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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 11, 2020 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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breaking overnight, the latest statement on the president's health. the president's doctors saying donald trump is no longer considered a transmission risk to others as trump holds his first public event since testing positive for covid-19. >> i'm feeling great. >> his message about the coronavirus, the results of a new poll and how joe biden is answering questions about packing the supreme court. tossed out. a judge dealing a legal blow to a trump campaign lawsuit involving pennsylvania's polling places. the state's attorney general joins us live. plus the celebrities baring all. >> pennsylvania. >> to warn against so-called naked ballots. breaking overnight, a deadly shooting in colorado. one man shot dead during dueling demonstrations.
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the suspect in custody. what authorities are saying about him this morning. delta's damage. the storm's destructive path ripping down telephone poles, taking down trees and destroying homes. >> it's been tough. >> rob is on the ground with louisiana residents picking up the pieces. this morning how the storm is still a threat. and flag on the play. the nfl's crackdown on coaches, the increased penalties if masks aren't worn when interacting with game officials and how breaking the rules could cost the game. good morning, america. we are closing in on the final three weeks of the presidential race with president trump recovering from covid, resuming campaign appearances and facing an uphill climb if the polls are correct. overnight his doctors saying trump is no longer at risk of transmitting the coronavirus to
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others. tomorrow he's scheduled to go to florida, johnstown, pennsylvania on tuesday and des moines, iowa on wednesday. >> saturday on the lawn of the white house trump supporters were required to bring a mask, but they did not necessarily maintain social distance as you can see. in florida his campaign says rally attendees will get temperature checks, masks and access to hand sanitizer in florida. >> all of this after a week when ten states hit a record number of covid cases. let's begin in washington where the president's first post hospital white house event. abc's rachel scott joins us. rachel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was the president's first time back in front of supporters since being diagnosed with covid-19 after being sidelined with the virus, the president making a return to the campaign trail. he is behind in the polls and facing growing questions about his health and business dealings. with just 23 days to go president trump emerging from the white house balcony taking off his mask to briefly address
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a crowd of hundreds. >> first of all, i'm feeling great. i don't know about you. how is everyone feeling? >> reporter: in his first public event since testing positive for covid-19, still insisting the virus will one day disappear. >> it's going to disappear. it is disappearing. vaccines are going to help. therapeutics are going to help a lot. >> reporter: and just two weeks after a cluster of coronavirus cases were traced to this rose garden ceremony, saturday on the south lawn, hundreds standing shoulder to shoulder once again. all attendees were required to bring a face mask. this time many choosing to wear it. others taking theirs off as the president spoke. five days out of the hospital the president seen with bandages on his hands. overnight the white house releasing this memo from the president's doctor saying trump is no longer a transmission risk to others and is clear to return to an active schedule. his campaign already pressing forward with back to back rallies this week. >> he'll do all those and a lot
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more. honestly the president is the one that's challenging us to make sure we have the schedule ready and ready to go. >> reporter: but as the president makes rae campil, he'n polls and facing growing questions about his business dealings. a "new york times" report painting a picture of a president who once promised to drain the swamp reportedly turning his own hotels and resorts into the beltway's new back rooms. abc news has not verified documents, but the report showing more than 200 companies, groups and foreign governments patronizing trump's properties at a time when his personal empire was struggling financially. meanwhile the president's rival, joe biden is leading by 12 points nationally according to our latest abc news/"washington post" poll. biden still dodging questions about whether he'll pack the supreme court by adding more justices to the bench. >> the only court packing going on right now is going on with republicans packing the court now. it's not constitutional what they're doing. >> come on, joe. the americaneoservig ht answer.
