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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 11, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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nurses honoring their peers killed by covid-19. months after the 7:00 p.m. cheers stopped, bay area nurses say they're still facing tough conditions on the front lines of the pandemic. good morning, everyone, it's sunday, october 11th, i'm liz kreutz. we will have more on the vigil and demand from nurses coming up in a moment. first, as always, let's start with a quick look at the weather. a heat wave on the way. here's lisa argen. >> good morning to you. felt like fall yesterday. feeling like fall this morning. we have fog and some cooler temperatures. yes, things are going to turn
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around as we get toward the afternoon and certainly the week ahead. 53 in danville, as well as pleasant hills. 52 in lafayette. good morning, santa rosa, fog there at 46. 56 in concord. looking at five seven degrees cooler in the north bay, as well as concord. livermore, four degrees cooler and fog from napa to santa rosa. half-mile visibility. fog along the coast. our spare-the-air alert has been extended into tuesday. in fact, the poor air quality f north bay but our inland east bay as temperatures today slowly warm. we'll see 60s and 70s in sunny to hazy conditions by noontime around the bay and inland. staying in the 60s at the coast. low 80s will be on the high end today. and looking at some patchy fog returning tonight. and that's about all we're going to see for the week ahead. we're talking dry offshore winds and 90s inland by the second half of the workweek. liz? >> thank you. nurses in one bay area health care victim demanding better protection -- care system are demanding better protection.
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laura martinez with the story. madeleine johnson, 70, registered nurse, burlington, new jersey, passed away -- >> reporter: names of registered nurses around the country who lost their lives to covid-19 were read aloud during a candlelight vigil outside of alameda hospital. >> each one of them, a life lost. each one of them had somebody that loved them and cared for them. >> reporter: the reverend whose mother was a nurse years ago spoke of the sacrifices and the hard decisions nurses make every day. >> i don't think that they should be making choices between whether they should be able to live and work safely. [ chantsorter: before t gistied fi-day-ltrike following failed labor negotiations with alameda health system. >> their lack of trust with the nurses, locking up ppe, we filed numerous cal/osha complaints,
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and it just didn't bring them to the table. didn't make them understand how serious we are. >> reporter: in a statement, alameda health systems said, quote, while we are disappointed that the unions called the strike at a time when there are already extraordinary strains on health care providers, we encourage them to return to the bargaining table where we can resolve our differences and reach agreement on a fair, mutually beneficial contract. >> tyse -- >> reporter: nurses say they do not take the decision strike during a pandemic lightly, but it is for the protection of their patients and themselves. the reverend said 70% of registered nurses who have lost their lives to covid-19 in california are filipino. >> it's hitting our community in a very particular way, and it's not just hitting individuals. it's impacting nurses and their fa that have been lost because of this
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pandemic. >> reporter: in alameda, laura martinez, abc7 news. here's a look at where the pandemic stands in california. there were more than 4,100 new diagnosed cases. the number is well above the seven-day average which is about 3,300 cases. there were 72 deaths from covid-19 supported. and the 14-day positivity rate is at 2.6%, that number indicates the transmission rate of the virus. now president trump hosted his first in-person event since testing positive for the coronavirus. hundreds of supporters gathered at the white house as you can see for an event promoting one of the president's slogans, "law and order." his opponent, joe biden, is also out on the campaign trail. abc with the differing messages coming from the candidates. >> reporter: president trump rallying hundreds of mostly masked but tightly packed supporters with an 18-minute campaign speech from the white house balcony. >> i want you to know our nation's going to defeat this
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terrible china virus as we call it. >> reporter: the president claiming the coronavirus is disappearing despite 58,000 covid-19 cases reported friday. >> it's going to disappear. it is disappearing, and -- vaccines are going to help and the therapeutics are going to help a lot. >> reporter: as he and dozens connected to the white house battle the deadly virus -- >> i'm feeling great. i don't know about you -- >> reporter: the president's physician releasing a memo saying he's no longer a risk to others. the president pulling out of next week's now-canceled debate after the commission turned it virtual in the wake of his positive test. joe biden will join abc news for a town hall thursday. the president will appear in a competing event on nbc news. both men trading attacks during the campsardo union workers. >> america deserves a president who understands what people are going through. you're facing real challenges right now, and the last thing you need is a president who exacerbates them. >> reporter: trump's event
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targeting black voters. >> sleepy joe biden's betrayed black and latino americans. if you think he can run this country, you're wrong. [ boos ] >> reporter: abc news, washington. we sent this push alert on our abc7 news app when president trump's doctor released his latest letter. if you want alerts like this in the future, the app is free to download in the app store. cal fire is making more progress on the glass fire. containment now up to 86% this morning. the fire has burned more than 67,000 acres in napa and sonoma counties. nearly 700 homes have been dried by the fire. abc7's cornell barnard was in the north bay and shows outreach and support that is being offered to those impacted. >> reporter: the saturday farmers market is back in downtown calistoga. >> it was scary last weekend. thank god we are -- we are back.
