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tv   ABC7 News 800PM  ABC  October 11, 2020 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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whatever the twitt eter sphere wants to say, it's very, very difficult to do what he's done and will continue to do for the foreseeable future. >> coach, whatever happened to lenny cook? i never heard of him. >> yeah. i think lebron put him into oblivion. but it seems like yesterday, but it is amazing that it was so long ago. >> well, and that's -- you know, the just the desire to stay on top for so long. and it's a short list of players who have won titles with three different teams. danny green who was much maligned after the last game did it with the spurs and lakers. but robert ori and john sally. it is just a really short list. and those guys were role players. big shot rob. i mean, you have to give him his credit, but none of them had the weight of the world on their shoulders like lebron has. >> i mean, you talk about
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leading the league and really being a leader in his community. i mean, i think the off the off court staff he's been involved in is transformative, sending kids to college, getting them an opportunity to go to school. lebron has taken on the role of being one of the leaders of this organization overall from the union to the league to the players to the community and should be applauded for that because i think he has pulled it off almost seamlessly and really has committed to make sure his body becomes his business, so to speak. he spent a lot of money to ensure that he can play and have the longevity and do the things he's been doing. and i think players will start looking at that and saying this is the road map w a years, you got to do what lebron has done, which is really invest in his body. >> he has said he spends a million dollars a year on his body. so a lot like you, adonal.
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different genetics. it doesn't work for everybody. i'm sorry. more to come on this final finals edition of toyota "after the game" as the lakers wrap up the championship. we'll get the warrior perspective on this from jaren collins was lebron is not going away. this is not a retirement ceremony tonight. this is just another
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welcome back to toyota after the game as the lakers are crowned championships. they beat the heat by 13 in six games. we're joined now by warriors assistant coach jarron collins, who is zooming in from l.a. first of all, thanks for joining us. appreciate taking the time. i'm just wondering. i'm of the opinion in sports
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whether it is the yankees in baseball or some would say the dallas cowboys in the nfl as america's team, lakers, knicks -- well, knicks, forget about it because they're a separate category to themselves. but when you have a big market marquee team, i think it is better for the league in general. i would rather be doing warrior shows in the finals. but just your thoughts overall on the lakers three months in the bubble and coming out with a title. >> i think that lebron james was absolutely incredible. talk about difficulties, the season stopping and then restarting and some of the injuries and adversity that they had to deal with without the completion of the season. anthony davis. i thought the coaching staff and the lakers did a fantastic job and it's a tremendous accomplishment by the lakers
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nation. >> hey, coach, as you kind of look at this championship and start thinking about, you know, what does the future look like for the warriors in light of the west and, you know, we all could talk about how competitive we think the west is going to be next year, how do you assess where the rest of the team are and how do you assess where you guys are at? >> obviously we dealt with a lot of injuries last year, but once we come back with a healthy squad, with steph curry, andrew wiggins, marquese, looney, we have a very talented team coming back when we're full strength and when we're healthy. that being said, i know a lot will be made as far as drafts and free agency, how we can improve our roster. we've got a lot of talented young players as well looking to
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make the next step in their progression, in their journey in the nba, so there is a lot of excitement for us coming back next year, but there will be difficulty in the west obviously with the lakers, clippers, denver nuggets. you go up and down the list of all the talented teams in the west, denver rockets that we have to face. it is there in front of us. we see who our competition is and we have to overcome and get back to where we want to be, and that's champions ourselves. >> lebron is in year 17 at age 35. i mean, can you imagine what he goes through? i mean, just the physical challenge alone, never mind the mental, man. what impresses you the most about him? >> all of the above. i mean, the physical, mental, just the way that he's a true leader of his team. and then all the stuff that he does also not only with the team and the organization on the court or all the stuff that he
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does off of the court with his school, his voice for social change, the power that he has, the platform he has and how he uses it, how he yields it, it is really impressive to see. i played with john stockton and karl malone when they were in their 40s. i know it's not much, but john stockton was beating me. i understand. but it really is impressive when you see the dunks and the finishes and the guy is still a freight train going down the lane and his able to finish through contact and how he just elevates the game of his teammates throughout the course of the game is really impressive. so obviously hats off to him and his accomplishment in reaching a championship, achieving a championship. just looking to competing next year.
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>> i know a lot of coaches around the league hope he's not playing into his 40s. he's talked about it, he would like to play alongside his son bronnie. i don't know if his son is good enough to make the league, but the guy is almost indestructi e indestructible. >> he looks like he's in his prime and his prime is not ending any time soon. >> that's unfortunate for anybody that has to guard him. i want to go back to your college days at stanford. again, i always bring this up. you were an intern here at abc 7, and i believe -- i wasn't here at that time that -- it's like iron sharpening iron and helping to make you the man you are today. >> you've got to pay your dues. and i appreciate the experience i had there and the old expression used in basketball and sports, you got to be a star in your role.