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>> reporter: in that latest abc news/"washington post" poll 58% of registered voters disapprove of the president's handling of the pandemic. the economy is still a bright spot for president trump. the majority of voters approve of his handling on that front. when you compare it to the pandemic, twice as many registered voters say the economy is their single most important issue. whit? >> rachel scott, thank you. we move to the senate beginning confirmation hearings tomorrow for president trump's nominee to replace ruth bader ginsburg on the supreme court. federal judge amy coney barrett selection taking center stage again. abc's alex presha joins us with more from the sport. -- supreme court. alex, good morning to you. da of hea senator republicans trying to squeeze in this confirmation of judge amy coney barrett with just 23 days now before the election, and this is during a pandemic. so there will be ppe stations
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and a limit on the number of folks allowed inside that hearing room, and now we know that these hearings will be at least partially virtual. that's because two members of tested positive for the virus, senators mike lee and thom tillis. then you have chuck grassley and then you have other senators like chuck grassley and lindsey graham what have refused to get tested. all members have the option of appearing in person or row motely -- remotely. notably graham as the chair will be there in person. expect fireworks on tuesday when senators have their first chance to question judge barrett. now this will be hotly contested. democrats don't have the outright numbers to block her confirmation, but expect questions from them on her stances from roe v. wade and also the affordable care act. democratic senator dick durbin detailing his playbook. >> we're going to focus on the issues that explain her philosophy and what she will brintohe supreme court we will come to understand amy coney barrett better. we'll be able to anticipate what she'll do in the court, what changes she'll make in this country.
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>> reporter: now, the merrick garland situation still front of mind for many democrats when republicans refused to take up obama's nominee. then also for republicans, they still remember the contentious hearings for justice brett kavanaugh. guys? >> so many strong feelings on both sides. alex presha, thank you very much. for more on all of this, let's bring in our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl, author of the excellent new book, "front row at the trump show." jon, good morning. let's start with these confirmation hearings coming up. do they carry potential political benefit for the president because they could change the subject away from the pandemic? >> anything that does that, dan, is welcomed by the trump campaign. he needs something else, some other story. they welcome these hearings. the bottom line is the main story, the story of the moment, is the pandemic. the outbreak at the white house and the outbreak across much of the country where several states are experiencing record highs in terms of coronavirus infections and also hospitalizations.
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the death rate rising. there's really no distracting from that, even a battle over a supreme court pick. >> as we mentioned at the top of the show, our new poll has the president down by 12 points in the presidential race. is there any precedent for a presidential candidate coming back from this deficit so close to an election? >> well, sort of. four years ago. there was an abc poll in the middle of october that actually had hillary clinton up 12 points, but it was different because that was one poll. the rest of the polls were not as wide as this. we've had several polls that show double digit leads for joe biden. the other thing that's different this time around is there's much much more quality state polling in the battleground states. there's not a single one of the top dozen battleground states where donald trump has held a consistent lead, not one. >> let me ask a question about joe biden. he keeps dodging questions about e pre urt. would support packing we saw this in rachel scott's
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piece. is this issue a potential liability for him? >> i think it is, dan. it's not just that he won't answer the question. it's the clumsy way in which he says he won't answer the question. he said in an interview yesterday asked directly don't the people have the right to know, he said, no, voters don't have a right to know where he stands on this. he also said a couple of days ago that he will give an answer on this after the election. it's very strange. this is a major issue. this is not a trivial issue. he's saying he won't tell voters where he stands until after they have voted. i don't think it's helpful. >> jon, thank you for your analysis. always great to see you. i want to remind everybody, don't forget to tune into "this week." jon will be hosting. he's got an exclusive interview with president trump's son eric on the heels of an explosive "new york times" story about the president's mixing of public and private business. plus, jon will go one-on-one with the co-chair of the biden
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campaign, congressman cedric richmond. that's all coming up on "this week" later this morning, and don't forget our town hall with joe biden. it's called "vice president and the people:a special edition of "20/20."" that's on thursday, october 15th, at 8:00 eastern on abc. eva over to you. now to the deadly shooting during duly demonstrations in colorado. cameras capturing the confrontation. janai has more. good morning, janai. >> reporter: good morning, eva. police say they recovered two guns and a can of mace. witnesses say the victim was shot at point blank range. the suspect believed to be a private security guard hired by a local news station. this morning, a suspect is in custody after dueling protests in denver turned deadly. supporters of local police and counter-protesters gathered in the early afternoon. as those mostly peaceful events came to a close, shots rang out. this photograph appears to show