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>> reporter: it was canceled last weekend when most of the town was forced to evacuate due to the approaching glass fire. luckily it never made it this far. just about everywhere you looked, people are giving thanks to firefighters who protected their town. >> calistoga is incredibly resilient. and they've been faced with this time and time again, and they do pull out of it. >> reporter: in a town dependent on tourism, others hope wine country visitors will come back soon. >> as locals, we can only do so much. we need that other million people coming here every year to help the economy. >> yeah -- >> reporter: at the resort, staff is packing up boxes for a drive-through food distribution sunday to support more than 300 hotel employees impacted by the power outages. >> nothing is more important than a meal. we felt it could be a -- an effort, a gesture to just extend that family hospitality to our team members. >> reporter: here in santa rosa,
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those impacted by the glass fire are getting help that they need and some answers. at this local assistance center at the high school. frank and penny have a million questions after their homead s abely go back to our home site. >> we love that area. we love the people around us. and the intent is to build back up. >> reporter: from ruin to recovery, this community getting back on its feet yet again. in the north bay, abc7 news. the bay area has broken the record for the number of days under a spare-the-air that's right year. an alert has been extended until tuesday. the extension marks a total of 51 days this year under an alert compared to the previous record of 46 days in 2017. smoke from the august complex and red salmon complex fires
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triggered the latest alert. and that bans wood burning, discourages unnecessary driving, and encourages residents to stay indoors. the bay area air quality management district says we could likely see several more spare-the-air days this year, and that's because upcoming winds and warmth heighten fire concerns. we did see drizzle yesterday, lisa, but that may not have been enough to stop fire concerns later this week as it heats up. that's for sure. right now, that 86% sounds pretty good for the glass incident fire up to the north with the containment. yes, as we go each day, second half of the week trending very, very warm to hot. today kind of nice out there. a live look outside. temperatures are cooler. we've got 40s and 50s, maybe a few 60s. we'll talk about a warmup, how rapid it's going to be, and how strong the offshore winds will be next. >> all right. thank you. also ahead, some east bay restaurant owners are pushing back against their county's decision to delay reopening indoor dining. why they say they may not last
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welcome back. here's a live look from our golden gate bridge camera. 55 degrees in san francisco now on this sunday morning at 6:12. all right. let's talk about something that happened yesterday on the golden gate bridge. hundreds of armenian americans marched across the bridge in t. and this comes as armenia and azerbaijan agreed to a cease-fire yesterday. the leadership from both countries quickly accused the other of breaking the agreement. the issue is important to many in the bay area community as it's estimated 35,000 armenians live in the region. it was a very large crowd. here's abc with more.
