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tv   ABC7 News 800PM  ABC  October 10, 2020 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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kevin negandhi in studio. the offensive eruption continues in oxford. 14 total touchdowns. eight from bama. naji harris with four. 56-45, bama right now with the lead. my goodness. and then updating you, all that scoring in the s.e.c., go figure, mike leach and mississippi state, just two points in a loss to kentucky. back to chris. >> chris: kevin, we were just chuckling because -- you were saying, it's a different era in the old s.e.c. >> kirk: has anybody got a first down -- mississippi state been able to get many first downs over than the lsu game? >> chris: no. >> kirk: arkansas slowed them down and kentucky's given them all they can handle. >> chris: but the scoring in the rest -- >> kirk: i know. what's going on? >> chris: short little kickoff that's going to be out of bounds and a penalty. pacific life game summary. quarterback comparison, tough to match up with trevor lawrence.
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both kwaufrter ba quarterbacks few shots tonight. 248, going to make it 12 games in a row without an interception. >> kirk: king has probably been the best weapon -- the main weapon for miami's offense tonight, is when he's been able to get out of there and make plays with his legs, which we thought would be a factor tonight. didn't realize it would be the only factor for their offense. >> chris: trevor's still in there. i thought we might see uiagalelei. but no. element yen still in the game, as well. shovel tvi make man miss and just decides to stay down inbounds, bless him for keeping the clock running, at the 44 yard line. >> kirk: he's a good man.
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i can't believe -- i'm surprised he's still out there, but -- >> chris: i am, too. >> kirk: but again, they want the work. both he and trevor lawrence still out there. first-team offensive line. receivers. >> chris: etienne didn't do a lot until that explosive long touchdown run. and that put him over 100 yards. now he's just churning away against a beleaguered miami defense. who is going to stop clemson on this schedule, kirk? >> kirk: well -- >> chris: go ahead. at notre dame, early november. >> kirk: i would say -- at florida state and at virginia tech could potentially -- >> chris: really? >> kirk: at least -- i think florida state's going to get better. i think that they're not going to -- nobody's going to beat clemson on this schedule, but you go on the road, you never know. >> chris: sometimes you know. rencher wrestled down after three. >> kirk: yeah, but clemson's always had one of those odd ball
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games over the last four, five years. >> chris: the pitt game was the last loss here. >> kirk: nc state here a few years ago. there's always been a few games you just can't explain. it's hard to be perfect every single saturday. >> chris: they do a pretty good job of it, though. >> kirk: they come close. >> chris: carolina not on the regular season schedule. that could be a potential acc championship game if the heels can keep rolling. the heels play miami in the finale, which could be a very important game, determining the other slot in that acc championship game. >> kirk: yeah, good point. >> chris: and while the trevor and travis show just continues to roll on. and this roster that dabo swinney believes might be his most talented. now, think about that, with all
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the talent that's come through here and gone to the draft. he's counting on the future potential of a lot of young players. bunch of true freshmen who play, but that is a pretty sobering same ining stat the rest of the league if that's true. they need a yard on third down. rencher is the back. he's got a first down as he backs down near the 20. >> kirk: you think about some of the teams and some of the rosters that they've had since going back to 2013. i think 2013 is when they really turned the corner and became this clemson brand of consistency and to just look at the players that leave and go to the nfl, high profile players. and tonight was a big question. okay, miami's building some momentum. how are these new players going to play? and you wouldn't think they missed a beat. like, they look like -- the brand just keeps going. >> chris: power of the paw. more than doubled up the canes in yardage, you see there.
