursday. critical fire conditions low right now. that's something we'll keep an eye on. >> thank you. all right. i need to see hocus-pocus, after i said i never seen it -- >> you gettings. op are questioning my whole life. >> they thought they knew you. listen, you can watch this weekend. i saw it somewhere. i was like i need to watch this. as long as you do it before halloween. >> okay. i have an assignment i will fulfill it. >> okay.
6:52 am
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it's 6:54, here's 7 things to know this morning. number one, president trump says he could resume campaigning as soon as tomorrow but it's not clear if he is still covid-19 positive. the president says he will probably take a test today number two, today house speaker nancy pelosi will introduce a bill to create a panel to determine if president trump is fit for office.
6:55 am
she's making the move in response to what she says is the president's erratic behavior since testing positive for ko covid-19. number three, a san francisco task force appointed a 41 point plan for reviving the city's plan during and after the pandemic. it includes aid for more small businesses, more affordable housing and more economic support for minority communities. video shows a brazen snatch and grab robbery of a woman pushing a baby stroller in sunnyvale. the person behind the attack is still out there. number five, we're dealing with drizzle mainly in the higher elevations this morning. but it does spread down to where most of us live tomorrow morning even a random shower today becomes a little bit more likely tomorrow. measurable drizzle, it's possible. and number six, we will take a live look showing you the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are not on this morning, at least not yet. great time to head out there. and number seven,
6:56 am
hocus-pocus is the most watched movie on halloween. this is according to streams on fandago's video service voodoo. for the first time ever the classic 1993 comedy is now available in 4k. as we learned today, all of us except for one of us needs to watch it. >> i'm so -- i'm so stunned. okay. first off, bette midler has the best line in the movie when she says oh, look, another glorious morning. makes me sick! all of you are making me sick right now. see the movie, come get back to me. also casper is amazing. what was on the list? the nightmare before christmas. top three halloween films. the music in hocus-pocus, we'll be dancing later. can't wait. >> all right. >> i'm fully convinced. >> did i sell you? >> yes. >> i'm sold. once you did the quote, i was
6:57 am
sold. sold. >> what a beautiful
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. taking aim. hurricane delta barreling toward the gulf coast packing a life-threatening storm surge with winds up to 120 miles per hour. the category 3 storm threatening the same town hit so hard just weeks ago. now the race to escape. highways packed. puppies being loaded onto planes as time runs out. ginger and rob are live in the storm zone. deadly plot. 13 men facing terrorism and conspiracy charges. accused of planning to kidnap michigan governor gretchen whitmer, storm the capitol building and start a civil war ahead of the election. the fbi says they were angry about covid restrictions and part of two militia groups preparing to wreak havoc. the governor blames president trump for his failure to condemn white supremacists.


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