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[ chants ] >> reporter: as tensions between armenia, turkey, and azerbaijan intensify, the bay area's armenian community came out in droves to call for an end to conflict. >> turkey and azerbaijan have aggressively attacked, started a war. they are killing civilians there. and we're very concerned that what they're trying to do really is finish off the armenian genocide. >> reporter: saturday's march just one of many gatherings of its kind across the country. in los angeles, earlier in the week, pro-armenia protesters shut down streets, calling for peace. tensions were renewed on september 27th when fighting between azerbaijani and armenian forces broke out. it was the largest attack since the war between the two countries that ended in 1994. >> we see everything that's happening and the young kids that are dying, and it is our duty to make sure that our voices are heard -- their voices
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are heard. >> reporter: in recent months the bay area's armenian community has been parked with three hate crimes -- targeted with three hate crimes, vandalism, graffiti, and gunshots fired at school. and azerbaijanis have a to it.ent take on the conflict the azerbaijani cultural society of northern california has raised tens of thousands of dollars for war victims. marchers in san francisco hope the day's actions send a message to leaders. >> we're all together because united we will make huge difference. >> reporter: abc7 news. a man has been arrested, accused of a paint ball attack on an 18-year-old pregnant woman in marin city. the suspect is 19 years old and from marin city. the marin sheriff's office said the woman was hit by about 30 rounds and was taken to the hospital to have her injuries treated. investigators did release a picture here of the paint ball gun that they found during the
6:15 am
arrest. it's not clear if the victim and suspect knew each other. investigators say since last month, there have been nearly 20 incidents with young adults recklessly discharging paint ball guns. also in the north bay, protesters gathered to demand i killed by a fora sheriff's deputy -- for a napa sheriff's deputy last week. a group of people filled veterans memorial park here in napa for 47-year-old juan garcia who was shot during a traffic stop monday night. the sheriff's office said garcia got out of the car and approached the deputy with a hand behind his back. they say when garcia was asked to show the hand, he didn't. the deputy said he shot first, afraid that garcia had a gun. garcia was a chef and leaves behind a wife and three kids. as tpandemic, the economy is one thing abc7 has focused on as we try to build a better bay area. restaurantnoran owners are push
6:16 am
back against a decision against reopening indoor dining. they say outdoor dining may not be available much longer and they might not survive. laura anthony with the story. ten miles awowroad, and hav meal. >> reporter: with their offer limited inside dining, restaurant owners in pleasanton are none too happy that alameda county health officials won't grant them the same privilege despite meeting the state's coronavirus threshold. >> i think we've gotten drug into what's going on in oakland where their numbers are quite high for the coronavirus. >> reporter: in deciding to delay inside dining for four to six weeks, even at 25% capacity, alameda county health officials stated, quote, having different households together while they eat and drink for extended periods of time in an enclosed space eliminates the protections social distancing and wearing a mask provide. in june, pleasanton closed its
6:17 am
main street here to facilitate outside dining. that certainly helped some of the restaurants survive. but it ends november 1st, and the weather is changing. >> especially for the wife when she's too cold, you , g bring a jacket and this and that. >> reporter: these folks are from michigan where limited inside dining is allowed. >> i don't feel unsafe. i feel cautious. but you have to use your common sense. but it doesn't stop us going out. >> reporter: even with outside seating, business at haf's original steak and seafood is off 85% compared to last year. the owners had to lay off 40 people. >> there are going to be a lot of businesses that aren't around if they don't get to sit inside. >> reporter: in pleasanton for abc7 news. in the south bay customers lined up for a last treat at sunny doughnuts before it closes today. the owners have decided to retire after 33 years.
6:18 am
they sewed facebook it is op in sales.he pandemic a one man plans to make one more pilgrimage today. he says he's enjoyed sunny doughnuts for decades. >> doughnuts are fabulous. like i say, we've been coming here about 30 years. took my grandkids down here. we used to walk every week. sad to see all the local businesses, you know, shutting down. >> the owners came to the bay area in 1982 after escaping an oppressive communist regime in cambodia. they worked at fast food restaurants and cleaned homes, saving their money to launch their own business in 1987. i know they're going to be deeply, deeply missed. congratulations on their retirement. the pandemic has forced another bay area tradition to go virtual this year. you can still enjoy fleet week festivities from your own home.
6:19 am
♪ you're looking at a navy bands coming together on line to play "anchors away." it is the fight song of the u.s. naval academy. for decades, people have enjoyed tours of ships and the aerobatics of the blue angels this week. this year the coast guard provided a look inside its alameda-based cutter "monroe." the captain also shared this greeting -- >> i'm sorry that you were all unable to visit "monroe" or national security cutter during fleet week due to the global pandemic. >> the "monroe" plays a key role in many vital missions, including launching small boats dr fro aund the world t ill the streets of the u.s. and you said it, lisa, if it was in-person fleet week this week it would be perfect weather for it. >> typical. always happens that way, doesn't it? fog-free conditions. numbers in the 80s. we'll be even pushing 90s in our inland valleys the second half of the workweek.