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rencher still the back. use just about all of the play clock. hand it to him and he's going to be knocked down behind the line. nesta silvera, the starting defensive tackle on the play here. the rankings, brought to you by goodyear. alabama having to fight off the upset bid in oxford tonight. georgia scored 27 unanswered to get past the vols. see the gators at home against lsu next week. big ten teams getting into the action on the 24th of october. >> kirk: mack brown and north carolina, great win today. sam howell played really, really well. >> chris: jump over miami and over florida. carolina could be sitting there at number six. >> kirk: right behind -- >> chris: wow. again, they use all the play clock. lawrence looking to throw over the middle and it's complete for a touchdown. davis alp allen with his first
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touchdown reception and the guy tony elliott says is his favorite player on the offense, just because of his attitude and work ethic, finds the end zone. they reward him with a touchdown. >> kirk: he is a big target for a quarterback to be able to throw to at 6'6", 250. watch this play. he opens up and trevor lawrence knew that he had him. throws it right into that seam, gives him a chance, by the way he threw it, to catch the ball and then get down and protect himself from the hit from bubba bolden. >> chris: lawrence with three more touchdowns makes it ten so far for the season. a flag down on the conversion. much different start for the season for lawrence this year. we talked about last year. you know, pressing. had five picks through the first three games. hasn't thrown one yet. >> kirk: but that's so good for him to go through that. it wasn't fun at the time, but it was -- every quarterback goes through that, that becomes a superstar. >> referee: personal foul,
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number 2 of the defense. 15-yard penalty on the succeeding kickoff. >> kirk: you know, i think that was part of his maturation. he had such a big freshman year, culmination, they beat bama, they win the championship and he goes crazy. the next year, the bar is unrealistic, he felt that. he would tell you he felt it. he pressed. tried to make plays. then about middle of the year after week seven, he said, i'm done doing that, i'm just going to settle in and let the game come to me. and i think that will help him. that's helped him this year and it will help him move onto the next step in the nfl. he looks very, very different this year, as good as he's been the last two years. i'm talking, the game is super slow and he just is seeing it. >> chris: they talk a lot about the selection process, recruiting for the culture, but to have superstars sunday ready guys like lawrence and etienne be so humble and so unselfish
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and never waver one little bit in the work ethic, they just work harder and harder as they have gotten better and better, the example that sets, that just doesn't automatically happen, as you know, in this sport at all. >> kirk: when you're superstars are humble and the hardest workers, it fill traits down to the rest of the team, because if travis element yen is thtienne,t working guy on the team. when those guys are doing that, and the players before them, christian wilkins and -- it's when they get older, that's how they act. >> chris: it was roche and the personal foul. miami's 15th penalty, by the way, for 135 yards. we'll see if the heat fare better than the hurricanes as they try to force a game seven against lebron and the lakers in the nba bubble. that's tomorrow at 7:30 eastern time here on abc.
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well, there's a lot of things to talk about for manny diaz and company. a couple of targeting penalties tonight. certainly hope that brevin jordan, when they make that long flight home and get to the hex center at 5:00 a.m., certainly hope that shoulder is okay and he's not going to miss time. >> kirk: along with john campbell, the left tackle. we saw him flexing his leg. at least he got off the field under his own power. >> chris: king is out. and the backup gets dropped. clemson still fighting and that's bradley jennings. excuse me, nyles pinckney. >> kirk: big pinckney. he comes in, makes a play. and -- >> chris: he's still here? >> kirk: he's still here. he's still here. two things i wanted to see, how good was the clemson defense with all these new faces and how good was their offensive line? and i think they showed everybody that the rest of the acc is taking notice, saying,
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well, not much of a dropoff. >> chris: taking notice and, you know, taking stock, because, as you said, you've won 25 in a row in the conference, a lot of them have been blowouts, have been handling the contenders in this conference. virginia here a week ago, a rematch of the acc championship game, it wasn't as lopsided as that game when they played this year, but this is a sobering loss for miami. 42-17 and the game wasn't really that close. perry. surveys and takes a shot and delivers a pick. intercepted by kane patterson. why not let a third-team linebacker get in on the fun? and the frustrations continue on that sideline. that's a thrill for him. >> kirk: that's funny. my youngest son, chase, we live in nashville, go to christ