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the victim spraying a substance directly at the armed man moments before he opened fire. in this video, capturing the contentious moments right before the gunshot. you can see demonstrators from both sides arguing. one of the men seen here moves out of view of the camera, and seconds later, gunfire rings out. the man falling to the ground, later dying at the hospital. our affiliate kmgh's camera picks up shortly after. three individuals lying on the ground. the two to the right have been confirmed as a producer and private security guard from denver local news station, 9 news. >> a verbal altercation that transpired. firearm was discharged. the individual was shot and later pronounced deceased. >> reporter: both the producer and security guard were taken into custody. 9 news releasing this update overnight. it has been the practice of 9 news for a number of months to
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hire private security to accompany staff at protests. the producer who works in the investigative unit was not involved in the incident. the producer is no longer in police custody and not a suspect. officials say the security guard has no ties to any group. >> we don't want any erroneous information going out, any speculation. that's really what hurts us and that's what gets everybody angry and motivated to commit more violence, and that's what we're trying to prevent. >> reporter: and police say they are investigating the shooting as a homicide. thus far no charges have been filed against the suspected shooter, guys. >> still a lot of questions about what led up to that shooting. janai, thank you. we move now to the latest on the pandemic. 30 states plus washington, d.c. reporting daily increases in cases as deaths are rising in a dozen states plus puerto rico. abc's trevor ault joins us now with more. trevor, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning. this has not been a good week for most of the united states in the fight against the virus. ten states hit record high new cases. 11 had record hospitalizations,
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and two states hit record high deaths and that's why some health experts warn things could only get worse as the weather continues to cool down. this morning as the president claims covid-19 is disappearing, the numbers nationwide do not align with that assessment. the u.s. with three straight days of 50,000 plus cases for the first time since august with hospitalizations rising in 34 states. >> one theme has emerged taking care of these patients and that is the unfairness of this disease. >> reporter: the minnesota health department announcing nine cases tied to a trump rally last month with two people hospitalized. next door, wisconsin is enduring the worst outbreak in the nation with its positivity rate at 17.6%, far higher than neighboring illinois. >> the problem is not everybody is on the same page and some states are open. some are closed. it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: doctors under constant strain, turning to innovative techniques in treatments. in florida, umbilical cord stem
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cells are being used to treat patients appearancing li experi life-threatening respiratory distress. some covid patients are haunted by lingering symptoms months after being treated for the virus. >> how does it feel to be going home? >> reporter: 9/11 first responder robert morrero was released from the hospital in may, but now struggles with memory issues, fatigue and debilitating pain. >> one of the biggest questions i have is, am i going to stay like this? >> reporter: but across the country, americans continue to step up. single mother lunisa guzman lost her life to the virus leaving two young adopted children behind. now her two adult daughters katherine and jennifer are raising those kids as their own. >> she wouldn't have it any other way. i want them to remember that no matter what, that even though mommy is not here, we will always be. >> reporter: and much like the rest of the country here in new york, officials are monitoring hot spot areas.
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what governor cuomo calls four red zone counties that are accounting for nearly a fifth of the state's new cases despite having less than 3% of the population. dan? >> trevor ault, thank you very much. weather now and the aftermath of delta, the second hurricane to hit louisiana in six weeks. rob is right there no new orleans this morning where many evacuees went for safety. rob, good morning to you. >> reporter: yeah, dan. more than 5,000 evacuees from hurricane laura six weeks ago. many of them are staying in hotels right here on canal street, and another hurricane came through. they know it'll be even longer until they can go back home. o hrine delutas this morning the remnants of hurricane delta bringing rain and damaging wind well inland as it spins its way northeast. falling trees taking out power lines and crashing into homes. >> the roof just, boom, fell. >> reporter: in georgia the atlanta fire department
7:16 am
responding to more than a dozen calls for vehicles stuck in flood waters. in southwest louisiana people there now left to pick up the pieces once again. hurricane delta bringing a demoralizing blow to the city of lake charles, just six weeks after category 4 hurricane laura struck in nearly the same spot. >> it's been tough, and i think that -- i feel forgotten, and i'm sure a lot of other people feel that way. a lot of people have let us down. >> i feel very hopeless. i'm thinking i don't know if i'm going to be able to live through the put back to together, only to have it destroyed again because it seems like we're in a pattern. >> reporter: down the street the cormiers are seeing their home for the first time since evacuating to houston. >> nine hours. >> nine-hour drive? >> yes. >> normally 2 1/2. >> yes. >> reporter: their home faring well, but many did not. so many homes with blue tarps on them from the last hurricane, and now many of them looking like this, torn up from hurricane delta.