6:20 am
periodic offshore winds. this morning, it's kind of a continuation of what we had yesterday. that fall day, a little bit of mist and drizzle. we have fog and temperatures are certainly cooler as we start out in many parts of the bay. looking at the live doppler 7, there is fog not only along the coast but inside the bay in spots. we want to get you updated on all that wet weather along the eastern seaboard. this of the tenth named -- this was the tenth named hurricane in 2020, delta. rain from one to two inches from the virginias, the carolinas, and now up the eastern seaboard from d.c., new jersey, and new york as we get into early tuesday. so all the sudden their weather is getting very, very wets. opposis areoi happener high pressure that's going to set the stage . for those warming winds getting gusty at times throughout the week. in fact, beginning this morning, we're seeing the changes.
6:21 am
by tonight, they may get a little breezy in the north bay. 56 in concord. it is 61 in hayward. good morning, santa rosa. a cool 45 right now, and looking at those northerly winds above 1,000 feet, about 20 miles per hour. mt. tam and less than that around the bay which is some good news. but we do have some fog out there. be careful if you're getting an early start. with that fog, it will be fading away by about 9:00, 10:00, and we'll get into the hazy, sunny conditions today. that spare-the-air alert allowing for poor air quality later today in the north bay or inland east bay. then high fire danger right on through the week. warmest days will take us right through the end of the week. then those winds will be gusty at times. kpl wednesd wednesday and thursday. at 10:00, notice the orange is west to the north. as we get through the day today, later on tonight, notice how that smoke is going to be pulled down once again into the north bay and east bay. here we are later on in the afternoon on monday. still some hazy conditions.
6:22 am
a warmer day. and that's going to be the trend for each and every day. so monday, we're back to the low 90s by the delta. 80 in oakland, 70 san francisco. then we get even warmer tuesday, mid 90s, low to mid 80s oakland. even warm at our beaches. wednesday, temperatures in the mid 90s from antioch, livermore about 93. today sunny, warmer, low 80s from concord, 77 in fremont, looking at 78 today, nice day in the south bay. how about 80 in morgan hill? 82ssista 82 santa rosa. the accu-weather forecast, a spare-the-air day for monday. the air quality will be hazy and moderate at times. temperatures really warming with periods of those dry, gusty offshore winds for high fire danger all week long. liz? >> thank you. ahead, is it too early to start holiday shopping? some major retailers are hoping it's not. what you need to know before shopping some major deals this
6:23 am
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ugh. welcome back. dan harris joins us to telling us what's coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." >> good morning. coming up on "gma," president trump cleared to return to his regular duties by his doctor who released a memo overnight after trump's first public event since testing positive for covid. plus, new details about the alleged plot to kidnap the governor of michigan. two of the suspects confirmed to be ex-marines. and finally, meghan markle talking about being trolled on the internet as she and husband harry go on a teenage therapy podcast in honor of world mental health day. it's coming up on "gma." see you very soon. amazon's prime day event is happening this week. it was pushed back because of the pandemic. other retailers are also offering big deals now in an effort to compete starting with walmart tomorrow. abc explains what to check before adding items to your cart. >> reporter: amazon prime day. >> an epic day of
6:26 am
>> reporter: has been turned on its head. normally in summer, the coronavirus causing it to move to the two days of october 13th and 14th. significant deals expected on electronics, especially anything amazon branded like alexa, kindles, ring doorbells. not many specific details yet, but discounts historically run the gamut from clothing to beauty supplies to toys, to kitchen items. and it's not just amazon. >> the walmart event is called the big save. it's going to be going on from october 11th to the 15th. target, they're calling it deal days, and that's going on the exact same days as prime day, october 13th and 14th. >> reporter: the website retailmenot last year estimated over 250 online sites offered competing deals on amazon prime day. that's where price comparison sites are crucial on prime day. google's shopping and price grabber show you which sites have the best prices. and the browser add-on pop cart sees you shopping and
6:27 am
automatically pops up any better offers on line. but for shoppers who usually focus their deal hunting on black friday sales, this year is different. >> there's this huge supply crunches all year because of coronavirus. >> reporter: add in supply chain problems, covid-related warehouse shutdowns, and shipping delays. more than ever, retailers want you to do your holiday shopping really, really early. so for serious deal hunters, that begs the question -- buy now or later? >> this is a really easy answer. you should buy early. there's a very strong anticipation that some of the best deals are going to be happening around prime day as opposed to black friday. >> reporter: abc news. >> all right. still to come, president trump has been given the all-clear from his physician. he's getting ready to return to the campaign trail, but a new report questions his decisionmaking and still no word on when he had his last negative test. and the storm may be gone, but there's a lot of damage left behind.
