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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 9, 2020 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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we tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. hurricane delta slamming into the u.s. tonight. winds up to 100 miles per hour. heavy win and dangerous floodin to texas, fears of a storm surge up to 11 feet. thousands of families evacuating. traffic backed up. a two-hour trip taking ten hours. ginger zbee rob marciano both life from the storm done with the new track tonight. where and when this hits going into the evening. also, breaking developments in the alleged terror plot to kidnap the governor of michigan. the images emerging confirming some of those 13 suspects were among the armed demonstrators storming the capital, angry over the governor's restrictions. a michigan sheriff tonight. some say his words appearing to
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defend the suspects. pierre thomas standing by for us. president trump still fighting the virus, now planning to hold his first in-person event at the white house tomorrow. with little word from his doctor on his condition, saying today on the radio, he feels great. the doctors have not confirmed whether or not he's still on that powerful steroid, which can mask systems. alarming news on the coronavirus in the u.s. warnings in the northeast and concern over a second wave. tonight, the cdc ripredicting 20,000 more deaths until election day. the new covid setback for the nfl tonight. the team now sending players and coaches home. and remembering an all-time major league great.
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>> good evening, and it's great to have you with us as we near the end of another week. but it is not going to be an easy night ahead for much of the gulf coast. as we come on the air tonight, the major hurricane bearing down now on the u.s., making landfall this evening. hurricane delta, wind up to 100 miles per hour. this is the tenth named storm to hit the u.s. this season alone. that's a record. the fourth to slam into louisiana this year. ahead of this storm, the urgent rush to safer ground causing traffic jams on the roads out of lake charles. the route to houston, two and a half hours or so taking ten hours for some. lake charles hospital evacuating its smallest patient from the neonatal intensive care unit. tarps cover homes already damaged by hurricane laura. fierce winds and giant waves as the hurricane moves in, flooding already tonight. an anxious night ahead for
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millions. ginger zee, rob marciano live from louisiana tonight. we're going to begin with rob in lake charles. rob, you told us last night with so many homes are roofs torn off already. families hoping the second blow doesn't do them in completely. >> reporter: so tough, david. it's heart to believe it's happening again. another hurricane hitting the u.s. a second one here in lake charles. those big trucks you see behind me, recovery vehicles working for weeks trying to put this town back together. now hurricane delta's eye is coming ashore, and southwest louisiana is getting slammed again. tonight, hurricane delta is making a record-breaking landfall in southwest louisiana, pounding waves and howling wind. up to 11 feet of storm surge in spots. >> this is a big storm. we've got winds of 115 miles per hour. >> reporter: lake charles took a direct hit from category 4 hurricane laura just six weeks ago, one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the u.s.
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many homes still covered in blue tarps as families rebuild, and debris still piled in neighborhoods. the winds are picking up now here in lake charles with these debris piles filled with pieces of wood, rusty nails, and razor sharp sheet metal could soon be airborne. >> at this time everyone in the storm's path really needs to be focused on sheltering in place. >> reporter: thousands of lake charles families clogging evacuation routes ahead of delta, a two and a half hour trip to houston reportedly taking ten hours. >> pray today for these little babies. i pray for michael. >> reporter: this hospital evacuating babies from their intensive care unit. doctors and nurses praying for their safe return. >> pray for louisiana and all those on the gulf coast. >> reporter: and over 100 shelter dogs airlifted out of the storm zone. deltas effects felt from louisiana all the way to texas tonight.
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the hurricane's landfall making history as the tenth named storm to hit the u.s. in a single season. >> let's get back to rob. i know you're getting hammered. this worsened quickly in just the last hour. >> yeah, we're about to get the eye wall in its full force. the last two hurricanes, big ones that game through here came in the middle of the night. which is always scarier. this one coming mostly in the day, but the sheriff saying not good, his guys will have to wait until the winds die down. that won't happen until midnight, so first responders going out in dangerous conditions. going to be a long night. >> rob, stay safe with the crew. the debris is the real concern because of that hurricane weeks ago. let's go to ginger zee. she's getting the heavy rain bands. what are we expecting as we head into the night? >> reporter: david, we are on that north/northeast side of the eye wall, a very ragged eye wall
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of the storm that will make landfall at any moment. i want to take you right to the maps. you can see some of the wind gusts have been close to 50, i think now even more. but even in lake charles, port arthur we're closing in on 70. as this makes landfall, it will keep falling apart, but it will keep pushing water. that storm surge in the 7 to 11 foot range, that is going to be devastating. we'll also end up seeing this storm continue to move gusts up to even alexandria. i want to tame this out. it's going toway into mississip. you're feelingthe tropical storm force wind or gusts. now, 5 to 10 inches of rain on the 3 or 4 you've already had. this is not going to be about the rain. it's about the surge and obviously the wind we are just getting into. >> thinking about all those families tonight and our incredible weather team. thanks to you both and to the teams on the ground with you.
