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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 9, 2020 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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and now, jimmy kimmel! >> hi, friends and lovers of basketball. i'm jimmy kimmel. we are coming to you in primetime for another, perhaps the final showdown between the heat of miami and the lakers of l.a. i have to admit, i love the lakers. i live in los angeles. but it's been hard to focus on basketball with everything that's going on in the news. the president gets coronavirus. right in the middle of the finals. the only thing i can compare this to? it reminds me of 1994 when oj jumped in the white bronco. while the knicks and rockets were in the nba finals. how crazy was that? the knicks were in the nba that the knicks were in the nba finals. there's no drummer, i'm sorry.
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i'm sorry. big difference between that situation and this one is that oj at least had the good sense to wear gloves. i have a lot riding on this series. specifically, a ride on dj khalid jet ski. dj khaled, lives in miami, and i made a bet. if the heat win, he gets my classic donkey kong junior arcade game. which would be a real bummer for me. my wife is hoping he wins. the lakers are looking to close it out tonight. one team has come back from down 3-1 in the nba finals. sadly for the heat, that team had lebron james on it. they do not. lebron has been great, as usual. the most valuable player for the lakers might be the late great kobe bryant. his memory has been a driving force, an inspiration for the lakers and this city all season long. as a tribute, the lakers are wearing special black mamba
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uniforms. when i thought 2020 had completely drained my soul, this happens. it makes me feel like i might have a bit of emotion or two left in my body. lebron james once again is favored to win mvp. that would be lebron's fourth nba finals mvp award. it would score him a much needed fourth dodge durango. i don't know if this is exciting or if it's a jinx. lebron is making his first ever appearance on the wheatie's box. which is cool. this is a tradition, putting an athlete on the cover. goes back to 1958. do people still eat wheaties? or do they just exist so athletes can be on the box? this is an honor for lebron. he's not the only one in the series who's part of the breakfast club. miami heat president pat riley has been on the count chocula box since 1988. a very long time. because of the pandemic, all the playoff games were set in orlando inside what they call the bubble. this has been one of the most successful bubbles of all time,
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right up there with michael jackson's monkey. the bubble has been effective, but also mysterious. from a media standpoint, a cone of silence. we don't know much about what went on in there. now that the playoffs are almost done, we asked some of the players who were in it to share what they were up to in the bubble. >> i ordered this and i married it. this is my new wife linda. say hi. >> i punched goofy. i don't regret it. you know what you did, goofy. >> sometimes i hugged the ice machine just to feel something. >> i drank so much wine that i became a wine snob. delicate. >> i ordered pay per view for a
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whole month. man. that is funny. >> i started a sex cult with myself. >> jimmy: well, you know what? you can't play ping-pong forever. we have a great show for you tonight. jamie foxx is with us. we will be back with a new game called "truth or shorts." stick around. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ gold by andreya triana we believe... in coffee that opens more eyes to black business. ♪ sing it, yeah, yeah make believe made for everyone. ♪ yeah, yeah a wave of confidence... a lighter load on the planet... flavors that set a new course and a hundred shades of beautiful. we believe in good we can all afford. ♪ good to me
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and getting more of your favorites for free. more ways to pay, more ways to get rewarded. starbucks rewards. >> jimmy: welcome back. "jimmy kimmel game night." jamie foxx is on the way. he will explain why some shots are worth three whereas others are only worth two. crazy stuff if you think about
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it, right? first, time for an exciting new game. one on one matchup, our own guillermo versus spencer dinwiddie in our first-ever edition of "truth or shorts." >> guillermo: welcome to the game "truth or shorts." i'm here with mr. spencer. i'm going to ask you a question. you tell me the truth or put a pair of shorts shorter than your shorts. do you understand? >> i got you. let's do it. >> guillermo: let's do it. anyway. let's do it. >> truth or shorts. >> guillermo: truth. >> have you ever showed up to work hung over? >> jimmy: ha, almost all the time. truth! truth or shorts? >> truth. >> guillermo: who's better, michael jordan or lebron? >> that's easy, michael jordan. pronounce my name correctly. >> jimmy: okay.