6:28 am
a look at the aftermath of hurricane delta.
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6:30 am
good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. if you are just joining us, we're going to start with another look at the weather with lisa. >> good morning. cooler and fog conditions to start out. by the afternoon, we're going to be sunny, a little hazy at times, and warmer. it is 54 in san mateo. 55 in daly city. a chilly 45 with fog up in santa rosa. six to eight degrees cooler in the north bay. four to seven degrees cooler in the inland east bay. the fog is from napa to novato to on coast, as well. norther blowing in the upper levels of that w translate t da by noontime, we're in the upper 70s inland.
6:31 am
low 70s for parts of the city. and by the afternoon, a little fog wants to re-form at the coast. it's really about the lack of fog and the offshore winds that will heat us up this week. details in a few minutes. liz? >> thank you. president trump's physician has given him the all clear to return to the campaign trail as he recovers from the coronavirus. this comes on the heels of a white house event with hundreds of supporters and a "new york times" report questioning his decisionmaking. here's abc's ty hernandez. house balcony, president trump targeting black voters in a mostly masked but packed rally. >> i just want to thank most particularly you because you people come out and you come out and you cheer and you love your country, and you get it. you're way, way ahead of many, many people in this country. but the country is getting it. the country is seeing something now -- [ chants ] >> reporter: the president's physician releasing a memo saying he's no longer a risk to
6:32 am
others. the president claims the coronavirus is disappearing, despite 58,000 cases reported friday. his opponent, joe biden, attacking his response at a rally for union workers in western pennsylvania. >> we lose anywhere from 700 to 1,000 people a day, dead. the president was told a little while ago, when he was told 100,000 people a day were dying, do you know what he said? he says it is what it is. >> reporter: the rallies amid two "new york times" reports. one claiming the president instead of, quote, draining the swamp, reinvented it by allegedly using his hotels and resorts for public and private business as well as special interests. the other, the white house blocked the cdc from requiring masks on public transportation nationwide. as not i confirmed those reports but haa and the abc news, new york.
6:33 am
and a new poll finds americans trust joe biden more than president trump to handle the coronavirus pandemic. the abc news/"washington post" poll found that biden had a 17-point lead over the president in the aftermath of his diagnosis. two-thirds of registered voters said the president failed to take appropriate precautions against the virus. only 21% of the voters say the pandemic is under control. and coming up on "this week," chief white house correspondent jonathan karl with a one-on-one exclusive and "the new york times'" latest reporting on the ties between the president's business empire and administration priorities. you can watch the full interview on "this week" at 8:00 a.m. on abc7. confirmation hearings for president trump's supreme court nominee, amy coney barrett, will begin tomorrow. if confirmed, the 48-year-old appeals court judge would fill the seat of liberal justice ruth bader ginsburg who died last
6:34 am
month. ginsburg's replacement by barrett would shift the balance on the court to have a conservative majority. democrats worry that she could roll back abortion rights and inval dade the affda acngews on the lf coast.outhectricity after hurricane delta roared ashore making landfall in louisiana. delta, now downgraded to a tropical storm, brought heavy rains, winds, and flooding to the region. abc news reporter ellen lopez has a look now at the damage left behind. >> reporter: delta pushing heavy rain inland after roaring ashore late friday, slamming into southwest louisiana as a category-two storm. 100 mile-per-hour winds knocking out power for hundreds of thousands across three states. in lafayette -- >> i didn't think it was going to, you know, eventually fall on us. but you know, i just had that
6:35 am
feeling. >> reporter: strong wind gusts ripping out trees like this one. the soil already saturated from previous storms. >> the living room -- >> reporter: dane and priscilla weren't home when a tree crashed into their den. nothing left but photos of the children. >> this can be replaceable, but we are not. >> reporter: this could have been so much worse. >> yes. yes, it could have been a tragedy. >> reporter: 50 miles west in lake arthur, blue tarps are barely clinging on to damaged homes. the pelican state once again in recovery mode. >> tens of thousands of louisianans as we speak are in a very difficult situation, and we're going to do everything we >>ep the cleupere s d en possibly weeks. what's left of delta has now moved out of here and is now threatening parts of the mid-atlantic. ellen lopez, abc news, lafayette, louisiana.