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we're going to move on to the other news this friday evening. new developments in the alleged plot to kidnap michigan governor gretchen whitmer. seven members of an extremist militia group, all charged in the alleged domestic terror plot. two of them brothers seen at the far left and right here, took part in an armed protest against the governor's restrictions in april. tonight, what and who authorities say they're looking for and a michigan sheriff who some say his words appeared to defend the suspects. here's pierre thomas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, photos confirming that some of the men charged in an alleged plot to kidnap michigan governor gretchen whitmer were present when demonstrators, some of them heavily armed, stormed the statehouse in april. sources tell abc news that suspects michael and william null were among those at michigan's capital that day, armed and apparently angry at the state's lockdown due to the pandemic. authorities claim the two men
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served as lookouts while other militia members took photos and video of the governor's vacation home with the goal to attack before election day. >> time was of the essence in terms of moving forward on this from a law enforcement perspective. am i worried about other events? absolutely i am. >> reporter: abc news has learned authorities are going through documents, computers, and any smartphones they can get access to in an urgent effort to determine if there are other co-conspirators. in a wiretap obtained by the fbi after it infiltrated the group, one member allegedly says governor whitmer has no checks and balances at all. she has uncontrolled power. at the time of the april demonstration, the president sided with those angry that whitmer's restrictions went too far, tweeting, liberate michigan. just one day prior, however he'd unveiled the white house toughest guidelines for reopening america, but saying the governors would call the shots. >> they all want to open.
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bo wants to stay shut, but they want to open safely. so do i. trump also calling the governor that woman. today, she fired back at tweets he posted last night still criticizing her. >> you know what, a decent human being would pick up the phone and say, are you okay? since he first called me "that woman from michigan" we saw an increase in hateful language and social media. >> reporter: former vice president biden also pushing back. >> the president has to realize, the words he utters matter. >> let's bring in pierre thomas live with us again tonight. also news today that a sheriff in michigan who spoke at one of the rallies in protests of the lockdown months ago has now made some new comments that some said appeared to defend these suspects? >> reporter: that sheriff attended one of the rallies challenging the governor's lockdown. while he doesn't condone violence, he says perhaps the men were planning to arrest the governor. that sheriff is clearly not on the same page with the fbi, which claims this is a real plot
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to kidnap the governor, not to make a citizen's arrest. new to the race for the white house. re tha 5 million americans have voted already. the president still fighting the virus. he revealed he'll hold his first in-person event at the white house tomorrow. with little word tonight from his doctor on his condition. here's mary bruce. >> reporter: just one week after he was hospitalized, and with questions swirling about whether he could still be contagious, president trump tonight is planning to resume in-person events. >> i feel better now than i did two weeks ago. it's crazy, and i recovered immediately, almost immediately. >> reporter: though the president insists he's no longer taking medication, doctors tonight haven't answered questions about his condition and that powerful steroid he was taking that could mask symptoms of the virus. the president, back in the west wing today, at first said he would travel to florida saturday for a rally. but now planning to speak from the balcony to supporters on the south lawn of the white house.
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it was just today dr. anthony fauci labeled one of trump's last big white house events a superspreader. >> we had a superspreader event in the white house. and it was in a situation where people were crowded together and not wearing masks. so the data speaks for themselves. >> reporter: at least 34 people in the white house orbit have now tested positive. trump spent two hours on the radio today with rush limbaugh, acknowledging last week he was not in great shape. >> i might not have recovered at all from covid. >> reporter: but now he insists he's cured, thanks to the experimental antibody treatment trump received. a treatment only given to about ten people outside clinical trails. >> i can tell you, it's a cure. and i'm talking to you today because of it. and, you know, because i think i could have been a bad -- i could have been a bad victim. >> reporter: dr, fauci pushing back, saying one case does not mean the antibody treatment is a miracle. >> i think it's a reasonably good chance that the antibody that he received, the regeneron antibody, made a significant difference in a positive way in his course.