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spencer dinny-widdy. >> change your shorts. >> guillermo: all right, mr. spencer. these shorts from the celtics -- >> in the '80s? >> guillermo: yeah, larry bird wear these shorts. truth or shorts? >> truth. >> who was the last person you lick? >> yeah, no. >> shorts! >> i got you this time. don't you worry. >> guillermo: i like your shorts. >> truth or shorts? >> guillermo: truth. >> who is your favorite celebrity that you ever kissed? >> guillermo: wow. >> it can be shaq. we don't judge. >> guillermo: it was charlize theron. >> you didn't kiss her. >> guillermo: yeah, i did kiss her. >> truth! >> you have her number? >> guillermo: no, i don't have her number. >> round dos! >> truth or shorts. >> guillermo: i have a feeling it's going to be hard so i take shorts.
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>> shorts! >> guillermo: these shorts are from sofia vergara. wait, hold on. i think someone left a cheese here. >> truth or shorts? >> guillermo: truth. >> if you could tell your wife to change one thing about herself, what would it be? >> guillermo: i think i have to put some shorts on. >> smart man. >> shorts! >> guillermo: these are sexy shorts. like disco. remember disco? >> i was born in 1993. >> guillermo: all right. who was the biggest womanizer on the nets? >> that's okay. that's crazy. >> shorts! >> are these for men? come on. >> guillermo: oh my god. those are from 1993. >> truth or shorts? >> guillermo: let's go with truth. >> what is the worst thing about working for jimmy kimmel? please say it directly to the camera. >> guillermo: working for jimmy kimmel is -- is --
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>> the shorts that you are about to put on. >> shorts! >> guillermo: i don't know how to tell you, but they don't have no more shorts. >> wow. >> guillermo: thank you for playing "truth or shorts." i'm guillermo. this is my friend spencer -- >> dinwiddie. >> din-iddie? >> close enough. >> guillermo: can i give you a hug? >> no, sir. >> jimmy: very well done. we will be right back with jamie foxx. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ phone bill. price on my that doesn't sound confusing mama. you're on t-mobile, taxes and fees are included. oh come on, it's always extra fees! not on t-mobile mama. why can't all my bills be like this? i don't know mama. bye mama, love you. anthony? umph! at t-mobile,taxes and fees are included. get 4 free 5g samsung galaxy s20 fe's with 4 new lines.
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>> jimmy: welcome back to the show. "jimmy kimmel live game night." later tonight, we have a new show with liam neeson and norah jones. our guest tonight might be the most talented person in the world. a comedian, yoga instructor, you name it, he does it. he is the lead character in the new disney/pixar movie "soul." it's coming to disney plus december 25th. welcome jamie foxx. [ cheers and applause ] even on zoom you know how to make an entrance. that's a beautiful folding chair you have. is that a designer? >> it's embarrassing. i thought i was coming into the studio. now you get a chance to see -- you know, my kids call this
10:15 pm
"black mansion." the ghetto mansion. as you see, i got outdoor furniture indoors. a card table. >> jimmy: that is a couch for a lot of people. >> a crib like this. >> jimmy: how many people can sit on that couch? that's the biggest couch i have ever seen. >> hey, listen, man, look. we have parties in here, unless my boy speedy brings over some of his people, we can fit a lot, a lot of -- i mean, come on, bro. i didn't know. >> jimmy: on a friday night, the lakers in the nba finals, potentially the final game of the series. what will you be doing if we didn't have this virus going around? >> listen to me. first of all, i would have this lebron james shirt on. that's it. think about it. the man is so poetic. lebron james coming to l.a. god bless kobe bryant. it seems like everything is lining up. to have this happening, i think we need some goodness. >> jimmy: we do. we really do need some goodness.