6:36 am
san francisco is celebrating italian heritage weekend. city hall lit up there in the colors of italy's flag. the pandemic is limiting some of the fun but not all of it. many people still enjoyed italian delicacies and other treats in north beach yesterday. restaurants are serving guests in outdoor seating areas near washington square. and an online celebration will take place today. and that will replace the traditional parade that happens through north beach. the giant observation wheel at golden gate park is getting ready for visitors. the rec and parks department says the wheel will open october 21st. tickets will be $10 for the first few days and must be purchased in advance. it was installed to celebrate the park's 150th anniversary. the 150-foot-tall wheel is equipped with 36 gondolas that can hold up to six people each. the gondolas also have both heating and air conditioning, and riders must wear masks. also in golden gate park,
6:37 am
the california academy of sciences reopens this week. october 13th to the 22nd is reserved for members and donors, and then the public can visit starting the 23rd. advance reservations are required, and everyone ages 3 and up must wear a mask. some hands-on exhibits will also be modified or disabled for safety purposes. okay, still ahead, how one san jose movie theater owner is changing things up because of the times, and it's not just about the coronavirus. and here's a live look from our roof camera looking out over the embarcadero and the bay bridge right now. pretty as we see the sun come up this sunday morning. we hope you're having a lovely start to your morning.
6:38 am
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okay, the oakland zoo has taken in two more mountain lion cubs. so cute. the zoo says in a twitter post they lost their mother in the
6:40 am
zogg fire. the same fire that orphaned captain cal and burned his paws. little guy what we've been anding. captain cal is the first mountain lion the zoo took in. both female cubs will be introduced to captain cal very soon. very cute. safari west in santa rosa has reopened with a special camping deal after the glass fire forced it to shut down. the wildlife reserve is offering tent camping on its grounds. starting today, kids stay free on the second night of your stay. the deal runs until thursday. since the pandemic began, the regular safari experience has changed, but officials say camping is a good way to get away and relax, all while enjoying the presence of the animals. camp pendletoning is -- camping is making a comeback during the pandemic. a great social distance idea -- >> or glamping. >> yes. good morning. check out mt. tam. isn't that pretty? the we have sunshine on the way today with warmer temperatures.
6:41 am
in fact, we're already seeing some drying conditions above 1,000 feet. unfortunately, that will be the trend for the week ahead -- drier and warmer. stay tuned. >> thanks. also next, the 49ers are looking to rebound from last week's loss, and still in search of their first home win. we have a preview of this afternoon's game against the miami dolphins. about the covid-19 virus. it's real. and it's dangerous. so, on behalf of all of us working on the front lines, we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. ay six feet apart. do your best to stay out of crowded spaces. and get a flu shot, it's even more important this year.
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welcome back. today is national coming out day. the nfl is showing support to their lgbtq players. >> we come together with one clear message. >> to all current players who are thinking of coming out, whe. >> so important that they're doing this. a new 30-second public service announcement from the league features openly gay or bisexual former players encouraging athletes to come out and share their stories. the video also shows current players voicing their support.
6:44 am
at least 14 former nfl players have come out as gay or bisexual. and basketball legend shaquille o'neal is admitting that he just voted for the very first time. on his podcast last week, shaq said he may get roasted for the admission, but it's played out a little bit differently on line. many people are thanking shaq for setting an example that it is never too late to vote. shaq has been participating in "get out the vote" campaigns and says he didn't want to be a hypocrite. he did not reveal who he voted for. in california, it is not too late to register to vote. we have all the information on our website, there's also information on everything you'll find on your california ballot. a little bit of breaking news in shorts. tomorrow's game between the patriots and broncos has been postponed after the patriots had one new positive test for the coronavirus. the nfl shut down the patriots'
6:45 am
practice at this time facility this morning for the third time in ten days. three players have currently on the reserve covid-19 list. our sister station, sister network espn reports that the game is now scheduled to be played next sunday. the tennessee titans team facility is also closed now after a team staff member tested positive this morning. also in sports, it's a rematch of super bowl xix down in santa clara this afternoon. the miami dolphins take on the 49ers. kickoff at 1:05 at levi's stadium. here's a preview in this morning's "sports." >> reporter: good morning. last season the 49ers didn't lose their second game until december 1st. entering the game against the dolphins today, niners are still 2-2 overall, and still searching for the first win at home. they've been decimated by injuries, but they're slowly getting healthy. jimmy garoppolo stars at quarterback. although there's no such thing
6:46 am
as a must-win in week five, victory over the dolphins would serve great momentum as the schedule continues to get tougher. >> it's exciting to get a group that you envision, you know what i mean, and just to really stack days together of the same group going out, getting the chemistry down, the communication parts of it. whenever we can get guys healthy and back it's going to help everyone. >> we're excited to get back to work. i think the dolphins are a great challenge, a great team who's been in tight games. we have to get back to executing at a high level like week. oh -- like we know we can. >> reporter: and harris was the answer for number two alabama against ole miss. the early goal line fumble. his only mistake of the night. five-yard score, his first of the game. just getting going. third quarter, tied at 21, harris breaking free down the left side. 33 yards and in. 28-21. roll tide. later in the third, tied at 35. high-scoring game. harris just powering his way, three yards and in. it was reviewed and upheld.