7:17 am
>> so you're just patching up what the last hurricane did? in lafayette a tree crashing >> yes. -- >> reporter: in lafayette, a tree crashing down right into this home. >> just talked to my husband about guardian angels. how we all need to have one. i said, thank god your guardian angel saved your life. >> reporter: chainsaws and heavy equipment needed to clear downed trees in jennings, louisiana. members of team rubicon have been working recovery in lake charles for weeks. now they're back to helping clear roads where the eye of delta came through. >> there's a psychological toll of staring at debris for six weeks straight and now knowing it's going to get strewn about your community again, and rip off the work that you have already done. >> reporter: i suppose it's a god thing those guys were already here helping with the current recovery so they could get right back in there. as a matter of fact, they said they had to evac and then reattack. good on team rubicon for helping out once again. let's show you what it did in lake charles. we saw flooding. strong surge, and highlights of
7:18 am
that. airboats and the national guard also and high water rescue vehicles had to get out to save me people ring the d kies there, and in alexandria, a big shelter of evacuees up there. so much of louisiana saw impacts from delta. getting it in georgia, you saw some flooding and watches posted for parts of the carolinas, and all of this will be making its way into d.c., baltimore, philly with wind and rain. as a matter of fact, winds will increase only as it gets into new york and boston later on tonight and tomorrow. ever good morning, sunday morning, where we have some sunshine here but also fog in the north bay. it's a cooler start for some. that fog lifts, we'll have a sunny and warmer day with afternoon haze north and east with the spare the air alert. elevated fire danger throughout the week. 69 in the city. 76 palo alto, with 82, napa, low
7:19 am
80s. accuweather seven-day forecast is w >> reporter: i spoke with the red cross yesterday. they said they had over 1,000 fresh evacuees in alexandria, but many of them will be transferred here in new orleans to join the other evacuees that have been here for nearly two months. a long slog for southwest louisiana, guys. >> our thoughts are with those people. they have been through so much this hurricane season. well, now to that story that should give us all some much needed inspiration this morning. it's the international day of the girl. celebrating girls who have been breaking barriers all over the world. abc's zohreen shah is in los angeles with more. good morning to you, zohreen. >> reporter: good morning, eva. there's so many days and events that f this day is to focus on the girls, the change makers and leaders who will shape our world for generations to come. >> who runs the world? >> all: girls! >> reporter: it's a day of
7:20 am
excitement, motivation and celebration. the international day of the girl, celebrated around the world, and here at home. >> the meaning of the day for me having a daughter is jayden's day to recognize and celebrate the fact that she's a super hero. >> that was beautiful. >> reporter: 4-year-old stunt cheerleader jayden pollard taking part in rebel girls virtual rally celebrating the day of the girl along with many other women including kristin chenoweth and frida pinto. the theme this year, my voice, our equal future. >> jayden is inspiring and motivating little girls like her, especially in her age range that they can push their limits and really accomplish incredible things. >> reporter: nobel peace prize recipient malala yousafzai joining in on the day coming together with the duke and duchess of sussex virtually to celebrate girls. and michelle obama tweeting in part, whenever i meet girls around the world, i am so awed by their determination and
7:21 am
their promise. while it's a day of celebration and empowerment, it's also a day to focus on the fight forward. >> it's not easy, but don't stop until we see change happening. >> reporter: today is also a day to remember that women and girls around the world are being hit hard by this moment. one example, the global pandemic, has made it harder for them to keep jobs. according to the u.n., women's unemployment was lower than men's before the crisis, but it's now surpassed it. still a long way to go, whit. >> absolutely. so many hard hit. zohreen, thank you so much. we do appreciate it. coming up here on "gma," pennsylvania in the spotlight over so-called naked ballots. the state's attorney general will join us live. covid infractions in the nfl. what the league is doing when coaches don't follow the rules. and speaking out this morning. meghan markle on her pain from being attacked on social media. we'll be right back. "good morning america" is sponsored by prudential. invest, insure, retire, plan with prudential. invest, insure, retire, plan
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second night of your stay. this deal runs until thursday. since the pandemic began the regular safari experience has changed but camping is a good way to get way and relax, all while enjoying the presence of the animals. let's get a check now of the weather with lisa argen. >> beautiful view here with the golden gate bridge t looks vibrant, doesn't it? 56 in the city. from emeryville, you can see some of the fog in the distance. 50 in novato. 80s arriving inland today. >>
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♪ welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. "snl's" musical guest jack white dedicating last night's performance to legendary guitarist eddie van halen who passed away on tuesday. the white sfriep -- stripes whiteman using a special guitar designed for him by van halen while on stage. earlier he posted a photo of the blue guitar on instagram saying eddie was very kind to him. >> great tribute. >> i love the white stripes. i loved eddie van halen. i've done a lot of embarrassing air guitar in private. >> well, you are a drummer. >> yes, that's a little less embarrassing. >> just a little bit. >> great tribute. we'll take a look now at
7:31 am
some of the other big stories we're following this morning. happening now, the president prt doctor saying donald trump is no longer considered a transmission risk and is cleared to return to an active schedule. this is on the heels of the president holding his first public event since testing positive for covid. the trump campaign pressing forward with back to back rallies scheduled this week. two of the group members involved in the foiled alleged plot to kidnap michigan's governor gretchen whitmer have now been confirmed as former marines. so far 13 men have been charged, 6 of them federally with conspireing to kidnap and the other seven in state court for allegedly planning a rebellious attack on the state capitol. st. lucy's river, an unmanned out of control boat seen circling the waters after the three people aboard fell out of the vessel. the boat then straightened out speeding up heading right into a concrete dock, before going airborne and hitting a second dock. and then coming to a stop.