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of course, they need some goodness in miami, too. but it's a different kind of goodness than we need here in l.a. we need our goodness. you are from dallas. are a mavericks or lakers fan? >> i'm a lebron james fan. >> jimmy: you love lebron james. has lebron seen the imitation you do of him? [ laughter ] >> i don't know. i think lebron saw an impersonation of him at the wrong time. i was doing a commercial for under armour, which was steph curry. they was going at it. i think i did -- i don't know if he was -- i don't know, you know, if he liked that. >> jimmy: oh, is that right? is there not -- you guys are not pals? he doesn't come over to the house with speedy? >> you know what? we have had everybody here except lebron. it's time for the king to come through. he knows i'm a huge fan because
10:17 pm
i think -- we were at a fight. the floyd mayweather fight. we were at the fight and i saw him off in the distance. you know, i didn't want to be, you know -- i just like -- he was like -- [ laughter ] got that kind of relationship. >> jimmy: have you tried putting tacos outside? on tuesday, he goes nuts for those. >> taco tue! [ applause ] >> jimmy: how many people living in your compound? i won't say house. i know it's more than that. >> 18. 18 people doing covid. because we was like, listen, let's bunker down. we didn't know it was going to last that long. >> jimmy: right. >> my mom, dad, niece, nephew. their parent. so it's like 18. literally on saturday -- sundays we creep out to this little park and we have enough to play a softball game. that's how many people.
10:18 pm
>> jimmy: bigger than the nba bubble. do you have anyone in the bubble who escapes or doesn't follow the rules or you find out they are doing something? >> bro, listen, here is my problem. remember when covid first started? it was like we were at war. you opened a window! it's right outside! everyone, get down! covid's right outside! you know what i'm saying? i was into it. i remember i literally -- look, you see this little bar right there? that's all food, bro. that is all toilet paper and tollhouse cookies. we went crazy. >> jimmy: yeah. right. now, all of a sudden, now it's like, oh, maybe -- you see people, oh, i might go out and
10:19 pm
have dinner or something. >> until 45 got that thing. oh, let's back up. >> jimmy: did you notice -- i wonder if this is just me. i noticed suddenly there was much less traffic in l.a. after trump got the coronavirus. it was sudden. >> when the leader of the free world got the cooties, it was crazy. then you know, he didn't even -- "they gave me the virus, i don't have the virus, i have the virus, but i'm going to be okay, they're trying to give me the virus." like, what is going on, bro? >> jimmy: it's hard to figure out what is going on. with your family in the house, you and your daughter sold a show to netflix -- what's the name of the show? >> the show is called "dad, stop embarrassing me." >> jimmy: yeah, that's right. it's based on what?
10:20 pm
>> come on, brother. it's based on me and her, and it's all of our stories of her growing up and me just taking every opportunity i could to just embarrass the hell out of her. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and so we put it together. we took it to netflix. we have been shooting during covid. we have been very, very careful. we have been shooting. bro, it is laugh out loud funny. i happened to get david allen greer. from "in living color." >> jimmy: the best. >> he's on the show with me. he's playing my father, actually. it's like two dads, grandfather and dad. i mean, but bro -- >> jimmy: what's the age difference? in real life. >> i think dave is only 54. he just wears it like he's 74. >> jimmy: right. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> he's just got that -- he just
10:21 pm
fell into a man -- listen, we're doing characters just like how we were back in "in living color." >> jimmy: really? >> every chance i get a chance to do a character -- there was one episode about church. my daughter on the show is like, i'm sort of church, yoga. i'm sort of stuck. i think church is overdone. all of my family is all black and we live in atlanta. we're like, no, black people go to church on sunday. she says, dad, all they try to do is make money on church. i said, no, not this church, this church is very intimate. you cut to the church. and we literally introduce the pastor like michael jordan. "and now! give it up for your evangelist! i come out and i play this character called reverend sweet tea. listen, it's -- without giving it away -- >> jimmy: this sounds good. we have to take a break. you are in the new disney movie. it's called "soul." jamie foxx is with us. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
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yeah. i've been looking but i just need someone to tell me what a good price is. just use autotrader, it's the only one with kelley blue book. tells you if the price is good. hey, how is she doing that with the door? what is she some sort of goddess? athena? persephone? hera? dionysus? no, i'm claire! is that one? no clue. agh!