6:47 am
his third score of the night. keep it ongoing. tied at 42 in the fourth. harris again from 16 yards out. his fourth touchdown. and he's not done. one minute to go, still a close game. but get it to harris to seal the deal. 39 yards out, his fifth score of the night. ties the bama single-game record and alabama wins it 63-48 over old miss. you saw it here on abc7. clemson hosting miami. final play of the first half. clemson lining up the long field goal. it's blocked. d.j. ivy grabs it and going 48 yards the other way for the hurricanes. right at the half. clemson fans can't believe it. miami still trailed at the break. the hurricanes, though, never threatened in the second half. travis somehow staying inbounds and tiptoes 72 yards down the sideline. finished with 149 yards and two scores. clemson rolls 42-17. the bank is closed, but that's good news for the sharks.
6:48 am
san jose re-signing right winger kevin labank to a four-year deal worth close to $19 million. his best-known goal came in the crazy game seven comeback against las vegas. he played just last year on a $1 million deal hoping he could cash in like this and that -- that's paid off. career high 56 two years ago. scored just three fewer goals in the shortened season. the sharks like this 24-year-old, and obviously see him as a key piece in their rebuild. that's your look at sports. back to you. tonight here on abc7, game six of the nba finals. jimmy butler and the miami heat will try to force a game seven with lebron james and the lakers as they try to win the 17th nba championship. coverage begins at 4:00 with countdown, tip-off at 4:30. then join analysts for toyota after the game at around 7:00 p.m. let's get another check of ose litt raindro are
6:49 am
k so even s w like,oh,e of e drizzle out there, yeah, picked up.02 in half moon bay, the north bay, and clouds hung around. it was a pretty good day for october, a nice change. unfortunately, it's going to change again as high pressure offshore begins to build in. not only at the surface, but the upper levels. that's going to change our wind direction, give us the typical october weather with 80s and some periodic offshore winds with heat building day to day. here's a look from our roof camera. 56 downtown. it's cooler this morning. 58 in oakland. 59 in san jose. 49 in gilroy. mid 50s at the coast and for mt. tam. looks nice. you can notice, though, as we just adjusted the camera there, the view here looking at the clear sky, 45 santa rosa. 50 in napa. it's 56 concord and livermore. looking at our winds in the upper elevations, well, already the relative humidity instead of
6:50 am
being 90% in some areas is down to 70%. that's due to the north wind. look at that guest at mt. diablo. 30 miles per hour, over 20 miles per hour mt. tam. by later today, these winds will be breezy into monday. the tower showing a beautiful view to start out. patchy, dense fog in the north bay from santa rosa to napa. otherwise, a clear start. sunny and warmer today. high fire danger throughout the week. and we'll have periodic strong winds. just to emphasize the point that as we get into monday, tuesday, wednesday, the storm track well to the north. this takes us to next saturday. and look what's happening -- not only do we not have any storm systems in the pacific northwest, nothing of course in california, but the fog has disappeared, as well. that helps us with the relative humidity. the onshore flow, all of that becoming absent throughout the week ahead. 78 in san jose. 0 in los gatos. the peninsula, mid 70s for san mateo. 77 mountainview. san francisco warming to the 0s.