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presbyterian academy, that's where he's from. he was a superstar in high school. he's had to work, like a lot of guys, up the food chain here to get an opportunity. and you see how fired up he is to be able to make a play and to be able to get his hands on the ball. he read it perfectly. brent venables there, the defensive coordinator giving him some love. good for 17. >> chris: he backs up skalski and jake venables. and you can see, read that well. so, all the work that you do, the third string guys study tape too and go to the meetings and the third string quarterback for clemson is in there. that's michel dukes. going deep on the depth chart. well, a soggy one tonight. but the clemson faithful will leave feeling really good about their team and their chances vis
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a vis the rest of the atlantic coast conference. going to take a great performance and an offnight by clemson to beat this team. oh, the third teamer almost had it picked off. blades read it. couldn't come up with the football on a wet night. >> kirk: he's seen that play all night. he's a starter and trevor lawrence has been throwing that out there a bunch tonight and, you know, this time, he gets in front of -- thought it was will brown, 82, trying to block him. but al blades reacted so quickly, he was almost able to come up with an interception and a touchdown if he caught it. >> chris: thinking, wait, i don't get a lot of snaps. let's not throw a pick six here with the -- they don't have the turnover chain, they have the apple turnover chain. >> kirk: cherry at the bottom. >> chris: three of them. so, it's a statement and it's a snack. the turnover chain for miami,
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just once on the fumble by lawrence. but the canes couldn't cash that in and that was very costly. interception in the end zone after that takeaway. follows a block. bridgeport, connecticut, is where the red shirt freshman is from. >> kirk: up in your old stomping grounds up there. >> chris: long time ago. >> kirk: back in the heyday. the nutmeg state, right? >> chris: still is. still there. >> kirk: you held it down for awhile, didn't you? >> chris: will swinney is in there now. of course, he's the holder, but also a receiver. delayed happenedondoff to dukes bangs forward. >> kirk: how about that run? >> chris: almost every guy
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that's dressed tonight has gotten in the game for clemson. inside of two minutes and all those streaks we talked about at the top are going to stretch. 36 straight regular season wins, it will be 47 in a row on saturday. there's a reason why clemson has been a double-digit favorite, 32 in a row. oh, who do we have in the slot right there? is that herbstreit? >> kirk: i would love -- >> chris: it's a decoy. they threw him in there and ran the ball. that's pretty cool. >> kirk: the program does a great job of playing -- they really do. they play guys and dabo, you know, dabo's this heeory is, if practice, you should get a chance to play, when they get the opportunity to get a lead. keeps everybody engaged, too. >> kir >> chris: kobe pace with a carry, gets down to the 5 in the final minute here.
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they're going to use some tempo here, trying to find the end zone with the backups. bringing off some guys here as the clock winds down. pace. still running hard. can they shove him across the goal line? they'll stop him a half a yard short. we'll see if that's it. see if they try to run a play at tempo, try to get in the end zone. first and goal if they hurry. >> kirk: they are going to get it off here. >> chris: tack on a seventh touchdown tonight. the keeper and the canes will rise up and stop him as the clock hits triple zero. one of the few things that didn't work for clemson tonight. trevor lawrence, 29 of 41, 292,
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three touchdowns. travis etienne running for a couple touchdowns and 149. a strong statement tonight. >> kirk: yeah. really was. learned a lot about them in 2020 and what they have to offer and d'eriq king and miami, they found what it -- really where they are. and they have to go back to the drawing board, learn from this experience, hope they can regroup. recalibrate, win some games and maybe, who knows, down the road, be in a different position to get to the acc championship and get another chance. >> chris: ways to go this season, but the gap is still there and the gap is significant between clemson and the rest of the acc. game produced by bill bonnell, directed by derek mobley. head up to gillette stadium for monday. see you on espn on saturday. now, except on the west coast, stay tuned for your local news on abc. 42-17, tigers. for kirk, allison and the entire
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crew, chris fowler saying good night from soggy death valley.