7:32 am
really scary. we start this half hour with the fight over the so-called naked ballots. pennsylvania has become the first state to disqualify these naked ballots. that has celebrities taking off their clothes to make sure voters follow the rules. abc's devin dwyer is on the story fully clothed from washington, d.c. devin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. in most states if you are planning to vote by mail, you have to put your ballot in a secrecy envelope. it's considered naked without that. critics say the envelope doesn't -- isn't necessary to ensure a valid vote, but now a major court ruling in the key battleground of pennsylvania has voter advocates sounding the alarm. it has hollywood stars stripping down to bare skin. >> did you know that ballots could be naked? >> reporter: so-called naked ballots sent in without a security envelope, the target of a new psa after one critical battleground state for the first time plans to toss those ballots out.
7:33 am
>> pennsylvania. >> there are two envelopes you have to stuff your ballot in, otherwise, it's called a naked ballot. >> you don't want to have one of those. >> reporter: for years officials counted otherwise valid mail-in ballots received without a secrecy ballot. last month after the trump campaign challenged the practice the pennsylvania supreme court ruled that naked ballots violate the law. >> it was a huge decision, especially when we're talking about the potential for 100,000 votes in pennsylvania alone being tossed out because they forgot their secrecy envelope. >> reporter: 2.5 pennsylvania voters have requested mail-in ballots this fall. democrats outnumbering republicans in requests by more than two to one. >> i think that ruling and the prospect of throwing votes out is absurd. >> reporter: 16 states sent secrecy ballots to voters. pennsylvania is the only state that will now disqualify ballots that arrive without one, and giving voters no way to fix the ibilfor e te red element to cou
7:34 am
everybodcaepte representative malcolm quinata from philadelphia says this is stoking unnecessary concern over mail-in voting. >> this is about whether we'll have a functioning democracy. i said if you're not frustrated, you're not paying attention. >> reporter: no one knows how many votes might be tossed out since counties don't track naked ballots because they've never been disqualified before. the stakes could not be higher with as many as half americans expected to vote by mail this year. the best advice is simple advice. read the instructions closely. if you get a secrecy envelope, use it so your ballot doesn't arrive naked. eva? >> devin dwyer, thank you. joining us now is pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro. thank you so much for being with us this morning. >> good to be with you, eva. >> first, let's start with how could this ruling on naked
7:35 am
ballots affect this election? >> well, this was an overall win for democracy, you know, the president of the united states is fond of saying that our ballots here in pennsylvania are a disaster. i say they're our democracy, and people need to make a plan to vote. the trump campaign literally sued us here in pennsylvania to make it harder for people to vote, to eliminate drop boxes, to allow poll watchers to come from one county into the other, which kind of sounds innocuous on its face, but it's really designed to intimidate voters in black and brown communities. they tried to set up a situation where if your signature on the back of your mail-in ballot envelope didn't match perfectly, they would throw away your ballot, and the court threw that argument out. eva, central to the president's argument was that there's all kinds of fraud here in pennsylvania. yet i went to court and said to the president, put up or shut up. demonstrate that fraud.