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yes, whoo-hoo! you see that, dad? that's what i'm talking about. you know what that's going to say? "joe gardner." ha ha ha! you're never going to believe what just happened. i did it, i got the gig. yes! i don't know, i don't know. dorothea williams, can you believe it? just don't tell my mom about this, okay? forget class, i'm in a different class. i'm in a dorothea williams class, buddy, you thaig? you know what i'm saying? aghh! >> jimmy: that's jamie foxx in "soul." it's the new disney/pixar movie, on disney plus december 25th, christmas day, which is exciting. at the foxx family, would you guys watch a movie together on christmas day? >> yeah, as long as we don't tear each other's heads off.
10:26 pm
we've been together a long time. i think in my family, we've got 45 minutes. 45 minutes. nobody's going to tear each other's head off, so at least we'll be able to get through the first part. >> jimmy: i know what the movie is about. i watched it with my kids and we loved it. it's really good. >> it's about this guy in new york who is a jazz musician, joe gardner. he really wants to make it big in jazz, which is like an old-school music. just as he gets his big gig, he walks out and falls into a manhole and goes to this place, this magical place where all souls go. basically in pixar fashion, they tackle a subject we always wondered about, where do souls come from? annd a whole host -- quest love, i mean -- it just makes for a great -- a great good-feeling movie, man. >> jimmy: has your youngest
10:27 pm
daughter seen it? >> they all saw it. my kids are a great, great measurement stick. because they're like -- their knowledge is crazy. you say, what'd you think of the movie? "well, the third act for me --" what that is? they break stuff down. the fact that they dug it, i felt cool. sometimes when they see something without me and come back and they don't mention the movie, they start talking about sports or something, oh, must not have went good. but they dug it. >> jimmy: isn't that interesting how in tune you are to their reaction and how important that is to you. >> you know how we are. as comedians, every joke, everything, what did you think of it? you get this. "it was good." or, there was a question mark. you know how we are, man. they gave me a thumbs up, so i'm good. >> jimmy: you were at the finals and that game seven in 2016 in
10:28 pm
oakland when lebron and the cavaliers beat the warriors to win the nba. what was that like? and who were you with? >> first of all, i was with my kids. second of all, we didn't have tickets. [ laughter ] we didn't have tickets. game six or seven. we went to game six in cleveland. i used my head, i used everything, a box set of jamie foxx, to get in. then we got some okay seats. and i was like, okay, don't -- you know, they took care of it. game seven, we flew to oakland, no tickets. but the cool part about it was, it was all black guys that was security outside. i was like, oh, good, yeah! i get to a certain point where the black guys ran out. it was three white guys. i said, man. we ain't going to get in here. then all of a sudden, chris tucker pulled up in a big van with him and his son. it was crazy. him in a -- i said, chris, what's happening, baby?
10:29 pm
oh, they got our tickets. oh, let's jump in with you to make it easier. we jump in. we were sitting in the golden state warrior box. the way we got in, i let my kids go through the security first. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> then the tickets, i said, "guys, it's not about the tickets, my kids are over there it's a security issue, can i please get in?" >> jimmy: i'm too famous. >> we are actually in the golden state box. we couldn't really cheer. every time lebron made a shot, oh, man. >> jimmy: all right. i want to alert security, be on the lookout for the foxx family. "soul" on disney plus december 25th. thank you, jamie. jamie foxx, everybody. thanks for watching. apologies to matt damon, we did run out of time for him. later tonight, a new show with liam neeson, killer mike, and norah jones. let's do this again then, shall we? [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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building a better bay area, for a safe and secure future, this is "abc7 news." >> i don't want to teach anyone, because i don't want to teach. >> teachers under fire after this video surfaced on social media. it shows the pair bad mouthing their students. >> good evening. it was recorded after a virtual class ended yesterday. stephanie sierra spoke with the mother who saw it all happen. >> it's so frustrated to know that these kids are technologically illiterate. >> reporter: this is the voices of two teachers at jessie bethel high school in vallejo. thursday afternoon. but before these teachers logged out, this was caught on camera.


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