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so, you know, whatever i could do to help logging games and using the old school yellow pad, piece of paper and using a highlighter to highlight the -- make it easy for you guys to do your job. so be a star in your role no matter what your role is. >> i don't know if you can see this. but not a lot has changed. you got a yellow pad also over there. >> exactly. >> so, you know, you guys were used to being in the finals for five straight years and this year obviously was an aberration with all the injuries. you know, how difficult was it to go through all of that? and do you think you will just be able to flip a switch once everybody is healthy to be back contending for a championship which now runs through l.a.? >> obviously, look, you know the nba. and atalent wins.
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the guys we have coming back into our lineup are very extremely talented. steph curry, draymond green, andrew wiggins, that's a very talented core group of guys. we have some really good young players that are continuing to develop. kevon looney as well, marquese chriss, like i mentioned before. so i think that we will be back where we want to be. it tends to be difficult for us. obviously there are challenges with the level of competition that we have to face, especially in the western conference, but we look forward to that challenge. >> hey, coach, talk a little bit about clint cook getting the ring, guys who played in the organization, andre iguodala, the other side. i want to talk about that a little bit. but i want to talk about the important role that iguodala played in the organization and having a veteran in that role. i always feel like the teams that tend to do really well, they need some of that veteran leadership in the locker room, is that a philosophy you share,
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or is that something a little bit different with the organization? >> absolutely. and i think you saw it or heard in lebron's post game speech where he mentioned the warriors specifically and talked about strength in numbers. and that's something you are eluding to, just having that veteran presence up and down your roster, guys with experience, guys who have that with a wherewithal. andre iguodala, david west,un you can go down the list of the experience and the depth that they brought. all that stuff is invaluable. so i think andre played a very special role in his time with us, with the warriors. and quite frankly the adjustment to make harrison barnes a starter and andre iguodala our sixth man really really really y
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>> there was a lot of sacrifice that went into that. you mentioned clint cook getting a ring. >> we don't take our shirts off. >> j.r. gets a ring. >> hey, like i said, you got to star in your role. you got to know your role. >> j.r. had his shirt off. but i sent some con grgratulato next messages of course. very happy for those guys. obviously when you achieve such a level of greatness and something that you have worked so hard for your entire life, to do it multiple times with quinn and ja vel, it is really a tremendous accomplishment. >> more with coach coming up. you are going to keep your shirt on. you are not going to go j.r. on
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us are you? >> i've got my wife over here screaming, keep your shirt on. rriors and the lakers winning the c lot of social distancing going on. i just hope it's a safe situation there and, you know, sometimes these things get a little nuts, but that's the scene outside the staples center. they want to party. people want to have something to celebrate. it's been a really, really long year. i want to see some masks down there. but we'll check in periodically throughout the hour as
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look at the staples center out in los angeles. party and some people during the break were pounding on the police car. and you could see. hopefully, you know, people will get control of themselves and this doesn't turn into an ugly situation. i don't understand why, you know, it happens in so many cities where a sports team wins a championship and people feel compelled to light things on fire or just get nuts but hopefully people remain calm as we welcome back jarron collins and he remains fully clothed throughout the report. coach, you work a lot with the big men on the warriors. and, you know, even though the lakers went small tonight to start the game, they sat dwight howard and that helped them open up the lead. when you look at dealing with anthony davis and jokic and now bam adebayo, it seemed like the
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rockets had the league trending. but you ain't winning anything without a big man. >> i think that one of the things that was very evident in tonight's game was the lack of rim protection. when they were able to get bam out on the perimeter, the lakers were able to drive to the paint, rondo who is very efficient, there was just a lack of rim protection. so, yes, you know, you need big men on offense, but you need them defensively as well to protect that rim and to provide some sort of presence down low. it is nice to have versatility and big men like bam adebayo and anthony davis who can handle the basketball, shoot on the perimeter, but they also have to be able to protect that rim down
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low. and you see the importance when you don't have that presence down low. >> how would you try to guard anthony davis? >> put draymond on him. >> i meant you. but that's probably a better answer anyway, right? >> me? say a couple prayers but -- whatever we do -- whenever we do the assignment where we played with anthony davis over the years and we had some success defending him. obviously he's a tremendously talented player, we always talk where our help defense is coming from. it always starts with draymond. it always starts with, let me guard him. let me just guard him straight up and we can talk about hope as the game progresses, but it is always nice when you have players that want to accept that challenge. but obviously you got to be at
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work early with him. you have to meet him and get to his speweet-spot. you have to be careful getting too far on the high side of him because he's capable of that spin-out lob especially when rondo is the passer. they have an interesting dynamic, the two of them. the dynamic and the relationship between the two of them, a lot of those was just with eye contact when they would spin out lobs. so, you know, there is a lot that goes into it, but you have to do your work early. >> you told us earlier that you couldn't beat john stockton in a race. i'm not expecting you to shut down a.d. at this stage. but i i was thinking about your seven foot presence there and dissuading him from going to the basket. >> we got six fouls ready. >> thank you. you can't take them home. >> hey, you mentioned rondo. and, you know, i don't think the lakers win this championship