6:51 am
a littl hy i theay with 82 rosa fremont about 77. some of the haze filtering into our inland valleys due to that northwest wind this afternoon at 83 in concord, 82 in livermore. spare-the-air alert today, that is extending through tomorrow and tuesday. so the accuweather seven-day forecast shows today the coolest day out of the next seven with mid 70s to mid 80s around the bay. mid 60s at the coast. but by tomorrow, another four or five degrees of warming, and that trend contines with the temperatures into the 90s by the second half of the workweek. even 70s at the coast. that's classic october weather. liz? >> thank you. okay. coming up, all -- i want to tell you that all regal cinemas have closed their doors again. one local theater is going the opposite way, opening way up.
6:52 am
abc's julian glover takes us to the place in san jose where you can get dinner and a movie in an unusual setting. >> reporter: several stories above three below theater on 2nd in san carlos, entertainment is coming to a rooftop in downtown san jose. >> we worked very hard to come up with a way to meet all of the covid-19 requirements. it's very safe. you are -- when you come, you are in your own bubble. >> reporter: scott guggenheim, president of the entertainment company bearing his last name, never thought he'd be showing movies on the rooftop parking lots of his theater trying to stay afloat on the day the second largest movie chain in the country, regal cinemas, is closing its u.s. theaters indefinitely. >> the opportunity to get back to what it is that we do is very exciting. >> reporter: planning has been in the works since july after the theater known for live entertainment closed in march. partnerships with a local credit union and downtown association are helping cover part of the cost. here on the roof, parties will be placed in their own souscial
6:53 am
bubble. seats six feet apartment you have to stay in your bubble the entire time. face masks are required. you'll use hands sanitizer when you enter the theater and tickets are $25 apiece. there are favorites like "star trek" to a selection of documentaries and social justice-themed films to meet the moment. >> the programming is -- has all been curated with the idea of promoting change. >> reporter: tickets can be purchased on line, which includes a $10 meal voucher to be used at the concessions area downstairs. a key piece to the puzzle, allowing the gocounty to skirt e rules on entertainment and open for business. >> after seven, eight months of being closed, gives the community an opportunity to come out and enjoy some entertainment. >> reporter: hoping to welcome customers back in this limit ed four-week series before rain returns to the bay area. in san jose, julian glover, abc7 news. >> love the creativity. >> love the creativity. diners treated to me usaa insure for this season.
6:54 am
and the veterans that never quit on their team. when being a fan gets tough, and stretching your budget gets even tougher... ...our agents put in the time and legwork for you, saving on auto insurance is easy. because saving a little extra goes a long way. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. i do motivational speakingld. in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant."
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it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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happening today, diners at john's grill oasis on ellis street in san francisco will get a special treat from the ballet. dancers will leap and twirl for al fresco diners today. it will be the first live performance since march. all three seatings for the special one-day-only performance sold out within 24 hours of announcing the event. hopefully they do it again. dancers will perform a medley of classical favorites and contemporary hits. i love that, and i think weaver to see more of this, lisa, because we're seeing broadway shows getting postponed until late next year if that. and so we need to help all of our artists and performers gets some work. hopefully we see more. >> certainly a challenge. hats off to them. for sure. good morning, everyone. really beautiful start to your
6:57 am
sunday. no wind there, that's what we like. that's going to be changing. upper levels of the atmosphere looking at some dry northerly winds coming into play today. there's some fog in the distance there. so mainly in the north bay. sunny and warmer today, hazy north and east. high fire danger for the week ahead. 75 today in oakland. look for 77 in fremont with 82 in livermore, as well as santa rosa. the seven-day forecast, warming up to be a nice day. winds will get kind of gusty tonight in the north bay through early monday. our spare-the-air alert through tuesday, but look at those highs. 70s, 80s, and 90s, all throughout the middle to the end of the week. liz? >> a right. like you said yesterday, keep the shorts out. don't put them away yet. although i did wear my first all right. thanks for joining us. i'm liz kreutz with lisa
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
breaking overnight, the latest statement on the president's health. the president's doctors saying donald trump is no longer considered a transmission risk to others as trump holds his first public event since testing positive for covid-19. >> i'm feeling great. >> his message about the coronavirus, the results of a new poll and how joe biden is answering questions about packing the supreme court. tossed out. a judge dealing a legal blow to a trump campaign lawsuit involving pennsylvania's polling places. the state's attorney general joins us live. plus the celebrities baring all. >> pennsylvania. >> to warn against so-called naked ballots. breaking overnight, a deadly shooting in colorado. one man shot dead during dueling
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