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tonight on abc7 news, the recovery underway in the north bay as firefighters gain ground on the glass fire. the voters president trump targeted during his first event after he got the coronavirus. and the international dispute that had a huge crowd marching across the golden gate bridge this afternoon. this special edition of abc7 news starts right now. >> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. well, life is slowly returning to some sense of normalcy in the north bay as residents being on the road to recovery with a wildfire still raging on. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm dion lim. cal fire is making progress on the glass fire. containment is up to 86%
8:24 pm
tonight. the fire has burned more than 67,000 acres in napa and sonoma counties and there are still some areas under evacuation orders. nearly 700 homes have been destroyed by the fire and hundreds of other structures have been damaged. much of the napa valley is trying to return to normal after the fire and as abc7 news reporter cornell bernard shows us, outreach and support is now being offered to those impacted. ♪ >> reporter: the saturday farmers market is back in downtown calistoga. >> yeah, it was scary last weekend, but, you know, thank god we are back. o cf1 o >> reporter: it was canceled last weekend, but most of the town was forced to evacuate due to the approaching glass fire. luckily, it never made it this far. people are giving thanks to firefighters who protected their town. >> calistoga is incredibly resilient. they have been faced with this time and time again, and they do
8:25 pm
pull out of it. >> reporter: in a town dependent on tourism, others hope wine country ce back soon. >> as locals, we can only do so much. we need that other million people coming here every year to help the economy. >> reporter: staff is packing up boxes for a drive-through food distribution sunday to for more than 300 hotel employees impacted by the fires and power outages. >> nothing speaks to family more than a meal. so we felt that this could be an effort, a gesture to just extend that family hospitality to our team members. >> reporter: here in santa rosa those impacted by the glass fire are getting help they need and some answers at this local assistance sister at maria carrillo high school. frankie and penny have a million questions after their home burned down on saint helena road. >> we want to find out from red
8:26 pm
cross about how to safely go back to our home site. >> we love that area. we love the people around us. the intent is to build back up. >> reporter: from ruin to recovery, this community getting back on its feet yet again. in the north bay, cornell bernard, abc7 news. fema will be operating a mobile center monday to help victims of the cu lightning complex fooild. the complex fire has burned 400,000 acres in august and september in six different counties. survivors can reg fer at the santa clara station in livermore. victims can also get federal aid online by down leading the fema app or calling the help line. the oakland zoo has taken in two more mountain lion clubs. they say in a twitter post they lost their mother in the zogg fire, the same fire that
8:27 pm
orphaned captain cal and burned his paws. the zoo plans on introducing both cubs to captain cal. take a look at this. yes, it is rain. abc7 news reporter carnell bernard encountered drops as he tloef through the napa valley early today. a welcome sight with all of the fires, but it doesn't look like there is any rain in our future. let's get a look now at weather withdrew drew. >> yeah, nice to see in spots today we had some light drizzle, light showers, mainly in the north bay, had a couple of pop-up light showers over the city, even a couple of them in the east bay. live doppler 7 tonight combined with satellite, a fair amount of cloud cover overhead. you do see a few specs of green on your green in the north bay, the east bay right now. still it is possible we will find some isolated sprinkles, some drizzle out there over the next couple of hours. the reason why, there is a cold front that is moving into the
8:28 pm
pacific northwest right now r t seattle and portland. but we are watching though high pressure off of our coastline. you see it right there. it is going to strengthen the next couple of days. we are bringing back the warm and dry weather. we will look at the temperatures, how warm we'll get with the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks. members of the bay area's armenian american community urged the u.s. government today to cut off military aid to turkey and azerbaijan. [ crowd chanting ],ed d ro the bridge to show solidarity with armenians. azerbaijan launched an invasion last month and armenia has defended the people there. >> turkey and azerbaijan has aggressively attacked, started a war. they are bombing civilians there and we're very concerned that twha they are trying to do really is finish off the
8:29 pm
armenian genocide that they started in 1915. >> azerbaijan and armenia both attacked each other earlier today after agreeing to a ceasefire brokered by russia. the two countries accused one another of derailing the deal. president trump hosted his first in-person event today since testing positive for the coronavirus. hundreds of supporters gathered at the white house for an event promoting one of the president's slogans, law and order. his opponent, jobina, is also out on the campaign trail. faith has the differing messages coming from the candidates. >> reporter: president trump rallying hundreds of mostly masked but tightly packed supporters. >> i want you to know our nation is going to defeat this terrible china virus, as we call it. >> reporter: the president claiming the coronavirus is dis covid- cases rdisappeadisaeang
8:30 pm
are going to help and the therapeutics are going to help a lot. >> reporter: as he and dozens connected to the white house battle the deadly virus -- >> i'm feeling great. i don't know about you. >> reporter: this evening the president's physician releasing a memo saying he's no longer a risk to others. the president pulling out of next week's now canceled debate after the commission turned it virtual in the wake of his positive test. joe biden will join abc news for a town hall thursday. the president will appear in a competing event on nbc news. both men trading attacks during their campaign events saturday. biden speaking to union workers. >> america deserves a president who understands what people are going through. you are facing real challenges right now. the last thing you need is a president who ex passer baits them. >> reporter: trump targeting black voters. >> sleepily joe biden, if you think he can run this country, you're wrong. >> reporter: the prede


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