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when you have only one, you can't make the determination that that's a cure. >> reporter: his doctor saying in a statement the president is devoid of any indications to suggest progression of illness, adding, i fully anticipate the president's safe return to public engagements. but in reality we know very little about his true medical condition. his doctor hasn't taken questions since monday, and the white house is refusing to say when trump last tested negative, which would help the american people know where the president is in the course of the virus. in an interview overnight, trump heard clearing his throat. >> absentee is okay -- because absentee ballots -- >> reporter: today with limbaugh, no coughing. his opponent tonight criticizing his behavior. >> his reckless personal conduct since his diagnosis, the destabilizing effect it's having in our government is unconscionable. he didn't take the necessary precautions to protect himself or others. and the longer donald trump is
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president, the more reckless he gets. >> all right, it's been quite a week in this campaign. let's get right to mary bruce with us live tonight. mary, we know millions of americans are waiting to learn if they're going to give anymore help amid this stimulus debate. the president said earlier this week, no deal until after the election, until he wins, he said. then he said he was open to negotiations. bottom line tonight, where does this stand? >> reporter: there has been major whiplash from the president on this. earlier in the week, he did say there will be no deal until after the election, but today he changed his tune, saying he wanted both sides to go big. the reality here, there is no compromise in sight. today mitch mcconnell said it is unlikely there will be a deal before the election, meaning millions of americans hoping for relief from washington are going to have to wait. david. >> they have been waiting and waiting and will wait longer. next week, the big presidential debate officially called off tonight. rerepo
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we reported on this last night. instead joe biden will be here answering questions in our town hall. any word what the president has planned instead? >> reporter: we just learned the president will be doing a separate town hall instead thursday night, and trump plans to do an in-person event every single day next week. >> busy week ahead. mary bruce. that town hall on abc, mary, you'll be right here with us all. the news continues and fears of a second wave of the virus growing tonight. new concern in the northeast and across this country as the cdc now forecasts up to 20,000 more americans could die by election day. tonight this number, more than 213,000 lives have been lost. 11 states seeing record hospitalizations, including montana. nine lives lost in a deadly outbreak at a california nursing home. there's new guidance coming in from the cdc now, saying people who are overweight may be at
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risk. >> reporter: tonight, an urgent warning about the resurgence of the coronavirus in the northeast. dr. deborah birx saying there are troubling signs. >> you can see the virus traveling up the country. the community spread is occurring with small gatherings day after day and households and families and friends. >> reporter: the cdc now predicting up to 20,000 more covid deaths by election day. today officials cracking down on hot spots around new york city, closing schools and nonessential businesses, threatening fines and even arrests for those who don't comply. in new jersey, hospitalizations are on the rise. >> we are anticipating a second wave. this wave has the potential to become a surge. >> reporter: nationwide, more than 56,000 new infections on thursday, nearly a two-month high. 11 states hitting record hospitalizations this week, including montana. this hospital in billings considering doubling up rooms in
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the icu to take in more patients. >> we are hitting our surge right now. every day is a challenge. >> reporter: a deadly new outbreak at a california nursing home. at least nine residents killed by covid in watsonville. dozens more infected. >> our very last resort is evacuation of the facility, actually sending these patients elsewhere. >> reporter: in wisconsin, a remarkable recovery. this 60-year-old back home after battling covid for 177 days in the hospital. >> because this scary situation when you can't breathe. it's like being reborn again. >> reporter: and tonight, the cdc is now expanding its warning on risk factors saying it's not just obesity but simply being overweight could put you at a severe risk. more th >> whit, thank you. overseas tonight on this, the world health organization reporting a record 338,000 covid
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cases in a single day, and europe now topping 1,000 daily cases for the first time. russia, france, the uk reporting 10,000 new cases each of the last three days. britain hit especially hard. tougher restrictions post in the northern england, wales and scotland, the prime minster warning this is a quote, perilous moment. when we come back here tonight, the former police officer charged with murder for shooting an unarmed black
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next tonight in philadelphia, a former police officer has now been charged with murdering an unarmed black man. dennis ploweden was shot and killed. eric rook jr. indict by a grand jury, accused of shooting ploweden in the head while he was sitting on the sidewalk, one hand on the ground, the other in the air. rook opening fire within six to
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tonight, the new covid set back for the nfl. jets sending players and coaches home after a player tested positive. they are awaiting results of a second test. and whitey ford has died. he spent 16 years with the y2ks. he was 91. when we come
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finally the front line worker in three different roles. our person of the week. she was a janitor for five years at bay state medical center in springfield, massachusetts, on the front lines and determined to stay there, but in a different role. hired at that hospital. she now works in trauma surgery. that's her custodian badge on the left, five years later putting herself through nursing school. her nurse badge in the middle. five years after that, her nurse-practitioner trauma surgery badge on the >> hi david. >> reporter: jaines tells us she wore all three badges proudly. >> 35 i learned as a custodian that every part of the hospital and every person who works in the hospital is important.
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>> reporter: her message to others in this moment. >> i hope that my story can inspire people who feel maybe discouraged by their past or where they come from. i just want to let them know if i can do it, anyone can. >> thank
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>> caught on camera, another racist rant. this time it happened in fremont. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> aim i'm ama daetz. the victim said it appeared to be an innocent conversation and took a nasty turn. dion lim spoke with her today and found the woman's young daughter saw the whole thing. >> this was particularly frightening and as many of you know, i've covered extensively the hate filled incidents toward asian americans during the coronavirus pandemic but what is reassuring from this incident is the kindness and support from the community. >> go back to china! go back to -- >> thank you. >> go back to china. >> what you're watching is one of three hate-filled rants tere


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