7:36 am
it's a low legal bar you have to demonstrate. he couldn't even cross that bar. p bottom line is we protected the right to vote of the citizens here in pennsylvania, and they need to come out and vote and drown out the noise of the president. >> in 2016 it was very close in pennsylvania. for these naked ballots to be tossed out, does that make it easier or harder for one party or the other? do we know who those early mail-in ballots were? >> couple things.mbne close bk n . i think the polls suggest it's not going to be that close this time. joe biden has a comfortable lead which is why i see the president trying to cheat, why i see the president lying about our system here in pennsylvania, and why i see the president going to court and routinely losing when he tries to attack our system. let me break this down for you
7:37 am
on the naked ballot issue because it's come up a few times. i have a sample mail-in ballot. fill out your ballot. choose your candidate, whoever you're for. fold it up. then you have two envelopes. this is the key. this is the secrecy envelope. you have to put your ballot in this secrecy envelope. why do we and 16 other states do this? we want your ballot to remain secret. it's a matter of private information until it's ultimately counted, and then, you put it in the outer envelope, sign the back, mail it back or drop it off in a drop box. this is not controversial no matter how much the president wants to sow doubt in our process. it's just a basic process. more and more the public is understanding how to engage in our democracy, either through the mail or by showing up on election day. i think you'll see agh vot turnout here in the commonwealth shapiro, thank you for being with us this morning. we appreciate your time. whit? we want to turn for a check of the weather. rob marciano in new orleans that
7:38 am
has been hit so hard over these recent months. rob, a lot of clean-up happening today. >> reporter: such a tough go for especially the folks of south louisiana during this record-setting hurricane season. a quiet day here thankfully. we have some severe weather across the plains that we need to discuss and highlight for you. the dakotas, nebraska, iowa, and parts of minnesota will get through this later today. strong winds, hail. likely not tornados. we could see damaging winds with this. we have a couple fires in the west. this fire has been burning awhile. we have another one in steamboat, which is smaller and more fresh. this is tough and hard to see, so close to steamboat springs. weather is not going to cooperate. then our attention shifts to california with low levels of humidity and winds being gusty, not just in the inner mountain west, but across the sacramento
7:39 am
valley down through los angeles as well. beginning tomorrow, not record breaking heat. it's going to be warm, dry, windy. critical fire dang good sunday morning. starting out with some clear areas, but cooler. we'll finish warmer today with upper level northerly winds allowing low 80s to return to >> reporter: this weather cast sponsored by walgreens. there's one right there. i have a lot of friends in southwest louisiana. they've been frustrated with the lack of media attention from hurricane laura. that was a cat 4. so have been the charities. the red cross team rubicon, their donations are down, so they'll take any help you can give them. guys? all right, robert. thank you very much. coming up on "gma," guys, i'm talking about sports. the nfl cracking down to make sure football coaches wear masks when approaching the ref, the hefty fines and penalties. they're going to take away the three pointers. >> i wasn't laughing at the story, but you reading sports
7:40 am
makes me giggle. also, mariah carey shares about chairs. the cryptic pic keeping fans glued to their seats. >> i was wrong about the three points? >> there are three points involved. glued to their seats. >> i was wrong about the three points? >> there are three points involved. a badge of armor of care of respect. because it means you fight for the safety of those you love. when you come into walgreens you get a flu shot that's right for you... and them you become a flu fighter. do your part and defend your crew against the flu. ♪ walgreens
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welcome back to "gma." the nfl is stiffening penalties for coaches who violate the rules about wearing masks. abc's stephanie ramos has more on the changes starting with today's game. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning. the nfl referees association complained just a few weeks a about coaches approaching refs without a face covering on. well, the league is now warning teams they will be penalized beyond fines for doing just that. this morning as some nfl teams are dealing with coronavirus exposures, a new warning from the league saying, in addition to hefty fines, organizations will be penalized on the field if masks are not worn when interacting with game officials. >> it truly is mind-boggling why these coaches have not figured out that they have to wear masks. >> reporter: several nfl coaches have reportedly been fined this season for notng facverings. thenfstiriaio the
7:45 am
nfl, taking issuing with john harbaugh yelling at a referee with his face mask pulled down. >> john harbaugh is one of them. >> reporter: now beyond monetary fines, breaking the mask rules may lead to penalties on the field, suggestion pensions and forfeiture of draft choices. the nfl saying game officials have the authority to take action, including a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. >> that should send a strong signal to these coaches that enough is enough. >> reporter: five nfl teams and coaches who did not wear masks during games are facing a total of $1.75 million in fines. nfl officials say teams can avoid thesecovid-19 protocol. wh you so mucwean fine dan t fore