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without rondo. he is so smart. and even though -- i mean, you know, there are times when he rubs people the wrong way. part of it is because of his intellect. but the way he sees the court and is able to orchestrate and settle everything down, i mean, he's like a maestro out there. it allows lebron to get a rest and it takes him off the ball so he doesn't have to do everything all the time. >> you hit the nail right on the head. he puts his guys in a position to be successful. that's something he has always done. a lot has been made about the nickname playoff rondo, but that's just what he does. he elevates his teammates. he does a fantastic job of just getting everybody in their spots. when he's scoring baskets, you know, it is just gravy. you know all the things, the little things he's going to do, the offensive rebounds, the deflections, the steals, the s, lhings just add up to championship
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plays that he's capable of doing. it just really impacts the game. >> he won a title with the celtics years ago and now helps the lakers for their first championship in a decade. he was never known as a great shooter, but release reation splash right there. >> yeah. need a couple victories, absolutely. like i said, his scoring is just gravy. but all the stuff that he does is just so instrumental. >> absolutely. let me ask you about some stuff off the court because i know your wife elsa is in the background there, and she's been really active, as you have been, in trying to get the vote out. so how did this all start, the movement that you guys were a part of? and how is it going on your end? >> tremendously well. i mean, obviously i think it's really important some of the calls to action that have come out of the bubble. so one of the biggest things are
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the owners allowing the facilities and some of the practice facilities, the arenas themselves to be used as polling station. my wife has done some really good things with i am a voter in trying to raise awareness for people to get out to register to vote. she had a competition -- she helped spearhead a competition between the warriors organization and the atlanta hawks to see who could raise the most amount of -- get the most amount of people registered to vote. so there are tremendous things that she's done in addition with cali rivers curry, steph's sister-in-law, as far as just raising awareness and doing things to bring the attention where it needs to be on the social justice issues and getting people registered to vote. so this is a very important election. obviously we all know that it's
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one of the most important elections of our lifetimes and hoping that everybody shows up to register to vote and getting everybody the information they need to be successful. >> you want to invite her on camera? where is elsa? she's around the corner. >> all right. here she comes. >> all right. >> hi! >> remember we kept running into you guys at the all star game, i think it was in new orleans a few years ago. >> yeah, when we could see people. >> i remember what that was like. seems like a long time ago, doesn't it? >> i know. it really does. it is good to see you. >> it is good to see you, too. so i was just asking your husband here about you getting out the vote effort. i should have just invited you in earlier. so my bad on that. but, you know, from your perspective how was it going because we're counting down to november 3rd? >> yeah. i mean, obviously we've -- those
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of us who have worked around, you know, getting out the vote and the importance of voting have sort of waited a long time to see the kind of motivation and support that has really come out of this last year with people, you know, saying like what can i do? i used to tell people just vote and that's good enough. and this year obviously we're saying, you know, it's vote and. so you are going to vote and are you going to encourage your friends to vote? are you going to motivate your teammates? are you going to encourage your team to become a part of, you know, the activations that are happening around the league with when we all vote and i'm a voter and rock the vote. there are so many organizations out there that are really spear heading this. for us it's been a grind because, to be honest, the easiest thing so far in some places is registering to vote. it is going to be a lot harder to actually get out and vote this year.
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fortunately in california, you know, the secretary of state is mailing a ballot to every registered voter. but, you know, so it is going to require some effort. moting may be harder this year than other years but it's worth it. >> well, certainly in some states there are those who are making it more difficult for sure. i want to ask you. we should have just had elsa on, really. >> 100%. 100%, yes. >> no. i knew you would not disagree with that. but let me ask you a basketball question, els because obviously going to the finals five straight years that was awesome. what was your husband like during a 15 win season? >> well, okay. so when he was a player he also went through a season one year with the utah jazz, and, you know, i think that gave him really good perspective in terms of how to deal with, you know,
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what was happening this season with injuries and to understand there is a longer arch that exists beyond this season. so i think that perspective was really helpful in, you know, kind of shoring up his, you know -- it's hard to have that kind of season, but fortunately he has perspective and understands that, you know, injuries are a part of the game and that they're going to come back stronger next year. and, you know, they develop different ways to look at the season. you know, a win within a win. so i know i'm not saying it quite right. they found a way to really just attack this season and make a teachable moment and keep each other's spirits up. >> you are being extremely diplomatic. i used to see this guy. he wasn't that happy, wasn't
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that happy during this past season. but, elsa, thank you so much. we should make elsa a permanent after the game guest. >> any time you need me to talk about voting. >> and tackling the season. >> and tackling basketball, tackling. >> any time. thank you, guys. >> thank you, elsa. she could coach up the 49ers based on the way their defense played today. another story. that was rough. that was rough. another thing on the personal side. your brother jason was one of the first athletes to come out as gay, and this is national coming out day. what is your brother doing right now and how much progress has been made since he decided to go public. that was 2013. it's been a long time. >> yeah. i think there has been a tremendous amount of progress being made. my brother works for the nba. he's one of the league ambassadors so he's doing a lot of zoom conferencing right now and phoning in and corporate


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