7:46 am
football, but it turns out you could score three points with football. >> i knew that. >> i know people don't think i come to your defense. >> no flag on that play. >> that's right. you got a red card. coming up on "good morning america" meghan markle gets candid this morning about the pain of being trolled on social media. pain of being trolled on social media. pursue the elusive. while also capturing the possibilities - even something like co2. over the last decade, chevron has spent over $1 billion on carbon capture projects. and is investing in start-up companies working to transform carbon into new forms of energy. ♪
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to keep millions of cars off our roads, to reduce air pollution and fight climate change. and measure rr helps essential workers like me get to work and keep our communities healthy. relieve traffic. reduce pollution. rescue caltrain. [all] yes on measure rr. time for "pop news." who is doing it today? the one a person who does it it's time for "pop news," and we start with meghan markle revealing the pain she felt being attacked on social media. she and her husband -- i love
7:50 am
whoever wrote that, taking part in a teenage therapy podcast in honor of world mental health day. >> i'm told in 2019 i was the most trolled person in the entire world, male or female. eight months of that i wasn't even visible. i was on maternity leave or with the baby. what was able to just be manufactured and churned out, it's almost unsurvivable. >> that word, unsurvivable is a lot. especially as a mom dealing with post-partum. harry says he likes to meditate while meghan favors writing in a journal. the couple has been working to reduce the stigma about seeking help for mental health. mariah carey's "all i want for christmas is you" is spotify's most streamed christmas song of all time. it debuted 25 years ago. now she's got fans buzzing about a possible new christmas collaboration, sharing this photo on instagram of three director's chairs. one of her initials and who are the other two?
7:51 am
a.g., j.h.? guesses are ariana grande and jennifer hudson. carey having quite a year. her memoire hitting the top "the new york times" best seller list. that will be good no matter who is filling those other seats. and now to justin bieber and how fans can walk in his shoes. the singer's style all about comfort, and he designed some limited edition crocs. there's the bright yellow pair. the singer posting a picture of him holding a knife next to this croc. is it real or cake? looks like it's cake. real things sell for 60 bucks a pair. want some crocs? they are 60 bucks a pair. >> you did a good job. we should have you back. >> you're so sweet, dan harris. >> thank you, janai. >> we'll be right back. >> we'll be right back.
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i know i kind of said good-bye. now we're really saying good-bye. thanks for watching. stay tuned for jon karl with "this week." have a great sunday, everybody. arl with "this week." have a great sunday, everybody. "this week." good morning, everybody. i'm liz kreutz. the bay area has broken the record for a number of days under a spare the air alert this year. an alert has been extended until tuesday. the extension marks a total of 51 days this year under an alert, compared to the previous record of 46 days in 2017. smoke from the august complex
7:57 am
and red sal mon complex fires triggered this latest alert and it discourages unnecessary driving, bans wood burning and encourages residents to stay indoors. the district says we could see several more spare the air days this year, because upcoming winds and warmth heighten concerns. happening today, diners at john's grill in ellis street in san francisco will get a special treat from the ballet. dancers will leap, twirl and swirl for al fresca diners today. the company's first performance since march. all three seatings for the special one-day performance sold out within 24 hours of ncers wlfo ame ey ot. classical favoriteshits. let's check the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. hey, lisa. >> hi, liz. for most of you, a nice, clear start. beautiful here downtown, 58,
7:58 am
half moon bay at 52. sutro, a spare the air alert. air quality right now is good everywhere. 45 in santa rosa. 56 by the delta. it is a cooler start out there. look at the winds already 20 to near 40 miles an hour, upper elevation winds. north winds will warm us up today. cooler start. 10 degrees cooler in santa rosa. you'll be in the 80s today and 60s at the coast. liz? >> thank you, lisa.
7:59 am
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make the dream yours. >> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts now. >> he's back. >> i'm feeling great. >> president trump gathers a crowd just days after leaving the hospital amid a covid outbreak at the white house. >> we had a super spreader event at the white house. people were crowded together not wearing masks. >> the president set to return to the campaign trail. >> we're starting very big with our rallies. >> his doctor insists he's no longer contagious. >> he didn't take the necessary precautions to protect himself or others. the longer donald trump is president the more reckless he gets. >> with just over three weeks to go in the campaign, covid cases are on the rise. millions in need of economic relief. stimulus talks scrambled. a new report raises questions


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